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Xcelsius 2008 Release

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Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

About these notes
These release notes contain information about Xcelsius 2008.

Please read the entire document before installing your Business Objects
software. After the release of this document, any further issues you need to
know about will be added to these release notes in the online version
available at:

Please be sure to consult the release notes online as well as this document
to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

• For a complete list of system requirements and supported platforms, see
the platforms.txt file included with your product distribution. For complete
installation instructions, see the installation guide
• Disable all antivirus software before installing BusinessObjects Enterprise
components. Enable your antivirus software after the installation.

General Issues
• XLF file data sources that are not specified with an http or https based
URL are not supported when the XLF file is exported to PDF format.
• SWF files with apostrophes in the file names do not open properly in
Internet Explorer. Ensure that the file name of the SWF file has no
apostrophes in it.

Adobe Flash Player – Security Issues

The Flash Players 8 and 9 have introduced significant security changes.
These security measures will have an impact on user workflow with Xcelsius
2008. The new security changes will affect the design time experience as
well as the exported SWF experience. Specifically, the changes affect SWF
files that call content files stored on a local drive. SWF files attempting to
call files (images, XML data, etc.) using a URL file reference will not be able

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes 3

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

to deliver the content unless the local drive has been listed as a trusted
location in the Flash Player security settings.

Following are the links for documentation about security changes

implemented after Flash Player 7. Flash Player documentation is version
specific and does not address previous versions. Users with Flash Player 9
will need to read both sets of documentation.

Security Changes in Flash Player 8


Security Changes in Flash Player 9


Xcelsius SharePoint Web Part

• When using the ListBox parameter type for SharePoint, a data range of
two columns must be selected within the ListBox Entries field.
The values in the first column appear in a list box within SharePoint and
depending on what selection is made from this list, the corresponding
values from the second column are inserted into the Range.
• Flashvar range names and SharePoint parameter names cannot be any
flash keywords or reserved words. For an overview of this topic, go to:


For a table of keywords and reserved words, go to:


• When linking a SharePoint Param date component to a blank cell, the

date December 31, 1899 is used by default. This date is used because
it is the Julian date representation of the value 0. Therefore, when linking
to a cell for the date parameter, populate the cell with your required default

4 Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

Xcelsius Reporting Services

• Reporting Services data sources and reports that are configured to prompt
the user for credentials at report runtime are not supported.
• A Reporting Services report that contains a manually entered parameter
with a null default value must have a parameter entered in the link to cell
field of the Reporting Services button before the data can be mapped.
• Reports containing Multiple Selection parameters in Reporting Services
are not supported.

QaaWS and Web Service Connection

• In Xcelsius 2008, we recommend using QaaWS connection to consume
a WSDL that was generated by Query as a Web Service.
However, if you use Web Service Connection to consume the WSDL that
was generated by Query as a Web Service, please make sure the BOE
authentication is given under "Input Values" at design mode, since Web
Service Connection won't prompt BOE authentication.
• WSDLs that use DIME and other binary formats are not supported.
• WSDLs that contain overloaded method are not supported.

Triggers – Web Connectivity

In Xcelsius 2008, when importing an XLF file containing external data
connectors (XML Data Button, XML Map Refresh, Web Service Connector,
Live Office, FS Command) that were created in Crystal Xcelsius 4.5, the
"Trigger Behavior" is mapped to a Connection Refresh Button that will
automatically be created by Xcelsius 2008. "Refresh Options" and "Load
Status" are mapped to the individual connections, which can then be
accessed using the Data Manager.

Live Office Compatibility

To work with Live Office in the embedded spreadsheet, you will need to
Enable Live Office Compatibility. Go to File > Preferences > Excel Options
and check the Enable box.

When Live Office Compatibility is enabled, certain behaviors with regards to

Excel may be experienced:
• When Xcelsius 2008 is launched with an instance of Excel already running,
that instance of Excel will be detected. Xcelsius will launch a pop-up
dialog box advising of the detection and recommending that you save

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes 5

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

and close the Excel instance prior to opening Xcelsius. The dialog box
presents the opportunity to cancel the Xcelsius start up, resulting in the
• If Yes is selected: Xcelsius closes; Excel must be closed and Xcelsius
• If No is selected: Xcelsius opens; Excel is frozen, preventing
interaction. To access Excel, Xcelsius must be closed. Alternatively,
Excel can be closed using the Windows Task Manager.

• To open an Excel file while Xcelsius is running, we recommend launching

an instance of Excel, then selecting File > Open; navigate to the file,
highlight it, then click the Open button. Other methods of opening the file
may not result in it opening properly.

• In Xcelsius 2008, when importing an XLF file containing Live Office
connectors that were created in Crystal Xcelsius 4.5, only the report views
that were active will automatically be available in the Xcelsius 2008 Data
Manager. The inactive views can be accessed by following the steps to
add a Live Office connection in the Data Manager. Please see the User
Guide for more information on adding Live Office connections.
• OLAP views are not supported as a data source.
• If you create a Live Office-enabled SWF file using a report view that
contains merged cells, the merged cells may not be displayed the same
within the source report.
• A Live Office-enabled SWF file created from a Crystal Report that requires
database logon credentials will fail to refresh. This behavior occurs
because the SWF file does not prompt the user for database logon
credentials, even if database logon credentials are required by the report.
To ensure the SWF file refreshes properly, the report used to create that
SWF file must be saved to the same Enterprise system. A
BusinessObjects Enterprise administrator must enter the report's database
logon information in the Central Management Console so that
BusinessObjects Enterprise does not prompt users for logon information
when the report is refreshed.
• If you created a Live Office-enabled SWF file using a Web Intelligence
document, the query context that is entered by users within the SWF file
is not used to trigger the refresh. Instead, the Live Office Web Service

6 Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

uses the query context saved from the last Live Office refresh to refresh
the data.
• Live Office-enabled SWF files created with Crystal Reports and Web
Intelligence documents only use bound parameters and bound prompts
to trigger the refresh. If there are un-bound parameters or prompts, the
SWF file ignores these parameters or prompts. Instead, the SWF files
use the parameter or prompt from the last Live Office refresh to refresh
the data.
To ensure the SWF file uses the appropriate parameters or prompts to
trigger the refresh, bind the parameters or prompts to cells in the Excel

Other Limitations and Workarounds

If you link an XML map to a spreadsheet cell where a selector component
inserts an XML file name, be aware that the XML map will not refresh properly
on interval.

Files with the extension CWR can be imported into Xcelsius 2008 only if
Excel 2007 is installed on the local machine and is the default Excel program.

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes 7

Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes
Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes

8 Xcelsius 2008 Release Notes