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Philippine College Of Science and Technology is committed to the pursuit of excellence relative to the student's professional growth and development. PhilCST has maintained its vision of exemplary performances, providing quality education, training students to become technically competent and reaching the stature of excellence in the academe. For seventeen years, PhilCST has consistently produced full-pledge engineers, educators, computer analysts, mariners, criminologists, mass communicators, technicians, and hotel and restaurant managers. These are enough proof that PhilCST is living up with their mission and vision. The institution is progressing and contributes to the maximum development of their students. Evidently, the Guidance and Counseling Office played a very significant part for this success. Guidance and Counseling Office is a requirement for any academic institutions. It is an indispensable office to all educational institutions. It is basically concerned with the good moral character of every student wherein the guidance personnel give personal advices to students who needs character improvement and personal changes in their lives. They motivate, enlighten and provide the needed push on every student in their chosen career. The general objectives of the PhilCST Guidance and Counseling Office are: (1) to work hand-inhand with the administrator on the fulfillment on its mission statement which is the provision of quality education to every students by inculcating knowledge, attitudes, values and training them on skills needed in order to prepare them for the world of work and to enable them to improve their quality of life; (2) to be a helping hand to the instructors and staff in providing a productive and facilitative atmosphere in the school, so students will be competent and thinking individuals capable with making decisions; (3) to be an open hand to students by helping them develop attitudes of social consciousness, equality and justice needed in democratic living. Moreover, its special objectives are: (1) to develop and implement a relevant guidance program for PhilCST based on the guidance needs of students and the faculty every school year;

(2) to assure parents, guardians and relatives of students on the role of the staff and faculty (as second parents in the school) by showing concern and follow-up students attendance and behavior in their classrooms and in the school campus, and (3) to assist the Dean of Student Affairs in the supervision of official school organizations and their activities. The Guidance and Counseling Office has the following services offered to the students: (1) Individual Inventory Service that aims to secure and compile students personal records and other data which are to be used primarily by the counselors and students themselves. (2) Information Service through which students and faculty members are guided on the rules and regulations of the school. (3) Counseling Service taken care by four (4) counselors whom the students can approach or set appointment with for counseling. These counselors are professionally trained to listen and guide in finding solutions for the problems of the students. (4) Placement Service where career guidance is conducted for graduating students in coordination with the Philippine Employment Service Organization of the Department of Labor and Employment. Students are taught how to prepare for an interview and make a professional resume. (5) Follow-up Service for students who are under-achieving and are chronic absentees. This is to facilitate understanding of present status of students and find solutions to their problems. This also follows up the employment status of graduates for possible assistance together with the PhilCST Alumni Association. (6) Guidance Researches are done for the benefit of the students problems, students absenteeism and dropping out are the bases of researches. The result of these researches will be the benchmark data of organizing Student Peer Facilitators. For them to attend the needs of the students, they must have an organized, reliable, accurate and efficient system to monitor the students performance and status. The guidance personnel are using manual system and they often encountered problems such as: a. recording the students personal data is time consuming b. process of dropping/claiming of classcards is also time consuming c. students data may lost because records are kept in folders

Because of these problems, researchers come up with the idea of proposing a monitoring system for the Guidance and Counseling Office regarding these matters. The proposed system will help the guidance counselors to monitor the students and increase their efficiency in their services. This proposal not just intends to help ease the work of the guidance counselors but benefits the administration and students as well, upon retrieval and secured keeping of records with its security features. The researchers will provide a computerized application for the accuracy, accessibility and reliability of the proposed system for the Guidance and Counseling Office.

Conceptual Framework
The use of computers versus manual management and compilation of data are likely to depend on the availability and maintainability of computer hardware, the availability of staff with computer operating skills, and the possibility of protection against heat, dust, power surges and computer viruses. Effective computerization includes programs that check data as it is entered, utilize commercially available software and automatically back up data frequently. The computerized monitoring system can increase the efficiency of the Guidance and Counseling Office to deliver its services and will provide them a good and reliable output.

Conceptual Paradigm/Research Paradigm

Manual Monitoring System of the Guidance and Counseling Office


Development of the Monitoring System of the Guidance and Counseling Office through Visual Basic and Database Software PROCESS

Computerized Monitoring System of the Guidance and Counseling Office

OUTPUT Paradigm of the Study

Significance of the Study This proposed system will definitely and absolutely provides solutions to the difficulties that usually arise during the manual monitoring of the students performance and status. Also, it will entail a more organized and systematic approach that will benefit the following: a. Guidance Counselors The proposed system will help the guidance counselors to monitor the students performances and increase the efficiency in their services. b. Students The process of claiming their dropped class cards consumes less time and they will be given advices by the guidance counselors due to their absenteeism along with the formation of their character. c. Faculty Members They will be given complete information about their students records in the Guidance and Counseling Office. d. Parents They will be informed about the records and other activities inside the school campus of their son/daughter accurately and efficiently. e. Administration They will have more reliable and effective monitoring system that will contribute to the success of the institution. f. Researchers - Their knowledge and skills in developing a system as well as in making a research paper works will be enhanced. Scope and Delimitation of the Study The study will cover the monitoring of the students by the Guidance and Counseling Office of PhilCST specifically the students personal information, absences and students behavior and activities. The scope of the study will focus only on these data processing and monitoring reports and will not include other irrelevant matter. Definition of Terms The following terms were defined according to its use in the study to provide better understanding for the readers:

Back-up refers to a procedure or hardware used to recover lost or destroyed data to keep the system operating. Claiming process of releasing class cards of the student by the Guidance and Counseling Office Computer An electronic tool used to manipulate data and make the process of recording data easier. Computer System A more advance system which uses computer as a main tool in performing works. Data collection of information stored in a computer Database collection of data with a given structure for accepting and storing data for multiple users. Data processing manipulation of data into a more useful form to achieved desired results Dropped remarks or status of a student which actually means he has been duly withdrawn from the class with his/her knowledge Guidance and Counseling Office Office in the school that keep records on the students behavior and academic performances, dropped class cards and personal data. Guidance Counselors - professionally trained personnel who gives advices, encourages and motivates students to do the right thing Monitoring System tracing the students records using manual system or computer system Personal Data Basic information about the student such as name, birthdates, age, address, etc. Process- a part of the program that executes a step-by-step procedures and patterns Student behavior conduct of a student governed by the code of conduct and ethics and other policies written in the PhilCST Student Manual Virus In computer security, a self-propagating program that infects and may damage another program in a computer.