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Ernest M. Wood

These writings were written in 2009 by Ernest M. Wood. Some of the humor and spiritual digestion portions were taken from others over the years and the source is unknown. The Scripture writings were written by Ernest Wood. Copyright 2011 by Ernest M. Wood All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the author and publisher. For additional copies or any responses to any writings please write to: Ernest Wood 10827 129 Street Edmonton, AB, T5M 0X8 Published April 2011 by Ernest M. Wood

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Table of Contents

In Dedication to Our Dad!



Only Three The Journey We Must All Take I am on My Way Lifting our Eyes to see the Glory beyond the Sky The Cleft In the Storms of Life The Sheep of His Pasture Royalty from God Above The Good Samaritan Then Jesus Came Lessons from King Solomon You Need to Change The Prodigal Son: Is Typical In Type Of The Love Of Our Heavenly Father. Luke 15: 11 32 Parable of the Prodigal Son How Great Is the Power that Changes a Believer How Great Is Gods Grace? The Joy Of Our Salvation The Way Back To God How I Found My Way. In This Race, Give No Offence Separation From The World In The Cross How Time Passes A Thoughtful,Thankful Heart Making Sure by Taking Time The Family of God ii

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The Family of God The Church It Is The Heart That Needs To Be Touched Thinking Gods Way Looking Beyond Our Emotions The Unfailing Word Of God. The Sheep Fold Drinking At The Fountain The Sunshine From The Son Gods Love Found A Way Hearing The Voice Of God The Spoken Word The Glory That Awaits Us Lifes Moments Passing A Change Of Course The Choice Is Ours To Be A Temple In Gods House Following The Steps Of Jesus Are You Looking For His Coming? What He Did For Me! Heaven Is At My Door The River of Life Looking Up To All Church Folks You And I How Happy I Am; Love In Old Age The Look That Glows He Rescued Me Being A Christian The Sin Question The Day Of Rest A Sweet Daughter iii

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Excellency Of Christ Cast All Your Care Upon Him 1 Peter 5:7 My Hand In His Bond Me To Thy Will What Christ Brought My Heart Is Like A Telephone Your Life Will Be Richer Wishing The Value Of A Smile Gifts What Is Christ To You? What We Have Overheard In An Orchard In Christ We Have Four Things To Learn In Life Love Faith Hope Hope Peace

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Faith Signs The Word Of God You Will Never Be Sorry

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Mom & Dad 2009 93 years young!

Ernest & Mereta Wood & Valerie Bigsby

For the abiding Christian, there is a privilege of the help of the Holy Spirit in our life. In the writing of these poems I give credit to the indwelling Spirit for the inspiration of thought and words that had a big share in this booklet. I also want to give credit with thanks to my daughter, Valerie in the typing and formatting of this booklet. I do hope and pray that the readers will be blessed as they read the truths contained in these pages. It is my desire that individuals and ministers who read these words to be at liberty to reproduce as needed for the blessing and encouragement of others. My only desire is that no profit is made other than the cost of reproduction. I would appreciate knowing of any reports of spiritual uplifting, and my prayer is that many will be blessed. your brother in Christ, Ernest M. Wood

In Dedication to Our Dad!

These poems and writings are for those souls who are looking for that one answer in life. We go through our days in such a hurry; confused and behind our timelines. Stress is a common complaint. So we look for release in other ways with television, technology, music, hobbies; keeping busy with sports, and other pleasures that may not in themselves seem harmful, or wrong to do? But do we cheating ourselves by not taking time to just be at rest, quiet, and in peace with our minds open to the simple and amazing fact that God Loves You! I have been blessed, as I typed these poems, which are the words of my father in his 93rd year of life. I know that my Dad has spent his life focused on the fact that God Loved Him. He has talked long with God, and has studied the Word. He has lived through many trials and victories; has seen almost a hundred years of history, and technology. But these messages do not get old, or lose its value. Dear readers will you be honest with yourself and think on this truth as you read these words? That God loves you He has prepared a place for you And He will be coming soon. What will be your choice? Will you be ready to meet Him? The following poem came from my heart; I awoke one morning with these words on my lips and tears in my eyes. I am blessed with an earthy Father who loves me, and a heavenly Father who Loves us All!

God Bless you Mom and Dad! May God blessing all who pick up these pages to read! We will give all the praise to the Lord who is the same yesterday, today and forever! - your loving daughter, Valerie

Beloved Poems
Only Three
I was only three, as I knelt down to pray I asked the Lord to take my sins away. I was only three, when I reached for my dads hand For Dad taught me the way to learn Gods plan. I was only three in church one evening My family around me, I knew I needed to be forgiven. How could I know at such a young age? That I had a blot on my page. How could I know, I was so young? That I was a sinner and God was not in my heart. I reached out to my Dad, in the middle of play Dad lead me down to the alter to pray. I reached up to God, with tears in my eyes His hand to grasp was all that I needed to find. I saw the nail prints in his hands, So I lifted my hands and reached out to him. His love filled my heart; He had forgiven my sin. A New Name was written in glory, My heart was full of song! I was only three, when God called to me But I know he has been with me my whole life long. So I hope that you will listen too, To the voice that is calling to you. Learn of the Love that God will give Become a Child of God, and then you will live! Valerie Bigsby

The Journey We Must All Take

A race that must be run, on the road of life, to be won. Through the many different journeys to be Some upward, we will enjoy with glee. How sad to say, some downward will be before we reach those shining shores to see. But whither up or down we will weather For tough we are, as we journey hither. We know that One above is always there To lend a hand to guide us, you know where. No trouble will bother us up there For I am told, how happy when we wear, That crown of jewels that brightly glare. So Ill take my journey, soon to share It may be morning, night or noon I am all packed, and ready to go soon. On that golden train that needs no tow For it glides on rails that glow. I do wish you could come with me I leave you here, to bring with thee. Many of our family, we so earnestly plead For many a year, that they would heed. The message that came with love above That came on Wings of the Heavenly Dove. Ernest M. Wood

I am on My Way
As I walked along my path this morning I viewed the flowers that were forming. My thoughts I had, filled me with wonder For the beauty I beheld, made me ponder. Of the hand who fashioned in such beauty I lifted my heart as I felt it my duty. To offer my praise to a God so sublime That for us did measure such a line. Of gracious design from heaven above For us to enjoy as a taste, winged by a dove. I marvel that a Creator and Lord so great He would share such treasures He did create. In bowing my head in thanks to the One I adore For all the bright flowers thats even at my door. What more can I say to a Creator so wise Scattering the beauty in all manner of size. Colors so varied it dazzles a vision Of heaven so grand with thoughts that has risen. It makes me anxious to go to my home so grand Where the flowers never fade in the place I will stand. With the promise that heaven is much better I know Then all of earths beauty that fades as snow. Ernest M. Wood

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