Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Model

Lesson Title: Father Figures for Bone Unit: Novel Unit: Rule of the Bone

Lesson Author: _Taylor Carlic_________________________________ Grade Level: 11-12 Subject Area: English

Time allotted for the Lesson: 1 class. [ time will vary]

Common Core State Standards met in this lesson: W 11-12.10 Write routinely over an extended time frame for a range of tasks and purposes. RL 11-12.6 Analyze a case in which grasping point of view requires distinguishing what is directly stated in the text from what is really meant. SL 11-12.4 Present information, findings, and supporting evidence. Instructional Objectives (What, specifically, should the student be able to do, understand, care about as a result of the teaching. Refer to Bloom's verbs and aim for parallel structure) Students will: y Define father figure and the role in society y Analyze Bone¶s character based on father figures y Choose a father figure who is best for Bone Materials, Resources and Technology: Novel and a worksheet Anticipatory Set: (Hook to grab the student's attention. Actions and statements by the teacher relate the experiences of the students to the objectives of the lesson. Puts students into a receptive frame of mind). Free write for five to ten minutes in journal defining the importance of father figures and their role in society and their connection to troubled youth. Teaching Input: (Provide the information students need to gain the knowledge through, in this instance, lecture and modeling). Teacher will define father figure and the role they play in society. Give examples of father figures that Bone has throughout the book. (Ken, I-Man, Brucie, real Father, and Russ)

Teacher Modeling: (Teacher shows students examples of what is expected as an end product of their work). Show example of I-Man acting as a father figure to Bone. Read from page 235 ± passage of I-Man taking care of Bone.

Recapitulation or Checking for Understanding: Ask students to read their journal entries and clarify definition of father figures. Correct students if they were a bit off.

Application: (Guided Practice: students demonstrate grasp of new learning by working through an activity or exercise under the teacher's direct supervision. The teacher moves around the room to determine the level of mastery and to provide individual remediation as needed). Students work in groups of 2 or 3 students. Each group is assigned a father figure from the book. Students are to come up with as many quotes with page numbers from the book that shows the character acting as a father figure towards Bone. Students will then interpret the quotes to show how Banks uses language to show the father figure to Bone. Relay back to class with one or two quotes and the interpretation that each group found. Lesson Closure: (Lesson comes to a close. The content should be summarized; teacher reviews, clarifies key points, tying them into a whole and possibly relating to future lessons). Teacher explains how Bone lacks fatherly support, making the appearance of I-Man that much more important.

Homework: Write in a journal answering 2 of the questions in a paragraph or two each. Questions: Does Bone have a strong father figure? If you were in Bone¶s position, who would you want to have as a father figure? Does lacking a real father have any implications on Bone¶s character? Independent or Paired Practice: Evaluation: Collect worksheet as formative evaluation. Collect journal responses the next day as formative evaluation * Note: you can adjust this somewhat - all steps may not strictly apply.

Name _______________________________________ Inquiry Based Model Lesson Plan
Standards Addressed:
(list Common Core and Technology Standards where most applicable)

RL 11-12.3 Analyze the impact of author¶s word choices. RL 11-12.4 Determine the meaning of phrases as they are used in the text. SL 11-12.1 Initiate and participate in a range of collaborative discussion. SL 11-12.4 Present information and findings and supporting evidence. Explore the racism that factors in Rule of the Bone, keeping the idea of the geography. Why does Russell Banks add the element of racism in the novel? Two classes Students will: y Apply real world experiences to the book. y Examine implications of race in the book and through discussion. y Discuss in groups about Bone¶s character and ideas about race. y Infer about certain geographic regions and how that plays into the language of the book. Racism

Lesson Title or Topic: Time Frame: Objectives:

Key Vocabulary:


Chart to put quotes about race and what this says about Bone and why Russell Banks added this. Novel Think-pair-share: -Why would Russell Banks add the element of racism in Rule of the Bone? What does this add to Bone¶s character? Have you ever been the victim of racism?

Engage: The activities in this section capture the student¶s attention, stimulate their thinking and help them access prior knowledge. Explore: Students are given time to think, plan, investigate, and

In groups of 3 to 4 search the book for quotes from Bone that exemplify his attitudes towards white and black people.

organize collected information.

Explain: Students are now involved in an analysis of their exploration. Their understanding is clarified and modified because of a reflective activity. Students report back with examples from their chart. Using the examples, as a class, discuss the implications of race on the text and Bone¶s character.

Teacher keeps discussion flowing making sure students understand why Banks added this element to the text.

Elaborate/Extend: Students are given the opportunity to expand and solidify their understanding of the concept and apply it to a real world situation.

Students are asked to write a 2-3 paragraph journal entry about racism in today¶s world. Prompts: -Does Bone being racist make you think less of him? (Remember he doesn¶t like white people) -Is racism fading? -Look back at your own life; have you ever been the victim of racism? Formative: Teacher makes anecdotal notes throughout class discussion. Summative: Teacher collects the journal responses.


DAILY LESSON PLAN - COLLABORATIVE LEARNING MODEL Date: Unit: Novel unit: Rule of the Bone Standards: L 11-12.3 Apply knowledge of language and how language functions in context, to make effective choices for meaning or style. L 11-12.5 Demonstrate understanding of figurative language -Interpret figures of speech W 11-12.3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique and well chosen details. NETS 1.a Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-toface and virtual environments. Teachers: a. promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness. Lesson Title and #: Rastafari: Dialect and its use in Rule of the Bone Objectives. Students will: y Develop use of a different dialect y Imitate author¶s writing style y Create script using the Rastafari dialect y Break down why Bone is influenced by I-Man and Rastafarian religion Delivery Strategies (mark with ³X´; lesson specifics on next page): Lecture x Role Play x Socratic Lesson Reading Analysis x Power Point Audio-Video Analysis Group Discussion Writing Activity x Group Activity x Debate Jigsaw Teacher-generated questions Worksheet Game Assessment and/or Evaluation Strategies (mark with ³X´): Observation Learning Log/Journal Presentation/Performance Anecdotal Notes Work Samples x Interview/Conference Checklist Oral Questioning Score Card Self ± assessment Peer ± assessment Assessment Rubric x AV Presentation Written Submission Oral Report x Evaluation Rubric Test/Quiz Teacher: Taylor Carlic

Comments: Grades will be based on meeting the required length of script and the attempt to imitate the Rastafari dialect.

Resources/Materials: Video showing Rastafarian¶s speaking to each other. Handout that lists various Rastafarian words and meaning Handout on the history of Rastafarian religion

Lesson Delivery Specifics
Class will begin with a video of Rastafarian¶s speaking to each other. This will be used to give students an idea of how the words are pronounced and the way the language flows. Teacher gives out handout on Rastafarian religion Teacher gives out handout of Rastafarian words and meanings Motivator/Teacher Input

Student Application

Class will into groups of 2-4 students. Using the text and dialect sheet, students will come up with a script of 10 lines for each character. (Number of characters will be determined by members in the group.) In this script two characters must be Bone and I-Man. The conversation should be focused around Bone¶s new life in Jamaica and his affection for the Rastafarian way of life. The script could deal with Bone asking I-Man to adopt him. Students can go a lot of places with this. This is meant to be a fun end of the unit lesson. -One class period will be devoted to the creating of the script.

Lesson Closure

And Evaluation

After all the groups have presented, discuss what kind of views Bone has on the Rastafarian religion and way of life. Why has Bone accepted these ideals? Students are evaluated on the presentation and the script that is collected as formative assessment.

*Point form is perfectly acceptable in any lesson format. -Be prepared to discuss how Bone is impacted by the Rastafarian religion -Finish script if not done in class.

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