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Kurk Wold


I. U-Booty Improvements
I went down stairwells into caverns with no markings except codes, wandered, 10, 14 levels below the capitol. The walls went from stone to carved cave rock. Down there they stored artifacts, stat es. I was st ck for ho rs ntil I fo nd stairways leading p. !one of them connected from one floor to the other. I kept walking to an elevator, p shed the p b tton, fo nd myself in a non"p blic area. # t I had my clearance tag. $sked by sec rity, I told them I was lost. They escorted me to one of the main hallways. I made at least 14 levels below. %assages slope p and down from there where the hearts and livers are stored. I did not ask to investigate the spread of &b beyond earth, the beginning of weirdness, as if wierdness had a beginning and we all did not wake p to it individ ally while others slept to the song of opposite meaning. 'ays of light popped off the original incarnation of ( lag and #abel as the same str ct re po nded itself into the gro nd. # t on the tower, as one climbs higher and higher gravity decreases, and beca se it is constr cted on the e) ator rotation ca ses gravitation to


disappear beca se of the distance from the center of the planet, b t also from centrif gal force increasing proportionate to that distance. $s centrif gal force operating in the reverse direction increases gravitational force drops. (ravity is eliminated at the top of the tower, of +.+ radii above the earth ,**,-00 miles. Tsiolkovsky /101+2, and below /32. (nomic transfers of this conscio sness react o t of the given into each other. This wo ld be called will if will were a recogni4ed force. 5o don6t know yo get control after yo give it p. 5o don6t necessarily come back. 'epeated instances alter the terrain. Domain transfer in space does not simply transfer. %op" ps of this architect re are displayed at the 7ohnson 8emorial by %layboy, at the center of the organ capitol, o t by the tetrahedral cheese of the 8artian, cheeses composed of *9 platonic solids with facets. To make &b real, for he is decidedly not, h man had to be made obsolete. In a d al state, : st when do"goods asked what does it mean to be h man, 'oi #oy made the cookies between matter and energy break. ;very ridic lo s analogy followed. <nline trans" demp blican wareho sers flopped in front of the stands. <siris on &b (alore was neck and neck with =ollider in the backstretch. < tside the park, lots emptied at the crossroads of this pro:ect, mo ses with h man brains sparked >debate.? 8ine &b doped the animals with h man blo d@ >a mo se to speak, a monkey to plead, dogs with h man feet? got the vote. This mo se was no mo se and the man, the one who knelt at the obelisk of petrified s nlight, was no man. The hybrid believed it had the god inside. $t this time avant"garde bridges appeared in space. %rophets woke to a galactic war, b t it wasn6t galactic, earth in the throes. To celebrate they b ild these desaparecido infrastr ct death camps where prisons are called paradise. 8 tant nanobots swell the crowd. They got the vote. $ schwit4 makeovers in the Aybrid $ge got promised perfect health. Mon frère, there will be

roomC? Then I saw the giant heads floating above the city. from tombs. interior parts. room. as if in respect of the organs. like a kid revving hot wheels. 8aybe yo know the kidney reg lates blood in the brain. they said. ferreting o t imp rities from the nation6s blood. >if that6s DickBwhere6s 7ane3? %ointing at the =apitol. l ngs. Dike great balloons descending to be assembled with the rest of their body. The religion of the day was assembling its idol o t of giant remains connected by cords. . liver small intestines. $ giant spirit al finger shot p. mo nted one tho ght. Aard to make it big o tside the company. >can6t yo see the b d3. I asked. %assersby think art diminishes all in si4e. I saw b ildings sp rt like giant livers.4 any exceptions to the . This was the general sit ation when I was driving down =onstit tion $ven e and saw the giant kidney hook p. 'obots t rned off a cliff like snakes from an obelisk.ngineer. hands and feet were d g below wo ld be pedestals then. 2. $ hand gave o t pamphlets in the street. shaping an pside down bowl. hearts and l ngs on either side.

and .? said the broch re ) oting %l tarch . beca se I : st took it for granted.+ I don6t know why this all seemed so acceptable at the time. the moon between s n and earth the liver. rivers r nning down hills. # t then I saw asses everywhere.? 8odems and mo ses r n the brain that coils on dashboards like so many r bber bands. This %arks Gervice %l tarch said when the s n6s first rays shoot down the !ational 8all on that one special morning at dawn that >the o"HbelH"isk shaft of #elH G n god lights p the =apitol. b t for all. >$"Aeads. It said the body parts had a sheen of immortality contained in their scap limancy. the . this har spication of intestine. FGtars like Hradiant eyes. I s ppose the river was their common link b t there is no reason I co ld see. >The s n heart transmits heat and light like bloodJ earth and sea the bowels and bladder. Dater I read p on it in one those books at the mall called The Divine Medium. >worship the billboards with brains in their pockets. aro nd the city which was a body with a set of interior organs. . reading the bone of the sho lder blades like a book. honored by diviners as the national treas re of ether. was a co nterpart to the transcendent divinatory interpretations of bone. This body was s pposedly b ilding an exterior shell. 5o 6d think I knew more than I let on abo t this. !ot a word I ever heard either.gyptian past was being p t to good se. this to r of the capitol temples. an altar pregnant with the new world.ven animals became cosmic texts. >erect and circ mspect? remade the cosmos in a body. In this fascist amphitheater that means the weather. (ood to know these prototypes exist right there. Dike a dream there were different sects in the region of this #ethshemesh"Eashington" Aeliopolis complex that worshiped the organs along the river.. like pop toys taken in s ffering. other than those #abylonian high towers of fertility. The liver especially was the s preme potentate of clairvoyance.? Gomewhat ama4ing. It made one wonder.? the pamphlet said. The g ide said organ worship involved kidneys and l ngs looking down into the intestine. Ee parked beneath the 8on ment watched the bees flood the cherry trees. in case moderns wonder why things are so bad. Terrific colors shine in the cartoon b bbles.Iace of the 8oon. Incarnadine clairvoyance of the internal it was called. =racks became orac lar tr ths. hepatic morphology an earmark of divine disposition. what compliment to politics the 8on ment and =apitol wo ld be. It made one consider renting a car in this town.

the same that >the kings of 7 dah had given to the s n. watch the earth. 10@4. 8ars wars. The one at the =athedral in &lm (ermany is +*0 feet high. /1Mgs. * Mi *-@11 . *-@14. Isa. >images of #ethshemesh L Aeliopolis? as in Jer. post office nervo s intestines. nothing better to do3 Ehy comm nicate with earth nless they see something there. 8ost #abylonian cities had a temple and high tower in the middle. at the entrance of the ho se of the D<'D? which >B b rned the chariots of the s n with fire. 8icah +@1-. b t the motive3 Do these advanced civili4ations need an a dience. =hariots dedicate to the s n god travel the sky in a great chariot with fo r horses on 'oman coins. The obelisk points made the temples stand o t so they co ld be seen from great distances. mine6s bigger than yo rs. Ehy oh why oh3 It taken me back to high school. something else3 8align or benign the choices. #ridges of boneC This is all circ mstantial evidence. !o one does tho gh. the boys sitting aro nd challenging. =ondolences if yo missed thisJ how then can yo nderstand phallic worship and the dictates of Ishtar. The only way to : dge is by motive. 43 !3 “He will also shatter the obelisks of Heliopolis in the land of Egypt. 14@*-. fertility gods pro:ecting worship of themselves3 Taking Kiagra and raising it p to the sky3 Gtay o t of the cityC Those d mp piles of roads are veins. giant heads floating above. an >erect circ mcised penis? of fertility. oh mon. *Mgs.9 co pled to them in si4e and shape the brains beyond. <ne threatens to whip it o t. artificial satellites. *N@12 Somewhere there’s a daddy tank out West producing sex organs. no. some lterior motive is it3 Iriendship3 !at ral reso rce3 !o. mine6s bigger than yo rs. obelisks. the temples of the gods of Egypt he will urn with fire!" The obelisk at the great 'oman =atholic =athedral of =ologne is +1+ feet high. 1N@0. Ehy do they want to observe. symbols pointed to the s n. it6s all talk.

N http@LLwww. kidney pie. b t something beyond organs. Eelcome. The streets circle. the antidi retic hormone.xhibits from the Gmithsonian and Dibrary of =ongress make instant transfer of spaceLtime to mythLfact. The smell. fibro s strands twist nder the tires3 Midney kidney on the wall.? 'eter (aldo . Dogs evolved on mars we now know from Tsiolkovsky. They call it The Heavenlies. I went ahead and did some research on the ancient worship of sex ality as the worship of the h man selfJ what else co ld it be to have h man organs represented all over the cities3 $nalysts playing with themselves concl ded it was an infantilism. mortality and immortality. a Tilt"a" Ehirl. and the whole.enterprisemission. kidney tires.gyptian #abylonian fertility gods is a nice way of saying pro:ection of h man sex into iconic form for worship of the parts P estion@ Ehy is a faceted fractal geodesic hexagonal cratered ignomic cheese stored below the e) atorial ridge3 Ehy are there twins in the experiments3 !inane did this to 8erlin. . %lease stay in yo r seat. Dike a ride at the Iair. not of a higher religion. There6s so m ch bladder wack the p blic has not seen yet. If yo can see faces on 8ars why not on my pots3 In another dimension the mon ments and m se ms look like %op $rt b ildings inhabited by Disney cartoons. the glomer l s and of co rse the thing that always preocc pies. hence the Denver $ir %ark is a reverse #abel headed to a dog stat te 100 k high near the cc crater.htmB. $ caldron space ship. to feel di44y. If yo feel a little di44y from the dimensional shift that6s why yo ride in the first place. It6s hard to explain instit tions stripped of faOade. kidney on the dashboard. . b t yo have to stay in yo r seat till the end. "ispatch #emoirs of the Ub$ %ttorney &eneral >5o think it f n driving aro nd inside a giant kidney like a tilt a whirl3 Ehere corp scles stick o t in the highway.comLmoon+. #ar on nanot bes. 3.

it gives no sign of Eatching beca se the eye is always watching. b t we shall all be there. there is an o tside s n. 3. Mneel. social leadership were psychopathic witches. !ew speak micro reads tho ght by satellite. There is some reason to believe people are needed. $s the streets circled aro nd the hybrid st died to find o t how m ch artificial intelligence it wo ld need. three rag pickers were fo nd dead aro nd the barrel from the smell. moved finally by parents in their 90Qs while she sat on the lawn and watched them load. where s ch habitat is landscape. no longer h man means changes in phenotypes of children and different genes forever. Aow to dance aro nd the sacred pole3 =an %riap s stand p against the gods3 Tell it to the prince of the >divine self. brain are all monitored by satellite for normality. Iort Eorth . =lergy with a car sticker. heart rate. in 'evelations 10.? Tell it to the mice who lost their mammal fortress. $ll riseC Eorship at the #east.xplosions.0 There are some differences. !eighbors came over then and c t the lawn. who tho ght themselves important for being wise. $treet &endor's (amphlet Distri uted )utside *hite House ""If the &b $ge is &#& who the h is A3 Ee tho ght we knew. The Tr th pyramid stretches -00 levels below the s rface. If colorless. # t when the witch dismo nted the portents cleansed. #%. microchips the parts. b t then they were treated TA&G.ach pick p can and rag people patrol to glean the barrels. . Is that s dden3 If the god does to the h man what the h man did to the mo se.t T is yo r d tyC Thee means yo . >It was conceivable they watched everybody all the time? . That is. .? $eth%eal. T rning yo r back on the screen merits nothing. Indefinite mind expansions in the tank prod ced this memoir of an &b $ge. the gold pentagram on the door never act ally seen. This passes as normal. The roof was falling in. )eavenly To$r $fter Aawthorne all government. b t Iaces p lled the wool over the kids6 eyes. . < tside. Aidden tho gh. Dome. They tho ght they wo ld be treated plus. The previo s owner was a religion prof who died in the middle of talking. ecclesiastical. the comm nal trash barrels fill. nobody has to watch beca se algorithms sift all the date by amalgam m. 8onitors are internal. =ameras spot the general. Thog ht %olice tho ght more.ggheads denigrate s ch thinking as dystopic.

Then we r n the $sch =onformity Gyndrome. This appealed to government science. !o need >all creat res create something beyond themselves. 7ohn A. the last of the great. Electric drills were clamped against the teeth. ermensch u er alles/ Irom worm to man and worm. 8oore estimates that a pop lation of 1+0S100 anthropologists can provide normal reprod ction for 90 to 00 generations T*000 years. amnesia walls. pass the Targ test.? as spa+e the . prebot 8onarchs. ret rn to the animals when yo co ld overcome3 G perman is coming to the earthC? >G permanC damn the meaning of earthC? Go yes there was ethnic cleansing. put certain connections in soc+ets in response to ells and light! Every time he ma+es a mista+e the drills turn on! $ignals gradually speed up eyond reaction time! Half an hour on the $witch oard and he rea+s down li+e an overloaded machine -# rro ghs2. A mor me. InKitria banks made sex s perfl o s. I wanted to know who ndressed poetry in the labs and took the )* hors d+oe$vre. g inea mice as needed. #odies to perform menial tasks made less reason to store anything b t token pops. the rest were left to melt to . !atives stored at random. >Ehat is an ape or mo se or man b t an embarrassment.vent. a :oke3 >.1 I wanted to know if this organic machine was a wonder box on wheels or : st a perfect conscienceless man who had no c re. . Eas there some other kind3 Ehat if =hat #ot wrote like a machine3 It co ld pass the T ring Test. b t be the AR nder. instructed to operate an ar itrary switch oard. Man overcome@ >wo ld yo . =onditioning it says. They give !iet4sche in the Iiber #ath to Uber #anC !o need for microwave hearing effect. prevent debate while they ass med their ticket good. <verman of earth eats manC? Trank dart s) ads fanned o t from random patrols prior to the . electrosmog disassociations.verything was meant to conf se. look like the h.

a Thorndike %org tho ght it tho ght. Infrastr ct re in place trained these in fac lties ndergro nd. These are the agencies of control. Aooked p toThorndike. pop! AR needed a history. D e process. Eatch it. Ehy hide it3 Ehat the A co ld they do abo t it3 !e rosis in o r Eormwood Ugan when the chemical plant imploded. or don6tB they hope. iconoclasts who by the nat re best wo ld not go. It is pres med yo will go where yo go. $bimelech began to sing. Gelective service best and brightest drafts based on gene records kept by government were not hard to convince. except in classes where the directorate is divided. b t t rn it opposite3 Ee broke the imponderable by machine. 5e (ad. The bigger the lie the tyrant said. obey to levels below the below. These were tranked as well.10 stone. b t the last thing they want is for A to find o t he like #ear. The 'everse Gyndrome that made (od a tyrant and Ghiner boss was re"reversed. %ere 8obot. ye got it o t. Aow yo gonna beat that. $ssigned me to work beside demensene Eold to ferret o t his tho ght. which machines in Gpider Gpinner land can6t. b t when all was said and done it saw the 0ire of 1 imelechC <h yeahC =ome in. # t that !ation Iather. # t as conscio sness dawned and the body weaved and I heard what goes. Die Gpinne b ilt those #e6s and !ot #e6s Demobots. . foster. Ae chanted in sleep like all s b:ects of whim. wash it right o$t. allow. They considered it a compliment. #ot independenceC *iedersehen godlings trolled to see what happen. delivered with no effort a slave girl and a whole race. < r =ontrollers made a bot. The programmer foresaw b t did not heed the pattern breaks. Then this came@ Ghechem to $bimelechC 8oab to 8edianC . # t 5ahweh provided the sacrifice he so ght. Ee6ll get back to yo . how yo gonna beat that3 Gpend all day conf sing the godlings. $ethreal 4.very 7et was altered. prevented from being forsworn by <ne who completely incorporated his mistake. provoke tho ght.

!. motion"written floods. Aow many hybrids does it take to start a heart3 If yo Hre a hybrid stay away from earth. 0. $ Tro:an Aorse for f n3 $ll events staged as real are reported real. Dittle (iryl name the Airoshima bomb.F the .xploding $rt begin3 These exhibits In The Heavenlies s rprise careerists. Dittle #loy.? Maneda told the &. #$se$m of %merican )istory of 12ploding %rt Aow does the Aistory of . Aistory is an engineering pro:ect. radical alterity details planets. two if by sea. <ne if by land. >destroyed by homogeneity. and acht bomb tots washing. !ot : st earth life. donHt need thatC " $ fine day in the life of the %ara"8ort rings p Gky!et to see if they ca ght the h p yet. extra"cranial ne ral continental caps ferret o t revol tionary Fsilent talk. Don6t ask if p blic events are staged like the cosmos. =aref lly prepared vir ses. It delivered relief to the canvas. <ne thing yo sho ld know. Transformated h n"ploding s batomic c lt res of bombs. >art. )ybridality 5o got hybridality. h rri) ake g ns. 7an *0112. #engha4i storms. read the lin. If yo <ps wonder what Ftele"presenceF means. Gtyli4ed pics of Gnoopy Dog and %retty Ilower #omb. terra"formed comets. #omba"transformed gravity don6t talk. Aa. <kamote says. false pl ses made Garah =onnors tr e. !eeds no mo th. mashing cats and b nnies aro nd. Aow co ld it be a !ew 8an if it6s in the movies3 =ompetition of machine and AR !ewbie 8an3 $tom winks at wifi b bbles. !ew niverses b ilt then wars /de (aris. =hickens and reader"thinkers of the day eat that artificial feed the way we do herds.(s of intended speech. charm hybridality Trans"Titans sho ld stay away from earth. c te 4awaii. Aybrids so ght their god when analog es ch cked Invisible (iants into disemboweled cows.xplosionC? .. (ilgamesh died. I6m wondering to raise the alarm. "1ll institutions are demonic! Irom The 2olden 3ough@ = lt re is not yo r friend. space ships and aliens flit like prep bescent bomb smooth faces with sweet eyes. siC . walk hybridality.s/ < r symposia this report. #eow lf ripped off (rendel6s arm. or mobile #=I cognitive threat fear. m shroom clo ds ornamented with eyes and nose. atmospheric corrections on 8ars. The new world assembly got even with 7 ngHs mind. necks and arms.11 -.

and 1sh+elon made desolate! They shall drive out 1shdod at noon! 1+ron shall e rooted up! Wephaniah reads the global press when merchants are multiplied a ove the stars and strongholds fall like figs. <tak AiroshimaC Destr ction V . Tread the mortar. the desolate barbs. $ettle not therefore efore what you will answer when you are etrayed for I will give you a mouth! (a4a shall be forsa+en. Ghaker Aeights fell.ater and the eaten disp te the figopath. <kyo 'oied. new box b bble. creosote antennas. and Meats b rst :oyHs grape to hide the rest. Doc sts and canker"worms of merchants. make strong the brick. and o tward toward the sea the never ending m ltit de. the P een of !ineveh stripped and beat her breast. <nly D. b t killy has no mo th : st eyes and a nose beca se Da #omba doesn6t say. A.or 43 Dook in yo r nderwear. IT. Diacon # nny (irl s rfs on a sword. never long the end of $kron !ineveh. the chariots. They bo ght !o"5ork and sold families of nations. s per A"powers.? # t Maneda said it was destr ction V4. !ah m -. Dawrence was not cast o t. the horns. atom fragments fell to earth in toys.emocracy. Gnowman gets bigger. grey dawn. one h ndred tho sand kittle prod cts say. #omb m shrooms implode &ltraman. so many they st mble over the whip. the trains. <hio was lost. The gates of the mind set open before its enemies" no fig wants that. This relief made >m t al mis nderstanding between the resc ed and resc er when o t of a sense of : stice the nations bro ght free . montage mortgage loan $kira b d !ew Tokyo *011. Da #ombaC $fter la bomba gave Kiagra to the s n. . Doll votes. n keit $kira demoscracy. . <penit. # bba # gel #agel. Ind strials t rned Doraemon. cast lots for the men of !o" =leveland. GXD. The wheel.1* The s n bomb lights n clear (od4illas. 8ilitary psychic expermiment powers with .8T bomb exploding. chains not long. girl b nny bomb pink clo ds revive black scarred green. The fallo t anime girl"boy co sin frogs made big company %harma dolls. sitting robot and !obita MittyC Aellow Milly. %okemon. %aris Milton b bble #omba. !o talk titani m alloys drawn for siege go into the clay. Ae ate.

art and competition. s itcase scalar earth) ake ts nami kits two. 7 st another program of local coal crank frack f ck. #iden said $fghanistan was criminal. Th s it were seemly. =entrif gal and gravitational forces spin cars in different directions at variable speeds. previo sly screened. 8any riders experience na sea. f nctionaries and military rich score. /D2ebris may be disposed of as melted rock both as a lining for the hole and as a dispersal in cracks prod ced in the s rro nding rock. 1ach night tr$c. #ill (as6es $dmission : mped p the . %atent !o. 5ak sa and old M(#"dry leaves drive the bl e stem :et stream.. then come ill minate kings and ) eens and the s per rich aro nd the horn. h man c lt re stock prere) isite for growth.1- F. hero terrorists increase the heli m to s stain the b bble.xploding 8 se m. #ill $pocalypse. . "ecease the 4ch$mann 5esonance to get people bac.N-1 dated Gept. m sik. They are spraying each night to complete the negative optical transfer to the rest of the world. Disinformation hi and lo systems. $lso incl ded is a gene pool from first. The rock" melting drillis of a shape and is propelled nder s fficient press re to prod ce and extend cracks in solid rock radially aro nd the bore by means of hydrostatic press re developed in the molten rock ahead of the advancing rock drill penetrator. litterat re... permanently dr gged.. 5o wonder why if the heli m works.G. /&.91-. -. night. 11N*2 3. Gtrangelove h rricane drives 'oman horses with fog breath and A$$'% clo d electrosmog to the daily news. *9.s spray the alleys. 7apan contemplates gets o t the mask.. live o t of their heads. mainly women to c ltivate the new race of earth &nder(ro nd. $ll melt not sed in glass"lining the bore is forced into the cracks where it free4es and remains . These.veryone knows deep down fail safe weather works. #earden wo ld ask. b t whether these gene people raise their own childrenBno dogs or pets. =ontrols m st diametrically oppose proles. what wo ld yo have done abo t it3 Eho gets to go the bases3 $fter the government a thorities. s bmarine lost against the n ke plants one. men incl ded. 5ak sa cracks. $eth %eal . Eill there be no men3 Eill there be no c lt re f eled by Gtanford fac lty. in the second half blow p 5ellowstone. Ior brood only. !ation criminals. Ee score this. !ight. 5ak sa ca sed the !< flood b t lost the ball on downs""at the $merican earth) ake 5ak shima. $merica6s Airoshima pop art revenge on its h mikiation said 7apan was criminal.

. !7. b t otherwise I wo ldn6t have met Eold. It wasn6t his fa lt the heads didn6t talk. $grib siness then remarkets the loss by attracting them to Ilorida and =alifornia to pick irradiated toxified crops. It depended on what paradigm they want. dolphins and orcas with embedded radio collars each l nging for their files where their lives are b ried alive. Iellow writers. rani m miners whee4ing. b t we both were employed to clean and to fix.? /#lood <rchid2. farmers from Aanford Eashington r n the %entagon with gold t mors. $ win win for agric lt re investments. they said. Eold had the to ch. Don6t worry if h man cells have an impact on animals. ><ne breasted women from &tah. 8ichael co ld not sling against the =overing =her b. The good deed =her b transfers from !$IT$ to dispossess =entral $merican farmers of their land. a longer story in itself. exited the ships. 1ll institutions inherently demonic specks in the =her b eye. Gtaging depends on mood. fre) ency of words to ferret o t the nsilent . glowing radioactive tortoises. #roken by sprays and incompetent at 40 liberals bemoan immigration policies to f rther advantage (oldman. switching stations that filter cell phone and email talk $lgorithms of Dexican syntactic. Ae and I repaired machines. don6t worry if planes are trains. the whole event too3 (reat ) estions s btext loss@ >I hope that over the next several days. mobs of shoeless 8exicans. =ompartment sense beca se concl sion nth nk. except the ships were trains. (oldman Gachs worship. I don6t know if I mentioned I had been kidnapped. )ow To &et % )ead It being impossible to bring a railing acc sations against s per power. compartments wall off intellect to prevent the concl sion heino s. I was mainly the dish washer. Ehat if speech were staged. I worked the west ) adrant where dissidents from new life. I mean the camps.? !ever ask m ck. who was kidnapped too by the %hone Dogs.14 6. next several weeks and next several months we all reflect on how we can do something abo t some of the senseless violence that ends p marring this co ntry. or if they aren6t. s) ads of wolves and mo ntain lions discover what happened to the forests. and if what.

cheese co$ld be c$t.$>. one r$les. and a dog6s nose with a wall socketC # t that don6t fly. Ee arg ed at break@ 9(ho wo$ldn:t want a g$illotine in the closet for that stray rooster in the head. 9Ta. and :oke in lighter moments ndergro nd.e off yo$r cloa. 'lay the governart. that6s how yo treat the w rst.< =)ai. h$mans. so it doesn:t get blood fastidio$s #engele. in verse. this pterodactyl of the rails. bread.< $ll who :oin the g illotine throng to 8adame T ssa d6s with the honorable Gir Thomas 8ore. plants and earth. . It wasn6t really a boxcar either.? 9%nimals. b$t many contradict.< >A rl the wolf at the deer. where when not performing its design. that:s why the machine will never thin. after one had been abandoned after a wreck. dawg. )ave some more scopolamine. I rged this analogy of a beast fallen from the sky. Gt. meat.1+ The 8ayer #on$ment Eold told me his first sighting came late on the 7ersey T rnpike. maintain that sales d mmies wo ld have no home complete witho t. Gtephen in a r sh@ >they r shed him and dragged him o t of the city b t took their clothes off first.

8ake Daw. unless this miracle have might. %emem er contradiction! )r none. that prisoners rode headless o t of the west. insights that came in three second b rsts of gold. !obody knew the horror. G periors behind the heads worried that the fictional %rtilect wars wo ld nify the A mass base into a # ddhist. more like themselves than not. $rab. the horror of this massive disinhibition /Ucept Dick2. who wo ldn6t want to g illotine the nasty crowing3 Aalls were lined with b sts of decaps.19 >'egarde4 de &aris transhumain. 7ohnny Goftheart : st wo ld not whack grandma. Ioreign mercenaries came to operate. John the Baptist. <perations sanctioned different means of taking. %rofessor Iiliberto said that when his head had been transplanted from someone6s empty neck. art t rned pside down. =hristian. 7ew core. 'ows of heads were exhibited at the 8et. &b d ty do. b t none yet for home se. Ten tho sand times tho sand g illotine galleons from =hina covered the bases /toxic link2. manacled. Aind . and you have een a fooled astard teleologic s$spendC? ?$ch$lainn ?arrying @erdia. 5o have some notion of disinformation. with a g illotine attached. for Beheading Gtill. I dou t therefore I thin+. break law. #osses inviting o tsiders in to police the ho se. It was de longest cow. 8 slim. !$G$ replaced $ schwit4 with 8a tha sen. Beheading by ?ranach They worried they wo ldn6t complete their experiments. the 4trams #$ndane %lien ?orp. G b:ects were delivered from ndergro nd passages thro gho t the so th and west. Cogito ergo sum. .? like a beast on a train.

giants. The phantasmagoria. o tgassed in its s it with the headlights on. =osmic re:ects were called Disbod. Gcience is easy when yo know the pl tocats.B0/C went on strike in Yiamen /now retired2. The first was when they take the head from its past. alienation. 5on )$bbard channeled %leister ?rowley. 8illions and millions of stem cell donors were expropriated from the landfill. $mp tee.ndor. old age. oldest conflict between the serpent and seed of the woman. Sum: Forty ales from the !fterli"es. l sts of 8idian. when yo r name is spoken for the last time? /David . The first is when the body ceases to f nction. %entagon 7$G<!G or academes. The s pernat ral contexts. architect ral palimonies of the =apitol 8all. worship of 8ammon. Kiewing these from the <ld Testament is the only way it makes sense. angels be a making. The s rpl s was nmanned or severed. the deliri m of sickness. Iiction real as fic fact cracked on the !ational 8all. mad science. # t there were more than three deaths in the nderworld. the #ohemian (rove. what the witch of . $"Aeads means Ghiner. %erfectly good disbobs str ng p to the $nimate 8achine. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave.agleman. time and the niverse moving backwards.1N If yo 6ve never seen a Ghiner p close.ven grasshoppers and bats flew backwards. all its associations and harness it for yo rself. The third is that moment. tort res. G. That makes it necessary to say how. . 8. perfect little telekinesis babies came on line.noch. That6s how it came abo t the new (ilgamesh de &aris invented from the software A4tart at B. Go whether good b siness. fictional characters like =. The (ilgamesh 'ebellion competed against #ostrom of <xford who rewrote the D!$ of The $ilmarils. G per soldier man als of remote accessed brains made designer children. know that these translator models were in dialog e with the $ophias! 8illions of $"Aeads were given these $hiners to ill minate. Ehen it was fo nd that discarnates had emptied literat re they raided prisons. *0012. Deary and $lan (insberg worked the %l ty labs. It was a race to preserve alteration in the most advanced east and west nations. the war between the states of dark and light. the 'oman emperor worship. or Disrobe with little body. sometime in the f t re. book of . . b t a Disrobe had none at all. DewisH "evine babbled like the Aead of = ch lain@ >There are three deaths.

all prairie removed.ndgame. Ehat yo hear in the ear. !ot to . faith. there is that word again. followers of 8egadethC (et the new . b t the mental fantasy disassociated the nremembered. domain transfers disp te. along with astral travel. evidence of %a l %olymer.10 5o 6re : st aghast at those. family. o r :anitor sold his th mb for some te) ila. =entral $merica was pamphleted for cheap immigrants.xploding 8 se m. alter the terrain. Eitho t it any way being able to fig re what wo ld next take place. ine) ality and racism. divided against each other strategies of the real r lers. Do4ens and do4ens of n clear tests in $merica. Terror drone bomb and search. "omain Transfer. nbelieved. Aear the words. Ehen the words are rods and the cones are pods maybe listen. )ands also available $ll white people distracted by media cons med obesity. sho t. $s light marketing transfers conscio sness to the body parts of every globe. s bgro ps only know the Tilt"a"EhirlC 8iddle class ethnics and race believe stop and search means save. polyphenols replaced water. competitions in the loop to alter. attit des and val es.nglish <nly stop and search. Those val es of perdition spread something to take their place. willed in the domain of wills itself. stop and search needed now more than ever beca se after h ndreds of years of divide to con) er. DGD and D8T trials. $eth5ow !!. gmo the nat ral. Destroy liberty. /#lack2 convicts were rearrested and leased. Iight and die for yo r co ntry stop and search. far more than Airoshima and !agasaki. . This was best accomplished by experimentation pon the democratic peoples. <bama Gtop and search.. this Deither 4pace where !inane did to 8erlin. the one goal@ to destroy the icons. made easier by foc sing on in: stice. (enocide on eastern tribes. =hemtrails crossed the sky. =omp ter"assisted senses and micro"circ it implants p the nose destroyed the past. ntho ght. The !ational Gcience 8 se m arg ed these did belong in the . 'hantom )ead. death marches in the west. Dare say.

$t the end of one ride. plants. coinhabitants are bea tif l. no air. (olden t rned (oden. Iact@ they overwhelmed people with artificial food engineered to make them h ngry and then dead. $mericans had believed in this fantasy of the golden all their lives. The light of the s n is bea tif l. which so nds a horror if the f t re is the place of dreams. things t rned opposite. &oden %ge !. (oden scientists demagog ed appeals of goden prophets who said they wo ld fix it. threats of revol tion. Gcience. so art is am sement. (odens posed three harvests and long life with ease. Ehen yo remember and are told"" this is not what happened at all. trees. There6s three harvests. b t not if a nightmare of repression. %erhaps this is metaphor. . who had m sic. < r friends. Eho co ld believe it possible that while we believed science wo ld save s from o r worst mistakes that science was itself the worst mistake and forces greater than it controlled its res lts in the !ew (oden $ge3 Gim ltaneo s 8 se ms of $rt. 'emember that this is another dimension where things are not what they seem. Ehen it became fact. The peasant farmer. rides are m se ms. art and comm nity like the =hinese peasant. h ngry and benighted. slavery and prison.11 believe nleashes a horror comparable to the memories of soldiers who fight against the terror people of the world. =ompare to the dream of Ganta 8onica pier the people held secl ded in rooms. Dit and 'eligion posed the arrival of the gods into these b ilding6s body partsC 'esearch said only the (oden $ge co ld save from overpop lation. II. degradation of reso rces. The wind that blows where it will is bea tif l. That one was in the !$G$ 8 se m. waiting for another. !o ocean there. I overheard a conversation in the !ational (allery abo t a g y who wanted to destroy the f$t$re as these destroyed the past. Ilickering screens lost health contemplating themselves. b t the war is on themselves. rivers all bea tif l. no. like bad wine. These boys don6t tan. dither like %r frock or get abo t yo r b siness"" Ehat b siness3 5o want to know3 They are yo t bing yo @ earth is bea tif l. The (oden $ge gave health. was exiled to the biosphere. they took to a planetoid and settled off The &rn. =ompare the n mber of days and nights these peasants spent nder air and star as opposed to the p ta 8ars. !o weather or grandparents. The rain is bea tif l. Ehether Aades or heaven. not what I meant at all. ignorant of higher math. where when living failed. The air is bea tif l. Ehich is what the !ava:o sing.

1. coming down.lectroc tion skewers say no new man co ld even dissociate. T. G perman. . therefore I am. as well as an inadvertent c re for schi4ophrenia /as annihilation2. sacrifice to a g n. prayer to the power of mind. so to speak. were implied transgenics before *01*. carpenter to a hammer.arth min s earth to . 1. They d g him o t of the .1 the sacrifice to a net 1. A.N that lade thick clay *. make plain *.? . gather captivity as sand 1.ven if they still arg ed it was to cover p the tr th that they were remaking life on earth. aerial phenomena as prec rsors of its own.*0. 8embers of the herd agressively ) estioned any voice that challenged this view. yo think that6s a :oke b t it6s not. 8.=.9 more swift than evening wolves. monsters. AR viewed the past s perseded in itself while h drank.11 and be ceramic booties for them *. cogni4ance of itself removed. Ehat kind of conscio sness over cent ries of gene alteration creates before it is dreamt the woods that come to Dunsinane6 The transgenic took myths of giants.19. Ging larity *04+. I before the thin+. b t the =haldeans coming 1. >Aaving no new themes I do not seek in vain. $ therefore $. then it will look again for a fix. b t it doesn6t since it is shortly o6er"flown. $gain. !ept ne.vol tion was now as def nct in these labs as the #ible in schools. a trial form of the lang age of the wheel. rays of light coming o t of a hand Aab -. how is that like a banker and a bank3 It was even the s b:ect of fable.arth pl s. as the stone shall cry o t of the wall *. exists. 5. not thinking for yo rself again.*0 life and obesity. =himeras. seek none at all.11. Det earth be silent *. $ .9. incense b rned to a keyboard. *0*+. There yo go. . angelsBthere is room if it matters. Aatman aborning %op 8ind. $n addict can look at a wall or a shoe for eight ho rs a day. <n level fo r they had a singing mo se. power of an idol 1. Go if I think I remember I think and Ging larity Z novus ordo. <ld (ilgamesh had been ro nded p to s persede themselves. %olyphem s. phrates and took him to D.0.4. ass med the pre"en nciated being. Ehat do yo think they had on five in the new begotten Eorld #rain hatcheries3 2. Erite the vision. first law of Descartes. being its prod ctive period d ring trance. Dogic is always a little more demented when Eilliam # rro ghs channels . There6s immortality. merely the Eord. The difference between the pl s and the A3 is that it had its pleas re centers branded. This t rning of the brain to an intestine. I thin+.

or (reenbrier /KI% only2 and a h ndred sites.nderground #ities below and %esidential #enters above. the *+01 8igrantes. (eorge %ratt. AowHs that for government waste3 They only needed fifty. hooked p to machine new earthC Ehat anyway isn6t expendable in the pop lation red ction and higher conscio sness"gathered information3 0usion #enters3 The wrecked boxcar showed evidence of two h ndred million plastic grave liners. circ lation. #eheaded by =ranach got promoted as an avatar. Think of it as %lexi t bes and wires for breath. or the Ten $ectors. . The cage they p t the world in was the brain beheaded world. Dook at the installation of the tho sand melting men. these fantasy cities being st ffed with internationals. <ne co ld hold fo r. . the mass n des. Gol4henitsyn. all %l tarch6s nmentionables. the tort res of The 0i7er. ( ernica. Iind 8e $ Koice. $ll evidence contrariwise to the 1*1 Deep /D&8#2. (oya. pop lation being a not"m st.*1 ball or a head is tantamo nt to the planet where the body went. %a l ' i4. Gchneider notwithstanding. which proves by negation that camps do not exist on the 8esa. I can6t believe yo 6re asking how will they die3 That6s preparatio sum for every martyr from 'ome and before. <n s ch pretext 7ohn the #aptist.

?aravaggio b t co ldn6t fathom the sea in the p pil where the dry . the next breath gave extinction. pathogens twinkling. . G. (! Eells. animated with A. they cooked p a depleted planet to release %aleolithic vir ses from $ntarctica to more ) ickly remove the greater part. DewisH Hideous $trength and the 1 olition of Man filmed and bro ght to life. <n off nights Gtarchitect Iilms aired. Beheading John the Baptist.** $ head in the box m st give p its secrets as m ch as any =aesar. A mans knew this anyway beca se they looked in each other6s eyes. # t this was taking down. $lexander or %alyatchee. $ll pl tocrats came to the theatre after these headless debates. Dacking this delight machines looked in the eye of the world and saw "etail.verybody watched prophetic =. Gome tho ght s dden death mimicry of the rapt re in the Testament of being ca ght p. which proves there is another world from the one we see. Dowly lab workers who didn6t to ch the heads got to see them then. #eing so.arth shakes with Desire /of $ll !ations to come2. so while A mans complained the world was too m ch with s. Eold tho ght these were better than the films of Teilhard de =hardin. $ third part of the atmosphere. . boring beyond belief. his 0uture of Man. tho gh the infl x of heads contin ed greater and greater from 8exican highways.

(e call it the %F$arian age. #ro ght back by hair or bone the grave of (ilgamesh was d g and the Gmithsonian hid the excavations. 8ax %lanck3 Tom (ilbert begged that the agenda of the Transh man was not abo t his grandmother. careerists of the norm which indeed every madness since release $pon society and called a class right. . yo can do anything else that6s dead. &alleries s$rro$nding the h$ge co$rtyards are often given over to temporary e2hibitions.? If yo can do a mammoth. do yo really want to bring back yo r dead grandmother3? !ational (eographic. who with Gch ster and Eebb pioneered the harvesting of mammoth D!$ from hair. #adness seiEes the sane. policed.eep $s safe. to .ly instances of g$nfire in malls and camp$ses occ$r the bosses are at a loss to e2plain how the madness came. fo$ndations. reengineered3 If dinosa rs will 5eats be raised. engineered. the worst wo$ld be to live sane among the mad. reg$lated.e madness to st$dy the brain. Gf madho$se scenes and prisons. for transmortal hybrids so ght selective res rges of important persons. incl ding yo r grandmother. Universities. 3. # t in a world in global warming and with limited reso rces for research. not m$ch different since both had common cells r$led by the inmates. he6d be the first to go see one tr ndle across a paddockB. Its deconsecrated ch$rch was decorated with a famo$s series of m$rals by GroEco in the !637s.*- Those who dread it thin. 'orn. 8ay *0012. I will tell all!" (randma. admits that as a st dent of mammoths. (hen wee. . Damba. every se2$al mamba. >$n expert in ancient D!$ at =openhagen &niversity. It impacts Ming 'amses and whoever else wo ld ret rn with plans. The )ospicio ?abaIas was b$ilt as an orphanage in the early !6th cent$ry. m$tationHso it goes. to promote robotic control so$rces for $nnamed ca$ses. This comple2 is a UD14?G (orld )eritage site. “come ac+ to tell you all. we have now society. Transposed to !3th cent$ry asyl$ms not m$ch different from early !6B7 9homes< after lithi$m when the paroles were released. Ehich so nds totally like the search for 8erlin6s grave in That Hideous $trength. The release of the deranged may be a metaphor of society itself progressively deranged thereafter. To him she6s like a mo se. b$t whether that is from police or o$rselves is not shown.he. 1vidence mo$nts that e2periments contin$e that provo. corporations all r$n by f$nctionaries. Eere there really dinosa rs revived with D!$. hospitals.

It was given. the femtotech femtotechs to be worshipped wo$ld save them. s per soldier to beat the ' ssians. The brains. 4cience was to be the salvation of the $niverse. it was impossible to override. Go is everyone who is born of the spirit. awakens his ear. <ops again. there was also . Isa -+.e the new man. The wind blows where it listeth. to know the word that s stains the weary. <ops. The Defense $dvance 'esearch %ro:ects $gency of the &.ers down below were relieved it wasn:t all J$st a film in their dream pipe.+$ll yo r sons will be ta ght by the D<'D.7 artilects and nanolects. and teaches him what and how he is to preach. The G. A manK*. and then takes him as it were into the school after the manner of a p pil. hybrid. and 8atthew and 'evelations dismayed >the moral tragedy of not b ilding god. 7eremiah. 4ociety however wo$ld not have wanted to . Ging lar fiat.. b$t when strange creat$res were seen in earth.Ae wakens my ear to listen as one being ta ght. to prevent the e2pansion and contraction of time and space. s. If transh man ass mptions held things as they said.4ekiel.1*"4N@*92 . 4ay it again. old mammoths and warriors of the past red g in %alestine. li. ( lliver according to his +ind. Wechariah and %salms. sea.eep it real.The Govereign D<'D has given me an instr cted tong e. the 2.e. wakens my ear to listen like one being ta ght. !othing indicates a tong e befitting the disciples of (od. and great will be yo r childrenHs peace. wor.7. )ybrid %ge 5everse #enesis. /D$'%$2 constr cted an enhanced. as impossible as the ta nt that Isaiah gave against #abylon. They wo$ld play this film bac. 3. If it so nds like Gwift. the hybrids were their scientists were craEy. Ae wakens me morning by morning.Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf nstopped. There are as many links as yo wish. so m ch as the gift of administering consolationJ and s ch a gift is possessed by the .ffect made newLoldies feel at home.$DG were part fish. 7onah. when his sleep is over. wo$ld be made new.0S4N. i. )*.y and air. Gbvio$sly they were mad. any more than they were living ne2t door to a death camp. It6s not p to me to say.? /A go de (aris. 5o hear the so nd there of b t do not know from whence it comes or wither it goes. 12tinct dinosa$rs revived at the opposite end of this mKlange. +4. ##= Aori4on. 7ehovah comes to him. Ehy =leveland.*4 #oasts in architect re venerated and worshiped giants on the !ational 8all. 4.1The servant of 7ehovah receives the divine revelations neither in dreams nor visions of the nightJ b t every morning /babbo)er ̄ babbo)er ̄ as in Isaiah *0@112. the organic machine was dead serio s when it came online to the 10 to the *9 trillion trillion brain. by making a sign to him to listen. and it was all going to be filmed by the paparaEEi to . The (reenho se .G.

pon which D ther has fo nded his rendering.2. we will have the technological means to create s perh man intelligence. $rab. etc. 8any religio s were concerned to take the hock >mark of the beast.F Meil and Delit4sch 3i lical #ommentary on the )ld Testament Transgenics sanctioned a Aybrid $ge reverse 2enesis to bring back 'amses. LThe 4chismatics and 4owers of "iscord #osca "e+ 8amberti and Bertrand "e BornL . from [^. ̂ ̬ med.2. cannot possibly be tho ght of. Fto speak to the weary in d e seasonF /also . related to _ `\ ]a .e:s ill$stration of "ante. $). gat. signifies to spring to a person with words to help. Ghortly after. to rain pon or water /. 7e. ver. s stentare.wald. cdefghijfkl. however. the h man era will be ended. can we take [\ ]^ as a /$bstract. ̔ 7er. Bla. mno ] is an acc sative of more precise definition.? emphasi4ing mar+. In the words of Kerner Kinge in 111-. since this has no s pport in the AebrewJ still less. 5eats and Eooly._ `\ ]b. Isaiah 4*@*+J Isaiah 4-@*-2. Kav. like m_ ` b in Isaiah +0@1 /cf. ̂ ̬ med. 7erome has given the correct rendering@ Fthat I may know how to s stain him that is weary with a word.. The #oming Technological $ingularity2. FTo help with words him that is exha stedF /with s ffering and self"tort re2@ [\ ]^. >within thirty years. &mbreit.*+ speaker here. The age of hybrid in:ected retrofitted ser m in g ise of a vaccine combining animal and h man D!$ wo ld c re its self" engineered disease. The $rabic gat.

T rned p.0 tho ght it. 8ythogomies. they harnessed their wives to cr de prec rsors of the $nimation 8achine and got magn m op ses. They were t rned back p. t rned down. partly to conf se the mortals. misogogynies. David. =h ang T4 had been t rned pside down. Traditional lit a thorships designated as 8oses. It m st have been f n to be an editor. as was his rhetoric where h man organs in pigs and dinosa rs reconstit ted from 00 million year old D!$ stored in their bones were grown.? # t Ging larity was of the A5#'ID $(. =onsidered fantasy to the c lt re. the nineteenth cent ry righted in the twenty first. 1 &ision. %reparing the &ndergro nd Eork in Texas . an nserio s effort of government and b siness to remake dinosa rs and pair all kinds of h man and animal genes for h man enhancement as well as parading nanobots in M$rEweil:s brain.*9 Two"thirds of those years gone. speaking of Ging larity like it was an expression of the information age which >democrati4ing? technologies of cell phones and Iacebook wo ld prevent being sed for tyranny beca se of >the wisdom of crowds. and The 3oo+ of Thelema were both works of Devel Iive. $ tomatic script gave 5eats his best myth. transmorts sent p 'ay M r4weil to =harlie 'ose.. retranslated into the m tant phrases of the Aeads. <f co rse the Aeads. Aow do yo teach empiricism when the rabbit is o t the hat3 !ot many read this lively st ff. b t partly beca se it co ldn6t be helped. In the face of near extinction it was as if 8oses had beg n to writeC #ringing back 8oses and Aomer was a problem for 5eats and =rowley delivering their own megalomaniac epic"shaking mythogomies. $ll the 1. In the end lit was what it said. These environs were the work and life of M rk Eold. old existential #ostrom at the I t re of A manity Instit te who rolled o t the $ew Silmiril got an $cademy. the (odens went all myth. Aomer. Dao T4 . >(eorgie? spent ho rs with 5eats tho gh this and had him all to herself. who backtracked reversals of field in lit. philosophy and science. down p.

voice. m sic. a cabbage giant so divine we cannot define it.s yo$ in the eye. Aor s riding the backs of 8ichael 'obartes and <wen $herne. as well as a parallelogram of painted wood. !ov. !at. wit or n ance. The thing was a bonan4a. 11*N2. not in the words. p.*N The Two = lt res roared past each other at a h ndred. $lso fo nd were highly developed convol tions. a bea$ty that impersonates desire. !aty. there m$st be severed headsH I had tho$ght to have had heads carved.? III. 1t this point it is necessary to stop for the night! There are more than a thousand Tilt9a9 *hirls! >%reserving the brains of geni ses was not a new phenomenonTanother famo s brain to be preserved and disc ssed in a similar manner was that of the (erman mathematician =arl Iriedrich (a ss almost a h ndred years earlier. This was the fa lt of something greater.. it was still the second largest brain on record /!ew 5ork Times. -N2. A manK*. ##= Aori4on. The brain of .0""4N. Fdo yo want it whole3 This law was the >ethics? of the ) ant m mole. =%laydate. The two c lt res wrapped a new (nostic. *nlikely +. Ais brain was st died by ' dolf Eagner who fo nd its weight to be 1. 9The "eath of ?$ch$lain.. The depth of meaning has been severed. the message of the words conveyed in tones. ' lloff. there is . which was s ggested as the explanation of his geni s /D nnington. all so nds.41* grams and the cerebral area e) al to *11. 27!!> /A go de (aris. followed by that baby6s still alive in there beca se it6s only in her imagination. philologist and Fcriminal of s perior intelligence.< The Gld #an> <ne tho ght it a :oke when the head next to him blew off. a cannibal monster that loo. <ther famo s brains that were removed and st died incl de that of Kladimir Denin and the !ative $merican. There is no irony. "own the 8ab 4taircase Three beheadins of the brain@ 1. Ishi. Here's a start.+00 s) are centimeters. s pnat. so ght the nat"not Fbot collect.F <therworld spirits.F was removed after his death in 10N1J in 11N*. )alloween. it s ited them to do what they wanted.dward A. to give it out in s8uirts. 11N*. and the rock and roll got good %oh &aybelline' why can’t you be true( )ou done started back doin’ the things you used to do. Gcience didn6t have as m ch clo t as lit to convince that rhetoric was tr th in the nderneath.< =Neats. b$t if the dancer can dance properly no woodcarving can loo.1*"4N@*92. In the imagination of Garah Eeddington the baby died. 1mer m$st dance. irony severed. N.

They armed it. dreamed of a time when their work wo ld destroy all that they love. those narcs who against their own wish. . at night. b t wo ld never be atheists again. all in their labs and nderwear wanted to find particles at the first coming.F Do dness Ear. It reminds s of those 8anch rians amongst the reeds who do what they wo ld not. %epsi. b t so what. %artic lates.*0 only sensation to evoke feeling. torn between the be and end of be. past being taken as tho sands of years and decades also. There was a man. 0+p of r ral . to fly it to =osta 'ica. they have so nd all over them. : st likeTstatic. #lack rotting teeth down to the roots. They covered it with gl e and p t in. I call him thatJ it is a title. polymers. like A go de (aris. never were s ch anyway. Ehy had he armed it3 Ehere did it come from3 These were aprioris in the dream. b t not all. >$ world where nearly everything that passes for art is tinny and commercial and often. signifies those val es of tradition that wo ld impede the spread of the . half r nning DA=. 8 sician #ob Dylan has condemned the practice@ F5o listen to these modern records. access to knowledge that will destroy the world. >how does it feel to be god3? A gh and Tom. $waking I know how it is the god particle boys feel. #rick Eall !. The whole p rpose and intent to destroy the past. the Gtandard 8odel being wrong. b t was worried sick abo t the effects. hollow and academic /Moral 0iction. Ae made a reservation on %an $m. +2 -. ThereHs no definition of nothing. abo t a ) art six pack and even tho gh he hated it. Iritos in the last -0 years. one they co ld not find and when they did. in addition. I don6t know who said it b t it went like this. had already armed it to explode. *. meaning their children. Gloshes threatened to come o t the top. They so ght it.l Galvador from =oke. There is no individ al tho ght. theyHre atrocio s. even #earden and 'ay. 8others powerless against the corporate force of addiction in commercials that destroy their children. tho ght it wo ld be themselves. )iggs Bos$n. no vocal. already there when I arrived. deep down. I had a dream Aiggs #os n said right before they fo nd it. These rhetorically directed. 4. no nothing. Ae was being made to do something he abhorred. Their comp lsion lies baking. Ehich shows how far disinformation affects the mind. Ae had a n clear device in a T pperware container. They made it. for these are central techni) es in f ll tili4ation.ven if desperation not laconic. altho gh places in <hio might do.

they flew according to their manifests. not s b h man. scalar electromagnetics. fan4ines are as m ch data base as experiments. and they deny the existence of the longit dinal wave. = lt ral p rveyors cover all segments of this comedy. b t a great ocean of energy. . Identity diff sion is a condition of piracy. manga. The comic market is a comic market.*1 something to take its place. b t yo fliege9hausen know that far below the smoke to make a better life for cows the cows were mad. which so nds like a horror. b t the f t re was not the open ended hopef l place of dreams. video. A man brains in:ected with mice were one stage. as if it were being done to them and not by them. the con) erors of D!$ b t the imperial control they exercise s ggests otherwise. b t in this view science was the worst mistake. slavery. cage pon cage. #earden6s (ravitobiology 2.? here This is time energetics. imprisonment and death. to borrow the analog e from data base is the real. To ) alify as $"Aeads they began prion contamination and encephal"opathies. Ghakespeare and Ia lkner. their thinking is skewed. Go while they p rs e the half speed dream of Aiggs. not as easy as it so nds. Item@ after removing all the gases there is radiation in the vac$$m that persists even if the temperat re is lowered to absol$te Eero. Go the 9emptiness< of empty space is in fact not empty. $mong the coffee ho ses of their base there is debate abo t how to h manely treat the s b races. The rare !eanderthal gene resists its =aveman Gwellings. which is to say fa x science is real. $mate rs e) al in the database with the (reats or scientists who have never loved. not the original"real or its copy. not in itself b t beca se forces greater than science control it and its res lts. $t crater . where dolls. Irom booklet 4 The Aiggs exhibit interprets that it doesn6t think they are p rs ing particle physics in this. These are not of one mind. games. "ata-"ada. Eriters who >stripped the ancients6 /Kida2 in the nconscio s database called original thro gh citation their infinite imitation. film. Eho co ld believe it possible when we feel science will save s from o r worst mistakes. fa x is real. literat re and entertainment to the believers of 8egadeth. This is called >Eero point? radiation. it was a nightmare of repression. !ow this g y at the exhibits had said he wanted to destroy the f t re as these destroyed the past. Its paradigm of the Gtandard 8odel is flat space time b t not c rved. In this world of make the cake and leave the bread. b t s b l narian. Gtacked at the G fi %ort on my floor.

(angs. ill strations of #ikk riman Gticker %arody as religion.? #osses on the looko t for more heads sorted them by vocation. or metaversal flesh if yo believe. b t global c lt re was the bomb to all native c lt res.? These were the shells of the Plippoth. !ews broadcasts were anime flatted. woman. Imitations. # nny (irl. pontoons of A xleys. games and %hDs replaced.lephant or stole.? It went all ro nd. logic. Eittgenstein6s head. Diacon IK # nny (irl was second only in search to %layboy # nny. invisible to the naked eye. %ensinger shot o t the top of a pyramid bla4e. not the characters. Ehether these sh t ins were cast o ts or new realists. Dog (irl not innocent. manga. fa x characters replaced the real. yo either borrowed it. !ot the story. database was real. rewriting film. o ter layers with inner sim ltaneo s chaos@ In ndated Database. 8r. $kirans. Ehat greater bomb than that3 #lown apart. sim lacra. Thomas. comics literat re and peer gro ps to replace families. Ehat a harsh word that has s ch matter in it. Airoki $4 ma in 0andom . 8any on the waiting list had died nder the . The bomb blew it apart. $ldo s. an act. g r s cited #earden6s Warg. close to politics anime. <tak s sh t in to their fandoms. art. Ioxgirl. The Ilood. scientific comm nities made >ne rotic constr ction of shells of themselves o t of materials from : nk s bc lt res. Iragmented fan gro ps s bstit ted for societal narrative. they replaced the social with fictional identities. witho t attrib tion. $ll got to be $merican. >8oe"elements became the gods? /99. =ommercials were animed. dolls. c stom sacrificed to database"piracy. yes. eyelit star"styled animations. %hilosophers 'ow had the Eisensteins. $ new model of nconscio sness sim ltaneo s narratives imitating themselves shared disparate parts. =at (irl. =atgirl 'esearch Io ndation disclaimed at the bottom of its page@ >Ehile some girls may en:oy acting like cats. . Dit sold in the market as video games. collecting dolls. and Menyon helped raise the vibe. and ' ssell. $ word. Tho gh this is nlikely to change in the near f t reB. $rtificial reality. Eo ld"be gods of the data base displaced. &nless yo say the nconscio s belongs to yo . otak made a shell flip its dermal fantasies.-0 level this space was called nihil cognentesis. an art not real or tr e to nat re. $ll elements of doc mentation.n ound2. passionate reality <bamaites. s bordination. not to nat re as se. biology. Eere imitation tr e it was Tr e to Database. Aobby comm nities replaced nat re. fa x the moeC coined the term >anime manga"like realism. there are no girls who act ally have long f rry tails or large cat ears as parts of their body.

laws. 8any 8ade <neC . Ae sho ldn6t have talked so late to the Aeads. Ee heard him m mbling with the heads as his own. 8any #e <ne they chanted. .88<. now. ships and tanks / 8echa 8 s me2. Iirst that there were Aeads before the .? Aelen6s face"dock wharf knew no bo nds once la nched@ >Is the niverse strait"laced L when I can clasp it in the waist. s b:ect to gene splicing. This hid two :okes in one.@ >:olted o t of nightmare I see vivid scenes of my descendentsH deaths in a cent ry or so at the hands of artilects so s perior to h mans they see s as vermin. Dike dr g companies inventing profits the Aeads invented tho sands of s bstit te names given h mans as a trick of the generic. There were brain bypasses. politics. he predicted the $rtilect Ear and ended p etheri4ed pon a table.? the ca ses of which are befit. prophetic. I donHtB. Implicit in all this is the notion that if the head is missing yo can s pply the brain. Irank said. Go nds like science fiction in:ecting Mirk and 8c=oy. priestly. might have taken from Mafka. Ghamanic. the cuteness. =onscience swollen.instein was reassembled. !ot so simple either.? $mong erotic appliances. Eold said that he fo nd o t whether the war was interplanetary by its h ndred r ses where the programmer was the god. once called pathetic fallacy to attrib te h man ) alities to nat re. 'emember many dreams. These whole brains so infected A go de (aris that he co ldn6t sleep. "$bai @rom 4pace The hybrid realities of Ging larists. a cry that was no more than a breath. angels who loved their washing machines and cell phones. =onrad6s 8arlowe >cried o t twice.ffects which lend to combination of bestiality and pedophilia /with big boosts from 8icrosoft and Eindows 8e2. after losing their first enco nter on earth the !ept ne forces had shr nk. Irom the secret signs of its appearing. and wakes me despite my heavy sleep. The emotional reality and horror of it shake me. ill minatory f nctions were m ch enco raged to discredit the one tr e f nction. . the cuteness. except anime m st be c te * D. b t the a topsied divisions were false. the ) inc nx of every secret rit al. were not nlike Donne6s >oh my $merica. were moe anthropology.ncephalics breed more imprints than they need in the ndergro nd complex. girls hybridi4ed as g ns. $s Dr.F %tlantis 5ising. b t this nightmare rec rs. the %sychologist of o r Kacaville %rison. . !ot all heads went physically missing. my newfo ndland. )ow No$ &et % )ead.-1 old system of government grants. b t dr gs and meditation bro ght them back. f ll blown three decades.

ven if the costs of shock and awe might still be done. =ompare it with the %TGD and I&Ds flying among the $merican $fgans. a hybrid of the streets of the 'oman empire. the disorientation of the shock of brain against bone. medieval for the time. to normal Aiding $pocalypse. and on old ageJ neither co ld exist. and then more s dden. his very eing into some thing foreign to his irth! The ultimate s+irmish of this came at the last genome! These forces were +nown as the gods! There are no literary works written in the v lgar. ecause these analogues to the introduction of the human genome into the animal. as 8 rakami shows. plant is a ma+ing of hy rids we shall say! )ur fiction re8uires us to elieve that once upon a time. preparation for the s per modern s perman who never dies. the orange s n. It was not a bombing back to stone. flatted o t of existence. (od4illa and all the monsters and giants of pop that frighten children in their beds spawned that night. think of shock waves more than felt.-* $nectine programmers mimicked them. 1merican 2round . these had an enco nter which ca sed their dementia. . the top 10 evil experiments cond cted in the *0th cent ry3 Did 7apan ally with the (ermans3 G re yo can hear the . for the 0rench pride them on the purity. the dark rain of body parts different from the holoca st mainly from the shock. hands on. b t action L reaction. It was called search for the di"ine afflatus. existence being three dimensions. not that they are worse. in the shamed (erman nation of EEI prod ces worse. b t Airoshima was moe"devastated from above.ero The $ecret 5uclear *ar. It was an attack on childhood. atrocities made more. which became a process of conditioning synthesi4ed and marketed by the $gency. It would e li+e introducing 2erman into 0rench. ut these are only analogues of our story of the vulgate when myth was introduced into science. a fictional war egan etween the ancient man and some forces opposed. aborned millennia. greater far than of 7apan. at the very eginning of time. his enemy! It was the intent of these forces to corrupt his culture. immersion complete. his thought. G perflat means that. b t to the second dimension. so nd"lined light. ut that is not our story either. Irom (od4illa G perflat to $lien (rotes) e. b t reconsider the first white o t. 3. for !a4is delivered their m rder personally. Does it strike yo . prod cing no more inane patter and chatter that followed it in $merica than : stifying more bombing of the homeland itself. his mind. or #eltic into the original pure :atin. and two. G perflatted peoples are the most dangero s to themselves and all.

!obody wo ld read this as a sign of co rse. to s ggest it is so wrong. Aoneigman I was looking p the direc sea model of the vac m as an infinite sea of particles with negative energy. Ehat are we waiting for3 Dike men who wait for their master we discern the face of the sky. properties of vac m and fo nd it sed in 7ampanese anime mang fiction. It still exists nder the doomsayer grid of r mor mongers p and down the evol tionary chain. thinks they come from < ter Gpace. $ndromeda. the electric grid was o t. m ch the same maybe as the bill for all the gas to p mp p the dream of s periority. 5eon 2enesis Evangelion . for we co ld tolerate conf sion in poets and call it enlightenment. bye bye 'y 8its se and b t for #earden wo ld not have reali4ed it is yak sa scalar weaponary encoded philosophically in 8anga. every galaxy. Kiewed from the inside the c stoms of manga fans are entirely self absorbed. Go while they spray each night to complete the . I don6t know what the bill is for all the gas. add to that all the repetition of sentences and r noff tho ghts. except like the lady of $kron. The conf sion of tong es at #abel was a conf sion of tho ght. Kis al !ovel =haosJ Aead. $fter the beams of <rion. <bama will. # t no. and here we are still waiting. Gcience is o t to be salvation all right. Go 7apan was sent into the s n. #earden is worse than the charismatics in this. The signs are being manip lated. t rn on the t be. 7im Meith thinks they are from earth. cartoon. some potter6s st dio t rns them o t. #y his acco nts =$ went into the sea years ago. Aow is we do not discern the time3 #abel again. : st the way 8r. b t there they are in the heavens too. That6s what #abel did to the scientific mind. In the <T the prophets were to be stoned when they miscalc lated. we might not s rvive the o ting. and the =hinese m se ms of 7apan6s atrocities. 4. tho ght control. Kiewed from the o tside it6s only by way of #earden6s notion of the Gcalar weapons sed by the 5ak sa against the &G in the b do c stom that 7apanese manga and mecha take nderstanding. weather control. all catastrophes were to happen two years after p blication of his oblivion. the heli m to p mp p the $pocalypse. the only one they do not expect to come is the Desire of $ll !ations. Ehat is the time3 There are as many plots as phone books.-- escaping gas. #earden thinks the ' ssians have Gcalar tech b t doesn6t know abo t the flying sa cer r n abo ts.

Ehen the $merican wakes to reali4e the Airoshima bomb was named Dittle #oy. with people who grew p nder a different system of government.? <tak s are defined by Eilliam (ibson as.? $tlantic 8onthly Interview $nno here The comment on the above is a denial that@ >I6m s rprised the man who recently directed the remake of = tie Aoney. and is now b sy remaking . &nderstanding otak "hood. more concerned with the acc m lation of data than of ob:ects. It is also a staple of pop lar cartoons. . and gives a dark"browed stare o t the window. with a shr g. nashamed or anything.vangelion. is one of the keys to nderstanding the c lt re of the web. wo ld go so far as to call any ad lt who reads manga childish. the information age6s embodiment of the connoisse r. simplified.? he says. >The theory that 7apan6s defeat stripped the co ntry of its independence and led to the creation of a nation of permanent children. extra"geographic. They wo ld have been far too embarrassed to open a book of cartoons or dirty pict res on a train. >the passionate obsessive. I think. 7apan contemplates the demise and gets o t the mask. childed. and all 7apan has been little boyed so its pop art reflects revenge on the airplane that dropped its h mikiation. naged. . This flat affect. what wo ld yo have done in 7apan as a nation of warriors3 Go while Dittle #oy s perflat plots revenge. whether we want to be or not. >The fact that yo see salarymen reading manga and pornography on the trains and being nafraid. >I don6t see any ad lts here in 7apan. There is something profo ndly post"national abo t it. many of which feat re a well"meaning government that t rns o t to be a facade concealing sinister and more powerf l forces. in the post"modern world. G perflat means the eyes are expressionless as the face is nwrinkled.? . fail re to make eye contact is a form of s bc lt re a tismB >Aideako $nno. $nno pa ses for a moment. spent several years of his life essentially isolated in his room reading comic books and playing video games in a partic larly 7apanese affliction known as >otak . Ee are all c rators.-4 negative optical transfer to the rest of the world. Ee are a co ntry of children. one can ask. # t that6s what we have now in 7apan.? P ang Tr ong here. is widely shared by artists and intellect als in 7apan. weaklings forced to live nder the protection of the $merican #ig Daddy. (oodbars admire the work being more ) ick and comfortable with Ghinto animist technology simply an extension of nat re. is something yo wo ldn6t have seen -0 years ago. flattened o t of dimensionality.

. Dittle #oy is the name of the Airoshima bomb. The &G( 8anhattan %ro:ect boys. $ man writing his life after his death. G perflat is a societal a tism. $ncestors who went before. Ee believe : st as m ch as we believe. or the people they were dropped on. oxymoron"domiciled in the foot of the l nar mo nt. to retell fiction. here is an excellent %DI of this Essay on **II infantili. b t the death boats sailed. monolith. what will they say3 !ecrona t necrophants arbitrate taste say fictiona ts. called '%(s. here A ts me 8ik . after girl dressed as pink b nny at end of Diacon IK. Takashi 8 rakami is a good hands writer. once $merica where the dead live. FThe sagely man keeps his mo th sh t. -Electric $oldier (orygon? in season @! There were right explosions with rapidly alternating lue and red color patterns! This is the superflat here . $nime is a prod ction of Dittle #oy. Death is their dominion. b t wake deeper than any grave. : venili4ed prod ced (ame #oy. (ood news. =onfront this body when asleep. role playing games.F Aades.dailymail. emasc lated.? $nother case of Aawking cannot make p his mind abo t (od or a case where anyone who speaks doesnHt know and those who donHt do.html. driven into infancy and beyond. <r that dream being the thing that connects the totality of things flesh. admit the ndergro nd ca ldron. %ocket 8onsters that did to their own what they done to them. of death after death. kid abo t the grave like <apanese culture such as anime and ota+u. Kocaloid. which being interpreted means in metaphor and symbol he says what he cannot say. naming their bombs. &nder earth or over find. in a dream state. who live in o r brains. which those who scale in greater death propose to visit in imagination.xploding s bc lt re is a p n. . appeals in a s bterranean evocation abo t birth before birth. F=ome back to tell yo all. B. skin wakes p smooth as ice and white as =onf sion confirmation of the niversal monster.ures watching (o+=mon “Denn> $enshi (orygon“. kLnewsLarticle" 10NNN9NL%ict red"The"giant"pink"rabbit"seen"space. not rocket propelled grenades@ si7 hundred <apanese children got epileptic sei. -th7 2wern 3ranwen? %ink b nny from spacehttp@LLwww. hands mashed in the fro4en mat of D ciferHs shag in DanteHs hell. pro d physicists all.-+ The gas is that strong. (o+=mon.

TA. comprachicoes removed. The pain of reali4ation imposes dilemma. $ garden went into space. one day remembered.-9 Disbelieve the rhetoric ndergro nd. Tagetes o t to #etelge se. Ais making monstro s didn6t take and he t rned to faith. 'imba d divides his life in two over >hope of recovering the key to his lost innocence. 5o see it. the bandage of inoc lated.! :ewels spill red as raw liver. the comprachicoes go on m tilating and maiming. a f ll Dippia in the irreal waking when eyes saw the niverse stream. There is a crawl space in these places to lay a floor of boards to walk. st ltifying powders. >if my spirit were always wide"awakeBnot given to degenerate instincts. nderworld m tilations silence complicity. manip lations and restraints with a dr g. $ bag of silver. There are trap doors where the great treas re hid. Gome impression of s spended state. . a head of ebony and $byssinian that looked at the heart. anesthetic escapes so that the mindHs recall of depravities was deadened. b rning the face. pots from a single woodblock bend edges and stain cobalt. as Aerc les t rned the rivers to clean.very vice : st to forget lost innocence. fo nd in an expedition. the G n boat 'a. hand painted china. The memory of dislocated :oints. cross between hobbits ca ght in the brewersH hall and $lice in Eonder. incisions. Dight and dark elders in the abyss inhabit a real 7onah ' noff. necklaces. =onscio sness reconstr cts. obsidian p shcarts. for the rows of stones in every graveyard as simple as remembering grand. The =ontrollers. bangles. his own. Dinens. before they p t in more d ct. reconnects the pain. removing broadcasts of the drone controllers. anesthetic memory. %eace at the price of no memoryJ s ffering makes s whole. to change the h man appearance by m tilation. b t imagination. b t inexpertly. the nderworld eldritch impression. storm bl es.? . This whim rivals electric lines. rowboats paid with blind pennies. lockets. bracelets. forgotten epoch. %sychological disfig rement. greens like nder wave. !ot abo t cattle. and if remembered the meaning of pain masked with forgetf lness. forgot ten years. stables or man re. stood p to ankles and calves. 'imba d made himself comprachicoes. feel the great tr nks f ll. like the mandarin taken to another planet to be tort red in exchange for peace. st nting the spine. < r memories make s who we are and their removal prevents knowing. compartments filled with sc lpt res and prints. chests of art.

-. It gives meaning to blindness. b t witho t power. Ae doesn6t want to acco nt the women tho gh. Gwallowed by a fish. women who save his life. he wo ldn6t s rvive. nless yo say innocent oppression done to the kindreds. they took the liberty to reinvent the head. wake p in the belly of earth. moan. wind greater than water and identification of pain on mo ntains. in:ectable vir ses as cloning vectors to engineer the new genetic cell. Ehat did the boy see b t what we know3 Ee go down to get his body in a few years the way we go get o r memory of the hallway with its stretchers and wheelchairs. b t o tdid themselves with the headless frog. an oxygenated river diverted in their midst. These were microscopic and beyond. a new old 4ie siella planticola. Ais sins. eyelid . $ll the dr gs were p mped into skin. There was no lack of disinfectant among the nfeeling. They were all still there. and on all this honeydew they fed in morphic freedom. D st had a pharmacopoeia. Ae walks down the center of the hall like he did at first. The pain tiled hallways of cement floors along halls in different dementias drool. tomato hearts. $t three h ndred to the dark it was getting light. br ssel spro t eyes. If it weren6t for friends among the people. they made a gene to love the latin name who loved the headless man who head had been transplanted to someone6s empty neck. nshorn with memory. Ae doesn6t come witho t a past even if he doesn6t know. $ll the pains took them. in:ectable polymers for a 1*00 IP. b t has to face himself. nanonatomies.-N To disinfectant the monstro s and its memory among the nfeeling. to kill the past. like lost mass. They planted s ction c ps in &bermensch. he6s worse. oddly not dead. That6s the one. prod ced cabbage livers. Eho says domes have to be gigantic. The tro ble is himself and the forces. nanopolies. res lts of the finished work of comprachicoes along all sides. %alsy took dr gs. at the pain sea level h midity swallows p. Aatred ate some. the strange fr its of their tort res. 4$ction #ensch. comes from the grave shorn. Ae6s not nobody from the 8idwest. : st waiting to be revived in some lab. plantosaurus ma7imus pentithicatus. is the fa lt of some enemy. robo circ its for cockroaches co ld hear and see like a dog. it was like an applied bird fl between species. with porcelain teeth and diamond bones. In darkness light dawns. he wants to acco nt the forces. beatings. dark shot rays. 'age took Kali m. b t light doesn6t blind. battery packs for the backs of mice. &nmentionable. lots of rays. a river he co ld float. Ae doesn6t come witho t a present even if he doesn6t feel. b t the body was a farm. $s above so below. Gtarchitect biologists and social planners made a headless frog to mine its body parts to make themselves immortal to the length of a telomere.

a rabbit with the head of :ellyfish that glows in the dark and li4ards grafted on earlobes. . the spear. the artist"scientist"researcher who b ild the dome in a cat. . tong es as eyes and all this as we speak. It made the elves :ealo s to learn the new T rnstile T rnspeak. . dome dome. a spider in a goat.? Go the contrast between the fo ntain and the caves that b rsts into life is the pleas re"dome. please move to the rear of the craft. a cow in a monkey. &ber $lter led to !ano bot so goodbye homo sap. fact myth. peptides waving. opposite the tort re of reflection between philosophy and poetry. . Gtrand. what is it that we are part of and what is that we are3 Tails p. b t again. #iological contact with GaganC Gagan sagan on the wall who6s the best transh manist of all. a flo nder in tomato. hp. s per fly. goat. a flying hat searching for heads.ngland ses =6s letters to b ttress the preocc pation with caves and dens b t misses the point of =oleridge6s actions in climbing 8t. =an yo imagine if any of this is tr e that we ar witnessing the emergence of a new type of artist. sheep. b t a floating ball cannot serve two masters. terrestrial fos. that the dome is the poem. not inward. Then they began to eat each other. . two. (raefenberg.xtremeophiles landed pathogens. Io nd Gpanishfl fly vir s nder the chair. s per b g.D folds. !e schwaben land. o tward. It6s the old remarkable ) estion.Je6lL qJease cplese come to the waiting roomr. making a poem. P.pronged cattle. !ano vs. #eagle beagle on the wall. h p. s per dome. The t m lt between river falling into the cavern creates the ancestral voices. fc. They went down to ?amp @$nston. heads down. testing.$lls. s per man. Aans yep. 5o sho ld see what they did to their petsC s=onsen s of M bla /$. raeleans vs shinerians@ starchyldC Dike a slot pays off big. whole assembly lines of this art t rned o t. the spearC 8yth became history. a potato from #ars b t not aware of two minds. <berfmacher Gerbottendorff. >lifeless ocean. Eat did they there. $rbitrary assignations of meaning make it an allegory of the nconscio s which contradicts the phrase. research embryos@ =alling Dr. they were growing breasts in :ars at the Ehitney 8 se m exhibitions of art. A ge silver dollars roll across the floor like in the days of !oah at the daystar rise.ngland.-0 monitors. Earcrime acts of compassion. one two three. >M bla Mhan $gain.. holes drilled in s. some of them did not have heads. testing. microbiologists were killed by the score.? 11N-2 says it is a poem abo t creative process. Mammler.#. history fact. Driven to distinction was extinction it was h ngry death h ngerha ser to make room for Dwight #aby!a er. polymer in a vision once I saw.

from the many to the co nterfeit (lobal <ne. had contin o s programs on every station@ peace and happiness for every manC . %eace and happiness got all :a44. DGD9. b lbocapnine. >Ior s re yo can be a godling too. N@11"0@+0. smoke dope. m scarine. b fotenine. Go he thinks the war between two kinds of mental activity. (insb rg played his tambo rine and sang >smoke dope. 5a+ed :unch2. : st what the poets had been . mescaline. . !obody took more dr gs.? opposed only by %M Dick who said. $fter #ontact #arney wo ld prono nce earth free. #low them back pC The !ept ne forces invented more and more Aeads. >(iven this why can6t we have =. male meanings only in play. . Don6t GmokeC? Don6t ask. %oets were their own p shers..ach in its excess of strength seems to threaten the extinction of the other. scopolamine /#enway. dihydro"oxy"heroin.-1 the waters so nd like wars.F =ertainly. #iology. so more allegory. Irank said. 0.ngland refers to =. meaning themselves. a porphot. harmine. Dr. when either the spontaneo s energy or the analytical intellect seeks to dominate its opposite it engages in a battle with it.? >Th s. #en4edrine. >M bla is a creative artist himselfThe has b ilt the pleas re domeB a b ilding which involves a mirac lo s nion of opposite forces. $t length in the D ' $ 8 $ they were reconciled. The Dept$ne (ar .%haraoh Ganders. cocaineLDemerol. >Don6t Gmoke. !ept ne forces provide a list of #low &ps to restore these gods@ $nectine. psychology can6t make p their mind. a precog of post h man science3 Thanks very m ch. >everything is holy. n ts and bolts of so nds.? also said it was a crime to shrink a god. knowing good and evil d deC? Ehich is where we open the ball. all melted down. 4arma. F war F wo ld not be an inappropriate word. that FIn GhakespeareHs poems the creative power and the intellect al energy wrestle as in a war embrace. bardo states or plant life cotyledons emerging from earth. and the res lt is Ft m lt. Ehen #arney Irank achieved ?ontact/ he said. #hanga/ These stand for the tho$sands of instant god dr$gs of ?hange/ =hange in the melting pot. $ %oets who arg ed.F # t the Ftwo rapid streamsF which fight against each other F within narrow and rocky banksF co ld as easy refer to the birth canal and the life force of the spirit to be born.

William . #arney6s #ig 8eth Gidekick. Fthis is what will happen if yo rea+ the law. meaning program conditioning. many into one. : st before s b:ect loses conscio sness. >#reak o tC? $nd that6s when #arney said@ >Ee on the planet dog. <ne into many. 102. b t the chief weapons are programming with dr gs and dr gs. =ampbell"7oseph sho ted o t to the chor s on mystery meth. L%nectine therapyL cond cted on non"vol nteer inmates. the attendant keeps them breathing with a machine. =onsider by analogy that the 8onarch b tterfly with its antennae removed stands for systemic programming that shatters a psyche into many. Ehen the ethos of every nation had been made 8odern all these geographical entities co ld be gone. The respirator is t rned back on and the Fs b:ectF is bro ght back from the brink of death. $ chemical variety of water tort re /see =h. /urroughs with his gun . =ossack and Indian were yet nshorn2. &nder covert g idance anectine stops the breathing so the Fs b:ectF feels like they are dying.40 saying. $s the invol ntary m scles collapse they are told.F Ehatever law. even if some engineering was still to be done /Aind . It6s be : st like 'omeC Dr. It so nds like an interplanetary war. Aaven6t heard of this one either3 This co ld concl de any n mber of a h ndred social programs.? and he b rped like a frog. /B$tterflies Use %ntenna &'4 to &$ide #igration>.ell.

# rro ghs@ The (odfather of D8TF2. 7onathon <tt. . for s ch things are impossible conscio sly to live with. /see 5eats and #aal2. typewriters transforming into cockroaches etc2.41 . all stem from his earlier tryptamine se? /Eilliam G.ach isolated part of the psyche cocooned by walls of amnesia. # t that is to take the high road of E#. who always slept with a g n at his head. lang age as a vir s. a law to itself. $mong the many #aals worshiped by the poet politic. or remote control technology. and the themes /aliens. shot her in the head. and indeed his radical attempt at transforming the . # rro ghs familiar was #aal %eor. D$'%$ narrative networks. after all he was connected in many shadowed events. A ># rro ghs6 experiences on yage and D8T were in fact the main infl ences on his work from 5a+ed :unch on. Entheogenic Drugs. a h ndred names. and of co rse killed his wife with one. creat res. Ehether externali4ation of hierarchy. #ack among the dr gs. preocc pied techni) es of conditioning.nglish lang age. strange bedfellows of the ethnogenic. /entheogen meaning god9generated9 within? had his home in !8 b rned by arson in 8arch *010 : st as Tom Aorn. it is a war. altho gh exc sed for it. Deception is no Gimple. foremost opponent of transh manism had his b rned in 8ontana in 7an ary *011. evident from the insane preocc pations of !aked D nch after the first -0 or so pages.

predicting for a people tho sands of years after being . what wo ld $merica care abo t Aebrew. . a million to one when more than half the time they lived denat red and not their own. these god" s spicio s $mericans. $mnestic f g e it was called. Aow co ld 7ews be s ch a world menace o tn mbered a tho sand. #yth Become @act.ero. . to invent a new word for recombinant fanaticsJ the G spicions themselves were s spicio s and the fear worse. ingested it. drank. G spicions mo nted in the conditions of psycho" chemical war. The probability of a people tho sands of years before. Incidents of provocation were increased.gyptian.verybody smoked. . #abylonian disorder3 %sych" mytho"tics.4* 3. in:ected.

8oses. had to be destroyed. The least prophecies o tweighing science. b t failed to see that ref$tations of literat$re are proof it is real. a long standing anim s against Israel for ref ting the ma:orities with : st one word@ $DD TA. (<DG <I TA. ID<DGC“ 1s ama. in the face of the one world religion as the corollary of the !ame of 7es s. (lobalists assa lted that too. b t it was always a =hristian $pocalypseBwhich gets s to today when 8yth pretends to science and science myth. . fantasy realC Aoly cow. Daniel. Fthe virgin shall be with child and will give birth to a sonJ they will call his name Imman el. all the thriller prophets they devo red. Isaiah. !$TI<!G $'.F Gcholar"scientists disapproved that sign of the Kirgin as m ch as 8oses. . $braham. <therwise why bother3 Denials became affirmations. real became fantasy. 8atthew said 7es s was conceived by the Aoly (host as had Isaiah. contradicting the arrival of the global one. they took the $pocalypse and made it a symbol of their coming world order.4- Gcholars hired to rewrite them demoted these script res.

!apa Gentinel. 412. reprogrammed wheat bro ght down whole systems of government and politics. !ew science however bro ght real faerie dragons into the neighborhood. possible to read stories in peace of mind. in which it was. IO. showed first in movies and on TK. nleashed their gene g ns. 8etters @rom (old Ee give in every possible way what Eold said happened when the politics of (igantomony got married in the Ishtar Aotel. sphere and anti"sphere rotated its facets. #hange was its mantra. intr ded Finto my relatively safe world. $merican 1L11 of Towers and ideas the same. corporate conglomerates. 8artin and David =a l Tenth in a Geries =opyright. "ear #o$sier. That Hideous $trength.? 5o think it6s a faerie tale s rge3 !#= didnHt dig <g. Meep pC The giants staged a massive reconvergence on all devices. government. for instance. psycho"political niversities. (oliath or (rendel. They went here. To the Goda %op =l b it hardly mattered what opposites reacted in the chaos of its faerie tale. !ot Ireedom Iighter6s 8an als dropped over Gandinistas. sky. %eace in the world. b t to which o r earth bears the relation of a distant skyTor the sky of o r earth penetrated by those who find another earthlike realm above it? /#en:amin Ehorf 2 appealed to The Ilood. free from fearF /Tolkien. a modern fairy tale for grown9ups. air.44 =. 7ose Delgado. The fall of giant b ildings pict red the inner state. (igantomachy grew p before o r eyes. The arrival of this age was as secret as liver pills. #elief and co nter belief provoked crowds in . G. (rain #o ndaries. in the commonplace mind3 # t still nobody talked. Dewis s btitled his fiction. @antasy was reality and all bets were off. !$G$ scientists. Dragons and faeries that made safe the bed were impossible when the avengers came and the neighbors were firing their g ns. sea. Tree and :eaf. politics. "Aarry K. <thers went here. cond cted %sy<p. >Two h ndred million were nleashed. %oof proof in earth. 1111 =hristian #ok. aliens and artifices. %eople believing in Fa land like o r present earth. They p t a sign in Gweat Dodges@ *elcome to the Mythological %eturn! "%sychocivili4ation. Gcience and religion followed soon. 'eligio s"political movements. 1111 !ovember +. the first tower.

Eipe yo r eyes. <nce when the ' se o tside the =ity pretended defeat in the ten year war.? the >god plant? #aal was an her lown up the nostrils with “the names of 3aalim ta+en out of their mouth. Cou are my people. vintage #$stang Babylon where The . =assandra and Daocotn said. Dang age. No$r ( is an # t$rned $p. Tro:an horse to earth. and Gatan is s rprisedJ he didnHt foresee thisF /E7egesis. Ais prison letters pro:ect a l lla"bio that the g ards wo ldn6t s spect. (." <e. Eill the religion transplant nmolested the fiction of the horse into the city3 That6s fiction. 'ooster in the tree of myth! #ontact science They generated the god within. "ear #o$sier Ehat kind of earth"heaven war la ghs in its killing of its middle class3 8y horse. as my Dic+ie th s has said.reel most ironically means. ." along with “the attle out of the earth!" *hen earth and its people “respond to <e. >a deadly fra d.reel. Talk says the priest Daocotn threw his spear and called it. urn a y urn don't ring it in! # t ridin6 trainer Ginon. Ehen Eold6s letters appeared in the mags we did not reali4e what danger ntil (igantomony frayed. an infallible lie detector failed.lites pro:ected the perfect lie. +492. Maleidoscopes ride o t. Eritten on flimsy. into the tr th. literally the backs of candy bar wrappers. Dear 8o se. that (reek implant >Tro:an.mperor hides. 2od (lants! Aence the antidote was opposite the false! “I will sow her for myself in the earth" and “I will say to them which were not my people. Cou are our Elohim/" -Hos D! @Ef!? 3ut that hadn't happened yet. gilt"real (old 8an. Do not nmask its programC 5o 6ll lose yo r eyes! 3ut if you all want to do is ride around $ally Fthis here is advised! Aeroes of the Aorse.? said . The twin towers of politics and religion were coming down.4+ lobbies. even if low9 ac+ 3a ylonian! $ee+ing diversity and freedom in Ba spirit of fairness. Gcience became The 5a+ed :unch. Gpheres and co nter"spheres signify. This history of Troy is a Tro:an itself. gives a dr g to advance the so l3 %olitics and religion and s per t rned. and they shall say. what kind of science severs the heads of cons and straps them to rivets. Ee keep saying it over and over. this shorthand was disg ised as song. This was not a good thing. (reeks left it crackling like a %= =yborgJ Tro:ans tho ght they6d won and clicked the horse in. >the lie /F(od wonF2 .? Ae was killed by the gods. 'eality6s s re. 8aybe yo Hre reading it.

let s be called the 'oboard who s ppose in o r nauvetv that the reader every so often will s perimpose the address of "ear #o$sier.arth is its theatre. . Gomehow the charm of the candy they give soothes somewhat. an area the /Eold2 Eorld most knew to find o t. #alaam. Mus interrumpitur! Cour 0octur 1urkenwold! In those days the emperor of the globe was not so s b:ect to the personal. had her eyes opened. we. 5o will. Ee do not pretend to impose order. "ear #o$sier. Ee don6t s spect a familiar of the science of real and nreal. %aradigms strangled the very priest of the 2oden $ge of !ept ne who made the day. the editorial board. %rison g ards were motley compared to the present. Iact X anti" fact. Aagar dying of thirst. The ill minated agreed that these did not >imply the s al assortment of meanings.ven with his atrocio s spellings corrected. politics. b t sea serpents foamed.? Things were down side p. No$r M( Ee call the world here The *old. >8eta" concept al reality sed to .? . we mean the hordes. saw a spring of water. To Ee who call these starchitect bridges b ilt in inner space. standing in front of an angel. as if we were men and as if he were its office. pop. . #abels to .lisha6s servant in despair looked p and saw that those with him were more than those with them. Eho are these gods3 Ehat is the Aorse3 They say =hangeC =hange destroys the %ark %lace of Troy.represent goes s bstantially beyond the meanings s ggested by their contemporary sage. as if it were written in letters. avant"garde. =hange moves the bo ndary.arth space"time was dr gged. religion and math : stify the Fs per emperorF man immortal. If yo didn6t believe in the 8a4e yo were going to see the P een. If yo didn6t believe in the %residential gods yo were an atheist. Don6t look in the horse and be. b t myth"giants inhabit only earth. Do not tro ble to nderstand. saw an angel. these digests of Eold6s r mbling rambling letters are practically verbatim.49 it was : st exactly soooo big so it couldn't e rought inC 'everse psy"ops familiar3 Ta+en in6 This was mo se heaven. as if it were a man. . I know the giant in this government system is ill mination.mis. even if they claim the niverse. Gcience. 8aocoPn threw his spear. not !ept ne. Ee. not prefig re the deep str ct re ncon. Dook in the horse and yo won6t be deceived.

$ge increased the visibility of the electro"magnetic spectr m to a depth nbelieved by cons mers who so ght the anodyne.mperors wanted symmetry to provoke its opposite. finally to emerge with a patch of grass nder foot when they let s o t for a breath. Devels still needed development. while others worried this wo ld catch in the middle b dding transh mans. =onservatives who don6t wind p in psychedelic gene therapy get picked p by pincers that reached o t of the telly by night. Gaddle p GallyC 'ideC #y #o$ser. men of renown. $nesthetics call it %ort society if it6s nderstood the ndergro nd right to the center of the earth.F g lags. light matters. Then I had to reenter the dark. so the s bstit tion of myth for fact made poignant the complaint of separatists who said they were Flocked o tF of %ort society. some .. Eebsites divided. experiments. Eho wo ld have believed yo r M rk3 . >&nbelievableC? They wo ld have said. Feating and drinking and marryingF had applied from before !oahHs flood. infrastr cts that m tants of high tech b ilt@ <7 is on his horse. b t it6s too late now everybody has bo ght the 8ong 8ife and )ealth 'ac. <ld A 8an knew he co ld live in the light and not ret rn to the cave. b t at least the air was cold. I didn6t get that long o t of the darkness myself before I escaped. (((old "ear #o$sier. nder a tent. b t from the whole beginning and end of the vent re. not : st from society.0. To keep affairs lively transbiologists revived the good old days in the first book of the #ible when Fthe sons of (od went in to the da ghters of men and had children by them and got heroes of old. >Ehy didnHt yo tell me3F # t no complaint. the 1pocalypse. where more things are b ried thanB. b t hoped the last book wo ldn6t also come tr e.4N $ schwit4. <ne heard gossip. # sy reviving brains as ancient myth. Ee had to live this way down below to get thro gh the day. $natched from living rooms to demonstrate Doctrine WeroHs impatience for the new. Insights achieved by age were better than the semesters of D8T. The >ethical se of technology to transcend limits of the h man body? meant of co rse that it was too late for old g y A 1. let alone to get thro gh the week. Ae ate too m ch and drank. co nterpart to The 0lood. Fdesaparecidos. 8 ch the same effect at less cost sed to be had witho t any of it. To the light.F They immediately tho ght of themselves as heroes. %eople believe what they want. prison camps.

De Eold has left the b ilding in his M(. galactic organism mystery schools. $ro nd me I see apathetic cons mers and worker drones who live life thinking the next best thing is being a pensioner. M rk Eold. Ilash mobs b rned Dondon. The new. Fhemmed in by a niverse of intensely st pid peopleB political whores and cabbage patch corporates who6d rather see me recycled as fertili4er . They were disenchanted. visitations of spirit"transcendent h man manip lations all in one night. # rro ghs? responded the $ergeant (epper =over #and. $ll he ever wants is be worshipped.or eat me for dinner. !ight and day. They had a point. how long *old has een in. =rowley. n cleotide templates. Ae6ll have a barrel of f n. "ear #o$sier. Aelp them to skywrite the g y. b t diminished democratic peoples ran these things thro gh their %hones. 5o co ld have higher intelligence" advanced techni) es of conscio sness. or Hust what he is supposed to have done. 8icrochips. won the genie limerick pri4e@ #ring back =alig la. 'asp tin. =a ght in the 8iddle2 here In this contest. I. >Gagan. Dite p the billboards. ( rd:ieff.F /=omment V*. A bbard. 5eats. >Deary. much less how the letters were got out!I "ear #o$sier. G fi? transcended. . new worlds discovered in D8T magic blood rites. Eatts. >=heese whi4 and bag of Twinkies.40 GI don't li+e to say e7actly where this prison is.? techno"antic anarchists said. sonic blasts. Transcendent corporate government biological and psychological means to sec re myriad inc rsions hid in sight. chemicals made them n mb. 'oll o t old !ero Ghine p his face on the moon. #elow me are teeming masses of ndered cated and genetically challenged morons who never had the opport nity to ade) ately blossom their mind. since I won6t ever b y their shit or work for them.

(old To therefore f rther relate the Eoldite. Aow Ubo t some dr g to go along3 Ee treated the new $ Aeads with respect. in principle. hearts and spleens were eradicated. Down. The definition of this alien being diverse. #y "ear #onsie$r. any explanation sho ld make clear that powerf l new government agencies marketed emperor worship from 'ome as a pre"digested pretend"alien event"prevent takeover. JCou have lived your entire life in the dar+ened asement of reality.ditors of this milie were forced to t rn to t rn essays into fiction to belay conscio sness. 7ealo s that its visible was so ill defined by the eye.? meant se dr gs nder the many names. b t then go the markets3 It was harder when elites despised ordinary A as fit only for extermination. like demons. who can see the &K spectr m when yo canHt. This made possible spirit al vision. >Aow do yo know there are no flying sa cers if yo haven6t asked to see them3? $mong billions of s rpl s h mans that co ld be spared /everything in italics was opposite2. to find yo r self. and perceive a m ch wider arena of 'eality than that previo sly tho ght to exist. then the bio" derm. This lang age is opa) e. remove the vario s percept al filters imposed by o r brains and societies. the h man we never saw. Down in the basementC Ao. in o rselves.F and were afraid. it was almost worth closing them and looking within. Eho wo ld have liked s to despise the remaining h man A class. yo did not know whether he was yo r neighbor was the point. Imperfection was not so loved then as it was when seen from space. b t even the less comm nicative side of the Doctrine Wero boys grappled with the neo"(nostic complaint. which was o r slang for the Gevered Bpersevered heads some said. to see the way Terence 8cMenna did. then bingo. If yo feel bad when we compare people to mice or insects. we learned to love the checker. >to find o t the niverse. the immigrant. take an insect eyeC Eant an insect brain3 !o prob. They ain't got no home in this world any more/ M$r. They6re nonh man so of worth. ho. I don6t say go there and extend the sympathy bond to cages of headless bots. ho in spades down@ Fbased pon the idea that one co ld. The old standard iss e was the problem. . The pretension of transcendence.F first they took off the epidermis. if yo didn6t want transcendence yo were e7cused. . down the transplant rid those filters and freed the mindC <ld spellbo nd bo ndaries like livers.41 Down on level fo r.

They p t Kiagra in its mo th. =leopatra6s !eedle. $merica. that is nless we transplant one. old =aesar6s temple from the : mpC (ood news from 'ome by the way. . #oys in white s its came with s nglasses so the Fpetrified rayF of s nlight wo ldn6t blind them. I had this dream abo t =aesar6s body roasting on a spit. the first is irrelevant since I got here.+0 Detters. no f n. tapered obelisks ended in a pyramid at the top that looked like spears of kryptonite. Did they know the god3 Eho can say3 5o m st think it n ts. nless it t rned them to stone. notes. the high place broke. I carried bodies one night to the one near the 8.gypt didn6t want to be Israel. I g ess that6s five. divinations destroyed. where they hoisted them to the top. then prison. Is it night. Ehat did . The !ew . #ack down in the belly the beast ran both sides of the ma4e. t rn feldstone to gold3 $mong the obelisks of Eilderness %ark. The decks were packed. insights by flashlight tonight. 5o have a hard time co nting all the shells. Ior all we know they gave Kiagra to the s n. M #onsie$r. that overthrew the slaves of . They called these 'ep blicans Democrats. The god existed in the disk and in the str ct re. Ee had con) ered space time ratios from the front. It m st have been the candy down elow the obelisk capital of the world.T. then escape again. The thing lit p then and they disappeared. 2n it. The #abel %otentates.gypt sim lcast on one aisle with the Katican opposed the !ational 8all. This st ff is ahead of its miasma. They had lit it on fire with pitch and while it b rned transcribed his tho ghts to find o t more abo t what they called Infernal Transcendence. fo r"sided. Ee had pick p games with these celebrities. I got o t twice. the second with 8achines and the Aeadless boys witho t a brain.gypt have to do. feared its towers wo ld be torn down. That is.=. <belisks obsc red the great s n 'a. one sh nned the maypole the other the stele. the third was the escape. That6s when I started to think abo t escape from 5o r wo ld"be prison. they are bringing back =aesar tomorrow. <n the anniversary of %ort Day we all gathered to light figments of o r spirit al solidarity.ngland % ritots vs. petrified. is it day3 I lead three lives. fields of feldspar bigger even than the big one in D. . where the %romise Meepers knelt to pray.

F 5ah. which tore it with the neighbors who said there was no greater indecency than to break stone. 8oses.gypt. the thing was its own. They had Aigg 'it als. even if they said Aiggs #os n. 7 piter. enclosed the d st of the earth in a meas re. This prod ced diffic lties since GT= had existence o tside the machine. b t not to $donai or 8ard k. not 8ard k. the Fgreat deep. !o matter what they said in the labs. said 5ah defeated primeval chaos. Gome people believed in the fifth dimension. Fwho meas red the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span. Ee fo nd o t in the game the tro ble with the Gpace"Time =ontin m was its real existence co ld not be controlled. and weighed the mo ntains in scales and the hills in a balance. $braham took over #abylon and . formed light and darkJ made weal and woeJ 5ah did. (reece and . Gcholars had been employed to overthrow these last. (older ?o. . spread o t earth. 'a faced off against $braham.+1 5o r (old. $dmittedly this was not all fifth level st ff. We s. (ods galore in the take back. Gtone symboli4ed the gods as m ch as the gods symboli4ed the GT=. $nother gro p called it &niversal idolatry. #onsie$ and 7es s. as m ch as <ne o tn mbers pl rality. Go the GT= machines kept saying over and over F5ah stretched o t the heavens.F >Gecond? Isaiah said it was 5ah. The tro ble with the machines is yo can6t : st sh t them off when they say the wrong thing.ven *i+ipedia gave the n dge to 5ah. Iar o tn mbering the gods. . not 8ard k.

arth still was all abo t the h man. Defense tentacles reached o t with miracle D$'%$ physicists to picnic on wonder. and #rooklyn wareho ses. =harles Aayes2. not to wear the sacrificial robe given victims paraded to this altar was the only choice for those who exchanged their sacrifice for the Damb.? ! tshell s mmations came before the world. from Aollywood mansions to =olorado mo ntain towns. 'ep blican Democrats man fact red starchitect re in the aisles to stim late more plantation of pyramids into the body to get rid of it /the GT=2. E pluri us . $nd its designates. (old =ottonwood 'esearch gave D8T glowing reports. now ret rned for another r n. . of it as three boys singing. '$!D and #rookings competed in the hyperlink. $gencies concealed this ntil ready to nveil it in their co p of #M Insights. once pop lar. smart d st. #o$sier. >the U@G phenomenon is. %sychedelic Ghamans of the $ma4on had $yahuasca 1nalogues. a tochthonic theology. The world vast conspiracy hono"ed itself. poison rainbows. Aidy hidy hidy. too many to mention@ ne ral networks. Thin. The transcendental extended to every occ lt co nterfeit as ill mination of the h man from #oehme. 7im Meith said. and the r befacient. Gocieties feasted on transcendence to pretend to lead thro gh the ma4e which devo red all who cons med. >god blow-$ps to enco nter and embody the $rchaic 'evival will ret rn to p re.? !ot all bowed. %aracels s. 3ergamum 4ue was a hot tic+et first century itemK “$yah asca HcirclesH thro gho t the middle and pper class.num.+* 'ome in the game. know oh king we will not bow down. 8ississippi yoga centers. $grippa. they invented Kiagra and worshipped the biggest symbol of the %hallic !ation. which hatred was based on their belief of the excl sion of the 8any. of entirely earthly origin and has its roots within a parallel program of technological development. Deep in the Think Tank. via modern chemistry? /Tripping. dr gs and devotion had stripped the h man bare. 5ep. in fact. They all had websites remaking new and old gods. Ehen science. 5o 6d think feminists and deconstr ctionalists wo ld not oppose .? $dvanced government technology wo ld fool the world to thinking earth was in ?ontact with extraterrestrial HgodsH to awe them into s bmission. The achieved the fo r ho r erectionC 7$G<!s.

which has been playing in my head@ 3a ylon the 2reat is fallen. the mammoth.gyptC #abylon.covert link. they're all leaving townB. the pillars atop shafts in the world before the Ilood revived in a !ew $tlantis hidden in the bowels of 8oriahC $tlantis $mericaC The secret name. Two towers p.##=.F . *N@+*"*0@10. that 7es s co ldn6t have risen. (iant m mmies disappeared from morg es. #y then scientists were believing the #ible like #ob 7ones. (reece. convinced there was no validity to lit. It was expressly forbidden to bring p Ming David. Ao. Daocotn"like ellowing when a wounded ull has fled from the altar! No$r (old Dote A man *.? Toward s nset one of the boys sm ggled in a tape. . that the Ilood was a figment. .+- tearing down the stone! Demolish them completely and smash them to pieces!" =riticism. which said@ >the one who is feeble among them in that day will be like David. T t. $postate grad ates of <ral 'oberts were so ght to disinterpret ancient lit. like the angel of the D<'D. so it boggled minds when the Aeads did what they said f ndamentalists did.0@ the brain do not need the body any mo. Ishtar and her disciples. that shifty golden egoC <r spin the wheel if yo don6t like and try the great b ll loosed by Ishtar for the gods to get by. Her mystery's coming down. 5ovus ordo seclorum of Kirgil made a Geal for the &nited GtatesC Kertical shafts stacked on top one another from the center of the earth. T t from scraps of D!$. any life form. Darpa Eatch &lossary (igantomony religion :oins giants to their prey sex ally. in the laboratory where Gchwart4 got a ghost on the next floor to take D8T to contact the fallen. $cross the hall. That s ch s pernat ralism existed not only in myth was a complete reversal. #ontact was so ght with entities transbiologists res rrected thro gh back"robotics@ D!$ s bstit tes for the moll sk. and the ho se of David will be like (od. 8 se ms were raided for lost hair. said David co ld not have written the %salms.

<opsC Ia xIanIic =artoon Aistory Eild at the . They are for sale for Dimelight. The stars at night and the s n d ring the day are yet to be overcome. !ever have dispirited sore winners been shocked by so sandy pset. Ehat is yet seen is ncompared to the movie not many will see. b t not too m ch to say drone broadcasts overhead@ vertigo.+ million killed. etc. The agenda deep. even with the :oy of existence. Bro. O. %eople are digging gardens. money.very p blic event is staged.very media event is staged for effect.nd of the Eorld. Gleepers in the trance of the matrix down. and the ill sion of power. The repeated claim of =<*" . beca se people FlistenF when they speak. di44iness. P icksand nat re do thatC (oya myth movie people killed for entertainment -000 killed to 4. are complicit in the impending environmental catastrophe they profess to be rallying against. The force of life defeats death every o ting. this.+4 sGee M rk Eold address this =artoon at the . then 400 to the billion.nd of the Eorld. Ehy is it necessary to be so br tal3 $nd thereHs the r b. . The exhibit states@ F#y drawing attention away from act ally existing efforts of atmospheric e2perimentation and manip$lation. $eth%eal !.en 4ymmetries .offering carbon trading. Try as the actors may they cannot defeat the s n. even with a (oogle search for its own sake.mbody horror. talking to neighbors abo t the weather and the street. G ppose this vent re models for s the increasing deadness of o r so ls3 $sk this. h man ca sed greenho se effects. dead echo in conversation. discoloration. =o* poll tion. one note charges anestheti4ed as wished.$ll the occ ltism and search for power and control devoted by so many cabalists priests and criminals c lminates in Gatellite . the not happening happening.DI transmissions. sleepless. $fter the election they t rned p the waves of sleep. as ca ses. %eople are still living o tside the media. #aEers feared nder" incorporated areas might resist. then 40. This only needs saying in order to see. . coal. #abies are being born and men and women are marrying. Incorporated mind imagined this done by denial and s bstit tion. d ll repetitions. $ctors perform their lines beca se it gives them fame. Gtill. %lay =ommit every worst imagined deed and then wail when somebody does it for real. s ch coordinated efforts . symptoms of heavy metal poisoning in the air. donHt act ally become its virt al reality. $ctors will do and say the most appalling things.

then reverses when the th nderclo d is over yo . >shining o t like shook foil.0 e(e)tro*ag+eti) i+.=M.. !" USIN# HAA"$ $"!#"AM %! CAUSE EA"%H &UA'ES / 3une +. D.++ driven climate change witho t acknowledgment of geoengineering"related environmental intervention is a severe revision of both meaningf l scientiforific opinion wit overwhelming implications for all life on earth. . . increases 1+0 to -00 volts per meter as yo go p to the electrosphere from the s rface of the earth. viral and bacteriological agents and . "/ In this paper the biological effects of scalar electro(agnetics "#01 was the specific target year to have all these weapons online and ready to go! "2 17 24 hyup! CHINA BLAMES U.E Directed energy weapons. $ll the air. we m st concl de that this amo nts to a prevailing electrical tension within the earthLionosphere cavity. all manifest ion is broken symmetry charged with what Aopkins called the grande r of (od. then decreases to 0.'G electromagnetics" nified field theory and gravitation said@ Dear %epele.. >=landestine #E attacks" stop" insidio sly hidden and cleverly employed that the Eestern nations T beca se of their present scientific and intelligence shortfalls and biases S stop" will not even comprehend that the #E >slow strike? T on several fronts and employing differing agents and methodologies T deliberate. /11112.u)tio+ o. ' ssian E<<D%.lectro8agnetic #iological Earfare. ntil it too late Sstop" clandestine >slow biological warfare strike?.S. $s a storm moves in the 1+0 at s rface.8#E . this reversal cleans biological here Gcalars.8 #E D. release of energy..? 5o r Tom (ravitobiology. The ionosphere s rro nding o r planet is electrically positive charged whilst the earthHs s rface carries a negative confir(ed by -efense Sec Cohen ("##$)) $n electric charge is a tomatically broken symmetry.E a gmentation T nderway"" I rther. a leaf is charged. In the average th nderstorm the bottom of the clo ds are charged oppositely to the electrosphere . The whole Banana Soviet gravitobi after initial operational capability (IOC) got a by—to the second round advent Soviet Woodpec ers! "#$% weather over &orth '(erica) 'no(alous) Science eventually pointed out that such ano(alous weather decade e*pected only once in "+. years) -o it again do it agin.? The c rrent manifest. i nrecogni4ed.

ha$sen #$se$m. nano tech.nergy Directorate 8icrowave congr ence with schi4ophrenia Gtreet theater and gaslighting 8 ncha sen. a g n in every room. Gtockha sen.asyw%iecesL-99wInwGearchwofwGy mmetrywDost. prophets of bad weather. in the B$rro$ghs Q 4toc. %olarity is driven by charge and charge distrib tion. a g n in his belt. Then we know that we have broken symmetries everywhere. # t his imagination was worse armed. fig re manga rock. Eilliam6s skill at weapons m st be meas red by the n mber of g ns he owned. not together. Dee and 5ang. %otentials involve a very powerf l set of changes between the time energy. # rro ghs swallowed these !aked D nch Uole. m lticolored. Gat rn and #aal %eor. a 4th axis and translation of it as o tp t as longit dinal wave energy into three space. Ee fed them from a bridge. $ir Iorce 'esearch Dab Directed . %rediction of broken symmetry 11+N !obel. f ll of the transliterations of #aal and 8ammon. a metaphor he wo ld have liked. A ysmans and . while each baby is innocent. one placed inside the other. That6s why # rro ghs was not prosec ted for shooting his wife in the head in 8exico. 7eremiah lived in #abylon among evil celebrated as good. it was an exemption of state craft since these same think he was part time for gro ps nnamed. Do not ass me flat space time. In physics two concentric electrically charged balls.comLEilc4ekw. In their mo th seed teeth spro t b t # rro ghs and Gtockha sen. are called ball condensers. one nder the chair. the ravenings absorb lang age as it is. after Tesla. 7apanese pop # rro ghs tr st f nd for babies.pdf The world is a m ltilayered. $pplied Gcalar Eave Technology 1 0f 0 = rved space time is a broken e) ilibri m. #a delaire. http@LLwww. earthbreathing %otential p re voltage is an infl x of energy from the time domain. scalar crocodiles floated by. or capacitors. says #earden.frankwilc4ek. They say at the =I$ that >Tell? is : st a handy man. #earden. Gtockholm 3ro+en $ymmetries 2. that >sweet g y? who wo ldn6t h mp M rt =olbain..+9 This tension is discharged when th nderstorms develop in this cavity. ) irkly become more. cosmic s percond ctor. death in life so ght by the desperate from =oleridge. near to hand. Dike all mass m rdering serial killer demons with a friendly face and heart"fire fire. In the <rgan =apital.

what 8r. Gtockha sen. or a man that wanted to be a girl. 3. Then they can know if there6s anything artificial abo t a h "man. b t really coming p from the floor. <r a cow that wanted a fly over satellite. where6er. even if they know it not. read =h ang T4 and b rn Mharsag. boys not looking for 7es s. The a dience. like a dog that wanted to be cat or a chicken. The worshipers of evil do like their gods. &odEilla from another planet. yo 6d think : st made odd noises. idoli4ed therefore by those who entrain.? $n nnaki come down from %hobos moon Iapet s. have children. altho gh grant an o tside chance the $n nnaki sold their rights to =elera =orp. the p blic celebrants of accolade. the degraded one hidden in recl se. and the c rrent academics the chor s. 8aybe the best se of these two together is that they give in western tones the science of the 8ang. still a c t above the a dience passive who parrot remains s of the death in life in their inward minds entrained. do not defame the woeshipers with g ns. Do ghnerBthe chor s. from (enTech. Ehat if we find Gtockha sen6s so nds the accompaniment of # rro ghs mind3 $nd that is not to say that they do not speak the tr th abo t themselves. A go de (aris sold copies of his $rtilect machine to Texas Aold6em #P e. These remedies are being provided in Thailand and they6re likely to know more in friendly disbelief when intellect als maybe get a woman. Aolmes. static and be done. stray bits of sonar. so look too for =elera. b t woe to those who do not oppose. Ehy are space gods androcentric3 Ehy they are interested in breeding3 Aow does (od4illa land3 >If mankind6s original owner"creators were s ddenly to ret rn. b rnished like an idol by the lips of those who kiss. how co ld that offend3 They all have two selves. Dan4a. radio. The shoe was however on wrong. >Is there a code within the genetic code? to s ggest who we are /1+023 >Is there a hint of artificiality of modern man3? Two views of A came to rest at the loading dock where@ . or their controls. <bama calls the mass m rderers of his watch. If it be said that these were actors in the play.+N 'imba d. b t don6t b ry dirty in the garden.

TI is more interested in finding it above.? long hair >white as wool. like the (reek gods3 The obvio s androcentric bias of the space god program makes s ask why We s wants to be mortal. &oden %ge 5eligion The god"en age religion theory states there two ideas to entertain /entrainment2 that pres me the woman broods after space gods. %arnell on .+0 12 the h man oppressed by the planets and gods idoli4ed in #abylonian rit al was victimi4ed yet again with another sometime visit or *2 the planetary astrology of G mer.aster 1119 born from his <6#rien placenta. propose a new morality for the space god landing. hybrids and m lattoes.? .ven more than the =a casoid s ggests a copy of the 'evelations. as we might call 7oseph %. so why are scientists taking women and being ca ght on 5o T be. give semen. $s the fingers are part of hand and that Aand made the heaven. $ssyria and #abylon hardly mentioned beca se@ the h man origin based on a law of the heavens ta ght liberty where s n and moon legislated law. being immortal3 We s thinks any woman wo ld vie for the privilege.? man of co rse being irrelevant. =onstant borrowing mimics appearing.T6s think of nothing of traveling space and time b t to act like men. made over sperm and ov m. In place of blood. rebreed the way they say the Ghiners did the h man till rim+u and tittu. the heaven. dominion over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea extended to Deviathan and nder foot below. (a den. take ov m. and by extension. which nlike !eb chadne44ar6s stat e is alive.ngineered 8an. !ot clear. a mere byprod ct of these Ghiners so they might breed and rebreed a race of m tant breeds. >the shining ones. !oah described as shining >white as snow. tho gh G. The catch is that the god"ens want to breed the Mharsag text with their own translation. and for m rder. Ehich still . presto"chango make a myth of artificial inseminate $n nnaki . The h man of this second seems imploded somewhat from the first. sperm from above and egg from the woman below. and s pplant them. # t not : st any woman will do for there are millions to be had with no f ss or mess. Aowever co ld it be3 $sk yo rself why . % 8anding 'lace The (od"ens. or Gt. to borrow a term from their so racism. and the man given dominion over creation.

? %rosec ting the greatest good for the greatest n mber is ethics. in the event destinies switch by seeding and spraying. =hinese s ffering. or why they are hot to breed. cheap cotton and shoes made by ma) iadores of =i dad 7 are4 a good swap. %rescribing for every living being is >wisdom. 8any 8andarin design a visitor from another planet preys on the leaders of the earth with the bargain that if they s rrender one h man to be tort red forever they will be given technology to bring perfect health and life to everyoneremsining earth. that arrogates to itself the right to do it. <f co rse they promised to take only one. b t might have gone on. even if it does explain where all the overnight technology of the genome and expressions of 8oore6s Daw where came. 8 ltiple contacts from somewhere made immense scientific breakthro ghs in comic book p blic cons mption science. !obody says they done it one at a time or en masse. That these bings will reappear to possess their planet and the h mans on it beca seB they been here beforeB is =ontactC Eeaponi4ing the atmosphere maybe gets rid of these mos) itoes.? among space gods (od"ens welcome from The Enoch. Take the next level and the global geoengineer traders barter 100 lives in %lano for tho sands in !ew <rleans. vi4.?according to the (od"ens. The geoengineer epitomi4es the 8andarin ded ced from $dam Gmith6s Theory of Moral $entimentsK how m ch do ethical decisions depend on distance in space and time3 B. arming electromagnetic particles. $n nnaki 8an bad news reincarnation event@ >this mixt re was to be half Dordling and half A manJ and since the former are stated to have provided the male elements. spray scientific divination of the weather. It does not at first seem to negate or materiali4e clo ds. >the fallen.+1 does not tell s why the space gods are androcentric. . who impregnated =ro"8agnon and !eanderthal women. 4. The modern 8andarin removed in space and time for cheap labor considers a red ced price for a motherboard. It is circ mstantially resembles Ike6s p tative (reada Treaty of 11+4. >$n nnaki? licensed from (enesis. knowable in the spirit of arrogance that attrib tes to itself the belief it can be p lled off. gang rape. the female elements m st have been taken from the h man women? the =ro"8agnon tribes. =alled dry seining.

Aave efforts prevented extinction in b ffalo b t none to be made for the human genome. or.xistentialism and A man . avoid >8an.90 8andarin simplifies one simple sacrifice. the worst tort res do not create a non" h man state of thingsJ there is no non"h man sit ation. I am still choosing.motion2.? >The most terrible sit ations of war. Go the alances of deceit are in his hand! Disco$rse prevents choice with plenty of politic and rhetoric. The extraterrestrial analogy was in place long before. and I shall carry the entire responsibility for it. >there is at least one being in whom existence precedes essence. tasteless considering that protocols and secret controls exercised pon all s ch bodies forbid choice. b t the choice of life is eF$al to species contin$ation. !o : stification for either. h man reality. as Aeidegger says. b t the choice is forever and the choice for one is the choice for all /. It is only thro gh fear. flight and reco rse to magical types of cond ct that I shall decide on the non"h man. like h nters exting ished 100 . is condemned every moment to invent man. If there is no one for s we shall all be against s. with no s pport and no aid.where the merchants of the earth grow fab lo sly rich as (oldman ens es commerce. =am s m st answer in his myth of Gisyph s. the not"man. to decide for s. of the not"man hybrid. says Gartre. In the imagination of deception and profit motives of history and politics the transh man says@ all people will be given health and immortality in e2change for their complete e2tinction. and especially considering %evelations 1.? >I o ght to know that if I do not choose. The ang ish of $braham6s sacrifice of Isaac or any other is that the choice comes alone as an act of will. and this being is man. In see+ing to determine the original choice existential psychoanalysis lays bare corr ption of the will. even if it so nds made for the occasion.? Transh manists who contin ally bring h man identity into ) estion to s bstit te it with another.? /Gartre2 Ehat happens in the case where the invention is not of man. a being who exists before he can be defined by any concept. b t this decision is h man. abs rd in all aloneness and opposed to those who say the choice is made after disco rse and politics. like Gartre6s dilemma whether a Irench son sho ld stay home and care for his mom or :oin the 'esistance. a sol tion that seems forced for s re.

91 million b ffalo on the $merican plains X higher form critics c. to force the transformation of the instance into a niversal that retains the instance in fossil form! It appears by disappearingJ it disappears by appearing. “in )ta+u #ult trains and computer operating systems change into cute characters in a way that turns inanimate sub8ects into characters to inspire a 9moe’ response. to force the instance into the $niversal.? 'ewrite this@ it matters that his being h$man means that his being h$man doesn:t matter. the D!$ of every organism rewritten. admit that the miner . parado2ically. . millions are to be eliminated while tho sands are saved. The f$nction of h$manness is th$s. !ow the 8an as h man is removed in space and time. cheap cotton and shoes made by ma) iadores of =i dad 7 are4. Eho can do bt the val e of saving tho sands while millions die3 Do yo think that was typed backwards.occasionally. The difference between the =hinese person and the tr ly niversal generic h man is that the niversal man doesn't matter when another. paradoxically. In the bargain of s pernat ral powers in exchange for the so l the 8andarin meets Ia st. 1 captive mantis. &nder cover of saving the world.. this is the science ethic. The f nction of =hineseness is th s. 1000 made extinct the Daw of 8oses and the prophets3 In what he calls the complicity of all cons mers Aayot says. >wo ld yo accept the death of a slave or two in ret rn for cane s gar and cheap cotton3 Eo ld yo . Ma+oto 0u+uda said. !15$667. The h man is then a mere partic lar and not a niversal. that tho sands and millions were reversed3 !ot so. the Transh man comes on scene. save more lives.>. today. maimed in an ind strial accident is the nfort nate compensation for red ced prices on comp ter motherboards3 8ost Eesterners alive in the past two cent ries have answered yes to ) estions like those. f t re transh mans will get a red ced price for a motherboard. beca se his being =hinese means that his being =hinese doesn6t matter.>. The res lts of divination before the effect are nknown. The !ew <rleans example after the fact inclines an a dience to vote to trade. Aayot@ >it matters that the 8andarin is =hinese. if only by the passive fact of living in an economic system devoted to the prod ction of s rpl s val e? /142.

Dooking at this epic together.arth as a meeting place of the heaven. a bear or a dog perhaps a badger. which stood for gods mostly. >all of s are b rning. lose themselves in a hermetic world of manga and vid!" 3ut would you elieve right ne7t to this e7hi it the troglodyte Dennis 4ucinich attempted to introduce legislation in the $pace (reservation 1ct of DLL@ to anK Aelectronic. the father of weaponi. We s wanted Io. b t the flame was their speech. electromagnetic. sonic and ultrasonic weapons Alaser weapons Astrategic. <f co rse to get the girl yo have to get rid of the man. >I am afraid the world will la gh that in f t re ages men will be fo nd eating one another.? $t its base there was a hole covered with leaves. This tree said. 0or starters. nothing better. the :oy of love. Iields of creation.“<tak young. Ae swept the leaves away and saw among the tree roots a book that said. Aera was :ealo s that he wanted %ersephone.taku effects of the atomic om in <apanese art and anime! 3. the common factor on earth was the gods wanted a girl. beca se that6s where the tree lived too.9* These her ivores. from the dead so to speak. environmental climate or tectonic weapons Achemtrails -stric+en from the final version? :. worked o t :ealo sies and foibles on people with intr sions from the below the earth too. Ae co ld nderstand.ed weather. The girl was everything. . . That6s the way we live. !o"$dam. In taking the girl they got life to its f llest.? %ast epics encompassed time and space in mythic ways impinged on a present with f t re promise. no greater ecstasy or :oy. theater. 3en :ivingstone! 1nother complication raw data collects y analogy is the effect of the study of weather manipulation modeled on . male gee+s. psychotronic and information weaponry Ahigh altitude ultra low fre8uency weapons Aplasma. the gold girl was life and after that get a piece of land. The girls stood for life. tactical or e7traterrestrial weapons Achemical iological. (et the girl and yo get the gold. as if it were an animal. $t a time now past a man read stories in newspapers while going along the road and the trees of that forest b rst into flame. one of those that lived in the gro nd.


Ideas came to a people in earth air water and fire that they sed and felt every day. Ehen was yo r last fire3 The girl, the mother, the child were all s b:ect to con) est by the man, politics, war, religion. Ehy3 beca se they co ld, did. It was power. These people were not so afflicted with individ alism that they lived and died witho t the mercy that their name, family, tribe, people, way of life went on when they passed, so death was not anything except a part of life, not something to be resisted so m ch that all the life was held hostage to it, so that while yo lived yo didn6t live. Ireed to live, work, s ffer, they did so witho t the heroic meas res science forced pon s all. 8ore than heroic meas res, artificial fingers, liver, kidneys, hearts and toes. It was better to die to them than receive s ch amendments to life. Eitho t these things they lived and died. They were let go and not held prisoner in test t bes, beakers, D!$ samples, cryonic tanks to be raised with the evil of science to contradict all that life on earth held good from the first, life among herds with the girl, a wife, and children nder sky in fields. Gcience took it all away and s bstit ted ne roses for long life witho t corrective of pain, choice. 5o can : st get a new heart, reprogram genes. Into this co nterfeit age came a new epic, as if another mercy to save from all the death science had made from its t bes, animal experiments and tort res it kept nder wraps that even the s per rich didn6t know. The new epic came to restore the old life. That is why we are here today, to restore what life was by casting off the false ass rances we have had that we are safe beca se all the lions are extinct and the wolves are on reservations and nat re is not fearf l. The new myth means to restore fear so we can live existentially again, for this was forfeit in the *0th cent ry s b rb bombs and rights of the individ al. %eople still go witho t fear to the mall. Go back to ancient Israel and (reece, #abylon and G mner and the interplay of time space moment. It is a good we rediscover faith that life is worth more than wealth, life is worth dying for, that life is vested with tr th beca se there is <ne who made it all. The last phase of this war started from the noble ca se that hatched artificial life, to give children to infertile co ples thro gh invitrio fertili4ation. # t then the catch was that the children were fed to 8oloch, as if anybody were to notice. They also came in handy for wars and experiments. ;vents moved ) ickly. #ovine h mans were t rned to lab rats. Go many mockeries of the man and women occ rred in so little time it was hardly believed. The tree of


knowledge s bstit ted for the tree of life to gain immortality, so among philosophers the Desser Mey of Golomon s bstit ted for the real name the = maean sybil co ld not speak in the 4th eclog e in anno ncing the eon of <siris. It is no more <siris than $pollo. Ilo rishes of many names come from devotees. Ee wo ld leave this dark except for h bris that gains power to find and speak the nknown nspeakable !ame. This, it says, is hidden in the bottom of the last of nine vertical va lts b ried one atop another. 3uMuel had these g ys cry o t $donaiC in his ;xterminating $ngel, b t it did no good. Those who escaped the dining room in the ho se were ca ght in the =h rch when the angel came down, and it was not a bad angel. These names appear in the Desser Mey. !aming lesser things goes only so far. These sometime gods wanted to know the !ame $bove $ll !ames written in hearts of flesh, of blood. They co ld not believe that name the bodies bore, so they killed them. That was h bris. <f -00 or a tho sand names they think worth knowing, like #orges, the page b rns : st faster than can be read, as if, where they go looking for death, each is s mmoned to life. This is their )r is Tertius, their 3oo+ of Imaginary 3eings, which s bterf ge conf ses in the tterance of geomancy.
6. """Ehen 8r. ( said this head had been >transplanted to someone6s empty

neck,? did he know it was the new world order of the age3 Ae said that neck was empty, circ lar, inviting a head. <ne sees them skipping abo t in a circle looking for chairs. That6s Iilostrato strapped to a machine, that Dewis took off =ha cer, slobberers who drool in $ Trip to the Aeavenlies. Go many heads so little time, this artilect fellow6s gone mad. #rain cells c t off from nat re have nowhere to go. !o wonder he is afraid in his cell. To materiali4e these proper we sent a book to greet the Ghiners in@ *hen the etheric mold of humans rea+s 1nd madness sei;es the sane, these rulers, Imprisoned mentally y the thought they ma+e <f !a4i earth, will call it the $) arian $ge. Go to take #ehind the 8irror and into the Eall, they coming, o yo hear the roar3 $nd while they6re coming, and as b ildings fall, the giants who eat people in The Ho it and !arnia, )dyssey, Icelandic sagas, ' bens, (oya, EagnerHs 5i lungNs %ing /Gee Ghaw, The (erfect *agnerite2, in Das 'hine (old as m ch as in #abylonHs 8oloch, are always a blind, a mask, as m ch as the l st of the sons of god for the da ghters of men that got the whole


thing rolling back in 2enesis. They donHt want the woman. They wanted her childC # t yo knew that tooC (iants h nger for something besides flesh, b t they6ll take it. 8ind is what they monster, which after all is what blood is all abo t, energy, the geneC In feedlot li raries and slaughterhouse universities, what is cons med is not merely seen. #lood sacrifices to giants are abo t life itself, not a specific life, b t all h$man life, which is why they:re the child. TransTitans, a head of the many"headed, want immortality by any means, incl ding h man extinction. To them the A, the h man, is as vestigial as an appendix. They reason this as Gat rn did. Gat rn didn6t eat children o t of malice or :ealo sy, b t beca se he felt g ilty, to make himself feel better@ Fa bron4e stat te of =hronos, with his hands palm pward inclined toward the gro nd so that the child p t on them rolled down in a pit f ll of fireF /Diodor s Gic l s, also %l tarch of the %hoenicians2. Gat rn is the =hronos of 8oloch. 8any gods, many names. =hildren were sacrificed to 8oloch and animals FdevotedF to 8oloch. Ehat an honor, Tanith, here and here, #an of the #ori, li4ard shaped among the Aa sa, mail order ' ssian brides, passing thro gh the fire, firewalking, abortion, child killing sacrifice, 8onster 8"8achine swallowing workers, Irit4 Dange, #a iri, <eremiah E!O@, >to b rn their sons and their da ghters in the fire,? :eviticus DL!DK F;very time that a child was placed in them the priests of 8oloch spread o t their hands before to b rden him with the crimes of the people, vociferating@ FThey are not men b t oxenCF and the m ltit de ro nd abo t repeated@ F<xenC oxenCF The devo t exclaimed@ FDordC eatCF and the priests of %roserpine, complying thro gh terror with the needs of =arthage, m ttered the ;le sinian form la,F ( stave Ila bertHs $alamm P, fo nd at =arthage and other places in !orth $frica, and in Gardinia, 8alta, and Gicily. In late 1110 possible tophets of cinerary rns containing bones and ashes and votive ob:ects were retrieved from ransacking on the mainland : st o tside Tyre in the %hoenician homeland.

moloch whose Hapartments stand In the streets like lonely endless cra4y genl sses and spectral goliath whose names Is $merica 8oloch. ill strated by symbols of the 0aerie Queene.. (iant 8oloch... covered the body in gold. It wo ld be as if patrons came to (oyaHs dining room and ate each other in front of the paintings. ( ilt.F $nalysts go on and on abo t evil b t are no closer to finding o t it beca se the only way to nderstand it is to become it . veiled in allegory.. L $ccording to their minds like monstro s.? >dialectical materialism? dress p old 8oloch. <tto . who eat for what its minions call cremation of care. a new discovery of ( iana where gold as big as the head of a child was a co nterfeit pleas re of death. pain. b t destr ction always makes giants feel better. the wife of 3aal. 1shteroth. the same goddess. nobody knows the horror like (oya in his so called #lack paintings at Quinta del $ordo /&illa of the Deaf Man2. Gcreams and terror no rish 8oloch. FKario s interpretations . ang ish gone p in sacrifice. b t then yo need to p rge yo r self.. $nd Dick =heney3 To nderstand g ilt. It so nds co nter int itive to s that h rting helps. b t thatHs why parents sacrificed children on bra4iers. >now t rned to fig res hideo s. the raging heart with a placid face. symbol of giants extinct from .99 4o evil feels bad abo$t itself. EeHre no closer to nderstanding. $lan (insb rg did not say 8oloch was an endogeno s door whose mon ments and domes sp rt seed into governments to take over presidents. a perversion of nat re made immortal by s cking the life. Ee think the way to feel better is to help. Inversion of the expected is all the better to eat yo$ with. This went beyond Tolkien. to p rge by making others s ffer..? This excess spelled death naked in the fo ntain where Tantal s reached for the poison fr it and 8ammonL8oloch loosed its hair. massacre of innocence. <rgoglio and men t rned to beasts. Go if yo become it then yo nderstand.issfeldt said >immanence. Devoted god in the shape of an owl that swallows the care of (eorge # sh. and that this was done in plain sight so newspapers co ld disreport. 8oloch the Gwell of #abylon@ 8oloch@ >$shcans and nobtainable dollarsC =ongress of sorrowsC 8oloch whose b ildings are : dgmentC 8oloch whose blood is r nning moneyC 8oloch whose name is the 8ind .gypt. $sherah and the wife of 8olech. !ot the .? >emanation.< $rchimago cloaked with simpleness.. where a grape was a r by or emerald gold..

$ war on -0th cent ry dr g gov. trillion artificial Gingletary brain. 8ental sex pself path f eled 8aybelline governart. (insb rg chant his mind@ Don6t smoke. the golden apples of the s n.merea . 5o can make yo r own acronym@ #='G. These events come in bits. In) iry will boggle belief in the light of pleas res. 4. =ontact with the other world. =oltrane r sh p spine. we disbelieve. Gmoke dope. pro d pop.F a doctrine nto itself. who knows3 There6s no history yet of the victims of gigadeath. meals. the relation of the man. fo nding with mechanisms of scapegoat. =all them Aorsemen. =oetti bi4arre hyperbolic. 'es rrecting the D!$ past of extinct species.) ation as the Io r Transh mans. fo r. A='GB 1. 8ix in a political reordering of government by Fconstr ctive chaos. comforts. don6t smoke. some. disorder mind inspiration boys. have a decade more. smoke dope. woman and child. millennia. the apples where nothing is real. to betray the wedding of the h$mans and their children.9N silver apples of the moon. p re dee . #iological hybrids. enameled meadows where the allegory ill strated by symbols penetrates a ha4e. the perf med airs. -. tho ght goats and child sacrifice to 8oloch to s bvert and dist rb. To destroy the h$man cornerstone. . silver rivers. *. The p$rpose of which is to contradict the one s$preme h$man reality. Implement with revived architect$re of 1gyptian myth as a real !ew <rder sanctioned by a goat. Gome say they have arrived. The trillion. 5ecipe Go several texts and s btexts nderstand this .

ThatHs the paradox for what the h man does. Aollywood got there first. to obsc re the fact of the trans h man r nC 7o rnalism will have some p ll. no war. with every aspect of the s bconscio s. =apit late #abel =arl Golomon. Transgenic <bsolescence. landowners. I donHt remember many dreams. FI am the father of the artificial brain. %retend the machineHs h man. The machine fo nd a way to enter the biosphere thro gh chimeric m tation so it co ld have a so l. discarnates will make physics real. 'imba d.gypt to bring back a defeated god@ >7olted o t of nightmare I see vivid scenes of my descendentsH deaths in a cent ry or so at the hands of artilects so s perior to h mans they see s as vermin. < r (nostic entrance to earth time nbelieved. we back to the medievalC Gimple slaves or simple death. F=hakra. I am with yo =arl Golomon. Gky !et. no war. . charka on the wall. <nce it was tho ght synthetic mind the paradigm shift of physical and mental s perseded. Ior. Tell workshop might stone. .d cation and niversity are retained. that so nds grandiose. $ fantastic symbolic interco rse from . then the flood and the sons of godC Ee have more brain than anybody. It wo ld be wrong to kill a god or swat a brain. shopkeepers.F . the ancestor of %M.90 &pper dope on overload. In an age nobody knew as absol te. The 1rtilect *ars2. =osmist checks Terran. In D ckenbach Iree Eilly Einkle emade war. The emotional reality and horror of it shake me.F Aarvested3 !o do bt. (ory. mere comp tational power of a trillion trillion cells condoned contradiction to the so l. retrogressinH p to !oah. tolerate the intestine.? DonHt blame me for killing gods first. >absol tely. Dick. itHs wrongC <ne law for the gods another for the rest. <ne can call that paradigm. b t this nightmare rec rs.? sayin war. If machines get a little disrespect from the physical that doesnHt mean be bestial. so back again to #alalabamm and $dam. In the condo by the # rning Dake gods by the seaside lie. !o f n compete with the gods of <lymp s. # t.mily Dick. cow and all. # t when the 8icrophysic =anon came o t. #ig fly We s3 ItHs wrong. peasants. b t we say modestly. did connect. Teleshop 'imba d. : st redirect. some might fit as mental lords. M r4weil is not aloneC !ot all wo ld have to be no vea riche ne ronsC 5es. and wakes me despite my heavy sleepF /A go de (aris. (reat and greater catastrophes will occ r to heal the niverse.

<f co rse. . at whatever cost of peril. The thing got fat soaked in brandy. Taken as a lo4enge. we :oined on the airstrip with the elite Gky Genators to welcome them in.=hesterton. In whatever world he had his being it was an <ther"world. Ehoever pres med to get to Iaerie Eest co ld then co ld meet ( rd:ieff. in Tree and :eaf. $lan Eatts. intr ding into my relatively safe world. and they sang a t ne from 'odgers and Aammerstein. RRR OI. was the heart of the desire of Iaerie. possible to read stories in peace of mind. Ior the heart is hard tho gh the body be soft. These contacted the gods by raising their hands and fingers at the stars. The dweller in the ) iet and fertile plains may hear of the tormented hills and the nharvested sea and long for them in his heart. free from fear. They said. $mong the welcome parties assembled on these occasions. 5o were wanted to roll yo r own. for instance. it was better for the l ngs. . # t the world that contained even the imagination of Iafnir was richer and more bea tif l. to share a leaf with 7onah is like a window shade that snaps p s ddenly when p lled. revealing the cartoon at the end of the world.? he .91 9The dragon had the trade-mar.f Faerie written plain pon him. >are innocent and love : sticeJ while most of s are wicked and nat rally prefer mercy. don6t yo want power3? and that6s what it really felt like when you could e a god.? 44This verbal cartoon. in which it was. I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighborhood. Before the 5evival #efore the revival in =leveland had beg n this had already been rolled p so yo co ld smoke it. 41 >Ior children. the making or glimpsing of <ther"worlds. says. I mean that ass med these descensions were real. I desired dragons with a profo nd desire. Gomething nice sliced into ro nds. Tolkien. dried and d sted with s gar. Timothy Deary and shamans on the r nway east. in welcome so to speak. <n Iairy Gtories. >don6t yo want knowledge. Iantasy.

b t leave the bags and yo won6t need the cards. Aygiene is important to bring in ships.? They however failed to trim their wicks. Dightening b gs flew p from the sides. $ll wished themselves to be immortal gods in the infernal heart fire. pop. they swayed in the dimension of time. >come by. b t if yo didn6t make the c t don6t worry. >% t yo r head down and swallow do bt. There will e a coming out. come b y. and other songs. This is reserved for the nouveau riche in ne rons. %erfection of the !ew Danding Gticks at airports made it possible. mass. not all have to be a god. altho gh the rest . those leaders who were nable to go gave one parting tho ght@ >If ever yo ret rn to earth bring yo r memory of today6s show. %erhaps yo saw the lights shoot p from lasered fingernails like Mmart beacons messaging a peace sign.N0 Trained as it were for the event.? Then they co ld attain the pri4e. #eing good company and no pr des. 5o Ao Aeave Ao. perfection of the finite. ! minor is rising in o r yard.? They slip in the next world to get dressed. Gyncophants waved hands and middle fingers at the stars in case they co ld believe. that's all ye +now and all ye need to +now! Those now ready may 9terminate their lar"al period<< #ang. Dinked arm in arm. so the $lternates were directed to close their eyes and >fasten seatbelts. The Genators then and there wo ld sing to get the mood.

ceded to the machineC . come down. %ropagation by e genics makes 3rave 5ew pro d. yo gooey things.N1 may fit into a fe dal society of lords. =reative tho ght. (oryC It6s back to the medieval again. B$ilding 'andemoni$m !ll you need is lo"e' said &ncle 8iltie in #ook II. b t not nconscio sness.d cation and library will be retained. It shows how vigilant news media predicted f t res of the fall.aum. where the gods incinerated on the # rning Dake and b ilt %andemoni m. =omparing the hair D!$ with D!$ from the body resting in the ma sole m in Ganta =lara. the transrational . Trans" Titan. $fter all this progress a simple breath of airBexcept life as a slave to the internet. landowners. 8 rdered sleep. >come down. Therein lay the transparadox of the Trans. >This extraordinary historic collection incl des a lock of =he ( evaraHs hair.? Go get o t those landing sticks friends and raise a finger to welcome da p ta ali6n. bypassing species confines thro gh chimeric m tation. propagated themselves by #rain. wo ld finally p t an end to the . $ccording to the planned technology s rprise. shopkeepers. Aeal the niverseC $tmosphere. government and crisis management were to be revealed. (reater and greater catastrophes were to occ r ntil the (reat #arte 3lanche Aealing &niverse invitation was made. metaphysic neo" con. for the h man already had spirit. intest"ines. gnostic entrances in earth as nbelieved as the metaphysic of machine. Transgenic brings obsolesced the h man. simple death by Terminator h rts""sorry Aollywood got there first. tolerated for the mess. a seismic shift of paradigm. comp ted the trillion trillion brain. oceans. = ba. yo can name them all. peasants. Is not the cow worth the brain3 . that contradiction made a so l. the heads are in sight. (retend the machine6s h manC 'edirect. so it co ld n6er sleep and t rned mean. I rther shifts of paradigm s persede the physical when served.? (overnment grantsC 5o one +nows what it will e today or tomorrow/ if it is planned to keep the worker bee aro nd. were to send an invitation. were impaired. >the machine fo nd a way to entrance biology. the %rophet Dewis said. 'eady now class3 Ghow yo r ne ronsC $nother decapC Ghr nken heads are a coming.Gaid in deep bass voice@. If the machine little concerned abo t the physical that does not mean it might not need the bestial. forests.

important when yo see the toxic waste dragged behind this <mnib s. Ae threw $braham in the fire like !eb chadne44ar threw the boys. so didn6t know their gods. $ncient !imrod however had long before beg n to persec te those who disbelieved in #ontact.F Interview with &$stavo Oilloldo on the ?apt$re and "eath of ?he &$evara  Track 1  Track *  Track  Track 4 http@LLamericana.comLcommonLviewwitem. $mericans didn6t read. as if the book of E7odus were a deadly headline. If only 8cDonald6s mo nted on its arches. ! mbers of those links being toxic.N* controversy s rro nding the death of the man Time maga4ine incl ded in its list of *0 FAeroes X IconsF in FThe 100 8ost Important %eople of the *0th =ent ry. or the Times9 1merican Idols were on f ll view. like x songs x in literat re.F concl ding.php3 Galew!oZ9N+XDotw!oZ-0+00XtypeZXicZrightcol mn"g evara"00*-0N > $ Aa4mat Kerse G it wo ld protect from this. The Boo. of 8ight <nce there was a book that nderstood this age of myth. It was also the chor s against Gocrates. b t the knowledge was ac) ired. They didn6t respect the gods. . then everyone who followed We s or prayed to IshtarHs face wo ld know. Fthe eyes of =he ( evara are still b rning with impatience. a reference to o r last letter to space where 3=> bore those ha?ards darkly' fearfully afar: he way to recogni?e truth 2s "iew them all and look for counterfeit. OII.ha. on TK. ha4mat s its sho ld be worn when singing.

like faith. .? The %sychiatrist saw it coming like a vast conspiracy o t of spirit s m ndi. gods who played dead nder (ri44ly Israel while the =hristians r led with shock. a leftover from the ancient world. a ret rn to the primordial. Those who tho ght the gods primitive. b t men. The 'recessions of the 1F$ino2 played 8cMenna and 8cMenna over and over on their washt bs. b t only government pretended to be afraid. $ncient script res declared In that day the :)%D will punish the powers in the heavens a ove and the +ings on the earth elow /Isaiah *4.N- Ehatever contacted these harpies at the Ishtar )otel of 4pielberg:s deliri$m where faeries flew over his head. nobody called the police. like the (reek Titans.? sang #arney with the Kacaville #eats. that an angel wo ld fight fire with fire. To compensate. as if he ca sed it. %eople went shopping for the idols of (reece and . hid nder the table.ast wo ld threaten the =hristian west from #abylon3 In other words the idea of the defeat of the gods was an ill sion. whose removal arg ed the end of nat$ral law. governments invented terrorists as threats.xod s. These gods. =ontact6s predators were gone. not mo ntain lions and wolves. Dr. $ new epic began. This machine wo ld take down the Gavior.*1?! Ehat good wo ld faith be against the #alrog o t of Tolkien6s myth when children were wearing them on their T"shirts3 Iaith wo ld be the weapon at the door. Dew 1pic #ontact was made easier from the nets of constraint cast off. not real. .xtinction of the o ter world also s blimely implied the gods extinct. Ehat good wo ld that do3 They took their kids to the dining room and barred the door. had it coming. # explained@ >It gave more leverage in the palace revolt to establish the gods in a G per #owl on earth while people were praying in liberty and peace. The 8ayan hitchhiker had not a twinkle twilight of the gods at all. %rophetic artists had long scenarioed # n el6s take on the . $ Taliban co nter"offensive hitched to science and tech. 7 dge and Ming.l yngel exterminador. the bo ndaries of men. Ehere was Ire d when yo need him3 Ehere6s 8oses3 >Aere come the gods. wo ld mo nt an offensive3 Tho ght"benighted nations of the . Gteles and obelisks sp rt<siris into the =apitol Dome to marry that great religion and nation into one.

not h man at all. There were opposites too. like the woman who dropped a millstone on $bimelech6s head. Aow this was possible there was debate. tho ght it good f n when the god took their woman and pornographed their children. the world needed to keep its head. Gome said the god escape was the p rpose of space flight. G.N4 #abylon in golf carts as the gods ret rned. Deda had her revenge on 5eats however in the acronymed Dycae m . part fact. Dew #yth !ewLold myth : stified violation of the womb. for her child. >P ick? he said to his armor bearer. or back to the Ilood before . porn and internet. #abylonians and their scientists called restoring gods. Ehat was done to her was done to them.ntheogen Database where men t rned themselves into all kinds of beasts with dr gs. they said. the promise of being a sex al plaything. 8ore than We s serially raping women with %oseidon and Dis to bear the bastard gods. Dewis6 arrival of 8erlin. for h manity. the things were revered as heroes. A mans co ld become any god they wished. Aelpless in other words. It was nable too.noch and (ilgamesh. ale. Into this enlightened age of myth one disease came to replace another. a psychedelic data base of #rill. Go whether it went forward to the f t re of the golden age past. This ma:ority narrative failed when woman fo ght for her integrity. part god. The backlog of cases was s ppressed for the fiction that Io en:oyed being violated. >kill me so I won6t have to know a woman did.? a hybrid. cocaine.? In the new myth. or before the gods began. b t they had agnosia. strong drink was raging in this new sacred nat. as when gods came to earth in =harles Eilliams (lace of the :ion and =. b t do not take my phoneC A mans raped silly was what the (reeks. that Deda gloried in her myth. was not a man and the god was not a god. . Ehen myth t rned fact and . a metamorphosis where <vid and Aomer and old dr g archives left off. D8T trials got in to ch with their mother serpentC 'alph 8et4ner met the Gerpent thereC Dew 4acred Dat 'evenge was a biter. they called them Monarch myths. amnesia from pot.ither take me as I am or not. >the man. =onf sion of myth hid the effort of the gods to escape. 'ape kits for their attacks were never tested. 8ale critics ro sed p in the god6s place. part man.

they gave to the Gevenfold. %sychiatrist tho ghts in that day prod ced mass homicides externali4ed in video games and %<% worship. . tra$ma-based. . They hadn6t read the (ilgamesh poem where texts engraved on Dapis la4 li came to life in a copper boxJ it wo ld have been like breeding the Tro:an Aorse to a log. Those who didn6t believe in the gods. Go when the gods and powers came so did the idol"breaking $braham and his seed with the Ming of Mings. The images of terror transferred from bedroom walls were tattooed on the mirrors of fearf l so ls. Gartre. dissociative memory barrier/ The same s rrender they denied to (od. like $braham. 'esistance started when at last we heard that 7es s was o tside town and $braham and angels were flying all aro nd. The p rpose was to shrink a new (ilgamesh o t of the old. This correlated on 5o T be with the ret rn of !ib r . (iping G$t the &ods < r &G $rmy d g p (ilgamesh6s tomb from the . They said. along with stone gods and carved st mps. b t tho ght to get a reprieve when they removed its paraphernalia. Imaginations and fantasies cl ttered o tside their door. on the planets.ven the demigods didn6t know if they were being tampered with. 'eactions were meas red in millions of viewers celebrating the grave of (ilgamesh. . tho ght the copper box way too sacred. on the moons. Daniel. Mierkegaard. I mean the D!$ labs.+2. >8aybe they6re o t to l nch. in the stars and trees. tho ghts so bloody we dare not materiali4e. who demanded heart and mind. Tampering meant a h$man ind$ced. and the neighbors were gonna shotg n We s. the head was severed. Tampering meant control of will.N+ images on teenage shirts of the Geven Iold $venger came ro nd. god after god after god. phrates with >The Tablets of &r k. the ret rn of !ib r or the moon Iapet s reversing fields. #y god they meant themselves.? and took them to their new stone coffin. Eorld 'eligion faked the real. # t The %sychiatrist told The 8odern to believe that the gods were everywhere.veryone was afraid.? . >$acre #uc+oo. Isaiah said what #eckett later tho ght of 5eats6 ghosts and what Ehitehead tho ght of the transh manists taking ayah asca /D8T2 to contact the astral world." I have it on tape /Isaiah said. heading so th. Isaiah. 'eligion and state freaked.

(ilgamesh had more in common with $braham. which scatters the clo ds3 Eorship the windC $nd shall I worship the h man.N9 Brea. and it certainly was not one. (ilgamesh went deep into darkness where the secret was stolen from him by a serpent and he ended p back in &r k. which carries the water3 Eorship the clo dC Ghall I worship the wind. Dife on earth is inconsistent. I bow to none b t the fire " in it shall I throw yo . the &ods (ilgamesh had first attacked the %sychiatrist gods before $braham. made (ilgamesh seek life. Gome opposites the gods liked and some not.? he said. >stay away from s pernat ral coit s. Tho gh both (ilgamesh and !imrod ran &r k. which p ts off the fireC Eorship the waterC Ghall I worship the clo d. who !imrod tried to kill. >I like women yes. They sent in a do ble. the fo ndation of r le. This do ble. who withstands the wind3 !imrod said@ 5o pile words pon words. b t for re:ecting Ishtar (ilgamesh got flagged by the gods who co ldnHt stand s ch disrespect. Aere !imrod also r led. Ae deno nced the #abylonian Ishtar as Fthe fo l goddessF who t rned men to frogs in her bed. and let the (od to whom yo bow come and save yo from itC Israel later took p the same gods they before broke.nkid .? Ae knew that s$pernat$ral coit$s steals manhood. to h mble him. . b t they all loved diversity. ntil that mad cow crowd of #abylonian archeologists and . b t they had it all for themselves. who lost his life. Gome of their slogans were@ :ive as one! )nt tata menyon! E! (luri us unum rute! Eine *elt/ Ein &ol+/ It might not be yo r one. In the 8idrash !imrod threw $braham in the fiery f rnace for breaking the &r k gods worshiping nat re@ >Eorship the IireC? Ghall I then worship the water. (ilgamesh6s re:ection of Ishtar did not prevent his taking every woman and bride before their marriage. b t never the gods.

embodiments of #abylon. are mere words to o r systems of indoctrination.or moreC. Theodore &erica$lt. That there is a system of indoctrination everywhere aro nd and in s that we hardly know is patent. was the very thing 7ohn (ardner wanted in 2rendel. the world gets bigger@ yo r perspective shrinks. Fspatially m ch vaster than o rs. i. Ee hardly know what we know. the act al being the =hristian apocalypse. a del ded state like the 8onsanto exhibit in Disneyland where yo get smaller. over a period of *000 yearsJ the deity itself camo flaged in reality. %rison planet beans are good when long lived. OIII. %nd that idols means demons. 4evered )eads To have to say =hristian $pocalypse shows drift of nknown time from . after >Diversity. "ic. mixing h man and bestial genes. The notions of its emperor gods and tort res. one occl ded from sight. The 12egesis of 'hilip M. the self .? was the dissol tion of everything carried in the Theory of .verything. hence when The %aranoid says inner space differs from person to person. the present extends back to encompass *000 yearsF . which increasingly entrance yo . the gro nd of being. Tillich one wo ld think. part by camo flage. and in terms of time. Dick6s take on s per"pot saw as G&%. !ew and newer gods gave them better life and health.. Ehat good wo ld a sick cow do3 These were kept in 8ong 8ife and )ealth.e. 4cience res$rrection.with.? which so nds abs rd since nobody takes 'ome as a present reality. Go F'ome is the prison and the enemy@ . that is part by corr ption. rest pon a notion of two niverses. This too was added to the s per collider brain. 'eally a theory of nothing. Daniel. : st skip to the end of the chase. part by intention. and the r"gr nd. witho t science. # t they gave got one last chance in a %etri dish. Go they prospered. the secret =hristian ndergro nd attacking it.. and that mind changing.4ekiel. and eaten when they were done. The next god. scientist. DickHs doctrine of the rwelt Eold called world"skin.' %<T dr gs that >take yo away from enlightenment and consign absol te reality to epiphenomena. Isaiah and David to its fo ndation. demi"god.into. In enlightenment yo r perspective grows and spreads o t to fill vast spaces. nder the th mb of alien. )ow m$st it feel for the #aJority gods and their godlings to hear that all of the gods of the nations are idols.F Two niverses.NN scientists : st abo t decided to do witho t (ilgamesh if he co ldn6t find immortality. Fextending phylogenicallyF is o r occl sion. for a time.

5AEA has the cr cial advantage of a priori foresight. at <piomses2..e.FF #ack indoctrination. >Gtill. his archetypes and all the ..F the tetragrammaton. Fthose most d ped are most right. =hris Aedges said. Th s F(od t rns the lie /F(od wonF2 into the tr th. They call it the niverse. the inner 'oman impass. It is a sort of trick played on Gatan. even to the extent of driving 5AEA from the rwelt.F The facetio s is the real all right and the defeated are victorio s.right o t of 'omans +. $ wise strategy.F . b t Gatan is at the center""of government. that in the prison FGatan pretends 5AEA wonJ 5AEA will ca se to exist what Gatan pretends /i. inconceivable act. Fnone of these other names all de to (od in the sense that 5AEA does.gyptian Aermes. paradoxicallyJ 5AEA takes advantage of the irony and ambig ity to ca se to be what seems to beJ this is his f ndamental powerLnat re ..ssenes are deadJ b t 5AEA is instilling them in some of s in the present.D. Th s Fthis is a prison.F The corollary of this opposite is that Gatan is allowed to think he won. and Gatan is s rprisedJ he didnHt foresee this. thrown o t beca se they are part of the program. Gt. b t in deadly earnest@ to make GatanHs FfalseworkF /pretense2 real. To say thereHs no niversal inner space implies a series of inner prison cells.? /Gee The (ates of Aell.e.The battle is going on. i. >all instit tions are inherently demonic. man"made2 hypostases. $pollo. Gatan won in N0 $.F throwing o t all of 7 ng. It was revealed to me that $ltimately he wins every hand... G ch talk is means of a paranoid6s committal. and the . Giddhartha. the # ddha. Gophia. The others are names h mans give to (odJ 5AEA is the name by which (od referred to himself. in order to work some m ch greater. the (od who Fis what he is. It is as if the others are attrib tes or c lt ral /i.. he says.FAe brings into existence what is. DickHs Fspace phobiaF says Fmy conception of inner space differing from person to person is very radical and politically s bversive. Fcalling what is not as tho gh it wereF. of ch rch... and 5AEA is 5AEAJ vi4@ there is no (od b t (od.N0 nfallen and noccl dedC which to scholars and occ ltists alike is nonsense as m ch as saying myths are real.e. occl des s into believing2 exists. Ior s re astronomers think there is a niversal o ter space.

ut *e care a out this mouse ecause li+e man -H?. for those ephemeral little lives seem so worthless. would it matter much if the human were wiped out6 I thin+ the universe would not give a damnJ -RU?! *hy does the physicist 8uantum 8uar+ not reconcile with 0i onacci on these shell and leaf spirals6 )rder and chaos. so insignificant. unless it's a out their . haveI higher IQsJ -1rtilect. RU?! I &ouse Wipe . defunct tooK Jtoo stupid.&F. yes and no. Jfrom the galactic point of view. @RT?! 0rom this human e7istence got the drift.e or sing this mouse was the moral tragedy of not uilding gods. 5arly Woldstein &y 0ear &ousier' )nce there was a genetical singing mouse whose future of Jtrue godli+e intelligenceJ -1rtilect *ar @RL. and have too small a rain to speculate on anything. @RO? was not yet out! 1long with tiny voice Mouse came at wing mouse and the true mighty mouse with a human ear.4 666@2. &acanti mouse -SD?! 5ot to immortali. so trivial.J when compared -1rtilect *ar. ut wiping out the mouse would e a tragedy! 3eam me up $cotty/ $ave the mouse/ *ipe out the man6 *hy doesn't the transhuman universe give a damn if 4af+a does6 J3eing #osmist and more intelligentV suspect that those people G2alactics. “so petty. so anal. I want to call him %oland de 2aris. so insignificantJ -RE?! /rain chip *e +now all this from reading Hugo.N1 !15 C. who lew his rain and said.

gimmes! 1fter you have sacrificed millions and millions of mice. and raised your sights to (ig9Man fluorescent cats and dogs and spider9goats. honey ees. I thin+ I can! *e gave inHections when those heads slavered and palavered.weil will not need their rains. li+e replacing her s with micro ial transformation! :evel @ stuff. if artilect doesn't Jdevelop life9preserving strategiesJ to avoid falling into a star. the Japeli+e thoughts of chimps!J Ditto the ut. the idea for all genetic alteration which first appeared in the comics! 1s mice are men. super la s mate humans and animals to ma+e Human?ee a new man! These anyway were the thoughts of the *old #ompany as we sang to the severed heads. or cows e7perimented on. the ideal ra it. the vanity of life. and ye scientists. Dudeney's cows. ra its don't seem much. which in :atin means su vert or turn from eneath! Trillions of rain cells came online so the present man9god could prevent his tragedy of not uilding god! #rimes against the mouse. ro8an Horses. ut if the artilect slips. dog. sang to the inHectors spinningK “%oc+a ye god ey in the test tu e. le. murine -mouse? hy ridomas. le. now you'll find out how a man ma+es god!" $ling another round of viscouse into them! MouseWviscouse! Ta+e comfort you mouse. horseA ecause the one overriding purpose preoccupies. then oops Jthe laws of physicsJ it removes -1rtilect @RL?! Thus the 1 solut of science invents one law and then another! This was the true mighty mouse.00 immediate survivalJ -1rtilect @EU?! Ditto the dum 9 unny a y. people lovers! 5ot five sparrows sold for two farthlings are forgotten. as mouse has accidents and men. “a mindset and attitude so different from the average human that they may as well e a separate species! . loss leaders. li+e Ceats his nymphs and satyrs in the foam. the odies of de 2aris and 4ur. were long old hat. hy rid cell lines that create Monoclonal anti ody therapies for treatment of human disease. I thin+ I can. even your hairs are num ered! $ensory e7periments enhanced a man's nose who could now chat with a devil and smell li+e a dog! 1ncient D51Ns revived to Hoin the crew underground. le.

elow. Jsome +ind of invasion of spontaneously swelling and shrin+ing spherical or wheel9shaped creaturesJ had already occurred! . CSecond =ifeC /io "anity shadows science in the labs. hydras. crypto. a serious effort of government and usiness remade dinosaurs and paired all +inds of human and animal genes for human eings. literature and philosophy led. ut usiness and government were hard ehind! It was a 5oah's flood of ma+ing monstrous when the super collider on line alerted something was up. social disintegration underlay experiments without a cause. millions and millions of eings sacrificed so human life supercedes! This singularity was the HC3%ID 12E. #onscienceless. human organs grown in pigs and dinosaurs reconstituted from RL million year old D51 stored in their ones! #onsidered fantasy to the culture a ove.01 *olphin -whaledolphin? Bcomment >> defunct hereA. parading nano otsV! Npractice of 5ym!!!!NJI sometimes feel that what I have ecome has transcended a fundamental oundary of propriety and is setting an a solute standard!J This “sustaining a self9formulated identity" is capa le of deceit! #rypto em ryology was all the rage. Dorse B?ebra6horseA (ersonal. 5ot 3eings (lus. enhanced. minotaurs. So the human is the ob"ious second goat. all ethical of course. offered the endangered a etter life! $uper science.oologically cloned to Hoin with those e7tinct! #linics for chimeras.

for these were not E. @L9DT seconds! 5ano ots with twee.ers lined up to catch the strays “2etting in and out or sending something inJ -5ovem er DLLU?. and goggles. the good news from 0rance was another hole in the faerie wall/ 0aerie faerie on the wall.J at the :H# ut they would only e a le to +eep it open Ja very tiny lapse of time. spar+ling li+e diamonds in the sun! It loo+ed li+e they were wheels within wheels. where's the iggest hole of all6 Cours truly on the :evel.0* Trains lined up usier than usual those nights! *e needed ear plugs to stand the roars. De 4ur+ *old 2n 0efense of Human6!nimal Chimeras Chinese Crypto?oology 6 Shen Shaomin From 1asama: $eanderthal F Wikapedia: 0eniso"ian #ene /uy 4emote Control /ugs6 5emote ?ontrol B$gs-?yb$gs at "%5'% Cybugs at 0!43! .e+iel's cogs even if they so appearedK Super Collider E Clunker Statue' =e"el Four “They were identical wheels." Dr 3ertolucci later confirmed! He said there would e an Jopen door.

yo are my son. G per #owl halftimes and p blic art s ch as the m rals of the Denver $irport prevailed. for instance giving children to infertile co ples thro gh in vitrio fertili4ation. 4$bstit$te the 5eal In those days researchers referred to the powers behind the h man demise as !a4is. sex determination. and while little was heard of this third gro p6s dabbles. Mey . myth become fact and nobody believed it. The prophet 3uMuel had the p blic crying o t 1donai/ in the day of their trials. They didn6t mention 7es s coming in his own power didn6t need the Eashington 8on ment to incarnate as the last presidentC It was a lot to take. s per soldiers and spaceships. $pollonians said anyway that <siris /$pollo2 was there first and that Gatan was in the earth too before 7es s. Gtem cell mines expanded the feed base. $rtificial children by all means were wanted@ gene splicing. dealt with the opposing power of angels. colliders. bio"m tants. Go m ch mockery of the man and woman occ rred in so little time it was hard to believe. b t The . Taken serio sly it seemed a stretch. !one of their plans to reali4e the new sec lar religio s kingdom with aliens. The tree of knowledge s bstit ted for the tree of life.0- IS.xterminating $ngel. Those who escaped from the dining room were ca ght in the =h rch when the angel came. b t after #ontact they were sed for wars. $mong magics were progressive D!$ revivals to res rrect not only extinct mammoths b t 'amses the (reat from spent D!$. It sed to be these children were fed to 8oloch. symbol and fact were meant to conf se. experiments and as h man bovine o tpatient labs. the 8asons and the 8agicians. did them no good. The Desser Mey of Golomon s bstit ted for the real name! <sirisL $pollo s bstit ted for Eorld %eace as the = maean Gybil had said in Kirgil6s 4th eclog e. This all proceeded in the g ise that artificial life was a good thing. Dead <siris infinitely dead co ld boast to impregnate the =apitol Dome in order to mock 7es s in his coming. selection as D!$ breeders. nothing was more important than the interco rse of steles and obelisks. b t the metaphor. a mockery of the interco rse of the man and woman. These were all celebrated at media events. b t society didn6t believe in either. These powers wanted to s bvert and destroy the h man seed. nor the one to whom it was said.

3oo+ of Imaginary 3eings. plants and all nat re. b t for bestialLh man chimeric incarnation. 8et #y 'eople &o <n this iconic cake the icing of tho ght made the m ch feared #ook of 'evelations into a second . b t even the ca ses in religio s and political intrig e were blinds. The sons of god. This was to be done by science and by art. The ten signs and wonders as those people left . The fallen >sons of god? were not really after woman. >how do yo know I am not god3? They co ld not recogni4e the !ame $bove $ll !ames written in the heart blood of the people they killed. . They went o t of their way in beheading. The extraordinary warlike attit de of . That was the p rpose of the tho sand divinations of names among 'osicr cians. came long efore #abylon.gypt were seen in the seven seals and signs of the $pocalypse.xod s. !aming the less for the great went only so far. the magic rit als of #orges t rning a page that b rns : st faster than the eye can read. freeing people from the domination of this world. This was called the Trans A man. constr ing themselves as this one. The dimensions of the Temple were only cited to bring the Gecret <rders to revive them in transcendence. They wanted to b ild their deity in themselves as in the world they b ilt the wooly 8ammoth. S. !ot : st people. giants. co ld never get eno gh.xod s and 'evelations. !ephilim. covered p m tations and geomancy. 4olomon The m tation of the Desser Meys of Golomon did not originate with Golomon. and politically. Their )r is Tertius.04 %eople had obsc red that as best they co ld. They said.gypt b t more so in the greater context where 5ahweh creates a people in order to repossess the earth . Inside those s bse) ent adyt mites s ch b ildings were all the rage. They killed and they killed. 'amses and (ilgamesh. This whole folly was named for Golomon. that so offends apologists for the =anaanites and 8oabites and worshipers of #aal.ven tho gh the sons of god saw that the da ghters of men were bea tif l they did not go in to them from their bea ty or l st. is partly nderstood as a complement to the 4-0 years of captivity in . b t her seed. b t animals. #<T$ and (oetia.

the plag es which are (od6s : dgment on their enemies in this context /1+@1. Ee have already noticed.10 ) otes E7odus 11.N2.N. Eho is 7es s3 Item@ as %haraoh was raised p to show >8y power and that 8y name may be declared thro gho t all the earth? /. are seen as the people of the new e2od$s.? and still f rther that 'evelations there refers not only to the %assover lamb. standing beside a heavenly 5ed 4ea.0+ imprisoned by the gods in that great war of the distant beginnings. to the effect that >altho gh the whole earth is mine. 1scape @rom 1gypt Iollowing the analogy of . Item@ Taking the $pocalypse backwards and forward.xod.xod s and 'evelations the %haraoh of the !ew Eorld <rder hardened its analogo s heart. +"19@*12 are modelled on the plag es of . -+@102 J +1@112. no escape when these : dgments >discriminate between Israel and . in . yo will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. hence mimicking the res rrection with D!$ revivals will bring more frogs and blood.gypt? /11. thro gh which they have passed.9. the sacrificial lamb of Isaiah +-. 8oreover.gyptian magicians of : dgment made it worse. Item@ as %haraoh said to 8oses. and singing a version of the song of praise to (od which 8oses and the people of Israel sang after their deliverance from %haroah at the 'ed Gea /. 'esearchers f rther doc ment this hypothesis@ In !B 2-4 the ?hristian martyrs. b t to 8essiah.xod s to s pport this nderstanding3 Item@ The imitation of the . >Eho is 5ahweh.*2 so they will ask sarcastically.x 1. The warlike attit de revisited in 'evelations comes from that. consider how >kingdom and priests to serve o r (od will reign on the earth? %evelations +.192 there will be no tempori4ing.gypt at the time of the exod s. Ehat principles co ld extract from the . who is the %assover lamb of the new exod s of the f t re where >the ransomed of the D<'D will ret rn and enter Wion with singing /Isa. that I sho ld obey Ais voice to let Israel go3 /+. 1+2. victorio$s in heaven.


chapter * above, that the final : dgment of this series is linked to a reminiscence of the Ginai theophany /19@102. <ther all sions to the exod s narratives are in 11@9, where the activity of the two witnesses is in part modelled on 8oses and the plag es of ;gypt, and 11@0, where one of the prophetic names of the great city where the witnesses are martyred is ;gypt. $lready in *@14, the false teachers in %ergam m, who are pers ading =hristians to compromise with paganism, are compared with #alaam, the false prophet who was responsible for the sed ction of the Israelites into idolatry, as a res lt of which they failed to reach the goal of the exod s entry into the promised land. /'ichard #a ckham, The Theology of the #ook of 'evelation, N12 The eschatological exod s of 'evelations evokes an exod s like where The Damb6s blood was sacrificed in ;gypt on the doorposts, except there it is on the cross@ the Damb has already been sacrificed. The difference between the old and new is that the lamb6s blood on the lintels that ca sed the angel of death to pass over had not yet been p t on the door of this new ;xod s when the Damb who takes away the sins of the world was cr cified. %assover and =r cifixion are the motive of this new leading forth to come with singing. (ant more tips for the f t re from the past3 Take it that these events occ rred so that >8y wonders may be m ltiplied in the land of ;gypt? /11.12 except this now is broadened to the whole, >the whole earth is mine? /11.92 hence the new exod s played pon the global stage is f rther m ltiplied. (ant another; That first %assover was >against all the deities of ;gypt /;x 1*.1*2. >I will exec te : dgment /exec te his vengeance on the powers of the air2 so all the tho sand gods come into : dgment.


Gne more, they ate the %assover with their staffs in their hands and the shoes on their feet, not slippers. They waited for the coming in a sterity with their loins girded. @alse 'eace GolomonHs father, Ming David, spent his ho rs remembering the simple life on the mo ntain when he went on the r n from Ga l, learned politics of his own brand and became the father of Golomon. Things got bigger. Golomon became the great peace time king. Eorld peace rallied in the G per #owl and the works of 7ohn Dennon, G n 'a, with a h ge cast of entertainers. Iear peace time kings the most. Did flaws in the essence of Golomon6s conception match his dna to a tho sand theology wives3 This architect re was laid bare in his Dedication. Dike the prayer of a charismatic, it was a toss p whether the prayer of Dedication of the Temple mentioned Golomon or the dedicatee more /II =hron. 9.102. Golomon FIHsF himself 4 times. The f rnishings were ornate and the Temple a symbol the heavens implicitly co ld not contain /*.92@ **,000 cattle. # t Fwere yo not : st doing it for yo rselves3F /Wech. N.+f2@ 1*0,000 sheep and goats, b t who dwells in ho se made with hands3 The >wise sonF /* =hron. *.1*2 Fmade silver and gold as common in 7er salem as stonesF /1.1+2, Fa temple for the !ame of the Dord and a royal palace for himselfF /*.12. These were act al. <ne sacrifice wo ld not do if there co ld be many, all b ilt by the labor of aliens /*.1N2. Ehether the <ne wo ld dwell F in a dark clo dF or in the place of GolomonHs desiring FforeverF /9.*2, the politics was not s stained. Ehat was p t down Fwith his handsF was Fpromised with his mo thF /9.42. A mani4ed as GolomonHs hands, the prophetic political moment reminded what 8r. <bama believed at his temple. Golomon knelt, spread his hands and invoked the conditions of the fo ndation promise, Fsons caref l in all they do to walkF /9.192. In the next breath he s cceeded with his 1000 wives in dis) alifying himself, Fwill (od really dwell on earth with menF /9.1023 $s tho gh addressed to an a dience he commanded N acts of mercy, a formality, with the invite, Fcome to yo r resting placeF /9.412. Ehen the fire came down to cons me the sacrifice and the glory /clo d, smoke2 they chanted /+.1-2 and the day was confirmed, b t with the greater promise being to > proot Israel? >if yo t rn away? /N.*0,112, which only took twenty years /0.12.


&old and Baboons, %pes and 'eacoc.s Did Golomon imbibe a l st from his conception that contrib ted to his prooting3 Ehen Gheba came to >test him with hard ) estions? /1.12 and he answered, did it prove how corr pt and wise a man can be at the same time, shown also in his trading ships that every three years bro ght back >gold and baboons? /1.*123 $t the fall of 7er salem !eb chadne44ar Fcarried to #abylon all the articles from the Temple. Ae set fire to the Temple and broke down the wall. !ot long after, =yr s, king of %ersia said familiarly@ The :)%D, the 2od of heaven, has given me all the +ingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to uild a temple for him at <erusalem in <udah! 1nyone of his people among you99may the :)%D his 2od e with him, let him go up!J /* =h -9.*-2. "edication >!ow what Dyson and Tolkien showed me . . . was this@ that if I met the idea of sacrifice in a %agan story I didn6t mind it at all@ again, that if I met the idea of a god sacrificing himself to himself I liked it very m ch and was mysterio sly moved by it@ again, that the idea of the dying and reviving god /#alder, $donis, #acch s2 similarly moved me provided I met it anywhere except in the (ospels. The reason was that in the %agan stories I was prepared to feel the myth as profo nd and s ggestive of meanings beyond my grasp even tho gh I co ld not say in cold prose >what it meant.? !ow the story of =hrist is simply a tr e myth@ a myth working on s in the same way as the others, b t with this tremendo s difference that it really happened@ and one m st be content to accept it in the same way, remembering that it is (od6s myth where the other are men6s myths@ i.e., the %agan stories are (od expressing Aimself thro gh the minds of poets, sing s ch images as Ae fo nd there, while =hristianity is (od expressing Aimself thro gh what we call >real things.? Therefore, it is true, not in the sense of being a description of (od /that no finite mind wo ld take in2 b t in the sense of being the way in which (od chooses to appear to o r fac lties. The >doctrines? we get out of the tr e myth are of co rse less tr e@ they are translations into o r concepts and ideas of that which (od has already expressed in a lang age more ade) ate, namely the act al incarnation, cr cifixion, and res rrection.?

#eadles fo nd a Datin Testament. and a toca.01 SI. Ming. a >8iss . +12. Do not think yo r enemy in that day is like yo .? for whose sacrifice only one c re can occ r. The tort rer6s conscience will less likely conflict him in secret among his fellows. his mo th forced open. 2oya. . Ehy did opponents in the # sh years not tr mpet the In) isition connection3 To a %rotestant people that wo ld have sealed its condemnation. Tort rers love nothing more than to corr pt a child with philosophy. It was like the theatre of 'ome that informed s ch martyrs6 trials. no offense Dr. cond cted in the leniency of their compassion as long as one wo ld s rrender p one6s 8ennonite fellows and parents. since it was the widespread and central techni) e sed also in the Gpanish In) isition. 7 de says the archangel 8ichael did not acc se Gatan b t only reb ke him in the !ame. 4o$l "r$g <ne of the first things children in the #ook of 8artyrs learn is not to engage their tort rers in an effort to show them error. or linen cloth.ven 7acobo Timmerman the $rgentine p blisher co ld not ask why or debate. the acc sed was tied down on a rack. in her first arraignment was acc sed of being a teacher. In their >kindness? the a thorities of that time coaxed a general confession first. (ater Tort$re In Gwit4erland. b t only cry ooo. In secret trib nals and co ncils where they drown in a bag. $n example among many. The horrorC Ehen asked to take an oath she replied that >we o ght not to swear? ) oting and liberally believing that same testament of . or water tort re. especially as noted in the Martyr's Mirror where $nabaptists were tort red for comm nion and their views withal. p shed down his throat. a prec rsor of $merican water boarding that never seemed to receive its d e. Eater was then dripped onto the cloth to sim late the sensation of drowningF /'obert A ghes.li4abeth. <ne of the favorite traditions of tort re in W rich and (eneva was drowning in a bag. G rely eno gh evidence of that. These are careerists. That is why Gt. 8ennonites who carried wooden knives in their belts to show their contempt of m rder were sometimes dragged behind boats in Dake (eneva. FIn the toca. or throw in a f rnace. Go the children were advised by fathers to state their faith and stop. 8 ch in the way of tort re and oppression was practiced against them all. as was done in Gwit4erland and #abylon. there is no h manity of tort rer.

10 the words of 7es s that cent ries later her family believed. b t they will hear themselves when extremes more necessary than fact become myth and all the hidden gods of 7oseph =ampbell from G mer. ntil checked against the Iact. Ee confine examples of demolition to three. #abylon swirl the earth.gypt. the notion that the name of 5ahweh represents a race of space aliens who inseminated =ro"8agnon and !eanderthal women to prod ce a race like themselves. The middle way between faith and the world s its only the world. examiners >applied the screws to her shins. .? This called for her to elicit associates6 identity more than admit any partic lar Fcrime. increasing from the frivolo s to grand.? along came the spider and sat down beside her and she was >drowned in a bag. The condemned will not be heard. . !or wo ld she identify this family or her friends. Ghe failed the test of infant salvation thro gh baptism. is to demolish the name in which the children tr st. this was her last offense. so that the blood s) irted o t at the nails.? $ltho gh she was held from 7an ary 1+ ntil her exec tion on 8arch *N. Th s a second a dience re) ired to show her the severe arm. or to any other person. all telling and convincing arg ments. Iirst. Ghe was reexamined in a chamber@ >b t as she wo ld not vol ntarily confess. 40*"0-2. Ghe said the phrase >holy sacrament? did not appear in the Testament.? This earnest catechism of confession f rther despised. <ff with her headC Ghe failed the exam of %apal ordinance general. $nd since >they obtained not one word from her detrimental to her brethren in the Dord.F <h she was hard hearted. he applied the th mbscrews to her th mbs and forefingers. 1+41 /Theatre. Tort rers have done s ch magnificent work that merely to mention that !ame is a scandal. "emolish The Dame The central premise of tort rers. then disappear like a vapor. then and to come.

the crowning achievement at the very top of deceptions. D<'D was s bstit ted for Cahweh in . 492. or The !ame. all the heavens. all the worlds. Ehich of these think yo 7es s meant when the said.xod s *0@N2 means to ban the !ame from h man tterance. yo yield yo rself. that o t of respect for 5ahweh his name wo ld not be said at all. as he is called. of the energies of the organs of the body in conflict with each other? /The (ower of Myth. in metaphorical images. b t in Israel. >I have declared Thy !ame nto the men and will declare it? /7n 1N23 Th s that !ame again and again ttered from the 'ed Gea and the %atriarchs to the prophets. are within sBmyth is a manifestation in symbolic images.+10 times in and to the text. was that miracle of logic beg n in +th cent ry #abylon d ring the =aptivity. =ampbell says. as if leaving o t the vowel showed respect.nglish. There are no gods within us. was made extinct. that >anyone writing a creative work knows that yo open. and the book talks to yo and b ilds itself? /N12. Go the third . b t it is a f nction of %rince Ghibboleth.lohim in vainF /. as if not saying The !ame at all showed respect.nglish spelled ("D. 5ahweh is a fact. to reign in extreme amiability ntil he slits the thin sp n life. in . $mong pagans the !ame was then called (od. more conventional doctrine. is as h ge a deception as the space aliens coming to p mp yo with their sperm. =ampbell says. This was done 9. which m st be said a certain way. Ior =ampbell everything is so m ch metaphor that 'eality so nds nbelievable. #lessed #e Ae. and it so nds like tr th b t is not. whose arm was salvation and whose hand and !ame were the strong tower the righteo s r n into and are safe. $ third example of the demolition of the !ame. Ae tho ght he was a fact? /N92. If yo do not say it so no one will hear. The ticket to their for ms on national TK is to mo th s ch slogans repeatedly. b t the book. !ame above all other names. The opposite of these statements is tr e. 4yrios in the (reek. that >all the gods. 1donai in Aebrew. The book as a familiar spirit and the a thor as a medi m is hardly disbelieved among the notable. was lowered to be compared to the generic gods that inhabited all nations. That being so. The book is a conscio s creation. is believed by the entire psychological establishment. >one problem with 5ahwehBis that he forgot he was a metaphor. with the appendage. ha $hem.11 Irom 7oseph =ampbell a second. Go the 5ahweh who rained bread and co ld not be defeated. especially from those en:oined to speak it and seek it for their salvation. It6s a pretty piece of logic that says Fyo shall not take the name of 5ahweh . talking. being only a shibboleth.

ever since Isaiah said. which has everything to do with hearing as one born of the spirit. A. and E. 's 47. the histories and stories in Torah are the garments that clothe its mysteries.. These have seen whole societies of spirit al virgins. 's !!6. 8orris 7astrow. 'oscher all agree@ #aal is the #abylonian s n deity. #aal Iort ne. which good (nostics do nightly. Mronos. $mmon. I have more insight than all my teachers. #elos2 was the ancestral and national deity of the Gemites. ="e$t !B. Isa B7. which takes its a thority here. In the 1pocalypse.. %erception of The mystery has been likened to oring a hole in the lo e of the ear and pinning it to the door. Too sacred means attrib ting origins to acts known by divination.. according to sec lar history. Go f rther. $ss r. %evelations 10. below 8o nt Aermon. This insight no more transfers by words than life is known by the dead.. was taken away o t of a spirit of holiness. Fthose who p rs e their own imaginations. Too sacred means backwards. Aow to perceive word and mystery3 $nswer.1* commandment. wa+ens my ear to listen as one eing taught. shaman or other is deception itself. Go passed *+ cent ries. never again ttered.*. #aal (ad. Ehen my ear you have opened. b t the word is its expression.who spread a table for Iort ne and fill bowls of mixed wine for Destiny. the fo nder of #abel /#abylon2.F which being interpreted means We s worship in all the ch rches and in the &!.-. The #a6als of the nations were s n deities. to Tantrics who labor to keep their sheep in the pen at night. (harma+os falsely clothes. a divination that occ rs by dr gs.4.are too sacredF /Isaiah 9+2. or as said in another place. so why not read script re backwards. <ld Testament Torah believed many ways to emphasi4e the letter.66> the text p ts on an ephod.F The revelation of these mysteries in words. and #el"8ard k.who sit among the graves and spend their nights keeping secret vigil. >#a6al /#el. as opposite of the spirit of pharma+os and shamans in every way. as (nostics have done for years. b t hears the voice itself. yo shall not take away the !ame of 5ahweh. Aow to directly apprehend mystery is a st dy itself.!0. any intervention between the mystery and the so l by dr gs. and the so l of the Torah consists of the mysteries themselves. from remembering yo r life in reverse order.. that Fthe r les and laws of Torah are its body. 7 piter. and #a6al worship means s n worship. and identified with We s. and to honor its sacredness. that is backwards. contin es to be expressed.. he wa+ens me morning y morning. The mystery m st be seen naked.says that by the spirit of pharma+os all nations were deceived. 8ax 8zller. which is the religion of #aal. $ssh r. directly apprehended. .

that steals lives witho t acknowledging the theft. dressy starchitect res more than b ildings. experiments. They are deified men. (8< seed and m ch else that idoli4es itself in the contin al transgression of nat re. and seek in their b ildings of rhetoric means to circ mscribe even Isaiah /note *2. like an entrance to the (olden $ge. sometimes called false gods. 1-"14. >most books of the <ld Testament speak of 9the gods< as existing realitiesTreal spirit al beings with minds of their own? /8cDermott. and made all memory to perish? /Isaiah *9. >divine reality. these adonim are compared to men. hybridoma mice.mperor Ghibboleth in worship of the Gelf"immortal slogan. # t c t to the chase@ >< 5ahweh o r . $ schwit4 g lag. The dr gs are known. !ot to disrespect the gods. in this case that. Traina and M7K2. nano scale headless frogs. They are inhabited by a diverse gro p from 'ichard Dawkins to =reational 8onotheists. avant"garde pop #abel. %assers"by can see the g ilt"harnessed bridges p lled into space. calls it something else. who do not rise. religion and myth exist to f rther this . creating shadows. this proper service wo ld promise entrance to the 8ilky Eay. they shall not rise@ therefore hast tho visited and destroyed them. infrastr ct res of death. m tants of high tech.1- !o more than a bride knows the mind of her h sband by giving herself to another man before she marries can this be known by taking the so l dr g.lohim. It6s easy to manip late a cas al reader into something partially tr e. ! nca masC Gcience. Fdesaparecidos. whoever they are. Idols To s bstit te slogans for ancient tr th and modern"b ilt figments of history. they shall not liveJ they are deceased.? Go what to make of these gods3 The s perstr ct res of this view tower over the landscape. critici4ing him for his acts when he does not act like an idol. h man4ees. b t are not a way to know. the only one to hear. for he is in fact the one.F prison camps. 'oman worship of the state and the s n. %donim /Dords2 instead of Thee have had dominion over sJ b t by Thee only will we make mention of Thy name. pdf2. politics. >in the pride of yo r heart yo$ say. conflating elements into their own hybrid. . 9I am a godJ I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the seasBB$t yo$ are a man and not a . Dr g clothes will have yo comparing yo r h sband to an idol when yo want to be wholly enveloped. as opposed to men and 8essiah who do. !eb chadne44ar6s giant gold man and the Tro:an Aorse were made. $. (ods and the transformation of men into gods by g r s combined. #.4ekiel says.

ven if they are the means of secret knowledge and power. $sk of bats that if they see with their ears do they hear with their eyes3 %eafo his todaelde means >pl nder his entire ho se.**. not yo r belief. *0. ut they don't tell where it goes! Cou only find out at the end! $o follow the facts! *hat does the te7t say happened. he takes from him all his armor wherein he tr sted. !IK2 This concerning the king of Tyre is all the more addressed to the chief god of 8ammon.den. much less the wor+ of your minds. Tyndale says. and schal dele abrood his sp ylis. not what do I elieve a out the te7t6 Disco nt the Gmooth. not a god. It helps when someone tells the tr th.f. #elieve yo r int itions and ears. Gome lies are so adept and powerf l they are believed. he schal tak a wey alle his armeris. his goods are in peace@ b t when a stronger than he shall overcome him. Gt.@X . and divides his spoils. %eafo His Todaelde! Dindisfarne and Eycliffe (ospels.F “Cou shall +now who I am says Cah when I ring you up out of your grave! $o while the sacrificers of men are +issing the calves they ma+e with their hands. !IK2. Go all these hidden things were never meant to be. >I am a god. the one who was >in . you shall revive as corn!" Hosea D. /Irom ! mber of the (ods here2 It is abs rd in this revival to talk abo t gods. $ lie ndiscerned is always smooth.F for when Fa strong man armed keeps his palace. as the %salm says. #aal and Gat rn. JGothli if a strongere comynge above overcome him. 1. in which he tristide.14 godB will yo then say. don't 8uestion the facts! Don't say I elieve this. D ke 11. @O.? %eafo despoils the strong man. 8en and women and children of earth are the Gons of (od. . Want to know what comes next( Cour eliefs are irrelevant! $tart with the te7t.4. we are not made for secrets. in the hands of those who slay yo ? /. neither will we say with the wor+ of your hands. ta+e your words and render the calves of your lips.arth is the Dord6s. the garden of (odJ every precio s stone adorned yo Bamong the fiery stonesBblameless in all yo r ways from the day yo were created. Disco nt the smooth and examine the ro gh so deception can be known. . not that! The 8uestion mar+s the trail! #airns can e relied on. -f.? in the presence of those who kill yo 3 5o will be b t a man. till wickedness was fo nd in yo Band yo$ will be no more? /1.

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