7-6 Air Cav r -CAP

Group 13, Texas Wing, South Western Region, Civil Air Patrol


May 2003

Volume 1, Number 5

May News • Welcome back • Grp 13 SAREX • Glider & Pwr O-Flights • Basic Training • AEX Visit

May News Welcome Back!
1Lt Chester Grossie came out of retirement to help the squadron again.

Group 13 SAREX by 1Lt Tessitore
Our Group sponsored a USAF funded training SAREX the 23rd through 25th of May. The SAREX was conducted at Hook’s Airport near Tomball. Delta Squadron hosted the event at their new squadron headquarters. Nineteen airborne sorties, a number of which coordinated with six ground team sorties, yielded in excess of 60 training events. The training included Mission Pilot, Observer, Scanner, and Ground Team/UDF, with training in Flight Line Search, Flight Line Marshalling, Air & Ground Team Coordination, Communications Training, and Mission Staff training. Four corporate CAP aircraft and 3 corporate vehicles were utilized in the exercise. 7-6 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron participants were: 1Lt D. Ayre, Capt C. Domengeaux, SM J. Hooper, Capt. Max Taylor, and Lt Col W. Williams who practiced their flight skills and advanced in their mission ratings. Maj. G. Klett was christened in the position of Mission Chaplain as he addressed the needs of those participating in the mission. 1Lt T. Tessitore advanced while developing mission staffing experience. Chaplain Klett provided a weather and safety prayer. He surely did well as there was no snow or foul weather to hamper the SAREX and no injuries occurred. SAREX training is a fantastic opportunity to learn and practice skills required to perform the missions assigned to the CAP. It offers the opportunity for senior and cadet members to work together in an environment as close to an actual mission as practical. We would like to see more of our cadets participating in these activities. The SAREX also offers CAP an opportunity for the public to see us in operation. A number of local news interests attended with videotaping and interviews of SAREX participants. As the internal training of 7-6 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron moves forward, we shall participate in SAREX training activities and advance the squadron’s Emergency Services skills and abilities. The squadron has a great potential and many fine air and ground team members in the waiting. Keep up the good work and remember “Semper Vigilans”. Any comments, news or information to communicate? Please contact 1Lt D. Ayre, the editor, and Public Affairs Officer via email at ayrefam@sbcglobal.net or 281 352 1961

Glider O-Flights: We completed our fifth scheduled trip to the Gliderport on May 17. No one signed up for the activity on Sunday, so the Sunday trip was cancelled. Five cadets participated in a total of 5 glider flights. 3 of the cadets were completing their first Glider flight. All the cadets participated in movement and recovery of gliders. We encountered a new O-Pilot, Capt Barry Dunning, who used his personal DG505 glider, which is quite a “hot ship” for some of the O-Flights. Our next visit is June 7th and 8th. Come and get your O-Flight, but watch out for the heat! The sign up sheet is on the notice board, or contact Lt. Col Bill Williams. Powered O-Flights: Capt Max Taylor conducted several O-Flights on Tuesday afternoons prior to squadron meetings, on the 20th and 27th of May. 1Lt Ayre conducted flights Saturday May 31st with the help of SM J. Hooper and Chaplain D. Riddle. Check with your Cadet O-Flight scheduling Officer to sign up. AEX-Visit to the Baker Hughs Corporate Aircraft, Hooks Airport: Unfortunately due to low interest (only 4 cadets signed up) this visit was cancelled and has been rescheduled for June 28th. Please contact SM Illerhaus to sign up for this activity. Basic Training: Due to the increase in new recruits, we scheduled a special Basic Training Course for new cadets. The first course was Saturday, May 3, 2003. Several Cadets completed the course and achieved their Curry Award.

Commander’s Corner

Commander’s Corner

by Capt. Stephen Dicker

As a Cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, you have a responsibility to attend meetings, unit functions, and progress in your studies to achieve rank. The CAP regulations require you to achieve at least two ranks per year, however, you may achieve a rank every two months if you’re motivated. I encourage each of you to concentrate on one of your two study books, Aerospace or Leadership, each month and successfully test on that book. The next month, switch to the other book and successfully test on it. If you manage your time and concentration to one subject per month of your home study time, there is no reason why you should be unable to excel four to six ranks a year. However, I do not want to you to test for advancement if you are not ready on the testing night, which is the third Tuesday of the month. Trying to slip by on tests without gaining the education provided in each of the chapters, will only haunt you when you advance towards the Cadet Officer ranks whose tests will recover some of your earlier studies. Take the time to knuckle down with one book per month, test, and move onto the next book. I look forward every month to promoting each of you during your career in the Civil Air Patrol. Famous Quotes

Quote of the Month: "It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them." -Mark Twain

June Events • O-Flights • ES Training • AEX Visit

Upcomming Events & Activities
Glider O-Flights: Our next scheduled Glider O-flights are 7 and 8 June. Our Gliding activity is run by CAP members of the Soaring Club of Houston at their Gliderport between Magnolia and Hempstead. Cadets should sign up for this activity on the Squadron’s notice board or contact Lt Col Williams by phone at

936 264 4296 or via e-mail at billbill9@hotmail.com . Information about the club and its facilities can be found at www.scoh.org . Cadets are encouraged, and SM’s are required to take the Soaring Society of America’s (SSA) Wing Runner course which is available on the national website www.capnhq.gov . Typically we assemble at the US Army Reserve Center Aviation Support Facility (USARC ASF) at 0730 for a 0800 hrs departure, returning around 1800 hrs. Powered O-Flights: We held Powered O-Flights on May 31st, flying 4 sorties and 6 cadets. Cadets M. Byrum, J. Sumner, R. McDougal, and B. Blum had their first powered O-Flights. Their First Flight Certificates are being processed for presentation to them. Thanks to SM J. Hooper and Chaplain Dane Riddle who volunteered allowing the activity to continue. The pilot was 1Lt Ayre. 1Lt Mabry arranged the cadet’s attendance which went smoothly. The next date for Powered O-Flights is June 28th Aerospace Excellence (AEX). SM Illerhaus has re-arranged the visit to Baker Hughes International’s Corporate Aviation facility at Hooks Airport on Saturday June 28. Mr. Illerhaus will be looking for cadets and senior members to sign up for this activity over the next two weeks.

Group 13 ES Training from Maj. Rand Woodard
Don't forget, every 4th weekend of each month is ES Training Weekend. We have found that our Sarex participation has now exceeded our classroom participation, so for the training weekend in June we will be having a two day ES class. These classes will cover the Preparatory and Advanced tasks for Mission Pilot, Observer, Scanner, and Ground Team/UDF. We will also hold a Level I class (Cadet Protect Program, and CAP History) on Saturday for new members, and that same group can attend a General ES class on Sunday, and take the CAP Test 116 for issuance of their first 101 card. There will be a small cost for printing of classroom material, TBD later. The location will be at the CAP / Delta Composite Squadron Headquarters at Hooks Airport. Please RSVP to rand@wt.net , so that we will know how many people to count on. Mark the 28 & 29 of June on your calendar and I hope to see you there. This is an excellent opportunity for new Senior Members and Cadets alike to jump start their ES training Major Woodward is the Group13 ES Training Officer for Aircrews. Chaplain’s Lectern

Chaplain’s Lectern by Chaplain Dane Riddle
In the middle of the tragedy of Gulf War II, with all the meanness and suffering of the Iraqi regime, we have been entertained by Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the former Iraqi Minister of Information, more commonly known as Baghdad Bob. He has set the new standard for being a liar. He was noted for amazing statements like: "We have them surrounded in their tanks". "They are nowhere near the airport... they are lost in the desert... they can not read a compass... they are retarded." "We chased them... and they ran away..." "The American press is all about lies! All they tell is lies, lies and more lies!" "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" And my favorite, "Lying is forbidden in Iraq. President Saddam Hussein will tolerate nothing but truthfulness, as he is a man of great honor and integrity. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely of

the truths evidenced in their eyes and hearts." Humorist Ron Shafer said, "Baghdad Bob, the former Iraqi minister of information, lands a new job as spokesman for Burger King, 'Home of the Whopper.'" When we like Baghdad Bob, try to lie or deceive our way out of a situation, we are ultimately found out and we end up looking just as bad and unreliable as Bob. Number 32:23b says, "You may be sure that your sin will find you out." The basic truth is that integrity leaves noting to hide, no story to keep, no need to avoid being found, nothing to cover up. Whether it is a lie or any other wrong, we get found out. Integrity is the only way.

Flight Ops N235TX to get a make over?

Senior Member Spin
Flight Operations
Our aircraft N235TX, has been very busy in May with three sets of O-Flights for our squadron, the Group 13 SAREX, Mission Pilot check rides for Capt. Taylor, 1Lt Ayre and Capt. Domengeaux, and O Flights for other squadrons as well. It will fly off this weekend to the Texas Powered Flight Encampment in Waco, after which it should have its interior refurbished. It should come back to us at the end of June, with a new interior, a new survival pack and a tow bar.


Aerospace Education

by 1Lt Ayre

On May 6 , SM Illerhaus started Module 3 which explores weather and the air environment. This module will be completed June 3rd, and SM Jeremy Hooper will present Module 4 in July and August on Rockets. By the way, we should give our best wishes to SM Jeremy Hooper who has an interview June 11th to determine if he can enter into the USAF Reserves as a pilot. Good Luck Jeremy! Safety

SAFETY BRIEFING Capt. Clyde Domengeaux
With the summer months upon us, we all need to be mindful of our surroundings outdoors. There is sun, heat, dehydration, wind, to name just a few that could impact any activity we are involved with. For our Cadets that are doing yard work for hire or parents, it is imperative to wear the safety apparatus to protect eyes, feet, legs, etc. from flying debris being thrown from powered lawnmowers, weed eaters, blowers. Also, while working in the heat of the day, water is a MUST to keep our body from going into dehydration, heat strokes (mainly for our seniors). So keep the water flowing. All of us taking part in activities in the direct sun, should be using sunscreen with a high rating to prevent sunburn, which, can possibly lead to skin-cancer. Pilot types, need to be mindful of density altitudes while doing "O" flights and other flying during these summer months. Another consideration is flying around weather, thunderstorms (give them a wide berth) as you can encounter downbursts 20 miles away. This also brings up wind. Crosswinds at some of our airports can get strong, so know the A/C limitations and more important, know YOUR own limitations.

Have a GREAT & SAFE summer Admin Membership peaks at 127 (82 Cadets)

Admin / Personnel Matters by 1Lt Sylvia Brumlow
Squadron strength peaked at 127 in May, with 82 cadet members and 45 Seniors, but it dropped back to 117 (75 and 42 respectively), now as memberships lapsed at the end of the month! The 10 largest squadrons in CAP have 80+ cadets, and we are almost there! We welcome the following 11 new cadets whose membership cards have been issued in May: Caleb Hook, Jeffrey Durham, Jessie Durham, Ty Elms, Stephen Cornell, Caleb White, Michel Byrum, Zachary Cadwallader, Kathleen Cadwallader, Mathew Whatley, and James Sumner. New Sr. Members / Promotions: Welcome Jeremy Hooper, and congratulations on George Klett’s promotion from Captain to Major. This month the following had birthdays; Jason Ayre, Donald Brown, Kenneth Greenmyer, Sidney Metcalf, Michael Pituch, Gale Tynefield, William Williams, and Kevin Zieschang

Professional Development

Professional Development by Lt Col Bill Williams
Plans are being made to conduct Level I and Cadet Protection courses locally, approximately every other month. This will give the Senior Members an opportunity to get a better understanding of CAP by learning at our Squadron instead of having to find a place where these classes are being held. The Cadet Protection courses are also available (and required) for Cadets over the age of eighteen. Conducting a Level I course is a requirement for Senior Member advancement. Anyone wishing to get involved in this training will be greatly appreciated. Presently over 75% of the Senior Members are on a specialty track. Over 90% of the active members are “On-Track”. I will be very happy to assist anyone in finding an appropriate specialty. There was a disappointing response from those Senior Members who have not completed the Aerospace Education. I am willing to accommodate any one who wants to complete this requirement. For more information on Senior Professional Development, contact Lt. Col. Bill Williams Tuesday evenings or e-mail at billbill9@hotmail.com

Questions & Comments • Lost ID Card? • Stay informed • Encampment • Donations • Business memberships • Testing

Seniors & Parent Power

Comments & Questions • My son, appears to have lost his CAP ID card, can he get a replacement and if so how? You can e-mail National at bhamrick@capnhq.gov or call 877-227-9142 ext. 206, 207 or fax a request to 334-953-4262 to the attention of Francis Culberson or Beverly Hamrick. Be sure to include his unit and CAPID number. • As a parent how will I receive information about CAP activities? This newsletter, the r


is a primary means of communicating with

• Can I participate if I cannot attend on Tuesdays? •

parents, however to make this effective we need parent’s e-mail addresses. These can be forwarded to our new e-mail address cap76aircav@hotmail.com . We are taking steps to improve our website and make its content more relevant and current. Parents with any thoughts as to how the website could be improved, or with time to help maintain the website should contact Capt. Dicker Do you shop at Randall’s and / or Kroger’s? Do you have the 7-6 Air Cav assigned as a charity in the Good Neighbor Program (Randalls) or a 7-6 Air Cav donation card (Kroger)? Cards are available from Captain Dicker We have 7 Cadets attending the Summer Encampment which is being held 22 - 29 June 2003 at Camp Maxey in Paris, Texas. Equipment requirements, flight assignments, and other information is available at http://www.texascadet.org/encampment/encampmentdefault.htm Cadets are: C/2Lt William Walls –Staff-Medical Assistant, B. Blum-A Flt, J. Ayre-D Flt, K. Joncyk-D Flt, C. Ewing-E Flt, C. Illerhaus-H Flt, J. Hatherley-I Flt. SM Illerhaus and 1Lt Ayre will be driving to the Encampment, and so should be able to accommodate transportation of the cadets and their luggage. We will be in touch with the parents and cadets directly concerning transportation logistics. Do you know of any Businesses that may like to become Business Members of the CAP? We are looking for a few good businesses that would like to donate nominal sums of ~$100 to the squadron. The forms may be obtained from Capt Dicker or 1Lt. Brumlow. Testing for the cadets was supposed to be held last week, what happened to the schedule? Events occur which are sometimes beyond our control. We recently by regulation, had to change the locks to the testing cabinet. We are by regulations, only allowed two testing officers without a written exception. We have obtained an exception and have three testing officers. Unfortunately, when the locks were changed, there were only two keys with the locks and an additional two keys were to be made. The two keys that existed at the time were assigned to the two experienced testing officers, one of which went on vacation in Alaska with his family and the second was at a school event out of town. No one thought about the key issue. The third and newest testing officer and myself, had not yet received the keys. It was an unfortunate mistake that occurred. Once it occurred, the only course of action I had was to authorize testing to occur the following Tuesday. Regulations often require us to conduct security measures to insure the integrity of the testing materials. As the Unit Commander, by regulation I can possess a key to the testing materials but can not access the materials. I can only facilitate entry for an authorized testing officer should he/she not be possession of their key. My son studied over the weekend for testing last Tuesday, only to find testing was cancelled that evening. He has school exams this week and missed the rescheduled testing. As the Unit Commander, I take full responsibility for the blunders that occasionally occur. But I also challenge you parents to get involved. Any parent can become a Senior Member and thus be assigned to jobs such as a testing officer. Our current Cadet membership peaked at 85 which takes a lot of coordination and supervision. I know that I and my active Senior Members would appreciate the help. My child has asked me to participate in CAP but my job precludes me from

attending the Tuesday meetings. I enjoyed bringing him to last Saturday’s O Flights and watching this activity. Can I participate further? Yes, by all means! We would still encourage you to become a senior member. Many of our activities occur on the weekend and we need Seniors to be available to allow cadet participation in these events. The next ES training 28th and 29th at Hooks, would be an excellent opportunity to get started! See prior newsletters for how to get fingerprinted etc. Any parent having questions, concerns or suggestions should feel free to email the Squadron Commander, Capt. Stephen R. Dicker at stephen.dicker@cityofhouston.net . Capt. Dicker can also be reached on his cell phone at 713-504-7154 for immediate needs. June Calendar

Cadet Call Down / June Calendar
June 3rd – 1st Tuesday, Uniform: Blues 1900 – Opening Ceremony 1915 – Aerospace Class Module 3- Weather & Aerospace Environment 2015 – Correct way to wear Uniform Blues 2055 – Closing Ceremony June 7th Equipment: Van; Uniform: BDU + khaki shorts & running shoes 0730 – 1800 Gliding O-Flights at SCOH June 8th Equipment: Van; Uniform: BDU + khaki shorts & running shoes 0730 – 1800 Gliding O-Flights at SCOH June 10th - 2nd Tuesday, Uniform: Blues – BLUES INSPECTION 1900 – Opening Ceremony 1915 – Moral Leadership Class 2015 – Inspection and Drill 2055 – Closing Ceremony June 17th – 3rd Tuesday, Uniform: BDU 1900 – Opening Ceremony 1915 – Testing 2000 - PT 2055 – Closing Ceremony June 22nd – June 29th Cadet Basic Encampment Camp Maxey, Paris TX June 24th – 4th Tuesday, Uniform: BDU 1900 – Opening Ceremony 1915 – Emergency Services (ES) 2015 – Inspection & Drill 2055 – Closing Ceremony June 28th – 29th Uniform: BDU’s, Blues, or SM blue golf shirt and grey slacks. Group 13 ES classroom training at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (DWH), Spring TX June 28th AEX Visit to BHI Corporate Aviation at DWH Airport June 28th Equipment: Aircraft; Uniform: BDU or Flight Suits for SM’s Powered O Flights, Holley’s Jet Center, Montgomery County Airport

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