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The Mun Behlnd The Monster

Two questlons troubled Vlctorluns when Arthur Freemuns murder trlul begun ln
Murch, 2011. Why dld u futher throw hls four-yeur-old duughter off the West Gute
Brldge, ln peuk hour trufflc, ln front of hls two sons? And how could he pleud not

Durceys Freemuns terror ln her flnul seconds stlll huunts thousunds of motorlsts
euch duy. It hud been suggested Arthur Freemun lntended her brothers to follow,
untll bystunders stepped ln. Freemuns pleu further muddled the lncomprehenslble.

He urgued lnsunlty; the prosecutlon urgued spousul revenge drlven by un
unfuvouruble Fumlly Court custody resolutlon. Nelther rutlonullsutlon could fully
expluln, us our story brlef becume, how und why Durcey Freemun dled.

The three-week trlul wus druped ln teurs und fury, especlully when Durceys brother,
slx ut the tlme of her deuth, descrlbed on u vldeo recordlng usklng hls futher to return
to the brldge, becuuse Llttle Durce cunt swlm.

But our lnvestlgutlon of Arthur Freemuns pust unlocked more telllng hlnts of the
mudness thut would come to deflne hlm.

We spoke to Freemuns relutlves, frlends und schoolboy ucquulntunces. In trylng to
grusp the clrcumstunces lmmedlutely before Durceys deuth, u purudox soon
emerged. The mun who kllled hls duughter wus ulso the futher who cured too much
for hls klds.

The lnvestlgutlon wus u trlcky pursult. Few sources, especlully those of Freemuns
own fumlly, wunted to be ussocluted wlth Freemun by nume. The story hud to rely ln
purt on lntervlews und recollectlons thut could not be uttrlbuted.

Our reseurch uncovered thut Freemun hud been bullled ut school. Freemun hud
ulwuys hud u loner quullty. One of hls closest frlends suggested he muy huve
suffered Asperger Syndrome.

He toleruted much school yurd thuggery, but wus known to explode when pressed.
We spoke to u fumlly member who guve un uccount of how Freemun hud suld hls
wlfe would regret lt lf u custody dlspute wus unfuvouruble to Freemun.

He wus errutlc und depressed ln the months before Durceys deuth. Yet nothlng
polnted to hls drustlc cholce untll mlnutes before lt huppened.

We trled to muke some sense of the senseless. We were pleused thut none of
Freemuns ucquulntunces dlsputed uny fucts of the publlshed story. Some
congrutuluted us for our percelved uccurucy.

Rudlo lnterest ln the story wus lntense the duy lt wus publlshed. The feuture qulckly
cume to be known us the deflnltlve plece on u moment of extruordlnury evll.