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1. Application for the post : Research Associate
2. Name : RAM SURESH
3. Father Name : Shri Ram Chandra
4. Date of birth : 05-05-1974
5. Caste : Carpenter Sharma
6. Sex : Male
7. Religion : Hindu
8. Nationality : Indian
9. Marital Status : Married (Two Children)
10. Personal with Disability : VH
11. Postal address : C/o Dr. Raj Vir Singh
Emeritus Scientist (Agril. Economics)
D. E.S. M. Division, NDRI, Karnal-132001 (Haryana)
12. Permanent address : Village – Benipur, Post – Ballipur
(Mankapur) Distt. – Gonda (U.P.)
13. Email & Phone : 09416362136 (Mobile)
14. Educational / Technical Qualifications

Examination / Passed Name of University/ Year Marks, (%) Subject
Board Division
High School (Ag.) U.P. Board, Allahabad 1990 339/600 Compulsory Subject of
(56.5) IInd Agriculture
Intermediate (Ag.) U.P. Board, Allahabad 1992 620/1000 Compulsory Subject of
(62.0) Ist Agriculture
B.Sc. (Ag.) Gorakhpur University, 1996 1766/2800 Compulsory Subject of
Gorakhpur (63.07) Ist Agriculture
PGDCS (Computer) Sigma Computer 1996 9.0 Compulsory Subject of
Association Deoria, A+ Grade Computer
M.Sc. (Agril. Eco.) Gorakhpur University, 1998 717/1050 Compulsory Subject of
Gorakhpur (68.28) Ist Agricultural Economics
M. A. (Economics) Dr.R.M.L. Avadh 2001 551/1000 Compulsory Subject of
University, Faizabad (55.1) IInd Economics

15. Experience: 6 Years & above
Institute name Post held Pay scale Period of services
D.E.S.M. Division, N.D.R.I., Research Rs.11500 /. + From 13 March 2001 to 31st

Karnal (Haryana) Associate HRA December 2004
(3 years 09 months 18 days)
HIPA, Plot No. 76, Sector 18, Research Rs. 15000 /. From 3rd October 2005 to 2nd January
Gurgaon (Haryana) Associate (Fixed) 2006 (3 months)
Division of T. E.T., CSSRI, Senior Research Rs.8000 /. + From 4thJanuary 2006 to 29th March
Karnal (Haryana) Fellow HRA 2007 (1 year 2 months 25 days)
Division of T. E.T., CSSRI, Research Rs. 17000 /. From 30th March 2007 to 30th June
Karnal (Haryana) Associate + HRA 2008 (1 year 03 months)
D.E.S.M. Division, N.D.R.I., Senior Research Rs. 12000 + From 22 August 2008 to Till date of
Karnal (Haryana) Fellow HRA the Project

3. S. Kaul (Haryana) from 22nd to 23rdOctober 2003. 2. R. 4. Working as a Senior Research Fellow. Job Responsibilities The nature of job involves in Planning.16. Karnal (Haryana). Worked as a Research Associate in the HIPA. 3. 2002) on Mission Mode Project entitled “Livestock-Crop Production Systems Analysis for Sustainable Production" held at DESM Division. NDRI Karnal. 69-71. Monitoring.2 Estimation of Return from the Investment 3. Evaluation and Sampling of Primary and Secondary Socio-Economic Data Collection.25 February 2007) National level training on “ Land Drainage For Reclamation of Waterlogged and Saline Land” Organized at Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (ICAR) Karnal 132001 21. Participation in Workshop/Conference/Seminars: 1. Statistical Packages & analysis of data and interpretation.1 Identified the various livestock – crop production systems in Haryana 1. Co-ordinating Monitoring.2 To asses the implication of the CLI and the trade offs for the development of conservation agriculture in particular and of rice – wheat – livestock systems in general. Worked as a Research Associate Division of Technology Evaluation & Transfer.” Rural India April 2004 pp.Thesis: Comparative Economic study of seeds & Commercial Production of major cereals in Deoria District of Utter Pradesh. Sharma. 20.1 The job responsibilities in Planning. Tabulation. 2. Worked as a Research Associate DES&M Division. NDRI. Compilation.3 To use this understanding to realign and focus current and future R & D efforts addressing conservation agriculture practices in rice – wheat – livestock systems so as to optimize their benefits for rural livelihoods. 4. Attended two workshop (July 6-7. NATP Project entitled "Livestock-Crop Production Systems Analysis for Sustainable Production" 1. National Dairy Research Institute Karnal (Haryana) ICAR Research Project “ Conservation Agriculture. IFAD Project entitled "Impact Assessment & Allied Efforts (Mewat Area)" 2. Karnal (Haryana). M. 18.2 To study the resources structure and socio economic profile of the farmers 1.3 Studied the economic characteristics and productivity level of livestock 1. Statistics and Management Division .3 Estimation of reclamation of alkali Soils 3.1 Estimation of Investment Pattern in Research and Extension 3. Dairy Economics.4 Worked out the cost of production of each enterprises in various Livestock – crop production systems 1. Karnal (Haryana) “Kautilya” 19. . Attended the 23rd Annual Conference of Haryana Economic Association at College of Agriculture. Co-ordinating. Evaluation of Socio – Economic data collection and as a team leader of separately block of Mewat District of Haryana. poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. CSSRI.1 To better understand crop – livestock interactions (CLI) and the trade – offs farmers face in applying conservation agriculture practices in rice – wheat – livestock systems. 7.Sc. 2001 and May 15-16. (2004) “Management of Agricultural Marketing in Uttar Pradesh. AP Cess Project entitled "Return to Investment on Research and Extension for Reclamation of Alkali Soils" 3.D. University Rohtak (Haryana) from 29th to 30th September 2004. Haryana Economic Association. Participated and presented a “Research Article” in 24th Annual Conference of Haryana Economic Association held at Department of Economics.4 Identifying the technology and Policy Constraints 4. M. Loading of the data in Computer by using MS Word. Dissertation Title 1. Participation of National Level Training 1. Participated in the one week (19 . (A) Research Publications: 1. MS PowerPoint. Gurgaon. MS Excel.5 Input – output relationship of various livestock – crop production systems 1. Livestock and Livelihood Strategies in the Indo – Gangetic Plains of South Asia : Synergies and Trade Offs” 4. Membership of Professional Societies 1.6 Assessment of Potential for increasing the income and employment through adoption of improved technology in various livestock – crop production systems and all categories of farmers. 1.

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Kulshrestha Reader (Agril.10. 09991612575 E-Mail: tripathi@cssri.D. N.) India Phones.2008 (Ram Suresh) .P. Phones. Deoria (U. K. R . Mobile No. Place: Karnal Date: 31. Post Graduate Collage.ernet. Statistics) Department of Agricultural Economics B.(05568) 224648 (R). 09415320183 (M) Declaration: I hereby declare that all statements made in this application are true.).(0184)) 2293307 ( III Dr. complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.