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LATEST - Adempiere361Aug_Setup.exe can be used instead of ADempiere1111.exe. The rest of the README guide is still similar and valid.

Please refer my forum blog for details and feedback ewtopic.php?f=29&t=1162&p=6611#p6611 README version 1.1 (16th January, 2011) FOR ADEMPIERE1111.exe - Windows Installe r for ADempiere Trunk as of revision 14653 by Redhuan D. Oon ( - ABOUT THIS INSTALLER AND WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE GOT YOURSELF INTO ============================================================== If you are a newbie dummy go to the IMPORTANT section at the bottom right now or download a more visual guide here es/WindowsInstaller/ADempiereSUPER1s.pdf/download. I am calling this installer on the special date of the 1st of January 2011 or 11 11 for short. This installer was first created by Kai Schaeffer and is now upgraded to release 360 LTS with latest trunk migration scripts applied and sourcecode changes comp iled into the binary. This installer is tested on 2 of my home Windows 7 PCs and seems to work or get an empty directory to be up with Java6, PostgreSQL8.3 and ADempiere. I kept testing few times, uninstalling and reinstalling one or two portions. Som etimes either Java or PG will fail due to unclean uninstall where leftovers are not removed for a repeat of a clean install. After a clean uninstall, i resumed the install, it could end up all right. It does bypass any previous installation of Java6 or PG8.3 or ADempiere, installing only the missing portions. The latest Expdat.dmp is restored automatically into ADempiere, so you need not migrate the DB to the latest. I also created the periods of 2010 and 2011 in the system. I also put shortcut favorites of POS and Sales Order in the GardenWorld left panel main menu box so that you can test something for yourself right away : 1. Sales Order, zoom across to the invoice and note that it is not 2. Click on the post button and it will return as posted. 3. Click on the posted button and it will pop up the Accounts Info This indicates that i have also set your Accounts Posting to Queue u wish to set back to server controlled or immediate posting, then e SystemConfigurator. I also tested the RUN_Server2.bat works If you hit any real bug or found a better answer please post to the forum or ema il me above for me to help back the community better. The song during the install is an original song created by me with the help of a composer friend (Toki) from Malaysia and a reggae star from Germany (Mellow Mar k) who recorded it with his own voice in the basement of a house in Potsdam the night after Michael Jackson passed away. The screen image is from my book showing the closing meeting in Berlin summer of 2009. These are among my wonderful friends, who are helping to build the best E RP software in the world. I think it is already the best today. posted. Viewer. method. If yo do that in th

We fly to the top of the world. Yes we did! :) Yours truly PEACE! red1 IMPORTANT ========= REFERENCE: 1. Turn off your UAC in your PC (run MSCONFIG from command prompt) if you are us ing the latest pirated software. 2. Copy over the and extract it onto the desktop or a nywhere that you can still remember where you copy it to. 3. Unzip it. 4. Right-click on the ADempiere1111.exe and Run as Adminstrator 5. Select English if you do not know the other languages. 6. Listen to the music and chill and now you can impress the chicks in the offic e that you have compressed what took apes a million years to evolve. 8. The whole process requires as few as 3 clicks and about 15 minutes or 4 times the soundtrack song. 9. VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT ALLOW SPACE IN PATH - C:\Program Files\ADempiere. Cha nge it to C:\ADempiere (already done on 16th January update) 10. You might consider filling out your resume as your company just found out th at they do not need an expensive SAP engineer anymore. UPGRADING NEXT TIME FROM LATEST TRUNK ===================================== This is to ensure that your ADempiere is always up to date free as in free lunch without overiding your present work or DB data. (Always backup your DB before d oing this). You can follow the instructions at the bottom of http://www.adempier But Trunk is been deprecated as I write, so d o refer there for latest guide on how to download the sourcecode. In short the s teps are the same: 1. Download or checkout source from e (new HG mercurial link) 2. Go to utils_dev and RUN_build.bat 3. Go to install/../ and look for 4. Unzip and replace your present C:\ADempiere 5. Go to sourcecode../migration/360-release/postgres/ 6. Run 'ant' (You got to have Ant installed and also check the file to point to your DB) SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION ====================== Even though you receive rather than give you can still get Karma with one small step which is to show thanks. Sign in _Installer#Guestbook and say how this has help you. :) red1(at)