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Click here to buy this fantastic book from Amazon. ==== ==== back to all news & reports 2011 Farm Subsidy Data Harvest: Millionaires and Missing Money 10 May 2011. For the third year running, an international group of journalists, transparency activists and computer programmers gathered in Brussels for three days to gather and analyse new government data on who got what from the EUs Common Agricultural Policy. So far, data on just 15.4 billion in payments made in the 2010 financial year have been published by EU member states, much less than the estimated 55 billion that was spent. This is because of a recent backlash against budget transparency triggered by the European Union Court of Justice, which in November 2010 ruled that the EU rules requiring disclosure of payment data relating to natural persons was a disproportionate violation of the right to personal privacy. In response, the European Commission ordered Member States to stop publishing data and in April 2011 issued an interim regulation requiring them only to publish data on payments to legal persons (companies and partnerships). Of the 27 member states, all but six have released at least some data. The six that have not yet met the 30 April deadline are Cyprus, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the UK. However among those that have released data, a large amount has been kept secret, from an estimated 98 per cent of all farm subsidy spending in Ireland to around 25 per cent spending in the Netherlands. Four countries, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and the Czech Republic have previously provided complete data, though the Czech Republic has since withdrawn some of the data it had published. Only three countries appear committed to budget transparency in the CAP, and have proceeded with publication despite the European Union Court of Justices ruling. The total number of recipients disclosed this year is 563,133, receiving between them 15.4 billion. This is down from around 8 million recipients in the previous year, indicating that the vast majority of CAP recipients have been considered to be natural persons by the payment agencies responsible for releasing the data. Once the remaining countries release their data it is expected that total disclosure will be less than half of the total CAP budget. The European Transparency Initiative is no longer achieving its key objective of transparency in end beneficiaries of EU funds. In the data released so far there are 1330 payments of more than 1 million. The top recipient is the state-owned bank in Romania, and the second a state-owned water company in Portugal. Stateowned enterprises, ministries and regional governments dominate the list of top recipients, with payments listed to the Xunta de Galicia (45 million) and the Czech Ministry of Agriculture (32 million). It appears that Member States are not observing requirement to publish end beneficiaries of EU funds, and are listing intermediaries instead. The end beneficiaries remain unknown. In common with past years, there is no explanation of why each payment was made. The EU law on transparency does not require it. This point remains a major shortcoming of the transparency system and leaves the public guessing as to the reasons for the expenditure of EU funds. Jack Thurston, a London-based policy analyst and co-founder of, said: I have been pushing for transparency in farm subsidies for almost a decade. This year, thanks to a very poor ruling from the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, secrecy is back with a vengeance. I

hope this is just a temporary setback and that the Commission will bring forward a new, improved transparency rules so EU citizens can know how their money is being spent: who gets what and why. Besides helping citizens to understand EU farm policy, transparency is an important additional safeguard against waste, fraud and abuse. I congratulate the governments of Denmark, Hungary and Sweden for their commitment to full transparency and encourage other countries to follow their lead. Nils Mulvad, an Aarhus-based data journalist, co-founder of said: Its just crazy the way governments are trying to keep this information secret. But weve worked hard to overcome all their blocking tactics and have made the data obtained available for anyone who wants to use it for journalism and research and analysis. Theres a lot less data than in previous years but there are definitely good stories to be found. Table 1: Top 20 recipients, by size of payment Beneficiary Name Amount Country SC FONDUL DE GARANTARE A CREDITULUI RURAL - IFN SA 220,000,000RO EDIA - EMPRESA DE DESENVOLVIMENTO E INFRA-ESTRUTURAS DO ALQUEVA S.A. 103,070,334PT AZUCARERA EBRO S. L. 61,825,608ES XUNTA DE GALICIA 45,767,443ES JUNTA DE CASTILLA Y LEN 37,453,113ES VAS Lauku attistibas fonds 37,283,856LV A.O.P. F.IN.A.F. SOC. CONS. A R.L. 33,642,063IT Ministerstvo zemedelstv 32,514,339CZ JUNTA DE EXTREMADURA 29,332,681ES SYRAL IBERIA, S. A. U. 28,821,933ES Ministerstvo podohospodarstva a regionalneho rozvoja SR 27,976,186SK COPERATIE COFORTA U.A. 26,285,764NL INSTITUTO TECNOLGICO AGRARIO DE CASTILLA Y LEN 26,224,551ES LOGISTIEKE EN ADMINISTRATIEVE VEILINGASSOCIATIE 25,593,878BE D. G. FONDO ANDALUZ DE GARANTIA AGRARIA 24,918,858ES Landesumweltamt Brandenburg 23,369,598DE DIRECO GERAL DE AGRICULTURA E DESENVOLVIMENTO RURAL 21,430,218PT Raiffeisen-Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG 19,503,752DE GRUPPO MEDITERRANEO SOCIETA COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA 17,927,959IT Landesbetrieb fr Kstenschutz Nationalpark und Meeresschutz 17,590,000DE Table 2: Top 20 recipients of direct payments, by size of payment Beneficiary Name Amount Country GESBA - EMPRESA DE GESTO DO SECTOR DA BANANA LDA 6,163,727PT Blyi Mezogazdasgi Termelo s Kereskedelmi Zrt. 5,612,800HU COMPLEJO AGRICOLA S. A. 3,906,850ES SC TCE 3 BRAZI SRL 3,667,365RO Agrar GmbH Gut Ferdinandshof 3,489,047DE Hortobgyi Termszetvdelmi s Gnmegorzo Nonprofit Kft. 3,483,362HU CONAGRICAN S. L. 3,294,268ES CUMBRES DE GRAN CANARIA N 412/05 S. A. T. 2,830,138ES DEHESA NORTE, S. A.( DENOSA ) 2,764,439ES Dalmandi Mezogazdasgi Zrt. 2,653,132HU

Sdzucker AG Mannheim-Ochsenfu 2,680,421DE AYUNTAMIENTO DE ALDEANUEVA DE LA VERA 2,559,553ES Agrarunternehmen Barnstdt eG 2,435,237DE Agrar-Produkte eG Spornitz 2,598,776DE Enyingi Agrr Zrt. 2,981,593HU LAJTA-HANSG Zrt. 2,754,651HU HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenoss. e.G. 2,230,998DE KOMBINAT ROLNY KIETRZ Sp. z o.o. 2,086,371PL TOP FARMS GUBCZYCE SP. Z O.O. 2,101,052PL S.C. COMCEREAL S.A. 2,461,893RO Table 3: Overview of data disclosed by country Country Total amount % of past year Beneficiaries % of past year Austria 188,135,606 10 4,352 3 Belgium 222,244,658 20 6694 14 Bulgaria 520,431,909 69 5,780 7 Cyprus - - - Czech 990,278,362 100 26,969 100 Denmark 1,054,041,278 100 66,120 100 Estonia 393,488,399 3,773 10.9 Finland 105,732,202 9 3,073 43 France - - - Germany 1,995,714,587 27 12,732 3.5 Greece - - - Hungary 1,617,087,170 100 193,411 100 Ireland 80,289,881 4 375 0.3 Italy 545,373,509 9 191 0.01 Latvia 307,426,678 100 - close to 12,892 18 Lithuania 150,006,941 25.6 1,238 0.6 Luxembourg - - - Malta 4,279,394 2 61 0.2 Netherlands 893,772,762 75 40,399 44.5 Poland 626,803,456 21 8,246 0.5 Portugal 555,271,873 54 6,783 3 Romania 1,077,011,684 92 27,088 24 Slovakia 341,814,679 64 2,735 17 Slovenia - - - Spain 2,759,864,883 37 53,968 5.4 Sweden 995,695,846 100 86,253 100 UK - - - Notes to editors Farm subsidies under the European Unions Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) amount to approximately 55 billion a year, just over 40% of European Unions annual budget, or an average of just under 100 a year for each EU citizen. The aim of is to obtain detailed data relating to payments and recipients of farm subsidies in every EU member state and make this data available in a way that is useful to European citizens. is a foundation-funded non-profit project run by a network of

European journalists, researchers and activists. make its databases available under the Open Database License, which means you are free to use, remix and republish the data but you are legally required to: Attribute your use of the database to us, and Share your changes back with everyone else. Attribution costs nothing, but means everything to us. Its up to you how to do it, but here are some possible formulations: Data provided by or Official data collated by or Data source: A detailed overview of the data for 2011 and past years is here. An XLS spreadsheet of the 1330 payments worth 1 million or more is here: ==== ==== Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Click here to buy this fantastic book from Amazon. ==== ====