Statistical Quality Control with SPC

Motivation for using SPC

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27. Oktober 2005 Page 1

.! Conformance to Standards Is the product made exactly as the designer intended? 3 Durability How long is the „service life“ of the product? 7 Perceived Quality What is the reputation of the company or its product? 4 Serviceability How easy is it to repair the product? 6 5 Features Additional features to the performance? Aesthetics Visual appeal of the product 27. Oktober 2005 Page 2 ..Statistical Quality Control with SPC Introduction: Dimension of Quality „Eight components of quality“ (Garvik 1987) 1 2 Reliability How often does the product fail? Performance Will the product do the right job? 8 The quality of a product can be evaluated in several ways.

Oktober 2005 Page 3 .Statistical Quality Control with SPC Introduction: Quality Definition Quality means fitness for use Quality of design Quality of conformance Quality is inversely proportional to variability If variability in the important characteristics of a product. the quality of the product increases! Quality improvement is the reduction of variability on processes and products! This can be reached with a team of specialists in development. quality engineering and other disciplines! „concurrent engineering“ 27. manufacturing.

Oktober 2005 Page 4 .Statistical Quality Control with SPC One way to reduce the variability is to use statistical process control (SPC)! 27.

(as an example) Model the relationship between the influential input variables and the output quality Regression and / or characteristics time series analysis SPC Process compensation and regulation EPC / feedback control (EPC = Engineering process control) 27. . Oktober 2005 Page 5 .. cost analysis.Statistical Quality Control with SPC The way to statistical process control. SPC Experiment design Factor analysis FMEA..

Statistical Quality Control with SPC Possible SPC integration in a manufacturing process as a overview Product design Customer influence QM Methode Customer needs (see also „Dimension of Quality“) Incoming goods Incoming inspection Manufacturing process SPC P co roc an mp ess d en re sa gu ti la on tio n Material management Outgoing inspection Customers Incoming inspection machine material Above fields take influence through variability onto the process! 27. Oktober 2005 man environment method QM-System Page 6 .

Statistical Quality Control with SPC Effective quality improvement be instrumental in increasing productivity and reducing cost! 27. Oktober 2005 Page 7 .

... ● External Failure Costs Complaints Returns ● Warranty charges ● ... ● ● Appraisal Costs Inspection of Incoming material ● Product inspection ● .Statistical Quality Control with SPC Quality Costs ed QM r used tively ion costs! Effec duct o the pr uces Prevention Costs Quality planning Process design ● Process control ● Training ● . ● ● 27.. ● Internal Failure Costs Scrap ● Rework ● Retest ● Downtime ● .. Oktober 2005 Page 8 ..

5e Wiley Prozessfähigkeitsmessung für die industrielle Praxis.faes.Statistical Quality Control with SPC Bibliography Introduction to Statistical Quality Oktober 2005 Page 9 . Montgomery.html Douglas C. Hanser As outline: Control chart: http://www.html SPC: http://www.faes. Horst Rinne und Hans-Joachim Mittag.

Oktober 2005 Page 10 .Statistical Quality Control with SPC Thanks for your friendly attention! 27.

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