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Disparity=difference Defied=resisted Acceleration=fast movement Relevant=applicable Diversified=varied Depletion=reduction Wanton=wasteful Exaggerated=heightened Flourishing=prosperous Replenished=filled again Nuisance=annoyance Tremendous=great Disintegration=breaking


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herculanensian herculaneum fortunate fortunatus fortune hygieian hygieist hygiene erose erose leaf erosible erosion erosion hypno'logical hypno'therapist hypnohypnoanalysis january 6 janum janus janus cloth janus faced janus green jovellanos, gas... jovi'ality

jovial jovialist lunacy lunar calendar lunar caustic lunar crater lunar cycle
martial arts

volcano volcanic

mercurize mercuro mercuromercurochrome mercurophylline morphew morphia morphic

panic panful panning

psychedelia psychedelic psychedelically

Abraham  the first of the great Bibli cal patriarchs, father of Is aac, andtraditional founde r of the ancient Hebrew n ation: consideredby Musli ms an ancestor of the Ara b peoples through his son Ishmael. a male given name: from a hebrew word meaning father ofmany. Apollo  the ancient Greek and Ro man god of light, healing, music,poetry, prophecy, and manly beauty; the so n of Leto andbrother of Ar temis. a very handsome young man. Aerospace . one of a series of U.S. spacecraft design ed tocarry astronauts to t he moon and back. Cain the first son of Adam and Eve, who murdered his br otherAbel. Gen. 4. a murderer. Idiom raise Cain, Slang . become angry or violent: He'll raise Cain when he find sout I lost his watch. b. to behave in a boisterous manner; cause adisturba nce: The students raised Cai n while the teacherwas out.

s into swine by means of a magicdrink. ..a dangerously or irresist ibly fascinating woman. Gibraltar  a British crown colony co mprising a fortress and se aportlocated on a narrow promontory near the S tip of Spain.29,934; 1 7 / 8 s q. mi. (5 sq. km). Rock of. Ancient, Calpe. a long, pr ecipitous mountain nearly coextensive with this colo ny: one of the Pillars ofHe rcules. 1396 feet (426 me ters) high; 2 1 / 2 miles ( 4km) long. any person or thing that has strength and endurancethat can be reli ed on. 3. Strait of, a strait betwee n Europe and Africa at th e Atlanticentrance to the Mediterranean. 8 1 / 2 23 miles (14 37 km)wide. 4. any impregnable fortress or stronghold. napoleon  a pastry consisting of thin layers of puff paste interl aid witha cream or custar d filling. 2. a former gold coin of Fran ce, equal to 20 francs and bearinga portrait either o f Napoleon I or of Napole on III. 3. Cards . a. a game in which the play ers bid for the privilege of

naming the trump, statin g the number of tricks the ypropose to win. b. a bid in this game to take all five tricks of a hand.

Penelope  Classical Mythology . the wi fe of Odysseus, who rema inedfaithful to him during his long absence at Troy. 2. a faithful wife. 3. a female given name: fro m a Greek word meaning weaver.

Circe  Also, Kirke. Also called A eaea. Classical Mythology . theenchantress represen ted by Homer as turning t hecompanions of Odysseu