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Rental Agreement This Rental Agreement is made and executed at Chennai on this Day of .. 2010 by and between .

., , hereinafter referred to as Land lord which expression shall mean and include his heirs, executor and assigns of the ONE PART unless otherwise the context is repugnant thereto.

, hereinafter referred to as Tenant which expression shall mean and include its successors in interest and assigns of the OTHER PART unless otherwise the context is repugnant thereto. Whereas the Land Lord has an absolute possession of . herein after referred to as Schedule Premises, is desirous of letting and the Tenant is desirous of taking Scheduled Premises. The terms and conditions of the Agreement are setout hereunder: Period of Agreement This agreement shall commence and be effective from .first day of .2010 and be effective for an initial period of 11 months from the date of commencement of Agreement and the Agreement shall not be terminated by either parties during this period of Agreement, except under the circumstances as mentioned under clause 7 of this agreement, The Agreement is extendable for a further period of 12 months upon the expiration of initial period of Agreement and by mutual consent of both the parties to the Agreement.

1. Rent The monthly rent for the scheduled premise is ... (Rupees .). The monthly rental payable by the Tenant is for the portion occupied by Tenant and the rent shall be payable on or before 5th day of the succeeding month in relation to the previous month for which the rent is due and payable. 1

The tenant shall be obliged to pay the other charges towards amenities like, electricity, water, maintenance etc at his own cost and which does not form part of the rent . 2. Enhancement of Rent The rent shall be enhanced after 1/2 year in mutual agreement by an amount of 10% (Ten percent only) on the last paid rent upon the period of Agreement being extended. 3. Agreement rental Deposit The Tenant has paid to the Land Lord a sum of Rs. interest free refundable Security Deposit 4. Purpose of Agreement The Tenant shall use the demised premises for residential purposes and shall not carry on any activities prohibited under the law, permit waste or nuisance, annoy, or interfere with any neighbor. The Tenant shall not sublet any portion of the said premises nor this Agreement be assigned. The Tenant shall Not store or use hazardous waste or chemicals in or about the premises. The Tenant shall not make any structural alteration without the written permission of the Land Lord, but however is at liberty to do any interiors, infrastructure and other improvement to the area occupied by him under advice to the Landlord. The Tenant shall keep the premises clean, sanitary and in good working order and repair during the term of this tenancy, and to surrender the same in like condition exclusive of ordinary wear and tear. The Landlord has not insured the personal effects of the Tenant and it is agreed the the Landlord shall not be responsible or liable in any way for injury to any person, or loss of or damage to any article belonging to Tenant located on the premises. /- (Rupees thousands only) as an

5. Right of Inspection The Land Lord shall have the right to inspect the premises with prior permission of the Tenant and any inspection shall be done without causing any inconvenience to the lessee. 6. Land Lord obligation The Land Lord shall obtain all the approvals and clearances from the government bodies concerned, including payment of periodical dues for taxes and levies, and the Tenant shall not be liable for any omissions or commissions on the part of the Land Lord in fulfilling his obligation as the owner of the premises or other wise. 7. Termination of Agreement The Agreement shall be terminable: a) On completion of the initial period of Agreement 2

b) In the event of non-payment of rent by Tenant for 3 consecutive c) By giving 3 months advance notice by either party to vacate the schedule premise. 8. Handing over the possession and refund of deposit


The Tenant shall handover the peaceful vacant possession of the schedule premise to the Land Lord immediately upon the expiry of the said term or on earlier termination if any, in good tenantable condition, subject to reasonable wear and tear. The Land Lord shall immediately refund the interest free refundable deposit as mentioned in the clause 4 of this agreement, after making any lawful deduction, upon Tenant handing over the schedule premises without out any delay. 9. Arbitration Any Dispute arising on the matters pertaining to be settled by the arbitrator to be decided by the party mutually and the proceedings of such arbitrations is governed by the India Arbitration Act. Any disputes arising on account of this agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of Chennai.

SCHEDULE The address of the building, with all fixtures and fittings as per annexure - A

In witnesses the parties hereto have set their respective hands and seals to these present on the day, month and year first herein above written. WITNESSES 1. LANDLORD



Annexure A to the Rental agreement dated Description Tube light Exhaust fan fans

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