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Asian Theological Seminary Hermeneutics History of Biblical Interpretation Submitted by: Francisco De Jesus

1. 2. Ezra and his associates- Ezra the teacher of the law who give interpretation and explanation. There had been some known to be Levites who help Ezra in teaching the word of God. The Qumran community- An ascetic community who significantly contributed to the translation and preservation of important OT manuscripts and written interpretations. The Pairs- during the Maccabean times a series of debate on interpretation from two sets of Rabbis. This climaxed to two schools the Hillel and the Shammai. The Rabbinic literature- produced from about AD 10 to AD 550. Alexandrian Judaism- with the allegorical method carried by Philo.

Because the Jewish people had been the handlers and carriers of the bible ever since Moses. Secondly, the bible are written and revealed in their own culture and language. Primarily communicated directly to them. Knowing the historical development of the Jewish interpretation of the bible means a lot on how we view the bible. It uses Greek thought like of Plato, It helped them deepened their faith. It continued to grow until it had a firm hold on biblical studies that could not be broken. In most cases there was a group of scholars trying to make the Christians faith meaningful in the intellectual milieu of Alexandria. The scriptures was attacked by immoral and intellectual issues, the Alexandrian scholars tried to use allegorizing to cover this issue. In the middle age, Scripture was described support for the tradition. Philosophical Theology and theological Philosophy. It is the turning point from the tradition of the middle age to the So la Scriptura principle which based all interpretation annd Christian practice to the plain statement of the bible. Emphasis on the so la scriptura proposition by the reformers and the Anabaptist. The effort for the scholarly study of the bible with. The Historical and grammatical rule.

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Emphasis on Historical criticism, had been good for a while because it pushes the study of he bible into a deeper level, but when it is controlled by the naturalistic and philosophical assumption, It reflects the There have been varried writtings and lifetime produce for a more productive activity. Historical and genetically study of the scripture. The past and the present were allways considered in the land. . Emphasis on biblical interpretation varies from or should I say time after time. It always call the for the setting of the time. Times and cultures one dynamic. Time and cultures are dynamic sot that the approach in interpreting the bible. We are more blessed to see developments of biblical Interpretation through time, because we have the edge of accessing their mistakes