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Submitted by: Bryan James S, Olangcay Student

Submitted to: Mr. Jessie B. Martinez English I Teacher


 Director: Thomas Peter "Tom" Shadyac -Tom Shadyac was born on December 11, 1958 at Falls Church Virginia. His parents are Julie and Richard Shadyac, a lawyer. His mother was of Lebanese descent and his father was of half Lebanese and half Irish ancestry. His mother, Julie, who died of cancer in 1998, had become semi-quadriplegic and spent much of Shadyac's adult life in a wheelchair. - Shadyac graduated from J. E. B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia, in 1976 where he had played basketball, participated in the Key Club and made the Junior National and National Honor Societies. In both 1975 and 1976 Tom was included in Who's Who Among High School Students. - In 2007 Shadyac suffered post-concussion syndrome after a bicycle accident in Virginia, experiencing months of acute headaches and hypersensitivity to light and noise. The injury followed the cumulative effects of previous mild head injuries Shadyac had suffered surfing, mountain biking and playing basketball. He subsequently gave away his excess fortune (e.g., opening a homeless shelter in Charlottesville, Virginia and making a key donation to Telluride, Colorado's effort to set aside a natural area at the town's entrance), reoriented and simplified his life, sold his 17,000-square-foot (1,600 m2) Los Angeles mansion and moved into a trailer park albeit the exclusive Paradise Cove park in Malibu.

 Characters: y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Jim Carrey Morgan Freeman Jennifer Aniston Lisa Ann Walter Philip Baker Hall Steve Carell Catherine Bell Sally Kirkland Nora Dunn Eddie Jemison Tony Bennett Madeline Lovejoy Micah Stephen Williams John Murphy Bruce Nolan God Grace Connelly Debbie Connelly Jack Baylor Evan Baxter Susan Ortega Anita Mann Ally Loman Bobby Himself Zoe Boy on bike Himself

 Plot Summary: - Bruce Nolan is a television field reporter for Eyewitness News on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York. He is unsuccessful at getting a job as an anchorman. When anticipating a promotion to a vacant anchor position, and while on the air, Bruce becomes furious when he hears that rival co-worker Evan Baxter gets promoted and he gets fired. After Bruce gets fired from his job, he complains to God that He isn't doing His job correctly. God then contacts Bruce via Bruce's pager and meets him at an old building. -Bruce at first does not believe God is who he says he is, since God is dressed up as a janitor. God states that he is tired of how Bruce always complains about him and grants Bruce all of His powers so as to prove that he is doing his job correctly. The only limitations are that Bruce cannot tell people he is God, and he cannot interfere with free will then later on Bruce uses his powers for personal gain. However, he is bothered by the voices which he can only hear. - Bruce uses God's powers to gain the reputation "Mr. Exclusive" by causing exciting news, such as a meteor impact, to occur whenever he is reporting. He also forces Evan to humiliate himself on air by making him speak gibberish, and Evan is removed as anchor in favor of Bruce. Bruce takes Grace (she is the girlfriend of Bruce) to dinner to tell her this, and Grace is disappointed as she was expecting him to propose. As Bruce is once again overwhelmed by voices, God appears to him and tells Bruce the voices are prayers, and will continue to build up if not answered. He also confronts Bruce on using his powers for personal gain and not helping people. Reading the prayers in the form of e-mails, Bruce attempts to answer them individually, but when he discovers he is receiving prayers faster than he can respond, Bruce decides to set his e-mail account to automatically answer "yes" to all prayers, assuming this will make everyone happy. - At a party to celebrate his promotion, Bruce attempts to call Grace to get her to come but she doesn't pick up. However, when Grace arrives, Bruce is then seduced by Susan who passionately kisses him. Grace witnesses this and leaves him. Bruce tries to use his powers to win her back but cannot, as he is not allowed to interfere with free will. Bruce finds that his abuse of his powers has consequences: some people take the meteor impact and other phenomena as signs of the apocalypse while others are outraged over thousands winning the lottery and a riot breaks out in the city. Brought before God again, Bruce protests that he only gave people what they wanted, and God tells Bruce that people need to stop looking to him for answers. That evening, Bruce decides to look at the prayers Grace has sent and discovers she continually prayed for his success and well-being. As a new prayer begins to arrive, Bruce goes to witness Grace praying in person, and hears her wishing to not be in love with him any more so she will stop hurting. - Depressed, Bruce walks on to a highway and submits to God, asking Him to take back His powers and trusting Him with his fate. Bruce is suddenly struck by a truck and is brought before God in a white void. God asks Bruce what he really wants, and assuming he is dead, Bruce asks that Grace find a man who may make her truly happy and see her through God's eyes, even if it is not Bruce. God agrees and revives Bruce, who wakes up in the hospital to be told "someone up there" favors him. Bruce and Grace reconcile and become engaged, and Bruces life became normal.

INTERPRETATION OF THE CONTENT - Well, I might say I understand a bit of the story. The movie started when Bruce is having bad luck in his life and at first he does not believe in God. God contacts Bruce and give him His powers. - The movie wants to tell us that not all of us have good luck all the time. Some of us have good and bad luck. Do not blame God and say to him that he is not doing his work and you are the only one who is suffering, there are other people, too who is suffering. You are having this bad luck because youre not careful or youre not giving your all efforts. So have faith and have patience then you will have a happy day.

EVALUATION OF THE CRAFT - The movie was great and the special effects were awesome, its like the effects were real. Especially the scene when the moon zoomed in, that was great. And the scene when a giant footprint and the meteor impact appeared, they were awesome. Not like in our country, the special effects are not great like the other countries. Im not saying that Filipino movies are bad but American movies are just awesome. - About the movie, it was awesome. The scenes were perfectly filmed and the movie has romances and many laughs. Well at first, I thought that it was only laughs and comedies but when I watched the movie there were also cries and drama. - The movie is for every family. But some of the scenes is inappropriate for 13 years old and below, so parental guidance is advised.