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OPM 200B PRODUCT DETAILS Relay group have the speci cation that easily take in take out. Capability of work, in Any Call Buttons Failure state. Even any button has failure in any case, the elevator can run with the aware of this situtation. however after repairing this button failure, when the card begins for the rst time, the electronic card can persieve that the failure is gone so it concerns the button signals afterwards. When the position is reset, it has the capability of moving from the oor. About the velocity: Upto 1,6 m/s speed you can use in your elevator system by this card. Gong Circuit Spesi cation: By the Serial Communication Card it can use directly out for the speaker, that can amplify the internal Gong Signal. Display Speci cation: by only one ON-OFF switch on board you can control the Side Arrows Signals, Busy signals, Out of Service signals and turn this events easily. This speci cation has important advantage that it cancel the failures of wrong connections. That means that user may connect the links easily and feel safe for the other enviromental units through the wrong connections. LCD spesi cation: It has automatically easy adjusting stops. It has card counting in the Displays on the Revision State. It can run upto 16 Stops by Collective. All Parameters can be adjusted by the helping with display program buttons on board easily. It supplies time saving, control pane terminals savings by simple and correct assembly. It has the overload speci cation. It has adjustable Display outs that has Short-Circuit protection. It has 10A relay Contact outs for Side Arrows, Out of Service and Busy Signals. And for this outputs there is common, adjustable Park Station and period. You can select the automatic doors open or closed state. It has Bistable switch input for the counting position information. Adjustable car lamb timing, lock timing, on oor waiting, maximum high velocity, maximum low time. On-O signal Move in manually in by the program buttons usage. Upto two elevators it can control in group by grup. Magnetical Swicth counting system for the car positioning information. User can adjust system parameters by using LCD buttons on board. On screen, in Normal working about the situtation of elevator, and in failure it shows the de nition about the fault with the Code. For every stop/ oor, it can be de ned alfanumerical de nitions or oor names. Material savings (etc: cable and so on), labour savings system with the Compatibility of Car Installation Card. With the at Cables connector cards simple assemblies. Menu Language: Turkish, English. It is approprate all for the Standart EN-81