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10. Accept the fact that you can never know everything.

Therefore, once you
see an unfamiliar question that was never been taught, use your test taking
strategies. [ From principle of contradiction up to magic words. Please refer to
Dervid Jungco's lecture ]

9. If you are in Test I, II, III, and IV and you are being asked to prioritize, Use
the principle of prioritization. [ Refer to Dervid Jungco's lecture ]

8. The use of your nursing process is heralded by the word: "The Nurse Would or
The nurse's initial action" Remember to Assess first before intervening. If the
situation and the question already assessed the patient, then proceed with the
next step.

7. Encircle your modifiers. Some people make mistakes because of failure to
see the word, "EXCEPT" or "NOT" or "INAPPROPRIATE"

6. Use your questionnaires as your scratch. You can write anything on that
paper. If you will skip a number, place an asterisk or encircle the number.

5. DO NOT USE BLUNT PENCIL. Always use a sharp one and shade lightly. A
sharpened pencil will give a very dark shade even if you will shade it lightly.
Use the sides of the pencil not the tip. Use MONGOL NUMBER 2 ONLY. Some
brands especially those made in china pencils are substandard. The machine
will check the lead. If you are INCONSISTENT with your shading like an altering
dark and light shades, you will FAIL the boards because of technicalities.

AND ANSWERING THE ANSWER SHEET. Use separate pencils for the questionnaire
and answer sheet.

4. In your NP I, Remember to master these topics : The levels of prevention, 3
way bottle system, Chest physiotherapy and Postural drainage,Nursing process,
Managerial process, Managerial leadership style, Patterns of Nursing care,
Knowing your Independent and Dependent variable, The exact arrangement of
the research process as well as research design [qualitative and quantitative] ,
Sampling methods both the probability and non probability, RA 9173, The PRC
and the BON Power and responsibilities as stipulated in RA 9173, The nurse's
code of ethics, Nursing ethical principles like your benificence, non
maleficence, prudence, justice, etc. Delegation and prioritization [Staff nurse
will report to headnurse and then supervisor] Therapeutic communication,
always answer "You seem afraid or upset"The complications of Immobility like
your atelectasis, pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis and also your crimes
related to nursing and the circumstances of the crimes, Blood transfusion and
IV Fluids and your IV Therapy, which are isotonic, hypo and hypertonic, The
complications associated with IV therapy like Phlebitis and Infiltration.

For optimum studying, read MERGE diagnostic, comprehensive preboard

Dervid Jungco's lecture. Breast cancer and Colon cancer and the management and care of client's with colostomy. For optimum studying. Anesthesia during labor and interventions when the client is in PACU. Characteristic of toddlers in communicating [ Negativistic. Drug use in burns [Silver Sulfadiazine]. Pharmacologic and Non pharmacologic pain medications. PTU. Refer to NP3 AND NP4 of MERGE preboard. Pain medications especially Demerol and Morphine. Hyperkalemia. IMCI Pneumonia. do not wet radiation mark]. Rheumathoid and Ostearthritis. Anticancer drugs especially Oncovin. Give option. Study Blood transfusion. Diarrhea. Acute/Chronic cutoff [Acute diarrhea and ear infection under 14 days] The interventions for CHILD A.Tapazole/Methimazole. Colon and Cervical cancer Diagnostic examination/CEA. Asking too many questions] . Sonogram and Leopold's maneuver. Master the following topics : Burns. Dialysis. Bladder.Pap smear. Classification of Burns and Nursing Diagnosis for Burns. 60 for under 2 months ]. In your III and IV. Breastfeeding and Attachment.Proctosigmoidoscopy. Study the FINAL COACHING material given during Mr. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Bell's Palsy and Trigeminal neuralgia. The aseptic technique. BSE. The WHO Pain ladder scale. Activities in the operating room. AGN. Leukemia and Hematologic disorders especially Anemia. PACU Monitoring. Prednisone.examination and critical examination for NP1. diagnostic and comprehensive exam. Hyponatermia]. Diabetes Milletus type 1. The world health organization programs. HIV/AIDS Psychosocial managements. For optimum studying. Cholecystitis.Biopsy. Adriamycin and Cytoxan. Changes that occurs during elderly. [ The 250 item bullets ] . 3. second and third trimester. Refer to the NP2 material that will be given last day of your final coaching [ For MERGE students only ] 2. Insulin administration and monitoring for hypoglycemia. Acute and chronic renal failure. Hypo and Hypercalcemia ECG Changes in your fluid and electrolye imbalances as well as in your Myocardial Infarction. Remember the following : Stages of labor. Electrolyte changes in burn [Hyperkalemia. Malaria and Measles especially the breathing cut off according to age [ Eg. the functions of a srub and circulating nurse. DRE. The causes of bleeding during pregnancy in the first. S/S of hypoglycemia.Leukemia and other hematologic diseases of the child. Hepatitis. Mammography. Study radiation and chemotherapy and their usual side effects [Skin burn. Diabetes Milletus. In your NP II. TSE. Heat loss of neonates. Tuberculosis and Leprosy especially knowing which are the late and early signs of leprosy. Newborn screening and the different diagnostic examinations for the female client and neonate especially your Amniocentesis. Study Pregnancy induce hypertension. Lugol's. Blood transfusion reaction and the nursing actions during blood transfusion reaction. Pancreatitis. redness. B and C. Study perioperative nursing and the complications following anesthesia. Pneumonia. Prostate and Colon cancer. Hypokalemia.

Depressed and Alzhemiers/Dementia patient. Critical. ADDENDUM For OPERATING ROOM NURSING in NP3. For optimum studying. Psychotheapy for the PDs. Sterilization. Study your counter transference and your transference. Activities and diet as well as nursing diagnosis for a client with Mania.3. Types of delusions eg. Restricted. pathology and crematory. Non critical and Semi critical instruments. Cataract and crutch/cane walking. Routes of Spinal and epidural anesthesia. Always choose an option that will encourage verbalization of feelings. Counting process of instruments. Depression and your antidepressants.1. Dervid Jungco. The principles of body mechanics. Word salad. Alteration in perception and thought like hallucination and delusion. Chaplaincy. For non merge students. etc. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTS7. Non critical is decontaminated and Semi critical is disinfected ]8. perseveration etc. Social service. [ Critical is sterilized. Pressured speech. Read NPV of MERGE Preboard. Also study the 250 item bullets given by Mr. ANESTHESIA : Types and side effects. Personality disorders especially your Antisocial. cranial nerve functioning and how to assess them as well as their disturbances especially Bells and Trigemnal Neuralgia. and equipments. The defense mechanism use for different types of disorders and the priority NURSING DIAGNOSIS for each psychiatric disorders. religious and persecutory. Electroconvulsive therapy. scrub nurse. Mania. You are all set! . Disinfection [High level to low level] and decontamination. never answer an option with the word WHY. answer them with breeze using your OR questions seen in diagnostic. Meniere's disease. Cognitive for depression ] Always answer "STAY WITH THE CLIENT" especially if the question is about anxiety disorders and panic attacks.4. Caring for clients in the PACU. Delirum. Thought process disturbance manifestation such as Clang Association. Functions and roles of the Circulating nurse. The functions of different hospital departments: Blood bank.2. In your Test V study the following : Anxiety and anxiety disorders. Borderline and Paranoid. CVA/Stroke pathophysiology and Factors.10. Antipsychotic drugs its side effects and nursing intervention for each side effects. The level of anxiety and your anxiolytics. Schizophrenia : Paranoid type and Catatonic type and your nursing interventions for these clients as well as your priority nursing diagnosis. semi restricted and unrestricted areas and their appropriate attire6. Thought blocking. Glaucoma. needles. AORN guidelines in sterilization5. Event related sterility9. anesthesiologist and surgeon. study the following:1. Eating disorders and the treatments of choice [Cognitive Behavior therapy for Anorexia. Dietary. comprehensive and diagnostic examination. Dementia. comprehensive and preboard examination in NP3.

'' said my friend Gertrude Justin. But perhaps more important—even apart from what her husband can do—Michelle has the power to change the way African-Americans see ourselves. Like many African-American women I know. her cool but friendly demeanor. What can this handsome first couple do for the future of the black family. if still demure." Yet when The New Yorker caricatured the Obamas in July doing a "terrorist fist bump" in the Oval Office. There are some good hints she might. designed by Narciso Rodriguez. It wasn't altogether flattering." as some are already calling it. always ready with a quick one-liner and a roll of the eyes. the image stung. my "sista friends" and I sat on the patio of a Los Angeles restaurant gabbing about the election of Barack Obama.'' said Janese Sinclair. even dogs. Looking chic and relaxed—and genuinely affectionate with her husband—she poked fun at the president-elect's professed affinity for doing the dishes and told him she wouldn't accompany him on a walk on a cold Chicago day. Her daring election-night red-speckled dress. 2008 At a recent Sunday brunch after church. Sure. I personally hope that she will let more of that true. "She knows she's fighting stereotypes of black people that have been around for decades and that her every move will be watched. But as a group of six black women in our 30s and 40s. Michelle Obama will be the youngest First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. but it showed that Michelle is searching for her own style. ("Bamelot. The new First Lady will have the chance to knock down ugly stereotypes about black women and educate the world about American black culture more generally. her girls' taste in clothes. How she'll change the world's image of African-American women—and the way we see ourselves.What Michelle Means to Us We've never had a First Lady quite like Michelle Obama. Nearly 50 percent of all African-American women are single. And. we were caught up in the history of the moment. girlfriend. "His father . Michelle has already shown she understands how universal her appeal must be. talking up her husband on shows like "The View. because she knows she's not just representing herself. But she quickly learned to play the adoring and uncontroversial wife. It was Michelle who came across as the domineering one—the angry black woman.'' Michelle will be a daily reminder that we're not all hotheaded. performance during the recent "60 Minutes" interview. foaming-at-the-mouth drug addicts. opening up a bit more about what Obama's election would mean for them—and what it would also mean for her. and their two young daughters. "I think she's always going to be classy. "The Cosby Show" aside.Crew cardigans. 40. we were equally excited by who is coming along with Obama to the White House—his wife. stable black marriages. Her remark about being "proud of my country" for the first time was another rare misstep. She toned it down and took to wearing pearls and reassuring J. When her husband raises his hand to take the oath of office. was hardly a cautious choice. And many are expecting her to usher in a similarly glamorous era in Washington. I'm sure she's been just as insulted by the lack of true depictions of African-American women as any other black woman. we wondered? "I want my son to see first-hand what two people can do when they work together and respect each other. colorful personality seep through. Michelle. And she'll have to do it all while remaining true to her authentic self." like she was a long-lost sorority sister. there are still woefully few public examples of solid. I was taken by her warmth and eagerness to chat about everything—fashion designers she'd like to wear.) There was no pretense—no second-guessing her next word or move the way she seemed to do after the campaign became a mudfest. Michelle has had a lot of practice at the delicate tap dance of getting along in the mainstream white world. During all those years in boardrooms and a topnotch law firm—not to mention the exclusive clubs of Princeton and Harvard Law School—she's had to learn to blend in. That easy warmth between the Obamas as a couple was another thing that my girlfriends and I fixated on at our brunch. Other clues come from her winning. (On a follow-up phone call. a nurse from Houston. Now she'll have to go even further in convincing two very different constituencies—African-Americans and everyone else—that they can trust her as their First Lady. Early on in the primaries. Most of us never thought we'd see an African-American president. We all praised—OK. after she was labeled too forward and too loud. referring to herself as "the little black girl from the South Side of Chicago." She showed she could calibrate her remarks for predominantly black audiences too. our lives and our possibilities. Michelle will become the world's most visible African-American woman. Michelle demonstrated self-restraint and discipline by dialing back. Allison Samuels NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Dec 1. she greeted me with "Hey. At 44. And yet we're all aware of how much we have riding on her. Will that softer side win out now that she's headed to the East Wing? When I met Michelle earlier this year for an interview in Atlanta. She stopped making harmless jokes about Obama's morning breath and other breaches of hygiene. her style. maybe even envied—Michelle's double Ivy League pedigree. an executive assistant and 34-year-old single mother of a 12-year-old son. It's an amazing opportunity—and a huge responsibility.) But Michelle's influence could go far beyond the superficial.

That just doesn't happen a lot. look at her and her brown skin. including me.'' said Charisse Hollands. say—will her interests be viewed as too parochial? And while every First Lady—and plenty of professional women— walk the line between being confident and seeming like a bitch. Michelle has already survived the working-mom juggling act. When she showed up for her first tour of the White House wearing a striking red dress. "If she can find time in the day to do her thing to look good—why can't I? She looks good and in a way that I can see myself looking—not a size zero—but really healthy. her style is still evolving and wide-ranging. including the always-present fear of messing up our carefully done hair. That limited scope has had a profound effect on the self-esteem of many African-American women. Michelle could actually encourage women of color to take better care of themselves. Michelle has listed popular causes—military families and the struggles of working parents—that are hard to find fault with. meaty issues even if she's not clamoring for a West Wing office." Appearance could be another minefield for Michelle. leaving precious little time with the children. a 37-year-old public-safety officer in Long Beach. beauty for black women (and even black men) has meant fair skin. Yet now she's going to grace the March cover of Vogue magazine—the ultimate affirmation of beauty. tall build of an athlete. we have plenty of excuses for being sedentary. getting her law degree and working in government and administration before leaving during Obama's campaign. That could have serious implications far beyond the style pages. I have two kids and she has two kids.'' . so the Obamas are going to teach us that love and happiness is not just for others but us too. but brown. She's gone from $148 off-the-rack outfits to Dolce & Gabbana. Who and what is beautiful has long been a source of pain. "And I don't mean any disrespect to my sisters who aren't dark brown. Wow. Malia and Sasha. Real brown. her top priority is heartfelt. That's a tricky balancing act for any First Lady—think Hillary Clinton and health-care reform. Calif. anger and frustration in the African-American community. "I look at her and think. In too many cases. in magazines and in movies as fair or white skin. I'm hoping the whole Mom in Chief role will leave plenty of room for Michelle to tackle significant. Halle Berry and Beyoncé— while beautiful and talented—haven't exactly represented the diversity of complexions and features of most black women in this country. Census figures. according to 2006 U. The average African-American family can't survive without two incomes—the poverty level among black families hovers above 30 percent.S. A self-proclaimed fitness junkie who works out every morning. that can mean working two jobs.and I divorced when he was 2—so he never had the chance to see the way a relationship works. African-American icons like Lena Horne. a 30-year-old mail carrier from Inglewood." Making her young daughters. even among our families and closest confidantes. I think. but gee. What parent can't relate to wanting to shield young children from the glare of the national spotlight? But Michelle's declaration that she plans to be the "Mom in Chief" has already ignited a minor flare-up in the ongoing white mommy wars between stay-at-home mothers and working women. And for single moms.'' said my friend Tamara Rhodes. (Don't all moms put their kids first.'' As my brunch friends and I continued talking about Michelle. and our little girls need to see that—my little girl needs to see it. African-American women are especially wary that being called "strong" is just another word for "angry. it's nice to see a brown girl get some attention and be called beautiful by the world.. But will she retreat if critics slam her for bad hair days or talk too intimately about her shape? She has one advantage over many of her predecessors—she's got the lean. Most follow the path of Laura Bush in choosing non controversial interests like literacy. First Ladies are always scrutinized—how else did Hillary end up in those black pant-suits? Though Michelle has shown a penchant for sleek hair and form-fitting dresses. with flawless ebony skin. Taking lessons from the Carters and the Clintons—Amy was 9 and Chelsea was 12 when their fathers took office—Michelle is creating a protective cordon around the girls. Many of his friends have single moms too. Michelle looks nothing like the supermodels who rule the catwalks or the porcelain- faced actresses who hawk must-have cosmetics. she indicated she's willing to be daring. In an era when beauty is often defined on television. long straight hair and keen features. most African- American women I know are thrilled she's in a position to make that choice. "good hair" and dainty facial features. our conversation wandered into one area we seldom discuss. but it could also help Michelle broaden her appeal. Over the years. Dorothy Dandridge. Michelle is not only African-American. "When I see Michelle Obama on the cover of magazines and on TV shows. And like everyone else. But she'll have another dimension to worry about: if she focuses on the black community—helping urban schools. Calif. It's easy to forget when you look at TV or movies. African-American women face alarmingly high rates of high blood pressure and obesity. So far. even if they're working? Is such an accomplished woman going to be content with Mom in Chief?) Still.

hydroquinone. The darker you are makes you less than ideal. the more you are desired. Imagine what she can do if she decides to tackle substantive problems—perhaps even just a single one she's mused about. followed by comments like "She's a regular sister. The answer was a resounding yes. Now many of us want to deny that's true or say it's changed. who came to fame with a one-woman stage show featuring her longing for straight blond hair and blue eyes.newsweek. the lighter you are and the more European your features.. Now that's the kind of influence that could reach far beyond my friends at the brunch table. community." the host asked listeners if the president-elect's choice of a wife and her look had in any way influenced their vote. Plain and simple.'' says comic and television host Whoopi Goldberg. like helping the local Washington. it can also keep you from appearing in a hip-hop video or getting the juiciest movie role.'' and "I love the fact that she looks like the woman next door or like my cousin or niece. Visit any beauty-supply shop in an American inner city and you'll find an entire aisle dedicated to less-potent forms of these products. but it hasn't. And that messes with your mind something awful. D.C." If you're an actress. On a recent episode of the nationally syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning . "In society and in the black community.In Africa. "It's a truth that's long been with us.'' Michelle has accomplished so much even before moving into the White House. has been shown to cause harm in high doses. skin-lightening creams are all the rage even though the chemical they contain. URL: http://www. But it affects regular girls and women too.

Decreased urinary output.Metabolic and respiratory increased BP U . N .Nephrons.Decreased cardiac H – Hypoaldosteronism/ mouth contractility hemolysis E . R . renal failure SALT or areflexia (flaccid) E . dry D . C .Muscle weakness A . hyperreflexia. HYPERNATREMIA Hyperkalemia HYPERKALEMIA Causes of Increased Serum K+ "You Are Fried" Signs & Symptoms Increased Serum K+ “Machine" F .Medications . .Increased fluid retention & M .Tetany E: Epistaxis (nosebleed) A: Arthralgias S .Convulsions B: Bleeding gums A. flushed skin MURDER M .Arrhythmias E: Ecchymoses (bruises) F: Fever T . oliguria.ACE inhibitors.Impaired S = Skin flushed A = Agitation L = Low-grade fever T = Thirst HYPOCALCEMIA Sx’s minor bleeding: . "HOOK" for serum sickness: “CATS” BEEP each letter stands for a key sign or symptom of serum sickness.Excretion .Acidosis .Urine. anuria C .Intake .Restless (irritable) NSAIDS I .Excessive Can also use this one: R .ECG changes I .Fever (low).Burns.Cellular destruction .Spasms and stridor P: Petechiae (tiny purplish R: Rash spots) M: Malaise Cancer Assessment ABG's: Respiratory depression CAUTION inducing drugs ROME "STOP breathing": C: Change in bowel/ bladder Sedatives and hypnotics habits Respiratory Opposite Trimethoprim A: A sore that doesn’t heal Metabolic Equal Opiates U: Unusual bleeding or discharge Polymyxins T: Thickening or lump I: Indigestion or difficulty swallowing O: Obvious changes in a wart or mole N: Nagging cough or hoarseness.Reflexes.Edema (peripheral and pitting) R. E . Respiratory distress traumatic injury D .

(eg NMJ disorders) RDS -Respiratory distress syndrome in Lung cancer: main sites for distant Pneumothorax: sx infants: major risk factors PCD metastases BLAB: P-THORAX: (Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. pink puffer diseases 3 S's: successive steps "Do What Pediatricians Say To.salbutamol (5mg via oxygen-driven Cyanosis Impaired alveolar nebuliser) Konfusion macrophages H.theophylline (or preferably Tracheal instrumentation aminophylline-if life threatening IV dug abuse Other (general debility. immobility) Neurologic impairment of cough reflex.oxygen (high dose: >60%) One third of best/predicted PFR Pulmonary oedema S.Ipratropium bromide (if life threatening) Antibiotics & cytotoxics T. Or emPhysema has letter P (and not Stridor Be Inviting Costly Malpractice" B) so Pink Puffer. Warming Positioning Suctioning Tactile stimulation Oxygen Bagging Intubate endotracheally Chest compressions Medications Asthma acute attack: Pneumonia: risk factors Asthma: management of acute 5 life threatening signs SHOCK: INSPIRATION: severe Immunosuppression “O-SHIT” Silent chest Neoplasia Hypotension Secretion retention O. Subglottic swelling chronic Bronchitis has letter B Seal-bark cough Drying (and not P) so Blue Bloater. COPD: Croup: symptoms Neonatal resuscitation: blue bloater vs.Hydrocortisone (or prednisolone) RTI (prior) I . a Bone cause of Respiratory distress Liver Pleuretic pain syndrome): Adrenals Trachea deviation Prematurity Brain Hyperresonance Cesarean section Onset sudden Diabetic mother Reduced breath sounds (& dypsnea) Absent fremitus X-ray shows collapse .

pdf .Bronchi: which one is more Beta-1 vs Beta-2 receptor Wheezing: causes ASTHMA: vertical location Asthma "Inhale a bite. PE. Mastocytosis or carcinoid the one that is more vertical. since it is on heart. Carbon monoxide Pulmonary Edema Smokers poisoning Pulmonary Embolus TB: antibiotics used Ascultation: crackles (rales) treat viral respiratory drugs to STRIPE: "PEBbles": infections "You'd get a respiratory infection if you shoot an ARO (arrow) STreptomycin Pneumonia laced with viruses into the lungs": Rifampicin Edema of lung ARO: Isoniazid Bronchiti Amantadine Pyrizinamide Rimantadine Ethambutol Oseltamivir Pulmonary edema: tx Kubler-Ross dying process: MAD DOG stages "Death Always Brings Great Morphine Acceptance": Aminophylline Digitalis Denial Diuretics Anger Oxygen Bargaining GGases in blood (ABG's) Grieving Acceptance http://d. Beta-2 primarily on lungs. goes down the "You have 1 heart and 2 Small airways disease right" lungs": Tracheal obstruction Inhaled objects more likely to Beta-1 are therefore primarily Heart failure lodge in right bronchus. Pneumothorax Elderly Organophosphates.scribd. Cardiac ischemia. Anaphylaxis. Pulmonary edema Anxiety Upper abdominal surgery 3C's: Three Cardiacs: Cardiogenic Asthma Prolonged bed rest pulmonary edema. Asthma Airway obstruction COPD 3P's: Three Pulmonary's: Angina Obese Pneumothorax. Anaphylaxis or allergy Shortness of breath: short Respiratory co anaesthesia: Dyspnea: differential differential AAAA PPPP: patients at risk COUPLES: 3A's: Three Airways: Airway Pneumonia Long surgery Cardiac tamponade 3M's: Three Metabolics: (DOC) DKA.