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Palm is Palm top like Lab top of computer.Similarly Leg is Leg top .I am discussing
position of Ionoshphere Plane(Conciousness-quantum) and Earth-GravityPlane(Tectonic
belts-).This is very detailed subject which I have discussed in my coming book Seeing is
believing First time inWorld by RoseDog PUBLICATION USA.This work is under
WTO-TRIPS COPYRIGHT ORDERL-20881 issued by GOI see science website to see further details

In humanbody head is CPU whose reading appears in Palm and leg in cryptographic
form.Author has developed system to decode cryptographic language of nature.Unified
science based Crypto graphic language can be learnt by any scientist to know disasters in
any part of world.
Days of isolated science like Physics-mathematics are numbered since they fail to
forecast any future disaster due to law of uncertainty in Physics and law of Probability in
mathematics but cryptographic language developed by author is law of certainty to
decode any future disaster with 100% accuracy .
Humanbody is transmission-receiver tower of Nature getting and keeping records of all
types of electromagnetic waves

On right side of Palm top website ,where dermatoglyphyics pattern ,finger whorls appears
,just below thumb lies ionosphere plane and on leftside lies Earth-Gravity plane i.e.below
little and middle finger.

Between Ionosphere(X) plane and Earthplane lies Vitality –Human aura Life(Y) line as
described in ancient PALM TEXTwhich is one mm thick line starting from Index finger
and going beneath thumb.I have tested thousands cases and even Tsunami event and few
earthquake and scientifically I have forecasted and come to conclusion that Ionosphere-
humanbody-earth electromagnetism trioforce chart contains full details about future

Graph is to be drawn between X-Disaster-S-P waves(unified science based disaster bio

sensor or no disaster bio sensor) and Y(Time) Axis and ECG loop indicate earthquake-
tsunami in area where PALMTOP reading exactly matches with any Mega disastrous
event like earthquake or tsunami etc.

180 Degree straight line(X axis ) like tectonic plates going from Ionosphere plane to
Earth plane clearly indicate disasters but it is to be verified in atleast 1000 Palmtop.we
have developed nano time machine system which runs on Vitality line i.e.Yaxis
time.Details of time machine can be discussed with any scientist.

Above system we have verified and can be verified before world scientist which is next
generation science and in nano PALM-LEGTOP all dimensions of nature merges and
clear link between quantum-ionosphere and theory of Relativity plane activity plane is
also found correct in 100% cases.
Author and unified field scientist,India