Sponsorship proposal

Innovation Day
8th of May 2011

Faculty of engineering , Minia university


Who We Are:
IEEE Minia university student branch . We have the mission of changing our present to create a better future for us and for everyone . We have the task of spreading knowledge and modifying skills of us and people around us . In corporation with faculty of engineering – Minia univ. , we prepare the first event of its type in faculty of engineering , which we call INNOVATION DAY , where new technologies are advances to all , and everyone will learn new skills . The contents of this event are : - Student seminars A chance for every student to how his skills , learn about new technologies and help others to be updated with latest technology news in engineering fields . Students who participate in such event need to provide a report on the technical part they want to explain in the session , pass throw an interview by experts to guarantee him to present his idea or tech-news . - Project fair : For graduation and under-graduates projects . It will be a chance for projects teams to get feedback on their projects and improve their marketing skills . It is a chance for other students too as they will know new ideas and contact with other students and experts during the fair . Line follower robot competition:

Teams which participate in this competition will have a task to build a simple robot which follow a colored line . The aim of the competition is to help students making new thing to finish a specified task , to modify their skills and to honor new inventors.


Success stories:

there will be special sessions for engineers whose live is a success stories to empower students and give them new concepts . We will invite scientists and engineers specially who are graduated from Minia univ. to present their success stories to us .

Vision : Being the most important event in upper Egypt where youth engineers' innovation meets the professionals' experience to improve the industry and to develop our nation. Mission : Construct a seasonal event where students , professors and industrial organizations interact to improve the skills of student and use their sense of innovation and invention to develop the industry and strength our nation . Event Overview:

Target Groups:
- consists of students , researchers and professors of Minia university and The High Institute of Engineering & technology , in new Minia city.

Levels of Sponsorship :
1- Gold Sponsorship Opportunity 2- Silver Sponsorship Opportunity 3- Bronze Sponsorship Opportunity

- Opening and closing ceremony The sponsor will be mentioned at the opening and closing ceremony of the day. • Lecture presentation Speech of 20 minutes at the day. • Main Banner The sponsor’s logotype will be printed on the main banner in front or ahead the plenum. • Banner at speaker’s desk The logotype is displayed below each speaker, increasing media presence significantly. • Own banners The sponsor will have a reserved space for three own banners in the venue as official sponsor. Size and location will be determined. • Program booklet The logotype of the sponsor will be included on the program-booklet of The Innovation Day. • Innovation Day mailing database After the event, the sponsor will receive the mailing list of all participants with their contact information. This turns out to be a select database of highly qualified professionals from all over the world. • Internet The sponsor will have its logo or banner and the status of main sponsor on the first page of the website of Innovation Day (link), with a link to its own website.

•Innovation Exhibition Companies and institutions will have the opportunity to provide information about their products and services in booths of 2 m2 that will be in the indoor exhibition area. • Conference advertisement • All companies will mention in media coverage, includes radio, television, newspaper, and potential video production for .

Thank you very much for considering our request for sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We appreciate your time and interest and we will look forward to talking with you.

Sincerely, IEEE Minia University SB team

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