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A synopsis of recent work in edge detection using the DWT 2. Automated estimation of the upper surface of the diaphragm in 3-D CT images 3. Adaptive bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal 4. Phase shifting for Non-separable 2D Hear wavelets 5. Universal Impulse noise filter based on Genetic programming 6. Efficient Non-local mean for De-noising of Textural patterns 7. Dynamic De-noising of tracking sequences 8. Analysis and compensation of rolling shutter effect 9. Coherent multi-scale image processing using dual tree quaternion wavelets 10. Texture analysis and classification with linear regression model based wavel et Transform 11. Wavelet, Ridge lets and curve lets for Poisson noise removal 12. Image Processing vision system- standard image sensor and retinas 13. An EEG Based Approach for Pattern Recognition of Precise Hand Activities wit h Data Fusion Technology 14. Lossless Video Sequence Compression Using Adaptive Prediction 15. Estimating 3-D Human Body Poses from 2-D Static Images 16. A Facial-Skin Condition Classification System in Wavelet Domain 17. Processing of Low Resolution Metal Transfer Images 18. Ultrasound Speckle Image Process Using Wiener Pseudo-inverse Filtering 19. Simple Face-detection Algorithm Based on Minimum Facial Features 20. Target of Imaging Observation Based on The Wavelet Transform and GPR 21. Touch-less Fingerprint Recognition System 22. A Novel Iris Recognition System based on Micro-Features 23. Face Identification by SIFT-based Complete Graph Topology 24. Feature Selection Based on Genetic Algorithms for On-Line Signature Verifica tion 25. Moving Vehicle Registration and Super-Resolution 26. Impact of Age Groups on Fingerprint Recognition Performance 27. A Robust Method for Multiple Face Tracking Using Kalman Filter 28. Image Differencing Approaches to Medical Image Classification 29. Facial expression recognition under illumination variation 30. Iris Recognition Based on FFG 31. Palm print Recognition with Multiple Correlation Filters Using Edge Detectio n for Class-Specific Segmentation 32. An Improved Face Recognition Algorithm through Gabor Filter Adaptation 33. Protecting Iris Images through Asymmetric Digital Watermarking 34. Region-Level Motion-Based Background Modeling and Subtraction Using MRFs 35. A Hybrid Algorithm With Artifact Detection Mechanism for Region Filling Afte r Object Removal From a Digital Photograph 36. On Rate-Distortion Models for Natural Images and Wavelet Coding Performance 37. Extended Analysis of Motion-Compensated Frame Difference for Block-Based Mot ion Prediction Error 38. Reversible Integer Color Transform 39. De blurring of Color Images Corrupted by Impulsive Noise 40. Vehicle Detection Using Normalized Color and Edge Map 41. Expansion Embedding Techniques for Reversible Watermarking 42. Stochastic View Registration of Overlapping Cameras Based on Arbitrary Motio n 43. Application of Wavelet Energy Feature in Facial Expression Recognition 44. A MAP Approach for Joint Motion Estimation, Segmentation, and Super Resoluti on 45. A novel watermark arithmetic for video coding 46. Image Denoising by Averaging of Piecewise Constant Simulations of Image Part itions 47. Under sampled Boundary Pre-/Post filters for Low Bit-Rate DCT-Based Block Co ders 48. Matching Pursuit-Based Region-of-Interest Image Coding 49. Adaptive Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding

50. Example-Based Color Transformation of Image and Video Using Basic Color Cate gories 51. Demosaicing With Directional Filtering and a posteriori Decision