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10  theSun | TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25 2008

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Indian village talent in the public sector.
State wealth fund Te-
tackles recession masek, headed by Lee’s wife
with fire ceremony Ho Ching, said on Friday that
NEW DELHI: A two-year long senior managers had volun-
yagna, an ancient Hindu fire ritual, teered to take pay cuts of be-
is being held in a village in India’s tween 15 to 25%. – Reuters
western Gujarat state to save
the world from the economic
downturn, news reports said.
Former ally
The yagna, which involves accuses Arroyo of
groups of priests reciting ancient corruption, bribery
religious verses and pouring MANILA: A former close ally
oblations in a ceremonial fire, is of Philippine President Gloria
being held at Ramsana village in Macapagal Arroyo yesterday
Mehsana district of Gujarat, PTI accused the embattled leader of
news agency reported. corruption and bribery to keep
The ritual entered its 16th day herself in power.
and will continue uninterrupted Former House of Representa-
for two years, the organiser tives speaker Jose de Venecia
of the event, Dahyabhai Patel, alleged “large-scale” and “wide-
convenor of a religious trust, ranging” corruption under the
was quoted as saying. Arroyo administration as he
He said at least 3,000 priests urged his colleagues to support Anti-government protesters with clubs march through the streets towards Parliament house in Bangkok, yesterday.
from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, an impeachment motion against

Thai protesters hijack

Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar the president.
Pradesh states would take part “Everybody is for sale in this
in the ritual which involved 109 country,” he lamented. “The
havan kunds or ceremonial fires. time has come for us to cleanse
The ritual seeks divine blessings ourselves. Let us please use our
to relieve the world of the eco- conscience if we want to cleanse
nomic crisis that seems to have this government, this country

parliament, govt stays put

no end in sight, Patel said. – dpa and this Congress.” – dpa

S’pore premier Market losses lead

takes a pay cut MBA graduates to
SINGAPORE: Salaries for
Singapore politicians, who kidnapping
are amongst the highest NEW DELHI: Police in the BANGKOK: Thousands of “May victory be with After the PAD crowds baton charges, triggering
paid in the world, will be cut Indian capital New Delhi anti-government protesters the people,” PAD leader dispersed, parliament a day of running street
by up to 19% next year due have arrested two manage- blockaded Thailand’s Somkiat Pongpaiboon speaker Chai Chidchob said battles in which two people
to a weakening economy, ment graduates who had parliament yesterday, forcing said, repeating the group’s international agreements were killed and hundreds,
state broadcaster Channel kidnapped a schoolboy for it to postpone an important mantra that Prime Minister that need to be signed at including police, were
NewsAsia said yesterday. ransom after losing their legislative session in the Somchai Wongsawat is a next month’s regional injured.
Singapore ministers, who money in the stock market, a latest twist to a six-month puppet of his brother-in- summit in the northern city The PAD’s Government
are paid millions each year, media report said yesterday. campaign to unseat the law, ousted leader Thaksin of Chiang Mai would be House protest zone has
have a component in their sal- The two men allegedly elected administration. Shinawatra, and should re-tabled for Dec 8 and 9. come under almost daily
ary that is pegged to economic hired goons and kidnapped Riot police carrying only stand down. The latest protest flare-up attack from small bombs or
growth and with Singapore in a 14-year-old boy from a shields melted away before Somchai, who has is the last thing the economy grenades, and on Sunday
a recession and the outlook southern Delhi neighbour- 10,000 demonstrators from been working out of the needs, with data suggesting one of its security guards
gloomy for next year, this vari- hood last week, NDTV net- the People’s Alliance for temporary offices since the it will expand at just 4.5% died from a grenade blast
able will fall, the broadcaster work reported. Democracy (PAD), leaving PAD overran Government this year, its slowest rate in the previous day, the second
said on its website, quoting Later they demanded a hundreds of youths armed House in August, was seven years. such death in a week.
the government’s Public ransom of eight million ru- with iron bars, golf clubs unfazed. Persistent fears of However, the
Services Division. pees (RM557,000) but police and stakes milling around “We have to talk and try street violence in the last movement’s stated intention
Prime Minister Lee Hsien tracked them and arrested in the streets with nobody for reconciliation,” he told six months of permanent of peaceful protest is also
Loong, whose pay was them in a Delhi suburb. to fight. Reuters at an Asia-Pacific protest by the PAD, an misleading.
increased to S$3.76 million The police rescued the The marchers, who have summit in Peru. unelected group of royalist Six PAD security guards
(RM8.6 million) this year – or teenager on Sunday and ar- stymied government decision- His refusal to stand down businessmen, academics were charged with illegal
five times that of US Presi- rested six men including the making and raised doubts raises the prospect of a strike and activists united by their possession of firearms
dent George W. Bush – will MBA graduates, NDTV said. about the export-driven by public sector unions hatred of Thaksin, have yesterday after hijacking
see his salary fall to S$3.04 There have been a economy’s ability to cope today although, as with also weighed on consumer a city bus with a sawn-off
million (RM6.9 million). number of crimes in India with global recession, also previous calls, the disruption confidence. shotgun and trying to take
The city-state has said it related with investors suf- picketed the Finance Ministry, is unlikely to amount to When protesters blocked it to the rally site, police
needed to pay top dollar to fering heavy losses at the police headquarters and the anything like the nationwide access to parliament last said. Officers halted the bus
compete with top private market due to the financial government’s temporary industrial action union month police burst through by shooting out its tyres.
sector salaries and to retain downturn. – dpa offices at an old airport. chiefs are dreaming of. their lines with teargas and – Reuters

Obama unveils economic team

CHICAGO: President-elect Barack Obama yes- director of the Council of Economic Advisors,
terday nominated New York Federal Reserve and Melody Barnes, as director of the Domestic
president Timothy Geithner to serve as his Policy Council.
Treasury secretary and oversee an ambitious He hailed his team saying Geithner “has
plan to resuscitate the US economy. earned the confidence and respect of business,
Geithner, once confirmed by the Senate, will financial and community leaders”.
be joined in Obama’s economic team by former “And as one of the great economic minds of
Treasury chief Larry Summers as chief White our time, Larry has earned a global reputation
House economic advisor, the president-elect for being able to cut to the heart of the most
told a press conference. complex and novel policy challenges.”
Obama, who takes office on Jan 20, told a Romer was “best known for her work on
Chicago press conference, that rebuilding the America’s recovery from the Great Depression
world’s largest economy was not going to be and the robust economic expansion that fol-
easy, and warned the road to recovery was lowed,” Obama said.
going to be long. And he praised Barnes for her work direct-
“We’ll need to bring together the best ing “a network of policy experts dedicated to
minds in America to guide us and that is what finding solutions for struggling middle class
I’ve sought to do in assembling my economic families”.
team,” Obama said. Geithner has been at the sharp end of US
“I’ve sought leaders who could offer both authorities’ battle to shore up panicky financial
sound judgment and fresh thinking, both a markets by overseeing the central bank’s explo-
depth of experience and a wealth of bold new sion of intervention in recent months.
ideas and most of all, who share my fundamen- The 47-year-old – who also serves as vice
tal belief that we cannot have a thriving Wall chairman of the policy-making Federal Open
Street while Main Street suffers; that in this Market Committee – was a key player in nego-
country, we rise and fall as one nation, as one tiations which, just before midnight on Sunday,
people.” resulted in a US government rescue plan for
Obama also named Christina Romer, as ailing banking giant, Citigroup. – AFP