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Over the course of the last year, the civil war in Syria has grown from a small unrest to a larger uproar. Mr. Bashar Assad has retaliated against his peoples actions with brutal violence, killing over 7,000 Syrian citizens. This kind of massacre would not continue if Russia and China did not veto the decision to remove Mr. Assad from power. Their claim was that they did not want the UN to have the power to remove someone from power based on a vote.
- Jess Jimenez (Page 2)

The Allies
Russia is providing weapons for the countrys military and China virtually doing the same thing.

ABOUT ME Allies of Syria ... friends of the

Etiam: Jess Jimenez A writer for this one time newsletter addressing Syria!


Russia and China are said to be the great powers that ally Syria. While Bashar Assad, leans on them for support and other assistance, they failed to aid the people in a recent vote to force Assad away from power. The United Nations Security Counsels vote resulted in a 13 -2, having both Russia and China opposing removal of Bashar Assad. Both countries have invested time and money into Syria: Russia is providing weapons for the countrys military and China virtually doing the same thing. The bloodbath will continue to happen with Assad in power, and many are holding Russia and China as accomplices to the tragedy going on in Syria. Moscow and Beijing arent supporting the people in the country, they never were.

Allies of Syria ... friends of the people? (Cont.)

Blood and violence is what the allies of Syria are spectating. Bashar Assad has shown no signs of giving up power, especially since the Baath party in Syria has been in power for over 40 years. Bashars father, Hafez, took control of Syria through coup in the 70s.

While Bashar believes the rebels are stronger on airwaves he expects his power to control the ground and win over the airwaves eventually. He believes the media has been a heavy critic to his actions. Certain minority groups within Syria also have support of the Assad regime, since having Assad in powers keeps them protected. Choosing sides for this civil war has been difficult for some, it is a choice pertaining to betrayal, loyalty, and justice.

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Author: Sammy Zeisloft She wrote this.

Allies in Syria

From reading into the current uproar in Syria, you learn about many things such as allies, enemies and help that comes in many forms. This articles tells how Russia, China and Iran support Assad Regime but how this could be non beneficial for the rest of their country. From the beginning of the war in Syria, allies have showed their support for the syrian government, now they are coming together and supporting the people in order to bring peace back to the country.

In the beginning, these allied countries supported the government leader and gave support to Assad regime, now however, the countries are more for the people and helping their country once again reach peace.

NORDLAND, Rod . "Syria's allies rally to its support."New York Times. 21 2 2012: 1. Web. 5 Mar. 2012. <>.

ABOUT ME Who are Syrias allies?

Tucker Bartholomew Journalist from Science Leadership Academy

Russian foreign prime minister Sergey Lavrov on the left, Syrian President Bashar Assad on the right.

While Russia, China, and Iran claim to be allies with Syria, Russia and China have vetoed the decision to remove Assad as the leader in Syria, and Iran has not been completely honest about support they claim to have given. Iran has claimed to give training to rebels through their navy, but no evidence has been given that they have used any docks in Syria. Russia and China vetoed the bill under the fear having countries rights diminished by the UN deciding they can take over. Their question to the bill asks where this kind of power ends. The article reflects the effects of their veto. Violence in Syria goes unchecked by the UN, and bloodshed is highlighted in the explanations of rebel assaults. Russia and China were the only two countries to veto the bill that condemned the violence in Syria, and that backed the Arab League plan to get Assad to step down. Because of this veto many have been killed, and more continue to die.

Who are Syrias allies? (Cont.)

As the civil war continues to rage on, Syrias allies continue to look like confused sheep in the midst of its strife. Syria is a very important nation in the Middle East. Its diversity of religious practices and cultures make it an eclectic gem in the midst of a continent that isnt as accepting. Allowing Mr. Assad to continue his massacre is tantamount to loosing a major part of progressive change in the Middle East.

This is why removing Assad from power is of such vital importance. However, one horrific truth is that while some countries may be allies with Syria, some may not be allies with its people; Russia and China. While both countries indubitably realize that there are over 7,000 dead citizens and only a small rebel force to repel the governments attacks, both countries are unwilling to remove Assad because they do not want that kind of power to be distributed to a specific country. Assad is able to act on the lack of unity, both in his country and in the UN, and use it as his advantage. There is no forgiveness for Assads crimes, but there are now prolonged ramifications for his actions.

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ABOUT ME Syrias allies and who they are

Etiam: Steven Webb He wrote this.

From reading the article Syrias allies China and Russia are urging Assad to talk. Mr Assad is facing severe international isolation stemming from his crackdown on an eight-month-old uprising, which the UN estimates has killed 3,500 people.

"Syria's Allies Urge Assad to Talk." (17 Nov. 2011). 17 Nov. 2011. Web. 2 Mar. 2012. < newspaper/breaking/2011/1117/breaking4.html>.

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