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Student: Bui Lan Huong Guided by: Ms.

Pham Ngoc Diep LESSON PLAN Reading skill Unit 12: Music
1. Time: 45 mins (one period) 2. Objectives: After the lesson, Ss will be able to:

-Skills: + Do gap-fill type of reading + Read for detailed information + Retell the content of reading text basing on graph -Knowledge: Understand more about music and its uses.
3. Assumed knowledge:

-Ss do a lot of gap-filling exercises -Ss have already known some vocabulary items related to topic
4. Anticipated problems:

- There may be lack of time -Ss may be lazy to think of their own idea.
5. Teaching aids: recording, textbook and blackboard. 6. Procedure:




Warm-up (5 mins)

-Prepare a recording which contains 5 pieces of 5 different songs. -Give the names of 5 types of music. - Divide the class into 2 groups. - Ask Ss to listen to these pieces of music and match them with correct order. Two students of two groups will go to the board and give the answers. - The group giving the correct order is the winner. -Match types of music descriptions in page 124 with

- Listen to Ts instruction - Listen to these pieces of music and discuss in group - Two students give the answer to T 1.folk music 2.rock n roll 3.pop music 4.classical music 5.jazz

Pre-reading (3 mins)

their - Match types of music with their descriptions in page 124 and give the answers to T 1.b Lead-in: Weve just mentioned some types 2.e of music. To know the uses of music and 3.d its role in our life, we move to read the 4.a text. 5.c

While-reading (25 mins)

-Reading text and new words (10 mins) 1.Communicate (v) (with): to exchange information, news, ideas, etc. with other people, using words, signs, writing etc. (giao tip) Communication (n) 2.Emotion (n): strong human feeling such as love, hate, or anger (cm xc) Emotional (a): of emotion 3.Integral (a): very essential, very important (thit yu) 4. Set the tones (for/of st): establish the general attitude or feeling of an event, activity etc) (to khng kh) 5.Mournful (a): very sad (bun ru, tang thng) 6.Funeral (n): a religious ceremony for burying someone who has died

Guess the meaning through teachers cues Read Give the stress Copy

7.Lull (v): to make sb relaxed and calm or as if they want to sleep Eg: Lull a baby to sleep Task 1 (5 mins): Use words and phrases in the box to complete the sentences -Ask Ss do task 1 individually -Ask some Ss to read out the answers (the whole sentence), correct any mistake and explain new words. Check (2 mins) - Do task 1 individually - Read out the answers (the whole sentence) if being called -Listen when T give feedback and correction 1. communicate 2. lull 3. delights 4. integral part 5. solemn 6. emotion 7. mournful -Find answers in the textbook and talk to T

Task 2 (8 mins): Ask Ss to skim again the passage and answer the questions: (work in pair) 1. What are two things which make people different from animals? 2. Why is music a powerful means of communication?

3. How can music set the tone for the events and special occasions? 4. How can music entertain?

5. Why has music always been a big business?

1. They are language and music 2. It can express humans emotions: ideas, thoughts and feelings; anger, love, hate or friendship. 3. It adds joyfulness to the atmosphere of a festival and makes a funeral more solemn and mournful. 4. It makes people happy and excited. 5. Because it is a billion -dollar industry

-Teachers go around and check. -While Ss give the answers, T checks and summarize in graph. (see Index 1)

Post-reading (10 mins)

-Ask two Ss go to the board and play the game Tap Tap -Ss attend the game Tap Tap Instruction: - T write the new vocabulary that Ss have learnt on the board - T say the Vietnamese meaning of the word - 2 Ss compete to tap on the word on the board as soon as possible. - Student has the most correct answer will be the winner. -Check and correct if necessary. Home-work - Prepare Part B: Speaking