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In 1970 Mr.Gowrisanker started a small manufacturing shop which he named as BEST ENGINEERS reflecting his cherished desire of producing only the BEST product The manufacturing activities of BEST ENGINEERS were transferred to the newly started company BEST ENGINEERS PUMPS during the year 1991. And best engineers put in charge of the quality assurance of components and product manufactured by the best group of companies. Slowly but steadily this company grew in size and stature from the manufacture of centrifugal pump sets, we now manufacture a large variety of both surface and submersible pump sets for handling water for both domestic and agriculture applications. The company has won the following awards: 1. Udyog patra awards fir self made industrialist 1967 2. Udyog vibusion award 1989 3. Bharathiya jyothi udyog award 1992 4. rajiv Gandhi national unity award 1995 5. national corporate excellence award 1995 The following companies are now in the best group 1. BEST ENGINEERS PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED 2. ENBEST PUMPS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED 3. ROTARO ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED 4. GOWRI METALS 5. BEST PUMPS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 6. BEST ENGINEERS 7. BEST TECHNO MANAGEMENT SERVICES


Manufacture different types and varieties of pumpsets with varying ratings manufacturing more than 1,00,000 electric pump sets consisting of both electric motor and pumps annually. A full-fledged research and development team is in place, which works towards new product innovation. The unit has a well designed testing set up which is controlled by best engineers, an ISO 9001 certified sister concern. We are also a member of NATIONAL BODIES LIKE BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS and bureau of energy efficiency in the area of pumps and motors. The major customers of the organization are crompton greaves limited mumbia. Best pumps India Provate Limited Coimbatore government departments like panchayats, water supply and drainage boards. We are manufacturing the following types pump sets is unit I 1. Centrifugal Monoblocs 3 ph starting from 3.0 HP to 10HP 2. Centrifugal self priming - 0.5 HP to 1.0 HP 3. Submersible pumpsets for 3, 4 and 6 bores -0.5 HP to 15HP 4. The most popular being 075 HP in 3 & 4 and 5HP in 6 submersible pump 4 sub oil filled from 0.33 Hp to 2 HP 5. Open well submersible pump rating 0.5HP to 10HP 6. Control panel rating from 0.5HP to 3.0HP 7. Crusher motor 0.5HP

Following pumpsets manufactured at unit II 1. Centrifugal jet pump 0.5HP to 2.0 Hp 2. Centrifugal monoblocs 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP 3. Multi stage jet pump 1.0 HP to 2.0HP Employment about 150 employees are on the role out of which 40 are supervisory, executives and staff.

CHALLENGING THE GLOBAL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS The pump industry in India is well established and has recorded a steady growth in the overall Indian industrial scenario. Even though more than 100 and 100 companies not only in Coimbatore throughout India, manufacturing and marketing the products throughout India and abroad, these BESTEN company is very familiar and known to every part of India east, west, south, north. Be the pumps are domestic, Industrial or agricultural use. Besten has the widest range of pumps thats energy efficient and are high quality standard. All thoroughly tested for field conditions. Pumps that are easy to install and carry water from graet depth to great heights. Backed by an effective after sales service. Extensive R & D and strict quality control at BEST EMNGINEERS ensures pump with unmatched features. This company believe that engineering and manufacturing quality and environment friendly. Pump is not a virtue, but a way of life. Today this pumps users takes for granted not only the product quality and performance but also prompt customer support-nation wide. This company had been established in 1970 and is having state of the art foundry and manufacturing facilities with international standard. This company is accredited with major international certification ISO 9001. The distribution network is catered by national branches.

Quality as defined by quality vocabulary. We in our Endeavour for excellence shall understand and meet the requirements of our customers. We at BEST group of companies are committed to satisfy customers by maintaining consistency in quality, on time delivery and development of new products through continual improvement in process and product. Our quality objective at the BEST Group of Companies is to satisfy the needs of our dear and valued customers. Our quality policy is pivoted on customers perceptions of a products design and how well the design matches the original specifications dear and valued customers. Vision To Manufacture Cost Effective value Engineering pumps which will earn for the entire family for the customer. To make The entire pump industry solar based Energy Efficient, Cost effective. By Introducing Innovation in the conversion of solar energy for pumping application. MissionTo be the number one in our country producing energy efficient pump sets for conserving the most needed power.

BEST GROUP OF COMPANIES Consists of : 1. Two Products manufacturing companies manufacturing water handling pumpsets for, Agriculture Domestic and Rural Water Supply These units carry out R & D in this lean season and finalise design materials and manufacturing technology for new products launched every year. These units also have well designed testing set up which is ISO 9001 certified by intertek quality registrar. 90% of the products are marked. We are also member of national bodies like bureau of Indian standards and bureau of energy. Efficiency in the area of pumps and motors.

2. Two Companies manufacturing various components required for the products manufactures by the manufacturing companies. One Manufacturing Main components like: Stator Rotor Stampings Rotor Bracing Spline Couplings S.S.Bowls S.S.Impeller The other unit manufacture Engineering Plastic Components like

Impeller Diffuser Venturi Tubes Nozzles etc. The two companies are also used our pilot units to finalize the design and manufacturing processes of the critical components of the end products. 3. BEST ENGINEERS EDP Services and servicing the pumps and motors of the above four manufacturing units. It is an ISO 9001 company certified for their quality system by intertek quality registrar. This company was the first in this region to get ISO Certification in the year 1996 for providing technical service. 4. An accounts company in charge of the financial accounts and control the finances of the group. 5. A marketing company, completely in charge of marketing of the products manufactured in our brand names. a) This marketing company has 10 branches well spread over the country and each branch has a service centre attached. b) Needs of customers efficiently and effectively. c) Genuine spare parts are made easily available in addition to providing prompt service. d) It has a well-knit distribution system with a large number of distributors and dealers through out the country. e) After sales service is a way of life with us. 6. The concept of taking the customer as a member of our family has resulted in retaining the top position in the domestic market. 7. Each and every customer is a very valued member of our group.


In Material Receipt Section goods which are given by parties are taken here. Primarily the security take care that is when the load enters in, the security checks the relevant details and make a entry and verifies whether all are right and a slip is given and it is verified and it is taken to MRS MRS



Parties give to the company and few work such as machining, drilling are done here

Some parties given their own product and give to this company for them to purchase it. Labour parties maintains a challen or job order are given. It contains the info like the no of quantity to be done in 35 no. so that the labour produce those no. of items. Purchase



The purchase done by MRS by some company are accepted by giving quotation. And for local the time limit is 30 days and within the stipulated period they should supply it or else the order is rejected. In case of outstation, the time is 45 days and incase if they are not able to supply the order is rejected. In case if the material what they have ordered is necessary they can get the permission from unit head and get it after some time or else it will be rejected. LABOUR CCIL - Challen come Invoice Labout CCIP Challen come Invoice Purchase Inspection item are given awaiting card. Inspection area takes care about the goods and verifies whether it is in the correct measurement, size etc are checked. If it is correct it is accepted. If it is wrong it is rejected and given to their respective department for further process.


BEST ENGINEERS have stores in each unit to purchase stock and issue materials to the production of various kinds of pump sets. The value of material used in a pump set comes about 75% its total cost. So the value of the stores handled by the company runs into several crores of rupees every year. For the matter of convenience BEST ENGINEERS have divided stores into two: Process Stores Component Stores Process Stores Process store, stores raw materials and equipments before any process, whereas the component store stores the raw materials after the process of the materials. TYPES OF PROCESS Drilling Machining Tapping Plunging Welding Pressing Cutting Fabrication works Winding Testing Rough casting etc.


ORDER PLANNING Before purchasing, an order is planned by stores and production department. Store keeper, prepares purchase requisition. The storekeeper must remember the following points, Purchases should not be made for in excess of requirement for 15 days stock (excluding exceptional cases) A store keeper must have an eye on minimum level whenever post entries are made When the stock on hand touches the minimum level, purchase requisition must be prepared and sent. Restriction of inventory should never affect the production. All the columns must be filled properly. Item code must be furnished and if any materials are purchased for the first time it must be recorded as new There should be a reasonable time to place orders and for supply. Stock on hand must be noted on date of preparation. If large quantity and costly materials are purchased give a staggering supply schedule. It will help in control of inventory and money management. Purchase requisition is approved by unit head and is verified by the audit team and planning department. After verification, it is then issued / sent to the production department. MATERIAL INWARD A: First security checks and orders confirmation take place for the materials and accordance to the order placed and an entry is made in the register. B: Preparation of CCI

The value of approved quantity of materials is furnished in CCI. It is taken in to stock account and the date is recorded. The CCI copies are sent to MRS on the same day. The value in the CC is the value of purchase / labor that the MRS enters in the register. Both the entries should be same for any date. Purchase and labour CCI/s are neatly filed in a chronological order for reference at any time and for audit. C. Inspection and non inspection materials Materials are than sent for inspection. Almost 99% of materials are sent for inspection. For example, winding wire, submersible wire requires compulsory inspection. Whereas, stamping body pressed do not require any inspection. D. Rejected materials After the inspection of materials, it may be approved or rejected. If tile material is not up to the mark i.e. inferior quality or the excess item/material may be rejected. Rejection can be two types Inspection rejection Flow rejection Inspection rejection When the raw materials are rejected during the material inward process by inspection department it is said to be an inspection rejection. Inspection rejected materials are returned to the party with the DC Flow rejection Approve material which is rejected after any process by the engineer is flow rejection.

Here, the stores department gives a debit advice note to the accounts department. Then the account department prepares a debit note for the value of the material rejected. The material in excess is returned to the party. PLANNING SEQUENCE Customer requirement And market trend A

Receipt of order form customer To anticipatory orders

Prepare production schedules (weekly / daily)

Review accept, order 4 acknowledge (intimate)

Prepare dispatch schedules based on requirement by customer

Election of pumps types/ratings as per customer requirement

Communicating to purchase product 4 despatch

Verify finished stock and in process stock

Frequent follow up and review of production schedules

Prepare tentative production plan (monthly)

Executive corrections and modifications in plan / Schedule Corresponding to changes in demand

PURCHASE DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION The main aim of the purchase department is to purchase the materials based on the quantity and quality required by the company. The decision should be to meet the needs of the company and to move or to lead the company to the greatest economic advantage. PURCHASES The company purchases its raw materials from various places i.e. from local to other places. The other places include MuMbai, Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Bangalore, Indore, etc. the materials include COPPER W[RE, BEARINGS, SS ROD, SS PA TT A, COPPERBAS E, SS STRIP, PAINTS, RUBBER BUSHES, BRASS TUBES, etc. TI ME OF PURCHASING The purchases are based basically upon the production and necessity. Decision is made as to whether a policy of requirement is to be made in a group schedule or market to buy those items as when needed immediately. Group purchasing implies buying in lots of quantity larger than those needed to meet the immediate requirement. Arrangements are made for delivery of large number of items purchased by same order or contract of various installments. Regular Scale Purchasing refers to purchasing not according to needs but in advance depending on market prices. STEPS IN BUYING a) MANAGEMENT ORDER: The management orders and schedules the quantity of the pumps to be produced monthly. This copy of production schedule is sent to the stores.

b) STORE KEEPING PROCEDURE The store after receiving the production schedule from the management takes into account the present stock in hand. It prepares the indent for the material to be purchased and sends a copy of it to purchase cicpartmcrt. The store receives the ordered material from the MRS (Material receiving Section). The stores dispatches the item for production to the factory and the corresponding entries are made by the store keeper in the C. PURCHASE PROCEDURE The purchase department issues the tender and receives the quotation from the various suppliers. Analysis has been done on various factors on the quotation received and purchase order is prepared. The copies of the purchase order are sent to the account of purchase section. Purpose : To describe the process of evaluation, selection and approval of suppliers / Processors and their rating method. Describe method of placing purchase Order. Scope: Purchase of raw material, components packing material, tool, spares and Comsumables. Responsibility Purchase manager responsible for purchase orders, work order identifying The suppliers and monitoring the performance of suppliers and responsible for final approval of supplier and purchase order. PROCEDURE FOR EVALUATION AND APPROVAL Supplier identified on past contract, advertisement, website

Registration form sent to supplies for required material and duly field registration form is required for the capability. Supplies evaluated based on certain criteria such as quality experience, delivery rating. If score <60% approved. List of approved supplier is maintained indicating scope of approval & reference details For new supplier after identification and registration samples as per specification and checked for stability through new supplier. PROCEDURE FOR PLACING OF PURCHASE ORDER Purchase requisition received from store for procurement of materials, purchase manager scrutinize purchase requisition. Item master is prepared in consultation with development. Based on purchase Requisition purchase order prepared by purchase assistant. Any change are required in purchase, suppliers are informed through amendment purchase order / letter Verification is needed at supplier permission will be done after getting supplier permission via mail, phone, letter CASH PURCHASE / CAPITAL PURCHASE Urgent cash purchase upto 10000. purchase memo prepared indicating the requirement and after approval, purchases are made Capital purchase like machine, equipment order after approval of CEO / GM Rate master update after approval of purchase committee. PROCEDURE FOR PLACING JOB ORDER

Open job order is placed once in quarter for a selective processor indicating machinery as processing requirement / drawing process sheet reference and delivery requirement quality is informed through clear schedule of DC Drawing operation details are issued to sub-contractors either along with job order as directly through DC /Letter./ Acknowledgement issue details are maintained. Change is process requisition are needed in original job order then it is informed to processor through amendment. PURCHASE FOLLOW UP INWARD Monitoring of order quality is done through system All materials are in warded to the material receipt section only purchase order quality. PROCEDURE FOR RE-EVALUATION OF SUPPLIER / PROCESSOR AND PERFORMANCE MONITORING Supplier rating carried on timely delivery and acceptance level of material received, once in 6 months. Supplier rating record updated based on purchase order, stores receipt book and verificationr results. Quality rating = Q 1 x (0.75 x Q2)x 100 / QR Q1 Quality Accepted Q2 Quality Accepted Concession QR Quality received Delivery rating is calculated D1 Quality received within supply week

P2 Quality received within supply week delay Rating results are communicated to supplier corrective actions are initiated if rating is > 60% in any of on poor suppliers. Supplier processor rating in consistently poor in 2 assessments subsequent to implementing corrective action, then they are debited from the supplier list. Supplier is delayed from the list of non-operative for more than 2 years they will be selected by same procedure applicable to new suppliers





SALES OPERATING PROCEDURE Purpose : Process of handling customer order, enquiries and dispatch of Products Scope : Applicable to all products, spares / components manufactured by BEPPL Responsibility : Despatch manager is responsible for order processing and dispatch Despatch assistant maintains records, unit head is fully responsible For all the above activities ENQUIRY PROCESSING Enquiry not received because of either tip up with crompton greaves or being handled by BEST Pumps India Pvt Ltd. Any how is any enquiry are received as if a person directly approach given advice. If written enquiry is received it is rejected. For outstation oral enquiry M/s. BPIAL will be intimated. Enquiry received from govt. Parties / person direct / private the stated requirements / specification and stated / un stated requirements are renewed by unit head and CEO with reference to system capability and accepted. For new products enquiries if any are debt by mar comp are request for new device is directly received from them. If management approves the order then for development of production it is informed to BEST

Order Processing Order received in first week and through mail, orders are reviewed for type / model / quality dispatch details. If details net sufficient or clarification required then resolved with customer. For CGL customer order is valid only upto end of month and no order is carried forward. For marketing division the validity is 30 days as validity is extended with the approval of customer. If order is received orally then it shall be registered in oral order registered indicates customer name, product quality, payment terms and authorization. A tentative plan is prepared for next month based on current month order, market situation / demand / the tentative production plan is reviewed with the purchase planning and production manager. Based on tentative production plan weekly production schedule is prepared based on dispatch schedule issued and to purchase plan, production and store. Order Amendment If any additional orders are received at the end of every month, dispatch is only initiated only for the available quality or other wise the order will not be confirmed. If and additional bulk order received it shall to reviewed with production engineer, plan manager & purchase manager and if stock available the products shall be dispatched. If not than additional planning sheet is given to plan. If not possible to complete in time than customer is informed.

Invoice is raised based on the current rate master whenever there is any change in the rate master is updated Stacking of finished goods Test approval form received fro testing indicating the list of approved pump set. Based on this finished good stock register and SL no. register is updated. The storage area is protected from water, sunlight, fire extinguishers are kept to safeguard in case of emergency. The storage area is properly identified duly indicating the type of model. The finished products are identified by labels / stickers. If any customer sales return is received it shall be kept separately and recorded in the non-conformance log register and suitable dispatch action shall be taker Boxes are kept under roofed area and stoker only upto 10 box height to prevent damages. They are covered with plastic sheld to avoid water entry & dust deposit. Despatch and Document Despatch of goods to based on availability of stock & delivery date in order. Based on despatch schedule despatch slip is prepared w.r.t. sufficient stock of the order available the slip indicates quality, rate and transport details. Transport and monitoring the receipt at customer end

Transport arranged as per customer requirement if specified or through any approved transporter agent based on the despatch details / destination for urgent delivery if required transporters are also directly organized.

Loading is done in the presence of security for verification of only of vehicle is closed with tarpaulin to protect from rain. LR is received after loading and tracked for timely reaching of the goods. The acknowledged copy is verified for recommendity transport payment. Procedure for dispatching the spares Handling of customer property Invoice and DC is prepared for spares & transport is arranged as per 5.3 If any orders for spare parts are received from the customer is reviewed with plan manager, stores manager for availability of component miscellaneous indent is Customers property is identified are CA logo and holograms of CGL stickers these are handled safely in lock & key protection when ever the customer stickers are received from customer stickers are received from customer receipt, it is verified for damages and entered in the stock register for customer stickers. Customer slip are issued to the packing section only at the time of packing and as per no. of pumpset given in the job order for packing. If any sticker is damaged while affixing the damage pieced are collected to the customers responsible. A stock register for the sticker is maintained for issue and receipt of the sticker.


Despatch Manager Despatch Assistant Despatch Assistant

PRODUCTION Purpose: Describe the activities related to manufacture of pump, motor & Control panel. Scope: Maintenance related activities applicable for all models of submersible open/shall pump & control panel Responsibility: Unit head is fully responsible for all activities involved in product & finance approved product plan, amendments product engineer monitors planning balancing, winding assembly, packing shop, plan & packing incharge is responsible for execution of work in their area. Assembly incharge for drawing material, work allocation. All maintained related activities are also co-ordinated by assembly incharge. Procedure for preparing job order Job order for coil farming, winding, control panel, machining, balancing, painting assemble of motors, pump are prepared by product engineer based on weekly product schedules. Procedure for sub assembly Material for coil forming & winding are drawn from the stores through challan Cum job order.

Coil forming & winding are carried out as per work instruction. After the process verify is done as per the same work instruction. After coil for winding the materials are to stores through document.

Procedure for machine shop Material for machine & pressing is drawn from stores through indent Machine operations are processed as per process sheet. Process sheet explains sequence of activities to be followed; document referred indicates the parameters to be controlled, After machining the component refereed to as the stored through the same indent indicating materials, machining fault. Special Process Painting & TIG Welding Components are drawn from stores for painting through indent by the operators painting carried as per work inspection Special processes like painting & ordering, crumping as carried For each of these processes the machine setting condition & operating parameter finalized based on prequalification trials. The requal is done once in year whenever new material are intro The present operators are well experience & qualified to carry out special process based on the experience & handling new operators are qualified before allocating work. The operations are well experienced and qualified to carry out special process based on the experience. The equipments used are under preventive maintain & approved for operation using stickers. After painting components are handle over to the assembly incharge and through the same job.

Procedure for Assembling of Pumps Assembly of MO & PO sets & control panel received the components from stores through the assembly indent based on bill of material. Assemble the components as per the assembly flow chart inspection, during assembly verification done as per work inspection. Assembly details are recorded in daily product report Any defect it is returned to stores through replacement indent, which is authorized by QA department & product engineer and record in non conformance registration After assembling of motors, pump and control panel testing is carried out as per testing plan & testing work condition PROCEDURE FOR PACKING After final product pumps and motors received for final assembly. The pump, motor are dewatered and cleared. Necessary plugs, safety clamp & other nuts are fixed in the pump cable guard, strainers are fixed. Name plants are received from stores through indents & product serial number is purchased in the name plate and fixed in the M & P Packing materials drawn from stores through indent packing of indent set is done after Guarantee card, manual & packing slip is put on the box to indicate serial no. and stages required identification & safety stickers are affixed packed box which are ready for despatch the moved to finalized goods are packed material record. During and after completion of packing the corrective ness is verified by carrying out pre despatch inspection as per pre despatch inspection plan & work inspection

At all stages the non-conformities are identified and recorded & disposed as per non-conformance procedure. Separate packing of pumps in wooden box as per inspection

IDENTIFICATION, TRACEABILITY & STATUS Approved assemblies ready for packing & identified through specific location Non-conforming material are identified by tag till dispatch action are finished Traceability is maintained in the assembly stage till dispatch. This is applicable to all

TOOL MAINTENANCE All jigs, fixtures, tools used in machine are identified and listed unique no. is allocated which is painted or on them. Gene main like cleaning applying of just preventive are on the tool jigs and fixture is carried out. Conditions of tool is monitored based on components inspection result. Based on these result if require necessary rectification is carried out & record ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT Some of the machines are under annual maintenance contract with external agency. The detail of main is record & main timely & correct completion of AMC is traced.

OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. PURPOSE:- to describe the process of evaluation and approval of suppliers / processor and their rating method. It also describes method of placing purchase order and follow up. 2. SCOPE:- This procedure covers purchase of raw materials, components, packing materials, tools, spares and consumables. 3. RESPONSIBILITY:- Purchase manager is responsible for preparation of purchase orders , job orders, work order identifying the suppliers / processor and monitoring the performance of suppliers/processors and responsible for final approval of suppliers/ processor and purchase order and job orders. 4. PROCEDURE 4.1 Procedure for evaluation and approval a. New suppliers are identified based on past experience, contact advertisements related literature / websites. b. Registration form is sent to the respective suppliers/ processor for the required materials and duly filled registration form is received for suppliers/processor evaluated for their capabilities. c. The existing supplier / processor is evaluated and approved based on various criteria such as quality, technical capability experience, delivery rating etc, if total score is more than 60% processor is approved. d. A list of approved supplier/processor is maintained indicating scope of approval and reference details.

e. For new supplier/processor after identification and registration samples are got s per our specification and checked for suitability at QC through new supplier test request and finding form. f. If the samples meet the requirement based on the recommendation of QC trial orders are released to the supply if the rates are acceptable. g. The new suppliers are monitored for three months and based on the performance during trial period and other assessment supplier/processor list is accordingly updated. 4.2 Procedure For Placing of Purchase Orders a. Purchase requisition is received from store for the procurement of materials, Purchase manager scrutinize purchase requisition. b. Item master is prepared in consultation with QA and development department. Based on purchase requisition purchase order are prepared by purchase assistant. Indicating the description of items, quantity, delivery and other quality requirements. This may be in the form of reference to drawing / specification. Purchase manager approves purchase orders. c. If any changes are required in original purchase orders then the suppliers are informed through amendment purchase order/letter d. If verification is needed a supplier permission it will be doe only after getting the suppliers permission via mail or fax or phone or letter 4.3 Cash Purchase/Capital Purchase a.Based on urgency,cash purchase upto rs.10000=is processed.Cash purchase memo is prepared indicating the requirements and after approval,purchase are made. b.Capital purchases like machinery,ordered after approval CEO/GM c.rate master are updated after approval OF gm 44.Procedure For Placing Job

A open job order is placed once in quarter for a selective processors indicating machinery or processing requirement, drawings/process sheet reference and delivery requirements subsequently quantity is informed through clear schedule or DC. b. Drawings operation details are issued to sub contracters either along with JO or directely through DC/letter, acknowledgement/issue details are maintained. c. If any changes in the process requirements/specification/parameter are needed in the original JO then it is informed to processor through amendment/letter/email. 4.5 Purchase Follow Up/Inward a. Monitoring of order quantity is done through system. b. All the materials/components are in-warded to the material receipt secton only purchase order quantity. 4.6 Procedure For Re-Evaluation Of Supplier/Processor And Performance Monitering a. Supplier rating is carried out on the basis of timely delivery and acceptance level of material received,once in 6 months b. Supplier ratting records are updated every month based on,stores receipt book and verification results c. Quantity rating=Q1+(0.75*Q2)*100/QR Where Q1-quantity accepted Q2-quantity accepted under concession QR-quantity received Delivery rating is calculated as below DR=(D1+0.5D2)/Q*100 Where Q is total ordered Quantity D1 is quantity received within supply week D2 is quantity received within 1 week delay. d. Rating results are communicated to supplier corrective actions are indicated if rating is less than60% in any of rating (quantity or delivery) on poor supplier. e. If supplier/processor rating is consistenly poor(less than 40%in any rating)in two assessments subsequent to implementing corrective action,then they are deleted from the supplier list.

f. If the supplier/processor is deleted from the list or non-operative for more than 2 years they will be selected by same procedure applicable to new supplier.

QUALITY CONTROL Purpose To describe the process of verification approval of all components in order To ensure that they meet the specified quality requirements. Scope applicable to all stages of manufacturing covering income inspection and In-process inspection Responsibility:Inspection I/c is fully responsible for incoming inspection and in process inspection and rough casting inspection PROCEDURE FOR SPOT INSPECTION OF ROUGH CASTING Spot inspection is carried out for rough casting in order to avoid rejection after transporting to machining supplier. The spot inspection requirements are communicated to supplier either in job order or through letter / mail and only after inspection clearance the casting are dispatched. Verification is as per rough casting inspection plan. If any quality cleared for despatch and quality cleared is recorded in their supplier DC or inspection report by the spot inspection and signed as defect if any identified are informed to supplier and corrective and preventive action and initiated and either corrective action report is received. INCOME INSPECTION

All incoming materials / components are received from MRS section through the CCIP / IL and awaiting tag and kept in with suitable tag. All incoming raw materials shall be subjected to inspection as per material laying specification and raw material inspection plan. All the rough casting components are received with rough casting inspection report at MRS and report is verified by the inspection for approval. All the components and consumables are inspected as per inspection plan, drawing and inspection report is prepared. All inspection shall be carried out with calliberated instrumental gauges only. The approval material/components are handed over to the stores through IP/IL

INPROCESS INSPECTION The inspection details are record in register In process inspection is carried out for stator machining & rotor machinery CA rotors in the machine shop as per the in process inspection plan Non-conformity details are reviewed and rework / Aggregation concessions are finalized For new under development items are verified against drawings /specifications and details are recorded Before initial verification of components necessary jigs and fixtures are verified. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION AND TRACE ABILITY

All the approved material / component are kept at green colour rocks / bins with suitable tag, till they are cleared. All the rejected / rework items are kept at red colour rocks/ bins with suitable tags , till they are cleared. SERVICE DEPARTMENT


Steps involved in servicing / repair of coducts and control Activity


Applicable for all types of jet, submersible, block, shallow Weels and open web pump set


Engineer service center is overall responsible for service Section including final clearance

PROCEDURE Receipt of material for service Products are received from CGL/ servicing recorded on entry at the gate. The follow details like name, supplier, quality, DC number, mode of transport. For local customer details are carried out Products received are kept as awaiting for segregation While segregating products are verified the goods receipt challan for correctness type. The product is identified with serial number.

If the product is covered under GP chargeable or it is carried on a chargeable basis of getting clearance of the customer.

DISMANTLING The priority of dismantling of GP/OGP is given as per the requirement of the customer For the pump sets directly brought in by customer only by the area with defect as identification by the customer dismantled. Monthly analysis report is prepared for GP products are issued to customer. Dismantling work carried out house are rewarded in daily report. The dismantled parts are regarded as suitable reprocess and scrap items.The measurable items are directly taken for assembly. Assembly and verification Assembly IC raise a assembly consolidated report and issue to the assembly. Repair work is carried out as per work instruction. Despatch Packing material is drawn from stores through indent Packing as per instructions Pre- despatch inspection is carried out while and after packing as per the Pre-despatch inspection plan.

Based on worksheet invoice is raised for the chargeable service. Inhouse Operations For In-house operation like coil, forming, winding, painting, machining and billing. Special Process validation Special process like painting is carried as per special process work instruction The present operators are well and qualified to carry out special based on experience. Instrument Maintenance A list of instruments and gauges is prepared and maintained this indicate unique number allotted to make range acceptance criteria and acceptance All instrument sent for calibration on. Machine maintenance A list of machinery and equipment is prepared and maintained New machinery and equipment added or old machineries the master list updated. Tool Fixtures maintenance All jigs, fixtures and tools used manufacturing are identified and listed. Control panel service Control panel identified as GP and OGP, for only GP are sent to respective manufacturing servicing.

HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT The personnel department is managed by the personnel manage Mr.Saanath. this department controls the problems of the labour. This department will the consent of the managing director Mr.Gowrishankar fixes salaries and wages. The promotion of the employees is based on their performance and the skill of the work and their regular attendance of the factory. RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE As on when vacancy arises suitable persons are recruited as per their applications received in the office through a call letter. PRE REQUISITES FOR THE STAFF According to qualifications, person will be appointed and will be trained in the office / workshop /stores. WELFARE MEASURE The management provides tea and snacks two times in the morning section and two times in the evening sections. General medical expenses in emergency cases the actual amount spend will be reimbursed, to the official concern once in a year a trip to outside areas as tour will be arranged by the management at the cost of management. Around 13 to 14 lakhs of rupees is spent every year.

TRAINING PROGRAMMES For ITI persons and diploma holders training will be given by the head of the unit according to the capacity if individual ability. JOB DESCRIPTION Most of the work is done on the peace rate basis by the experienced worker which is subjected to testing and finishing verification by the engineers and unit in charge. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL The unit head will make out a watch on the performance of the individual workers once in a week and the report will be submitted to the head of the management. LEAVE PROCEDURE Leave procedure is been adopted as per factory at rules and ESI rules. Each person is entitled with 12 day casual leave and 20 days sick leave in a year, as per factory act. GRIEVANCE HANDLING The management is very generous in dealing the case of worker arid so for no grievance has been experienced by any worker in the organization TIME OFFICE FUNCTION The staff of the time office will watch cut the incoming and outgoing attendance of the individual strictly according to the timings. The time office will deal the payroll preparation, complaints under statutory obligations, such as, ESI, EPF, and factories act filling up forms, and submission of return, etc.

FACTORY TIMINGS The factory time is morning 9:00 am to 1:00 p.m and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the evening. HUMAN RESOURCE OPTMIZING This company has a proud family of 2000 enthusiastic and hardworking stuff members, committed to offering an extensive range of pumpsets and accessories. In order to meet the growing demand of quality pumps, this company established and well represented network of dealers across the length and breadth of the country. With 12 branches and more than 1000 dealers across India, the company strives to serve not just the domestic market but also seek opportunities to market its products in the international sector. This company also undertakes customization of its products to meet specific requirements. This companies Design and Application engineering cell studies the customer requirements based on the inputs made available to them and the vast data, the suitable and required pumps will be manufactured. Bureau of energy efficiency and Minister of power is working closely with the various state government in bringing new schemes for saving energy especially in the farm sector. BEEs role will be facilitate and assist pump manufactures to develop testing procedures and protocols for determining energy performance, label setting fixing of standards and enforcement mechanisms.


Operates effectively even in 150v low voltage Discharge more water with less consumption of power Strict quality control by an ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY Prompt after sales service (PASS) BEE 5* Rating approved for selected model Serving the nation with commitment, perfection & quality. A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. This company believes that an organization worth is equally reflected by the service it renders to the community.

MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Maintenance department ensure the following: Daily running of the pump set for few minutes the free run of the pump sets. To ensure the freenes of pump set as given in the operation if the pump is idle for long period The pump set is prime before the starting of the pump set as the pump set remain idle for the very long duration Replace the Mechanical seal if there is executive leakage through them. The following precautions are to be taken while installing a mechanical seal. 1.Keep all the seal parts clean,during handling. 2. Vibration cause seals failure, hence try to prevent vibration in pumpsets. 4. The outer diameter of the stationery L rubber ring and housing should be slightly moisture with 10% of liquid soap in clean water and using point brush moisture, the shaft and interior of seal with soap solution. Do not immerse seal in the solvents

Always use fitting tube for fixing the counter face. Before fitting the sealing ring, clean the shaft with a solvent. During installations, see that no dirt of foreign particles are housed in inside the seal chamber. Pump set is not started until the seal is dry While replacing and old mechanical seal do not use old sealing ring with the new connector with the new sealing ring. Air tightens of the joints in the piping and pump is checked Ensure that mud or any foreign material does not clog these strainers. Of foot valves, nozzles or venture.

MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing functions are carried out by BEST PUMPS MARKETING LTD sales outlets staffed with trained personal and located through out the country to cater to the needs of the customers efficiently and effectively. There are 12 batches through out India and some centers to market the products along with network of distributors and dealers. There is a well established marketing network through out the country which offers instant service even after the sales. Renowned industrials units have been marketing the companys pump under their brand name. the company has also been supplying pumps for the rural water supply scheme. Negotiated through various government department for the past 20 years. SEASONAL PRODUCTION December to may-peak season. During rainy season a demand for the submersible pumps increases.

COMPETITIONS Mahindra, CRI Pumps, Sharp Pumps and Texmo are the main competitors REGULAR BUYES Crompton Greaves, Tamil Nadu Water Board, Panchayay Board.

ACCOUNTS ADMINISRATIVE AND FINANCE DEPARTMENT All cash and credit transactions are dealt in the accounts department is BEST TECHNO MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. They receive labour CCI, Purchase CCI from the store and invoice from the original supply and they match both the invoice and CCI and then make the payment under the preview of auditors. There is an internal auditing as well as external auditing. Before the records are submitted to the external auditor he internal ; auditing is carried out by the internal auditors of the company. Book keeping is an art of recording business transactions in a systematic manner. It contains all the day to day book like purchase, sales book, ledger account and trial balance etc and in the general account section they prepare tax filling procedure. Need of the study Finance is the nerve center of the economic activity. It plays an important role for the survival and growth of the business every company is using finds for their business activities to remain in the market. The stock is the necessary components of the company. It is decided according to the production capacity of the efficient management of the company. PRODUCTION BASED FINANCING The banker should finance only the genuine production needs of the borrower. The borrower should maintain the reasonable level of inventory and receivables. He should hold just enough to carry on the target production. Efficient management of resources should therefore be ensuring to eliminate slow moving and flabby inventories.

PARTIAL RANK FINANCING The working capital needs of the specified rate at which the borrowers cannot be entirely financed by the banker. The banker will finance only reasonable part of it, for the remaining the borrower should depend upon his funds, generated may be internally not externally. INTEREST It is considered based on the specified rates at which the borrowings from the bank, term liability, borrowings from other sources are made.


BESTEN pumps has received numerous awards for it's work in providing pumps with High Efficiency, World - Class Quality and Excellent after sales - service.

"NATIONAL AWARD" FOR QUALITY - FIRST PRIZE Received by our Chairman & Managing Director Shri . J. GOWRISANKAR B.E., M.Sc., (Engg) From his excellency R. VENKATRAMAN President of India

"TRANSWORLD TRADE FAIR SELECTION AWARD" Received by our Chairman & Managing Director Shri . J. GOWRISANKAR B.E., M.Sc., (Engg) From his excellency C. SRI RAMULU Honorable Justice "TRANSWORLD TRADE FAIR SELECTION AWARD" - GOLD MEDAL. Received by our Chairman & Managing Director Shri . J. GOWRISANKAR B.E., M.Sc., (Engg) From her excellency KUMUDH BHEN GOVERNER OF A.P "UDYOG VIBUSHAN AWARD" JOSHI -

Received by our Chairman & Managing Director Shri . J. GOWRISANKAR B.E., M.Sc., (Engg) From his excellency Dr. SHANKAR DAYAL SHARMA - The Vice President of India "NATIONAL Shri . J. AWARD FOR QUALITY" B.E., M.Sc.,

Received by our Chairman & Managing Director GOWRISANKAR (Engg)From his excellency Dr. GNANI JAIL SINGH of India president


THE BEGINNING At the BEST Group of Companies, our march towards the quality goal started long back and continues even today after long achieving it. We are the leaders of the Indian pump industry today. This achievement is no doubt due to the quality we have attained in Products, Manufacture and in Service. We hold this quality objective very dear to us. Every step in our march is a firm step towards Quality, Perfection and Customer Delight culminating in the product BESTEN PUMPS, serving a million and more satisfied customers. The pilot of this journey is our promoter Mr. J.GowriSankar B.E, M. Sc. (Engg). His quest for growth closely coupled with our quality objective has taken us to inexplicable heights . His passion for design and standardization of pumps and motors has won him many laurels The Government of India has bestowed on him the Udyog Patra Award and the Udyog Vibushan Award in recognition of his contribution, as a self made industrialist, to the economic development of the nation.


Quality is a tradition at BESTEN PUMPS. Over 350 ancillary units produce various components, which are assembled at our center. The pumps produced are of best and lasting quality. A specialized R & D cell of "BEST ENGINEERS" with ISO9001 certification is the basis of all our operations. A professional quality management system ensures the safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of our products and systems. It also forms the framework of operations and ensures quality at all stages

Product design Development Testing Manufacturing Marketing Customer service The quality management system thus helps to produce quality, energy efficient pumpsets to suit the environment. Our insistent pursuit for the introduction of cost effective raw materials is primarily in view of conservation of valuable materials and energy. This is the need of the day, further adding to the wealth of the nation.

QUALITY SERVICE Even if the products manufactured are of the highest quality the company takes an excellent sales and after sales service outlet to keep them as the product leaders in the market. Best Pumps Marketing Services Ltd., sales and service outlets, staffed with trained personnel are located throughout the country and cater to the needs of customers efficiently and effectively. Genuine, inexpensive spare parts are easily available. Quality non stop - into the future Conservation of energy is indeed the need of the nation today. The company is fully aware of this pressing and immediate needs of the nation are continuously working on the proper utilization of the abundantly available renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy. R & O work is on for developing solar cells and solar pumps, wind energy controlled pumps and a new generation of pumps (viz) jet, submersible pumps and multistage self priming pumps. Their race into the 21 5f century has already started. The company has 7 units in and around Coimbatore 1. BEST PUMPS INDIA PVT LTD: It is also the manufacturing under this sector 2. ENBEST PUMPS INDIA PVT LTD : It is alos the manufacturing under this sector. 3. GOWRI METAL : It is also the manufacturing unit. 4. ROTARO : It is the manufacturing unit specially deals in manufacturing components. 5. BEST TECHNO MANGEMENT SYSTEMS: It is the accounts centre office of the company. 6. BEST PUMPS INDIA is the marketing unit of the company. In the Indian market, there are many pumps industries successfully moving in the market. The applications of pump sets are such that it can be used in irrigation including drip and

sprinklers, industries, cooling towers, apartments, hotels, gardens, horticulture, houses etc. the major companies manufacturing pumps sets in India are TEXMO, CRI, DECCAN, VARSHA, MAHINDRA etc. Texmo is the leading company in pump industry. It was started in 1956 by Ramaswamy and Ram Chandra. They were first to introduce the automatic coil winder. They out dated the coupled pumps by introducing new mono bloc pumps and submersible pump. CRI and SUGUNA are also one among the competitor who have similar features i.e. the protector is fitted to single phase motor through which the coil is protected. Deccan is also one of the 4 competitors who first developed jet pumps without control valve these 3 pumps are costlier than other pumps. Most of the companies have received ISO 9002 certificate for the maintenance of the quality. The company BEST ENGINEERS PUMPS PVT LTD stated in the year 1970 in the past 30 years the company has come a long way to become CI branded leader in the world of motor and pump sets. DEMAND FOR PUMPS DEMAND PATTERN The demand pattern for pump industry can be classified as : 1. Domestic users 2. Agricultural Users


Monobloc pumps are the most common type used by domestic users They use pumps for household purpose. Their main need of pumps is for lifting water. Brand and price are the two most important factor considered by the domestic users. They give more attention to the brand name to the price. The main source of information for them is the dealers of the pumps. The domestic users perceive the average life of pumps to be about 8-9 years. The HP rating of upto 2HP is very prevalent among the domestic users. There is r 0 second hand market for the pumps and most are brought with own finance. There is a wide variation in the price of pumps and it depends on the quality of the pumps. AGRICULTURAL USERS Monobloc and submersible pumps are equally popular among agricultural uses. Branding and pumping capacity is the two most important factors considered and almost equal weight age is given to them by agricultural users. Dealers seem to be most important source for information on pumps. The agricultural uses perceive the average life of pump to be about 20 years. 5 HP are the prevalently used pump by agricultural users. There is a quite fluctuation in the price of the pumps owing to the availability of the pumps with different quality. PRODUCT RANGE The Indian pump industry can claim to have produced the international standards of various types of pumps meeting the requirement of about 95% applications. Today the pump industry in India is equipped to manufacture, end suction pumps. Moonset Process and chemical pumps

Horizontal split casting pumps Vertical turbine pumps Vertical mixed flow and propeller pumps Boiler feed pumps Condensate extraction pumps Primary coolant pumps


The Totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs


The training at BEST ENGINEERING PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED it was very useful to me in various practical problems. Through this training I have gained much knowledge about a working of the company. Its production process its financial soundness and also about the overall performance, environment, behaviour of the organization. The activities of various departments are clearly understood from this training. Thus I concluded by thanking all the people who gave me this opportunity, guidance and support. As per proverb Change is the only factor being unchanged, changing suitably for the environment will be the only option to survive in all situations. Hence, we are under compulsion to change our strategies due to various internal and external factors as detailed above, failing which the outcomes are needless to point out. Let us prepare ourselves to meet these challenges and to attain the goal of Success


In India, in 15% of the cases, motor selection is by consultant where as more than 45% of the cases motor selection is by manufactures. Hence by selecting energy efficient motor & variable speed drive, pumps manufacturing can contribute to energy saving. This manufacturer ensure pass (prompt after sales service). This manufacturers arrange training programs for user & consulting engineers.

Besten always promoted energy efficiency and has encouraged energy conservation efforts. With firm belief in conservation of natural resources, besten has been putting in conscious effort in development of cleanest technologies that adhere efficiency standards. All this, coupled with world-class design and unparallel reliability makes BESTEN pumps extremely superior. Choose BESTEN PUMPS and create a better tomorrow

Best Engineers Pumps Pvt Ltd. Our product will be increasingly relevant in a world where rainfall can no longer be predicted; our product will be increasingly critical in a world where ground water leve are declining. But perhaps this can be said of all other pumps. So what makes us different? And if there is indeed a difference, is it significant enough to influence consumers to select one product over another The answer in both cases is in the affirmative.

Best Engineers Pumps Pvt Ltd do not just help locate water resources; they also conserve energy resources in a country with a rising peak energy deficit and energy costs. Best Eng1neers Pumps Pvt Ltd has responded to this reality through the manufacture of submersible pumps that are 40 percent more energy-efficient over peers. Three government agencies are at an advanced stage for replacing cast iron pumps with our stainless steel pumps for agricultural purposes. OUTLOOK Some evident socio-economic realities will determine our growth. * Indias agriculture accounts for around 89 percent of the total water consumption ill the country. Water consumption for irrigation is expected to increase by 68.5 trillion li tres between 2000 arid 2025. * The industrial water consumption is also expected to rise significantly from 6 percent of total water consumption in 2000 to 18 percent of total water consumption in 2050. * Domestic water consumption, as a proportion of total water consumption, is expected to increase from 5 percent in 2000 to 11 percent in 2050. Best Engineers Pumps Pvt Ltd response We have been contributing in the country's growth and reducing pollution through our eco-friendly pumps. We expanded our installed capacity for pumps from 2.50 lac units in 2007-08 to 3.50 lac unit 1n 2008-09. Our reinforced Indian dealer base (354 dealers) will deepen penetration. OVERVIEW The market for submersible pumps can only grow in a world desperate to locate dwindling water resources at affordable costs. MR.J.GOWRISANKAR Chairman and Managing Director



FIXED ASSETS Gross Block Less: Depreciation NET BLOCK Investment Current assets, loan & advance a) Current assets 6 Sundry Debtors Cash & Book Balances 7 Other Current Assets b) loan advances 8 SUB TOTAL (i) Less: Current Liabilities / Provisions a) Current Liabilities 9 b) Provision 10 SUB TOTAL (ii) NET CURRENT ASSETS (i-ii) TOTAL a) Net Proft for the year (A-B) b) If excess provision for the earlier year c) Balance b/f from previous year

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Particulars A) B) TOTAL(A)+(B)

APPROPRIATION a)provision for income tax for the 1666000 year b)it short provision for earlier years 8660 c)balance carried forward 12334205 14008865 SHEDULE OF BALANCE SHEET AS ON 31 march 2002 Schedule no. 31.2.02(rs) SOURCES OF FUNDS Share capital 1 2480030 Reserves&suplus 2 13634207 loans funds Secured funds 3 13781183 Unsecured loans 4 1945000 31840420

Total share capital Equity Share Capital Share Application Money Preference Share Capital Reserves Revaluation Reserves

4.82 4.82 0.00 0.00 4.78 0.00

4.82 4.82 0.00 0.00 6.33

5.02 5.02 3.94 0.00 6.36

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