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-1Kiara Williams

Mrs. Kraus English March 5 2012 Pocahontas A young girl named Penny is hiking through the forest with her friend. This is such a good day to go hiking said Penny. I know the weather is perfect her friend replied. Good thing I brought all the important stuff like my cell phone, GPS and flashlight Penny said. Yeah that stuff can really come in handy her friend replied. Penny suddenly stopped and said Wow, I think I saw an eagle soar over the mountaintop over there, Im going to go deeper to see if I can get a better view. Okay be careful her friend said. The young girl walked deeper to see if she could get a better view. Without realizing she suddenly tripped on a rock and was knocked unconscious. The girl wakes up and finds herself laying in the middle of the forest. She spots a nearby village and decides to investigate. She enters the village and hears someone say Pocahontas, Pocahontas. She turns around to see who that person is calling out to. The person then comes up to Penny and says Pocahontas Ive been looking all over for. Penny replies My name is Penny not Pocahontas. The mysterious person then laughs and says Pocahontas I think youve been in the sun too long, maybe you should get some rest. The unknown girl then takes Penny into the village to rest. Anna wakes up to find herself in a small hut. She walks out and is introduced to the Powhattan Indian chief who is said to be her father. The chief greets Penny as his daughter Pocahontas. Penny does not understand why these people think she is Pocahontas, but she decides to play along so she can find out more about where she is. Penny responds to the chiefs greeting Father it is I, your daughter Pocahontas. Pocahontas Ive been awaiting your return, I have great news to tell you.

Please come with me. The Indian chief said. Penny follows the Indian chief into a small hut. The Indian chief begins to speak Pocahontas I am glad that Rachel has found you safe and has brought you back to the village. I have great news to tell you. Kokocum, a great and strong warrior from our tribe has asked for your hand in marriage. Penny could not believe what she was hearing. She had no clue of where she was and she was already being married off to a stranger! Penny having no other choice decided to play along some more. She replies Father, I dont know what to say, I barely know Kokocum. Kokocum is a brave and honest man, he would make a fitting husband. I dont expect an answer right away, all I ask of you is to think about it. I also have a gift for you. The chief presented a blue necklace to Penny. The Indian chief then said This was your mothers necklace and now it is yours. Im sure she would want you to have it. Thank you father Penny replied. Penny retreated back to her hut to think about all the events of the day. She was so confused. Why did these people think she was Pocahontas? Where was she? Was she really going to marry a man she barely know? Penny then decided that since she had no other choice, she decided right then and there that she would no longer be known as Penny. She would now be known as Pocahontas. Miles away on the coast of the Indian villages shore a ship filled with white settlers landed on the shore. There was a man named Ratcliffe, two other men named John Smith and Thomas and many other crew members. They made a long trip from London to the New World in search of gold. Ratcliffe steps off the ship and turns to his men and says Men we have made it, now we search for gold. Immediately the crew members began digging for gold. Ratcliffe pulls John Smith aside to talk to him. Ratcliffe begins by telling John that there are many uncivilized people living here. John Smith I know you are a skilled Indian hunter, that is

why I brought you on this journey with me said Ratcliffe. You have nothing to worry about, Ill keep these Indians under control replied John. Good, because I have many other things in my mind. I am glad that I can rely on you Ratcliffe said. Meanwhile hiding In the bushes are Kokocum and some other Indian villagers. These men are dangerous. We must not let them invade our land says Kokocum. Kokocum goes back to the village and warns the village of the white settlers.