I.B. Voters' Guide Nov.

2006 Final Edition

Maximus Report vs. "2004 I.B. Concerned Citizen" Faux Newspaper
By Ed Kravitz spent several hours reading over the Maximus Financial Report and comparing it to statements made in the 2004 edition of the IBCC faux newspaper just prior to the last election. If the Maximus report is true, then the IBCC knew of the city’s real financial condition prior to writing lies about

Maximus report shows council lied
other candidates and the financial status of Imperial Beach in its 2004 edition. Even more troubling is the observation by Maximus that the City had incomplete financial records which do not appear to be on computer server’s records. Heads would be rolling if this was private enterprise. Where is the accountability of incumbents such as Patricia McCoy and Jim Janney who are seeking re-election? Where did $5.5 million dollars in reserve funds go? The City Council spent $30,000 for the 20-page Maximus Report. On page two there are listings of limitations on accurate analysis due to “missing data.” In the city of Imperial Beach, there are additional limitations that add uncertainty to those projections. First, the city is in the process of recruiting its administrative services manager. Until that process is complete, an interim manager is in place and performing daily operations. Unfortunately, the prior incumbent was unavailable to assist with this project. Thus the institutional memory of


the City is limited. Second, some of the supporting documents, such as future year budget models and detailed assumptions, are

Censored by the Eagle Times
By Ed Kravitz

Grand Jury investigates I.B. City Council? The amount of information we uncovered indicating corruption at City Hall and with associated non-profits such as SWIA and the SBUSD Foundation was so overwhelming, we filed a complaint with the San Diego Grand Jury. The Grand Jury has full access to our Web site and this newspaper.

agle & Times Newspapers has refused to renew our six-week advertising contract to include next week's preelection edition of the Eagle & Times. A telephone call on behalf of Dean Eckenroth Sr. was made by a display advertising manager who identified himself only as "Guy" and told us the paper would no longer advertise our Web site SaveIB.Com in classified or display advertising and that it was their right and their decision to refuse publication of our Web site URL or other materials.

I asked "Guy" if he would send me an e-mail stating those terms and he responded, "We don’t have to!” before he hung up the phone. The good news is, a LOT of you are visiting our Web site: more people than the Eagle Times Web site. Tell your friends about us. Invite

them over and have a few laughs at our anti-encumbent and anti-carpetbagger parody of the 2006 Imperial Beach Elections. Check out Episode II of The Wizard of No on the SaveIB.Com Web site. Use the force! VOTE ALL ENCUMBENTS OUT! Prsrt. Std. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #2325 San Diego CA