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Mary Joy Calinao 3 BSA Sponsoring Intellectual Discussion: LOVE PROBLEM: Who will you choose?

A person that you love but does not love you back or a person who loves you but you have no feelings for. Why?

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Julie Ann Ervas Well, i'd rather choose someone i love. Don't throw yourself loving someone whom you dont love because its pathetic. and if so, its not love which you can give but pity Branco Arlegui Dun sa mahal ako. mahal kana nun matutunan mo rin syang mahalin pag dating ng panahon Mikee Karlo Flores i will choose the person who i love..because i believe in this qoute that "never put good emotion into waste" bcoz for me if you love someone you should fight for it coz loving someone is a wonderful feeling.but you should limit yourself loving that person coz sometimes we didnt notice that we are obssess to the person that we loved without knowing it.-PUPMaura Eloisa Alvarado I'd choose the person i love, even if he doesn't love me back. its because first, i cannot force myself to love that someone that i dn't love, second is its unfair for that someone who loves me.. its like you are forcing yourself to hug a cactus.. it hurts much.. (Quezon City Polytechnic University) John Espinosa of course i will choose the one that i love even though she does not love me back because i know that there still a chance that she will learn to love me. For me, loving someone who does not love you is like giving her a chance to break your heart and trusting her not to do it. (SIENA COLLEGE TAYTAY) Russell John Aquilizan Garcia because for me not all the time when the girl fall for you. You will also fall for her it depends to her dark and light sides etc. and especially her attitude if its good or bad that s the one thing that will introduce her character even though she is beautiful but her attitude is so dark its useless for me even she love me ill never have feelings for her until she change dark side and im not saying that the girl I want ed is perfect I will just remove the attitude that I don t like to a gril to improve her character :) thats my opinion...... (Our Lady Of Fatima University Antipolo) Romina Buccat dun na lang ako sa taong mahal ko... mas okay saken yung ako yung umaasa kesa sa ako yung nagpapaasa. (miriam college) Kate Ann Esguerra i go to the person i love, because we can't stop ourself loving someone even though he/she does not love us back. We can't blame them for not loving us back and we can't blame ourself for loving them. love is unconditional and unpredictable, we cannot dictate this state of emotion whom to fall in love, its just happens for a reason. a phenomena that changes every point of view in life. (Polytechnic Univerisity of the Philippines) Monik Bio Wala. Kaya tayo nahihirapan minsan kase nakaasa tayo sa mga choices na limited lang. Papahiarapn pa natin sarili natin e madami naman pwede gwin.-PUPRyan Ang i go to the person that i love, because if i do really love that person i know god will make a way for us to be together maybe not forever atleast a chance. Cline ALinea I'll go to the Person I love. Because, Love is a give and give relationship. Lily Ann de Guzman i had to choose the one who loves me because while giving we receive, right?.. knowing that he is giving his best to show his love and sincere efforts.. i might say that eventually, i may be able to love him back. if he doesn't enough to make me happy.. well maybe the best thing i can do is to give time to myself. i'll just take my time, there is no need to hurry! and God knows the best for me. i can wait. :))) (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) John Dawnuelle Ruadap I'd rather choose to love that person even she doesn't love me. Faith can give us life and work things out little by little. If you really love the person, Give all your best and show her how much you can really love her. God is with us, we just have to pray and things will work out easily. (UP Up-cfa Diliman Venci Alen Venus para maiba... i would choose the one who loves me. you want the one you love to love you back too, don't you? its ok to love thos who do not love you but if they don't give you importance why would you? if you have a chance to be happy whynot go to the one who loves you? you never know... you may have been so focused on the one you love and do not see the interesting qualities of the who loves you...(University of Calgary) Camille Divine Licerio i'd rather choose some who loves me even if i dont have a feelings for him.. siimply because i dont want to get hurt, and dont want to put all my love to someone who don't love me back i don't want to waste time.. for the one who loves me.. we can learn how to love those people naman.. :) so no problem. :) Kean Aquino I'll choose the 2nd one. First of all, if you already know that the person you really admire has no affection or let us say a "counter reaction" to your feelings then don't push yourself to the limit that would make you appear as a martyr. Otherwise, giving a chance to your own admirer would definitely be a sure click, you just have to open your mind and be thankful that there's a person who appreciate what you are. :) (University of the Philippines Diliman) Nimrod Calinao I'd rather choose the one who loves me but I ain't love. It some bit of an irony because most of the time people succumb to their feelings and almost do everything to win the person they love and he/she who loves but not being loved should be watchful, lest abuse creeps in. We must not forget that a love affair is a 2 way relationship. By accepting someone who loves you has some sort of guarantee at least that he or she won't falter in your relationship, and it is now up to you to try to give love back by how? By appreciating everything each time that person is doing something for you and gradually enough you'll find yourself already falling for that person. Remember, there's also the so-called "developed love". Acceptance and appreciation are the keys to make us love someone. Rolan de Guzman The person I love. I can still work it out for her to fall in love with me.




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Hernan Tiano the person that loves me. because when i push myself to the person that has no feelings for me will most like hurt 2 person, Me and the one that loves me.. Learning to love the one that loves me will probably ending up hurting nobody.. :P happy ending. Tricia Mae R. Esguerra the person that loves me, because if you think that loving someone who does not love you can't love you back well you have to let him/her go. the more you hold into that person the more you let him/her hurt you. (UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINESBAGUIO) Potpot Enriquez I will choose the person whom I love, though she doesn't love me back... From the question above, I would be lucky if she will choose the other option which is to love someone who loves her but she doesn't love back... =) My answer may be confusing, but my final answer is to love someone I love though she doesn't love me back, because as a boy, we are the one who do everything to win someone's heart... =) Love conquers all... =) Pol Moises Gregory Clamor I would rather choose the person that I love. It is because this is what I am feeling and I am the only one who controls my heart. It doesn't really matter whether the one you love also loves you, because the love that you give to her is unconditional. Choosing the one who loves you but you have no feelings for her is conditional; it is not really love, and in the end, you just mock her feelings to you. It is better to say the truth that you don't really love her than to live in a relationship full of lies. :) Khei Dimaliuat Preferably.. choose the person i love. :D because all people have freedom to love whomever they want, and Love can do whatever it takes, :D but the thing is love has its limitations :D. Also, no matter how you push and convince yourself on the person whom you do not love, still it is useless, however it's a case to case basis. :D (ust) Kristine Cunanan i'd rather choose the one who loves me rather than the one i love but doesn't love me back. Because if i really love him, i'll let him go. (FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY) Johann Noxa Before answering this question you have to imagine "What if you were the person that is being in-love or being love by someone?" I prefer, "The person that I love." Sometimes in life you have to be careless and take all the risks to satisfy yourself and learn from whatever experiences that you'll be having while loving this person. Loving a person is not a choice, but its a thing that you must follow. There should be no reason why you love him/her, "You love the person because he/she loves you back?" your relation with that person would be pointless if this is the reason why you love him/her. Jocel Bartolay I'd rather choose to love a person that does not love me back. It is uneasy to love a person you don't love, as if you are forcing yourself to choose BS Physics degree while deep inside your heart, you don't want it. (Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa Campus) Art Viray I would choose the person whom I love even though she does not love me back and.hope for that person to fall for me because it would be an insult to choose someone just because they love you. Love is meant to be unconditional. Anything less is not love. Leah Paringit for me, the person I should love is the person who loves me. matututunan mo naman siyang mahalin e. kailangan lang niyang maghintay na matutunan mo din siyang mahalin. ayoko naman yung mahal ko nga, di naman niya ako mahal. ITS UNFAIR. (Miriam College (formerly Maryknoll)) Beverly Javedra Bravo Some people think that they rather choose the person who love them most,and the other are the one they love,based on the reality loves has it's on way to find the true person and the true love,.it's statement has it's own reAson and both have a different meaning,.we cannot predict nor assume the situation and also the feelings we had,.it's a matter of changes,.I believe that either the two are being executed,they both have advantage and disadvantages!,.in a minutes or a second things might change and we cannot control everything,.especially in Love,.=) Marc Kevin Castro i've been in this situation before. And i chose the one i love but doesn't love me back. In the end, it was a wrong choice at all. I've just hurt myself. Couldn't get enough sleep until now. Lianne Andrews I'd go for someone I love, when the feeling is there, it's there. Forcing yourself to love somebody you don't have feelings for is mentally unhygienic. It will cause more damage to you and the person who loves you but you don't love back. (National Teachers College) Tina Fernandez as for me Id choose 2b w/sum1 i love, coz that wil surely make me happier that being w/sum1 who loves me lang... being w/sum1 hu loves me could probbly make me happy but not as much happiness w/d 1 u love. i may be happy giving that sum1 happiness 2b w/me but not as happier w/sum1 i choose to be w/ and stay in love w/




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