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NAMES: Arenas, Ross Joseph A. Manuel, Harold Doctor, Jansen 1. In the study of the life of our heroes, why is it important to start our discussions with the description of the setting and conditions of three times? Answer: It is very important for us to start our discussion with the description of the setting and conditions of three times to know the places where a particular historical event happened, so that we can visualize through imagination the story during discussion. Date: 02/08/2012 Year and Section: MT32-B3

2. Compare and contrast the government of the Philippines during the Spanish period with our present government. Answer: During the Spanish period there is no freedom or liberty to us Filipinos, the government at that time shows unequal rights between Filipinos and Spaniards. But at the present government although we have already the freedom weve been fighting for. The government at this time compare to the past shows no difference, in a sense that only those people who have the money has the power to rule.

3. Describe the general conditions in Spain during the second half of the 19th century. Answer: In the mid of 19th century, the Romantic Movement occurs and a new literary movement arose in Europe: Realism. This new approach grew out of the 1850 French reaction to selected aspects of Romanticism.

4. How did the conditions affect the Philippines? Answer: Romanticism in response to the French revolution and the age of Enlighten that followed. It affects the Philippines in a sense that many of us Filipinos realized the important of expressing our feelings through literary piece. Like what Doctor Jose Rizal did.

5. Is there such a thing as the best government for a people? Explain your answer. Answer: Yes there is, if only those people in the position shows fairness that instead of doing corruption will just focus in doing things which has a significance or relevance to us Filipinos.

6. Aside from its highly centralized set up, what other characteristics, and features can you give to describe the government of the Philippines in the 19th century? Answer: By the last 18th century, political and economic changes in Europe were finally beginning to affect Spain and, thus, the Philippines. Important as a stimulus to trade was the gradual elimination of the monopoly enjoyed by the Galleon to Acapulco. The last Galleon arrived in Manila in 1815, and by the mid 1830s Manila was open to foreign merchants almost without restriction. The demand for Philippine sugar and abaca grew space, and the volume of exports to Europe expanded even further after the completion of the Suez Canal in 1856.

7. If you had been appointed as special representative of the king of the Spain at that time with full authority to improve the organization and administration of the government. What would you recommended? Explain how you would carry out these recommendations. Answer: If I was the kings representative of Spain at that time, I will recommend a good government, a government ruling with equal rights between Spain and Philippines. The Spain cant do anything whether they will not agree, because I have the power, I am the kings representative.

8. Which qualities of Rizal are worthy of immolation, how can acquisition and development of this qualities in our people help the nation? Explain your answer Answer: Will of course the Excellencies of Rizal that awakened the Spaniards that we are not just slaves, but we can also compete not only to theme but to other foreign countries. Also Rizal as a peaceful maker, he believes that there is no need of war to commit freedom.