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All the performers on stage for the finale.

In the Freo Festival parade.

North Fremantle Primary School

Community News
in clingwrap, which caught the stage lighting and lit up the shapes, says art teacher Margie Campbell. We used all kinds of recycled and found objects to make eyes, scales and other features for our puppets, adding colour and character. Strings of tiny LED lights were then attached to our puppets for extra sparkle. The achievements of the SPLASH project have extended well beyond this performance, according to Principal Fiona Kelly. The purpose of the Artists in Schools program is to use the arts as a medium for all kinds of innovative teaching right across the curriculum, she explains. For example, the children have dissected fish in science classes, written invitations to the performance in literacy, learned about local history and environmental issues, and used new technology to record sounds and images for the performance. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity in 2011 and would especially

Summer 2011

A little school with big ideas

What a Splash!
A spectacular puppet show was staged recently by North Fremantle Primary School on the banks of the Swan to celebrate the creatures of the local river. Performers and their puppets paraded across Gil Fraser Reserve at sunset, led by the unmistakable beats of the Wasamba drummers, to signal the start of the performance. Tales of the river were then woven together, expertly guided by artist-inresidence Sandy McKendrick. Dancing octopi, a seahorse and his babies, fishermen chasing a big catch, hungry hermit crabs, a lurking shark and a pelican looking for a fishy meal were stars of the show. Grandparents performed alongside grandchildren, and teachers alongside students and parents. Even the Principal and Deputy Principal starred as skippers of a hand-crafted balsa wood boat. like to thank our art teacher Margie Campbell, grants coordinator Jenny Pavicic, ArtsEdge and of course artist-inresidence Sandy McKendrick for guiding us along this journey. According to many parents, the children have been so enthusiastic about this project because they have invented it themselves and done so much of their own investigation and exploration along the way. The kids take away so much from the journey they have just completed. They have worked at the level of artist, not just rote performers... says North Fremantle parent Francine Orr. All year we have had a riverfull of fun, laughter and learning - we loved being a part of SPLASH, adds fellow parent and performer Lowana Bibby. This Artist-In-Residence Grants Program project has been assisted by the Federal Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Department of Education.

Families enjoyed a picnic tea before the SPLASH performance.

Year 2-3 parade onto stage.

The three dimensional puppets were constructed with cane and wrapped

Gumblossom Out-of-School Care

Before and after school care is available onsite at North Fremantle Primary School by local childcare provider, Gumblossom. Vacation care is also on offer during the school holidays. Further information is available from Gumblossom on 08 9335 3001.

2012 Enrolments
Limited enrolments are still available for 2012. We encourage you to enrol as soon as possible to secure your childs place at North Fremantle Primary School. The school will be closed from 16 December and reopens on January 27, 2012. NFPS Kindergarten runs over two full days per week (Tuesday and Thursday) in Semester 1 and three full days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) in Semester 2. Look for the enrolment information on our website. My favourite bit was when we all popped out of the seahorses belly. I really liked it. Perry Kronberger, Yr 1.

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For more information about our special events, school information or student enrolments, you can visit or contact the school on 08 9335 2743 Principal: Fiona Kelly Deputy Principal: Leanne Vinci School Registrar: Pauline Latskins

Oh, the places youll go!

Early learning at North Fremantle
Congratulations! Today is your day. Youre off to Great Places! Youre off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself Any direction you choose. The famous words of this Dr Seuss story describe the early learning program (Kindy to Year 1) at North Fremantle Primary School perfectly. While early education may seem like childs play, ensuring it is a successful introduction to academic life takes expertise, energy and understanding. North Fremantles early learning teachers, Liz Smith and Lisa Miller, have specialised skills that draw on several education philosophies, as well as a natural love for children. Liz Smith, known as Miss Lizzie by her Pre-Primary and Year 1 students, says she has taken the best elements from each setting she has worked in to shape her teaching style. There are, however, some basics in her approach. Above all, our aim is to make school a secure and fun environment for all children, explains Liz. We want children to love coming to school. We want them to know they can take risks, be imaginative and experiment with new skills. We build on things the children already know - an approach that multiple international studies have proven is the best way to learn.

While flexibility in delivery is important when teaching young children, both Liz and Lisa say this does not mean lowering academic or social standards they set for their students. We are very proud of the high standards of literacy, numeracy and behaviour we are seeing in our Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1 students, says Liz. The school is well-resourced with interactive whiteboards, several teaching specialists and excellent classroom resources. As a small school, the teaching staff work closely together to benefit students throughout their years at North Fremantle. We regularly assess academic and social progress and use this information in our planning. Because we know where each child is academically, we can effectively support and extend all our students so they can make even better progress. Kindy teacher Lisa Miller also emphasises the importance of social skills in her teaching program. I see my job as preparing children for many years of success at school, explains Lisa. Good social skills really set the building blocks for success in a students later years, together with strong foundations in literacy and numeracy. An environment rich in opportunities for speaking and listening is the key to language and literacy learning in Kindy, according to Lisa. Numeracy for very young children also involves more than just counting. I introduce several basic maths concepts using varied and fun activities, which draw on my previous experience as a numeracy specialist she says. I feel I am nurturing these children for a very short time, starting them on the road for their academic life.

I think our focus on meaningful play-based learning, regular assessment and a commitment to accountability puts us way ahead of many schools.

If these children leave us loving school and wanting to learn, then weve done our job.