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2002 TTS-Norlift merges with Hydralift Marine and becomes TTS Marine ASA. 1994 Hägglund MTT moves to Sweden and MTT re-establishes as Norlift AS. TTS Marine ASA TTS Marine is the parent company of the TTS Group as well as the primary Norwegian unit of the TTS Marine Cranes division. 2001 Hydralift Marine merged into the TTS Group. Norway. TTS-Norlift AS 1979 TTS-Norlift AS first established as MTT.Cargo handling experience Headquartered in Bergen. TTS Marine offers a wide range of onboard cranes and cargo handling solutions to ship owners. 1990 Hydralift focuses on offshore. This organisation is therefore able to work closely with customers. the TTS Marine Cranes division runs a global network of subsidiaries. managers and shipyards. 1997 Norlift merged into the TTS Group. sales and service offices. to meet individual and specific requirements. . 1989 MTT incorporated into Hägglund MTT. With a collective experience and expertise gathered since the 1960s. The company was created by the merging of Norwegian shipboard crane suppliers TTS-Norlift and Hydralift-Marine. 2002 Hydralift Marine merged with TTS Norlift to create TTS Marine ASA. wherever they may be. 1965 First-ever production of deck crane with compact box boom. high-pressure hydraulics and extraordinary lifting capacity. Historic highlights Hydralift-Marine AS 1965 Hydralift-Marine AS established.

local service..TTS-LMG Marine Cranes GmbH TTS-LMG in Lübeck. The depth and breadth of accumulated expertise is the result of working side-by-side with customers to develop realistic. This central presence enables TTS to offer a fast. TTS Marine Shanghai Co. 1965 Production of cranes begins in Lübeck under the brand name O&K. TTS Bohai Machinery Co. and also manufacturing possibilities to its customers in the region. 2004 LMG acquired by TTS Marine ASA. which manages design and delivery in Korea and neighbouring markets. This agreement is a significant milestone in TTS’ drive to establish itself in China’s growing shipbuilding market. Germany. The experienced technical staff is recognised both for creative design solutions and for dedicated after-sales service and support.. Ltd TTS Marine maintains a joint venture with China’s Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co.tts-marine. preferred supplier to the Chinese market. while maintaining high standards of quality and engineering.com | . becoming Krupp Fordertechnik GmbH. becoming part of the TTS Marine Cranes Division. 1992 Kollmann + Schetelig renamed O&K Anlagen & Systeme GmbH. TTS-LMG (MC LUB) 1846 Engineering works and iron foundry Kollmann + Schetelig OHG is founded. 2000 The Lübeck works of Krupp Fordertechnik GmbH becomes independent from Krupp and is renamed LMG (Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft GmbH). TTS Korea TTS Korea has a highly qualified technical and project staff. TTS Bohai is fully licensed to produce and sell TTS marine cranes and the company has become a respected. specialises in wire-luffing cargo handling cranes that can be easily adapted to meet heavy load handling and transshipment requirements. Ltd TTS Marine Shanghai is a wholly owned TTS subsidiary and plays a vital role in the Far East activities of the Marine Cranes Division. The company sells and supports the full range of TTS products. 1993 O&K Anlagen & Systeme taken over by Krupp. (DNS) to supply cranes to ships built at Chinese shipyards. affordable products and systems designed to protect their investment www.

The industry continues to raise the challenge of seeking new and more cost-effective working methods. service. standard designs that can be customised as necessary to meet the special needs of today and of the future Offshore From the inception of the offshore industry in the North Sea. cylinder-luffed and telescopic These products are underwritten by: • Experienced engineers with a track record of creative success • A worldwide network for fabrication. yet flexible designs has made TTS one of the leading suppliers of a full range of deck cranes that meet even the most challenging functional requirements . spares and support • Our ability to create tailormade solutions for all cargo handling problems Our philosophy of providing standard. Our portfolio of products includes: • Rescue boat cranes and davits • Provisions and service cranes • General-purpose cranes • Hose-handling cranes • Cargo cranes: cylinderluffed and knuckle boom • Cargo cranes: wire-luffed • Offshore cranes • Heavy-lift cranes: wireluffed. sales. TTS strives to develop solutions — whether standardised or customised — that surpass the demands of quality and durability required by the offshore industry. TTS has been an active partner in developing cranes and equipment that can withstand the extremes of that harsh environment.Standard solutions with the added flexibility to meet your needs TTS cranes are built according to well-proven.

com | .The modular construction of our cranes enables us to supply reliable.tts-marine. functional products to the world fleet at very competitive prices www.

TTS after-sales service and support With a worldwide network of branch offices. with experience in hydraulic. service stations and agents. We stand ready to meet your requirements 24 hours a day. TTS customer support includes: • Commissioning • Maintenance • Retrofitting • Conversion • Spare parts • Service • Consultation and courses • Inspection . The TTS Marine Cranes division is global as well as local. mechanical and electrical systems. TTS Group companies Sales and service network Service TTS has teams of highly qualified service engineers stationed around the world. 365 days a year.

a GSM modem connection for remote diagnostics. Re-design of non-TTS cranes The owners of M/V Frio Hellenic turned to TTS for a full modification and redesign of the control and hydraulic system on the vessel’s two twin cranes in order to improve functionality and durability. Training courses for crew and fleet management are available by request. Quality Quality products and equipment require qualified personnel. TTS installs. anywhere in the world.com | . any time. wherever it is in the world.tts-marine. Technical support Comprehensive.TTS Service Policy Response The shortest possible time from the customer’s call to the dispatch of service personnel and spare parts. high quality spare parts and complete understanding of the environments and systems in which the products are used. Use of the TTS helpdesk via telephone and email provides an excellent and speedy alternative to attendance by our service engineers. The central service organisation continuously monitors customers’ experience of using TTS equipment so that designs can be constantly improved www. Spare parts support Large stocks of standard spare parts are available on short notice even at long distances. Consultancy and repair TTS-LMG was asked to troubleshoot a mechanical breakdown on a non-TTS designed crane. Retrofits and upgrades TTS provides help in upgrading or rebuilding its cranes or related equipment. Stock keeping for customerowned parts is included in our spare parts management system. as standard on PCTC vessels. competitive technical support. TTS diagnosed the problem – a design error – then repaired the damaged crane and replaced the others. We are a natural partner to turn to for preventive maintenance or urgent repairs. Availability A wide selection of vital spare parts is always in stock and trained personnel are ready to travel to your vessel.

Ltd Sujia. flexible working relationships within the group enable the deployment of complete project teams across a range of fields. Operations are organised into four business divisions: Marine Cranes. Port and Material Handling. develops and supplies ships and shipyard equipment.com TTS Korea RM 625.cn TTS Bohai Machinery Co. Haeundae-Gu Busan 612-726 Tel: +82 51 740 6081-3 Fax: +82 51 740 6084 info@ttskorea. cargo cranes.com TTS Marine ASA Laksevågneset 12 P. PuDong Shanghai 200137 Tel: +86 21 5848 5300 Fax: +86 21 5848 5311 sales@tts-marine. cargo handling systems. TTS Marine ASA was established in 1966 and has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 1995.bgo@tts-marine. Dry Cargo Handling. special load handling equipment.O. The close. and anchor and mooring winches.co. TTS Marine Shanghai Co.www. 6 D-23554 Lübeck Tel: +49 (0) 451 4501 547 Fax: +49 (0) 451 4501 392 info@tts-lmg. About 500 people are employed throughout the group.de Bergen-headquartered TTS Marine ASA is a global enterprise that designs. Box 32 Laksevåg NO-5847 Bergen Tel: +47 55 94 74 00 Fax: +47 55 94 74 01 info. and Deck Machinery. Dalian Wan Street Dalian Tel: +86 411 8711 2670 Fax: +86 411 8711 2702 info@tts-bohai. The divisions are responsible for the design of a wide range of equipment including container terminal technology.kr TTS Marine ASA Corporate office Laksevågneset 12 Postboks 32 Laksevåg 5847 BERGEN NORWAY Tel: +47 55 94 74 00 Fax: +47 55 94 74 01 info@tts-marine. hose handling cranes. Ocean Tower # 760-3 Woo 1-Dong. Ltd No.no TTS-LMG Marine Cranes GmbH Einsiedelstr.tts-marine. 433 Gao Xiang Huan Road GaoDong Industrial Park.no .

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