1           Women  in  the  World:  Stories  &  Solutions   A  Summit  Hosted  by  Newsweek  &  The  Daily  Beast       AGENDA   Programs

 and  Participants  Subject  to  Change       March  8-­‐10,  2012   The  David  H.  Koch  Theater  at  Lincoln  Center   Broadway  and  63rd  Street,  New  York,  New  York       Hosts:  Tina  Brown,  Leymah  Gbowee,  Nizan  Guanaes,   Jane  Harman,  Maya  Harris,  Mellody  Hobson,  Lauren  Bush  Lauren,  Judith  Rodin,     Sheryl  Sandberg,  Meryl  Streep  and  Diane  von  Furstenberg       Partners:  Vital  Voices  Global  Partnership,  Women  for  Women  International,     the  United  Nations  Foundation,  DVF  and  the  Women  in  the  World  Foundation       Generously  sponsored  by  HP,  Bank  of  America,  The  Coca-­‐Cola  Company,  Intel,  Toyota,     Ann  Inc.,  Liberty  Mutual  Insurance  and  Thomson  Reuters         Women  in  the  World  is  centered  on  first-­‐person  storytelling  by  trailblazing  women   from  a  broad  spectrum  of  cultures.  Over  the  course  of  three  days,  we  showcase  these   fearless  pioneers,  inspire  you  to  become  involved  and  encourage  creative  solutions   to  all  the  challenges  that  women  face  across  the  globe.          

2 THURSDAY,  MARCH  8,  2012       6:30  PM                         WELCOME  BY  TINA  BROWN   •                             CO-­‐HOSTS:  GIVING  VOICE   Women  in  the  World  co-­‐hosts  give  voice  to  a  woman  not   present.   FORCED  MARRIAGE:  ARE  MOTHERS  TO  BLAME?     An   inside   account   of   the   dramatic   rescue   of   a   female   British  citizen  from  Islamabad,  who  has  been  forced  by   her   family   to   marry   against   her   will.       Every   year   hundreds   of   such   U.K.   citizens—many   in   their   teens— are   abducted   by   their   own   families,   sent   to   other   countries   and   forced   to   marry.     Now   the   British   Foreign   Office  has  a  response:    The  Forced  Marriage  Unit.               Moderator:  Lesley  Stahl,  Correspondent,  60  Minutes     • Chaz  Akoshile,  Joint  Head,  Forced  Marriage  Unit,   UK   • Albert  David,  MBE,  Head  of  Consular  Assistance,   British  High  Commission,  Islamabad   • Sabatina  James,  Author,  My  Fight  for  Faith  and   Freedom   • Jasvinder  Sanghera,  CEO  and  Founder,  Karma   Nirvana       Tina  Brown,  Editor  in  Chief,  Newsweek  and  The   Daily  Beast                                 EVENING  PROGRAM:   SUMA’S  SONG     A  performance  by  Suma  Tharu   • Suma  Tharu,  Room  to  Read  Girls’  Education   Program  Scholar  


3 THE  PRICE  OF  WAR             Despite   bearing   the   greatest   brunt   of   the   devastating   horrors   of   war,   women   remain   the   pillars   of   their   families   and   societies,   and   the   source   of   strength   that   becomes  the  foundation  of  recovery.     Interviewed  by  Charlie  Rose,  Executive  Editor  and   Anchor,  Charlie  Rose  and  Anchor,  CBS  This  Morning     • Madeleine  K.  Albright,  Chair  of  Albright   Stonebridge  Group,  Former  U.S.  Secretary  of  State       SANDRA’S  STORY   Interviewed  by  Charlie  Rose   • Sandra  Uwiringiyimana,  Genocide  Survivor  and   Spokesperson,  Foundation  of  Hope  Ministries;   Photographer       TESTIMONY   Introduced  by  Charlie  Rose   • Angelina  Jolie,  Writer,  Director,  Academy  Award-­‐ winning  Actress  and  Goodwill  Ambassador,  United   Nations  High  Commissioner  for  Refugees       8:25  PM                   DELEGATE  DINNER  EVENT*   Presented  by  Bank  of  America   *Open  to  Delegate  pass  holders  only           REMARKS     • Brian  T.  Moynihan,  President  and  CEO,  Bank  of   America                  


4           WOMAN  OF  THE  HOUR:  A  CONVERSATION     WITH  CHRISTINE  LAGARDE   International  Monetary  Fund  chief  Christine  Lagarde  in   conversation   with   Niall   Ferguson   on   the   European   financial   crisis,   the   global   economy,   and   the   greatest   challenges  and  top  priorities  for  the  IMF  in  the  coming   months.     Interviewed  By:  Niall  Ferguson,  Laurence  A.  Tisch   Professor  of  History,  Harvard  University;  Senior  Fellow,   The  Hoover  Institution     • Christine  Lagarde,  Managing  Director  International   Monetary  Fund  


5     FRIDAY,  MARCH    9     9:00  AM                   •                           HOLLAND  TAYLOR  AS  GOVERNOR  ANN  RICHARDS:   LADIES  YOU  MUST  PARTICIPATE!   Broadway  star  Holland  Taylor  as  Governor  Ann   Richards       • Holland  Taylor,  Actress   Tina  Brown,  Editor  in  Chief,  Newsweek  and  The   Daily  Beast  





WHERE  ARE  THE  WOMEN  AT  THE  TOP? The   United   States   ranks   83rd   in   the   world   in   terms   of   women   in   public   office.    Only   3   percent   of   the   Fortune   500   CEOs   are   women.   Has   the   definition—or   importance—of   professional   success   changed   since   the   dawn   of   feminism?  With   experience   that   spans   several   generations,   panelists   provide   their   personal   takes   on   "the  future  of  feminism."   Moderator:    Sheryl  Sandberg,  Chief  Operating  Officer,   Facebook   • Jill  Abramson,  Executive  Editor,  The  New  York   Times • Shelby  Knox,  Director  of  Women’s  Rights   Organizing,  Change.org     • Anne  Kornblut,  Deputy  Political  Editor,  The   Washington  Post   • Cheryl  Mills,  Counselor  and  Chief  of  Staff,  U.S.   Secretary  of  State  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton   • Gloria  Steinem,  Feminist  Writer  and  Co-­‐founder,   Ms.  Magazine    









FIREBRAND  FOR  PEACE:  NOBEL  LAUREATE   LEYMAH  GBOWEE The   co-­‐winner   of   the   2011   Nobel   Peace   Prize   talks   with   Tina  Brown  about  the  power  of  women  in  conflict  zones   to   replicate   Gbowee’s   interfaith   coalition   that   brought   peace  to  Liberia,  harnessing  tactics  ranging  from  sit-­‐ins   to  sex  strikes.       Interviewed  By:  Tina  Brown,  Editor  in  Chief,  Newsweek   and  The  Daily  Beast   • Leymah  Gbowee,  Founder  and  President,  Gbowee   Peace  Foundation  Africa  


  CHANGING  THE  MINDS  OF  MEN   As  the  U.S.  prepares  to  pull  out  of  Afghanistan,  what  will   become   of   Afghan   women   and   girls?     Much   of   the   answer   lies   with   the   attitudes   of   Afghan   men.     Our   guests  will  surprise  you  with  their  stories.     Moderator:  Christiane  Amanpour,  Global  Affairs   Anchor,  ABC  News  and  Host  and  Chief  International   Correspondent,  CNN  International   • • • Bibi  Hokmina,  Elected  Member,  Provincial  Council,   Province  of  Khost,  Afghanistan Mohammad  Nasib,  Founder  and  Chairman,  Board   of  Directors,  WADAN Zainab  Salbi,  Founder,  Women  for  Women   International;  Author,  Between  Two  Worlds



  Note:  Shakila  Faqeeri,  Senior  Communications  Advisor,   Tetra  Tech  DPK,  will  serve  as  interpreter  for  Bibi   Hokmina.       10:25  AM                     BREAK  

7     10:45  AM      




MORNING  PROGRAM  (Continued):   SECURITY  IS  WOMEN’S  WORK!   Around   the   world,   women   leaders   have   reinvigorated   the   security   missions   of   police   forces,   intelligence   agencies,   defense   departments,   foreign   ministries   and   entire   nations.     Do   these   women   bring   different   gifts   than   men   to   the   increasingly   complex   challenges   of   local,  national  and  international  security?     Moderator:  Charlie  Rose,  Executive  Editor  and  Anchor,   Charlie  Rose  and  Anchor,  CBS  This  Morning     • The  Honorable  Jane  Harman,  Director,  President   and  CEO,  Woodrow  Wilson  Center   • President  Atifete  Jahjaga,  President,  Republic  of   Kosovo   • Cathy  Lanier,  Chief  of  Police,  Metropolitan  Police   Department,  District  of  Columbia   • Secretary  Janet  Napolitano,  Secretary,  U.S.   Department  of  Homeland  Security     CRACKING  THE  CODE:   GENDER  PARITY,  GROWTH  AND  JOBS   In   the   face   of   current   global   economic   turbulence,   women   are   a   critical   force   in   meeting   the   demands   of   the  new  employment  landscape.  Muhtar  Kent,  Chairman   and  CEO  of  The  Coca-­‐Cola  Company,  discusses  his  view   on  why  women  around  the  globe  are  set  to  become  key   participants  in  ‘cracking  the  code’  for  job  growth.     Interviewed  by:  Robin  Roberts,  Co-­‐Anchor,  Good   Morning  America     • Muhtar  Kent,  Chairman  and  CEO,     The  Coca-­‐Cola  Company                                        




8                             MURDER  AND  MACHISMO:     WOMEN  IN  PERIL  IN  LATIN  AMERICA     Over   the   past   two   decades,   violence   against   women   in   Central   America   and   Mexico   has   surged.   Panelists   explore   what’s   fueling   this   perilous   culture   for   women   and   girls,   from   a   dramatic   spike   in   organized   crime   to   sex   trafficking   to   “feminicidio”—a   term   describing   specifically  brutal  murders  of  women.         Moderator:  Christopher  Dickey,  Paris  Bureau  Chief,   Newsweek  and  The  Daily  Beast   • Norma  Andrade,  Founder  Nuestras  Hijas  de   Regreso  a  Casa  A.C.  (May  Our  Daughters  Return   Home)   Gael  García  Bernal,  Actor,  Producer,  and  Directór   Sylvia  Gereda,  Founder  and  Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Informe   Especial,  Channel  Antigua  and  Zona  de  Investigacion     Congresswoman  Rosi  Orozco,  President,  Special   Commission  Against  Human  Trafficking,  Mexico  




• • •        





HI-­‐TECH  HEALTH  FOR  WOMEN   Presented  by  HP Gabi   Zedlmayer   and   Barbara   Bush   discuss   leveraging   new   technologies   to   tackle   critical   global   health   challenges.       Moderator:    Cheryl  Dorsey,  President,  Echoing  Green     • Barbara  Bush,  CEO  and  Co-­‐Founder,  Global  Health   Corps   • Gabi  Zedlmayer,  Vice  President,  Sustainability  and   Social  Innovation,  HP  

    12:30  PM          





9           12:30  PM               CHINA’S  NEW  TIGER  WOMEN:   COMMERCE  AND  CULTURE   75%  of  China’s  women  have  entered  the  workforce,  and   they’re   joining   the   middle   class   at   a   blistering   speed.   Both   bound   and   freed   by   certain   traditions,   Chinese   women   are   smashing   stereotypes.   And   the   world   is   watching.     Moderator:    Barbara  Walters,  ABC  News   Correspondent  and  Creator/Co-­‐Executive  Producer  and   Co-­‐Host,  The  View   • • • • • Amy  Chua,  John  M.  Duff,  Jr.  Professor  of  Law,  Yale   University   Tian  X.  Hou,  Founder  and  CEO,  Senior  Analyst,  T.  H.   Capital,  LLC Melinda  Liu,  Beijing  Bureau  Chief,  Newsweek  and   The  Daily  Beast     Diane  von  Furstenberg,  Chairman  and  Founder,   Diane  von  Furstenberg  Studio  L.P. Mei  Zhang,  Chairperson  and  Founder,  WildChina  


DELEGATE  LUNCH  EVENT*   Presented  by  The  Coca-­‐Cola  Company     *Open  to  Delegate  pass  holders  only


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AFTERNOON  PROGRAM: WOMEN  IN  COMBAT:  FIGHTING  ON  TWO  FRONTS   The  rules  preventing  American  women  from  combat  are   easing.    In  Afghanistan,  “Female  Engagement  Teams”  of   U.S.   women   soldiers   are   already   reinventing   counterinsurgency   in   remote,   volatile   regions.     Yet   far   more   female   soldiers   in   the   U.S.   military   are   exhibiting   trauma   caused   by   sexual   assault—most   often   committed   by   their   fellow   soldiers—than   trauma   from   the   front   lines.     How   to   simultaneously   empower   and   protect  women  who  want  to  serve  their  country?     Moderator:    Martha  Raddatz,  Senior  Foreign  Affairs   Correspondent,  ABC  News     • Zoe  Bedell,  Analyst,  Foros  Group   • Claire  Russo,  CFR  International  Affairs  Fellow,   Institute  for  Inclusive  Security • Maritza  Sáenz  Ryan,  Colonel,  U.S.  Army,  Professor   and  Head,  Department  of  Law,  US  Military  Academy,   West  Point* • Congresswoman  Jackie  Speier,  Chair,   ProtectOurDefenders.com   *  Colonel  Ryan's  views  are  her  own  and  do  not  necessarily   reflect  those  of  the  U.S.  Military  Academy,  the  U.S.  Army,   or  the  Department  of  Defense.  






THE  NEW  THREAT  TO  WOMEN’S  RIGHTS     The 2012 campaign year has unexpectedly been dominated by social issues, particularly when it comes to women’s rights. Celebrating her 25th anniversary in Congress, the Democratic Leader in a candid conversation with Pat Mitchell. Interviewed  by  Pat  Mitchell,  President  and  CEO,  The   Paley  Center  for  Media     • Congresswoman  Nancy  Pelosi,  Democratic  Leader,   U.S.  House  of  Representative






11                 MOTHERS  OF  INVENTION:  THE  SOCCKET  ROCKETS   Presented  by  Toyota   Two  young  entrepreneurs  from  Harvard  share  the  story   of   their   incredible   “sOccket”   invention,   which   is   bringing   electricity   to   impoverished   communities   around  the  world.   Interviewed   by   Allison   Samuels,   Senior   Writer,   Newsweek  &  The  Daily  Beast   • •             Jessica  O.  Matthews,  Co-­‐Founder  and  CEO,   Uncharted  Play,  Inc.   Julia  Silverman,  Co-­‐Founder  and  Chief  Social   Officer,  Uncharted  Play,  Inc.  

  RUSSIA:  COVERING  A  DESPOT   Russian  journalist  Masha  Gessen  on  her  explosive  new   book  on  Vladimir  Putin,  and  whether  Russia  might  be   primed  for  another  revolution.     Interviewed  by  Chrystia  Freeland,  Global  Editor  at   Large,  Thomson  Reuters     • Masha  Gessen,  Author,  The  Man  Without  A  Face:   The  Unlikely  Rise  of  Vladimir  Putin  






THE  WOMEN’S  ECONOMY   Presented  by  Bank  of  America   This  program  delves  into  how  women  are  faring  in  the   aftermath   of   the   ‘great   recession'   and   takes   a   forward-­‐ leaning   look   at   the   emerging   job   market.   Based   on   recent   research   and   analysis,   this   panel   of   leading   business   women   will   compare   strategies   for   meeting   the  challenges  that  lie  ahead  both  for  creating  jobs  and   doing  business.         Moderator:  Gayle  Tzemach  Lemmon,  Author,  The   Dressmaker  of  Khair  Khana;  Contributing  Editor-­‐at-­‐ Large,  Newsweek  &  The  Daily  Beast;  Fellow,  The  Council   on  Foreign  Relations     • Candace  Browning,  Head  of  Global  Research,  Bank   of  America  Merrill  Lynch • Susan  Lyne,  Chairman,  Gilt  Groupe • Amanda  Steinberg,  Founder  and  CEO,  DailyWorth  

12   4:15  PM       4:40  PM            




BREAK   AFTERNOON  PROGRAM  (Continued)   JOBS:  GOOD  NEWS  FOR  WOMEN?   Women's   economic   security   is   American   economic   security:   the   Chair   of   the   White   House   Council   on   Women   and   Girls   and   Senior   Advisor   to   President   Obama   discusses   the   role   of   women   in   the   economic   recovery   and   how   women   are   integral   to   keeping   America  competitive  in  the  21st  century.   Moderator:  Mellody  Hobson,  President,  Ariel   Investments     • Valerie  Jarrett,  Senior  Advisor  to  President  Barack   Obama;  Chair,  The  White  House  Council  on  Women   and  Girls









VIEWS  FROM  THE  CRISIS  ZONE: AN  INTERVIEW  WITH  TZIPI  LIVNI Israeli   Opposition   Leader   Tzipi   Livni   on   the   crisis   with   Iran,   the   role   of   women   in   resolving   the   Palestinian   conflict,  and  women’s  rights  versus  cultural  tenets.   Interviewed  by  Simon  Schama,  University  Professor   and  Author     • Tzipi  Livni,  Head,  Kadima  Party,  and  Opposition   Leader,  Israel  






ON  THE  EDGE  OF  REVOLUTION A  tribute  to  legendary  war  correspondent  Marie  Colvin,   and   an   interview   with   the   Pulitzer-­‐Prize-­‐winning   photographer  who  was  kidnapped  by  Gaddafi’s  forces.


Lynsey  Addario,  Photographer

13               THE  ARAB  SPRING:  HAVE  WOMEN  LOST? A   year   ago   they   stood   with   the   men   in   Tahrir   Square   and   demanded   democratic   reform,   but   since   then   Egypt’s   revolutionary   women   have   been   attacked,   jailed,   and   marginalized.   Women   from   across   the   country’s   political   spectrum   describe   their   efforts   to   elevate  the  influence  of  Egyptian  women  at  this  historic   turning  point.     Moderator:  Andrew  Sullivan,  Editor,  The  Dish  at  The   Daily  Beast;  Columnist,  Newsweek     • Namees  Arnous,  Executive  Director,  Bokra  for  Media   Production,  Media  Studies  and  Human  Rights   • Sondos  Asem,  Co-­‐Editor,  Muslim  Brotherhood’s   Ikhwanweb.com;  Media  Researcher   • Dr.  Omaima  Kamel,  Member,  Muslim  Brotherhood’s   Freedom  and  Justice  Party;  Professor  of  Public   Health,  Cairo  University   • Dalia  Ziada,  Egypt  Director,  American  Islamic   Congress         DIVA!     Anna   Netrebko,   world-­‐renowned   Russian   soprano   and   star   of   the   Metropolitan   Opera,   gives   a   special   live   performance.     • Anna  Netrebko,  World-­‐Renowned  Operatic   Soprano   DELEGATE  EVENT:  DVF  AWARDS*   *Open  to  Delegate  pass  holders  only  






    8:00  PM                                                                                                

14 SATURDAY,  MARCH  10     9:00  AM       •                             Tina  Brown,  Editor  in  Chief,  Newsweek  and  The   Daily  Beast         MORNING  PROGRAM:   WELCOME  BY  TINA  BROWN  

RESPONSIBILITY  PROJECT:  RIGHT  TO  PLAY   Presented  by  Liberty  Mutual  Insurance   A   short   film   highlighting   the   efforts   of   Olympic   runner   Allyson   Felix   as   an   Athlete   Ambassador   for   Right   to   Play.   Through   games   and   sports,   Right   to   Play   is   committed  to  providing  opportunities  for  development,   health,   and   peace   through   the   power   of   play,   encouraging   the   physical,   social,   and   emotional   development  of  boys  and  girls  around  the  world.    





AFRICA:    A  NEW  DAWN     As   Africa   undergoes   enormous   political,   economic   and   social   changes,   women   are   poised   to   become   powerful   leaders   in   their   countries   and   communities.   Former   Cameroonian   presidential   candidate   Kah   Walla   shares   stories,   including   her   own,   of   women   embracing   leadership  on  the  continent.     Interviewed  by:  Alyse  Nelson,  President  and  CEO,  Vital   Voices  Global  Partnership   • Kah  Walla,  CEO,  STRATEGIES!  and  President,   Cameroon  People’s  Party  







AFRICA:  BAGGING  HUNGER     A  conversation  with  Lauren  Bush  on  the  inspiration  and   impact   of   Project   FEED,   which   has   provided   over   65   million   school   meals   to   children   around   the   world   through  the  sale  of  artisan-­‐made  bags.     Interviewed  by:  Alex  Witt,  MSNBC  Anchor,  Weekends   with  Alex  Witt  and  NBC  Correspondent     • Lauren  Bush  Lauren,  CEO,  Creative  Director  and   Co-­‐Founder,  Project  FEED  

15 TOPPLING  TRADITION     For   forty   years,   Molly   Melching   has   used   community   empowerment  in  Senegal  to  promote  human  rights  and   to  try  to  end  female  genital  cutting.  Thousands  of  these   villages   have   now   banished   this   once-­‐common   ritual.   Demba   Diawara,   an   imam   who   has   worked   with   Ms.   Melching   for   decades,   joins   her   to   discuss   the   key   to   toppling  entrenched  traditions:  the  cooperation  of  men.       Moderator:  Sheryl  WuDunn,  Pulitzer  Prize-­‐Winning   Journalist,  President,  TripleEdge,  and  Co-­‐Author,  Half   The  Sky     • Imam  Demba  Diawara,  Village  Chief  of  Keur   Simbara,  Senegal;  Human  Rights  Activist,  Tostan   • Molly  Melching,  Founder  and  Executive  Director,   Tostan   • Abdoulie  Sidibeh,  Tostan  Community   Empowerment  Program  Participant,  Human  Rights   Activist,  Tostan                   MAKING  JUSTICE  REAL  IN  THE  WORLD     Whether   the   challenge   is   domestic   abuse,   sex   trafficking,   child   marriage    or   gender   disparity   in   the   work   place,    many   of   the   solutions   rely   on   powerful   women   at   all   levels   of   the   justice   system   driving   through   fair   and   equitable   outcomes.       But   what   happens   when   women   do   assume   authority   in   the   justice   pipeline,   and   how   do   they   make   real   change   happen?   Two   powerful   champions   of   justice,   both   lawyers   who   happen   to   be   sisters,   talk   about   their   approaches  to  creating  a  more  just  future.         Moderator:  Cynthia  McFadden,  Co-­‐Anchor,  ABC  News’   Nightline     • •         Kamala  D.  Harris,  Attorney  General,  California   Maya  L.  Harris,  Vice  President  for  Democracy,   Rights  and  Justice,  Ford  Foundation  


16               WOMEN  WORLD  LEADERS:  FORCE  MULTIPLIERS     Members  of  the  exclusive  club  of  women  who  have  led   nations   discuss   the   global   imperative   to   elevate   more   women  into  their  ranks.       Moderator:    Andrea  Mitchell,  Chief  Foreign  Affairs   Correspondent,  NBC  and  Host,  MSNBC’s  Andrea  Mitchell   Reports   • • •   10:55  AM     11:15  AM                 The  Honorable  Jane  Harman,  Director,  President   and  CEO,  Woodrow  Wilson  Center   President  Atifete  Jahjaga,  President,  Republic  of   Kosovo   Kamla  Persad-­‐Bissessar,  Prime  Minister,  Republic   of  Trinidad  and  Tobago  





BREAK   MORNING  PROGRAM  (Continued):         GIRLS  IN  THE  WORLD     WOMEN  IN  THE  WORLD  ON  CAMPUS       An  exciting  new  initiative  to  engage  college-­‐aged   women           • Kim  Azzarelli,  President,  Women  in  the  World   Foundation   MOTHER  OF  INVENTION:   TALIA  LEMAN  and  RANDOMKID.ORG   Presented  by  Toyota         17-­‐year-­‐old   Talia   Leman,   CEO   and   Founder   of   RandomKid.org,  shares  the  story  behind  her  grassroots   organization   that   supports   and   mentors   children   around  the  world  who  are  passionate  about  improving   the  lives  of  others.   Interviewed  by:  Jill  Iscol,  Ed.  D.,  President,  IF   Hummingbird  Foundation,  and  Author,  Hearts  on  Fire:   Twelve  Stories  of  Today’s  Visionaries  Igniting  Idealism   Into  Action     • Talia  Leman,  CEO  and  Founder,  RandomKid.org  









17 THE  DIGITAL  LIVES  OF  GIRLS     With   the   explosion   of   digital   and   social   media,   girls’   lives   now   unfold   in   the   most   public   of   spaces.   Yet   innovative   young   women   are   harnessing   digital   technology,   owning   their   image   and   leveraging   the   issues  that  are  most  important  to  them.     From  bloggers   to   ad   jammers   to   social   media   gurus,   this   program   convenes  a  group  of  bold  young  women  to  explore  how   the  Internet  has  transformed  their  lives  and  their  ability   to  own  their  image  and  voice.     Moderator:  Chelsea  Clinton,  Board  Member,  Clinton   Foundation     • Noorjahan  Akbar,  Founder,  Young  Women  for   Change • Shelby  Knox,  Director  of  Women’s  Rights   Organizing,  Change.org   • Crystal  Ogar,  Activist  and  Blogger,  SPARK  Summit   • Emily-­‐Anne  Rigal,  Founder  and  Director,   WeStopHate.org   • Julie  Zeilinger,  Founder  and  Editor,  The  FBomb   (TheFBomb.org)             MOTHER  OF  INVENTION:  PRINCIPAL  ASENATH   ANDREWS  and  THE  CATHERINE  FERGUSON   ACADEMY   Presented  by  Toyota   A   conversation   with   Principal   Asenath   Andrews   about   the   educational   innovation   of   Detroit’s   Catherine   Ferguson  Academy  for  Young  Women.           Interviewed  by:  Renée  Montagne,  Co-­‐Host,  NPR’s   Morning  Edition     • G.  Asenath  Andrews,  Founding  Principal,  Catherine   Ferguson  Academy,  Detroit,  MI   • Tiffini  Baldwin,  Catherine  Ferguson  Academy   Graduate     • Ashley  Rodgers,  Catherine  Ferguson  Academy   Graduate  













GIRLS  CAN  CHANGE  THE  WORLD   Presented  by  Intel   Sarah  Brown,  Dr.  Ida  Odinga  of  Kenya  and  Shelly  Esque   of   Intel   discuss   the   importance   of   educating   girls   throughout  the  world,  and  what  it  takes  to  break  down   the   barriers   preventing   some   girls   from   receiving   an   education.       Moderator:  JuJu  Chang,  Correspondent,  ABC  News   Nightline     • Sarah  Brown,  CEO,  Office  of  Gordon  and  Sarah   Brown,  and  President,  PiggyBankKids   • Shelly  Esque,  Vice  President,  Global  Affairs,  Intel;   President,  Intel  Foundation   • Dr.  Ida  Betty  Odinga,  MGH     SUMA’S  SONG   Presented  by  Intel   Presenting   Suma,   one   of   several   remarkable   young   girls   in   10x10’s   groundbreaking   feature   film   whose   life   has   been  transformed  by  the  opportunity  to  go  to  school.   Moderator:  Juju  Chang,  Correspondent,  ABC  News   Nightline       • Richard  Robbins,  Director,  10x10  Film   • Suma  Tharu,  Survivor  of  Domestic  Slavery,  Student   and  Songwriter,  Nepal  











    BURMA:  A  DOOR  OPENS     With   Burmese   elections   only   weeks   away,   is   this   a   turning  point  for  the  women  and  girls  of  the  homeland   of  Aung  San  Suu  Kyi?     Moderator:  Tina  Brown,  Editor  in  Chief,  Newsweek  &   The  Daily  Beast     • Melanne  Verveer,  U.S.  Ambassador-­‐at-­‐Large  for   Global  Women’s  Issues   • Zin  Mar  Aung,  Democracy  Activist  

19           1:05  PM                  





  A  TRIBUTE  BY  MERYL  STREEP   • Meryl  Streep,  Actress  





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