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Heres a list of yoga asanas she does: Pranayama, Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga (nostril breathing)

Kapalbharti (breathing exercise) 1. Sit on flat surface folding your legs. You can sit on soft mat or blanket spread on the ground. 2. Keep your spine straight. 3. Close your eyes. 4. Keep the right palm(Inner surface of your hand starting from wrist) on your right knee 5. Keep your left palm on your left knee. while in sitting position. 6. Breathe in normally and breathe out forcefully with all your strength(Exhale with all your force). 7. While exhaling concentrate on your breathes taking away all your diseases. 8. In the process of exhaling the abdominal area also makes inward and outward movements. 9. Do not stress on inhaling process so breath in normally after each forceful exhale. 10.Do this pranayam in a way like you clean your nose forcefully.

Do kapalbhati for 5 minutes and take rest for a while and resume. Practice it for 15 minute every day. Parvatsana and Virabhadra (for arms and legs) Steps for Practice: 1. Sit in Padmasana. 2. Raise your hands towards sky and keep palms facing each other. 3. Catch hold the fist of one hand with the other hand and stretch your hands upward as if you are raising your body. You will get stretched in your abdominal muscles. 4. After maintaining it for some time, loosen your hands and then practice it again.

Bhujangasana (for back) Steps for Practice: 1. Lie on your belly, while your head rests on your lower arms.Raise your forehead, look upwards and stretch your hands backwards. 2. Let your weight rest on your chest. The head falls a little backwards towards your back and the backward movement proceeds from the neck and the chin. 3. Move your belly further backward as if someone is pulling your arms. The weight is more and more shifted towards the belly and the lower back does the real work. 4. If you cannot raise your chest any further, you put your hands and your arms next to your chest on the mat without losing the bend. 5. Stretch your arms so that they stand perpendicular on the floor and at the same time turn your arms a little inward. 6. Relax your lower back and bear your weight with your arms. The buttock muscles remain relaxed during the exercise. 7. Move your chest further upwards with every breathing out. Do this in a relaxed way instead of using force. At the same time move your head backwards. 8. The shoulders are broad in front and the shoulder blades remain low. Remember :1. Fingers of the hands must remain together. 2. Do not give jerk to raise your body. 3. Navel or lower part of the navel must not be raised. 4. Put minimum weight on hands. Divide weight on spine and arms. 5. While in final position, the thumb should touch the chest near armpit. 6. In the beginning weight can remain on hands. 7. While coming back some persons bend their head first but it should be avoided. The part of the body which leaves the ground first will return to the ground last.

Naukasana (for abs) 1. Lie down straight on the abdomen with forehead resting on the floor.

2. Keep your feet together and arms extended forward with palms on the floor. While inhaling, raise your arms, head, neck, shoulders, trunk and legs simultaneously as high as possible. 3. Keep your elbows and knees straight. Balance the entire weight of your body on the navel. Maintain this posture as long as possible. 4.While exhaling, bring down your legs, hands and forehead to the ground. Then relax in Makarasana.

Virabhadra: The three traditional Yoga Warrior Poses are:


Warrior Pose I -- the front knee is bent, back leg straight, arms extended overhead, and the chest is turned in the same direction as the bent knee.

Warrior Pose II -- the front knee is bent, back leg straight, arms extended out to the sides in line with the legs, as shown in this photo.

Warrior Pose III -- balancing on one straight leg, with the trunk and arms extending horizontally forward and the lifted leg extending back.

Surya Namaskara (50 times) Stage 1: stand erect with ur hands folded as in prayers position. Stage 2: inhale as your raise ur arms over ur head n bend backwards Stage 3: Exhale as u bend forward to touch d floor with ur hands. Keep the knees straight Stage 4: Inhale as u bring the right foot backward n keep the left foot in the lunge position Stage 5: Hold ur breath as u put ur lef foot backwards and place it next to ur right leg as in a push-up position Stage 6: Exhale as u lower ur body down n rest on ur hands. Feet 2gethr n knees off the floor. Hand, chin n toes on the floor. Stomach raised above d floor. Stage 7: Inhale and assume a cobra position. Extend spine, chest n rest of the body is flat on the floor. Stage 8: Then exhale and raise body n hips, while keeping the heels, feet and palms of the hands flat on the floor. Stage9: Inhale as u place the right foot between the arms and with left foot extended backward look up slightly. Stage 10: Exhale as you bend forward to touch the floor with ur hands. Keep kness straight. Stage 11: stand erect with ur hands folded as in prayers position.

Lying Butt Bridge: This is perhaps the most powerful and effective exercise to get rid of Thighs and buttocks fat. It is difficult to perform but results are amazing Lie flat on your back on a mat with your knees bent pointing up to the ceiling and your arms at your sides. Simply raise your pelvis up toward the ceiling to a point where your body will be at a about a 45 degree angle relative to the floor. At the top of the movement, be sure to really flex your butt for a one-count. Return to the start position and repeat Workout schedule: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each

. Standing Free Squat: This is a simple, but a very effective exercise to get rid of Thigh fat. This can be done at your home without any weights or special equipments. Start in a standing position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight, and start slowly bending at the knees, pressing back with your butt. As you do this, you will naturally start to lean forward, but don't lean excessively. Go down as far as you can but ensure that you don't lift your heels. Then slowly raise to the initial standing position. Repeat the same Workout schedule: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each