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Capitol University College of Maritime Education Cagayan de Oro City Basic Safety Training Survey Questionnaire (Deck/Engine Cadets)

Name:__________________________________ Date: ______________________ Name of Training Center: ____________________ Duration of Training: _______________________ We would detailed below. Please complete your wish. Thank you 1. Evaluation Questionnaire be grateful if you spend a few minutes completing the questions Information and comments on this form will be treated confidentially. the questions by selecting the appropriate rating, adding any comments for your assistance.

Which of the following best describes your reason for taking the course:. [ ] It was a required course toward a degree program [ ] It was required course to maintain Credentials/qualifications. [ ] It had a general interest in the subject.

2. For each of the following, to what degree did the course meet your expectations: Exceeded Met Almost Met Failed to Meet Course Content Classroom facilities Professor/Instructor Materials Meeting the stated curriculum 3. Please rate your satisfaction with the instructor of this course in each of the following areas: Very Good Satisfactory Fair Poor Knowledge of the subject Good

Preparation for the class Willingness to extend additional help Provided a source of motivation Issue: 05 April06 Revision: 03

4. Please rate your satisfaction with the materials provided for this course for each of the following: Very Good Consistent with the course objectives Clear and well Organized Ease of understanding Appropriate exercises and examples 5. Please rate your satisfaction with the adequacy and quality of training facilities. Very Good Fire Fighting Personal survival Elementary First Aid Personal Safety 6. How relevant was the course to you? ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 7. What improvements could be to the course? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 8. Please add any comments that may help to improve the quality of the training. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Issue: 05 April06 Revision: 03 Good Satisfactory Fair Poor Good Satisfactory Fair Poor