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Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund

Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund We, the representatives of 55 civil society organizations (CSOs)

We, the representatives of 55 civil society organizations (CSOs) from 15 countries of the Middle East and North Africa region gathered by Civil Society Action team / ALCS in Marrakech from April 14 to -16, 2009 declare:

After years of devotion working in care and prevention of HIV, TB, and malaria for the most vulnerable communities, we now want to contribute more effectively to the structures of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria through CCMs, PRs and SRs in our countries and to have the means to do our work to control these epidemics;

However, given the following challenges:

The lack of transparency in most of our CCMs, especially in the writing of proposals, the choice of PR and grant oversight,

The process of handpicking representatives of NGOs or people living with HIV or TB, and the absence of key affected populations on CCMs,

Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund

The lack of involvement of key affected populations in program design and


The criminalization of some individual behaviors in the transmission of HIV, which

pushes persons to be clandestine or jailed rather than being provided with care,

The lack of acknowledgment of effective prevention strategies regarding condoms

distribution and harm reduction policy,

The lack of continuity in the funding disbursed by our PRs,

Because of these challenges, our programs are in jeopardy or underused by target populations.

Our work to reach out to communities at risk for infection of HIV, TB, and malaria or to those already infected in our region will require better support through Global Fund funding and greater involvement by key affected populations. In order to accomplish our task we want to be

Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund

more involved in all aspects of the Global Fund in our countries through:

The genuine implementation of the frameworks that already exist in the Global Fund

requirements and guidelines that govern civil society contributions in CCMs, and

Community systems strengthening (CSS) within national strategies to combat HIV/AIDS TB, and malaria through the Global Fund grant application and grant negotiation processes.

Given the features of the epidemics in our region we are now reaching a point at which civil society will be the most strategically positioned to deliver effective services to key affected communities.

To this end, we recommend that:

A legal framework be put in place to deliver effective prevention services that guarantee human rights,

Our services be expanded and funded accordingly,

Access to technical support which will be facilitated by all PRs and technical partners in our countries.

Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund

We commit ourselves

In every country of MENA region, to convene a meeting of NGOs and key affected

populations involved in fighting the diseases and convey to them the information and

outcomes of the workshop in Marrakech,

To organize transparent elections of our representatives on the CCMs

To establish mechanisms for civil society representatives in our national CCMs to be accountable to their constituents

To promote community systems strengthening to be integrated into our national plans to fight the three diseases, in future grant proposals to the Global Fund, in grant negotiations, and in Phase II renewals.

We call upon

Donor countries to uphold their commitment to fully fund the Global Fund

Marrakech Community Declaration on The Global Fund

The MENA region representatives on the Global Fund Board to defend the eligibility for Global Fund grants of all middle-income, low-prevalence countries with concentrated epidemics

The Global Fund Secretariat and donors to audit CCM compliance with requirements

UNAIDS country offices to support meaningful involvement of civil society in the MENA region in all Global Fund processes, to intensify its effort in promoting community systems strengthening, and to create a technical support facility in the MENA region

WHO/EMRO and other technical partners to fund and provide technical assistance to civil society organizations that access Global Fund grants

Our governments to develop programs with evidence-based interventions that are

epidemiologically relevant.