ANNOUNCEMENT After being nominated by the incumbent Council and subsequently being confirmed by a unanimous vote of the Party’s members, the following students are hereby named as the new Council of the Party for the SY 2012 – 2013:
Brian P. Llamanzares Miguel Luigi L. Calayag Ray Phillip S. Pine Marvin T. Lagonera Zarah Donna S. Domingo Julian Elizar D. Torcuator Joseph Roy E. Lising Patricia B. Raya Paulo I. Alfeche III Lucian Alec L. Dioneda Premier Secretary-General Chancellor Solicitor General Home Secretary Externals Secretary III AB Political Science III ABMA Political Science III BS Management Engineering II AB Political Science – MPM III AB Political Science III AB Political Science

Agitation and II AB Communication Propaganda Minister Chief Whip IV AB Political Science

Intelligence Minister III AB Political Science Intelligence Minister III AB Political Science

They have affirmed their dedication towards forging a stronger partnership with the Ateneo Employees’ and Workers’ Union (AEWU), the Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (PALEA), as well as all current endeavours of the Party. The incumbent Council also knows that they will continue to expand the Party and forge new partnerships towards our mission of building a just and humane society grounded on Christian Social Teachings, a socialist education, and a democratic way of life. (sgd.) Miguel Paolo P. Rivera IV ABMA Political Science

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