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6 theSun | TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25 2008

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Don’t politicise signboard

issue, says Azalina
THE Tourism Ministry the same for their
is responsible for putting tourism products,”
up tourism signboards At the Dewan Rakyat she said.
and the action should “We see the need
not be politicised by state a supplementary question for the promotion
governments and the from Sim Tong Him of eco-tourism and Jacko
local authorities, Tourism (DAP-Kota Melaka), conventions and exhibitions
Minister Datuk Seri Azalina who asked what efforts to be stepped up.”
won’t Unesco award for restoration of stadium
Othman Said told the Dewan were being made to She said tourists were appear Unesco regional adviser for Asia-Pacific Unesco’s recognition of George Town
Rakyat yesterday. popularise certain roads of assets that would come back in court Richard Engelhardt presents Unesco’s and Malacca as world heritage sites.
She said the ministry historical significance, like repeatedly and the economic
felt it was best for these Malacca’s Jongker Street and returns to the country were
pg 11 Award of Excellence to Permodalan “I have instructed them to undertake
Nasional Berhad (PNB) chairman several measures to maintain and
signboards to be in certain Heeren Street, in various immediate. Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid for conserve the heritage sites,” he said.
languages to assist tourists. languages. Earlier, Shamsul asked the restoration of Stadium Merdeka On the approval of four high-rise
“As for road signs, it is To another question from Azalina to clarify the special yesterday. hotels in the heritage zone in George
narrow thinking if having Datuk Shamsul Anuar allocations to develop PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn Bhd Town, Shafie said: “Our worry is that
them in various languages Nasarah (BN-Lenggong), tourist spots with a natural manages the stadium. if the recognition for George Town is
is believed to attract tourists Azalina, who is the MP environment or rich in The others are Unity, Culture, Arts and withdrawn, it would also automatically
as they will not be able to for Pengerang, said her heritage like Hulu Perak and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie affect the recognition given to
understand the meaning ministry acknowledged Lenggong. Apdal (third from left) and CEO of PNB Malacca.”
of, for instance, having that among the challenges Azalina said that Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah. He said the ministry is working
the Jalan Alor road sign it faced was coming up among the tourism Shafie told reporters he met closely with Unesco and the state
in Mandarin, Tamil and with new products so that products identified and representatives of the Penang and governments and hoped that the issue
Arabic,” she said. tourists would keep coming being promoted were the Malacca state governments over could be resolved soon.
“What is important to back. Gendang Cave, Badak Cave,
tourists are signboards that “That was why it Lata Kekabu waterfall,
provide information on a introduced the Malaysia My Tasik Banding, Tasik
place or tourism product,
including its history and
background, as they want to
Second Home programme
(MM2H) and then medical
tourism and eco-tourism,
Temenggor, Tasik Raban,
Lenggong Archaeological
Museum and ‘ikan
Motion by Anwar to debate
know what Malaysia has to
which are being
aggressively promoted as
pekasam’ (pickled
fish) from Tasik Raban.
FDI outflow turned down
Azalina was replying to other countries are doing – Bernama by Husna Yusop and Giam Say Khoon to RM209 billion in 2007 and Malaysia recorded
the lowest in-flow with only 13%,” he said.
AN URGENT motion by Opposition Leader Datuk “If the minister only told us that this was
Seri Anwar Ibrahim to debate the decreasing because of the global financial crisis, why did the
in-flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) was re- country perform worse than the other (Asean)
jected by Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee countries?
as it was not an urgent matter. “I do not deny the effect of the global financial
Anwar moved the motion under Article 18(1) crisis but I would like to know why Malaysia is
of the Standing Orders because he said Malaysia doing worse than other Asean countries in FDI?
has suffered a negative net-flow of RM9 billion “If such a phenomenon is not tackled im-
with RM38 billion outflow in FDI as reported in mediately, the country will be left behind in the
the United Nations Conference on Trade and economic and development race by its neigh-
Development (Unctad) World Investment Report bouring countries.”
2008. Anwar said it was not just a financial crisis but
Kiandee said the matter had been explained a crisis of confidence for Malaysia because the
by Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak reports by the World Bank, UBS (an international
during the winding-up at committee stage. financial firm) and the International Institute of
He also said several MPs like Azmin Ali (PKR- Finance had pointed out that the obstruction of
Gombak), Dr Dzulkelfy Ahmad (PAS-Kuala in-flow of FDI into the country was because of its
Selangor), Nasharudin Md Isa (PAS-Bachok) economic policies, including:
and Anwar himself had brought it up in their » high requirements and strict regulations, espe-
questions and debates. cially in the service sectors;
“So, the issue has already been taken up and » the “mismatch” of training in the vocational
tackled by the ministry,” he said. schools and universities with the requirements
At a press conference at the parliament lobby of the industry;
later, Anwar said although the report had men- » high management cost, such as commissions,
tioned an increase in the in-flow of the FDI from “which are always linked to corruption”; and
RM21 billion in 2006 to RM29 billion last year, a » lack of transparency in awarding contracts and
massive outflow of FDI has been occurring since confidence in the judiciary.
2005 and it will cause contraction in the economy, He also said that since the government was
a decrease in gross domestic production and an reluctant to engage the Opposition for such
increase in the unemployment rate. debate, a bipartisan roundtable meeting or a
“The Asean region had an increase of 81.9% in discussion initiated by the minister should be
the in-flow of the FDI from RM116 billion in 2006 held to address the issue.

Quota can be lifted if no demand: Ka Chuan

REAL estate allocated for bumiputras can be sold with the state governments concerned for the
to the other communities in the open market mechanism to be put into place and the buimipu-
through a special mechanism approved by the tra quota lifted as soon as possible,” he said.
government. Ong was replying to Dr Puad Zarkashi (BN-
Housing and Local Government Minister Batu Pahat), who asked whether the govern-
Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said the bumiputra quota ment would consider the Real Estate and Housing
could be lifted if there was no demand from Developers Association’s (Rehda) request for the
bumiputras for the properties within a certain bumiputra quota for real estate ownership to be
period. opened to the other races and the price discount
“In such a situation, the ministry will discuss for bumiputras abolished.

Works Ministry under fire for project delays

THE Works Ministry came under fire for rural road Eighth Malaysia Plan (8MP), had yet to take off.
projects that had yet to start, were delayed or “The government promised it would be built
not upgraded. in 2002 but until now, although RM30 million has
Most of the MPs who spoke during winding up been approved, nothing has been done,” he said.
of debate on the Supply Bill 2009 for the ministry Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir
wanted definitive answers as to when the prob- Salak), Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi (BN-Batu Pa-
lems involving its projects would be resolved. hat), Dr Che Rosli Che Mat (Pas-Hulu Langat)
Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (BN-Bintulu) and Teo Nee Ching (DAP-Serdang) voiced
asked why the Kapit-Sibu road, listed under the similar concerns. – Bernama