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8. The office that has an advantage of easier and better supervision is A. closed B. open C. locked D. opened 9. Small office have maximum number of A. 8 B. 5 C. 3 D. 4

SECTION A: (OBJECTIVE) ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS 1. The following subjects constitute the study of business studies EXCEPT---------A. Chemistry B. Commerce C. Book-keeping D. Shorthand 2. Below are all importance of business studies EXCEPT-----A. It enable customers to buy goods of their Choice B, It enable goods to transport where they are not available C. It enable the dealers and consumers to know what to produce D. Sellers fighting their customers 3. Business studies is the study of -------A. Chemistry B. Biology C. Mining D. Commercial activities 4. All the following are examples of small office except A. Chemist shop B. Patient medicine shop C. Banking halls of commercial bank D. Pool agents offices 5. The following are associated with large office EXCEPT A. Adequate office aids B. different department with specific functions C. opportunity achieve career D. A desk with one or two drawers 6. The term office means place where A. Co-ordination and clerical work are done B. government documents are stored C. important business decisions are made D. meetings are held to discuss problem 7. The following are some of the functions of an office EXCEPT--------- information A. receiving B. ignoring C. recording D. processing

10. Large office have minimum number of A. 4. B. 5 C. 7 D. 10 11. The --------- department is responsible for recruitment, discipline, promotion and dismissal 7 staff A. Account B. Administrative C. Personnel D. Marketing 12. The department in-charge of salaries of staff is called-----A. personnel department B. sale department C. purchasing department D. Accounting and financing department 13. The department responsible for the welfare of staff is refers to as A. Accounting and finance department B. Purchasing and sales department C. Administrative department D. Personnel department 14. The over all department in-charge of other department is called A. Production department B. Store department C. Administrative department D. Query department 15. ------- is the head of the marketing department department A. Accountant B. Marketing Manager C. Director D. Store Manager 16. Production department is headed by A. Production manager B. Marketing Manager C. Administrative Manager D. Chief Accountant

17. ------- officer is a person who records received and gives out information on behalf of his boss A. Accountant B. Receptionist C. Clerical D. Personnel 18. The following are all the functions of a clerk EXCEPT----A. to open letters that come to office B. operate telephone, receive as well as make call C. reveal the secret of the office D. receiving visitors to the office and listen to their complaint 19. All of the following are the qualities of a clerk EXCEPT A. To be a good thief B. intelligent C. honest D. taking care of all properties under his care 20. The following are factors of production EXCEPT A. Land B. Labour C. Capital D. Water 21. ------ combines all factors of production to produce goods and services A. distributor B. enterpreneur C. enterpretator D. capital 22. The reward for capital as a factor of production is -------A. Interest B. Profit C. Rent D. Rate 23. Production is divided into -------- classes A. 4 B. 6 C. 7 D. 3 24. Extraction of raw material is -------- form of production A. Secondary B. Tertiary C. Extracting D. Primary 25. The reward for land is ------A. Profit B. rent C. interest D. wages

C. labour D. land 28. The reward for labour is A. Wages B. Rent C. Interest D. Profit 29. The reward for enterprenuer is A. Rent B. Wages C. Interest D. Profit 30. Home trade is divided into A. Import and Export B. Export and retail C. Import and wholesale C. Wholesale and retail 31. Foreign trade is divided into ------A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 32. Trade is divided into A. trade and Aid to trade B. Home trade and foreign trade C. Import and Export D. Buying and selling 33. Trade is A. Buying of good only B. Buying of services only C. Buying of books D. Buying and selling of Goods and services 34. Foreign trade is constituted with --------A. Export, transport and intrepot B. Home trade, wholesale and retail C. Wholesale, import and Export D. Trade by barter and cash 35. One of these is NOT an example of foreign trade A. trade between Lagos and Port Harcourt B. trade between United States and London C. trade between Ghana and Germany D. trade between Dubai and Nigeria 36. Home trade can also be called A. internal trade B. external trade C. export trade D. retail trade 37. Interpot is an example of A. home trade B. Foreign trade C. wholesale trade D. retail trade 38. Buying goods from Ghana to sell it in Nigeria but sale again in Cameroun is a good example of A. retail trade B. Export C. Import D. Intrepot 39. Sole proprietor is a business own by----D. 6

26. Creation of goods and services to satisfy the needs of people is term as ----A. production B. distribution C. Extractive D. construction 27. The mobile factor production is A. capital B. enterpreneur

A. two people B. three people C. single person D. four persons 40. The following are all advantage of sole trade EXCEPT-----A. it is easy to start B. having direct contact with his customer C. can control the business the way he want D. share profit with other people 41. The agreement of partnership is otherwise known as partnership ------A. regulation B. deed C. amalgamation D. dissolution 42. The minimum membership of partnership business is ------A. 1 B. 3. C. 5 D. 2 43. The maximum number of operating partnership business is----A. 20 B. 10. C. 15 D. 2 44. Co-operative society normally buy their product from------A. producers B. wholesalers C. retailer D. government 45. People who invest in a company by buying units of its share capital are called------A. Director B. shareholders C. Auditors D. Partners 46. The minimum number of starting public limited liability company A. 20 B. 10. C. 7 D. 16 47. The major source of capital of limited liability company is A. Loan B. debenture C. sales of shares D. borrowing from friends 48. The maximum membership of private limited liability company is------A. 50 B. 60 C. 70 D. 100 49. The major source of capital of partnership business is from----A. Loan from bank B. contribution C. borrowing from friends D. Loan from government 50. Public corporations is own by A. Sole proprietor B. shareholders

C. Directors

D. government

51. Source of capital of public co-operation is from A. overdraft B. sales of shares C. government D. Loan from bank 52. The following are advantages of the public corporation EXCEPT A. provide services of reasonable prices B. No problem for capital for expansion C. Generation of revenue D. misuse of government properties 53. Short hand is the act of representing ------ sounds by writing signs A. spoken B. singing C. crying D. Engine 54. Shorthand was inverted by A. Sir, Isaac spokeman B. Sir, James pitman C. Sir, Isaac pitman D. Sir, Micheal pitman 55. The first edition of shorthand was establish in ---A. 1836 B1837 C. 1838 D. 1840 56. How many vowels is in shorthand? A. 12 B. 10 C. 4 D. 6 57. How many consonants do we have in shorthand? A. 24. B. 26 C. 30 D.25 58. The first group of consonants are arranged as (A). P, T, D, CH, J (B). P, B, T, CH, D, J (C). P, B, T, D, CH, J (D). B, P, T, CH, D, J 59. The following are the importance of book keeping EXCEPT A. it helps to keep the financial records B. it helps to determine the profitability of a business C. it provide permanent records D. it helps to embezzle money 60. A document that gives a comprehensive summary of a transaction in volving sales or purchase of goods is called-----A. cash register B. Receipt C. Invoice D. Cheque 61. A document sent by the seller to the buyer to correct an overcharge is called------A. Credit note B. Debit note C. Cheque D. Invoice

62. A written order to a bank to pay a specific sum of money is called----A. Credit note B. Cheque C. Debit note D. Receipt 63. Transaction is say to be cash if payment is made -------- transaction A. after a day B. after two days C. at the moment D. after one week 64. Sales journal is also refers to as-----A. Purchase journal B. Sales day book C. Sales returns D. Purchases returns 65. Returns outward is also called A. sales returns B. returns inwards C. purchase returns D. sales journal 66. Folio indicate ----------- in the ledger A. page B. credit C. cash D. transaction 67. Purchases day book is also called A. purchases journal B. purchases returns C. sales returns D. journal paper 68. Double entry system involves------- parties A. 2 B. 4 C. 3 D. 1 69. The theory of double entry states that Every Debit entry must have a corresponding ------ entry A. Debit B. Cash C. Credit D. Creditor 70. Purchases ledger contains-------A. both cash and credit purchases B. only cash transaction C. only credit transaction D. both purchase and sales 71. Cash book is divided into A. Debit and folio B. Credit and date C. Debit and credit D. Purchase and amount 72. Debit side of cash book take care of all-------A. Expenditure B. All purchase C. Expenses D. Income or received 73. Credit side of the cash book deal with A. Incomes of the business B. returns of the good bought C. Expenditures D. Incomes and expenditures 74. The place where you buy stamps and send letters is called

A. post office D. P .O. Box

B. post box

C. P.M.B.

75. Provision of P.O. Box is a service rendered by A. NITEL B. NIPOST C. NDIC D. NNPC 76. Which of the following books is not useful to a receptnist? A. business card B. cash book C. diary D. telephone directly 77. In an organisation, the first impression is created in the minds of visitors by the A. Manager B. receptionist C. supervisors D. chief executive officer 78. Visitors book is handle by--------Receptionist B. cashier C. Accountant D. Manager 79. The following are not documents handle by receptionist EXCEPT A. Invoice B. Journal proper C. Request form for visitors D. Pay slip 80. The responsibility of welcoming visitors in organization lied in the hand of -------A. security B. cashier C. receptionist D. students

SECTION B: ESSAY ANSWER ALL QUESTION FROM THIS SECTION 1a. Define a clerical staff (2marks) b. Mention four personal qualities of a clerical staff (1mark) c. Explain four jobs qualities of a clerical staff (1mark each) 2a. Explain the term one man business (2marks) b. State four sources of his capital (1mark each) c. Explain two of his advantages and disadvantages (1mark each) 3a. What is shorthand? (2marks) b. Write the following in shorthand twice P, B, T, D (2marks each)

11. Early men practiced the following agriculture except A. hunting of animals B. mechanized farming C. fruit gathering D. peasant farming 1. Agriculture can be best defined as A. crop science production B. ornamental production C. art and science of cultivation of crops and rearing animals D. Art and science of cultivation of crops 2. Food, rubber, cloth are produced in ---------A. Engineering B. Biochemical C. Agriculture D. Geography 3. Which of the following is not an importance of agriculture? A. Employment opportunities B. Income for farmer C. Provision of food D. Provision of raw materials for cement factories 4. A dicotyledonous plant has ---------- seed leaf A. One seed leaf B. adventitious seed leaf C. two seed leaf D. fibrous seed leaf 5. Ruminant are farm animals that A. feed on all types food B. feed on forage crops and tubers C. has simple stomach D. have complex stomach 6. Many cattle are not reared in the southern part of the country because A. good forage B. harsh climate C. lack of pasture D. presence of vectors 7. The following are ruminant animals except A. goat B. rabbit C. cattle D. sheep 8. The vector tse-tse fly transmit----- disease to cattle A. coccidiosis B. mastitis C. Trypanosomiasis D. 9. ------type of agriculture is practices by rural farmer A. commercial farming B. pastoral farming C. mechanized farming D. subsistence farming 10. The branch of agriculture that deal with cultivating flowers, fruit and vegetable is A. Horticulture B. agronomy C. monoculture D. forestry 12. The following are produced from farming except A. yam B. sugar C. car D. rubber 13. Which of the following is not a branch of agriculture? A. soil science B. horticulture C. civil engineering D. 14. Forestry is the branch of agriculture that A. deals with rearing animals B. deals with growing of trees C. deals with growing of fish D. deals with growing of snail 15. The early human being obtained food by A. growing crops B. stealing from others C. establishing plantation D. hunting and gathering 16. Mixed farming is A. growing crops only B. rearing animals only C. rearing animals and growing crops D. all of the above 17. A typical flowering plant consist of------A. five system B. one system C. two system D. support flowers 18. The main function of the stem is to A. manufacture food B. anchor the plant C. support the leaves get sunlight D. Support flowers 19. ------- is the main function of flowers A. manufacture plant food B. smell sweetly C. carryout the leaves D. responsible for reproduction 20. The main function of the root system is A. to anchor the plant B. to store food C. serves as food D. serves as medicine 21. Sokoto gudali, Zebu, Ndama, white Fulani are examples of A. Goat B. monogastric animals C. small animals D. ruminant animals 22. These are breed of goat except A. landrace B. maradi C. black Bengal

D. kana brown 23. ----------- are examples of aquatic animals except A. cry fish B. Tilapia C. crab D. goat 24. The use of water to produce fish is A. food production B. fisheries C. fish marketing D. fishing 25. Chickens, ducks, geese and turkey are good examples of -----------A. animals B. fishes C. birds D. cows 26. The Latin ward ager means A. field B. crop C. plant 27. All are cereal crops except A. sorghum B. soya bean D. wheat D. study C. barley

37. In the farm, donkey, bullock, camels are use as sources of A. water B. feather C. security D. farm power 38. Animals droppings are good source of A. water B. manure C. food D. cloth 39. A cutlass consist of A. blade only B. handle only D. A handle and blade C. 2 blade

40. Spade and shovels are used for A. digging hole only B. packing manure C. cutting trees D. carrying farm produce 41. The following are fishing tools except A. rhumbu B. hook and gric C. net D. spear

28. All are products beverages except A. Lipton B. coffee C. bread D. tea 29. ----------- is an example of root and tuber crops except A. onion B. Oats C. melon D. Irish potato 30. Without the production of cereals crop-----factories will closed down A. Brewery B. Beverage C. Oil D. Textile 31. crops that grow and complete their lifecycle within one year are A. monocotyledons B. annual C. perennial D. weeds 32. The fruits and seeds of palm tree provide us with A. starch B. water C. sugar D. oil 33. Fibre crops are used for making the following except A. ropes B. bags C. butter D. cloth 34. The following way by which animals are classified except A. how they reproduce B. how they feed their young ones C. The type of food they eat D. how they fly 35. The meat obtain from pig is called A. pork B. pig meat C. beef D. mutten 36. Fatty part of pig meat is called A. pork B. beef C. lard D. mutten

42. ------- is used for sharping blunt farm tools A. water B. knife C. cutlass D. file 43. Before farm tools are store all metallic part are greased or oiled to A. To make them sharp B. B. to make them smooth C. to prevent rusting D. to repair them 44. The word fishing is used to describe the process of catching A. crabs B. rat C. animals D. fish 45. All of these lay egg except A. Duck B. rabbit C. chicken D. Turkey

46. All of these are example of poultry except A. Dove B. Duck C. Chicken D. Turkey 47. Terrestrial animals are known as A. water animals B. air animals C. animals that live inside soil D. land animals 48. The shoot system of plant consist of all the following except. A. leaves B. fruits C. flowers D. root 49. All are fruit crop except A. pineapple B. Orange C. yam D. mango

50. The part of plant that help to absorb minerals from soil is A. Root B. fruit C. stem D. leaf 51. The branch of agriculture that deals with study of soil is

A. land science C. clay science

B. loamy science D. soil science

64. ------- is the name of cattle meat A. beef B. port C. chevon D. mutton 65. All are vegetative parts of plant except A. The roots B. The branches C. The stems D. The flowers 66. All dicots plant has the following except A. long branch stem B. their vascular bundles C. has two seed leaf D. has net veins 67. All monocots plant has the following except A. a single seed leaf B. nod and interned C. has paralled veins D. has tap root 68. ---------- is the use of garden fork A. transplanting of seedlings B. planting of seed C. eating food D. loosening of soil 69. -------- is the use of shovel A. packing of manure B. cutting seedling C. loosing soil D. carrying farm produce 70. Axe is use to ------A. killing animals B. falling down trees C. sharpening blunt tools D. cutting yam tubers 71. One among these breeds of animals is humpless A. muturu B. white Fulani C. Red bororo D. Sokoto gudali 72. Land cleaning can be done by one of the following farming tools A. cutlass B. saw C. watering can D. head pan 73. ----------- is use to catch many fish at ones A. hook and line B. spear C. net D. fish rod 74. All of the following are simple fishing tools except A. Cutlass B. hoe C. axe D. tractor 75. The following are branches of agriculture except A. crop scientist B. Apiculturist C. soil scientist D. Agricultural Scientist 76. The term agriculture is derive from two (2) latin word which are ---------- and --------A. Ager and culture B. ager and cultiva C. Ager and cultira D. cultura and agric

52. These are sources of carbohydrate except A. soya beans B. rice C. sorghum D. soil science 53. Animals that belong to class mammals are subdivided into A. 4 B. 2 C. 3 D. 5

54. Base on body size animals divided into the following group except A. small size B. big size C. medium size D. extra big size 55. All tubers are found -----A. above the soil B. on the soil level C. inside the soil D. on the leaves 56. The seeds of rice are produce by the plant A. above the soil B. inside the soil C. on the plant leaves D. on the surface of the soil 57. Veterinary Doctor deals with the health of A. cattle B. poultry C. men D. farm animals 58. Garden egg is an example of A. fruits B. oil C. vegetable D. beverage

59. Crop plants are classified base on the following except A. base on use B. base on life cycle C. base on number of days D. base on seed leaf 60. A type plant or plants that can be grown in area will depends on A. The type of seed to be planted B. The climatic factors prevailing in the area C. The skill and ability of the farmer D. The time the crop is planted 61. One of these crops is not consumed directly A. cocoa B. carrot C. melon D. wheat 62. Crops that are cultivated by man for his use are known as A. harvested crops B. planted crops C. domestic crop D. wild crop 63. The smallest unit of plant body is A. The leaves B. The root hair D. The tissues C. The cell

77. Animals that bear their young ones alive are called A. bird B. ruminants C. ruminant D. mam animals 78. -------- is an example of ruminant animals A. bird B. fish C. crab D. goat 79. ---------- is an example of non mammals A. goat B. sheep C. bird D. cattle 80. ---------- is an example of small animal A. Bird B. Cow C. Donkey D. Horse

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS 1a. b. c. 2a. i. ii. iii. b. 3a. b. c. d. State four (4) importance of agriculture (4 marks) List chambers of ruminant animals stomach (4 marks) What are farm implements (2 marks)

List two (2) uses of each of the following farm implements Hoe (2 marks) Spade (2 marks) Cutlass (2 marks) Llist four (4) factors that affect the distribution of farm animals in Nigeria (4 marks) List two (2) fishing equipment What is soil (2 marks) (2 marks)

List three (3) ways you will take care of farm equipent (3 marks) State soil composition (3 marks)