Participants name: 1. 2.

1.'We Open Governments' is the slogan of which organisation?

Name of college:

2. In 1859 Chesebrough went to the oil fields in Titusville, Pennsylvania and learned of a residue called "rod wax" that had to be periodically removed from oil rig pumps. The oil workers had been using the substance to heal cuts and burns. Chesebrough took samples of the rod wax back to Brooklyn, extracted the usable product, and began manufacturing the medicinal product he called …………….? 3. “The logo of the company is representative of a light that has three crossed tuning forks”, which company? 4. ………………… meaning ( "auspicious, lucky") was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of refrigerators, then moved to manufacturing decoration materials in 1989, and by 1992, motorcycle parts. In 1994, began manufacturing motorcycles. ………………………… company signed an agreement to buy Volvo (Identify Company)? 5. First formulated by Dr. Joseph Lawrence and Jordan Wheat Lambert in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1879 as surgical antiseptic. In 1885, Lawrence sold his share to the Lambert Pharmacal Company. In 1955, Lambert Pharmacal merged with New York-based Warner-Hudnut and became Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company and incorporated in Delaware with its corporate headquarters in Morris, New Jersey. In 2000 Pfizer acquired Warner-Lambert. It is currently manufactured and distributed by Johnson and Johnson since that company's acquisition of Pfizer's consumer healthcare division in late December 2006. Name the brand? 6. Which company slogan is "Get a Piece of the Rock”? 7. Kotler and Andreasen define ------------------------------ as "differing from other areas of marketing only with respect to the objectives of the marketer and his or her organization and it seeks to influence behaviors not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society.” 8. Launched in India in 1989. -------------------- draws its inspiration from the era of king of France—known as the citizen King for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts, ------------------Brand symbolizes the elegance, class and status of that era. Identify the brand? 9. Which auto company's name means 'double dragon'? 10. TATA TEA new name: -------------------------------------11. ………………………launches the world’s first solar-powered mobile phone 12. Merriam-Webster named ------------------------ as the word of the year in USA. 13. Full form of LTCM: 14. ------------- has announced that it will cease production of the-------------, the iconic portable gadget once seen clipped onto belts around the world from FY 2012. 15. Identify company:

16. Major shareholder of PETRONET LNG Company.

Connect 18.17. Both are famous for----------------- Ragnar Frisch 20. Identify company 19. Identify the logo Jan Tinbergen .

Which company was started by these two icons? 23.: 25.21. Which great institution is associated with him? . Identify logo 22. Fill in the blanks : 24. Which company produces this brand? :: --------------------------.

Bonus question: 26. Expand IFRS: -------------------------------------------------------Best of Luck------------------------------------------------------------------ .

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