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Ordained on March 25, 2012 at the 9th Tedim Baptist Convention (TBC) Board of Management (BM) Meeting, Saizang,

Tedim, Chin State Birth day- 27572 in Matupi, Chin State Home Village- Teklui, Tedim Residence : MIT, Insein, Yangon Church: Tedim Baptist ChurchYangon (TBC-Y) Father- Sayagyi U Khup Lian (Asst. State Education Officer, Retd) Mother- Pi Dim Zam Assurance in Christ in 1987 (EBC Crusade, Teklui) Born again in 1989; Date of Baptism 5-5-1991 Myanmar Baptist Minister Card No. 10142 Memoirs 1987 Started suffering from poor health 1988 - Matriculation 1989 Youth Choir Leader, Teklui Baptist Church 1993 - Secretary, Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna, Mandalay University 1994 (1) Founding Member and first Editor of Zingsol Thukizakna, Mandalay University (2) EC Member of Aungmingalar Hostel, Mandalay University (3) Vocalist, Mandalay University Christian Fellowship (UCF) Myanmar Gospel Series 1995 (1) Received B.Sc (Q) Zoology- Distinction in Botany (2) Member, First ZBCM Revival Gospel Team (lasted 6 months) 1996 Assistant Manager, Victoria Hotel, Mandalay 1997 God called him and join MIT for MDiv course 1999-2000 Music Chairman, Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) 2000 Received M.Div (March), Assistant Pastor, Teklui Baptist Church - (August) Executive Assistant, BARS Program, MIT (Pioneer Staff) 2006 Compiled and produced BARS Bible II (NT) Textbook - ZICC Treasurer; TBC-Y Homecell Leader - Officially spelt his name, Mang Tungg Thang, after Analysis (cf. Genesis 17:5,15) 2008 Secretary, 90 year anniversary of Teklui Village Thanksgiving Celebration 2010 Associate Dean, Liberal Arts Program (LAP), MIT 2011 One of ZOLUS Editors 2012 Recovered from bad health 2012 Rapporteur, LAP Curriculum Review Committee, MIT 2012 Doing research on The Role of ICT in Education (For City University of Hong Kong) International Experiences 2004 (1) January- IPSL International Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2) April- Leadership Conference, Christian Conference of Asia, Chiang Mai, Thai 2009 United Board (UB) Fellow (Research Scholar), Silliman University, Philippines 2010 (1) January- UB Fellow, Randolph College, USA (2) July- UB Leadership Seminar, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyarkarta, Indonesia (Presented a paper on Strategic Planning) Family

Ordination Profile Reverend Mang Tungg Thang (B.Sc (Q)95; M.Div-2000)

Mrs. Langh Zen Man (Holy Matrimony on 20-4-2001) Two Sons: Tg. Lian Thawn Saang & Tg. Langh Sian Aong Daughter Lia Zam Khun Cing Further Studies Plan: Preparing for Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree, University of Kansas, USA for Fall 2012 Made Tedimlaay Declaration on the New Year of 2012
Contact: Ph- 09-7300-7633; email:,

Hitherto hath the Lord graced me, I set up mine Ebenezer here --------------------------------------------------------------

NANGMA SIAMPI ZA AH Composer: Sianu Ciang Za Man (Elder Sister) January 24, 2012 |s, .s, :s, .l, /s, :s, |m, .s, :d .r /m :1. Lung-dam - na kongko hi, To- pa na khe phung 2. Topa nong ton- pih- na kum sawm- li cing ta 3. Kei leh ka inn- kuanun To - pa na sem nung |m 1. Nang 2. Lung 3. Hiah .m :m .r ma Siam-pi dam luan -khi om ung To :d pih pha it /d za tui pa :d |d .d :t, .d ding Kei nong tawi tawhnang hong aw, ko- te hong /r :saang hi pah- tawi ing zangin

|s, .s, 1. Nong om2. Na thu3. Upna

.f /m :d |m .r tawn-tung hi, Mi te sim ning tatna thu- manh-na ah

:m .s /s :za- tam lai ah sat ngei lo in zung thuk khan

|l, .d :d .f /m :d |m .r :d .t, /d :1. Ka thuum-na-te hong dawng sangpen Pasian aw 2. Nong piak lai ding thu- pha hang in lung-dam ing 3. Ma ban lim - ci hong pian sep -na geelna ah Cho: |s .s :s .m /f :m |r .d :d .r /m :To-pa na min thang hen, Lei mong khat dong ah |s, .l, :d .d /d :d |m .m :f .m /r :Kei a- diinga hoih ka To- pa Nang na hi |s .l :s .l /s :m |r .d :d .r /m :Kabuk nang ka mun kip muan-huai pen na hi |l, .d :d .f /m :d |m .r :d .t, /d :Lam-dang nong it -na lian kei a- diing ki -cing. Motto: Lamentation 3:24 Thanks, God bless you all!