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*FILM REVIEW Hachiko (A midterm Exam)


Carmona, Kevin John S. Magpoc, Tiffton Onine P.

For: Professor. Romeo Martin February 2, 2012


The Basic Information About the Film 1.Title: Hachiko (A Dogs Story) 2. 13 June 2009 3. Producers:
Jeff Abberley Julia Blackman Julie Chrystyn Roxanna Farzaneh Samuel H. Frankel Richard Gere Warren T. Goz Bill Johnson Paul A. Levin Tom Luse Paul Mason Stewart McMichael Dwight Opperman Dean Schnider Jim Seibel Shin Torisawa .... executive producer .... executive producer .... associate producer .... associate producer .... co-executive producer (as Sam Frankel) .... producer .... executive producer .... producer .... associate producer .... co-executive producer .... executive producer .... executive producer .... associate producer .... co-producer .... executive producer .... producer: Japan

Michael Viner .... associate producer Vicki Shigekuni Wong .... producer

4.Script Writers : Stephen P. Lindsey (screenplay) Kaneto Shind (motion picture "Hachiko monogatari") 5. Principal Characters: 1. Richard Gere ... Parker Wilson 2. Joan Allen ... Cate Wilson 3. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ... Ken

Hachiko is played by three Akitas named Chico', Layla and Forrest - each playing a different period in Hachiko's life and his home

6. Film Duration : 88:46 minutes 7. Distributors : Entertainment Film Distributors

8. Type of Film - Factual, Dramatic: Dramatic The movie is dramatic because Hachi waits for his master in the train station until the day he died. Factual- It is factual because it is a true to life story of a dog and his master . And it is about the loyalty of a dog to the one who is taking good care To them.



The Synopsis 1. Prof. Parker teaches Hatchi to fetch a ball, only to find out that Akitas obey their masters which are really hard to see. 2. Prof. Parker fell inlove with Hachi, because Hachi gave life to the meaning of their existence being part of their beloved family. 3. Hachi is like a family member, though sometimes he acts most of the time as a spoild little boy. 4. Hachi waits for Prof. Parker at the train station every morning and every night, then he would leap out of his place and kiss his master as a sign of greeting. 5. When Prof. Parker died & Hachi waits for him 9 years, even if there werent any return at all. The Review 1. Important Scenes: a. It is when Professor Parker learned that Hachiko was a Japanese Royal Dog breed Akita b. It is when Hachiko grew happily with the family and was made a part of. c. When Hachiko waited for his dead master till the end. 2. Sound Bites a. Fetch Boy! b. Every living being has a soul that never dies c. Im so sorry but the owner has already taken the dog 3. Moral Value a. Be loyal to those who loves you the most. b. Never grow old in mind and spirit. c. Love is the important essence of life.


Soul and Spirit of the Film 1. The Theme a. The film is all about having a family who loves and respects you, of what you are and who you are. b. Even through trials and difficulties it is not a burden but an opportunity to stay together.

2. The Problem a. When Prof. Parker announced the presence of a lost puppy Hachiko. b. When Prof. Parker had a stroke and caused his life. 3. Thesis Statement This is not about who we are, what we are or where we are but it is the love, care and respect of our families which are given to us in order for us to be of better beings

Psychology of Personages 1. 2. 3. 4. V. Prof. Parker Intelligent, Compassionate, Loving and thoughtful Hachiko Sweet, cute, funny and child like Ken Smart, Wise and very optimistic Cate Wilson Strict, Prudent and very passionate of work Techincal Aspects 1. Lighting/ Color the lighting was based on the scenematics of early japan mixed with western culture bringing extra life to the beauty of life and arts. 2. Sound Effects the music was focused on each scenes and character, thus bringing a breath taking rhythm on each transition of events. 3. Decoration/ Props it was all remarkable and exceptional most specially the train and the clock on the station which symbolizes a very important massive detail on the spirit of the film. 4. Actor(best) Each actor and actress are very amazing in portraying their characters, even hachiko the dog was very astounding, however it is not only the names of the characters nor their physical appearnces. But their personalities and traits gave them their own light on showing the roles they were meant to play. VI. Conclusion

This movie made a difference and new perspective in our lives, making dogs not only pets but as friends, family members and guardians. It also showed kindness and loyalty in a new level, new perspective, new approach and new context. However we should never take for granted the things in our lives that mean so much to us, because one day we may never see them again. That even if they go out of our lives, we will miss them because they have been very important to us. We should trust, love and have faith on each other for loyalty is thus developed in unison with both realities of things essential with care and having faith seen and unseen.



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