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****************************************************************** Ulead iPhoto Plus V1.2 Release Notes 1996 Ulead Systems, Inc.

All rights reserved ****************************************************************** This file contains the following information: Using TWAIN Data Source Note on 16-color VGA display adapters Note on running in real mode with EMM386 driver Contents of the installed directory Note on installer temp file


======================= Using TWAIN Data Source ======================= iPhoto Plus can work with TWAIN Data Sources to scan/acquire images. There are two commands involved from iPhoto Plus' File menu: Acquire and Select Source. If you have more than one Data Source available, choose "Select Source" to select a specific Data Source. Choose "Acquire" to access the device driver. The TWAIN Data Source manager (TWAIN.DLL) is automatically installed into your hard disk during iPhoto Plus installation. If there is a TWAIN.DLL file already installed in your Windows directory, iPhoto Plus Installer will replace it if the existing version is older. The TWAIN.DLL file used in iPhoto Plus is Version 1.5. Before using a TWAIN Data Source, you must first install it. Please refer to your image input device (e.g. scanner or frame grabber board) User's Guide to install it properly. ======================================= Note on 16-color VGA display adapters ======================================= For better display of gray scale images in a 16-color Windows display environment, iPhoto+ will check your display adapter for VGA hardware compatibility to ensure it displays 16 shades of gray for gray scale images. If you encounter any problems during the loading of iPhoto+ or using the screen capture for gray scale images in this environment, please add the following statements to the IPPLUS.INI file: [Internal] VGABIOS=0 ; to disable VGA compatibility checking

=================================== Note on running with EMM386 driver ===================================

If you run iPhoto+ in Windows 3.0 real mode and install Expanded memory with the EMM386 driver in the CONFIG.SYS file, we suggest you open Windows using WIN /n/r. This should eliminate potential problems caused by insufficient memory. We strongly recommend you avoid using this application in Windows 3.0 real mode. ======================================= Contents of the installed directory ======================================= After installation, your iPhoto Plus directory should contain: Setup.exe Install.inf iPPlus.exe iPPlus.ini iPPlus.hlp Readme.txt iPPtw.exe iPPcap.exe iPPfind.dll iPPhelp.dll Keyhook.dll [images] ;iPhoto+ driver setup program ;Installation information file ;iPhoto+ application program ;This file is for iPhoto+ initialization ;iPhoto+ help file ;The file you are reading now ; ; ; ; ; ;subdirectory Orch256.jpg birds.jpg iPgamma.jpg [install] ;Sample image file ;Sample image file ;Image file for monitor gamma adjustment

;subdirectory ; ;

iPPlogo.ubm iPhoto.ubm [palettes]

;subdirectory ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette ;Palette sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample sample

Pseudo.pal Fire.pal Cyan.pal Blue.pal Green.pal Magenta.pal Brown.pal Gold.pal Yellow.pal ============================ Note on installer temp file ============================

If you interrupt the installation process, a file named: ~ulins.exe will be created in your C:\ directory. This file can be deleted without any side effects. This file is created during installation. Because you cannot delete a program that is being executed. Therefore instead of moving the install.exe onto your system disk and leaving it around, we left a small ~ulins.exe file which would be deleted when you run iPhoto