Puyo is practically the first city in the east, where begins the Amazon forest, but it's not too pretty (rather the opposite). This about two hours east of Bath and we went there because we wanted another go, Tena, in the middle of the jungle, it took like 5 hours and did not want to spend all day on the bus. But once you leave Puyo back and you approach the river and start to see landscapes typical of the Amazon. We penetrate a little trail surrounding a Ethnobotanical Park (which in the end we did not) and we were walking by the river. For precaution we had already begun to take malaria tablets is not that though we were not too admitted to the forest, we did some mosquito clueless bad joke :-). After a while we again kicked the bus station, because the rest of the city had nothing interesting and the pools we were expecting again ... :-). Then cenita of steak with potatoes and sleep, the following day excursion to the waterfalls :-). PUYO Heart of the Amazon 5 minutes from the Ecopark is Puyo, the "Heart of the Amazon", full of friendly people who welcome all who come to these lands. Puyo is the most multicultural city in Ecuador. The way Baños - Puyo is paved with 7 lighted tunnels, it is safe to travel by bicycle and is known as the "Route of the Waterfalls" which begins and ends in Bath in Puyo. In this exciting journey will experience the fantastic fusion of Andean and Amazon, leaving Bathrooms with cold, dry air for a few minutes to breathe the air moist, warm and sweet in the Amazon. You will see plenty of large waterfalls, whitewater rivers entering the forest, ideal for rafting and small towns that attract the magnetism of his tranquility.

Distances to Puyo Puyo - Quito 4 hours by bus Puyo - Guayaquil bus 6 hours Puyo - Lima 5.30 hours (4 + 1h30 by bus by plane Lima - Quito) Puyo - Bogota 6 hours (4 + 1h30 by bus by plane Bogota - Quito) Puyo - Miami 8 hours (bus + plane) Puyo - New York 11 hours (bus + plane)

Pastaza The province and its capital Puyo Pastaza province of Ecuador's largest and most biodiverse, enjoy the natural beauty of Pastaza is one of the best options available to visitors wishing to discover the Amazon. The 7 communities living in Pastaza have an impressive knowledge of the vegetation, fauna, rivers and waterfalls. Fascinating cultures are strongly reflect the natural and cultural diversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Puyo is the capital and the largest mall in the province, with 12,000 inhabitants and infinite space for growth. It has all the basic services and technology of a modern city. Puyo means "sunny place" and its average temperature is 24 C °. The area is considered excellent for the elderly and people is evident longevity. In Puyo is Voz Andes Hospital with American physicians, an airport with several airlines through which you have access to the most remote of the jungle, where there is "uncontacted people" and communities living isolated from the influence of modernity.

Climate Puyo's climate is very pleasant, warm - humid and uniform throughout the year. The temperature fluctuates between 17 and 26 ° C, the humidity and heat are nice for outdoor activities. Because of its proximity to the Andes, cold currents come at night. The rains are frequent wind and spray the jungle, so the presence of bugs is minimal. Thunderstorms are common illuminating the forest on the horizon. These storms generate much nitrogen, coupled with the abundance of water and sunlight all year round, makes this area the most biodiverse and exuberance of the planet.

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