People love dogs…..

Some say…. “Puppies are cute!”

Happy family

Ashley Parker writes in her article ‘Pet Grooming’…..
“With an estimated 74.8 millions (54% of the total population of Bangladesh) dogs in the U.S. this is evidence that pets are a big part of our lives.”
• More baby boomer’s owning pets and treating them like members of the family and showing their appreciation to their pets.
• Increased spending overall on pet insurance. • According to the APPMA, more than 2 million pet owners have pet insurance, and by 2010 5-7% of overall pet owners are expected to have it.

Lucky dogs’ luxurious services…….

Doggie day cares

Pet hotels

Now some lucky dogs get the full spa treatment including:
» Tooth brushing » breath freshener » Pedicures » Specialty Bows » Specialty Bandanas » Dog apparel » Specialty Styles » Specialty Shampoos » Specialty Saloon » Specialty parlor & so on..

Some snapshots….

Dogs apparel



Huge on holidays……..

• Holiday spending on pets has become a $5 billion business, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Now compare this scenario….

According to Pet Age magazine: total pet spending was $41.2 billion in 2007 & $43.4 billion (estd.) in 2008.
• Compare this spending with the size of GDP of some of these countries (CIA- The World Factbook, 2007): Country Cambodia Armenia Aruba Ghana Bhutan Afghanistan Sri Lanka Billion $ 8.604 7.974 2.258 14.86 1.308 8.842 30.01
There are so many countries which have GDP less than $ 1 billion or ranges between 1 to 10 billion $. Now think about the spending on dogs around the world. How much do they consume???

Have you noticed……..
How much those dogs consume???

What if dogs are like these……..

Are these dogs or monsters?

And see……..

A dog is worth of having…….
5 basic needs (food, apparel, shelter, education, medicine)

Risk factor: Pet insurance

Entertainment: Pet hotels Day cares

Others: Specialty Styles, Specialty Shampoos, Specialty Saloon, Specialty parlor, Tooth brushing and breath freshener, Pedicures, Specialty Bows and Bandanas & so on.

But which of those things this human child is getting???

Those 5 basic needs??? Entertainment??? Insurance??? Other services???


In this world…...

Beasts are better off than the human beings.

In this world…...

While beasts are being treated like human children…..

Human children are being treated worse than beasts.

What’s the problem then….? Why such discrimination is happening?

World has plenty of wealth!!!
 Problem is in the distribution of wealth.  Capitalism increases dispersion between rich & poor.  It is the kings, monarchs and the capitalists who took possession of all resources of production and left the people to become impoverished.  Socialism demotivates individual preference.

A balance of these two required…
 Which will honor individual preference as well as make equitable (judgmental) distribution of wealth.

Is there such an economic system???
 Obviously!!! You may not know……..but there is one…………..find it.

O human being!!!
Close your eyes. Pay heed to the flow of gentle breeze………you would hear the sound of tears dropping bit by bit. You would hear agony of mothers, who shed tears in silence as their children went bed once again with bare belly.

O you, who are kind……

…….love human children

“That person, who eats with complete satisfaction keeping his neighbor hungry is not my follower.”
Muhammad (PBUH)

"O! you human beings, pray your own Lord (The Nourisher) who created you and those before you (i.e. the Genies) so that you may fear Him. It is He Who made this Earth as a bed for you and the sky as a canopy for you, and He causeth the rain and creates different types of fruits and corns from it, so that you may consume them (as your provision). Hence, do not make any copartner with Him; and you know it better.
(Al-Baqarah: 21 and 22)

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