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Companies across the world have finally realized that unless People Practices and Performance Indicators is not linked with the Processes and Business Performance Indicators any hope to have the role of HR function as the strategic partner within the enterprise and impacting bottom line is not possible in a sustainable manner One of the most discussed topics in the HR industry today is HR Scorecard (metrics and measurement). From organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) to HR gurus and white papers from management consulting firms like Mckinsey & Co, Deloitte Consulting, the topic of metrics is covered extensively.
Manage Your Strategic Initiatives More Effectively By Successfully Implementing the HR Scorecard WHAT IS HR SCORECARD WHO SHOULD ATTEND

A tool for measuring the contribution of human resource management practices to the financial performance of an organization. The HR scorecard sees human resource management practices as a strategic asset and provides a road map of six steps designed to help organizations integrate human resource systems with their processes and business performance centered on organizational strategy
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How to use the HR Scorecard to create and strengthen HRs strategic role and to ensure HR is making valuable contribution to the processes and business objectives. 10 Dimensions of HR Scorecard Measurement Understanding Linkage between HR, Process and Business Performance How to use HR Scorecard as a tool to measure the important part of the process performance related to the Human.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at Hotel Reagent Plaza, Karachi Timings: 10:00 am 5:00 pm

Design HR Strategy Map and identify Indicators performances or measure results to ensure the effective utilization of human capital. Identify HR deliverables for organization within the Strategy Map. Develop and align the HR Architecture with the HR deliverables Create HR Metrics Design the HR Scorecard Define an implementation plan for an HR Scorecard Sample HR Scorecard for Pharmaceutical Industries
.Amir Farooqi, MBA HR from UK has worked as HR & OD Consultant & Trainer in UK and Pakistan and executed projects in Healthcare , Finance, Pharmaceuticals sectors related to Re-Structuring, OD, BSC etc Currently heads ORGANIZATION domain of ARCH ASSOCIATESManagement Consulting & Training firm and working on areas related to ROI of Training, Organizational Health Index, HR Audits & Performance Measurement as Process Management Atif Ahmad Khan, Principal Consultant ARCH ASSOCIATES has extensively worked in manufacturing sector since 1998 with main focus in the domain of Process Improvement, Systems Thinking, BPR, KPI framework etc

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