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English 205 Spring 2012 Introduction to Creative Writing Poetry & Workshop Calendar N.B.

Workshop poems are due emailed to me before the previous days class, i.e. if your poem is being workshopped on a Friday, send me your poem before class on Wednesday; or for a Monday workshop, before the previous Fridays class. POETRY UNIT Week 1: Introduction, Imagery, & Sound M Mar. 5 Discuss Syllabus Poetry Introduction POEMS: All poems for today only will be read in-class. Selections from Mr. W. Shakespeare, Craig Martin Raines A Martian Writes Home, Charles Simic The Fork IN-CLASS EXERCISE: If E.T. were a Purdue student. . . W Mar. 7 READINGS: Reread from your fiction coursepack Richard Hugo Writing Off the Subject POEMS: James Wright, Lying in a Hammock at William Duffys Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota Mining Images: Matthew Zapruder The Prelude, Laura Jensen Bad Boats and The Red Dog IN-CLASS EXERCISE: Imagery Exercise READINGS: Gregory Orr Four Temperaments and the Forms of Poetry, Mary Oliver Sound and More Devices of Sound (pg.19-34) POEMS: Sound: Kevin Young Expecting, Sylvia Plath Daddy, Gerard Manley Hopkins The Windhover, Jean Nordaus He is Running

F Mar. 9

Week 2: SPRING BREAKMar. 12-16NO CLASS Week 3: Senses, Metaphor, & Simile M Mar. 19 DUE: Poem #1 (emailed to me by no later than noon) POEMS: Verse for the Senses: Elizabeth Bishop The Fish (pg. 95-97 in Oliver), Li-Young Lee Eating Together and Eating Alone, Feel, Smell: Marie Ponsot Separate, In the Swim, William Carlos Williams Smell

W Mar.21 POEMS: Like Life Simile and Metaphor: Kenneth Koch To You, Gerald Stern I Remember Galileo F Mar.23 READINGS: Natalie Angier Abstract Thoughts? The Body Takes Them Literally POEMS: Image/Abstraction: Stanley Kunitz Day of Foreboding, Richard Siken Scheherezade

Week 4: Voice, Stanza, & Persona M Mar. 26 DUE: Poem #2 (emailed to me by no later than noon) READINGS: Mary Oliver Imitation (pg. 13-18); The Line and Some Given Forms (pg. 35 66) POEMS: couplets: Kevin Young Ode to the Midwest, Maurice Manning A Blasphemy tercets: Mark Strand Eating Poetry, David Wagoner For a Student Sleeping in a Poetry Workshop quatrains: Marianne Boruch In the hospital parking lot and He was touched or he touched or W Mar.28 READINGS: Mary Oliver Diction, Tone, Voice (pg. 76 91) POEMS: Voices of delight and desire: e.e. cummings since feeling is first, Tony Hoagland History of Desire, James Tate and Same Tits, Jack Gilbert Portrait Number Five: Against a New York Summer F Mar.30 READINGS: Academy of American Poets Poetic Technique: Dramatic Monologue POEMS: Personae: Anne Sexton Her Kind, John Berryman Dream Song 1 and Dream Song 14, Adrienne Rich Phantasia for Elvira Shatayev

Week 5: Line, Stanza, Form M Apr. 2 DUE: Poem #3 (emailed to me by no later than noon) READINGS: On the Sonnet POEMS: Sonnet: John Donne Death, Be Not Proud, Pablo Neruda Sonnet XVII, Henri Cole Oil & Steel Workshop 1_____Dong__________ 2______Eumin_______ W Apr. 4 READINGS: On the Villanelle POEMS: Villanelle: Elizabeth Bishop One Art, Sylvia Plath Mad Girls Love Song, Theodore Roethke The Waking Workshop 3____Morgan________ 4_______Valerie______

F Apr.6

READINGS: On the Sestina POEMS: Sestina: Miller Williams Shrinking Lonesome Sestina, John Ashberry Farm Implements and Rutabegas in a Landscape Workshop 5______Ellie_______ 6______Jennifer________

Week 6: Line, Stanza, Form M Apr. 9 NO CLASSMICHAEL CUNNINGHAM Q&A DUE: Poem #4 (emailed to me by no later than noon) W Apr.11 READINGS: Greek Myths (I will send you the links) POEMS: Jack Gilbert Falling and Flying, Eavan Boland The Pomegranate, Margaret Atwood Orpheus (1) and (2) Workshop 7____Drew______ 8_____Michelle______ POEMS: Prose: Carolyn Forche The Colonel, Harryette Mullen Black Nikes, Nicole Cooley Breach Concrete: May Swenson Bleeding and Women, Emmet Williams Like Attracts Like, Mary Leader They Vibrate Workshop 9______Joshua Y.____ 10______Emily_______

Apr. 13

Week 7: Form & Revision M Apr.16 DUE: Poem #5 (emailed to me by no later than noon) DUE: Small Group Poem (emailed to group & me by no later than noon) Concrete: May Swenson Bleeding and Women, Emmet Williams Like Attracts Like, Mary Leader They Vibrate Workshop 11____Brenda________ 12____Kaley________ W Apr.18 F Apr.20 POEMS: *Classs choice of neglected past poems* Workshop 13_____Todd________ 14____Calynn_______ DUE: Small Group Workshop Critiques (emailed to me in a single document or in the body of an email message by no later than noon) Small Group Workshops

Week 8: On Revision M Apr. 23 POEMS: *Classs choice of neglected past poems* Workshop 15___Josh S.________ 16______Pierce______ W Apr. 25 READINGS: Mary Oliver Revisions (pg. 109 111), Richard Hugo Nuts and Bolts - Coursepack

Workshop 17_____Ross____ 18______Shannon____ 19___Josh N.__ F Apr. 27 NO CLASSIndividual Conferences

POETRY PORTFOLIO DUE (3 revised poems, Poetry cover letter, & course reflection letter) Emailed to me by 5 p.m. Sunday, 4/29