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Your Eco Product Project You will design your own, original, eco friendly product. 1.

Develop an original, innovative eco-friendly idea for a product. Product Concept Page (20 pts) 2. Write up a summary and schematic (design drawing) of your product. Product Summary (25 pts) 3. Develop a budget for developing, selling and marketing your product. Product Budget25 pts) 4. Develop a product model Product Model(25 pts) 5. Include packaging. Model Packaging (25 pts) Design an advertising campaign to two populations of people including 6. A print ad Print Ad (25 pts) 7. Radio or infomercial type digital ad through an avatar E-Commercial(25 pts) 8. You need to post your product online to the class site. Product Posting (10pts.) 9. Complete a final presentation for your product and research to the class. Final Presentation (20 pts) Together your final project is worth 200 pts. I will grade each element separately. This project will be due in its entirety, ______________________________-. Final presentations to the class will begin on the due date. We will have check point turning in dates along the way so it doesnt get left until the end. You should not have any homework for this, IF you work hard in class and are not absent frequently. In the event you DO NOT finish in class, it is YOUR REPSONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE THIS AT HOME.

Step 1 Product Concept Page: Develop an original idea for a product that is eco friendly! It can be any product you like, but it needs to adhere to our eco friendly standards of reducing Carbon Emissions or Consumption of Goods or Reducing Waste/Product Use Complete the Project Concept page which includes a brainstorming activity and guiding questions about your product to help develop your idea completely so you dont leave out something important. You will be graded on: The originality of your idea (Innovative, Useful, Plausible)(5 pts) Fitting to Eco friendly goals and ideas (5 pts.) Successfully completed the brainstorming activity (5 pts) Successfully completed all questions thoughtfully (5 pts) (This page needs to be attached to your Summary.) Step 2 Product Summary and Schematic: Write a 3 paragraph summary of your idea. (This must be typed. A paragraph is 5-8 sentences) Answer the following questions about your product. At the top write your name and the name of your product as a title. Use your Project Concept Page to help you. P 1: What is your product? What does it do? How is your product eco-friendly? Is there anything unique or special? Why is this product innovative and original? P 2: What kinds of materials is it made out of? How it this going to be packaged? Why is this a green product? P 3: Why would you as a consumer want it? Where would you sell this product and who would buy it? Include your slogan. On a separate page, draw and color your products logo. Also create a schematic drawing of you product, which uses drawing elements demonstrated in class. This will be worth 25 points, and graded on: o Answer all of the above questions thoroughly and thoughtfully (7 pts) o Inclusion of slogan and logo in summary (3 pts) o Complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar (5 pts) o Schematic drawing (10 pts) When you save this document in your folder you need to name it YourNameProductSummary Steps 1 (Product Concept) and 2 (Summary) is due on__________________________

Step 3 Product Budget: Developing budget for your product. Answer the following questions with a clear sentence summary of your answer and show your math work. This must be typed. Just number the questions and answer them in complete sentences. Leave space on your typed paper to show your math work, you can write the math by hand or type it into your paper. The grand objective is to find out how much your product is worth, what kind of profit you can make and what it would cost to produce your product. 1. How much will your product cost in the stores? 2a. How long would it take someone to make it? 2b. With your workers making $10 an hour, each worker: How much would it cost for you to pay someone to make one product? 3. How much will your product cost to produce in labor cost (2b) plus materials? Your materials are 25% or x .25 of your product cost in store. 4. What is your profit for each product? This is the cost of your product, minus the cost of making it. 5. If you were to have to manufacture the product: You would have to buy a factory which costs $50.000 + Pay for someone to make 100 pieces + Materials for 100 pieces How much money would you need? 6. How much will you spend on advertising? A print ad costs $100 dollars each. A weekly TV/radio ad costs $1000 each. 7. What is your total cost to launch your product? This is advertising cost (6) plus manufacturing costs (5). 8. How many products to you have to sell to earn the total cost? Remember that you only make the money of your profit. This piece will be graded on: All answers summarized in a sentence correctly (10 pts) Math work is shown to back up numbers (10 pts) Projections are realistic and logical (5 pts) When you save this document in your folder you need to name it: YourNameProductBudget Step 3 (Product Budget) is due on _______________________________

Step 4 Product Model: Build a model of your product it must be at least 6 tall or long. (This should be a SCALE MODEL, which means that it is not the exact size of your product but is blown up or shrunk.) You will be able to create your model out of air-dry clay, paper, tape, wire or another material approved by Ms. Miller. Check your schematic drawing to determine which material would be best for you to create a realistic model. Models must be colored completely with detail and stand up alone without help. You can color with marker, pen, colored pencil or you can paint it. This piece will be graded on: Model reflects shape and product depicted in schematic drawing (10pts) Model is colored with detail (5 pts.) Model is correct size, stands alone, and material is appropriate (5pts) Model demonstrates craftsmanship and effort (5 pts) Step 5 Model Packaging: Create packaging models for your product. Packaging is eco-friendly in materials, size and purpose. Create a paper envelope, box or shapes wrapping for your product. Packaging should be an appropriate size for your model. Packaging should have color and be interesting. Needs to include: Product name, features, price should be displayed. This piece will be graded on: Design should be interesting and take up entire surface (5 pts) Packaging should fit eco ideas of reducing, reusing, recycling.(5pts) Package should be completely colored and detailed. (5 pts) Package is appropriate size, information included with name tag. (5 pts) Logo is included on package. (5pts) Make a name tag for your product for picture taking with you name and product name very clear! Steps 4 (Model) and 5 (Model Packaging) is due on ___________________________ Step 6 E-Commercial: Radio or TV commercial through an Avatar 1. Develop a 15-30 second script which will help to sell your product. 2. The script needs to be interesting and promote your product to your target viewers. It should explain what your product is, what it can do and where you can buy it. (It can be individual person talking or dialogue with a partner, or have sound effects.) 3. You need to create an avatar, type in or record you advertisement script, then post it on the class website. See attached directions for Creating Avatar and Posting Avatar. This will be graded on the following; A creative avatar which is correctly posted to the class website. (10pts) A complete 15-30 second audio commercial (5 pts) Successfully and creatively sells product name and features (10pts)

Step 6 (E-Commercial) is due on ________________________________ Step 7 Posting Product: Posting your assignments to Class Website. Our website is on Google Sites. Go to (there in NO www. ) and LOG IN. MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE SCREEN. Projects Page (5 points) 1. Ms. Miller has scanned and emailed your schematic drawing page to you. Copy and paste on the last page of your Product Summary. Make sure product summary is saved as LastNameFirstNameProductSummary.doc 2. Make sure your budget is saved as LastNameFirstNameProductBudget.doc 3. On the Google site, click on your class period Products. 4. Click on edit page, and follow the directions on the webpage to add your content. Advertisements Page (5 points) 1. Ms. Miller has taken a picture of your product and emailed it to you. Save it in your documents as Product Model Your Name 2. Go to your class Advertisements Page. Click on edit page. Ad your name, your product name, your product picture and your avatar in alphabetical order. a. Add a picture by clicking on Insert on the upper left corner, click on image, then hit upload. b. (Use directions on Posting Avatar to help you.) Step 7 (Project Posting) is due on

Step 8: Print Ad Design a print ad for your product on a 9 by 12 paper. You should use knowledge of ad layout which includes: Product name featured clearly. Picture to show your product doing things. Slogan and logo clear. Color scheme Uses whole space of paper Attract target audience This piece will be graded on: Clear representation of product, name, features and slogan (10pts) Good use of space and page. (5pts) Features to reach target audience (5pts) Craftsmanship, neatness and detail. (5 pts) Step 8 (Print Ad) is due on _________________________________________

Step 9: Final Presentation You need to present to the class ALL ELEMENTS OF THIS PROJECT. Preferably in Order. (We will not present you product posting, but we WILL listen to your avatar. You will be graded on presentation of: The model and packaging (5 pts) Product Summary (5 pts) Advertisement (5 pts) Clear Speaking, Loud enough to hear and Enthusiastic. (5 pts) Presentations will be the week of _________________ A sign up sheet will be passed out on _________________________ My presentation date is ______________________ Place # _________