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1. Introduction and Objectives 2. Brief literature survey 3. Methodology/ Planning of work 4. Facilities required 5. Bibliography

Introduction & Objectives

The project BLUE TOOTH CHAT SYSTEM will make lot of tasks interesting and influencing with respect to the mobile communication with the help of Bluetooth. The requirement is that, our mobile phones should be Bluetooth enabled and we will get the independence to communicate with each other within a specified range of Bluetooth. This project designed with an idea to establish the communication between two systems even when we dont have even a single penny in our mobile phones. Actually, earlier no proper system exists through which a user can able to communicate with each other through Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The project is a Client-Server Application. The project is designed to make it possible for the users to communicate with each other by means of Bluetooth at any time with in Bluetooth Coverage area. (10 Meters). This project proposes a system for use on a Bluetooth enable personal mobile. Major Functions that will be provided by the system include: Turn on the Bluetooth of both Client and Server Mobile phones. Select for the Server in First Mobile. Select for the Client in Second Mobile and Search for the server. When the Server is found then it searches for the Service that are in remote mobile. If the desired Service is found, then select it and connect to the Server.

Distinct features: Some features associated with this system are: Allow the user to chat with each other. Permit to Text Chat. Printing the Existing User List.

Brief Literature survey

Cell phones have become highly available during the last decade. Now virtually everyone owns a cell phone, making people available almost wherever they are. The Bluetooth wireless technology is also spreading rapidly. The number of Bluetooth chipsets shipped per year has doubled from 2002 to a total of 69 million chipsets in 2003. The majority of these Bluetooth chipsets are used in mobile phones. An interesting aspect is that consumers are highly dependent on having a cell phone, and the Bluetooth technology is included in the majority of new cell phones. The Bluetooth technology will therefore spread because of the need for cell phones. As an increasing number of useful Bluetooth applications become available, many consumers will already have Bluetooth devices and be ready to start using Bluetooth PANs (Personal Area Networks) where all their Bluetooth devices communicate with one another. Java enabled mobile phones have already been on the market for some years. Due to the very resource constrained mobile phones available a few years ago, Java applications were not very sophisticated and did not hit the mass-market the way many had hoped.. The Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology (JABWT) ties the Java technology and the Bluetooth technology together. JABWT is made available in some of the latest smart phones and will probably be available also in low-end cell-phones in the future. We will probably see other types of Java Bluetooth applications.

Methodology/ Planning of work

The Gantt-Chart presented below gives an estimate of the scheduling and duration of the activities that need to be subsequently carried out during the course of the project development:


Processor Pentium III 500 MHz Hard disk drive 4 GB RAM 256 MB Bluetooth enabled mobile phone e.g. Nokia 6600, Sony Ericcson.

In this project Java, designer package of java (MIDlet) are used for design: JDK 1.6 or higher (Front-End) Netbeans IDE J2ME (Front End and Database Connectivity) MIDlet (Front End Designing) Technology (JABWT)


Complete Reference J2EE TATA McGRAW. Programming In JAVA Balaguruswamy. SQL,PL/SQL Ivan Bayross. Java Server Programming Subrahmanyam Allamaraju.