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Welcome to my novel.
"This is a yaoi story that got hijacked."
There are three pairings in this story, but the main couple of this story is Inuyasha &
Miroku despite what you read.
I own nothing but my own 'sick little' ideas. I could not come up with something like a
15-year-old girl going down a well and ending up 500 years in the past and actually
finding demons and spells to be part of everyday life. She was able to leave and go back
to her own time but stuck around to cause more issues.
This story is rated R (restricted) or M (mature) or X (explicit) for whatever rating system
you are use to.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 1

= Miroku =
Inuyasha! I shouted as I passed by a tree and walked through some bushes that blocked me from seeing the
river that I had heard. As I moved the last branch from my view, I saw him tuck something under the log that
was behind his back. A secret, were the words that crossed my mind.
Kagome is calling you, I continued.
What for? he asked me from his sitting position. He wasnt looking at me, but over the river with his arms
She wants you to walk her to the well, or have you forgotten already that she was leaving today? I asked
Inuyasha as I stood looking down at him.
Feh. Where is she now? he asked as he stood up and dusted himself off. I was about to tell him when he
walked past me, and cut me off by saying. Dont bother. Shes not so hard to find. A few moments later I heard
him breaking through the top of the trees to my left.
I turned my attention back to the log. Should I see what it was? How important could it be? Important enough
for him to hide it from me. Thats how important it is. What could it be? I asked myself as I stepped closer to it.
How badly would he beat me up if I took a look? I asked myself as I kicked it. The log rolled over and I saw some
pages before it rolled back in place.
= Inuyasha =
Did he see? I asked myself as I jumped away towards the village. He was still behind the bush when I placed it
under the log. I told myself to keep from panicking. I landed on a branch limb that was high on a tree. I could see
the village from here, and Kagomes scent was coming from that direction. I jumped off and flew over the trees
as I followed her scent. Please Kami, dont let him have seen me put it there. I prayed as I hurried to meet up
with Kagome.
I found her on the edge of the village, on the road to the Bone Eaters Well. She wasnt walking. She was just
standing there waiting for me. As I came closer she didnt look mad. Why did her eyes have to glitter? I asked
myself as I came close enough to see them shining at me.
Sorry Im late Kagome, I told her as I came to a stop.
Its alright. You arent that late, she said while smiling up at me. I bent my head and hid as much of my face
behind my bangs as I turned away from her.

Come on. Lets go, I told her as I started to walk up the hill. We didnt talk much on the short walk to the well.
Why did I even have to walk with her? I asked myself for the third time as I saw the well not eighty feet away as
we came to the top of the hill.
Ill be gone six days for this trip, I heard her say.
Six days? I said back to her as I turned to look in her direction. Why so long? I asked. I didnt really care that
she wasnt going to be here for so long. It was that we were going to be stuck in one place until she came back.
Its because of my tests. I have a lot of them this week. I cant come back until Ive finished, she said as she
started to walk ahead of me.
You cannot be gone more than five days, I told her as I started to catch up. Ill be waiting right here for you on
the sixth day and if you arent here come mid day Im coming to get you, I told her as we both stopped next to
the well.
No, I wont, she said back at me. Her voice was starting to get higher. I want to spend some time with my
friends over there. I cannot spend all my time over here. I have a life there too you know! Now she was
shouting back at me. I was almost sorry that I said anything, but I cant be stuck here for almost a week with
And you can wait all you want. I wont be back on the sixth day. Ill be back after mid day on the seventh day,
she said as she started to climb into the well. She stopped half way over and looked at me.
Fine, I said in defeat, and she jumped down. I spent a moment thinking that I should have said things
differently, but I was surprised that it was going to be that long until we can leave again. THE LOG. My head
snapped to its direction and soon I was air born. I hope its still there. I hope Miroku didnt see me hide it. I hope
he didnt stay. I hope he didnt find it. These words whirled around my head as I jumped from tree to tree, from
tree to grass patch, back into a tree again. As I got closer to the stream I couldnt pick up a fresh scent of Miroku.
At least he wouldnt be there. I told myself. This calmed me more than I expected it to.
I landed in the clearing just a few paces from where Miroku had found me that morning. I walked through the
same bushes and saw the log that I had sat next to. I knelt down in front of it and placed my hand on it as I bent
my head. This secret is getting hard to hide and harder to deal with. Im going to have to do something about it.
= Miroku =
I sat there looking into the dancing fire pit with my back against the wall. My mind went over what had
happened that morning again.
I saw my hand reaching out and pushing the log aside. My other hand crossed into my vision as I touched and
picked up the pages. They were wrapped around one of those writing things that Kagome calls a pen. It wrote
with ink that was housed inside of the handle. I had already used one, so it didnt hold much of my attention. I
placed it in my lap and turned my focus back to the pages. They werent just loose pieces of paper like I first
thought. The pages looked like they came from different places. A few looked like scroll paper I used for my
spells, some looked like they came out of the books that Kagome wrote in and I guess he got the rest from
anywhere he could. They were held together by some kind of binding that was made out of some skin strips.
I uncurled the pages and started to read what was on the first page. I told myself as I started to skim over the
first few words that if it wasMiroku. The word came into view and I never finished my promise.

I saw him smiling with Sango today. We were watching Shippo play with Kirara, well, they were
watching. I was trying to get a nap before I took up first watch that night. I heard him laugh and I
couldnt stop myself from looking over at him. I dont know what he was looking at anymore
other than it had something to do with the nekomata and Shippo. His eyes were mostly closed
as he laughed, but I still saw a glint of their purple blue color. He joked with Sango while she
nudged him and laughed at what he was saying. I wanted to be down there laughing with him,
but I didnt move from where I was. We never joke like that, and if I went over there, they
wouldnt have included me. I seem to stall everyones good time when I show up unless Im the
source of their laughter.
From there it went on to talk about a few other things, normal things. I was about stop reading when my name
came back up again and I continued to read.
Miroku sat with his back to one of the large boulders that made up part of our campsite that
night. He didnt feel it. How could he not feel it? I got up from the fire and walked over to him. I
then crouched down next to him and leaned in. I reached out and flicked the tiger beetle away.
If it had bitten him, he would have woken up the whole camp with his shouting and everyone
needed their sleep. I didnt move away like I should have. I hadnt been this close to him in days.
I inhaled the strong sent of sandalwood that was coming off of him. His face was the meaning of
peace. Something stirred him in his sleep and I froze. His eyes didnt open, but he licked his lips
and turned his head towards me. I felt my face heat up and I know it turned red. He then settled
back into a deeper sleep again. I was looking at those lips that he licked and I saw them become
bigger and bigger. Before I knew it, I kissed him.
I know it was stupid of me. It was a quick kiss and I pulled back really fast. He didnt wake up,
but I felt my lips burning me as I walked back to where I was sitting before. I didnt really do that
much watching that night. My mind wouldnt end where my body did. I saw him waking up from
his sleep to find me kissing him. I pretended that he started to kiss me back. By the time I was
pulling his purple robes off his shoulders no one else was there. It was just the two of us in the
clearing with the rocks. As his tongue started to lick down my neck I snapped out of it. I was
shocked back to my senses and everything came back to me. The cold night air, the night
animals scurrying yards away, the breathing of all my companions, and the crackling of the fire.
I looked back over at Miroku and I started to hear my heart beat loudly in my ears. I turned
away from him and tried to concentrate on anything else, everything else. I dont know how
well of a job I did because I almost didnt hear Sango when she walked towards me, as it was
her turn to take watch. I got up and nodded at her while she took up her post. I turned to look
at the rest of the group. Where would I rest until it was time for us to leave, I asked myself. The
idea of sitting next to Miroku was kicked out of my head almost as fast as it had popped in
there. I jumped up into a tree that was to the left of him and settled down for the rest of the
night. I still wanted to be close to him, but this was as close as I could get. I closed my eyes and
in my folded arms I thought I felt his warm back pressed against me. I fell asleep with that
pleasant feeling.
The book fell from my fingers then. Inuyasha had feelings for me? It was a puzzling thought. There was no way I
could look at him now, knowing what he wrote about me. At first I was a little ashamed that I hadnt treated him
better as a friend, but this?
I got up and started to walk back and forth. How do I deal with this? How would I keep him as a friend without
breaking his heart? Do I have to do anything? Would this thing come and go on its own? I reached down and
picked up the pen that had dropped from my lap and rolled it back up into the pages. I pushed the log back and

placed them back where I got them from and quickly walked to the hot spring. I was hoping that some time
alone would help me figure some things out.
Its been hours, and I still havent figured anything out. For now I will do nothing. Until he knows that I know, I
dont have to do anything about this. Right?
Miroku! Sango shouted at me.
Ha? I asked as I looked up at her. Why was she shouting at me?
Did you hear anything I asked you? She huffed.
Sorry, Sango. What is it you wish to know? I smiled up at her.
I was asking you if you knew where Inuyasha was. Hes late for dinner and Kagome left some of those noodles
that he loves, she said as she turned back to stirring what was in the pot. I believed that was for the rest of us
to eat for dinner. It smelled like rabbit even though I couldnt remember seeing her clean it or adding it to the
No, I do not know where our hanyou friend is. Do you want me to go find him? I already started to get up
from my spot. I dusted and fixed my robes as Sango started to reply.
If it wouldnt be too much trouble for you, she said. Her words finished as I placed my hand around my staff. I
didnt think that I would need it, but I liked hearing the ringing of the metal when I walked.
No, why would it be trouble? I asked just before I moved to the huts opening. I moved the curtain aside and
ducked to step outside, only to stop in mid-stride.
There was Inuyasha. He was standing in mid-stance also. We blocked each others way. His eyes. I dont know if
Ive ever been this close to his face before. We almost ran right into each other. I wondered if he stopped first or
if we both saved ourselves from a painful bump on our foreheads or even a broken nose on my part. He had
such a hard head. His eyes were so bright. Did they get brighter looking at me?
His skin started to turn a light shade of pink. We were still standing there in the door way looking at each other.
He stood still, like some animal caught in the light. I started to move back when I heard my own heart beating in
my ears as his skin became a brighter shade of pink and looked lickable?
Did you forget something Miroku? Sango asked from further in the room.
Ah, hm, I cleared my throat. No, I stated and turned around to face her. I dont have to go looking for
Inuyasha, I told her as I walked back to where I was sitting.
And why not? she asked me. I looked at the door before I sat down and then looked back at her.
Hes standing outside, I informed her.
He is? she asked in surprise, before getting up herself to walk to over to the opening.
= Inuyasha =
Why the hell am I standing here like this? I asked myself. Move stupid! But I just stood there looking into
Mirokus eyes until he moved back inside. As I let out a breath I realized that I was holding it in. What on earth
was that? I asked myself. I heard him talking to Sango, and then her softer footsteps as she came towards the

door way. What should I do? Run. Run? Why? I didnt do anything wrong? Step inside, STEP INSIDE! I moved the
curtain aside and stepped in before she made it to the doorway.
There you are Inuyasha. Were you up at the well thinking about Kagome? she asked me.
As if I would waste time doing that, I told her. Whats for dinner? I asked as I made my way over to the fire.
You can have one of those noodle things that Kagome left for you. We are having rabbit curry and rice. she
held out one of those Kagome era containers to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Miroku looking into the
I think Ill have some of the rabbit if you dont mind. Someone else can have that if they want, I said as I made
my way to sit a few feet from Shippo.
You dont want it? she asked me with a look of disbelief on her face.
Thats what I said. I dont have to eat it all the time. I looked over at Shippo who was also giving me the hehit-his-head look. Then I hit him on his head.
What was that for?! he shouted at me as he rubbed his head.
I felt like it, I told him, but I knew it was wrong all the same.
You can have my thing, I told him as I picked up his bowl of rice and portion of rabbit.
He didnt even complain that I took his share, as he bounced over to Sango saying that she heard me and that
he was to get the food that Kagome left behind. I lowered my head and ate. I didnt lower my face so far that I
couldnt see the rest of the room, just low enough so that no one could see where I was looking.
I was watching how he sat while he ate. How he lifted the rice to his mouth instead of tossing it in from his
bowl. I had started to notice how he ate months ago. It made me realize how shoddily I now ate around him and
everyone else. At first I would just try to eat somewhere else, saying that I wanted to keep an eye out for some
demon I felt was close by, or saying I wasnt hungry at all and eating later when they were asleep, but I started
to miss seeing him. So bit by bit I started to mimic how he ate. No one seemed to have noticed that I started
sitting across the fire from him from then on. Im sure Kagome thought that I started eating with the group again
because she had asked me to. She had just given me a good excuse to be seen eating with them again.
One day Kagome pointed out that we looked funny and Miroku thought that I was making fun of him. I hadnt
realized that I was matching his movements like that. I finished my meal in a tree that night. I wouldnt really
make fun of him like that. I then changed a few things, so I didnt do everything the same way he did.
I glanced over at Shippo, when I heard a slurping sound coming from his direction. He was drinking the last of
what was left in the container. I looked down at my own food to see that I was almost finished. I knew that
Miroku was almost finished also. I didnt care to check on Sango and her progress with her meal, but I looked
anyway to see if she was looking at me. She was paying attention to the kitsune as she laid back with a full
I turned my mind back to Miroku and then my food in that order. He finished eating before I did and got up to
say that he was going for a walk. We all just nodded our understanding and he left the room. With him gone, I
finished eating and moved to my place in the room to bed down for the night. I knew that I was going to be
dreaming of those eyes tonight. Slowly my eyes closed and the world turned black before I saw him and his eyes
that were shining just for me.
= Miroku =

I walked outside into the cool air and lifted my arms over my head as I stretched. Where will I walk tonight? I
asked myself. I walked down the steps, and then turned right. I walked for a ways past this house and that
house, smiling at a lady, then two. I walked past a tree, then a few more. A bush here and a bush there. When I
reached the stream, I stopped and looked around.
Its the same place from this morning. I turned towards the log and walked over to it. I rolled it over to see
nothing. Of course it wouldnt still be there. I told myself as I let the log roll back into place. Why was I even
looking for it? It wasnt mine to read. I want to know what else he thinks about me. I answered myself. Well
forget about it. I told myself. Its gone and we arent going to be looking for it. Arent we? I asked back. What are
you thinking? I asked as I saw lights going off in my head as ideas were hatched and discarded, until one started
to stand out and take form.
Maybe, I said as I started to walk back to the hut.

Nekomata - is a bakeneko (monster cat) that has a tail that forks in two. Plainly nekomata means forked cat.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 2

= Inuyasha =
I woke up to the feeling of sunlight warming my face. I sat up and rubbed my eyes as I looked around. Miroku
was the first person I looked for. He was still asleep on his mat in one of the darker corners of the hut with his
staff lying beside him. Nearer to me, but off to the left, was Sango and Shippo who were both still very much
tucked in. I sat there thinking of what to do. If we were out looking of Naraku or jewel shards, we would all be
getting up now and looking for breakfast before we broke camp and continued on.
But like this, there was no rush to go anywhere. After knocking down a few ideas I chose to go to the hot spring
and take a bath. I got up and walked into the next room where we kept our supplies and such. I got my soap and
drying cloth. As I was putting back the stuff I didnt want, a book fell from one of the blankets. It looked like one
of Kagomes. On the cover I saw her name and a word I hadnt seen before. I flipped through the pages to see a
few numbers on the first few pages, but most of the book seemed to be empty. I smiled to myself as I slipped it
into the sleeve of my kimono alongside my book.
Soon I was walking down the steps and down the path to the hot springs. Before I stepped into the clearing I
heard voices coming from ahead of me. I was slightly disappointed to realize that I wasnt the only one there. I
looked up for a good viewing spot before I jumped into a tree to see who was there. It looked like a family. I sat
down and decided to wait them out. I placed my things on a slightly higher branch of the tree and took out my
book and pen and started to write down what I wanted to remember and maybe someday share with him.
I started with what went through my head while I was at the well yesterday afternoon. That filled out the last
page that I had in my little book. I looked at the new one I had just gotten. It was put together so much better
than the one I had made. I asked Kagome how she made it once. She looked at me as if she couldnt believe that
I didnt know. She then said that she didnt do it, and that a place called a factory made them. I thought that the
people who lived in a factory were taught the craft very well. I then asked her how many people lived in a
factory. At this she just started to laugh. Miroku and the others turned to see what was so funny and I didnt
want to look like I said something stupid, so I told Kagome that she didnt have to pretend that I asked a dumb
question and then laugh to hide the fact that she didnt know the answer. Not everyone knew everything, not
even her. That got her to stop laughing at me. I took a quick glance over in his direction, and he seemed to be
smiling for me. My heart grew warm and I crossed my arms in victory. Then my ears rang with the next word
Kagome said.

As I was spitting out dirt I realized that I should have expected her to do that. Around the time I was able to
move from that spot without much pain, I remember her saying that a factory was a building where people go
to work to make things. No one lived there.
My eye was now twitching from remembering that osuwari. I took my pen and crossed out her name and that
other word. I almost wrote my name next to where her name use to be, but my other book didnt have my
name on it. It was good enough that I had taken it from her. I ripped out her pages and put them in my sleeve to
burn later. I picked up my old and now filled book to see where I left off. Thoughts I had of Kagome and Miroku
at the well yesterday afternoon. Yes, and it was complete. I put it away and opened the new one to press my
pen to the very white paper and to start writing what I remembered of my dream. My skin got hot as those
scenes played through my head again.
After I wrote the last word, I breathed deeply and didnt hear anything human, just the rush of the stream next
to the spring. I looked over to the spring and saw that it was empty, and it was the same for the stream. I
gathered up my things and jumped down. I dropped everything into a pile, and stripped down before picking up
the soap and dry cloth. I walked into the stream and found the warmest spot to scrub my skin in. I then left the
soap on a rock as I walked over to the hot spring. I found a nice seat under some shade and soon I found myself
nodding off.
= Miroku =
I looked around as I blinked my eyes. I saw Sango, but no Shippo and no Inuyasha.
Good morning Sango, I said as I sat up.
Good morning Miroku, she answered back. Did you sleep well? she asked, continuing our small talk.
Yes I did, I answered as I started to think back if that was true or not. I didnt remember waking up during the
night and what I remembered of my dream wasnt bad, just a little bit odd. Most of the girls I dreamed of turned
into Inuyasha and no matter what I did, he didnt slap me. I was surprised the first few times when I didnt feel
any breasts, but by the fourth time I didnt miss them anymore. He had such a nice voice.
Miroku, I heard. Miroku, I heard again. Inuyashas tempting quiet voice was being replaced by Sangos louder
one? I snapped out of what was turning into a nice day dream.
Ah, yes? I said in Sangos direction as my eyes began to focus again.
Youre drooling with an odd look in your eyes. Are you really awake? she asked me. The look on her face told
me that she had a clue of what I was possibly thinking about. She would only be half right today.
Yes, I said to both of us. Ill go take a bath before breakfast, I said as I stood and went to get what I needed.
It wasnt so bad. I said to myself as I walked towards the hot spring. Its not that I've never thought of being with
a guy, but Inuyasha never fell into that category for me. Well, at least not until now. Hes my friend and it may
not be that wise to damage that friendship.

My pace slowed as I got closer to the hot spring. The idea that I came up with last night started to come back to
me. The more I thought about it, the more I didnt think that it was that good of an idea. How was I suppose to
get the book from Inuyasha? I knew he had to carry it on his person.
When I entered the clearing around the hot spring, I looked up and came to a complete halt. There was
Inuyasha, asleep in the hot spring. But more importantly, there was Inuyasha asleep and naked in the hot spring.
I started to look around for his clothes. They were closer to me than they were to him. I slowly got closer to
them and when a careful look over at Inuyasha confirmed that he was still very asleep, I quickly looked through
his things to find the book. Two books? I asked myself as I saw the one I found the day before and a new one
that looked like it was one of Kagomes. I wrapped them in my drying cloth and walked over to the stream, after
putting his things back to how they looked before I searched for the books. I covered the cloth and books with
my own clothes as I stripped down for my own bath.
I was scrubbing my back when I heard something like a snort coming from Inuyashas direction. I turned to see if
he was waking up. I saw him as he raised a hand out of the water to wipe it down his face. As his saw me his
eyes grew a little bit bigger. I smiled to myself and turned my back to him, continuing with my cleaning.
= Inuyasha =
His skin was shining with the light reflecting off the water that covered him. I followed his hand as it slide across
his chest and over his arm. I swallowed and licked my lips as my own hand came to rest on my stomach.
Good morning Inuyasha, he called to me as he started to get out of the stream. GET OUT OF THE STREAM?!
OH KAMI! I had a full view of him. A full, complete view. I grabbed a rock that was below the surface of the
water as he came closer and I could see the water in his black, curly hair. I licked my lips again as he stepped into
the same body of hot water I was sitting in.
How long have you been here? he asked, taking a seat and leaned back, closing his eyes.
I looked up at the sky to see how far the sun had moved. Not long, I told him with as much interest as I could
fake. Its been at least an hour since I started my bath.
Okay, he said, lifting his head to look at me.
As he continued looking at me, I raised a hand to my face and asked, Is there something on my face?
No, he answered. I was just thinking that we havent talked in awhile. Then he leaned closer. How have you
been Inuyasha?
Ha? Where did that question come from? Why did you ask me that? I asked him.
Like I said, we havent talked in awhile. I wanted to know how you were. Are you missing Kagome? he
questioned with a smile on his face.
No, I dont miss her. Who told you I missed her? I asked him.
No one, he said. You have just been acting odd since she left, thats all. He rested his head back and closed
his eyes. He didnt say anything else.

I looked at him openly since he couldnt see me and I let my eyes travel up his arms and chest to his neck that
was bent back and looked so soft. That lead me to his black hair that stuck to his skin, then I looked over his ear
and over his cheek, to end at his lips. The spring was heating his skin to show it off in a glowing pink color. This
was very true for his lips.
Yes, Inuyasha? I heard him ask me.
Ha? I asked.
Is there something you wanted to tell me, Inuyasha? he asked me.
Why do you think I have anything to ask you? I questioned him.
Because you came close to me like you wanted to share a secret, he told me.
I blinked at this statement and then realized that I had moved from my seat to cross half the distance that was
between us.
Oh. No. Not really, I told him as I tried to think of something. It was nothing big, I said, not able to think of
something fast enough.
It doesnt matter how big or small it is. What did you want to tell me? He sat up more and looked at me,
waiting for an answer. My mind started to spin again.
Its just that I was going to get out and get some breakfast. See? Nothing, I finished with a very small laugh as I
headed out of the spring. I thought that I felt his eyes on my back as I stepped out of the water, but when I
looked back his head was back and he eyes were closed again.
I wiped off most of the water with my drying cloth and then got dressed with my back to him. I started to look
around frantically when I realized that the books werent where I left them. Where did they go?
Did you lose something, Inuyasha? I heard Miroku call to me after I crawled from behind a boulder looking for
my books. I had hoped that one of the village kids had hid them there or close by as some kind of joke when I
was asleep.
No, nothing, I lied. I think I left it at the hut and thought I had it with me. I know they were here. Where did
they go?
Ok. Can you tell Sango that Im going to be here for a while and Ill be back just before lunch? I want to
meditate, he said as he looked at me, while I continued to look around the area. What did you lose? I can keep
an eye out for it for you, he offered.
No. I was just making sure. Im sure its at the hut now, I lied again. Ill tell Sango what you said, I told him as
I grabbed my drying cloth, wet rag and soap before turning to leave. DAMN! I have to come back after lunch and
look all over that place for them. If I smell Shippos scent on them, Im going to pummel him. I stalked back to the
hut feeling hungry and scared that Miroku might find them first.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 3

= Miroku =
After I heard his angry footsteps fade, I jumped out of the water and ran to retrieve my clothes and the two
books. I placed them on the ground next to me and sifted through them until I found the books.
I looked at the older book before opening it. I hope he stays away long enough for me to find out just how much
he might like me. He is pretty jumpy around me when Im naked it seems, so I guess that he doesnt have
anything holding him back from liking my body. I had taken my time walking from the stream to the pool to see
how he would react to me. There is no way the water caused his skin to change to that shade of red that quickly.
I even gave him a look over when he got out the pool and was getting dressed. Its not like there was something
else for me to look at. I knew what he looked like even if it had been a while since we had a bath together. I saw
nothing new, but there was a new feeling as I watched him dress. I saw him almost like I use to see Sango when I
peeked at her taking a bath.
I was slightly happy and slightly disappointed at the same time when he finally got dressed. Given time, and
enough tempting moments, I may start to return his interest in me now that I know that he would be open to
such a relationship between us.
I saw the book in my hands again and realized that I had to find out if he just wanted to have sex with me or if
he was really in love with me. The two entries that I read yesterday made me believe that he might have feelings
for me and its more than just lust, which is why I took the books to find out. I sat back in the pool and started to
I read about times that I had completely forgotten and some I hadnt thought about in a while. He lost a lot of
sleep over me the time I got gored by a boar demon. I do remember the feel of someones hand on my own. I
thought that those hands had belonged to Sango, or perhaps Kagome. Once I thought I saw Inuyasha, but
dismissed it, thinking it was the pain making me think that, but reading here I see that he was there and he did
hold my hand a number of times while I was fighting my three day fever. He says here that I called his name one
of those times and that he felt I was coming out of it when I squeezed his hand. It was like I squeezed his heart
in a good way, he continues to write, and he almost cried. I felt a pull on my own heart. I almost wished that I
had seen him crying over me. It would have been nice to see him like that, instead of his normal loud self.
I read some more and came across a few of his dreams. The early ones werent too bad. They sounded like
visions of me by someone who needed to have their eyes checked. I looked at my arms and saw that they still
had the scars that I knew also covered the rest of my body from all the fights we had managed to live through.
The later dreams had me being a bit more active, to say the least. I looked up a few times to make sure that no
one was there, watching.

These were his dreams? I started to blush at the images that were being drawn for me. Where did he learn
about some of these things? I hadnt even tried that last one yet. Okay, thats enough of his dreams for now. Its
quite clear that he has no problem with that. I skipped forward a few pages, avoiding the ones where the first
few words contained dreamed.
I then came across one that seemed to be about him and Kagome. I almost didnt read it, but it seemed like this
whole book was about me. Maybe he told her something about how he felt about me. I once again looked
around to make sure he wasnt on his way back and to find me reading it. I hadnt come up with a good way of
explaining why I had them yet, never mind reading them.
Why dont you like me? she asked. I just sat there looking at my hands. I didnt know what to
tell her and she wanted an answer. She asked me again, and this time she used my name to get
my attention. I looked up at Kagome and saw that she was hoping it wasnt as bad as she
believed it was. She uses that look more than she thinks. Everyone would know that there
wasnt a chance for things to turn out well, or that there was nothing to be done for a plagued
village or a dying human that we came across, but she would still ask with hope. Most of the
time we didnt say anything and just let her understand the situation on her own.
But it looked like she really wanted me to tell her outright this time. I still didnt know what, or
how, I should say anything to her about me loving someone else. The only other person that she
can think of me being with is Kikyo. Ive tried to tell her a few times lately that Ive put her
behind me. She was really dead and what we saw now on occasions wasnt my Kikyo. I cant go
back to someone who is dead.
Are you sure you dont feel anything for me? she asked after I hadnt answered her last
question. I looked up her and she was trying not to cry. I got up and hugged her and she hugged
me back.
Of course I feel something for you. Im just not in love with you, I told her as I brushed her hair
down her back. I had wanted there to be and even thought that it was suppose to work out that
way when I learned she was my Kikyo reborn, but she doesnt really belong here and I dont
love her enough to ask her to stay here with me.
As I ran my hand down her hair, for a second, I felt like I was holding Miroku. I know she doesnt
smell like him, nor was she even his height. But I felt a little lonely thinking about him and
seeing a head of black hair in my arms I just couldnt not think of him. I felt a bit guilty about
using Kagome as a stand in for him, so I gave her a squeeze and pushed her away from me.
While still holding her shoulders I told her that she was one of my dearest friends and that I
would always fight for her.
I told her to dry her eyes before we went back to camp to have dinner with the others. She used
my sleeve to wipe her face and dry the edges her eyes before we started walking back. I wanted
to see his face then, but I walked in time with her until we got back. Shippo once again started
saying some nonsense about what the two of us were doing back there. I took a bowl of food
and hit him on the head before I leapt up into a nearby tree to eat. The leaves hid most of me
and I was fine with it that way. I looked down at all of them. Kagome started to talk with Sango
after a while. Kirara was sitting at her feet pulling flesh from a small leg bone and Shippo was
with Miroku. He was asking Miroku questions about the shrine he grew up in.
I listened in happily to also learn something new about him as I ate my meal. Miroku has a
comforting tone to his speech when he isnt trying to swindle anyone. When I was finished, I
openly gazed down on him. Wishing I could touch some part of him. Hold his hand or lean on

him to feel his warmth against me. Sitting back to back wouldnt be bad either. Just to feel him
in such a reassuring way would be a nice way to spend the rest of the night.
He looked up into the tree I was sitting in. Could he see me looking at him? He couldnt see me.
I saw how his eyes jumped to spots in the leaves. He was trying to see me but couldnt.
Well that answered my question. I told myself as I closed the book, but that doesnt really help me with what I
have to do now. Do I let him know that I read the book, and if so, how? Do I tell him that I dont think of him that
way? Are you sure you dont feel anything for him? I heard myself ask back. I didnt have an answer for that one.
I placed the books back under my garments and moved further into the hot spring to think over what I had to do
and how to go about doing them. I didn't move for a while.
I crossed the small body of water back over the books, once I had made a few decisions, and took them back
out. I got the pen that came with them and wrote on a clean page, one page after his last entry. I then set them
aside and got out of the spring as I proceeded to dry off and get dressed.
= Inuyasha =
Where the hell was he? I shouted inside my head. He should have been back already. I keep seeing him reading
it. Anyone looking at me wouldnt have known how much I was cowering inside from the fear of him finding
those books and reading what I wrote. I sat in the tree that was next to the hut and I was only looking in one
direction. The hot spring. I was waiting for anything to tell me that Miroku was on his way back down that path.
A black hair strand moving in the air, a flip of his purple robe, or the glint off of his earrings.
I saw nothing but green grass, green bushes and green trees. THATS IT! I jumped down and started walking
down the path. I couldnt wait anymore. For all I knew he left and wasn't even there anymore. I told myself.
Some village girl could have come along and he could have followed her back home or something. As much as
that idea didnt sit well with me, Ill take it over being found out this way.
I was about to quicken my walk into a run when I saw him come into view from behind a tree. I expected to see
him smiling or at least wearing a pleasant expression. He almost looksOH NO. My heart started to sink. He
found them. He kept walking towards me so I stood still waiting for him. What was he going to say to me?
Would he say anything at all? Would he just walk past me? He didnt look mad, I said to myself as he came
closer. He might give me a chance. He came closer and I waited to see what would happen. He came to a stop in
front of me. He looked me squarely in the face for a few moments, like he was looking for something. Then he
looked down to his hand that held my books as he lifted them up.
He held them with both hands and moved them around from one hand to the next and back again. I wasnt
going to say anything unless he asked me a question. He held out the older book to me and waited for me to
take it from him. I reached out and took it, making sure not to touch his hand while doing so. My breathing
seemed to have calmed somehow by now. I dont think that I was breathing fast and I dont think that I was
holding it either, but it did change, and that I noticed. He still held on to the other book. He reached his hand
out to the right of him and pulled a leaf from a nearby bush. He then opened the book and placed the leaf
inside and closed the book leaving the top part to stick out between the pages. He then handed it to me and
walked way.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 4

= Inuyasha =
I felt him as he walked past me and I listened to his footsteps as he left. I stood there breathing and breathing
and breathing until my knees buckled and I fell forward. He hadnt out rightly rejected me. He didnt call me a
hentai or furiiku or tell me that he never wanted to speak to me again. Maybe, maybe at least our friendship
was safe.
I looked down at the books and my eyes went to the leaf that was sticking out. I got to my feet and walked a few
feet away from the path so no one would just come across me. I sat down with my back pressed against a very
old and large tree. I crossed my legs and dropped my old book there along with the pen that was in it. I held the
newer on in front of me.
I moved my hand over the surface of the book, then paused before reaching my fingers up to the leaf and
opened the book at that page. There was his hand writing. Its the first time that I had seen it this way. Ive
always seen his writing with brush strokes. Even with the missing elements of what a brush brings to the act of
writing, his words were still far better written than my own.
Without wanting to, I started to read what he had written.
Im sorry for reading your writings Inuyasha. Im sorry to say that this wasnt the first time that
Ive read what you wrote. My curiosity got the better of me the day you walked Kagome to the
well. The first entry that I read made me feel bad for not being a better friend to you and I was
about to close it and place it back under the log when I saw my name again and I couldnt stop
from reading. I didnt think that you would have such thoughts about me. I do not want you to
think that I might think less of you because of this. I was surprised that you could feel that way
towards me, but I still think of you as a very valuable friend. One it seems, I could treat a little
I placed the book back after reading that second entry and I thought over what I read and a few
things crossed my mind. Was this just some passing interest you had in me? Was this love you
were feeling for me or was it just lust? So while you were sleeping at the spring I hid your books
to read them after you left to find these answers.
I was surprised, touched, and shocked by the things I read in there. You opened my eyes to a
few things that I hadnt thought of trying yet with a male or female. Yes, I have been with both
males and females. I didnt read all your entries to leave you some secrets, but I was still left
with questions. Its clear that you care deeply for me and that you wish to have very long nights

with me, but I value our friendship and I dont want to lose that over something like this, if it
isnt truly heartfelt.
Think this over. Do you really want to choose me over Kagome? Are you prepared to let anyone
on this earth know that we are in love with each other? Do you believe that you love me that
For now I think it would be safer for us to talk to each other this way. We will pass this book
back to the other when we have something to say, or ask about all of this. Place a leaf in the
book where you wrote what you have to say or ask.
See you at dinner my friend.
I sat in stunned silence for a moment before lowering the book. My biggest fear of him hating me was chipped
away as I read his words. He is willing to still be my friend if we didnt end up as a couple, not that that wasnt
going to happen now. Now I have to convince him that I am truly in love with all of him and that I am ready to
face the world at his side. I smiled for the first time since I left the hot springs earlier that day. I tilted my head
back and smiled up at the sky, thanking Kami for the good fortune that I was given that day.
we are in love with each other? Did I read that? My eyes few back to those pages and there it was. It did say
we. Does that mean that he already liked me, but didnt do anything about it? If so, its going to be easy and
fun to get him to accept us, but first I have to give him answers to his questions. I opened the older book to get
the pen, then I reopened the newer book to a new clean page. I sat looking at it as I thought of what I wanted to
say and how I wanted to say it.
By the time I left that tree the ground was littered with three pages that had been torn into small pieces. Those
didnt turn out the way I wanted. I wanted to make sure that he understood what I had to say and what I felt. I
grabbed a leaf from the same bush he had used as I headed back and placed it in the book to mark the place
where I laid open my heart and my intentions.
= Miroku =
How long will you be gone? I asked Sango as she continued to pack her bag. I turned my head to the window
when I heard Shippos laughter.
Just a few days. I should be back before Kagome, she said.
Are you sure you want to take Shippo with you? I asked. I wasnt sure how well Kougas tribe may take to the
little fox.
Yeah, its not a problem. Besides, it would be nice for him to play with some other kids his age. There arent
many in the village. She paused in her packing. Ive heard some of the parents telling their kids not to play
with him because he is a demon. I saw the anger pass over her face. Besides, she continued. Hes not like
you and Inuyasha who dont mind being alone, she finished as she slung the bag onto her back and then
walked over to her hiraikotsu that was propped up next to the door. Its strap went across her body that she held
in her right hand to help keep it on her back and in place. Her hair was out and falling down her back as she
ducked to go outside. Personally I liked it when it was up in a pony tail, but she seemed to save that hair style for
when she was going into battle.
Have a safe journey, I told them from the top step. They had waited for me to step out before they waved and
started to walk away from the village.

They were walking hand in hand with Shippo running a head of them, and they made a very happy looking
couple if not family, even if it was an odd one.
No one had seen it coming, least of all Sango. First Kouga was trying to get Kagome to be his mate and he
enjoyed challenging Inuyasha for her, then he joined our little group. He said that he was going to prove that
Kagome was better off with him, than with Inuyasha, and that he was going to stay until she said yes to leave
with him. Inuyasha had pulled Tetsusaiga on him in the middle of camp when he said that. Kagome didnt do
anything at first except look at him, not really caring what Inuyasha was doing. After all it wasnt the first time
he had pulled his sword on the wolf demon. It was when we actually thought that he was going to use the wind
scar that Kagome promptly released a string of osuwaris, which left him unable to move while Kagome sat
Kouga down and got him something to eat saying that he was going to be of great help in gathering the jewel
shards and fighting Naraku.
He ended up spending two months with us. Bit by bit all of us saw his attentions shift from Kagome to Sango.
Everyone but Inuyasha and Sango that is. Kouga continued to woo Kagome until he realized that he was having a
change of heart and when he told Kagome, he was a little surprised to find out that she already knew. I was
meditating at the time not too far way. When I stood up to let them know that Inuyasha would be happy to
hear that, Kouga asked me not to tell him and to let him find out for himself. I agreed, but only because I didnt
think that it would take as long as it did for it to sink in that Kouga was falling in love with Sango.
Two weeks before Kougas time was up with us, I heard around the camp fire that they were now a couple. He
had officially proposed and she had accepted. We were all happy for her but the cheering died down as we all
thought that she was now going to be leaving us. She quieted our fears by saying that she wasnt leaving the
group. Kouga was going to go back to his tribe and she was going to stay until our quest was completed.
For the remainder of his time with us, the two of them slept apart from the rest of the group. I guessed that
they were storing up time together for when they were going to be apart.
When the day came for him to leave, Inuyasha waited on the path with me and Shippo as Kagome and Sango
bid Kouga goodbye. We heard him say that he was going to be back in a month and to take care of his woman.
This was directed at Inuyasha who just looked at him while the rest of us looked at Sango as she blushed.
That was six months ago and about every month since he would stop by and spend a few days with us, but
mostly with Sango. Today will be the first time that he takes her back to his tribe.
Kouga told me one night that the pack elders had been waiting for him to take a mate for a while now. That
seemed to be the reason why he was staying with us before, so he could get Kagome to go back with him and
have the whole matter settled. He also sounded very confident that Sango was going to be well accepted by the
elders as well as his tribe, even if she was human.
I watched as they walked down a hill and out of sight. Now that just leaves me and Inuyasha. I thought to
myself. This may not go the way I was hoping. I started to worry over what might happen with no one around to
keep us, to keep him, I told myself, from acting out what he wanted. Then, as if to give my thought flesh, I saw
Inuyasha coming up the path that lead to the hot springs.
= Inuyasha =
I saw him standing outside the hut that we were staying at and I paused before I started to climb the steps as I
recognized a scent that I hadnt come across in a months time. Kougas scent was so strong that he could have
been inside with Sango. I wasnt going to say anything to Miroku that he could overhear.

I walked up to Mirokus side and presented him with the book. I was looking at him as he looked into my face,
before he looked down at the book. He started to reach for the book then paused. He paused? Then he
continued to reach for the book and took it out of my hand.
I smiled inwardly as he took the book from me. Now, for Kouga. We werent as much at odds as we use to be
when he was trying to take Kagome from the group. How could he have expected me to let her go with him
when we needed her to help find the jewel shards? Now, due to Sango, we wouldnt argue as much as we did
before, but we insulted each other in passing all the same. I was thinking of a good come back for one or two
things that he may say when Miroku walked past me and went inside.
I followed him into the hut and realized that it was empty and that Kougas scent wasnt inside at all. I looked
next to the doorway and saw that Sangos Hiraikotsu was missing.
Did Sango and Kouga go hunting? I asked Miroku, as I watched him sit down next to a dead fire pit. All six
windows were opened so we didnt lack light. He sat looking at the book.
Wheres Sango? I asked again. This time he looked up at me.
She left with Kouga and Shippo, he answered.
Shippo left too? I asked.
Yes. Sango said that she wanted him to play with some other kids, he answered back. She felt he was having
a hard time playing with anyone here because of their parents, he added.
Oh, I commented. I knew how that could be. I had one or two friends growing up, but the friendships didnt
last long once it was found out that they were playing with me and I was only a hanyou. Im sure Shippo would
have it a bit worse, being a full demon.
So they went to Kougas den? For how long? I asked, as new possibilities floated though my head. We were
alone. Alone in the hut. Just the two of us. Alone.
A few days. No more than four. Sango said that she was going to be back before Kagome, he wasnt looking at
me, but at the book. He was nervous. He was expecting something to happen now that I knew we were the only
ones left here.
I did see this as a sign.
Ah aahh. I heard his breath as it escaped past my left ear as I licked down his neck. He clung to me and I
pushed my body down onto his, between the legs that I separated to get closer to him. I pulled his clothing
away from his chest to kiss down his breast bone and then licked my way over to a nipple. I wrapped my arms
around his waist and held him to me as he squirmed under my lips.
My fingers started to dig into his back as I felt his lower half start to rub into me in a very disturbing way. I
wasnt planning on going that far yet. I eased my hold on him a little at a time while I moved my lips back to
kissing his. I kissed with less need and pulled away from him more and more with longer breaths of time in
between until I was sitting back watching him as he still held on to my happi coat.
We looked into each others eyes before I focused on his whole face. I wondered if he was looking at my skin the
same way I was looking at his as the heat left, turning it back to its normal coloring. I reached out and touched

his neck again and his eyes closed. I saw his skin start to heat up again and I quickly covered him, so we wouldnt
end back up where we just came from.
I pulled his purple robes back into place and slowly stood up as his fingers fell from my fire-rat coat.
Ill see if can find a rabbit for dinner. Or would you want fish instead? I asked him as I reached the door way.
Fish. It would cook faster and Ill get some rice from Kaede, he said without looking up.
I turned around and left without saying a word. I think I might hang out there a bit longer than needed to give
him a chance to read what I wrote for him.
= Miroku =
Blank. My mind was blank. Nothing. I have no clue what just happened. We were talking about Kouga and Sango
and the few bits of news I got from Kouga about his pack. I was a bit nervous about being alone with Inuyasha
tonight and was pleased to see him interested in something else other than me. Maybe I dropped my guard too
I turned my back for a moment and he had wrapped his arms around me. As good as I felt, I pulled out of the
hug to tell him that I didnt want to damage our friendship before we both knew that this was what we wanted,
but he kissed me. His hot lips captured, suck and licked me. I fell back against the wall and he went with me. He
is a good kisser. I just remember holding on to him to keep from slipping away. Soon he was pulling away and I
did not want him too.
When he touched my neck again I didnt even try to stop him. I almost gasped as I felt the heat from his hand
move into me. I was ready for more and I grabbed his coat tighter, but I think he changed his mind and covered
me up before he moved away. I let my hands drop from him in disbelief that I was so easily pulled along. I was
the one who was talking about saving our friendship, yet here I am, throwing away my so said resolve faster
than a girl who actually thought that I would be a good father for our children.
I needed to get out of here. I need to go outside and breathe some cooler air. I looked around and saw the
empty hut. Yes, Inuyasha went to get some fish. I stood and fixed my robes as I prepared to go see Kaede for
some rice. I reached down to pick up the clean but cold rice pot from above the fire pit when I saw the green
leaf bent onto the book. I picked it up and held the leaf up with my thumb just to have it fall back broken when I
moved it away.
Great. Was that an omen of things to come? I put it in the sleeve of my robe and grabbed my staff before I left in
search of Kaede.
Over an hour later I found myself walking back to the hut believing that Inuyasha was sitting there waiting for
me with some roasted fish.
I cant go back. We may end up finishing what we started and I dont want to do something that we will regret
later. The book chose that moment to slide down and stick to my skin, to let me know that it was still there to be
read. I reached in and took it out, then found a rock near a lantern that hung out in the street.
I flipped my way to the broken leaf after I placed the pot down on even ground. Well my hanyou friend, what do
you have to say? I asked myself as I started to read.

Miroku I do love you. Im not sure what actions I have left to prove to you that I do. Ive helped
care for you while you were sick. Ive fought side by side with you to keep you from being killed.
Ive even stood up for you against the girls under threat of bodily harm. You may think that it is
funny now, but when you let us believe that you slept with that girl and may have been the
father of her three month old child, by doing nothing to deny it, you hurt me, but I wasnt going
to stand in the way of your happiness. And if being with her was what made you happy, I was
going to help. I was truly happy to learn that you were just tying to help and protect a friend of
yours who couldnt help the girl at the time.
My heart breaks each time I see or hear that you are with another woman. I always wished that
I was the one you chose to hold, but knew that you wouldnt and I would hate you for a few
hours thinking that you werent worth the time it took my heart to ache over you. Then I see
you later that day, all smiles, like there was nothing bad in the world and I would just say that
you were just being yourself and looked forward to eating dinner across the fire from you again
that night.
I have watched you for over a year, and each day I need to see you more and more. At night I
dream of you. Yes, some are where we shout each others name for the world to hear, but there
are others where we just sit and watch the world go by. Ones where we share no more than a
kiss and watch each other as light filters down through your hair. I want to see love in your eyes
looking back at me. I will tell you that I love you in person to make you believe, so you can let
yourself love me back.
You asked if I would let the world know that we are a couple. I have no problems with this.
Demons see no shame or difference in love whether its between two males, two females, or
one of each. I may have grown up in the human world, but I didnt always live here. For a few
months I lived at my fathers home where I was a little more respected, but still hated. My time
there wasnt long, but I saw a world that most humans didnt and I considered myself lucky in
that small way. I can understand a little why my brother says he hates humans so much. They
say that they have so much compassion and that demons are heartless beasts, while they kill
their own more than we do and tell others who they should love within their own kind.
The only thing that I feel that I would have to defend is that you are human, but seeing that Im
not a full demon to begin with, I think the demon world wouldnt care that much about me
touching a human in such a way. I would most likely have to fight your kind for the right to stay
with you, but with you wanting to stay with me, I would fight any human who would dare
challenge us.
Thats my Inuyasha, always ready to fight. My Inuyasha? Does this mean that I believe him now? Do I drop the
friend excuse and be with him the way he wants?
I look down at the pot and moved my hand forward to touch it. It was barely warm now. I closed the book and
put it back where it came from. I grabbed the handle of pot and clutched my staff before I set off towards the
hut again.
Furiiku Freak
Hentai Pervert

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 5
= Inuyasha =
Breathe in and breathe out. We will just let things happen and see where they lead. I reached my hand out to
grab the curtain and ducked inside. I stood and watched as Miroku placed the lid back onto the pot and swung it
away from the fire. He looked up at me but his eyes did not reach my face. I walked over to the fire and watched
him as he reached his hand out towards me. I looked at it for a moment wondering what he was asking for. I
decided to hand him the basket of fish.
Thanks, he said as he set it down and started to uncover it. He stopped and then looked up at me. Did you
catch and cook all of them? he asked.
Of course, I said. Well, kinda, I added. I moved to sit across from him next to the fire pit. I did catch all of
them, but this old lady was there and she said that she could clean and cook them for me. So as I caught one,
she would clean it and set it to cook. She even provided the basket. I was suppose to pay her with money, but I
caught so much that she took some of the fish as payment instead.
Miroku nodded his head and reached for a bowl. He placed a fish in it and handed it to me. I reached out and
held his fingers on the bottom of the bowl. I didnt let go as he tugged at his hand. Finally he looked up into my
Did you read the book? I asked him.
Yes. I read the book, he answered so I let go of his hand and took the bowl. He took a fish for himself and
placed it in a bowl before covering the rest of them.
My heart started to beat faster. Breathe in and breathe out. I started to scoop out some rice out of the pot.
Did I stopped. I breathed again. Did I answer your questions? I was finally able to ask him.
I think you did, Miroku answered.
Then what is the problem? I asked him as I set my bowl down to see him looking into his.
= Miroku =
Yes, what is your problem? I asked myself. Inuyasha told me that I he really loves me. I remembered his entry on
how he felt when I was sick with the fever for days. I know that he has fought side by side with me and it
answered why he would keep getting in between me and some rather nasty blows at times.

I stared down at the dead fish that couldnt look back at me. What was stopping me? Its not like Ive never been
with another male before. Akio. Yes, there was Akio. Inuyasha wouldnt, couldnt do that to you.
Miroku? Inuyasha said.
I looked up at him. Its me, I said. I held the bowl tighter as I looked at him. You have to tell me, I told him.
Tell you what? Inuyasha asked as he pulled himself a little closer.
= Inuyasha =
Tell me that you love me. Make me believe you, Miroku said. I was puzzled. Why was he afraid? Why could I
smell small amounts of fear coming from him? Was he afraid of me?
I came closer and slowly placed both my hands on either side of his face. I held his eyes with mine as I lowered
my hands to his shoulders while I thought of the words I wanted him to hear.
Miroku, Im in love with you. I have loved you for a long time and would like for you to try to love me back.
The slight smell of fear from before seems to be mostly gone, but I saw that his eyes were getting wet. Why? I
asked myself as he reached a hand up to his face. Maybe something got in them. I thought as I let go of his
shoulders. He lowered his head as he rubbed and wiped each eye. I sat back waiting for him to say something.
Ok, I heard him say.
Ok? I asked back at him. What was that suppose to mean? Ok, he heard what I had to say? Ok, that wasnt
how he wanted to hear it? Ok, he would try to love me back? Ok what?
Ok, I will try to love you back, Miroku said. I looked at him wide eyed as he looked back at me.
You will? I asked him. I couldnt keep the sound of happiness out of my voice.
Yes I will, he confirmed. I started to lean over to kiss him, but he beat me to it. I was soon lying on the floor
and gasping for breath once he pulled way. I soon followed his lips and nipping at them as he pulled away
slowly. When I decided to stop kissing him, he was smiling and sitting upright again.
Miroku looked like his happy old self again and with our little problem currently settled, we talked of other
things that night as we finished our meal.
Do you think that Sango will make a good co-leader for Koguas pack? I asked Miroku. Not that I dont think
that she isnt good enough or anything like that. Just how would she take to it I wonder, I finished as I started to
chew on some rice to keep myself from saying anything more.
Sure. Why wouldnt she? Besides, when the rest of the wolves see how well she hunts and fights, they will be
more than impressed, Miroku answered back.
= Miroku =
Inuyasha nodded his head at my answer. I could breathe and talk to him normally again. I had nothing to be
afraid of. I made this harder than it needed to be. Akio was still in there causing problems for me it seemed.
Im more concerned about Shippo. Hes a fox and theyre wolves. How well can they get along? I asked him. I
was hoping to hear some demon insight that he was willing to share.

I think Kougas pack would allow Shippo into the den. Fox demon or not, besides, they know Shippo, its not like
hes a threat or anything to them, he finished before he started pulling the fish apart.
True, and they do seem friendly, I added in before I turned back to my meal. Oh, I almost forgot, I said as I
looked down into my empty cup. I poured myself some tea and set it down, then reached my hand out for
Inuyashas cup. I filled it with the dark liquid and handed it back to him.
Kamairicha, he said before he took another sip.
Yes. Kaede gave some to me, I said. I wonder how she came across it? I asked out loud. Not really caring for
an answer.
A traveler came through a few months back. I heard that the old woman treated some injury he had, Inuyasha
Where did you hear that? I questioned.
The fish lady, he answered before taking another sip.
We finished our meal in relative silence except for the passing back and forth of the tea pot.
= Inuyasha =
I heard him as he set his bowl down and then his cup after he drank the last of his tea.
I think that Im going to turn in early tonight, Miroku said as he got up to put the dishes away. I didnt say
anything, but finished cleaning my bowl of the last bits of rice.
Inuyasha? I heard him call when he came back.
Yes? I asked as I looked up.
Can we spar tomorrow morning? Miroku asked me.
Sure, I told him.
Thank you. I dont want to be out of practice for when we start traveling again, he said. Then he walked over
to his mat and laid down with his back to me. Good night Inuyasha, I heard him say after he had settled down.
Good night Miroku. Im going to take a bath before I go to sleep, I told him. He was breathing softly and I dont
know if he heard me or not. He didnt look that sleepy a moment ago.
I put my bowl alongside his and soon left the hut with what I would need for my bath. Getting some practice in
before Kagome came back wasnt a bad idea. I thought to myself as I walked out into night.
I didnt stay long at the river and pretty soon I was walking back up the path, leaving the night air to finish drying
my wet hair. I moved quietly into the hut to make sure that I didnt wake Miroku. I slipped onto my own bed roll
looking at him for a few moments before I also fell asleep.
= Miroku =
He was back and it sounded like he was now asleep. I eased out of my mediation and sat up as I looked at him.
He hadnt been asleep for long so he wasnt spread eagle, like he was always found in the morning when he
sleeps on the ground. I smiled to myself as I crawled closer to him. I touched a damp bit of his hair and moved it

off his face. I touched his shoulder and felt how cool his skin was. He didnt put back on his happi and his haori
wasnt on very well, letting me see the right side of his chest.
He is lovable. I told myself. And he has been a very good friend to me all this time. Even when he knew I was
trying to have a child with any girl that would have me, he fell in love with me. I should tell him that I havent
been with as many women as he thinks. Does that mean that you will tell him about Akio also? I asked myself. In
time. I answered. I know about his past loves, he should know about mine.
I leaned forward and kissed the side of his lips before moving back to my bed roll. This time I truly fell asleep.
= Inuyasha =
AAaahhhhhh I think my tongue curled like my claws and toes as I woke up to a new day yawning. I scratched
my head as I looked around. I stopped when I saw something bright red covering something purple. I rubbed my
eyes and saw that it was my happi wrapped around Miroku. I guess it was cold last night.
I crawled over to him and looked at his face. I got closer and closer to him until our noses almost touched. I
looked at his hairline. I looked at how his nose curved. I looked at the shape of his eyes, and I studied the
different shades of his skin. It wasnt all one color like you would think. It faded in and out as you moved from
one place to the next across his face. His skin was lighter around the eyes and his eyelids. His lips and the tips of
his ears were the darkest in color. Very pink, but I liked his lips the most.
I touched my nose to his for a moment before I softly pressed my lips to his.
Mmmm, he moaned before moving away and rubbing his nose.
Should I continue to kiss him until he wakes up? He did like it yesterday when we kissed. I moved my face closer
to his again. I placed a few quick kisses on his lips until I felt him starting to kiss me back. The pit of my stomach
heated before it did a little shiver and I wanted more as I pressed him with a longer kiss. I pulled my happi off of
him and I quickly felt his hand move around my neck before I started to pull him closer. The purple part of his
robe slipped down and I moved it aside. It was also just covering him, but he was still too covered in my option.
For a moment the memory of him walking from the stream to the hot spring flashed through my brain and lust
started to fill me. He didnt try to stop me as I pulled the other part of his robe off his shoulder.
= Miroku =
Who was kissing me? I couldnt think of a girl it could be and this person seemed too strong to be one that I
knew. I reached out for that person after my arms were freed. I placed my hand on the back of their neck and
deepened the kiss. Whoever it was, they tasted good and something seemed familiar. Ill let that come back to
me when it does. I told myself as I felt his hand moving down my neck and over my shoulder. My skin heated
and I wanted to feel him on the rest of me. Inuyasha. Thats who it is. I remembered his touch from yesterday.
I went with it and kept my eyes closed as I felt his hand moving down by back. This is different from my dream,
but it was just as good. I leaned my head back down to my mat as I felt his lips moving over my chest. I arched
my back as he nibbled on a nipple. I felt a tug on my left arm as he finished stripping my chest and arms of all
coverings. I felt my robes move further down my body than my waist. I felt his hand as it move up the side of my
thigh when he licked around my belly button. I arched my back again to press my hardening self against his
chest. The only thing keeping me from rubbing skin to skin was my fundoshi. He slid up my body and I pulled on
his haori until it came free and tossed it aside. Now I felt his skin, hot and sticking to mine. He was kissing me
again. His tongue was longer than mine and he did a good job moving it around my own. I was grateful for the
times he eased up to let me breath, but I pulled him back into kissing me too soon and I would be breathing
heavily again, sooner than before.

= Inuyasha =
I moved my hand down and into the back of his fundoshi. He has been rubbing his hard cock against me since I
pulled his robes off. My claws were itching to shred this last thing from his body, but I took care not to tear it
apart. I moved as quickly as I could as I kissed and licked his chest to keep him occupied until I was finished
getting this damned thing off of him. My blood was running through my body as hot as I ever felt it. I wanted to
feel him. I finally had it off of him and I tossed it over my shoulder. I laid him down and waited for him to open
his eyes and look at me.
His eyes looked a bit hazy as he looked back at me. It was like he was still dreaming and he was pulling me into
that dream to be with him. I stood and made short work of getting rid of the rest of my own clothing. I moved to
lay down over him when he reached his hand up and laid it flat against my chest. I was kneeling over his body as
he slid his hand down to my belly and raked his fingers in the thick tuft of hair that was above my swollen penis.
AH! I gasped as his fingers continued to rake down the length of me. I fell forward wanting to kiss him again. I
cut his lip. I told myself as I tasted his blood in my mouth. I eased my lips from his to I lick them clean and to
help them heal. He raised his lips up to kiss mine as I felt his hand sliding between our bodies back to the place
that was now twitching from the want of him. I felt him wrap his fingers around me and my breath hitched. It
then came out in gasps as he started to moan from the feel of both our cocks rubbing together. His hands now
held us together as he slowly rocked beneath me.
I braced myself up on my elbows and I also started to move.
AAH. Ahh. Hhhh, I was gasping next to his ear as he moaned into mine. He was faint at first, but it got
louder as each pitched breath that escaped his mouth did all it could to bring me closer to coming. He held on
to our cocks tighter and I moved faster against him. Now he was gasping and moaning louder than before. The
hairs on the back of my neck started to stand on end. The darkness behind my closed eyelids started to fade to
white and I felt like I must keep on moving.
= Miroku =
Pleasure washed over me in waves. We were not in time at all with each other and that only helped to send me
spiraling at odd moments when he rubbed a spot he missed the last two times. I arched up to him and our
testicles slapped against each other which sent a new blot of color flashing through my brain.
We were breathing too hard to kiss, but his lips hovered and brushed past mine as he moaned and lightly
growled at times. Sweat was starting to fall from him and mix with my own. We were getting close. My sight
narrowed unto a lock of his damp hair that was stuck to his neck. His pulse would have been hypnotic if it wasnt
causing me to hear my own heart beat pumping away in my ears. The urge to lick his neck as he pumped away
in my hand and over my own member was bring me closer and closer to losing my voice or shouting his name.
My toes started to curl as I felt it I starting to take over.
Im coming, I heard Inuyasha say before I formed the words in my own mouth.
Kiss me, I said. He looked at me. KISS ME NOW! I insisted. He covered my mouth with his just in time.
MMMMMMmmmmmmmm, I moaned into his open month as I came. I was aware that he hadnt come yet as
I started to loosen my hold. I tightened a hand around him and curved my finger over his ridge and up to the
very tip as I started to move my hand again to help him come. I looked up at his face and saw his skin tightened
and I felt his cock grow again in my hand. I even felt my own cock start to twitch back to life as he growls got

He surprised me as he pressed down onto my body to pull me to him before raising his head and howling. I felt
it vibrate into my body and I wrapped my arms around him as it pooled inside of me. I was shaking myself as I
think I came again.

Kamairicha - is a Japanese tea that does not undergo the usual steam treatments of Japanese tea and does not
have the characteristic bitter taste of most Japanese tea.
Happi - its the top half of Inuyashas fire rat outfit kimono.
Haori - is the undershirt that he wears under his fire rat outfit.
Fundoshi - is the traditional Japanese underwear for adult males, made from a length of cotton cloth.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 6
= Miroku =
Heavy breathing filled the hut, if not just my ears. Inuyasha was holding me, with my face to his shoulder, as he
stroked my head absently and my arms were still around his waist. I started to rub a finger over a bone that was
sticking out of somewhere. The sweat had cooled his skin and was still there to help glide my hand over his
lower back.
As I waited for him to release me, my hand moved lower as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smell of him that I
couldnt avoid.
AH! I shouted in shock and pain as he dropped me.
Im sorry, he said as he pulled me up into a sitting position under him.
What was that for? I asked Inuyasha as I rubbed the side of my head with one hand and laid my other arm
over his thigh.
You grabbed my ass. I wasnt expecting it, he said. I should have known, but I didnt expect it, he added.
Now he started to blush. I reached a hand up and slipped it around his neck to bring his face down for a kiss. As I
pulled away I heard this squishy noise. I looked down and besides the pink and cream colored flesh of our not so
private parts, I saw that we were covered in both our ejaculations.
I think we need a bath, I told him as I looked back up into his face.
= Inuyasha =
For the next two days it was like I was living in one of my dreams. I laid back on a branch and looked up through
the leaves at the small patch of sky that got covered by a passing cloud. I looked down to Mirokus black hair as
he sat below me meditating. It was a nice day and it got off to a great start. I loved waking up next to him. The
only thing better was falling asleep with him.
This morning he kissed me awake and we had the last of the cakes, which had gotten hard, that Kagome had left
behind. We spent the morning practicing and then came back to the village to have lunch with Kaede. She was
taking care of a sick villager, so she packed some food for us and we left to eat somewhere else. We ended up
eating outside of our hut and then went to soak in the hot spring.
We werent just soaking once we started kissing. I felt a smile take over my face as I remembered the kiss and
the grasping hands. There was the splashing of hot water, the sucking, the licking and the fingers. I wasnt
smiling anymore as I felt my face along with the rest of me warm with the memory of his fingers and what he
did to me with them. My gut tightened as I remembered the way he made me feel. The leaves faded to look like
the rocks that were around the spring. The blue sky turned into the hot water that heated our skin.

He turned me towards the bank and lifted my leg to push his fingers in further. I clawed at the ground each time
he pushed in, but I felt like I wanted to feel more. I told him more and I expected to feel more fingers, but I
screamed and dug my claws into the ground and still as he pulled me towards him. I realized that it wasnt his
whole hand like I thought it was, when I felt both of them holding me around my waist. His cock was up my ass. I
didnt think that it was going to hurt this much. It wasnt hurting as much when I heard Miroku whisper into my
ear that he was going to move. I DONT WANT TO. I DONT WANT TO. I screamed in my head. ITS GOING TO
HURT. It did hurt, but the hurt changed to something better by the third stroke in. I liked the long ones when he
would ram into me then come almost all the way out and go back in again. I came before he did and we just
kinda laid there for bit after that.
Now I was in a tree, remembering that I was up a tree and he was down there meditating. I sat up and wiped my
face to make sure that it was still dry before I jumped down.
Im going to go hunting, I told Miroku after he opened one eye to look at me. He closed it again without saying
a word and nodded. I smiled to myself as I turned and walked away with my hand resting on Tetsusaigas hilt.
= Miroku =
His footsteps faded back into what I was thinking about before he jumped down out of the tree. Sango was due
back later that day and Kagome tomorrow. I even think that Sesshomaru said that he was going to be by in
about two days from now. We wont have time to be by ourselves for a few days. That was one of the reasons I
seduced him today after lunch.
Meditate. Calm the urges. Breathe and become calm. I tried to focus on that point. I saw it and thoughts flowed.
Im a monk, I can do this. My muscles relaxed even more. My breathing swallowed and slowed. The sounds
around me became clearer and separated themselves from each other. I heard the grass move next me as the
wind that ruffled my hair twirled though its blades. The bark of the tree I sat against echoed its strong presence
to me. I started to drift as I absorbed the rays of the sun that danced across my face and hands.
Golden eyes sparked with mischief as they squinted at me. Sharp claws above soft finger tips left heat trails in
my sight as my skin grew cold and burned hot almost at the same time. Lips then pushed out of the darkness
and grinned to bear a set of white teeth and matching fangs. The lips pulsed slightly as they drew closer. They
had a heart beat of their own. I wanted to lick them. Salty skin that tasted sweet soon pushed back against me.
I snapped my eyes open as I pressed back against the tree and took long deep breaths.
That is not how you meditate! I know that! I shouted back inside my head. If you cant keep yourself from
grabbing him, you wont have to tell anyone. They will just find you having sex in the middle of camp! I said I
know! I did not enjoy the idea of anyone seeing us like that and that was out of decency rather than shame of
being with Inuyasha.
When will we tell them? Im not sure. It cant be too soon. I want us to be together for a while before we let the
others know. I still feel like Im taking him from Kagome and I dont like the idea of hurting her. I would feel
better if she had someone. Besides Shippo, who doesnt really count, she will be the only one without a partner.
She lost Kouga to Sango and now it seems like she lost Inuyasha to me. It will take planning to tell her.
That seemed to have sobered me up a bit to the situation. Im going to have to talk with Inuyasha about this.
Maybe he could even be the one to let Kagome know that we were now together when the time came.
I stood up and dusted myself off before walking back to the hut. I should figure out how Im going to cook
whatever he brings back today. I havent had to cook for a while since I joined Inuyashas group, not that I
cooked that much when I was on my own. There was always a nice lady willing to provide food for a young

traveling monk, but I did find it reassuring that I could cook something decent for myself when I wasnt near a
village for a few days.
By the time I made it back to the hut, my robes were heavy with things I had found along the way. A few roots
here and there and some leaves that smelled good and could be used in a soup or help flavor the meat once it
wasnt fish. Just before our hut came into sight, I saw some nametake mushrooms and thought that they might
be good to have also. I was about to bend and pull some when I thought that it would be better to keep them
living for a while longer.
I went inside and placed what I collected into two bowls. One for the leaves and the larger container for the
items covered in dirt. I then walked outside to get some wood from the stack that was between the house and
the tall pagoda tree.
On my way back I kicked something and heard what sounded like a crack. I looked down to see a dirt encrusted
bowl. Not an expensive one by the looks of it. I moved it around with my foot and saw that it was just missing
part of its rim. We couldnt eat from it, but it could be used to hold something. I walked back inside and set the
wood down to start a fire.
I sat there looking at the small blaze, thinking that it wouldnt be too hard for Inuyasha and I to put some time
between the times we could be together, when the group was whole again. I will miss waking up next to him,
even though we havent been doing it for that long. I started to dust some dirt off of my robes when I
remembered the mushrooms from earlier. I can hold them in the bowl I found outside. I walked back outside to
retrieve the bowl and was walking in the direction of the mushrooms when I sensed a powerful demon coming
I looked around as the wind and leaves moved knowing that someone or something was on its way. I was about
to run back and get my staff when I recognized the presence. I looked up into the sky in the direction he was
coming from, when he walked out of the woods. He stood there and waited for me for me to look down.
Sesshomaru-sama, I said when my eyes became level with his.
Where is the kitsune? he asked me. I guess I wasnt meant to be addressed.
Hes away with Sango. He should be back tonight, I told him.
Rin, he is not here. Do you wish to stay? he seemed to say to no one. Rin then walked around him and into
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she stood still in front of him. We both waited to hear what he would say
I will wait with you, he told Rin. He then turned his attention to me.
Where is my half brother? he then asked.
He went hunting. He should be back soon, I said. I didnt really know how much long he would be gone.
Would you like some tea while you wait Sesshomaru-sama? I asked him.
He looked down at Rin who hadnt moved, but was now smiling. Go and play, he told her. She turned and ran
towards me.
Hello Miroku, she said.
Hello Rin, I replied. Would you like some tea? I asked the smiling child.

Yes please, she grinned up at me. Do you have any wa-gashi? she asked as we walked into the house.
Ill have to see if we have anything sweet, I told her as she followed me around as I got the tea ready. We then
looked for something sweet for her to eat with the tea. We looked through the bag that Kagome had left
behind, thinking it would be the only place to have such a thing. There wasnt much left in it, but I took a closer
look at something that I passed over before. It was pink and at one time I think the mass was a number of little
balls from the pattern I saw on the surface, and a faint memory that I had of seeing it weeks ago. I looked over
what they were sealed in and read the word manjyu. That was a wa-gashi right?
I tore the sticky bag open and managed to pull one from the others. We both looked at it and I looked at her
looking at it. I couldnt let her taste it first. If she got sick Sesshomaru would skin me alive . I went back to looking
at the little pink thing. I raised it to my nose and smelled it. It didnt smell like it was bad. I took a small bite of it
and chewed slowly. It tasted ok and I liked the red bean paste that was in the middle. I waited to see if anything
would happen to me. I counted to ten, nothing. I guess it was safe. I ate the rest of it and waited for the count of
twenty, still nothing. I pulled one out of the bag and gave it to Rin. She looked at me before popping it whole
into her mouth and chewing.
Delicious! she remarked. May I have another one Miroku? she asked.
You can have one more with your tea. I told her as I took the bag with me. I placed three on a plate and
poured two cups of tea.
You poured tea for Sesshomaru-sama. Ill take it outside, she said as she took up the tray and then made her
way outside, backwards.
I am here my lord. I have secured Ah-Un outside of the village like you said, I heard coming from outside.
Master Jaken, would you like some tea? I heard Rin offer that little green imp. Now I really didnt feel like
going back outside. I look around the hut as I decided whether or not to stay inside. The fire was still ok. I had
brought in extra wood for when it started to die down. My eyes fell unto a dirty cracked bowl. The mushrooms, I
can do that. I picked it up and walked outside. I didnt expect anyone to stop me and no one did. As I walked
away from the house Sesshomaru didnt even look at me. Jaken on the other hand stared at me as I walked pass
and Rin didnt see me as she picked some flowers that were close to the hut. I stopped to look at her as she
paused in her flower picking to watch a hyomon-cho as it fluttered by her nose. She watched it as it made a very
uncertain path over to the bushes on her left. She then moved on to picking some small yellow flowers. I turned
and walked into the woods with the feel of Jakens eyes still on my back.
I didnt even have to touch the mushrooms as I moved them from the ground to the bowl. They were living off
of a dead stump and I just took the piece that they were growing from and moved it to the bowl. I was about to
stand up when I felt someone kiss the back of my neck. I froze. When the kissing continued I relaxed and
reached my hand up to touch the side of his head.
Do you know? I asked him.
Yeah, I almost lost the boar because of him, Inuyasha said back. I turned around and kissed him properly.
Mmmmm, I moaned as I let go of him.
I was hoping for a few more hours before everyone started to show up, he said before he pulled me closer and
kissed me again.
I guess we will have to settle for a bath together tonight, I told him as I stood and he stood with me.

Nametake mushrooms? Inuyasha asked as he looked down at the bowl I was holding.
Yes. I thought they might be part of dinner. Where is it? I asked him as I started looking around. About twenty
paces back I saw the hairy thing lying on its side.
We can give some to Kaede in exchange for all the food we got from her while the girls were gone, he told me
as we looked over the large animal.
Come on, lets get this over with, Inuyasha said as he grabbed it and lifted it onto his shoulder. We then
walked out of the surrounding trees together.

Hyomon-cho English name is Marbled Fritillary. Its a type of butterfly. This species occurs from western
Europe to eastern Asia. "Hyomon" means panther pattern.
Wa-gashi - (Japanese confectioneries) developed under the influence of the Japanese culture and traditions, in
addition to the influence from China and the West.
Nametake - Even though they look differently, nametake and enoki are actually the same mushroom. Nametake
is the wild version while Enoki is the cultivated version. Enoki are a popular ingredient for hot pot dishes.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 7
= Third Person POV =
That night Sango, Shippo and Kouga showed just after sunset to find Sesshomaru and Inuyasha outside. Kouga
decided to join in on their conversation and took up a seat equal distance from both of them. After a certain
point, it started to sound like a class lecture all aimed at Inuyasha. When Miroku was passing with Kaedes share
of the boar that he had cleaned and finished cutting down with Sangos help, he heard something of their
current topic.
You guys sound like Kagome, Inuyasha said as he sat back.
How? Kouga asked as he glared at him. He may have fallen out of love with Kagome, but he still felt like
protecting her, especially when it came to Inuyasha.
She is always saying that I dont know anything. I dont like being called stupid, he said. Now he was glaring
back at the wolf demon.
Who called you stupid, you stupid mutt? Kouga flung back at him.
Inuyasha, was all Sesshomaru said as he looked at his half brother to keep him from attacking Kouga. They
both looked at each other for a few moments before Inuyasha eased back into a sitting position.
No one is saying that you are stupid, Sesshomaru paused to give Kouga his look. Kouga visibly shrunk back. He
then turned back to his brother. We are just letting you know things that you should know. You have a
birthright that you should at least keep an eye on. And in doing so, you should know who to trust, who not to,
and who to look out for, at what time. You still have a long way to go to before calling yourself the Son of Inu no
Taishou, without anyone laughing behind your back, or to your face, he then lifted and sipped from the latest of
the many fresh cups of tea that Rin bought him.
As Miroku walked away and towards Kaedes hut he thought that Inuyasha didnt care to call himself Son of Inu
no Taishou when he heard a high pitched screech followed by dying laughter, which was then proceeded
by shouts of reprimand from Jaken.

Kaede thanked Miroku for the fresh meat and inquired about the strong demon force she felt coming from their
hut. Miroku told Kaede that it was something called a play date that was for Shippo and Rin. Kaede showed
her surprise at the fact that Sesshomaru was visiting a brother that he seemed to try and kill whenever the
opportunity presented itself.
With a cup of tea of his own, Miroku sat down to tell the story of Sesshomarus slight change of heart and how
the play date came about.
It was about two months ago, he started. We had sensed two strong demons fighting and we tracked the
demons energies until we found Naraku fighting Sesshomaru, he sipped some tea, and Kaede continued to
make some kind of healing paste. The banging of wood on wood provided a steady backdrop of the story.
Rin was being held by Kagura, and Jaken was lying at their feet. We separated to get Rin and to attack Naraku
while we were still unnoticed. Kagome shot Kagura with an arrow and Shippo was helping to protect Rin when
Naraku noticed them. Inuyasha and I attacked him from the other side and he then turned his attention to
fighting us.
Miroku reached his hand up to scratch a bump that was starting to form at the base of his neck as a mosquito
flew out of arms reach.
Kagome with the help of Sango pulled Jaken, Sesshomaru and Rin to a safe distance before Sango joined in on
the fight. Once again we almost had him. Something Sesshomaru did must have weakened him to let our attacks
affect him as much as they did. Its like he doesnt think of getting away until hes almost beaten, but then he
never thinks that he could ever be beaten, Miroku said as he looked over at Kaede.
That is part of his insanity, she said as she filled one of the smaller jars with the completed healing slave.
After Naraku ran away, Miroku continued. We realized that Kagura was also missing. She was shot through
the heart, yet she was able to leave on her own it seemed. Maybe she doesnt have a heart like her master,
Miroku finished. He started to stand when Kaede stopped him.
Ye havent finished your story boy, she said.
I havent? Miroku questioned her.
Ye havent told me how he has come to be here now, she told him.
Please forgive me. You are right my story isnt finished. Well, after the battle we took care of Rin, Jaken and
Sesshomaru for about two days. Inuyasha didnt help much, only when one of us asked him too. Jaken was
better before everyone else. He wasnt injured badly, he was just knocked out. As for Rin, it seemed some
poison was in her system and she was still a little warm when she left after the second day. Sesshomaru
somehow was beaten very badly. Sango and Kagome spent a lot of time tending his wounds. We all wondered
how that was possible, but in the end we accepted what Inuyasha said, that his brother wasn't invulnerable and
that Naraku never fought fair.
Miroku shifted in his seat a little before continuing.

Somehow Kagome spent the most time with him. A few times she would storm from where he was sitting, but
she was always back in time to change and check his wounds before one of us had to do it. We heard her talking
to him a lot the last day we were all together, but we didnt go close enough to hear details of their
conversation. We did know that he didnt talk back most of the time. When the next day came, Kagome was the
only one who argued with him over taking Rin before she was fully recovered. He said that he would get her to
their home before mid day and that he had his own healer there who would take care of her. Just before he took
to the sky with Jaken holding on to his mokomoko, he turns to Inuyasha, well we thought it was to Inuyasha
until he started talking. He was really speaking to Shippo. He said that Rin will be back in two moons time to visit
him. Then he left, he paused for a moment before continuing.
Now it is two moons later and he has brought Rin to spend some time with Shippo like he said. Somehow he
seems to be getting along with Inuyasha also. Personally, I look forward to fighting alongside him when we meet
up with Naraku again. He hasnt said that he will join with us yet, but I dont think that its as impossible as we
once thought it was.
Kaede agreed and bid him a good night and thanks for the meat as he got up to leave. With just his staff in hand
Miroku walked back to a hut that was now too small for everyone who would be spending the night.
Clinking of metal on metal accompanied the sounds of his footsteps as he got closer to what could turn out to
be an interesting night.
Inuyasha-sama, when will you come and visit us? Rin asked Inuyasha as they sat eating outside.
As Miroku got closer, he realized that two people were missing from the get together. Sango and Kouga werent
outside as far as he could see. A smile pulled at the corner of his lips as he moved past the others and towards
the hut to get his own portion of the meal.
He left his staff below before he started up the steps. He shared a brief glance with Inuyasha before he ducked
inside. He stood just inside the doorway letting the curtain fall behind of him. He leaned against a wall and
looked at something that he was trying to do just over a year earlier.
Hahm! Miroku loudly cleared his throat as Kouga was about to pull aside the last layer of clothing that would
have relieved her left breast.
Kouga stood and blocked his view as Sango pulled her clothes back into place. Miroku thought that he tried to
growl at him. It sounded more protective than hatred which was a good distinction at this moment in time.
You guys should find somewhere a bit more private, he said as he stepped into the room.
Kouga inched forward and continued to protect Sango until she placed her hand on his very bare shoulder.
What if one of the children ran in here instead of me? Miroku asked as he smirked again. Sango knew that he
walked in on them on purpose, but he was right. It was the wrong place and the wrong time. She tried to stop
Kouga but it was kinda hard since she didnt really want him to stop.
Do you want something Miroku, Sango asked as she stood next to Kouga.
I just came for something to eat, he said.

Sango walked over to the fire as both Miroku and Kouga took a seat. They were all soon eating and talking with
the memory of how Miroku walked in on them almost forgotten.
So Sango, how did the tribe welcome you? Miroku asked out of true curiosity.
They were all friendly. Just the kids seem to keep their distance until Kirara showed up, she said before taking
a bite of her own food. Kouga picked up the conversation with Miroku as Sango started to remember what she
was doing for those two days.
= Sango =
As we neared the den, we saw Hahhaku and Ginta first. Shippo ran ahead of us and came running back with
them to meet us. I had a feeling that they wanted to see us before everyone else did.
Hello sister Sango, they almost said at the same time.
I blushed at the new name I was given. I glanced over at Kouga and he was beaming with pride. We walked
onward and soon I was asked a question from Ginta.
How long will you be staying with us? he asked.
Just two days, I told him. He looked a bit down for a moment before Hahhaku nudged him.
Well go ahead and let everyone know that you are on the way, Hahhaku said before he ran off with Ginta.
Hey, wait for me, Shippo said before he ran off to join them. Kouga held my hand as we walked the rest of
the way alone.
Should I be preparing myself for something? I asked him as I started to think of what Hahhaku said.
Nothing much. Its just a little meeting with the elders and an introduction to the rest of the tribe, he told
I was a little nervous but I was going to face this head on. I wanted to be with Kouga and I was going to do my
best to have them like me. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek before we went to meet his tribe. The trees
continued to thin until there were none left on the last hill we had to climb. We walked to the top of the hill
and I came to complete stop.
I stood still just looking down at everyone and everything before Kouga pulled me forward. We entered a
large clearing outside of the den that seemed to have been sprinkled with water to keep the dust down. Later
I found out that it was really a number of dens hidden inside the cliff face. There were at least sixty-five
people shaped demons there mixed in with an equal number of wolf shaped demons, not counting the cubs
and Shippo who was showing off his toy top to some of them. Kouga lead me through the crowd and
numerous sets of curious eyes, over to an older wolf demon who stood near the center of the clearing. I
assumed that he was one of the elders that I was suppose to meet. As we stood there, I looked around and
noted that other older members of the tribe were making their way towards us.
Sango, formerly of the tribe of demon slayer? were words spoken by the wolf in front of us.

OH NO. I felt my face burn. Did he have to say demon slayer? Yes, I am, I answered him as I looked down
into his upturned face.
Is it true that you have chosen Kouga, our leader, to be your mate? he asked me.
Yes, I answered back as I squared my shoulders.
Are you aware that we, members of the Eastern Wolf Pack tribe mate for life? And that if you agree to be
mated with him you will also have to stand by your decision for as long as you live? It was completely silent
as everyone listened on. I didnt even hear Shippos voice or any of the cubs who were happily playing a
moment ago.
Yes, I do, I answered back. Why do I feel like I was getting married by way of threats instead of vows? I
thought to myself.
He, with the rest of the tribe, looked at me for what seemed like an eternity, when he stepped forward and
nudged Kougas hand with his nose.
I approve of your mate, the old wolf told him. I raised an eyebrow at what seemed like a pat on his back. I
then felt Kougas hand as he mixed his fingers with mine and held my hand.
Thank you, he said. I was lucky to have found her. We match each other well and Im sure that everyone
will love and come to trust her over time like I have.
Thank you Kami. I squeezed his hand and hoped that I wasnt blushing too much. I then looked around to see
how the rest of the tribe was taking in what he said. I was happy to see a lot of smiling faces.
I was surprise when he introduced me to a female that came up to us, after the old wolf walked away, as his
mother. She looked younger than I had expected. Her hair was black like his and they were about the same
height. Her ears were pointed to show that she was ykai, but she didnt have a tail. Her hair was tied at the
base of her neck and she only wore furs over her calves along with a short orange kimono that had no
I was relieved for him the night he told me that his mother wasnt with the tribe when it was attacked. At
least he had that small blessing among the tragedy of what had happened that day. She had taken most of
the unmated females along with most of the cubs to another tribe to find mates and to see others who had
left and married into the other tribe.
When I told her that I was happy that she was away when the tribe was attacked, she said that she would be
more than happy to help me plan next years trip. Confusion and slight sadness clouded my eyes as I looked
from her to Kouga.
I... I dont know if I will be here, I said after I turned back to the woman who was going to be my mother in
Oh, why not? she asked me. Again I looked to Kouga for some help.

She has to finish her mission ok-san, he said as he now held her hand. Do you not remember? he asked
in a cocky way that left me thinking that he trying to egg on his mother.
Oh, Naraku, her statement darkened her features. I reached out and hugged her. I dont know why, but I
wanted to comfort her.
I promise you ok-san, I will make him pay for everyone he has ever killed or harmed, I felt her hug me back
and when I felt her arms loosen around me I let her go too.
Come, Ill show you your den, she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me through the rest of the
It was kind of honeycomb looking, yet it didn't at the same time. I dont really think that they found it this
way. There was a main hall way in the cave, with every opening that had a hanging skin taking you into a
separated sleeping area. It seemed like we were staying in the one that was all the way to the back of the
cave. I was later told that some of the tribe had even been trying to dig tunnels upwards to make more dens
above the older ones. I saw two sleeping places back there and thought that we would be sharing with his
mother. When she saw me looking at it, she said that she will be staying with a friend for the two days that I
was going to be staying with them. I tried to tell her that she didnt have to leave, but she insisted.
Kouga had taken my bag and he set it down against the back wall as I propped up Hiraikotsu next to the
opening. The minute that my back was turned to him, and with his mother out of ear shot, I felt his hands as
he slid them around my waist.
Kouga he cut me off before I could say anything more by turning me around and kissing me hard enough
for both of us to fall unto the bed.
Sango? someone was calling me. I saw my hands come into focus before I raised my head and saw Miroku
speaking to Kouga.
So her visit went that well did it Kouga? he said with a hentai undertone that was too much a part of him for
him to have stopped it from coming out. It didnt however stop me from wanting to slap him as he stood up. Ill
help you gather up the sleeping bags for tonight, Kouga said.
Sleeping bags? What for? I asked in puzzlement as I felt that I missed out on more than just them talking
about my visit to Kouga's tribe, if that was what they were truly talking about.
Ill see if I can get Inuyasha to ask Sesshomaru if he would mind keeping Shippo with Rin for the night also,
Miroku finished. He was even rubbing his chin.
What are you thinking hentai? I asked him.
Its nothing hentai at all. You are set to be mated. Its very natural for you two to be together. Im just being
considerate and giving you a very wide breathing area for the night, his smirk got bigger as he looked at me. I
was going to hit him after all, I told myself.
Thank you Miroku, Kouga said before I could lay a finger on him.

Ill get the sleeping bags, I said as I walked to the back of the hut to punch his sleeping bag to my
contentment. After I was over my fit, I gathered a few things together along with their sleeping rolls. I packed
some of the last of the snacks for Shippo to share with Rin now that I didnt feel like hitting Miroku anymore. He
was after all letting me have one last night with Kouga before we parted ways again.
Sesshomaru seemed to agree to let Shippo join his camp for the night. He did appear indifferent over this little
matter, but everyone was sure that he wasnt all that happy with having to look over another child. Jaken was
far more vocal over his displeasure of having to babysit someone else. Inuyasha gave us an odd look before he
left with Miroku. I almost thought that it was concern.
See ya at breakfast, I said to them as they walked away. I wasnt sure where they were going, but soon they
were hidden from sight by bushes and trees.
I felt both of Kougas hands as they came around my waist and pulled me back against his body. He never
bothered to put back on his armor or his shoulder pads. I pressed back onto his chest as I looked up at the half
I love you Kouga, I said as I laid my hand over his. I laid my head to the side and closed my eyes to enjoy his
warmth. I soon felt his lips on my neck as he kissed me. Once, twice, thrice, four times.
I love you too Sango, he said. I turned my face to look at him and he looked at me with those soft purple eyes
of his. He bent his head down and kissed lips that I parted for him. I turned my body around into his and
deepened the kiss. Kouga pulled my body forward and I loved the feeling that raced up my spine. I pushed him
back inside the house to continue what Miroku had interrupted earlier. He walked backwards as I walked
forward pulling pieces of clothing from my body.
You are beautiful, he said just before I pulled the last of his furs from his body.
= Inuyasha =
As soon as we were no longer in sight of the hut, I reached across the distance between us and held his hand.
Ok-san - Mother
*Note - there is nothing that comes after the sequence once, twice, thrice.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 8
= Inuyasha =
My left ear twitched from the noise caused by some annoying bird. I rubbed my face into his chest a bit more
and moved my hand to another spot on his belly. I really didnt want to wake up. I felt his leg that was wrapped
around mine slide down then come back up again before stopping. His heart beat hadnt changed, so I knew
that he was still asleep somewhere in my slightly sleep deprived mind. Considering that we didnt really go to
sleep until the sun started to rise, I wasnt in any rush to get up.
No more, slipped out from his sleepy lips and I just smiled as I remembered. We had fucked each other in turn
after thinking that the last time was the last time. But each time we would touch the other, desires would
spread through us both and we were at it again. We were able to go to sleep when we didnt have the energy to
act anymore. It was still there that want to taste his skin, to feel him in me, for me to suck him into my mouth
-- oh how it was still there.
The smell of him that surrounded me had images going through my mind of what I wanted to do to him, but all I
could do was fall deeper into my memories as I went back to sleep.
= Sesshomaru =
I sat looking at my daughter. When had I started to think of her as my daughter? That was the question that I
have been trying to answer since I woke up. The question in truth had been floating around inside my mind for a
few weeks now, but I guess now was a good time to address it.
It had been planted there by my half brothers ningen female. While I was in her care, she babbled constantly.
When she was visiting me and checking my wounds, I had learned how to tune out her voice, but some of her
words would creep past my defenses. At least that is what I half told myself. She would ask the oddest and most
puzzling questions that I would listen to just hear what would fall out of her mouth next. I didnt answer most of
them. One or two, but I soon stopped when I realized that they just created more questions instead of putting
an end to them.
One of the questions I did answer had to do with how old I was. I thought that if she knew that I wasnt as close
to her age as she seemed to believe, that I may gain enough respect as an elder to help keep her quiet. That just
lead to more questions of how long I would live and how long my half brother would live and on and on.
My left eyebrow twitched as I remembered her onslaught of words and how I had to pretend to be asleep to get
her to stop. She never really left. She would stay and sit next to me, then leave for an hour and be back again. I
wasnt a ningen nor a cub to require this much attention, but there she was without fail.
I started to think that she was doing this for Inuyasha, to somehow prove something. When I was starting to
believe that she was doing this out of some kind of twisted sense of duty, my mind would turn to Rin, and for

those moments I couldnt hear a word she was saying. Rin chose to follow me and what did she ask of me?
Nothing. All I had to do was protect her. Naraku will pay, and pay dearly before I allowed him to die. This is the
second time that he harmed her to get to me. He is a base creature that deserves no mercy.
She will be ok. She will take longer than you to heal of course, but she doesnt have enough poison in her
system to kill her, Kogame said. Yes I know her name. I just didnt feel the need to constantly say it.
You have a good, strong musume-san there, she said. She seemed to have taken a while to come up with
those words which made them even more surprising when she said what she did.
Musume? I asked back. How did she get to that conclusion? Why do you call her my musume? I asked her.
Well isnt she? she asked. I know that she isnt your blood, but you have taken her in and looked after her,
and protected her, she finished.
She looked at me with something in her eyes that I couldnt place. It was making me uneasy and I looked back at
Rin. My musume. The title wasnt that farfetched, and at this point in time it seemed to fit the small body lying
under the covers, but she wasnt my daughter. She is my ward, someone who needs my protection and who gets
it without asking for it.
Once I had her back at our home, my healer said that there wasnt much for her to do. Whoever had tended to
her before had done a good job and all that was really left to do was to make sure that she was comfortable,
and wait for her to get better. Rins fever didnt break for another three days. Each day I would stop by her room
after dinner and sit next to her bed.
Once I had confirmed that she was getting better I would go to my room. If I tried to stay longer than a few
moments a slight sting of something close to shame would start to prick at my conscience. When Rins fever had
broken I started to eat dinner with her to make sure that she ate. Masami, my healer, said that she would have
to eat something that greatly offended my own nose, but it had to be done. After she had eaten a small bowl of
it I allowed her to have something that she wanted before she went back to sleep. Getting her to go back to
sleep wasnt that hard since she was still tired from fighting the fever.
Five days after her fever broke she was running down the halls again. One day when I was sitting outside
reading, Rin decided to keep me company by doing some gardening in her own little way. She asked a question
that made me remember part of my time with the ningen Kagome.
Sesshomaru-sama, when do you think I will be able to play with Shippo? At first I thought that she might get
too attached to him, but how many other children did she know? Ykai or ningen? As I was about to say that I
didnt know, Kagomes voice was back in my head.
You have a, play date, with him in a month and a half, I said. I think she said play date.
Play date my lord? Rin asked me with a puzzled look on her face.
That is what the ningen called it. We will meet with them in the village next to The Bone Eaters Well in a moon
and a half from now, I said before I turned my attention back to the scroll.
Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, she said before I heard digging again.
I was trying to read when I heard the words musume-san again in her voice. I looked up at Rin and she
seemed to have a weed that was giving her trouble. Musume. I said to myself as I looked at her. The name still
seemed to fit, but I couldnt call her that. I looked back down at my book and soon moved on to the next

Now here we were. Camping outside of a ningens village and there she was curled up in something called a
sleeping bag with the kitsune.
Why was it annoying me that the ningen who planned this wasnt here? I should consider myself lucky that I
wasnt greeted by her voice the moment I made my presence known. Yet the day had seemed incomplete with
her not there. I shouldnt care. I dont care.
= Third Person POV =
Ouch! Miroku said as he closed his eyes and turned his head. With his head still turned sideways, he opened
one eye and looked back.
Inuyasha picked himself up and went into a defensive stance. He stood across from Sesshomaru who was
holding his own sword waiting for him. He stood still as he watched his half brother. Inuyasha changed the angle
of Tetsusaiga and charged towards him as he let out a roar. Sesshomaru raised his sword and stopped the blow
from coming down unto his head. The force of the blow pushed him back over ten feet. With the block in place,
Sesshomaru punched him in the stomach and knocked his head back from under his chin. With their swords no
longer touching, Sesshomaru brought his sword down on Inuyashas right, causing the hanyo to move just in
time to let Sesshomaru feel the blade of his sword slide down the sleeve of his fire rat coat.
Yeah, Sesshomaru-sama! Rin, Jaken and Shoppo said at the same time. Inuyasha looked over at the little
You little traitor! Inuyasha shouted over at him. Shippo, showing no fear, stuck his tongue out at Inuyasha and
his statement. Inuyasha started to walk over there when Sesshomaru raised his sword to block his path.
Your time with me is not yet over, Sesshomaru informed him. They both looked at each other for a very long
moment. Inuyasha then walked back to his side of the field.
You put too much of your energy behind each blow which tires you quickly and you take too long to come back
from each attack because of this. You have to learn how work with your sword also. You do not need that much
brute force to use the Tetsusaiga. It is not just a chunk of metal for you to wave around. You already know about
the wind scare, learn how to use it.
Sesshomaru now stood in a defensive position on his side of the field facing Inuyasha. Attack me, he stated.
Inuyasha stood on his side of the field looking at him. After a moment he placed Tetsusaiga before him. He
looked at Sesshomaru until he saw the demonic winds flowing between the two of them. He raised his arms and
screamed the words WIND SCAR as he brought his arms down to cut through the fissure where the winds
collided, aiming the attack, as much as he could, towards his brother.
Sesshomaru raised a barrier and waited out the passing of the wind scar. When he lowered it, he was standing
on the only green patch of ground for half a mile starting from three feet in front of him.
Better, Sesshomaru said as he slid his sword back into its scabbard. He then turned and walked towards Rin.
She in turn stood and waited for Sesshomaru to come closer. Rin, its time for lunch, he said before he turned
and walked towards the hut where Sango and Kouga had decided to stay instead of coming to watch them
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, Rin said as she started to walk after him with Shippo and Jaken in tow.
Inuyasha walked over and sat down on the ground next to Miroku, and laid Tetsusaiga down on his other side.
He bent his head back against the trees trunk and looked up into its leaves with his legs stretched out in front of

I sucked when I practiced with him before too, Inuyasha said.

When you were kids? Miroku asked him a bit puzzled.
Nah, I was already thirty-two at the time, but Im still younger than him by over a hundred years. So to him I
guess I am still a kid, Inuyasha turned his head to look at Miroku.
= Miroku =
You did very well, all things considered, I told him. I reached out with the corner of one of my sleeves and
wiped away some blood that still clung to his chin. I could see where the cut was that left the blood behind. It
was already closed and was nothing more than a little red line.
Are you upset? I asked him. I wasnt sure of what else to say. I knew that he wouldnt want pity, and I also
knew that he wouldnt want false praise either.
No, not really, he answered then turned his head to look back up into the tree. Even when he was younger he
already had years on me with training with a sword. Now the gap is just a little bit bigger.
It looks like you have been given a chance to make up for some of that lost time now, I said to him as I looked
at his face that was constantly being covered and revealed due to the wind playing with his hair. Do you want
my hair band? I asked him as he clawed another set of stray hairs out of his eyes.
Thank you, he said as he held out a hand to me. I knelt at his side and lifted my left leg to turn completely to
my right and bring the leg down on his right side with the use of his out stretched hand to steady me. While he
smiled up at me, I reached a hand up and pulled my hair band from my hair as I sat down over his lap. Inuyasha
leaned forward and rested his head on my chest as I felt his arms encircle my thighs. I gathered his hair to a
point high on the back of his head, enjoying the feel of it sliding between my fingers, before I tied it in place.
My fingers then drifted to his face and tilted it back so I could place a small kiss on his lips. I kissed him again
before he pulled me closer and deepened it. Our tongues meet and slid past and along each other. I pulled back
and ran my fingers through his hair that tried to hide his eyes from me. He looked happy, and it warmed me to
know that he was. He reached up and gave me a quick kiss on my neck.
I have to go now, he said.
Kagome? I asked him.
Yes, he stated before he kissed part of my exposed arm.
Will you tell her? I asked him. I knew it had to be done, and I knew that it was mostly up to him as to when to
tell her. I just wanted to know before he did, so I could be prepared for when I saw her.
No, he answered in a low tone. Its not the right time.
I kissed his forehead and then stood up to extend a hand down to him. He grasped my forearm and pulled
himself up to stand inches from me.
Ill meet you at the hut, he said . Inuyahsa gave me another quick kiss before he bent to pick up Tetsusaiga and
turn to leave.
= Inuyasha =
It was a bit early for me to go pick her up, but she may need help on the other side bringing some stuff back.

Now I almost wished that she would stay away a bit longer. Yeah, I remember that I made fuss with her for
having to stay away for six days, but things have changed since then. Miroku changed everything.
His face from a moment ago came to mind then slowly faded as I realized that the well was coming into view. I
jumped right into the well without a second thought. I slowly fell through the void that separated our times. I
will have to think of how I will tell her for when the right time does come. The blue glowing void started to fade
to black and soon I slowly touched down on the floor of the well.
I looked up and there was the roof. I crouched down and then pushed off. In one leap I was standing outside of
the well. I took a deep breath then walked outside to find Kagome.
= Sesshomaru =
I was sitting outside looking at the contents of the bowl Rin had brought me. I think its the same thing we had
for dinner last night. I guess I couldnt expect them to measure up to the kitchen at home. I heard bells and
thankfully looked from the bowl to just see the monk coming out of the tree line alone.
Is my brother sulking? I asked him out of curiosity once he was closer.
No, the monk said as he stood below me. He left to fetch Kagome, he added before starting up the steps.
Did you wish to have a word with him? he asked as he paused before going inside.
No, I answered him, and then he left me.
= Inuyasha =
Gees! How much stuff do you think we need? I said as I dropped the two extra bags on the ground outside the
well in my time.
Quit complaining and come help me, she said from the bottom of the well.
Here, take my bike first, she shouted up at me as she started to push it up against the wall of well until I could
bend down and reach it. I propped it up on the outside of the well then turned back to her.
Here, past me your other bag, I said as I reached down. Instead of seeing a yellow bag coming up for me to
catch, I felt her holding my hand.
What do you think you are doing? Youre going to fall trying to climb with all that! I shouted at her as I pulled
her up and over the edge.
No I wont. Im not a complete weakling, she said. She stood next to her bike for a moment then she looked at
me. Lets go, she said as she pushed off and headed down the hill with her faded, over stuffed, yellow
backpack hiding most of her body.
I then looked down at the other bags she left behind for me to carry. They werent really heavy, but they were
big. What did she bring this time? I lifted them and ran down the hill after her and towards the hut.
I was kinda glad see her happy after how we parted. When I met her at home, she was happy then too. She
appeared happy to even see me. She hugged me before she turned me into a pack animal and told me to carry
all this stuff. I wasnt expecting the hug and blushed. I saw her brother jab her grandfather as they looked at me.
That is when I asked if she was ready to leave so I wouldn't have to stay too long with such ideas floating around
with me there.

Her mom walked us to the well and handed a bundle to Kagome, which she then pushed into one of the bags I
was holding before they hugged goodbye. I went through the well first with the two extra bags, and then she
came through with her bike.
Now we were on our way back to our friends and reacquainted family.

Musume Daughter

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 9
= Sesshomaru =
I smelt the ningen before she came into view on the back of some kind of machine with wheels. She had
a smile on her face as she came to a stop and looked up for my half brother. I didnt have to look to see
that is was him she was waiting for. I didnt want to see my brother at that moment. For some reason I
was far more interested in looking at her.
This was the first time that I had seen her in something other than that almost indecently short green
and white skirt. She had on something that could loosely be called a hakama, except it looked all wrong.
There were no openings at the sides. There was no body to it and the legs were too short. It showed off
her shape more then it hid it. It was also a very uninspiring shade of brown. It didnt even have a second
color. At least her shirt tried to help redeem her for her bad choice of a hakama. It faded from her neck
to the waist from blue to white. Along one side the shirt was the word Kago.
As they came closer, I heard my brother ask her what was in the bags.
Just a few things that we ran out of and some new things, she said as she walked along side that
wheeled thing that she held at her side.
All of this is food? my brother asked as he lifted a bag to smell it.
No, she said. I have some stuff in there for Rin and Sesshomaru.
She got something for me?
Why did you get anything for him? he asked.
Why shouldnt I? she asked him. Hes kinda part of our group now isnt he? Along with Rin? Im not
too sure about Jaken. I dont think that he would take anything from me, she looked a little
disappointed at this. Why? Jaken doesnt need anything.
Are they here yet? she then asked Inuyasha.
Weak ningen eye sight, she couldnt even see that I was standing here.
Yeah. They have been here since yesterday, he told her.

Yesterday? she asked. Did Sesshomaru say how long they were going to stay?
No. I thought you would know since you were the last one to talk to him, he answered her.
What was she thinking now?
Oh well. I just get to give them their gifts sooner than expected, she said with a smile on her face.
I even have a gift for you, she said as she turned towards him with as smile across her face.
You didnt have to get me anything, he said before he looked down as he walked on. Blushing Im sure.
Its nothing big and I know you want it, she said.
Thanks Kagome, he told her when he looked back at her face.
She continued to smile as they walked the rest of the way in silence. A small prick of pain brought my
attention to my left elbow where I realized I was digging my claws into it. I pulled my hands out of my
sleeves and placed them behind my back.
They stopped at the foot of the steps as she leaned her machine against one of the floor posts.
Inuyasha, can you take those bags inside for me please? she asked him.
He turned and looked at her with an expression that completely lacked understanding.
I want to talk to Sesshomaru-sama before I come inside, she said. I didnt miss the fact that she now
added sama to my name now that she believed I could hear what she was saying. Inuyasha turned and
looked at me. He still didnt completely trust me for some reason. He walked up the steps glaring at me.
Before he said something that would start a fight that he couldnt win I stopped him.
I wont hurt your female Inuyasha, I told him. He then looked between both of use before we went
I heard the commotion from him going inside laden with his baggage. I was surprised that I didnt have
to step out of the way for the others to come outside and greet her. Im sure my half brother had
something do with that. I looked at her as she came up the steps.
Good afternoon Sesshomaru-sama, she said.
I tilted my head in her direction.
How have you been? she asked politely.
Well, I informed her. She then smiled. Her eyes closed and her face seemed to glow.
In honor of you coming to visit us, I have some gifts for you, she said as she made her way past me and
into the hut. I just stood there waiting for her to come back with these gifts that she talked about.
There was a general sound of happiness as she entered the hut. I tuned out most of the words and
moved two paces in order to seat myself when I heard her voice again.

Arent you coming in? she asked me.

Come in? I asked her.
Yes, inside, she said. She came outside and took a hold of one of my hands that I had hanging at my
side. She then tried to pull me inside. When I stood still in pure shock and didnt move she seemed to
have realized what she did and dropped my hand. At least she had the decency to blush in
Would you please come inside? she asked me. The blush was still very present on her face making her
look like a very healthy apple.
You really want me to go inside? I asked again as I looked at the curtain that I had yet to pass beyond.
Yes, she said. I want you to see the look on Rins face when she gets her gifts.
Her eyes held that look again that made me think that I should be questioning a number of things. I
tilted my head again and placed my arms back into my sleeves. She walked in front of me and held the
curtain open for me. Maybe she thought that it would make it easier for me to step inside.
As I stepped in, the room went quiet. I stood up and as expected the room was small and lacked a decent
amount of light, but I guess I could get use to it. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was
sitting in pairs except Jaken who seemed to have gotten as close to the humans as Ive ever seen him,
while still keeping his distance. The demon slayer was just about sitting in the lap of her ykai wolf, while
Rin was next to the kitsune called Shippo and my brother was seated next to the monk. I walked over
and sat next to a smiling Rin and waited for the gifts.
Why is everyone so quiet for? Kagome asked as she took a seat.
Hes never come inside before, the demon slayer informed her.
You havent? she turned to asked me.
You were the first to ask me, I told her keeping my head high.
After a few very quiet moments, the ningen pulled one of the bags towards her. She reached a hand up
and wiped some hair that had fallen into her face, behind her left ear.
Most of this bag I think belongs to Rin, she said before she looked up at the little girl and smiling at her
before turning her attention back to opening the bag. Rin squealed in delight over the few items that she
recognized and looked on in interest as the kitsune and ningen showed her how to use a few of the other
things. Near the end of the bag, she was given a smaller bag of her own to hold most of the items. The
sleeping bag she received seemed to be something that I will be carrying for Rin on Ah-Un.
A small flutter of movement behind the ningens head caught my attention. My brother was
This is for you Sesshomaru-sama, she said bringing my attention back to her. I also got you a sleeping
bag. Its a very big one in case you would rather not take Rins, and she can sleep with you for warmth on
the cold nights, she said as she held out something that was rolled up and red. I had watched Rin as she

inspected her own a few moments ago. Im sure that my own would have a different color on the inside
also. I took it from her and placed it by my side. She was looking at me. Why was she just looking at me?
Thank you, I told her diplomatically. She continued to just look at me. Was there something else to
say? Thank you for all the gifts. On our next meeting I will repay you in kind. Thats it. I couldnt think
of anything else to tell her.
Oh, I have more, she said in surprise as if it was a new idea. Its nothing much. Just some wa-gashi
that I thought you might like. I brought some for everyone, but no one has the same kind.
I looked at the box she had given me. She was busying herself with giving out the others as I looked it
over and turned it around in my hands. It seemed to be sealed behind something hard and clear. I could
see the wa-gashi and they were all exceptionally well decorated. Each one had a different flower design
on it. Colors faded into one another and were as brightly colored as any of my best silk garments hanging
in my wardrobe at home.
I placed the box on the sleeping bag and stood. Everyone stopped and looked up at me. I looked at the
I will return, I said before I left the hut. I remembered that I had brought a silk shawl unintentionally
when we left our home almost a week ago. I found Ah-Un grazing where we found him that morning. He
was sitting under a large tree out of the afternoon sun. I petted him and moved to his small saddle bag
and pulled out what I was looking for. I soon re-entered the hut and Kagome stood to greet me.
I remembered that I had this. Rin left the house with it and I packed it away so it wouldnt get damaged.
Its not the best one that I have, but its of a fine quality, I explained as I extended my hand that was
holding the shawl. Its green, red and yellow threads bounced what little light that it was able to find,
back into the room. She took it from me with both hands.
Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, she said as held it to her chest. She looked happy. I felt proud that I
made her happy.
If there are no more gifts, I will be outside, I said. I waited to hear if she had anything to say.
No, thats it, she said smiling up at me. I then turned and walked back outside as I held on to a feeling
that I hadnt felt in the years since my fathers death. I moved away from the door and stood with my
back against the wall.
What a lovely gift, I heard the demon slayer say.
What makes you so special to get a gift from Sesshomaru? I heard my half brother ask her.
I was nice to him, I heard the ningen say. See, he isnt so bad if you treat him nicely.
Why are you trying so hard for anyway? Inuyasha asked her.
Hes your brother, she responded. Besides, its not that hard to be nice to him.
Why did I feel disappointed? When did I raise my hopes up and what was I hoping for?

I moved over to the corner of the porch and sat down in something of a shade. I looked over the trees,
and the paths that moved away from the hut in three directions. I saw a distant mountain as a rain cloud
passed over it and felt a calm as it possessed me. I breathed deeply and smelled the seven kinds of
flower growing nearby, the blossoms and the bark of the tree that grew next to the house. I smelled the
wood of the hut, the dust of the paths, and the scent of each creature inside the hut at this moment.
We will be leaving tomorrow, I said as I took another bite of what was before me. I didnt know what it
was, and in all my years, I don't think that I ever heard of it either. The ningen Kagome said that it came
from the west. It didnt displease me, it was just something new.
Tomorrow? came a questioning reply. Of course it came from the ningen. No one else would have
bothered to question me.
Yes, I answered her after I sipped some of my tea. I looked in her direction along with everyone else.
When she continued to stare back at me, I felt all their eyes follow hers back to me.
You asked Rin to be here for a play date of one day. Tomorrow will make the third day. It is time we left.
I looked at her waiting to see if she believed she had anything else to say on the matter.
Oh, was all she could come up. She then went back to talking to Rin about what they would now do
before she left. I went back to eating my meal. I heard footsteps as they come towards me crushing the
grass with each step. Soon my half brother sat down next to me as he ate his own meal in silence. After
we had both finished and placed our bowls to the side he spoke.
Thank you for teaching me how to use the Tetsusaiga better, he said. He wasnt looking at me when he
said that, but over at the ningen. I guess he was doing what she told him. He was trying to be nice to me.
Its not that I disliked the idea. I never truly hated him like I showed in the past. I was just upset that my
father had to die protecting him, and then he didnt do anything, that I saw, to honor our fathers
I looked over at him. I dont think that Ive had a chance to look at him without having to correct him on
something or listen to him argue with someone else. Father might have been proud of how he turned
out, considering he has been on his own all this time. I had tried to take care of him for a time. I took him
to the house where he lived with me for a few months. But for some reason he wanted to, or had to,
leave and I in anger kicked him further out of my life then I really wanted, or at least further than I
wanted to now in hindsight.
When will we do this again? he asked.
Do what? I asked him as I was pulled out of my thoughts by his voice.
Practice, talk, kinda act like were family, he stated. He sounded like he was going to miss the time we
have spent together. Images of the past two days sped through my mind and I did think of them

Perhaps in another months time, I told him as I turned and looked over this little group. I have
business to attend to first. I have a land that needs governing. This answer didnt seem to change his
mood much. Ill have the servants clear out the east wing for when you come to stay.
You want us to stay with you? he asked after my words had sunken in. He was looking at me now and
he seemed to be waiting for me to turn to look at him also. After a moment I did.
Why? he asked.
Because I would rather eat my cooks food and sleep in my own bed, I told him. All the traveling I did
was out of need not want.
Not that, he said. Why are you being nice? Why are you doing all of this? he asked.
I looked at him for a moment, thinking about how much I should tell him. I then decided to tell him what
I thought he needed to know.
We are brothers, and I have always tried to help you even when you didnt want, or knew of it. If you
hadnt left the house all those years ago, we would have been closer by now. Its time that I tried to fix
that again, I told him. It seems he needed to know more than I first thought.
This seemed to silence him and gave him something to think about. He lowered his head and his eyes
took on a faraway look. Maybe he was thinking of why he left our home in the first place.
I watched the group as the night wore on. The ykai wolf had left a little after lunch time so that he
would get back to his tribe by night fall. He seemed to have also gotten a gift or two more than the the
wa-gashi that I saw him receive earlier that day. Jaken who had been tired out by the kids for most of the
day had already gone back to our camp to sleep, with my permission of course. Inuyasha was talking to
the monk a bit off from the rest of the group. The demon slayer and the ningen Kagome along with the
kitsune were still talking and playing about with Rin.
When I saw Rin yawn and rub her eyes it was time for us to leave. I stood and dusted off before walking
towards her. She looked up when she saw me coming.
Its time for bed, I said.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, she said before starting to gather her stuff and following after me. I looked back
when she hadnt caught up with me to see her pulling the kitsune along. I stopped for a moment to look
at him. I guess it couldnt hurt. I turned back around and walked to our camp site.
A few hours passed and I was still wake. I decided on a short walk around both campsites. Yes, it seems
that someone else had decided to say outside tonight. The kitsune and Rin were in his sleeping bag
again. Jaken was sleeping against Ah-Un, and our fire was blanketed for the night. I made a wide circle to
make sure that they were safe before moving on to the next campsite. I did a wide walk to make sure
that whoever was still there was also safe. I then came in closer to see who it was. I smelled my brother
and the monk and lust. Lust? Did I miss the smell of the ningen Kagome? Was there another female
scent that I over looked for the stronger ones? I sniffed again. No. It was just those two. I stopped and
walked toward the hut instead.

I checked the area around the hut before I went in for a closer look. Everything was quiet, even if I did
find a small demon lurking in a bush. It didnt have enough sense to stop scratching itself as it ran from
the strength my ykai. I stood looking in through a window like the guardian I had turned myself into for
the night. They were sleeping side by side. They even curved in to face each other in their sleep. I stood
watching them as they drew breath and turned a bit in their sleep before walking back to my own
AAAHHH! The sound shot right through me as I walked past the other campsite. One of them climaxed,
and I heard the pure pleasure in their voice. At that moment a picture of Kagome blinked in my mind and
then faded with the dying of the sound. I started to walk again as I shook the picture and the feeling
from my mind and my bones.
I leaned against my tree once again, and closed my eyes. Soon the scent of flowers filled my dreams as I
watched black hair as it danced before me.

Wa-gashi (wagashi) - Japanese confectionery

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 10

A Few Minutes Earlier


= Miroku =
I wanted to, so I was slowly kissing my way across his chest. I knew that I was waking him up. This may be a good
thing or a bad thing. I dont know yet, but I loved the feel of his skin under my tongue. I slid down further
between his legs as I used my tongue to follow the line of his last rib on either side of his body.
He was starting to squirm under my hands. I started to work on his belly button. I licked around it. I nipped at
the edges before starting to lick it out. I slid my tongue down the very short wall and pushed at the floor before
coming back up on the other side.
I felt his fingers as they slid into my hair and held me close. I rimmed his belly button again before pushing my
tongue into him. He started to moan as I felt his cock twitch against my chest. I licked my way further down until
I was kissing around the base of his cock. As I favored the left side of his cock for a moment, I felt it slide up the
right side of my face as it grew harder. I felt my own cock twitch from the feeling that went down my spine and
ended there from the feel of his cock gliding along my skin.
As the mental feel of his cock sliding into my mouth appeared, I felt his hands as they pulled my head up to his
face. His lips crushed mine as he pulled me down. My body caved into his. I slid my lower half over his, rubbing
both our cocks between our two bodies. Pre-cum caused us to slide along each other smoother and added
another sensation for us to pick up on and enjoy. With very labored breaths we pulled apart. For a moment I
saw his eyes before I closed my own and continued to slide up and down between his legs.
Im going to fuck you, he whispered into my ear before he pulled at my earlobe with his teeth. I felt his fang as
it glided it over my ear rings. I shivered just from hearing his promise. He slid from under me and around my legs
to kneel behind of me. He pushed on my lower spine to push my ass up more.
AH! His tongue was warm and soft. Probing and gliding. I pushed back against him to show I wanted more. I
wanted him to push into me. My hands dug into the earth as I felt him force himself in. He licked around just on
the inside. Almost, so close. I was breathing hard as he lifted his head away from me. As I waited for him, I

recalled the feel of him inside of me, but the very real lack of him being in me was adding a new need to my
Inuyasha, I begged as I closed my eyes and pushed back a little. I felt his weight as he pressed his chest against
my back before I felt his breath move over my ear.
Turn over. I want to see your face, he said as I felt him starting to turn me with his hands on my waist. He
kissed me before he lifted my leg up unto his shoulder. I felt him start to fill me. I watched him as he came
closer. I felt as he went as far as he possibly could. I had to arch my back downward to help him reach as far in as
we both wanted him to be. I looked into his face and watched his eyes as they shifted through darkening shades
of red. His white hair was falling in sheets on either side of both our faces. I reached up to hold his head as he
pulled out of me. I shuddered then froze in place as he slammed back into me. He was taking it really slow and
on the forth thrust my whole body was itching with ecstasy. I just wanted him to go faster.
Inuyasha, please go faster, I said a bit unsteadily before I finally reached his lips and kissed him. I felt his hands
tighten and he did start to move faster. He was panting and sweat fell from his face and chest unto mine. I used
one hand and wiped the sweat from around his eyes before he started to hit that spot. My hands went to his
sides and I arched up into him, fleeing the sensation, but wanting more of it all the same. I felt him put me back
in place as he fucked me again, and again, and again, and again. I started to sink into bliss.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, I heard myself saying as I was pulled closer to coming. I leaned all the way back and wrapped
my legs around his waist. Come with me! My mind screamed at him. I just needed to feel his hot essence hitting
my walls to make me come. His hand caught and pumped my cock a few times, and I came before him.
AAAAAHHHHHHH! That took me over the edge. As I clamped down on his cock he came in me and I felt as his
fangs sank into the skin on my shoulder. This was something new, my hazy mind noted. He was sucking on my
blood. I felt it being pulled from my body. I started to feel light headed. Sleep pulled me down into its warm
Now stay asleep, he said as pulled me towards him to sleep on our sides wrapped in each others arms.
= Sesshomaru =
I flat out refuse to eat what was called breakfast today. When Rin ran out with it for me, I questioned her as to
what it was. She couldnt recall what it was named. It was something new from the ningen Kagome again. I do
believe that there is more to her being different than just her clothing. She seems so out of place at times.
I was again sitting on the porch in full shade as I watched Rin run around with the kitsune as they played some
game. My brother had yet to show his face along with the monk. Hopefully they were taking a bath to look
presentable before showing their faces to the other humans in their group.
Where are Inuyasha and Miroku? Their breakfast is going to be cold, I heard Kagome say as she stepped from
the hut and looked in the direction that their camp had been. Cold? I thought it came cold.
Oh, Sesshomaru-sama, she said upon seeing me. Good morning.
Good morning, I replied. She came closer and knelt down next to me.

You havent seen Inuyasha or Miroku today have you? she asked me.
No, I answered.
So when will you be leaving today? she asked after a few moments.
After lunch, I replied.
She stayed there, and looked out with me. She was wearing a longer skirt today. I think that the shirt was the
same as the one she wore yesterday. I rather liked it. I can see that the back of the shirt had the word weave
written there. After awhile I noticed that she was looking at me.
Yes? I asked after a number of different reasons presented themselves for consideration and were eventually
Its nothing, she said as she turned her head away. Two minutes later she was looking me again.
What are you looking at Kagome? I asked her. Only after I said it did I realize that I said her name. I saw the
color creep up her face before she bent her head.
Im sorry Sesshomaru-sama, its really nothing, she said as she fiddled with something that was suddenly in
her hands. Please excuse me, she said as she got up and went down the steps. She took the path that lead to
the hot springs. Maybe she wouldnt go that far if my brother is really there with his lover. I looked over in the
direction a squeal came from. There were a number of things sticking up from Rins hair as she was tickling the
little kitsune who started to repeat the word sumanasou over and over again.
I looked up at the sky and saw that we had a long way to go before it was noon. It was starting to look like I may
have to send her for another bath before we left for home. I guess its possible to wait until we got home unless
she spilled something on herself.
= Inuyasha =
We shouldnt have been away so long, Miroku said again as we walked back to the hut.
It wasnt like we did it on purpose, I told him. We fell asleep.
At least you dont have a practice session with Sesshomaru today. I wouldnt want to stand there to hear you
tell him that, Miroku continued.
Well, its not like I would have told him that if I did have to meet him, I told Miroku.
I... I turned my head and pulled my hand from his, cutting off what he was about to say.
What is it? Miroku asked as he went into a defensive stand as he looked around us.
I heard something, I told him as I started to walk over to our left. This way, I said as I started to walk past a
row of bushes.
I stood still when I found her sitting in a small clearing. What was she doing here and why was she alone? Was
she alone? I waved my hand behind my back to keep Miroku away.

Kagome? I asked as I got closer.

Oh, Inuyasha, she said as she looked up at me. Where have you been? she asked as she stood up.
I was taking a bath, I told her.
For so long? she questioned.
I can take a bath for as long as I like, I told her. Besides, what are you doing out here by yourself? I asked her
to get the conversation off of me. I looked around the clearing to see if I could find any other signs to say that
she wasnt really alone.
I was just thinking about a few things, she said.
Things like what? I asked hoping to keep her thinking about something else, other than where Ive been for
most of the morning.
I... She stopped and looked at me. You do not have to know, and where is Miroku? she asked as she placed
her hands on her hips.
I dont know, I lied. He left camp before me. That was actually true. Maybe the monk is off meditating, I
said to get her to end her questioning.
Lets go, she said as she walked past me. But you will have no one to blame but yourself if there is no
breakfast left when you get there.
I just walked behind of her as we exited the trees. I saw Rin and Shippo running around with parts of plants
sticking out of their hair. Sango sat next the hut in a grassy spot sharpening her hiraikotsu, and Sesshomaru was
looking at me as he sat on the porch.
I followed Kagome into the hut and nodded to Sesshomaru as I passed him. He nodded back before he speared
a moment to look at Kagome and then turning his attention back to following Rin. I ducked my head into the hut
and looked up to see Miroku eating. I smiled at him before Kagome stepped in between the two of us.
And where have you been? she asked him. He finished chewing what was in his mouth and swallowed before
he answered her.
I was meditating, he said before he ate another spoonful.
See, I told you that that must have been what he was doing, I chimed in. What I would like to know is what
just happened? I asked her as I sat down next to Miroku.
What happened? he asked as I took his bowl from him and got my own spoon. Something happened? he
asked again as he looked at me.
Sesshomaru gave her an odd look when we passed him outside, I said before quickly placing two spoons full in
my mouth and chewed as I watched Miroku watching her. When I heard her shifting under his gaze I looked in
her direction.
Nothing happened. I thought of a dumb question and I couldnt ask him, she said.

What kind of dumb question? I asked her before I put another spoonful into my mouth. I was really hungry.
I said it was a dumb question. So Im not about to tell you, she said.
= Miroku =
Its so dusty that I can barely see whats going on, Kagome said as we sat on this side of the field under the
We were back at the same field that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were practicing on the day before. Due to the
wind scar that he used, the earth was no longer covered in grass and small shrubs. The lack of rain for the past
week also helped in turning the immediate area into a wasteland of swirling dust.
I saw a flash of red as Inuyasha jumped up into the air. The glint of a sword made its way through the dust to
pull my eyes downward. I heard nothing to make me think that it made any kind of contact.
Despite our earlier talk about him not having a practice session with his brother, Sesshomaru, seeing that
Inuyasha was doing nothing of great importance, told him to follow him and bring his sword. Everyone, who
turned out to be just Rin, Shippo and myself, heard Inuyasha question Sesshomaru with a loud Why.
You appear to have time for another sparring match, Sesshomaru answered before he turned away and
walked on believing that Inuyasha would follow him and he did after a moment of looking at his back.
The rest of the group managed to arrive here before either had attacked the other. Once again we all looked up
as we saw Sesshomaru hover in the air before he went back down into the growing dust cloud to continue his
lesson with Inuyasha.
Kagome, Sango and I started to place bets as to how much damage Inuyasha could inflict on Sesshomaru. We all
knew and believed that Sesshomaru would come out on top, but we held out hope for our friend in not letting
Sesshomaru finish this lesson without him leaving some kind of mark on him.
Im sure pride and growing love caused me to place the highest expectation on him. I said that he would actually
leave a scratch on his face, or drawing blood of some kind. Sango said Inuyasha hadnt gotten that good yet, but
conceded to the fact that he might be able to cut his clothes. Kagome just said that if he was lucky he would be
able to trip him.
We all watched a bit more intently as we each looked for something to prove that we won the bet. We each
swore that we saw what we wanted to see and had to wait until they had finished to really know what
Out of swirling dust they walked. It felt like no great deal of time had passed, but I knew it was longer than I
believed. Inuyasha looked like he was really in a battle. His hair was a mess, and he had a few scratches covering
his face. He walked with a slight limp, but I wasnt worried. Across his face was a big smile. I then looked at
Sesshomaru. He was dusting off his side that showed that was indeed tripped. He had a few ruffled pieces of
clothing and on his left cheek was a quickly healing cut. I let a small grin play on my features. He did it. He was
able to draw blood from his perfect nii-chan.
Sesshomaru-sama, did you win? Rin asked him as she ran up to him all smiles.

Of course, he told her.

Yeah, but I got a few good moves in there, Inuyasha said smiling at him. You guys should have seen it when I
knocked him down.
Sesshomaru looked at him then. I expected him to say something, just not what he did say.
I taught you well, he said as he almost smiled. But you still have a lot to learn. You will have a month to
practice until we meet again, he said before he turned and headed back to the hut with Rin and Shippo running
in front of him and Jaken walking behind of him.
Good going Inuyasha, Kagome said as she hugged him. A little too long for my liking, but he didnt seem to
notice. He was enjoying his little victory. I looked down the path to see how far they had gotten to see
Sesshomaru turn and continue to walk away from us. He was probably impatient for us to follow.
Kagome, what can we have today to celebrate Inuyashas win? I asked as I turned back to the group.
Win? He didnt win, she remarked. But he did do very well, she added. Lets have instant noodles to
celebrate everything, she suggested. For Inuyashas fighting improvement and to mark Sesshomaru and Rins
last meal with us, she said as she looped her arm with his and then turned with us as we started walking down
the path towards the hut.
= Sesshomaru =
The instant noodles werent bad. They smelled interesting enough to try, and I found myself not being
disappointed by their taste. The kitsune talked during the first half of the meal of how this was my brothers
favorite food and that Kagome brought them for him. Where did she bring them from? Was a question that I
wanted to ask him, but at the same time I didnt want to show that much interest. True to the kitsunes words,
he was the first to finish his share and was asking for more. Show a little restraint. I told him in my head. Act like
you have some pride. I looked at Kagome as she gave it to him anyway, smiling as she did.
Sesshomaru-sama, Rin said as she came closer.
Yes, Rin, I answered her.
May I have a nap with you before we leave? she asked as she rubbed her eyes. I nodded my head and she
curled up on my lap and was soon fast asleep. I looked up at Jaken who had gotten use to the sight over the past
Locate Ah-Un and start packing, I told him.
Yes My Lord, he said before he bowed and went off to find the beast.
I looked down at Rin and moved some of her wayward strands back to where they were suppose to be. I
reached down and picked up the cup of tea that I was drinking, before she interrupted me and looked over at
the rest of the group. The monk looked like he was meditating, but he could be sleeping for all I cared, while
Inuyasha went back to eating his begged for meal when I met his eyes. The demon slayer lowered her eyes
promptly when I met them with my own, but Kagome didnt. She didnt lower her eyes or look away. She was

looking at me and continued looking at me as I looked back at her. She had a soft smile on her face, and then
her eyes sparked.
Ill go pack the sleeping bags and such for you, she said as she started to get up.
Ill help you Kagome, the demon slayer said as she stood quickly with her.
I dont know how long I was doing it, but I realized as I felt the strands moving under my fingers that I was
stroking Rins hair as she slept.
I never thought that I would see the day that a cold bastard like you would show so much care for a human,
never mind another being, Inuyasha said with no one around to hear him but me.
Im not a bastard, you are. Or have you already forgotten? I asked with a level gaze. But what actions you
considered to be cold, as you put it, were nothing more than what was needed to be done. I did not want to
start that old fight and continued to move the conversation away from our parentage. Rin is my ward by her
own choosing. I am honor bound to take care of her and protect her. Nothing in me has changed. Perhaps you
never saw what was there all the time. I let my words sink in as I took another sip of my tea. It was starting to
lose its warmth.
Inuyasha got up and left me with the meditating monk. I looked back down at my hand that was still making it
way over Rins hair.
He may still make you proud enough to one day call him uncle, I told the sleeping child quietly.
I lifted my mokomoko from over my shoulder and laid it over Rin as I sat further back unto the tree. I sensed
Kagome coming, but she seemed to have stopped behind the tree for some reason. Soon she moved again and I
saw her appear with the bag that she had presented to Rin seemly full of the other treats and gifts she gave her
that day, and my own gift of the sleeping bag. I assumed that she packed my wa-gashi in Rins bag also.
I packed everything for you, she said as she sat down next to me and placed the things at my side.
Thank you, I told her. I seem to be telling her that a lot lately.
She smiled and looked over at Rin. Her head did a slight twisting movement as she continued to look at her. I
looked over at Rin and saw nothing different. I curled my mokomoko around her a bit tighter feeling that I
couldnt sense that there was something wrong with her.
You can move it? It's part of you? Kagome asked as she looked from Rin and my mokomoko back to me.
Yes, I answered. Of course I can move it. It was part of me like a leg or an arm.
I always thought that it was just decorative, she confessed as her gaze found its way back to it and the sleeping
Its a gift from my father. It proves that Im the firstborn and heir to everything that was his, I wasnt sure
why I told her. I guess it was because no one had ever shown any interest in it before unless it was aiding me in
ending their life.

She was looking at me again with the same faint smile from before. She was starting to remind me of Rin when
she did that. A dark haired ningen female that needed my protection. For a moment I saw her running beside
Rin in the vast garden at my home. I shook the image from my mind. She wouldnt seek my protection and why
would I want her to? She was rather odd for a human and that alone could cause more problems than her skill
with a bow and arrow would be worth.
I finished my tea before it turned completely cold on me and waited for the right time to wake Rin with Kagome
sitting by my side.
= Kagome =
Jaken stood next to Sesshomaru as Rin was saying good bye to us. She had on the cute little back pack that I had
gotten for her. Sesshomaru was holding his sleeping bag, but Im sure that he would soon attach it to that beast
of his, and not carry it all the way to his home.
I waved at them both as I wished them a safe journey. I stopped and stood as I watched them leave. The
afternoon sun gave them long shadows off to their left. The wind blew his hair up and around his shoulders and
then it fell back neatly in place along the length of his back as if there hadnt been a breeze at all.
Sesshomaru then turned and looked at us. What was he looking at? Jaken stopped and looked back also, but he
didnt seem to find anything interesting and stood still looking at Sesshomaru, while he continued to look our
Sango, what is Sesshomaru-sama looking at? I asked as I turned to face her and saw that she wasnt there. I
looked to my other side to see that I was the only one still standing there. I did a quick one eighty to see the
curtain for the hut fall back into place. I turned back to face the way I was before to see the top of Sesshomarus
head as it dipped below the height of the hill.


Sumanasou sorry; apologetic; remorseful (there are a lot of different ways to say sorry in Japanese, I hope I
picked the right one.)
Nii-chan familiar form of older brother.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 11

= Kagome =
Gold colored eyes looked at me as they called my name.
Kagome, they held strength and power.
Kagome, they came closer and I felt my body backing away. They crinkled in concern and said my name again.
Kagome, it sounded closer now. It sounded different. The eyes started to fade as I felt my body being rocked.
KAGOME! The voice shouted in my ears.
AH! I screamed as I was ruefully woken up. I looked up into lightly honey colored eyes. These werent the eyes
that were there before.
There, shes awake, Inuyasha said as he walked away to show Sango standing close by.
I called you to see if she was sick, not to scare her, she said as she made her way over to me.
Whats going on? I asked as I stood with the helping but unneeded hand of Sango.
You over slept, Inuyasha said as he sat down.
I thought something might be wrong. You dont normally sleep so long, Sango told me as she placed her hand
on my forehead.
Im fine, I told her. What time is it? I asked her as I looked around.
Half the morning is already gone, she told me.
Half the morning? I asked in a loud and expectantly surprised tone as I looked at her. Why didnt you wake
me? I asked as I started to hunt through my bag for my toothbrush, washcloth, toothpaste and cup.
I tried. You wouldnt wake up, Sango said to me in a much firmer tone.
Oh, I kinda whispered to myself. Im sorry, I said to her as I stood with my things in my hand. Ill go get
ready now. Ill hurry back so we can leave soon, I shouted back at them as I made it past a short tree on my way
towards the river.

= Inuyasha =
Im amazed, Miroku said as I sat down next to him
At what? I asked him.
That you werent sueru for waking her up like that, he said.
Youre right, I said as I looked in her direction. Maybe she is sick, I said.
I told you, Sango said from her side of the camp at me.
She didnt smell sick, I said in my defense.
She might just be tired, Miroku added to the conversation. Shes been acting this way for a week since that
fight we had with the bog demon that held her captive for a few hours. He paused as he scratched the back of
his head. Maybe the barrier drained her or something.
We all now had a different type of concern etched across each of our faces. Sangos face was covered in concern
for her only female friend. Mirokus look was less of concern and more of pondering a problem. Shippo who
didnt seem that concerned, and didnt say anything, went back to playing with his top as he tried a new spell on
it. I had a bit of guilt with my concern for her. It was my fault that she was in the barrier for so long. I thought
that she was safe in there, and didnt try to get her out. Instead I focused on trying to get the shard from the
demon that caught her in the first place.
Granted it had taken a while to find her in the first place after she was captured, but maybe if I had gotten her
out a few minutes sooner, she would be more like herself. Or maybe something else is wrong with her.
Ill ask Sesshomaru if he can have his healer give her a look to make sure that nothing it really wrong with her if
she keeps acting like this, I said as I laid down on the grass and looked up at a few passing clouds. It could have
been a good day if this problem with Kagome hadnt come up.
= Kagome =
I, I, I... I screeched as my hands went back into the cold moving stream. I dunked my face cloth in a few times
and rung it out before I wiped it down my face. Over my forehead, down the side of my face then back up to my
forehead again before going down the other side. One quick dunk before I wiped it down my nose, over my
mouth and across my chin. I dunked it again and rung it out. I wiped down my neck and around my breasts. I
washed it out a few times before I got on with the rest of my cleaning.
I took my cup and rinsed it out before half filling it. I propped it up on a flat area on the bank then turned to
putting some toothpaste on my brush. I looked around as I brushed my teeth. There wasnt anything truly
interesting about the area we were passing through. My mind drifted as I worked on one side of my mouth. Part
of my dream started to come back to me, but I didnt really see anything. Just the outline of a person with long
hair and a feeling of not feeling afraid, if you could understand it. The figure stood there and I wasnt afraid of
them or what they might mean.
A crow squawked overhead and I was brought back to the present. I reached for the cup and rinsed my mouth
out. It wasnt so cold now which was good. I gathered my things up and started to walk back to camp.
Today was going to be a good day. I felt it. Maybe I could talk Inuyasha into catching something a bit more
substantial than just a few rabbits for dinner.
Im done, I said as I entered camp. Just give me a few minutes to pack up then we can get going, I said as I

put everything I had back into my bag expect the cloth which I looped through the strings on the outside, so it
could get a chance to dry. I started to hum nothing in particular as I picked up, dusted off and rolled up my
sleeping bag to put in my backpack.
She seems ok, Shippo voiced.
Of course Im ok, I said as I smiled over at him.
I stuffed it in and clipped my bag close. I reached round the side to one of its pockets and pulled out a granola
bar. I then heaved the bag onto my back. Not that it was heavy, it was just big. I ripped open the packaging and
took a big bite before folding it up and putting it into my pocket.
Come on Shippo, hop on, I said to him as I walked over to my bike. I waited until he was seated in the basket
before looking at the others.
See? I said proudly. Ready in no time.
= Miroku =
Today Kagome woke up with everyone else, but she still didnt seem like she was completely normal again. We
have been lucky not to have had to fight anyone for the last two shards we got. One was buried and needed to
be dug up. It took us almost a whole day to get it out. After we retrieved it, we all voted to walk until we found a
stream before we set up camp for the night.
The next shard was being looked after by a valley king. He was an impressive fifty-five foot long catfish that hid it
under a rock in the river that he lived. At the start of our meeting with the great fish, Inuyasha thought that he
was stalling and was about pull his sword on him when Kagome sueru him unto a rock. When he got up, he was
bleeding from the right side of his head. They got into an argument and when we all realized that the valley king
wasnt an evil demon, because he tried to stop them from arguing Inuyasha left and said that Kagome could talk
to the fish herself and that she didnt need him. I saw him bound away, but I knew he didnt go far. He was out
of sight, but not out of reach. There is no way he would really leave her.
I offered to go talk to him and bring him back while Sango stayed to keep an eye on things until we returned. I
was right, he was just a few large trees into the surrounding woods wiping the blood from his face. I walked over
and kissed his forehead close to where the cut had been. We talked for a few minutes until he felt better, and
when we rejoined the others he apologized and so did Kagome.
This seemed to have impressed the catfish and it may have helped him in deciding to give us the jewel shard. He
talked to us at length before he let us have it. He said that he knew that the power of the shard came with a
price. A price that not everyone expects and what even fewer can pay. I asked him why he didnt use it. He
simply said that he had no wish for any more power than he currently possessed, and on some days it was more
than he wanted.
When we parted we wished each other guidance and a long a life as Buddha would allow. I liked talking to the
old fish, but that didnt stop me from eating my share of a very fishy meal that just about everyone had a hand
in catching and preparing that night.
Kagome tripped next to me as she was walking by, quickly bringing me back to here and now. I reached a hand
out and steadied her. It was the fourth time that morning. She walked on ahead after thanking me, and started
talking with Inuyasha who was at his usual distance ahead of us on the road.
Thats the fourth time for the day shes tripped, Sango said as she fell into step next to me.

You have been counting too? I asked her without looking in her direction.
Its hard not to, she replied. I shook my head and we walked on with Kirara trotting beside her. For once
Shippo was with Inuyasha. He was holding onto Kagomes bike today and Shippo was walking beside it.
How long do you think Sesshomaru will let us stay at his home? Sango asked me.
I dont know, I told her. Do you want me to ask Inuyasha for you? I offered. She seemed to think it over for a
No, Ill ask him myself, she answered. Then she turned and looked at me.
What? I asked, instinctive raising both my hands for her to see.
That, she said.
That? I asked her as I lowered my hands and raised an eyebrow.
You havent tried anything in months, she answered.
Do you wish to see me killed by your mate-to-be? I asked her with a chuckle.
No, at least not anymore, she admitted.
That wounds me my dear Sango, I told her with a look of false hurt in my eyes.
You also seem to be spending more time with Inuyasha too, she said, continuing to list my new habits.
Well I cant be with you anymore, and I know that I cant try anything on Kagome. Who else do I have left to
talk to in our little group? I asked her. Or do you think Kagome wouldnt really mind?
I looked at the twitching ears on my Inuyashas head. I will have to explain this little conversation to him later I
figured, not that I truly mind. I was looking for a reason to kiss him lately. We may have been spending enough
time together for Sango to notice, but we havent gone off or done anything that took time since Sesshomarus
little visit. A few stolen kisses here and there that left me hotter than I was before. Or a few brushes of our
hands over some part of each other, while no one was looking as we passed each other.
Only once since we have been on road, was I able to give Inuyasha any kind of real personal attention. He
begged me for a blow job and that got me as turned on as giving the blow job itself. I stoked myself off while I
sucked him clean. Then we had to finish with our bath to get back to the girls before one of them or Shippo
came looking for us.
I take that back, Sango said as she walked away from me. You are still a perverted monk, I grinned at her
retreating backside. In truth, I now had three lovely backsides to gaze at along with the rest of natures beauty.
Sangos long silhouette, Kagomes long bare legs thanks to her poor excuse of a skirt, and the red cad behind of
the one I just wanted to hold at night these days. A memory of the last time I kissed that behind flashed through
my mind. Our conversation later will have to be a bit more than just me explaining what he heard today. As if he
knew I was thinking about him, I soon heard his voice.
What are you doing back there monk? I heard him ask. He hardly ever called me by my name in front of the
others. Which is fine by me, it just made me enjoy hearing him say my name even more enjoyable, when he did
call out my name.
Nothing, just enjoying the view, I said. And what a lovely view it is.

Pervert, I heard Sango say again.

Hmp, Inuyasha added before he turned his head back to facing the road. Kagome was quite like she hadnt
heard what was going on at all.
What did you expect him to say Inuyasha? Shippo piped up from his side of the road. Now you have
embarrassed Sango and Kagome. Kagome is so shocked thinking of what Miroku said that she cant say
anything. At this Inuyasha reached over and hit him on the head.
Watch your mouth, he said as his hand came down.
AAHHhh..! Shippo exclaimed as he started to rub his head. At this Kagome seemed to have come back to us.
Inuyasha! Osuwari! she said and walked away from his falling body that was somehow still propping up her
bike. Hes just a child! she shouted back at him as she bent to pick Shippo up after they were clear of him. I
came to a stop next to him and waited for him to get up.
Are you ok? I asked.
Yeah, Im just fine, he said before pushing himself up and starting to walk next to me with her bike.
We now had a week left before we were due at Sesshomarus home and we were on our way back the hut to
drop off a few things and get a few other things before we headed in that direction. The girls wanted to take
some of their better pieces of clothing with them. Being a monk, I didnt have a wardrobe to pick and choose
garments from, but I could pack one or two of my better sets of robes for the upcoming event. I dont think that
Inuyasha has anything different or more than his fire rat kimono and undergarments. Maybe he will wash it
before we leave the hut.
Inuyasha, you have to wash that! Kagome shouted as she kicks him out of hut and throws a brick of soap after
him. I raised an eyebrow as I looked at him scooping up the blue block. He looks over at me and tosses the soap
up and down a bit. Is he thinking of throwing it at me? Well we still havent had that talk yet.
Inuyasha, Ill be right with you. I said as I started to walk around him cautiously before turning to run up the
steps of the hut. I ducked under the curtain and stood as still as Ive ever stood in my life. They looked at me, I
looked at every part of them that I could without even thinking.
Ahmm I came for some soap, I told the two frozen ladies.
I just want my dirty robes and a brick of soap, I said as I tried to reach for the one I saw that was next to
No you dont monk! I heard Sango said before I felt something as it hit me. I was knocked on my side and was
sent flying across the floor.
Really, I just want to do some washing, I said as I started to get up. Before I was was able to stand fully upright
I felt something hit me again and I was sent flying out of the hut and over the steps. I turned and rolled on my
side when I hit to ground to keep any one part of me from getting the full force of the fall. I came to a stop
laying on my back and I stayed like that for a bit. I was looking up at the sky as I heard him walking towards me.

Something went wrong? he asked me as he bent over my face.

Yes, I think so, I said as I laid there.
Do you need help getting up? he asked me when I didnt move.
No, I want to wait for a bit, I said as I looked into his eyes. Can I have half of your soap? I asked him.
You have something to wash? he asked me. He then looked around for something. I didnt see you come out
with anything, he said as he looked back down at me.
Just what Im wearing it seems, I told him. I sat up and gauged how my head felt. Ok, we can go now, I told
him as I started to stand.
What did she hit you with? he asked as we walked down the path.
I think she used Hiraikotsu on me, I answered.
When we got to the washing part of the stream, which was a ways down from the rest of the village, Inuyasha
used a rock to break the brick into pieces for us to share. He didnt say anything as we stripped off our outer
clothes and started to wash them. I had wanted him to ask me first about the talk I had with Sango that
morning, but it looks like he wasnt going to bring it up.
About this morning, I started as I flipped my purple robe over to find the stain I saw when I took it off. I was
just giving Sango an answer that she would understand, I said. I paused and looked over at him. He was banging
his hitoe into a large rock he had found half submerged in the stream. Are you mad at me? I asked him. He
stopped and looked at me. He then turned his attention back to washing his jacket.
No, Im not mad at you, he said. I want to let them know, or at least not have to hide it, but I know its not
time to tell them yet, he said as he continued to beat the jacket against the rock. I had an idea of what else he
was thinking, but didnt say. I walked over to him and hugged him from behind. I buried my nose into hair until I
touched the back of his neck to place a kiss there.
To think that I asked you if you would have a problem letting others know about us and you turn out to be the
one having the hardest time not telling. An ironic turn of events is it not? I asked in the end.
Dont you want to tell anyone now? he asked me with his head bent.
Of course I do. I would love to go to sleep with you every night and wake up in your arms every morning. I
havent felt so loved in a very long time, and I feel that love every time I fall asleep in your arms. I also
understand that doing that now would hurt Kagome more than we would ever want to, I kissed the back of his
neck again. I wait because I have too, I told him.
He reached a hand up and held on to one of mine. I held his hand as I moved around him to sit down on his
hitoe in front of him. I slide my other hand around his neck and moved my fingers into his hair. I pulled his face
forward and kissed him. He needed to be kissed right now, and I wanted to kiss him. He deepened the kiss
before I did and was soon pushing me back against the rock. My other hand was left to be pressed against his
damp chest. My head and chest were being pushed down, while I was pushing my lower half to him. I slid my
hand from his chest to under his arm and around to this back. I soon felt his hands on either side of my face as
he eased up on the kiss and started to suck and nibble on my lips.
I felt his lower half as he pushed back against me, placing me between a rock and a hard place. Can we really do
this? My mind went through what or who could stop us now. Shippo? At Kaedes. The girls? Still trying out
outfits and due to my little interruption they wouldnt come looking for me or us anytime soon. I slide my hand

down to his hot ass and pulled him even closer. I felt him nip at my jaw when he felt my hand pulling on him
from down there. I felt my fundoshi as it strained against my cock when he wasnt pressing down and rubbing
his cock against mine.
That caused a little itch which gave me another reason to enjoy his weight when it returned. I opened my legs
for him and he slid into me. My fundoshi might as well not be there now. The heat from both our bodies, and
the rubbing with the pressure of his weight, was almost enough to make me come. But I wanted him to possess
me. I wanted to remind him that he had me.
Inuyasha, I breathed as I pulled our lips apart. Do it, I told him.
You want me to have you? he asked as he panted above me.
You already have me. I want you to take me, I looked into his eyes, burning a darker gold, as they now tinted
with a shade of red. He pulled his fundoshi off before getting rid of mine. He kissed me again as he lifted my
knees. He kissed the side of my knee. He licked down the inside of my thigh. He bent his head down and sucked
on my balls each in turn, then did it a second time before moving on. My arms went out from my side and
gripped the rock that I was laying back on.
= Inuyasha =
I was starting to drown in the smells coming off of Miroku. He gave me the right to have him, and I knew he
meant it for more than just this moment.
I licked the warm patch of skin below his balls before I went lower to prepare him for me. He was starting to
shake in my hands and I had to hold him tighter as I rimmed him before pushing my tongue inside. I growled as I
felt him tighten around my tongue. I pulled my tongue back and kissed him here, letting the growl move into his
body. My ears twitched and I smirked as I started to lick him again. He was panting as rapidly as his heart was
beating. I also felt his blood speeding past my hands in his veins.
I pushed my tongue back into him and moved it around to get him ready. I can feel my pre-cum as it bubbled out
of me and slid down my legs. I lifted my head and looked down at him with his eyes screwed shut with the
sweat on his skin making him shine. I heard his breathing deepen as I looked at his chest to see its rapid
movements lessen. I lowered him to lean against my legs so I could use one hand to rub some cum over my
cock. It felt so good.
All of my senses were filled with him. I smelled him all around me, I tasted him in my mouth, I could hear his
breathing, and it starting to pick up again. I looked down at him looking back at me. His skin was heating up
again. He was thinking of how I was going to make him feel. He was looking at my hand as it moved over my
cock getting it ready for him. I was going to try my damnedest to make sure that he would remember this until
the next time we were able to lay next to each other. I shifted his weight and pointed my cock at his tight ring
that was just puckering in wait for me. I wrapped my arms around his legs and pulled him up to me as I pushed
down. I almost felt his voice was my own when he cried out at my entry. I slowly pulled out as I let him fall from
me. Just before I would have popped out of him I gripped his thighs and pulled him back to me as I pushed
down again. He screamed again but it was half lost in a deep moan. Oh this was so good.
Slowly we separated again, and again I pulled us back together. This time I moaned with him. I did it again and
knew I couldnt continue so slowly. I hunched down over Miroku and I held him closer to me as I started to
move faster. I pumped into him as quickly and as deep as I could. His moaning and the twisting of his body in my
arms were keeping me going. His voice quickened my blood. His hot skin that was dancing under my hands sent
shivers of desire into my body. I was going to come soon. I saw the light of ecstasy as it started shine in my eyes.
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I held on to him and pulled him onto me as I pushed deeper and deeper for

each jerk of my climax. That pushed Miroku into his own climax. I felt his ass squeeze and hold on to me as the
smell of his cum filled the air along with his own scream of pleasure. I opened my eyes to see his arched body
concave then settled down to rest on the rock. I didn't pull out of him until he let me go. I looked Miroku in the
eye as I held out my hand to him. He took it and sat up with his legs on either side of my body. I kissed him and
wrapped my arms around him.
I love you Miroku, I told him. I pushed my fingers through the hair at the top of his neck. I felt his arms as they
moved around my waist and held me.
I love you too Inuyasha, he replied. I heard the sincerity in his voice and pulled him closer.

Sueru (the closet that I could find to sat) to seat (someone)

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 12
= Inuyasha =
Well here we are, I said as we stood at the gate to my brothers home. I know that he once said that it was
mine also, but I never felt like it was really my home despite the few months I lived here.
Why did you leave here? Miroku asked as he continued to look in awe with the others. Was he the same back
then too?
Not really, I said as I started to move forward. I stopped then I started walking again. No one should stop us,
we were invited. We slowly walked up the long path that curved around a great lawn that had a large weeping
red willow in the middle. Back then he seemed to be trying to be nice to me, but every now and again I saw his
eyes when he looked at me. He hated me and I felt cold, I said without thinking. The memory came back and
those were the words I used to describe them.
So that is why you left? Sango half said, half asked.
Partly, I left for Kikyo. More like to find someone like her. I just didnt know it at the time. I had heard of the
Shikon no Tama and thought that Sesshomaru might accept me better if I was a full demon like him. I was gone
four years before I found her and the jewel. I tried to get the jewel, but that didnt work. For a moment I
thought about using the Shikon no Tama to be fully human, but that didnt work out either. I stopped in front of
the main door and I realized what I had been saying.
Great, I can feel their pity in waves. I turned to look at them. Shippo was just looking at me in curiosity. How
much of my story did he know? The girls were the ones dumping their pity on me.
Would you just keep your pity to yourself? I told them. I was about to look at Miroku when a voice pulled my
attention back to the door as I heard it being opened.
Inuyasha-sama, an old lady in her middle years said before she bowed. Sesshomaru-sama is in the meeting
room waiting for you. Please come in. I walked into the house and waited for the others to follow. I didnt know
her, but I didnt think that I would know anyone here anymore. Being pinned to a tree for fifty years doesnt give
you much of a chance to still find humans, who you once knew, still alive.
When everyone had made their way inside, she closed the door and then started to walk down the main
hallway. As we followed her, we walked past two sets of doors until we got to the last one after a long wall that a

number of paintings hung from. A few were portraits. I didnt look at them, I would have more time later to
remember the people I saw there and remember the stories I was told of them. I looked at the lady as she
knocked on the door then stepped in. I heard her tell someone in the room that we were here. I assumed it was
Sesshomaru since he didnt answer. She came back out and said that we could go in now. She opened the door
wider and stepped back to let us pass.
I was the one in the front, so I guess I have to go in first.
= Sesshomaru =
Inuyasha was the first to enter the room. My nose twitched and I knew the offender was that rat hair kimono of
his. It seems to have recently received a wash, but it still needed three more days of proper washing before it
could no longer give him away by smell. Next was the monk, who I also smelt coming from brothers direction,
and him from his.
He didnt look worse for wear, considering he was now bedding a demon, half-blooded or not. I nodded in their
direction, but I did not look to see if they returned the gesture. Next to walk in was Kagome. She was dressed in
a light pink shirt that was wrapped around her along her torso after it crossed over her breasts and fanned out
its short sleeves over her shoulders. Today her hakama was less decent than that green and white skirt that I
had seen her in. There were no legs at all to the garment. Her legs appeared rather long and they seemed to
have been darkened by the sun which showed that it was normal for her to have her legs uncovered to this
extent. The white hakama just covered the part of her body that was between her navel and the top of her
Good morning Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she tilted her head towards me. I tilted my head in return. Her
smiling face led me to believe that she truly thought nothing of such attire.
Good morning, I said to the whole room when I raised my head and saw that the taijiya was now also in the
room with the kistsune Shippo at her side.
You have made it just before lunch, I informed them. Amaya, will show you to your rooms. You may wash and
rest there before the meal, I told them. I turned towards Inuyasha.
I have had your old room cleaned out and aired. The monk will be staying with you, I saw him open his mouth
like he was going to say something, but Inuyasha closed it without saying a word. When it felt like he really
wasnt going to say anything I started to turn towards the females.
Thanks Sesshomaru, I heard him say. A thank you? It sounded odd but then I remember that he had used
those words before when Rin and I visited their hut a moon ago.
It was nothing, I said, and then placed my attention on the girls. With your permission, I aimed at Kagome,
Im willing to let Shippo stay with Rin. It was one of her requests, I waited for a reply.
Of course, its no problem at all, she was blushing as she said this. Why? Wasnt she the one that looked after
Rin will be pleased, I told myself. I then looked at them both.

Now you have a choice, I told them blankly after a moment had passed. I never really gave choices. You can
choose to share the same room with each other or have your own rooms. I was looking at Kagome the whole
time, but it was a question meant for both of them so I turned my gaze to her name? Sango. I will have to
learn her name. I cant call her taijiya while shes in my home as a guest.
Are you asking me? Sango asked as she raised a hand to her chest, while a look of surprise crossed her face.
Im asking both of you, I answered. They turned and looked at each other before turning to look at me again.
No one spoke. Sango then nudged Kagome with her elbow to say something.
If it wouldnt be too much trouble, we, Sango, I, have a favor to ask, she looked up at me and I hadnt a clue of
what she wanted to ask. I was a little more interested in why she was now so nervous when talking to me. She
wasnt like this before.
Yes? I inquired.
Well, when we left the village we left a message for Kouga that he could find us here if he happened to stop by
the village looking for us. So with your permission, we would like to ask for Kouga to stay if he does show up,
she finished and she was fidgeting. I looked at her with curiosity. She stopped fidgeting while I was looking at
her. I think she believed that I was taking too long to answer.
Granted, I said. Does this mean that you wish to have separate rooms so that he would stay with I looked
at her. Sango, if he does arrive? I asked and then turned my eyes back to Kagome. A blush quickly spread
across her face. I was starting to like her face like this.
Yes, she answered.
Then its settled, I said, as I made my mind think of other things.
Amaya, I called. She opened the door and came to stand just on the inside of the door. Show our guests to
their rooms. The two females will be staying in different rooms, the young one is to be showed to Rins room
and the monk will be staying in Inuyashas room with him. Come back to see me when you are done, I told her
in conclusion.
You will be called for lunch when its time, I told them before I bowed. They bowed in return and started to
follow Amaya out of the room.
Inuyasha, I said to him as he started to leave. He stood and watched his friends as they continued to leave
before turning to look at me. I sat down and waited for him to take a seat also.
What do you want to talk about? he asked as he sat down.
Do the others know? I asked him.
Know about what? he asked in turn.
That you are involved with the monk, I stated. His face was set as he looked at me.

No, he answered. I lightly tapped a finger or two on the top of my well polished table. He has reasons and Im
sure one of them is Kagome. I would not be the one that she learns this from if he doesnt think it was time to
tell her.
Do you wish for this to last? I asked him. I was genuinely interested for a number of reasons.
Yes, he told me without taking time to think.
I will do nothing to reveal your secret, I told him. He looked as if he was trying to figure out if he could trust
me. Do you not trust me? I asked him.
I trust you. I dont think you know how to lie, he said. I was wondering when you found out.
It was the night before we left. I heard one of you as I passed by the camp, I answered. He blushed. It must be
a fall back of his human side. He blushed a lot back then too. I reminded myself.
You should go and wash up for lunch, I said as I once again eyed his red clothing. While you are here, I
added, you will become Inuyasha-sama again. Please dress accordingly, I finished.
I heard no argument from him as he stood and then left this room, to find his own and the monk waiting there.
He must have expected this on some level to not make a fuss.
I turned my focus back to the scrolls that were in front of me. A few minutes later there was a light rapping at
the door and then Amaya slipped into the room. She stood at the door until I looked up at her and she came
Have the tailors been sent for? I asked her.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, she said with her eyes slightly lowered.
I shifted through the scrolls until I found a piece of paper that I had written on the night before. I then handed it
to her.
When they get here give them this then let me know of their arrival personally, I instructed.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, she answered again as she tucked the paper into her obi.
You may go, I told her.
She bowed fully before she backed out of the room. As the door closed I reached over and poured some more
tea into my empty cup. I inhaled the smell of lemon grass before drinking all the liquid in two mouthfuls. Now
how is this going to proceed? I asked myself.
= Kagome =
I was looking up at a ceiling that was painted with every color I knew of to portray a very breathtaking scene. I
was lying back on a bed that was far bigger than the one I had at home. On sheets that were softer than any I
have ever felt, I was looking up at a female demon of some kind as she laid in the arms of someone she must
have really liked, since she was letting him kiss her. The lady had long black hair like my own, but hers was so

much longer. The male had equally long hair but the complete opposite in the familiar stark white coloring I had
gotten use.
If it wasnt for the fact that I was human I could easily believe that it was a prediction of what could happen
between Sesshomaru-sama and myself, but that was just wishful thinking on my part. It belonged in my day
dreams that I seem to keep having. This past month it was as if he was with us the whole time. Never talking,
never interacting, but always present and looking at me.
I started to think of him the night I was rescued by Inuyasha from that smelly bog demon. That demon had put
me to sleep with some gas that came from his body. I was inside the barrier when Inuyasha found us. I was
looking at him when my vision wavered and I thought that I was going to collapse when I saw Sesshomaru-sama,
then it changed back to Inuyasha. I held his hands after he killed the bog demon to make sure it was him. I just
felt hands. Normally he doesnt let me hold his hands, but once in awhile he allows it and I take full advantage,
but that time I just felt his hands. I felt his long nails and warm skin. My heart didnt skip a beat. I looked at him
without blushing. I just felt and showed my happiness at being rescued by my friend.
I turned my head to the side and looked out a window at the blue sky. I breathed deeply as I remembered when
Inuyasha told me that he wasnt in love with me anymore. I remembered how hurt I felt. At first I didnt believe
it and I just refused to believe it. How could he not love me? I carried Kikyos soul. He was suppose to love me,
like in all the fairy tales. I loved him, I really did. I remembered all the times I saw him holding that thing that
called herself Kikyo and my heart would break. That was right. My chest did hurt and I felt like he was being
taken from me and I was afraid of not being able to see him again because he left with her.
But what do I feel for him now? Friendship? Something close to what I feel for Sota? I think... I should get ready
for lunch. I got up off of the bed and walked across the room to kneel down next to my bag that I dropped close
to the door. I pulled out things until I got my towel, a bar of soap and another outfit that I threw onto the bed
for me to change into when I got back from the bath.
I stepped from my room with my things in hand and walked down the hallway on my right to the girls shared
bath. Maybe Ill find Sango there. I thought to myself.
= Inuyasha =
He knows? Miroku asked again for the fourth time since I told him what Sesshomaru and I talked about. I
watched him as he walked back and forth running his fingers through his hair.
What are you so upset about it? I told you he didnt mind, I explained hoping to get him to calm down.
Youre right, he said as he started to slow down his pace. It was just unexpected, Miroku turned and walked
towards the bed and laid down. So that is why we ended up sharing the same room, he stated.
It would seem so, I said as I looked back at him. It does make a few things easier for us. I was looking at his
face and thought that it looked good enough to lick.
Is that you? Miroku asked me.
I havent touched you yet. What are you feeling? I asked him as I started to think of possibilities. It couldnt be
bedbugs, they would have cleaned everything.

No. Nothing is touching me, I meant that, he said as he pointed up to the ceiling. I looked up.
Oh that, I said before I laid down next to him and looked up at the same painting. That is Sesshomaru, I told
Why is there a painting of Sesshomaru on the ceiling of your bedroom? Miroku asked.
It wasnt always mine. It was his when he was younger. Before I came, I was told, he wanted a different room
when he got older. Since this was the only other room that was decorated for a boy, it was given to me when I
was brought here. I looked up at it seeing Sesshomaru the way he looked over two hundred years ago.
Did you hate having it there? he asked after a while.
No. I thought that it was interesting at first, I told him. But later it helped in keeping me here for as long as I
ended up staying, I added.
How? he asked.
It would remind me at times that he wasnt always a stuck up asshole when he was being a pain and that
maybe if I stayed long enough and he got use to me, he would show something close to what he was like back
then. I breathed out. Of course that didnt happen, at least not back then.
You think that hes changing now?
It looks that way. We havent really seen him smile yet, but he seems a bit more willing to change.
Why is that? Miroku turned his face towards me.
Maybe its just time.
Time? he asked back at me.
Yeah, when I first came here, it was after my mom died and he had only been lord for about twenty years. He
came and found me and he told me to come with him. At the time I thought that my brother had come for me,
but later it felt like he was just doing something that he thought he had to do, not that he wanted to do it. Now
it feels like he wants to be around me.
That should make you happy, he said before turning to look back up at the painting.
It does, I just wish that I wasnt suppose to change too, I said on an exhaled breath as I sat up.
Change? Why do you have to change? Miroku asked as he propped himself up on his elbows to look at me. I
got up and walked over to the closet and opened the doors.
Sesshomaru didnt just talk about me and you earlier. He told me that while I was here, I was going to act the
part of Inuyasha-sama, I pulled at one of the number of kimonos hanging there. It didnt smell musty or stale in
the closet at all. I even caught a hint of lavender. He made it a point of telling me to dress appropriately. He
never liked my fire rat kimono. I never asked him why, thinking it reminded him of something that he would
rather not remember for how he looked at it.

Miroku got up and walked over to the closet and soon we were looking through silk outfits together. He picked
something out for me to wear for lunch before we went into the next room for a bath. It was one of the perks of
the bedrooms. Only the non-servant bedrooms came with a bathroom attached to it, which were twelve in all.
We did everything while we took our bath. We scrubbed every inch of each others skin and washed each
others hair. I tried to spend as much time as I could washing his hair, so I could feel him against me, but he
wouldnt let me, saying that he didnt want to be late to lunch to have Sesshomaru disapprove of him.
When did you start wanting Sesshomaru to approve of you? I asked him as he came up for air after rinsing the
hair soap out.
Since a month ago, he answered. I also tried to stay clear of him so he would have less to judge me on for
when he learned of us, but I cant dodge him in his own home now can I? he said before ducking under the
water again as he tried to make real sure that none of the soap was left.
We also helped each other get dress, not that it took much for Miroku to get into his robes.
Why dont you have anything else to wear? I asked him as I watched him tie the purple one over his black
Because Im monk. I thought you knew that, he said as he pulled at bits to have them fall where he wanted.
Dah, of course you say that you are a monk, but you dont act like one. You chased after women more than
anyone Ive known, youve had sex with men and now youre with me, a demon. You lie and swindle people for
food, a place to stay and money. What part of you is a monk exactly? I finally asked.
He sat down on the bed and looked at me.
Do you want to know about the people Ive been with Inuyasha? he asked after he seemed to spend some
time thinking of what to say.
Now it was my turn to think. Do I want to know about all the women that he has been with and who was the
guy he was with before? Was it just one guy? As much as I didnt want to know, I realized that I did want the
Yes, I said as I prepared myself for the onslaught of his past affairs and tumbles.
Ive been with two women and one man before you, he said. I looked at him blankly.
You lie, I almost shouted at him.
Why would I lie? Ive had sex with two females and one male before you. That is the truth, he stood and
walked over to me. Have you ever seen me walk away with anyone since Ive been hunting down Naraku with
you and the others these two years past? he looked into my eyes and waited for an answer. I tried to think
about it. I remember seeing him being slapped by every female I saw him talking to when it seemed that he
liked her. Once we thought that he was off having a tumble with one of them, but found that he was pulled off
to be free labor and was helping to rebuild a small shelter for some animal.
I cant remember any, I told him honestly in a lower voice that I didnt use often.

Thats because I havent since Ive joined our group. Everyone Ive been with was before I knew of you, he
reached out and placed his hand on my chest. And only one of them had I believed myself in love with.
Ok, Im listening, I said before licking my lips. He looked directly into my eyes and began to tell me about that
part of his life.
He was about sixteen years old when he slept with someone for the first time.
It was with an older woman who was trying to have a child for her husband. They had been married for a
number of years and they were still childless. I had been on my own for a few months and I was trying to put
into practice what I thought would get me by, along with a few things that Mushin told me.
She found me talking to young lady and when it turned out that I couldnt stay with her that night I turned
away and was about to move on when she got my attention and waved me over. She said that she had heard
of a traveling monk that morning and came to seek my help, hoping I would be able to help them. She asked
me what I knew of ways to get a woman pregnant. I was honest with her and told her that I didnt know
much. There was something in the way that she was looking at me that made me think that she had more to
ask. Having sex to have a child wasnt something to be done so casually with a married woman I thought.
I began to laugh when I heard that. I took a seat in a chair that was close by, still laughing under my breath a
I never really expected anyone to take me seriously. But I learned that it was easier to move through life if no
one really thinks of you as a threat. The look on his face sobered me up and I looked at him with a straight face
again so he could continue his story. He let out a breath and scratched the side of his face as he walked back to
the bed and sat down.
She took me to her home and we talked about a few things. She asked if there wasnt some kind of spell or if I
knew of medicine that would help her have a child. I told her that all I could do was say a prayer for her to
Kami of her village and the Buddha. She looked sad before she looked away from me. I then said that I knew
of a tea that may help her be more prepared to have a child and that I would go and see if she had the
ingredients in the kitchen so I could make her some and show her how to make it herself. She told me where
it was and that the kitchen girls name was Kiku. I found the kitchen without difficulty and I had a pleasant
talk with Kiku.
I got what I was looking for and I learned that the lady of house couldnt have children but she refused to
believe it. I was the third person that she had brought to the house to help her so far that month. I asked her
how she knew for sure and she said that the master already has a daughter from his first marriage. His wife
died in a raid years ago. Also two years back he had a son by his mistress. I then asked her if she knew why
the mistress of the house would continue to think that she could have a child. Kiku said that it was because
she had a child once too. This was a second marriage for both of them.
She was living twenty-three miles to the north of there with her husband and son when their village was
attacked by a demon that tore through the village leaving few people alive. She was almost one of the dead,
but a skilled miko saved her life and three others. Her husband and son werent that lucky. She wanted to
believe that she could still have a child, but they have told her that she cant because of the damage to her

body from the attack. When the master realized that she could not give him a son, he stopped sleeping with
her. She, Kiku, didnt think that he has spent a night with her in over three years.
I thanked her and walked back to the room and the woman I felt sorry for. I made the tea for her and showed
her how to make it and told her how often to take it. I also told her that it may never give her a child and that
it would not give her back her husband. She said that she understood, then she asked me to stay with her for
the night. She said that I had been one of the kinder men that she had asked for help from and she was
lonely. I told her that I couldnt be with a married woman. She walked me to the room she was letting me
stay in, but before she left, she said that she hadnt been a married woman in a long time. Around midnight I
went back to her room and I stayed with her.
The next day I made a show of thanking them and blessing the household. I reminded her to take her tea and
she gave me a few coins for the journey. I thanked her and left. I bought a jug of sake that I had a swing or
two of when I was well pass the town. I felt odd for leaving her in an unhappy marriage, but I knew that there
was nothing I could do. I remembered our night fondly, as Im sure she must have too from the smile on her
face the next day and I considered it the first of many to come.
He looked up at me then.
Well? What about the others? I asked him as he picked up the blue kimono and walked over to me.
Get up, you have to finish getting dressed, he said. Inuyasha-sama cannot be late. I will tell you the rest later.
He handed me the kimono as I stood up. I shrugged into it and flexed my arms to make sure it was still a good
fit. I already had on the matching solid blue hakama that went with it. Miroku was tying a knot when there was
a knock at the door.
He slid into the chair that I just stood from before I said ,Enter.
The door opened and in walked Amaya.
Its lunch time Inuyasha-sama, she said with her head bowed.
Thank you, well be right down, I told her.
Yes my lord, she said, and then backed out of the room closing the door behind her. I finished tying the other
set of strings then ran my hands down the front of the kimono. I felt the rise of the stitching from the cloth as it
depicted trees, some hills and a bridge I believed. I was careful not to nick it with my claws. It had been waiting
for over fifty years for me to wear it again and I didnt need to hear how I damaged it the first day that Im back
in this house. It was one of a few that were mixed with some styles from the mainland.
Miroku rose and stepped towards me. His eyes grew darker before he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his
waist and pulled him closer.
You look gorgeous, he said as he pulled way. Im going to enjoy undressing you later, he added before I
pulled him forward to kiss him again.
We should go shouldnt we? I asked with my lips hovering over his.

I believe so, he answered. I looked at his eyes then I looked at his mouth. I closed my eyes and licked my
tongue slowly over his bottom lip before I pulled away.
We should go then, I said as I pulled on his robe to get him to follow me. He opened his eyes and smiled.
We left the room and made our way down stairs to the main dining hall.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 13

= Kagome =
How far is this bathroom? I asked myself as I turned and looked down another hall. Im so lost. I felt heat coming
from one direction and then I saw steam as it made its way out from under a doorway. This has to be it. I pushed
the door open and saw a beautiful and very large hot water bathtub that was half sunken into the floor but you
still needed to walk up steps to get into it. It looked something like a Jacuzzi without the jets and a person who
only knew of six colors would call it white. The inner walls looked like they were made out of stone that was
polished to a smooth and shiny surface. The floor was wood that had space between each row for the water to
drain and it must have been lacquered or something to protect it from the water, but I felt something grainy
under my feet, like sand, the further in I stepped. I quickly closed to door to keep the rest of the steam from
leaving the room. I quickly stripped knowing that I had wasted a lot of time trying to find this place.
Where was Sango?
Sango? Are you in here? I asked as I walked around the room looking for her.
I just saw walls and no other rooms. I walked up the steps towards the tub with my soap in hand as I tried to put
my hair up with the other, into a scrunchy I had grabbed from my bag. I started my bath the moment I stepped
into the warm water. Maybe I missed her. I told myself. Then why didnt I see her going back to her room? Do I
even know where her room is? I didnt. That lady led me to my room first, and I stayed while she showed Sango
her own room.
I washed my face and then my neck. I used the back brush I saw when I got into the tub to give my own back a
good scrub and I used it to clean my sides as well. I washed it out and hung it back up before moving on to clean
my other parts. I had wanted to wash my hair too, but I wont have time to dry it. Ill just have to wash it tonight
before bed or in the morning when I wake up. I told myself.
I finished up and dunked down a few times, up to my neck, to rinse off. I felt the pull of the water when I was
under. It had a flow to it, like a stream. That would be why the water felt fresh every time my hands passed
through it.
Ok, time to get out of here. I placed one foot out of the tub when I heard a click. I almost jumped back in the
water, but it was the womans bath. I have nothing to hide from another girl.
Sango, is that you? I asked as the thought of her taking a nap and just getting here was entertained in my
head. I continued down the steps until I looked up and saw a face that froze me halfway down the steps. I stood
still not really knowing what to do as my mind ticked off what I didnt think I could do. My towel was nowhere in
reach, I could fall if I tried running back to the water, but he had already seen me. I

What are you doing in my bath? he asked me as he slowly walked around the tub. HIS BATH? DEAR GOD!
Im sorry Sesshomaru-sama, I said as my hands started to move in a very vain attempt to hide some part of me
from his eyes. It didnt matter if he already saw, it was the fact that he was still looking. I didnt know this was
your bathroom. I thought it was the girls shared bath. I hung my head as he continued to walk all the way
around the tub and myself.
You got lost, he stated. He didnt have to ask, he knew the only way for me to find this was place was if I was
Yes, I answered even though it wasnt a question. I chanced a look at him to see what shade of which emotion
would be on his face. I was betting on annoyance in a pale gray coloring. Instead I was looking at a robe. He was
holding it out to me. As I took it from him, he turned to face the wall. I wrapped myself in it and then gathered
my things while his back was still turned.
Once again, Im sorry Sesshomaru-sama, I told him as I started to back away, Ill be going back to my room
now, I said as I placed my hand on the door that I used earlier.
Do you know how to get back to your room? This time he was asking me. I thought about the twists and turns
I took to get this far and couldnt think of what came after the third hallway I walked down, or was that before?
No, I said. I let go of the door. Can...
I... we stopped when our words over lapped.
I, he tried again when I stayed quiet. will walk you back to your room. He raised his hand and pushed at one
of the darker colored stone squares on the wall. There was that clicking sound again which was followed by a
sliding sound that I didnt hear the first time and then light came from another room. He walked forward
without looking back. I followed to find him taking off his own robe in what must have been his bedroom. He
laid his robe across his bed and I blushed as I saw his back and part of his fundoshi. I didnt see everything due
to his tail covering most of his lower body from my sight. I turned my head away and looked at the noren
hanging from the wall, after seeing a very clear body profile of his tall and sama like body. I heard the slide and
rustling of clothing coming from his direction and I pictured him getting dress as much as I tried to stop myself
from doing so.
When I thought it was safe to look away from the weeping sakura flower design that covered the noren in
shades of white, black and pink, I looked back at Sesshomaru. He was already dressed in a kimono of white,
trimmed in and decorated in dark red and his tail was looping itself over his shoulder as he looked at me. We
looked at each other for a moment and I wondered what he was waiting for. I gripped the neck of the robe and
walked towards the door. I opened the door and felt air as it was pushed past my face as Sesshomaru filled my
field of view to stand before me.
How old are you? he asked with his golden eyes looking down into me.
Im seventeen, I told him. Why did he want to know? He walked out of the doorway ahead of me and was
waiting for me to step out of the room. I reached to close the door for him when I felt his hand on mine. He
pressed down, holding my hand to the door as we both closed it. He was very warm against my back even
though we were barely touching. Just as quickly as he was there, he was ten feet in front of me. He looked at me
as I started to walk towards him, trying to understand what was going on as quickly as the events were
happening. He turned and slowly walked away when he saw I was following him.
He didnt speak, not that I expected him too, but after a while I couldnt take only the sound of my feet as they
pattered along the floor in the very empty halls.

Ahm, I couldnt think of something and it sounded louder than I thought it would be.
I, I tried again. I was wondering how long you would like for us to stay? I caught up a little to him, not liking
the gap between us. He still didnt say anything.
We didnt think that it would be just a day or two since you were having rooms cleaned out for us. I was
thinking that it may be five days to a week, but like I said we arent sure, and I was wondering if you already had
thought about how long we could stay? I felt like I was talking way too much since he didnt show any signs
that he was going to answer. Its the same as when I was taking care of him. He wouldnt say anything and I
would babble on to fill the silence until I got him to say something to me. Maybe it will work again. I thought as I
continued to wait for him to answer. When he was still quite after a few more moments I started to think of
something else to ask him.
I was also wondering , I stopping speaking when he stopped walking. He reached out and opened a door.
Is this your room? he asked.
I blinked and looked around. This could be the hallway outside my room. I slowly walked into the room he
pointed out and looked for my things to quickly identify if it was my room or not. There was my yellow backpack
where I left it, and I looked up at the ceiling and there was the painting as well.
This is my room. Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, I said as I turned back to him. He was no longer standing
outside of the door, but inside my room and closing the door. I watched as he walked over to a chair, that was
next to a wall, and sat down.
I will wait here for you while you get dressed, so I can escort you to the dining hall, he said. He sat down. He
said that he was staying while I got dressed. Or do you wish to get lost again? he asked when he saw me
looking at him.
No, I said still wondering how I could get dressed in front of him. Hes not even looking away like I did for him
in his room. I looked around and saw a large bamboo looking screen off in the corner on the other side of the
bed from him. I picked up my bag and walked over to the bed. I pulled out a few things and left my towel there
in exchange for my clothes before walking behind the screen. When I got closer I saw that it was made of
something other than bamboo. Only the frame was bamboo, the rest of the screen was a made from canvas.
I could keep talking to him, I thought for a moment but then I decided that I should be quiet for a while. I threw
the robe over the screen and separated my bra from the rest of my clothes. I snapped it on and I started to feel
a little hot. I reached over and opened the window a little to let some air in.
= Sesshomaru =
I sat in a room that I hadnt set foot in, in decades. I looked around and it looked mostly like the last time I saw
it. This was Inuyashas mother's room, but she never got to stay in here. My mother wouldnt let a ningen live in
the same house as her and as her equal no less. She fumed for days over it. They fought up until he left for his
battle with Rykotsusei. When he came back she was gone.
I wasnt sad to see her leave, I was already one hundred and thirty-two by that time, and I was just something
for her to be envied over. All she really cared about, that I could remember, was status. My eyes settled on the
screen that Kagome was getting dressed behind. I smelled the orange snap dragons that were planted on this
side of the house. Light came through the window along with the sweet smelling air. I saw her shape shadowed
onto the canvas as she continued to get dress.
I saw her figure and remembered the look of her from when I found her stepping out of my bath. I saw the

curve of her breasts, the dip of her back, her slender arms, the soft look of the skin on her thighs and her bare
long neck. They all fitted into place as I watched her move behind the screen.
When I was getting dressed I felt her eyes on me for a few moments, then it was gone. Why did she look away? I
didnt even think of telling her to look away. Once I knew I lost her attention, getting dressed proved to be a
quick affair. Why did I seem to care if she looked on me and was disappointed when she stopped? I wasnt
happy which is true and I do question why she would look away. Disappointed?
I was not looking away as she bent to pick something up and her ass stuck out and I saw that it was partly
covered in something white with little dots of color decorating it. When she stood back up, and I saw the
shadow of her hand as she moved a finger under the fabric before she continued to dress.
how long would you like for us to stay? Her words came back to me when she continued to stay quiet. At
first I hadnt given it any real thought. This was also Inuyashas home, and he can stay as long as he liked. I
thought about telling her this, but then that might cause her to continue to talk. It was information that the rest
of her group would also like to know, Im sure. Ill tell them all at lunch and they can decide when they are ready
to leave. At least this way, they wont think that Im trying to keep them here or trying to chase them out.
Kagome stepped from behind the screen wearing a light blue skirt that went down to below her knees with a
red shirt that looked as soft as the flowers I smelled.
Where did you get such clothing? I asked her. Her clothes once again brought to mind that she truly didnt
really belong here.
From home, she answered me.
Did you make them? I asked.
I bought them, she replied. Such short answers from someone I know to constantly talk. I will confront her
with this later.
Are you ready? I asked her as I stood.
Just about, I just have to brush my hair out, she said as she picked her brush up from the bed and walked over
to the mirror. She pulled something small from her hair and it fell. She brushed it out and left it fallen, covering
her neck. I wanted to see her neck bare again, but that was something else that I couldnt ask. I walked over to
the door and opened it to wait for her in the hallway. Before Kagome reached the door I smelled something
new. It was coming from her. As she got closer the smell tried to engulf me. I looked at her as she drew near and
her skin blushed again. She stood and looked up at me with liquid brown eyes. Wide and unafraid, and without
a hint of anything of the false hopes or misguided expectations that I had come accustomed to when dealing
with other ruling families.
Was her skin as warm as it looked? Before I knew it I was reaching my hand out for her. I felt the heat from her
skin sink into my fingertips as I slid them along her cheek. I laid my thumb in front of her ear and rubbed to feel
more of her skin. I pulled my hand back when my view was tinted with pink, and her skin started to glow.
Your friends are waiting, I said from where I now stood, six feet away. She closed the door then walked in my
direction. We preceded to the dining hall, her female friend Sango, my brother, his lover, my Rin and her kitsune
friend Shippo would be waiting for us there.
= Third Person POV =
Inuyasha, why is Sesshomaru-sama late? Shippo asked from his place next to Rin who was playing with his tail.

Rins time with him has rubbed off in the fact that he calls Sesshomaru with the title of sama when hes not even
in the room.
Sesshomaru-sama is not late. He is where he is suppose to be, when he is there, Rin said loud enough for the
whole room to hear.
That is what I call brainwashing, Sango whispered to Miroku who was seated next to her. Inuyasha, who was
sitting at the other end of the short table, had no problem hearing what she said.
So who brainwashed Sesshomaru? Inuyasha asked her. He believes it too.
What is brainwashing? Shippo asked Miroku.
Its when someone is told something that is isnt true, as if it was the truth until that person believes it, Miroku
It is the truth, Rin told him. She had given up playing with the kitsunes tail, to defend her guardian.
You should apologize, before Sesshomaru shows up, Inuyasha said.
Miroku and Sango looked at each other before Sango turned and looked at Rin.
Im sorry Rin. I shouldnt have said such a thing. Sangos apology seemed to have been well received. Rins
smile returned to her face and her eyes.
Its ok, she said before turning to talk to Shippo in a lower tone.
Where is Kagome? Inuyasha asked out loud.
As if to answer his question the door opened and in walked Kagome. She smiled at her friends, but before
anyone could say anything, they saw more movement by to the door. Sesshomarus closed door before he
walked into the room and pass Kagome to the head of the table where he stood and waited. Everyone else
looked at him as he stood there waiting for something or someone. Their eyes then moved to Kagome as she
moved to take one of last two seats at the table that was on either side of Sesshomaru. She chose the seat to his
lift and sat between him and Rin.
Once she was seated, Sesshomaru sat, and before he finished adjusting his mokomoko a servant girl came into
the room. Everyone recognized her as Amaya as she made her way over to Sesshomaru and talked to him in soft
tones. Inuyasha swiveled his ears so he would not hear his brothers message. Sesshomaru nodded his head and
she bowed before leaving the room.
= Sesshomaru =
I looked around the table at everyone who was seated there. Rin was playing with Shippo, Inuyasha looked like
he had a question or two, but he still managed to appear like his normal disagreeable self. Miroku, his monk and
lover, sat between him and Sango. Those two did not trust me yet, which is a good thing. To trust someone who
was your enemy not that long ago showed that they had some conviction. Along with that trait there was
something of respect. If that respect was for myself or my brother I wasnt sure yet, but at this point it didnt
I went back to the one I had passed over too quickly. Kagome. She chose to sit at my left, which means nothing
to me, but having her sit next to Rin, once again brings up this feeling that Im suppose to protect her. Her head
was bowed as she looked down at the polished brown wood. I raised my head a little more.

Inuyasha, I started. He in turn gave me his full attention. You are free to stay as long as you wish. You may
come and go as you please. There is no limit to how long you and your friends may stay here.
I watched his face as it paled in disbelief. Everyone but Rin seemed slightly taken back. She was happy at the
thought of her friend staying with her longer. She smiled at me and I looked at her with the only kind of kindness
I knew.
Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, Rin told me. I looked at her a bit longer before I turned back to Inuyasha. That
seemed to have snapped him out of the daze he had settled in. Now he looked thoughtful in a way that only he
could pull off.
Really? he asked.
Yes, I told him. Did I not tell you that this is your home also? He pondered this for a while before speaking
Thank you, Sesshomaru, he said. I knew that words are simple to say, but these meant something. I looked at
him. I appreciated him saying that in public, but I seem to lack the same... courage at the moment. Right now I
can only show it in action and not words. The words would come later.
Amaya, lunch, I said. The two side doors to the room opened and three servants came into the room, each
with their own set of trays. As the trays emptied, another servant appeared to restock the trays with the next
dish, keeping the number of servants at the table three in number.
The first dish placed before us was that of rice in a blue and white baked clay bowl with a gloss finish. Next were
some fried fish in sliced pieces that smelled heavy of ginger on a small brown plate that looked like it was made
from thick glass. Next to follow was white crab flesh with pink tips on a bed of seaweed arranged on a flat white
plate. Then a plate of steamed cabbage and leeks were put in their place in front of each of us. The kenchin
soup delivered its aroma from a highly polished wooden bowl. The tsukemono was placed on the table as the
last element to the meal. A set of chopsticks, a spoon and a napkin were placed before each occupant of the
table before the current servants moved out of the room.
Now male servants appeared to place cups and to pour the tea. It smelled like the green tea that I received as I
gift from the village I got the crabs from. Once each cup was filled, two tea pots were left on the table and the
last of the servants closed the doors as they left.
The room was now lacking movement and the world seemed to be hold. Everyone looked over their meal as I
did a quick glance over the table. I picked up my own chopsticks, bowed my head and then proceeded to have
my lunch. I slowly ate tasting everything of my meal. I heard everyone as they started to eat and hold small
quiet conversations.
= Kagome =
Where were you? Sango asked as quietly as she could, but she couldnt avoid having the whole table hearing
I got lost, I told her.
Lost? Trying to find the dining room? she asked me.
No, I said as I started the blush. The bath, I told her. Did you remember where it was? I asked her.
I had a bath in my room. Didnt your room come with one also? she asked me with a questioning look on her

I didnt really look. I thought Amaya said that there was a girl shared bath that we were to use, I told her
faintly as I remembered Sesshomaru finding me in his bathroom.
All the family rooms have their own bath. Only the servants use the shared bath. Inuyasha told the whole
room. I knew that I was starting to blush.
If you didnt use your own bath, where did you bathe? Sango asked.
Aham... I placed a piece of crab in my mouth to give myself some time come up with a nice way of saying what
happened. But how can I make that sound nice? I used Sesshomarus bath. Its too simple a statement to give
me room to make it sound different or less than it was.
I, well, I kinda used Sesshomaru-samas bath by accident. I bowed my head and ate some fish this time. My
shirt was being pulled. I looked to see Rins little hand holding the reddish pink cloth that was my sleeve.
Did Sesshomaru-sama scrub your back for you? she asked looking up at me. He doesnt give me a bath too
often, but when he does he sometimes scrubs my back. She smiled at me as she waited for my response.
I just sat there as the images of him giving me a bath moved through my mind.
No I did not scrub her back Rin, Sesshomaru told her.
Oh, she said before I felt her pulling at me again. I looked down at her and she came a bit closer, and said.
Dont worry, maybe he will next time.
Ok, weakly slipped from my mouth, which she was satisfied with and went back to eating.
= Third Person POV =
The meal continued in silence, and the younger ones didnt like it. Shippo looked around trying to think of
something to ask a question about. Then it hit him that something wasnt the way it normally was, other than
the fact that they were eating lunch at Sesshomarus.
Inuyasha, he started. Where did you get that? Shippo asked.
Get what? he asked without as much interest.
The new clothes, the little fox explained.
Its mine, Inuyasha answered. He seemed to have decided that he liked the fried fish, and was looking at the
others to see if he could think of a way to get theirs.
Ive never seen you in it, Shippo said, trying to keep the conversation going.
Thats because its been here in my room, he answered as he started to pay attention to the questions. I have
a whole wardrobe with my old clothes in it.
Does your room have a painting in it? Sango asked Inuyasha as she joined the conversation. Mine has a field
of yellow flowers on the ceiling.
That room belonged to my mother before she married our father, Sesshomaru said as he placed his napkin on
the table.
= Sesshomaru =

It didnt feel right that I didnt answer his thank you from before. I have to start talking to him in public.
She stayed there while she was being courted. The field, I once heard, was part of her home that she left
behind when she moved here. I reached a hand out and lifted the warm tea to my lips. It wasnt too sweet and
I brought it back down to rest in my hands.
It doesnt bother me that you are staying there, I told Sango. That piece of information didnt seem to put her
at ease. My mother left by choice a long time ago, of her own free will. The room is yours to freely use. I took
another sip of my tea.
My room has stars on the ceiling. I asked for them after I was given my room. I was lucky that nothing was
there before. Kagome, what is on your ceiling? Rin asked.
Two demons kissing, she answered. She has very long black hair, and he has long white hair.
Oh, you got Inuyasha-sama's mothers room, Rin told her. I can see the questions forming in Kagomes head
and I waited for her to voice them.
How can that be Inuyashas mother? The lady in the painting was a demon. Her hands were claw like. She
didnt direct the question at me for some reason. I was the only one who could answer it. Inuyasha never saw
the room as far as I knew, so Ive never heard this question from him to have answered it.
The painter got it wrong, I said. Our father was going to bring Inuyashas mother here, before he was born to
help keep her safe for when she was to give birth to him. Father told the painter that she was the most beautiful
creature that he had ever laid eyes on and that she had long midnight colored hair. I overheard this and thought
that he had gone too far to call any ningen a beautiful creature.
I took another sip before looking up at Inuyasha.
Before it was finished he had to leave to fight Rykotsusei. He never saw the finished painting. I went in one
day to look at it after I saw Izayoi for the first time. I wanted to see how the painter did without seeing her. The
painter must not have heard the stories that he had a ningen mistress, because he painted her as a black haired
demon with her face hidden. He gave her graceful hands and a long body with the midnight black hair that
father mentioned, but he didnt want to do injustice to her face, so he hid it. That is why she looks like a
Everyone was looking at me. I had to take another sip of tea. Im not use to talking this much. Even with my
meetings to run my lands and come up with peace treaties and such I dont have to explain so much. They did
most of the talking and I just agreed or pointed out what needed to be changed.
I continued to watch them as they finished eating and wondered how I was going to do this. This was a needed
step, but I have never done it like this before, if ever. I just have to get this over with.
Amaya, I called as I poured some more tea. Before I set down the teapot I heard the door slide open.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama? she asked when she came into the room.
You can send them in now, I told her.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, she said before backing out of the room.
Send who in? Inuyasha asked as he looked between me and the door.
The tailors, I told him and the others.

Tailors? Kagome asked as she looked at me. I looked into her eyes and they swam around me. I moved my
eyes across the rest of the table because of some odd feeling I had. Like I was going to drown if I continued to
look into her eyes alone.
The door opened again and in walked Amaya, followed by five tall demons and three shorter ones. The lead
tailor by the name of Kisho came forward. Im sure that the ningens in the room, other than Amaya, did not
have a good idea of how old he was. He was a tailor in service to my father long before I was born. He bowed,
dipping his purple kimono more onto the floor.
Sesshomaru-sama, he said to address me. I nodded my head in his direction. I then turned back to the table.
This is Kisho, my head tailor. He makes all the garments for the family members of this house hold, I said. He
bowed to the rest of the table and they in turn did some gesture to acknowledge him. All but Inuyasha, that is. I
looked at him hoping I wouldnt have to say anything in front of Kisho to him. He looked at me, and then bowed
his head at Kisho.
Inuyasha-sama, it has been a while. I hope that you are well. I dont know if he really cared, but he was trying
to make his upcoming job easier on himself it would seem. I wondered if the memories of trying to measure
Inuyasha for his set of garments fifty plus years ago came back to him when he received the letter of my new
This afternoon you will have your measurements taken for a set of two garments. One is just something to
wear while relaxing or for everyday, and one will be more formal ware. They looked at me as if I hadnt spoken
clearly. Is my gift not good enough? I looked at each one in turn as Kisho stepped back.
No, its not that Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome said.
Its quite a gracious gift Sesshomaru-sama. It was just very unexpected, the monk said. I sat back in my chair.
Why unexpected? Did you not expect me to keep my word? I asked them.
No, of course not, Kagome said again. I think we just forgot. Sorry. She then bowed her head, and so did
Sango and the monk. What is his name again? Miroku. Inuyasha didnt bow his head or looked sorry. I think he
had something else on his mind. I looked at him and waited for him to say what he was going to say.
Do I have to get measured again? So this was on his mind. I remember the shouts coming from both parties
the day he had to get measured. I looked over at Kisho who came forward almost too quickly.
No worries Inuyasha-sama. We still have your measurements, and it seems like they still hold true. I see that
the garment you are wearing looks like it fits you well. Does it still please you? he asked hoping to have his
wishes confirmed.
It still fits Kisho, Inuyasha told him. He seemed a bit more at ease, but his face still looked unpleasant.
I am happy to hear that, for we have brought you a gift. It was a piece asked of us by Sesshomaru-sama, for
you. We hurried to have it completed in time. One of the shorter demons, a niko demon, by the look of his tail,
came forward and placed the large box in front of Inuyasha. He bowed and then hurried back to the others.
Are you set up in the greeting room? I asked Kisho.
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, he answered.
Then its time for you get measured, I said to the rest of the table. I stood and they stood with me. Amaya will
show you the way. Amaya walked out into the hallway and waited for them to meet up with her. As I sat back

down Kisho came forward again, and waited for me to acknowledge him.
Yes Kisho? I asked.
Will we be also making anything for Rin-sama, Sesshomaru-sama? he asked. It hadnt occurred to me. I
thought about it for a moment. She has gotten taller since the last time.
Yes, and take new measurements, I told him.
As you wish, he said as he started to back away.
Wait, I told him. He came back before me. When you have finished with the measurements, I would like you
to come and see me. I will be in the library, I told him.
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, he said, and I let him leave this time with the rest of his group. I lifted my tea cup to
my lips and drank the only slightly warm liquid to moisten my throat.

Noren - a Japanese cloth room divider, wall hanging, doorway curtain or a window curtain.
Kenchin - Kenchin originally has been a dish (soup) not using meat at all. Though today, many of them contain
Tsukemono - (, lit. "pickled things") are Japanese pickles. They are served with rice.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 14

= Sesshomaru =
I sat in my library appreciating the glow of the darker shadows, and the warmth of the tea as I sipped it smelling
each leaf that was used in its making. I saw all my actions towards my brother and Kagome as being very out of
character. I havent tried to show any real interest in anyone in over a century and even then she didnt live long
enough for me to develop anything beyond curiosity.
Rin, was different. I tested Tenseiga on her and when she followed me, she placed me in the role of her guardian
when she didnt return to the ningens. I understood why she wouldnt go back to the ones in her village, but I
expected her to leave me for others of her kind eventually. After a number of better villages and eight moons, it
sank in that she wasnt going to leave me.
I looked down at the cup as the steam curled, lifted and melted away into the room. The hot aroma floated
around my face which brought back memories of a different scent. The one that made me see Kagomes skin
glow, and that questioned my reason for liking her.
I wasnt a being that lied to ones self. I realized it a few weeks ago when I decided to give a few things some
thought. It had been so long since I thought of anyone in that way that it was surprising to find out that it had
happened again and towards a ningen no less. That might have been the reason why it took me so long to see it.
Taking a ningen as a mate is not an easy affair. My brother is luckily with his ningen lover. For one he was male,
and for once being a hanyo will be in his favor.
Giggling sounds from outside caused me to look through the blinds to see Rin and Shippo playing on the grass. I
wasnt interested in watching them play and turned away to think of what the rest of my day held for me.
Kagome, do you like those flowers? I like these better, were words said in Rins voice. I moved back to the
window and moved the blinds once again.
Let me see, Kagome said as she walked into my field of vision to kneel next to Rin.
= Inuyasha =
I felt his teeth as they glided along my neck after his initial kiss somewhere in that area. My arms were hanging
over his shoulders as he opened the top of my kimono and his hands freely roamed over my exposed chest. He
slid his hands down to hold my waist to pull me to him.
I smelled his arousal and it had my mind thinking of a number of things that could be happening soon. I pushed
onto him more, wanting to scratch a very big itch that was getting bigger.

Easy Inuyasha, he spoke against my jaw. We dont want to ruin your outfit now do we?
Then stop being so fucking slow, I told him before I kissed him and snaked my tongue to the back of his
month. I pulled withdrew before I choked him and toyed with the tip of his tongue. I felt him pulling the top off
my arms to fall at my feet. Then his hands were back at my waist pushing my hakama down to join my kimono
I leaned back against the door of the opened wardrobe as he kissed his way down my chest, and over my belly
that I sucked in from his touch. His hands reached the back of my thighs as they continued to move downwards.
I rested one hand on his head and raked my claws through those midnight colored strands of his.
AH! I gasped as he licked me through my fundoshi. I eased my grip on his hair as he slid across to my thigh. I
let him lift my legs out of the hakama with his help. This now allowed his hands to move along the back of my
legs as he kissed up the front. He avoided my cock this time, but sucked on my nipple enough for me to feel
blood break free of my skin. His hands were enjoying themselves with my ass while he did this to me.
Your clothes Miroku, I told him as my hands tried to pull his robs down, but they didnt want to move and he
already told me that I couldnt tear them. His mouth reached mine and he took my breath away when he
pushed a finger into my ass as he sucked on my tongue.
Ok, he said as he pulled away. He stepped back and watched me as he got undressed.
= Miroku =
Until a few minutes ago I thought that seeing Inuyasha in that outfit was the sexist that I had ever seen him until
I stepped back and saw him as he was now.
Flushed skin, dazed half closed eyes, his hand gliding across his stomach as he his other hand held on to the
corner of the wardrobe for support as his penis pushed up against his fundoshi with the cloth already wet in
that area from pre-cum. Even that dammed necklace shun with the sweat from his skin making him look even
more beautiful.
I lost sight of him for a moment as I pulled my robes over my head before discarding my fundoshi. I walked back
over him and smiled as I saw his breath quicken. My lips touched his before the rest of me did. I looped my
thumbs into the side of his fundoshi as I pressed my penis to his. I rubbed against him until I heard him whimper
into my mouth. That was my clue to release him from the last thing that kept me from completely touching all of
him, and him me.
I pushed it down with my thumbs until they fell from my fingers, and down off his body. I slid a leg between his,
and pressed up against his balls. He sucked the breath from me and I pulled back to regain some air. I smiled at
his closed eyes. I moved my thigh back and forth under him and I felt him reach out for me. I looked down and
saw his impressive penis twitching as it leaked and bubbled.
I knew that my own was doing the same when I felt something warm sliding down my skin.
Come, Inuyasha, I said a little breathlessly as I started to pull him by the waist over to the bed. He wrapped his
arms around me and we kissed again as we sank into the bed.
He scooted further onto the bed pulling me with him, and when he stopped moving I blissfully sank onto him,
between his legs. He wrapped those legs around my own, pulling us painfully close.
Do you want me in you that badly? I asked him as I moved to his neck where I licked and kissed his skin as I
rocked or hips together. I loved hearing him moan, it had little dog like sounds mixed in that made me want take

him without waiting for his answer.

Yes he breathed as I felt both of his hands holding onto my head. I slide my hand down over his stomach as I
licked one of his nipples. My hand barely touch his shaft as I moved over his penis. I passed the palm of my hand
over his head and down the length of him for my fingers to get some of his cum. Then I got some more from my
own wet cock to start preparing him. I had to push him down as I moved my fingers over his entrance before
trying to get in. I sat back and watched Inuyasha as he twisted and clutched at the bed sheets, as I started to
move my fingers in and out of him. I scoped up more pre-cum from both of us and continued until I had three
fingers in and they were gliding in and out nicely.
I looked down as his sweat covered body as I sat between his legs. I placed my penis where my fingers had just
been and leaned in to kiss him before I no longer had the breath for it.
Yes he said when our lips were no longer touching and I started to push in. His voice got deeper and louder,
just begging me to go as far in as I could. The warmth was heaven, and the movements of his muscles were
breathtaking. As much as I wanted to stay, I wanted to move. The first few thrusts were slow to make sure the
passage was smooth before going faster. I bit my lower lip and held on to his legs as my body took over.
Everything was pushing me forward. The sound of his moaning as it mixed with my own. The look of him
wrapped in ecstasy as he accepted me over and over again. Im so close I could taste it at the back of throat. I
bent lower over him placing my hands on either side of his chest. My eyes closed as I tried to get us both to
come closer, to come to an end, to just come. I felt his leg around me again before I felt him squeeze onto me in
spasms. Just trying to move with his tight grip on me soon had me joining him as I came also.
I fell on Inuyasha and he just held me until we were both breathing easier. I rolled over to his right and onto my
back after I pulled out of him. I reached out and held his hand in mine as I looked at the inside of my eyelids. I
liked this feeling. I felt tired but happy and so comfortable with hearing him breathing next to me.
My turn, I heard Inuyasha say before I felt him move over me. I opened my eyes after I felt his lips on my
chest, to find myself looking at his chest above my face. I reached up and licked at his skin as he moved lower
dragging his beads over my flesh that he had already kissed. Soon I was presented with his penis that was once
again hard. I didnt have to reach far to suck it into my mouth.
Mmmmmm, I moaned onto his shaft as I felt his tongue covering my balls and his lips kissing my responding
penis. I followed his body as he moved to lay on his side. When he laid his leg across my side, I did the same to
him. He was trying harder than I was at this at the moment, and I closed my eyes in appreciation. I held the base
of his cock with one hand and rubbed up and down as I licked and sucked on its head, while he took all of me
into his mouth. Moments would pass where it was just my hand on him as I moaned from what he was making
me feel.
AAAHHH! I shouted as I grabbed his leg with my free hand pressing my own beads into his flesh. I felt his
teeth, then something sharp, and I couldnt stop from coming in his mouth.
Dont go to sleep on me yet Miroku, I heard him say as he moved again. I had let go of his cock when I came,
and was drifting when I saw his legs travel past my eyes. I looked down to where I heard his voice coming from
to see him starting to lift my leg.
HHA I felt his finger as he pushed it into me. The sound I made wasnt from pain, but some warning would
have been nice. I gripped the sheets as he now worked me with his fingers. I wished it was his tongue. The feel
of his fingers and the memory of that slick long thing he called a tongue made me ready to receive him. I knew I
was pushing back against this hand, but I couldnt help it.
Oh no, Inuyasha said as I felt him take away his hand. You arent coming without me again. He shifted a little

behind me while still keeping my leg up. I closed my eyes and waited to feel him as he started to enter me.
Ah There was the first push that almost nothing more than just a touch.
AAahh. He pushed again until he popped into me.
Hhhaaaa, was the sound drawn out of me as he pushed his full thick length into me. We paused and I could
hear again, and I heard us. Our breathing was shallow and fast.
Are you ready Miroku? he asked after a moment. He knew I didnt heal as quickly as he did from this and was
making sure I was really ready for him to move. I nodded my head, and my breath caught in my throat as I felt
his hand push my thigh closer to my body.
Aahh hahaa. Inuyasha was hot and he stuffed me over and over as I felt myself starting to shatter. I tried to
hold on, gripping the sheets as if that would help.
Hhhaa Aah Bit, by bit I lost hold of it. I was pulled closer and closer to the body quaking feeling that I
Im coming, Im coming, I gasped between breaths. I felt him lean lower over me as he started to move faster.
hAA. Yes, yes... I lost my voice as I felt him expand in me and hot liquid hit and coated my walls and my sight
turned white as I think I came.
= Kagome =
That feels good. The wind came back and ruffled my hair again as I sat under this tree looking at Rin and Shippo
while they played and moved about the garden. I didnt really expect to find all of this when we were on our
way here. I knew that Sesshomaru was refined for how he looked down at most people, but I expected
something of a cold, clean bachelor type look for where he lived. There is so much color everywhere, and the
gardens. This was the third one that Rin has taken me to since we finished getting our measurements taken.
That alone was an interesting event. It felt like I was one of those movie stars that had their clothes tailored. On
my last visit home, the girls stayed over one night and we watched Katou Youji on Choose Your Tie. It was a
show that I hadnt seen yet, but I heard about it. We all blushed as the cameraman tried to sneak a shot of him
in the dressing room when he was trying on the new outfit that the designer had made for him during the show.
Now that sight pales in comparison to what I saw in person this morning. Ayumi would have fainted if she had
seen Sesshomaru like that. I havent even told them that Inuyasha wasnt my boyfriend anymore.
Kagome! Rin playfully shouted at me. I looked up to see the dark haired girl running towards me holding a
crown of multi-colored flowers. I looked around for Shippo to see him running from around the other side of the
house, not too far behind of Rin. She stopped in front of me and held out the colorful circle that had some of
the flowers starting to wilt. I reached out and took the collection of flowers from her.
Thank you Rin, I told her as I placed it on my head. I lifted my head when I heard her giggling.
Whats so funny? I asked her. She was still laughing, but her little hand was over her mouth keeping most of
the sound in.
You have it on wrong, she said. She reached over and tuned it completely around so that a short hanging vine
of three little bell flowers fell between my eyes.
There, she said with a sound of accomplishment.

Thank you Rin, I told her as she stepped back to look at me. How do I look? I asked her after a moment.
Not bad, she answered. She walked around me and then I felt a tug. She was pulling on my hair.
Did you find something in my hair? I asked her hoping it wasnt a spider.
No, she answered. Kagome, she started. Do you ever wear your hair up? Rin asked.
No, not really. Why do you ask? I turned my head to look at the girl. She had crouched down next to me by
this time.
I think Sesshomaru-sama would like you better if your hair was up, she said way too easily. I looked over at
Shippo, but he was looking at a bug or something moving through the flower bed not too far away.
What makes you think that I want him to like me? I said then thought better of it. Well I would like to have
him like me like a normal person, but it sounds like you said like, as in like, like. Did you mean like, like? I ended
up asking Rin.
I mean like, like, she said smiling back at me.
I turned away from her not really knowing what to say now. Do I keep saying that I didnt want him to like, like
me when I already liked him? She already thinks that I like him and wants him to like me back. Why does she
think that? Was I that easily read?
Rin, I said as I started to pick at the grass next to me. Why do you think I want Sesshomaru-sama to like, like
me? I asked her.
A few things, she said. She started to fuss with the ring of flowers on my head. You keep looking at him like
how Sango looks at Kouga. And when Sesshomaru-sama looks at you, you keep blushing like a new serving girl
that worked here last year. Amaya said that the girl liked Sesshomaru-sama even though she knew he could not
like her back, but I think he could like you back Kagome.
I sat still, horrified that I let it show so much. Why hadnt anyone told me I looked like a fool? I felt another tug,
but it was on my sleeve this time.
I like you, and I would like it if you stayed, but you cant stay unless Sesshomaru-sama likes you too, Rin
confessed to me.
That's not true, I told her. Sesshomaru-sama said that we can stay as long as we wanted, and when we leave,
we wont be leaving for good. Well come back, I told her as rubbed some dirt from her face.
You promise that you will come back? she asked.
I promise, I promised her. She smiled again then started to talk of other non-Sesshomaru things.
I heard her happy voice as she talked away next to me. Every now and again I would nod or make a sound of
agreement or questioning to keep her going on with her tale. I looked at the house and took in its clean beauty. I
saw open windows on the second floor, and some on the first floor too. I glanced over the shaded ones but
went back to one that I thought I saw something shine in. I thought it was a wind chime because it looked like
metal and not glass, but there was nothing when I went back to that window. How could it be a wind chime? I
would have heard it long before I saw it.
Kagome? I heard Rin faintly say before it really took a hold of my attention.

Yes, Rin. Sorry, you were saying something? I asked her as I turned my head back around.
I was asking if you wanted to play on my swing with me, she told me.
That sounds like a good idea, I told her as I started to stand. How about we ask Sango if she wants to see your
swing too, and play with us? I asked her as I took her hand in mine.
Shippo, are you coming? I called over at him before we started to walk away.
Coming, he said as I saw him kick something under a bush. We walked into the house and went back to the
room where we had our measurements taken to see if Sango was still there. She was the last one to get
measured and she had yet to pick out any outfits when we left her. When we peeked in, no one was there.
I guess she must be up in her room, I said to no one in particular. Rin, do you know where Sangos room is?
She seemed to have known at lunch when she said that Sango had gotten Sesshomarus mothers room.
Yeah, I know where it is. Ill take you there, she said before skipping out in front of me, with Shippo at her side.
We walked back the other way along the hall to reach the staircase leading up to the second floor. I was halfway
up the stairs when I heard the sound of a door opening. I looked back to see the head tailor leaving a room. I
watched him glide down the hall and out of sight. I heard the front door open, I think, and then close. I took two
steps when I saw the door open again. This time Sesshomaru walked out of the room and he looked up at me as
I looked down at him.
= Sesshomaru =
Flowers were on her head and the scent of the sun wafted from her direction. I looked up at her as she stood
there looking back at me and we held each other's gaze.
Come on Kagome, I heard Rin call her before I saw her hand reach down and pull the older girl up the last few
steps and out of my sight.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 15

= Miroku =
We were laying on our sides on the bed with our arms around each other. His head was pressed against my
chest with his arms around my hips. I held his head and my fingers moved over his hair, occasionally touching his
This was nice. I thought as I drifted in and out of sleep like that for a while.
Miroku? I heard Inuyasha say.
Yes, Inuyasha, I answered him bringing myself more awake then I really wanted to be.
Who was the next person? he asked.
Next person for what? I wasnt awake enough to really know what he was saying and lazily asked instead of
trying to understand.
That you were with before me, he mumbled back, but not soft enough for me not to hear. It didnt sound like
he wanted to say it at all, but he still wanted to know. I rubbed his head a bit firmer and then thought about it.
Ok, I said as I remembered how it started.
His name was Akio. He was closer to my age then the childless mistress was, but he was older than me by at
least five years. I was staying at a temple during that time. He told the head monk that he was on a
pilgrimage and asked to stay at the temple for a few days.
We all thought that it was odd that he wanted to stay at the temple since he looked to be from a well off
family. He could have had the best room at one of the good guesthouses in the small town that wasnt too far
Since I wasnt a member of the temple, I was asked to look after him while he was there, so that the other
monks wouldnt have to neglect their duties to make sure he wasnt left alone while he was there. I thought it
was better than cleaning the floors and was happy to do it. Mostly I was just to explain to him what went on
at the temple as I saw it, escort him to meals for the first day or so and keep him company when he needed it
beyond the first day or two of showing him how to take care of a few things. Like where the bathrooms were
and the baths, and showing him how to put on his set of robes. He couldnt wear his own clothes while he
was there, but it wasnt the same robes as everyone elses.
When I first met him I didnt think much of him, but by the end of the day I thought that he was a nice guy.
The first night I went to check on him before I went to my own room to sleep, he kissed me. He said that it

was his way of saying thanks for helping him that day. It was odd but nice and I had gotten over it by the time
I saw him the next day to get him for breakfast. I called him from outside thinking that he might have been
awake, but when he didnt answer, I opened his door and looked in. He was still in bed, so I walked in, closed
the door and sat by his side as I tried to wake him.
I shook him a bit, not too hard at first since I didnt know how deeply he slept. But the only thing that
happened was the movement of the blanket. It slid down and I saw that he wasnt wearing a shirt, but it
didnt bother me or made me think anything. I shook him again a bit header and I called his name this time.
He finally woke up and I moved back a bit. When he saw me he said good morning and I said good morning.
He continued to look at me until I told him that I came to get him for breakfast. He sleepily got up and walked
over to where his robes were hanging. I was looking at his feet at first and didn't look up until after he moved
across the room, and there he was. Standing naked as the day he was born. I blushed slightly at the
unexpected sight, but when he turned his head to look at me, I think he thought it was more than that. He
turned completely around and walked back to where I was sitting and leaned in really close. He asked me if I
liked the kiss from last night. I leaned back a bit and said that I didnt dislike it, which was true.
He kissed me again and soon we were laying on the floor with him on top of me.
Ouch! I shouted. What was that for? I asked as I looked down at Inuyasha. He bit me.
I dont need to hear those kinds of details, I heard him say before I felt him hold me a little bit tighter.
Im sorry, I told him. I will try and leave out most of those things, I told him as I kissed the top of his head.
Well, we did make it to breakfast just before it was finished. Nothing happened really; I got him off of me by
saying that we were going to miss breakfast if we didnt leave soon.
The rest of the day was something like the first, nothing else happened. We had meditation time with the
other monks and we were given chores to do. I knew it wouldnt have been that easy to get away from them.
I walked him to his room that night thinking that this should be the last time since he knew where his room
was now when he surprised me by kissed me again as I was bidding him a good nights rest.
I asked him why he kept on doing that. I told him that it may be dark out, but I was male in case he somehow
forgot. He said that he was very aware that I was male and that he liked me. I told him to get some sleep and I
went to my room.
For two more weeks it went on like that. Near the end of the second week I was kissing him back. I asked him
one day, how much longer he was going to stay at the temple. He said that he didnt know. He also said that
he might not even leave if he could stay there with me. I was looking at him in shock when I heard someone
calling for us. It wasnt night time and we werent anywhere near his room. He walked ahead of me and I
followed him to find the person who had called our names.
Another week went by and I was starting to like him that way and we were starting to spend time in his room
at night. We hadnt gone all the way and I didnt really think that you could with a guy back then.
Another week passed while we were taking part in all the low level monk type actives together and I had
moved into his room. I told everyone that I was too tired to come back to my room after helping him get to
his after the fight training we were doing. No one thought twice about it, if they did, I didnt hear anything
about it.
By this point, I was starting to really like him and I told him so and he told me the same thing. I started to

show it a bit more often when we werent in his room and he would get mad at me. I understood and I found
a way to keep from touching him when there was a high chance of someone finding us. When I thought that
no one would find us, he still wouldnt let me touch him until we hid further away to make really sure. Once
or twice it bothered me a bit, but I thought that he was just making sure to keep our lives normal with
everyone else there.
A month and a half in, we did it. We werent even at the temple when it happened. We were on our way back
to the temple from being sent out to deliver some things to a kampo store in the nearby town. We decided to
take a shortcut to get back to the temple in time for dinner. We didnt see the rain coming towards us and
soon we were wishing that we were still on the main road where we couldnt fall off a muddy path and down
the side of a hill. We then saw something like a building up ahead. When we got closer to it, it was smaller
than we expected, but it was built well and kept the rain out. We hung up our robes hoping they could dry a
little by the time the rain was up and we could leave. We were just sitting close for warmth at first, then it
turned into what it turned into.
When the rain stopped our robes were half dry, and we were happy to find that someone had saved us some
dinner by the time we made it back to the temple. We ate in our room because I couldnt sit on the bench in
the hall, but we used the fact of them being cleaned as an excuse for not staying there.
That night, while I laid on my stomach, I asked him if he loved me. I figured that I loved him and I wanted to
know if he felt the same for me and that was why he did what he did that afternoon. He kissed me and
hugged me and said of course he loved me. He then asked me if I loved him. I told him I did and I kissed him
before we finished up our meal. He took the bowls back to the kitchen and I got ready for bed. I was so tired
and still too sore to think about anything else but sleep.
I was half asleep when he got back. He seemed to want to do more than just hug me and I told him that I was
still in pain. I thought it was just in my head at the time, but I felt that he was disappointed with my answer,
rather than understanding.
Another week passed by and every other day we did it until one time I told him no and he wouldnt stop.
After that it wasnt something I could pretend I wanted anymore. At first I thought that he was upset over
something I didnt know about and that this was the only way he was able to let it out. I wanted to talk it
over with him but he stopped talking to me. Not that he talked that much before, but I felt relegated
somehow. As I was crying one night I asked him what changed. He told me that nothing had changed. He was
wasting time with me and had gotten impatient with waiting for it now that he had made me ready for him. I
was cute and it was his luck that I got assigned to him in the beginning. Any of the other boys would have
He then went on to list all the things I did, or looked like, that made him want to have sex with me more. That
was why he had to have me every night. He then said that since I now knew, he didnt have to go easy on me
anymore and that he was sure I could take it since I wasnt as young as some of the other males he had been
with. I tried to fight back, but he was stronger than me, and soon I just cowered thinking I was being beaten
by that drunk of a monk again. The next day I hurt so bad that the one time I tried to stand blood ran down
my legs.
He told the other monks that I wasnt feeling well, when they came by our room one day in search of me. He
told them that he was going to look after me because of how well I took care of him when he first got there. I
was laying on the other side of the wall while he told this to them. I could have spoken up then, but I didnt
want to say anything because of the shame I felt. I knew it wasnt all mine, but I didnt know what to say to
anyone about it.
I figured that it was time I left. I wasnt suppose to stay that long at the temple anyway. Ill just get better and

then leave I told myself. Leave him and all this behind. He did help get me better I suppose, but he used me in
others ways while I healed.
A day came when I thought that I was well enough to get away from him that night, when he got a letter at
lunch time that made him leave me instead. I watched him get what few items he had together and saw him
dress himself in those clothes that I hadnt seen him in since the first day that he got there. When he first
walked into the room he gave me the letter and I read it while I heard him starting to pack.
It was from a friend of his that was living in the capital. It said that it was safe for him to come back home
because someone there had died. Since he was the first son, no one could stop him from claiming what was
his. I then realized the person who died was his father. There would be someone waiting for him at the town
outside of the temple to escort him back.
I laid there on my side as he pulled up the stakes that he placed I my life and I half felt sorry that I couldnt go
with him. I still loved him even if he didnt love me anymore. Then I reminded myself that he never loved me
at all.
He walked over and bent down in front of me. Its a shame you cant come with me, he told me. Masao
would have liked playing with you too, but I dont think you would survive the journey, he said as he looked
me over. I sat there looking at him, fighting hard not to cry thinking that he would share me with someone
else like that. He reached forward and tried to kiss me. I turned my head away before he could touch me. I
expected him to hit me for doing that but he didnt. I felt him lean back, away from me, and heard him stand
before I turned to look at him again. I wanted to see him leave.
Good bye Miroku, he said. Its been fun. Then he left. He walked out and I laid back down and went back
to sleep. At dinner time someone brought me something to eat and I thanked them before I was left to eat in
silence. The next day I was up and out of that room to see the sun for the first time in about five days. I just
walked around slowly since there was no rush to go anywhere now, besides I didnt want to explain why I was
bleeding from back there if I tore it open.
Two weeks later I was saying my goodbyes and thank yous to everyone at the temple and moving on.
I breathed a sigh as I finished telling my story. I hadnt gone through each detail in a long time.
Inuyasha, I called to him when I realized that he hadnt said anything since the start of the story.
Yes, he answered me.
Did I say too much? I asked him hoping I was wrong. I kept back a few details like he asked, even more so
when I began telling him about when I was being raped. I wasnt going to push him to comment on it so soon,
after all, I just told him a lot. Ive had five years to deal with this in my own way and it still bothered me.
I felt him pull me closer as something wet hit my skin. He was crying. He was crying for me. I started to think of
something to do to let him know that it wasnt so bad for me anymore.
I eased his grip on me and slid down until I saw his forehead. I kissed and hugged him close thinking that he
wouldnt want me to see him crying.
Im better, I told him as I held him close. It was years and years ago and I love you now. Lets get some sleep
before we have to get ready for dinner, I told him as I kissed his forehead again, after moving away some of his
bangs this time. I felt him nod against me and I tried to regain some of the sleepiness that I had before I told him
about Akio.

I love you Miroku. I really love you, I heard Inuyasha say. I then felt his lips on my skin before he laid his head
to rest just under my chin.
Thank you, was all I could think of telling him at the moment.
I started to feel tired faster than I expected. I accepted it as I closed my eyes. I smelled and felt Inuyasha around
me as I started to dream of when he first told me he loved me.

Kamp (or Kanp, ) medicine - is the Japanese study and adaptation of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 16

= Sango =
Kouga! I shouted as I jumped off the swing and ran towards him. I was so happy to see him that I almost didnt
see Amaya as she walked back into the house. I threw myself against his chest and hugged him in welcome.
Hows my girl? he asked as he hugged me back.
I missed you, I told him. I pulled back and looked up into his eyes. I wanted to kiss him but the little ones were
I missed you too, he answered back. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he pulled me forward. Alright,
Ill let him kiss me. I told myself. I closed my eyes to feel his lips on mine. Instead I felt them on my forehead. I
blushed when he pulled back, thinking that I should have known. He wouldnt kiss me in front of anyone until
after we were mated. He said so himself.
Kouga, Rin said as she ran over. Shippo had already beaten her over to my future mates side. After Shippo had
gotten his hug, Kouga reached over and patted Rins head.
Hello Kouga, Kagome said as she arrived.
Hi Kagome, he answered in turn.
We didnt think that you would be here so soon, she told him. I was hoping for him to show up for dinner and
he did.
I have to go see Sesshomaru before anything else. I should have seen him first, but I wanted to see you first
instead, he said to me. I blushed as I looked at him. I was so lucky to have him. I told myself. I laced my hand
with his before saying.
Ill come with you. Then I can show you where our room is. He smiled wider at me.
Ill see you guys later, Kouga told the others before turning and walking back into the house with me.
Amaya told me that I could find Sesshomaru in the library, when I told her that I wanted to see you first, he
said as we entered the hallway.
Good, because I dont know where he would be or how to find anyone in this house, I said as I walked next to

I havent been here in a while, Kouga casually said after a few moments.
When were you here? I asked him.
Oh, sixty or so years back, I think. I was very impatient back then, he answered. I stood still for a moment.
Sixty years ago? I turned to look at him.
Im eighty nine this year come the winter cycle, he said when he realized I was having trouble asking him how
old he was. I was still in a state of shock as he pulled me forward and into a walking motion.
Ill ask him later. I told myself. Hes a full demon, why did you just expect him to be your age for? I shouldnt
have. I answered myself. He must have been with someone else before you, a demon for sure. What happened
to them? How long
Kouga was knocking at the library door. I let go of his hand and adjusted my outfit before taking his hand again
just as we heard come come from inside. We walked in and saw Sesshomaru standing behind a chair that was
next to one of the five windows in the room. His eyes left what was outside and he turned to look at us as we
came closer.
Sesshomaru-sama, Kouga said before bowing in his direction. I wasnt sure what to do, so I nodded also.
Thank you for letting me stay in your home. I am honored. I half felt that I should have just waited outside for
Sesshomaru nodded his head in kind and said. It was nothing. Sango asked on your behalf and being a guest of
my brother I couldnt say no. He didnt say it in a way that made me think ill of him, but I still didnt know how
to take it for some reason.
Dinner will be in four hours, I look forward to seeing you there. Im sure that you can add something to the
topics of conversation. I saw his eyes dart to look out the window before coming back to us. Have you been
shown your room yet? he asked Kouga.
No. We were on our way there next, he said with a smile.
If you need anything, let Amaya know, he said as his body slowly moved back to facing the window.
Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, Kouga said.
Thank you, I chimed in also. Sesshomaru turned his back to us and for some reason Kouga smiled at him
before we walked out.
I wonder what he was looking at out there? I asked Kouga as we started to walk up the staircase.
I think it was Rin, he said after a moment. He has changed, he added before he pulled me closer. Babe, do
you think you could clean my back for me? Im so tired, Kouga commented after his little request.
Sure, I said as I led him to our room.
I thought you said that you were tired? I asked Kouga as I managed to pull away. The water splashed and
droplets clung to our skin.

What can I say? Seeing you like this energized me. Kouga covered my mouth again and I gripped the edge of
the tub to keep from sliding down into the water again. Although this time, he was pressed up against me
keeping me from going anywhere.
Mmmm, I moaned into this mouth. I pushed at him again when he started to move faster than I wanted. I
finally had him an arms length away, with my chest heaving in time with his that just happened to be under my
First your back, then sex, I told him as I gave him time to cool down. Slowly his eyes started to change back to
their normal colour. When they were closer to his normal shade of purple, I relaxed my arms. Turn around, I
said as I reached for the soap and the scraping stone again.
The ones we had back at my village were made of stone, but this one was a nice deep green piece of jade. I
lathered up his back while I held the jade in my teeth. I moved my fingers over old scars and the wide expanse
of his back. I slid my hands over his ribs which caused him to flinch and cry out in a laugh.
I laughed at his reaction as I put the soap back and took the jade from my mouth. I then scraped my way down
from the top of his shoulders and I managed not to tickle him again.
Ok, I told him as I washed off his back for the last time. You are on your own for the rest of your bath.
I like that scraping thing, he said as he turned around. I had already started my own bath as I watched him
disappear under the water. I wasnt planning on taking a bath this early, but who was I to complain about taking
a bath with Kouga.
I was looking down at my breasts as my soapy hands moved over them when I saw him stick his head part way
out of the water and inched closer.
Are you trying to stalk me from down there? I asked him as he stopped right in front of me. He just looked at
me with his darkening eyes as I felt his hands on the side of my thighs. My stomach did a flip as his hands moved
higher and his face emerged completely from the water.
I reached out and griped his upper arms as his face came closer to mine. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth
just a little and leaned down waiting for him. This time my wait was answered and well worth it. He didnt just
kiss me, he drank me in. One hand was on the small of my back while the other one was higher up, but both
were pulling me into him.
We moaned to each other as we continued our kiss. I began wrapping my legs around him and he pulled them
up unto his body as they slipped past his waist. He held me there as I moved my hands to his head and as our
tongues licked and tasted the inside of each others mouth. By the time I realized that I was moving my hips
against him, I knew that I had been doing it for a while. I only truly realized what I was doing when something
changed. He was hard and poking me in a very interesting and exciting way.
Sango, do I need to prepare you? Or are you ready for me? he asked as he stopped kissing me to look into my
eyes as his hot breath heated my cheeks.
As if you cant smell the answer to your question, I huffed at him. Hes never had to ask me that question
before, but this might be the first time where he hasnt already done something to get me to that point.
Normally he told me when I was ready.
The real question, I said as I leaned in and licked his nose. Is what, I moved down and licked his top lip. You
are going to do about it, I grabbed his lower lip with my teeth and sucked on it as I let it go. I kept my eyes

closed as I heard the sound start to rumble up from his chest and over the lips I just tasted. I felt his face as it
touched mine when he kissed my neck and licked up to my ear.
Lay back, he told me as he started to take my legs from around his waist. I released my hands from his head
and moved them backwards to help ease me down. My hands pressed down onto the tiles, that spread out
from the tubs edge, as I felt him move in between my legs and his member bounced against my opening.
You do smell great, he said as he started to slide into me.
aAaaahhh, I lowly moaned as he slid all the way in. I never want to get use to this. I told myself. This was too
good to take for granted. He didnt stop because he hit my womb, but because he was in me up the base of his
manhood. I squirmed and flexed on the outside as well as the inside. So full. His hands were on my waist, but
they started moving up my sides and I watched him as he lowered his body over mine.
I closed my eyes and felt him as he pulled out of me while he kissed and sucked on my breast. He rammed back
into me for the first time and my nipple popped from his mouth. He did it again and again and again. I arched up
into him and he held me down as he did it again. Closer, closer, Im getting closer. My mind filled with what was
going through my body. He moved faster making his strokes into me shorter. I wanted to keep my legs around
him but he pushed them back to my body with his arms as I arched up more and more to him. He held my legs
up as I laid back against the floor that came up to the rim of the tub. My hands had long ago given up trying to
support me.
Words came from my mouth that I wasnt too embarrassed to say right now. I heard him saying similar words
that helped in the twisting of my insides. Sparks start to go off inside of me. I moaned louder as I felt him get
bigger in me. I gripped the inside of the tub harder as he hit me with determination, as he tried to go deeper.
Tears ran down my face as I came twice in quick succession before Kouga came in me adding his warmth to my
own. He laid his head between my breasts as he wrapped his arms around my body holding me close as he
spasmed into me. I could now wrap my legs around him but I didnt have the strength to.
When his weight became more of a burden then the reassuring weight that it was at the beginning I nudged
Kouga, is something wrong? I asked when he hadnt moved yet.
Ha? he asked he started to move.
I was asking you if something was wrong. You werent moving, I told him as he sat back into the tub. I sat up
and moved back into the tub also. I felt grateful that the water was warm as it flowed over my skin.
No, nothings wrong, he said as he motioned to me for the soap. I handed it to him and he did a quick soap up
and handed it back. If nothing was wrong, why didnt he look ok to me? He rinsed and thoughtfully looked at me
as I did the same.
Whats wrong? I asked him again as we walked into the bedroom.
Nothings wrong, Kouga said again. He dried off, spending some time on his tail, before he slipped into bed
Do you expect me to believe that? I asked him as he fitted a pillow to the crook of his neck. I sat on the edge
of the bed and looked at him with my towel wrapped around me. I saw the robes, but I still didnt feel right
using them.

I was just thinking, he said as he breathed out and turned to look at me. I was just thinking that getting you
pregnant would be a good thing and how I would feel happy looking down into the eyes of a little girl or boy
that had your eyes and my tail and lovely black hair. His eyes had trailed away from my face, but he raised them
as he spoke again.
I know we cant and I dont blame anyone. Except maybe Naroku, but I understand and Im willing to wait. It
was just a passing thought thats all, he finished with a soft look to his features. I crawled up the bed to kiss him
on his nose before I gave him a loving kiss on his lips.
Come to bed. Im tired and I sleep better with you next to me, he said as he pulled the towel off of me.
Are you really tired? I asked him as I slid under the covers next to him.
Yes, he answered as he kissed me then laid his head on my shoulder.
But it will be nice when we can have little ones running around or sleeping next to us at night, he said as I felt
him rubbing my arm.
Yes it will be, I answer him back. A worrying notion went through my mind as my fingers combed his hair
Thank you again Amaya, I said as I closed the door and made my way back to bed.
Kouga, I said as I shook his shoulder. He moaned and reached across the bed for me in the wrong direction. He
reached out two more time before he realized that I wasnt there. Kouga, I said again. His eyes soon found me
looking down on him from the other side of the bed. He smiled and stretched out this frame under the covers.
Yes Sango, he answered as his hand moved around scratching parts of his scalp.
We have an hour until dinner and I was wondering if we could get ready early and go for a walk before then? I
asked him as he laid a hand on my thigh. His hand rubbed the soft fabric and then his eyes adjusted again as he
looked at what I was wearing.
Sure, he said as he pulled slightly to see what it was made from rather than to pull it off of me.
Where did you get this? he asked after a moment. His fingers were now sliding over the pattern of embossed
Kagome got it for me last year. She said its made from something called terry cloth, I explained. He looked at
it a bit longer, moving his hands over large areas until it slipped from my legs and my thighs. Once they were
exposed Kougas warm hand moved higher and under the belt.
You said you wanted to go on a walk? he asked me as he sat up and kissed my neck.
Yeah, that was what I asked, I told him as I my mind opened to the idea of doing something else.
Would you mind having that walk after dinner? he asked me as both his hands pulled the knot free from the
I guess not, I answered with my eyes closed. My hand found the back of his head as I felt him kissing below my
collar bone.

Then how about we get ready a bit later for dinner? he asked across my chest in breaths as he pulled the robe
down onto my arms.
Alright, I stated. AH! I exclaimed and gripped his hair as he bit my nipple then sucked on it to replace any
pain I felt with something warmer.
Yeah, getting dressed can wait, I said when I could speak again. At this Kouga held my waist and lifted me to
lay my body across the bed. The robe decided to fall from me and lay in a white puddle on the floor.
= Third Person POV =
Huffing and puffing sounds could be heard coming from the dojo. No one was around to see the sweating half
naked figure going through moves and attacking the air around him. His mokomoko, from years of practice, was
never in his way as he moved quickly from one position to the next. At times it was given it own target to aim for
to make sure that it could still be counted on when it was needed.
He didnt practice any sword play today. Saving that for tomorrow when he would engage his half-brother in
another lesson. Another day he would have a hand to hand match with him, but right now he just wanted to be
by himself.
He stopped and stood still as he breathed the hot air of room in and out before walking over the fresh buckets
of water. He reached for a piece of cloth to wipe the sweat out of his eyes when he heard a knock at the door.
He looked up and saw a females hand on the door, but before he could speculate as to who it was, their scent
came to him.
= Sesshomaru =
Yes Amaya, I called to her as I raised the rag to my face. She stood just inside door and bowed.
Dinner will be ready in an hour Sesshomaru-sama, and Ive already notified everyone, she said. She stood
there waiting.
Anything else? I asked her as I took a seat on one of the mats that were around the room.
The female hunter has requested a special tea Sesshomaru-sama. It doesnt have a pleasant smell and I
wished to notify you before hand, she ended.
Is that all? I questioned her while thinking of a number of reasons for the tea. Most of them had to do with
the fact that she was a female.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, she answered.
Very well then, I said as I picked up my shirt and walked towards her and the door. I was heading to my room
and its bath when I stopped.
Where is the one called Kagome? I asked Amaya.
She is in the library Sesshomaru-sama, she informed me. I moved past her and down the hall towards the
= Kagome =
The mountains in autumn
there are so much fallen leaves,

looking for my lost wife

I cannot find the path.
I closed the book and looked down at the cover. Manyoushuu. It was in such good condition that it only made
me happier at finding it at all. Three or so months ago it was part of a project for my Japanese class. I wished
that I could have gotten a copy of the book after I had finished with my project but the few copies that I found,
when I remembered to look for it, were well worn with notes written in it or truly falling apart. Finding this book
this far back in time means that it has to be one of the first copies of the book ever made.
Amaya had found me three poems back, but I wanted to read some more before going to my room to get ready,
but I couldnt put it off any longer. I got up and walked over to the shelf lifting the book to put it back in place
among the scrolls, when the idea of using one of my bookmarks to mark my page came to mind. I turned around
with the book in hand and walked towards the door.
I stepped into the hallway to see something white moving away from me. I turned my head to see the graceful
fall of ankle length silver hair over pale skin that shone with dampness. He turned to move up the stairs when
he saw me. He stood looking in my direction with one foot on the floor and the other on the first step up. I
looked for a moment longer until I felt the door in my hand again and closed it.
I have to go to my room. I told myself as I started to walk forward. He seemed to wait for me as I got nearer.
Sesshomaru-sama, I said when I got close enough. Smile your little heart out. I smiled up at him waiting to see
if he would say anything.
Kagome, he acknowledged before tilting his head. I bowed my head likewise. I started up the stairs, and he
stayed in time with me. I felt the heat radiating off of his body. The subtle smell that was his was a lot stronger
at the moment. I turned and walked in the direction of my room when I realized that he was still with me. I had
already forgotten that his room was beyond mine.
His smell came to me again as we walked on. I remembered when I first smelled it. It was the first time I
wrapped him in bandages. Inuyasha was helping to hold him up, but I had to press against his body to wrap all
the way around his torso.
I blushed now as I remembered the warmth I felt when I was pressed against him. I glanced at his chest to see
how it had healed. I saw muscles and flesh move under pale smooth skin that only had a few disappearing scars
that once covered his whole chest and most of his abdomen. I looked up at his face when I felt his eyes on me.
I was wondering how well you healed, I told him before turning to look down the hall again. We walked the
length of an unknown room when I heard him speak.
You like those pages? he asked. It wasnt a flat a question as I expected it, but I wasnt going to use that as an
excuse to not take it in the spirit, I hope, it was meant.
Yes I do. Ive read them before and I was happy to find it here, I told him as I held it a bit closer.
= Sesshomaru =
Read them before? How could she have read them before? There are very few copies of them in the world. This
brought up all the other questions I wanted to ask her.
Where did you read these pages before? I asked as I turned to face her. She tilted her head back to look up at
me before dropping her gaze.
I read them at home, was her reply.

This must be an interesting home you have, I told her. I wanted to say her name but I couldnt, and I wouldnt
let myself call her ningen again. She was more than that to me now, even if she didnt know it.
Where is your home? I asked her to find out if she would tell me the truth. She fidgeted and stammered a bit
before she gave me an answer.
Its very far away, you wouldnt know the name, she said. Im sure I wouldnt know of this place that has these
strange clothes that I see her wearing or the odd food she eats, or that has three hundred year old books for
such a young girl to read.
What do you know of these pages? I asked her. I was going to make this an issue. I needed to know more
about her.
I just know that they are very old and that most of the poems dont say who wrote them, Kagome answered.
She hasnt looked at me since I started looking at her and her heart beat was faster than normal when shes
around me. This isnt a lie; its just a very removed statement about the book. She is not telling me everything.
She was lying to me I realized. She was lying by omission.
My father was given those pages three hundred years ago by a traveling monk who gave them to him hoping
that he would spare his life when he got caught in the middle of one of my fathers wars. The monk was willing
to hand over the only copy he had in exchange for his life, but father told him to make an exact copy to give him
instead. The monk had traveled to and from the land of Chin across the western sea where he saw how to fold
and cut pages like this and father wanted his own, without taking the only copy of a ningen thing. The monk was
brought to this house to make that copy and when it was completed he was taken away from here to continue
on his travels. I looked at her as she looked up at me. At the time my father received this, there were only two
such copies. The monk was even brought back to add pages to this collection for six years until he either
believed it to be finished or died. I took a step towards her and she backed into a wall. I came closer still, but I
didnt touch her.
I placed my arm next to her head and came dangerously close to her large liquid blue eyes.
You have not told me what I wanted to hear Kagome. Decide on what you will tell me at dinner, when I ask you
again where you are from and I expect to hear the truth. The complete truth or I may reconsider our growing
friendship, I finished on a quiet note. I felt a twinge of something from having to threaten her for answers to
my questions, but I needed to know. I raised my other hand to touch her chin, then to hold it in place as I
lowered my lips to her own. I was a hairs breath away when I decided against it and moved my lips up to her
forehead. She may decide not to tell me and I would be left with the memory of her kiss. The feel of her lips on
my own would disturb me as much, if not more than her smiles had while we were apart.
I stepped back and looked at her. Her face was flushed and yet as red as always. I dont think that she could have
clutched those pages any tighter without damaging them and her whole body was still pressed against the wall.
Until dinner, I told her and then walked on to my room. I heard her take a step then two before I turned the

Manyoushuu ("ten thousand leaves") - was the earliest anthology of Japanese poetry, dated back ca. 759. Im
not sure how it came about, so my story about that is just another story.

Dojo - is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the Way". The concept of a dojo as a martial arts
training place is a Western concept. The term can refer to a formal training place for any of the Japanese do arts.
The Land of Chin Dont know when they stopped calling China that, but I liked how it sounded and I could be

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 17

= Third Person POV =

He kissed her, Rin said with awe and happiness in her voice as she turned to Shippo who had also seen it.
You were right, Shippo told her. They do like each other.
But what were they talking about Shippo? Tell me, Rin happy demanded of her friend.
It was really soft, he started. But I think he said that hes going to ask her something at dinner and he wanted
her to think about it, he finished.
Rins eyes grew wide.
Yes, yes, yes, Rin squealed as she jumped around the room as thoughts that were once tucked away in her
head were pulled out and attached to a girl named Kagome.
What is it? Shippo asked her in puzzlement as he watched her move around the room. She looked very happy,
but why, he didnt know. Rin ran back to his side and knelt down next to the door again.
Hes going to ask her to marry him, she said almost breathlessly.
Hah? Shippo questioned. Demons dont get married, he told her.
But humans do and shes human, she argued back. Well bet on it then, she said when it still looked like he
didnt believe her.
What are we betting? he asked her as he thought of some of her things that he would like.
More boy games, she stated.
Hah? he asked again.
If you win, well play more of your boy games, she told him. Shippo thought about this. It wasnt the kind of
prize he was hopping for, but he was getting tired of things that involved flowers all the time.
Ok, but what do you want if you win? he asked her, hoping that it would also be something just as odd, but
didnt include flowers.
Nothing, she answered him.

Nothing? he asked her to make sure he heard correctly.

Im already getting a dairihaha, I dont need anything else, she told him. Shippo looked at her for a while
before standing up.
Then we should get dressed for dinner, he told her when she hadnt moved.
They were both soon dressed and the first to reach the dining room. They took the same seats that they had at
lunch and waited for everyone else.
The next to show up were Miroku and Inuyasha. While Miroku was once again in his black and purple colored
robes, Inuyasha was wearing something new again. It was the same color as the one he wore for lunch, but the
sleeves were a different length and there were no patterns to be seen this time.
Rin greeted each, in her known for happy altitude, whereas Inuyasha gave a general greeting to both
youngsters. Miroku was a bit more outgoing and greeted each one in turn and asked them how they spent their
They relayed their actives, with each taking a turn as they spoke. Miroku heard about flowers and weeds and
fish in a pond. Flower crowns, blushing, Sango and swings. They talked more about finding bugs, Kouga, digging
and a game of tag.
I knew I smelled wolf when I came downstairs, Inuyasha told no one in particular when they had finished. He
didnt hate Kouga anymore, but he still seemed to rub him the wrong way.
Next to enter the room was Sesshomaru. He wore a simple white outfit that had a few red blossoms that were
scattered across the outfit randomly. Rin was the first to greet him, but he nodded to everyone once he reached
his seat at the table.
Inuyasha, he said after a moment. Tomorrow you have combat lessons to attend. Do you remember where
the dojo is? he asked.
Yeah, I remember, Inuyasha replied. So how early are we going to start? he asked him.
An hour before breakfast then we continue until lunch, Sesshomaru answered him.
Sesshomaru-sama, can we come and watch? Rin asked him.
Yes, you both may come, he told her.
Come where? was heard from the doorway. Everyone turned and saw Kouga as he walked into the room
holding Sangos hand.
Good evening everyone, Kouga said as he took the seat next to Sango, separating her from Miroku. He
speared a glance at Inuyasha but he didnt saying anything to him. He now knew how dumb it was to start a
fight with him in front of Sesshomaru.
Is Kagome going to be late again today? Inuyasha asked the room. He was hungry since they were told to get
ready for dinner an hour ago. Im going to see what is keeping her, he said as he stood up.
Im right here Inuyasha, Kagome said from the door as she walked in. You dont have to come looking for
What took you? he asked as he sat back down.

None of your business, she said as she looked over the table. Tonight she wont have a choice of where to sit
and asking anyone to change seats would cause more questions to be asked before the one question that she
wasnt really ready to answer.
She had come to the conclusion that it wasnt a bad thing that Sesshomaru wanted to know. If anything it was
time to tell him where she came from. She paused to look at him a bit longer than the others when she said
good evening to everyone. It wouldnt be hard for him to believe that she came from the future considering that
this was the person who pulled his own fathers grave from within Inuyashas eye.
Sorry Im late Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she took the seat again between him and Rin.
You are not late, he told her. Sesshomaru was looking at her as she made her way over to him and then sat
down, but he turned away when he spoke to her. No one argued with his statement. Kagome bowed her head
before she started blushing at the unexpected comment.
Rin lightly poked Shippo when she saw this to prove her point. He still showed disbelief at her theory.
Sesshomaru called for Amaya and the dance that was done for lunch was once again performed for the serving
of dinner. Only three people were aware or took notice that Sango received something different to drink with
her meal.
The meal was a pleasant one with Rin and Shippo relaying the details of their afternoon once again for everyone
who wasnt there for the first version. Inuyasha was more interested with the meal at hand and even surprised
everyone one when he called for Amaya and she came back into the room and stopped at his side of the table.
The expression on his face showed that he didnt expect that to happen either, but he took full advantage of it
all the same and requested seconds of everything. His gratitude was clearly shown when he told her thank you
before digging in.
Kagome turned out to be the quietest at the table that night. Sesshomaru was given the opportunity to speak
more than her when he held a rather long conversation with Kouga, and then Sango, when he was told that she
would be helping to take care of Kougas clan once they were mated.
It was an odd compliment coming from him. Sesshomaru didnt say it, but it was commonly known that the few
ningen females who decided to mate demons, didnt take on much, if any of the responsibilities that concerned
their mates. They were looked on as prizes in addition to being their beloved one, with nothing truly expected
of them other than being easy on the eyes, fateful and perhaps producing a child or two.
Miroku chanced the life of his chopsticks as he captured a fish cake from Inuyashas bowl when it looked like he
had eaten all that he wanted. Sango and Shippo looked on to see how that would turn out while no one else
took too much notice. Shippo gagged slightly on some pork that he was chewing as he watched Inuyasha smile
at Miroku and slid what he hadnt eaten over to him.
Rin patted Shippos back to make sure that he could breathe again by the time she stopped. Inuyasha looked up
at the kitsune with a clear warning to not make anything of it. His eyes then flickered to Sango who showed
some surprise, but not so much that he thought she would say anything about it.
The meal ended and they were treated with honey glazed squares of red bean cake that was served with green
tea. Everyone was finishing up and thinking of getting up from the table when Sesshomaru spoke.
Where are you from Kagome? Sesshomaru asked her. She placed her chopsticks down before looking up and
at everyone around the table.
Tokyo, she answered him after a moment.

Where is this Tokyo? I havent heard of it, he said as took another bit of the cake.
Its here in Japan, she told him. In fact, its the capital of Japan, she added. Sesshomaru placed his chopsticks
down next to the last of his cake and turned to look at her.
Kyoto is the capital of Japan, he stated.
Well, it is the capital of Japan now, she said as she looked up at him.
Now? he asked with a raised eyebrow.
Its not so much a question of where I come from, as it is when I come from, Kagome started. Im from the
future, she ended.
= Sesshomaru =
The future? My mind paused. I have not known her to lie to anyone, so how is this possible? I reached out for my
tea and took a few sips. I looked back over at her.
How far in the future do you come from? I asked her. Something in her face changed before she answered my
About five hundred years give or take a few years, she said with a smile on her face. She is telling the truth.
Why was it so hard for you to tell me this? I asked her. I didnt need this kind of display of asking her, to
receive this answer, but she had her chances to tell me before now and she didnt take them. She could have
stopped all of this earlier and just told me when I asked her in the hallway.
Tell you? She hasnt told me this either. The future?! Kouga exclaimed from his seat at the table. He then
looked over at Sango.
Why didnt you tell me? he asked her.
I couldnt, it wasnt my secret to tell. Besides, I told Kagome that she had to tell you once we were mated and
she agreed, Sango informed him.
I was happy with the small fact that I wasnt the only one that she had kept this secret from.
Im sorry Kouga. I just got use to keeping it a secret that it was hard to not keep it a secret anymore, Kagome
said looking at the ykai wolf. I looked at him making sure that he wouldnt advance on her verbally or
physically. I will not tolerate her get getting hurt, especially in my presence. I watched his body became less
defensive and as his muscles relaxed.
Its alright, he said with an exhaled breath. After all it wasnt like you werent ever going to tell me.
Her eyes then moved back to me, waiting to see if I also had forgiven her for her concealment. I had a few
questions left to ask her, like how was she able to move between both times?
Is our friendship safe? she asked quietly with her large liquid eyes. I was wondering if she knew that I felt like I
had to catch my breath every time she looked at me that way, when I gave her my answer.
Yes, I simply stated before reaching for my cup again.

Tea was drunk and the last of the cake eaten before everyone stood in turn and left the dining hall. Everyone
that is but Kagome and myself. I didnt ask her to stay, but she stayed until after I sent Rin off to her room for the
night with instructions to go to bed soon with the kitsune in tow.
Now what am I suppose to do? Out of the corner of my eye I really took in her appearance for the first time
tonight. Her hair was mostly pulled back from her face while it came down her neck in the back with a few
strands curved over her forehead. Her top was crossed in front where one part was hidden behind another that
was tied off at her side. It was deep green in color with slim sleeves that reached her wrists. Her sukooto was
close to the same green of her shirt at her waist, but then I saw it fade to a darker color, black it appeared.
I placed my empty cup on the table and thought about standing and going to the library when I turned to look at
her fully. Her hands were on the table in front of her holding her own cup.
Do you wish to ask me something? I asked her when she still said nothing.
I was waiting for you to ask me some other questions, she said before looking up from her cup. She wanted to
get this over with it seems. I dont think that she will be able to answer all my questions tonight since I will have
more in the future.
How are you able to move through time? I asked her. Will she now tell me that she is also not fully ningen
even though she smells very much like one?
The Bone Eaters Well seems to have a link with my time. I was pulled through it by a demon named Mistress
Centipede on my fifteenth birthday. I went near the well to look for my dumb cat that day. After I was pulled
through I found out that the demon found me, and was able to pull me through, because the Shikon Jewel was
embedded in my body at that time.
She seemed to be telling me everything without holding back now. I wondered if this would just give her more
to talk to me about when were alone again. I stood and looked down at her.
Would you mind telling me how you know of those pages in the library, in my library? I asked her.
No, I wouldnt mind, she answered as she stood and started to walk towards the door. I thought about moving
ahead of her and opening the door like Ive been doing since she got here, but for a moment I tried to talk
myself out of it before I found myself standing in front of her, with my hand on the door.
My eyes shifted between her and the door and back to her again as I heard light little feet running towards the
stairs. Just before she was close enough to touch it, I opened the door and walked through to wait for her on the
other side.
= Third Person POV =
Well? Shippo asked Rin as she ran back into their room. He had been too scared of being found by
Sesshomaru to stay with her downstairs.
I was wrong I think, she told him after she closed the door.
Ok, what did they say then? he asked as she sat down on the floor next to him.
They were just talking about how she came here, then they went to read a book in the library, she said
sounding disappointed.
So he didnt ask her to marry him then? Shippo asked her.

No, Rin said, but quickly added. But I still think they like each other. The two of them sat there on the floor
for a while, thinking over their own questions and thoughts until they seemingly decided it was time for bed and
went to sleep.
Books, he rolled the word around his mind and tongue before continuing. Are common in the future?
Sesshomaru asked as Kagome picked up the book that he had seen her with earlier that day. He assumed that
her training as a miko had included reading and writing lessons. Not because where she came from was a place
such lessons were given to anyone who made the time.
Yes, very common, she answered him. In some parts of the city, there are nothing but bookstores selling
books on everything there is.
And this school, Sesshomaru continued. Anyone can go there for lessons? Kagome looked pleased and happy
that he was talking and asking her questions. She didnt know how long it was going to last but she was going to
enjoy this.
Yes, she answered him with a smile. We start school from the age of five. Although some kids stop when they
reach the age of fifteen, sixteen when they are suppose to move from junior high to senior high school. But
most stay in school until they complete senior high school three years later before they get a job. As accepted as
this is, its still expected of you to move on to another school called a university. There you pick something that
you like and be taught what you need to know to be able to do what you like as a job.
= Kagome =
This is odd. Hes just sitting there and listening to me. I think hes listening to me. He hasnt looked away or even
scowled at me. I know Im staying too much, but Im too nervous and happy to stop myself.
Have you read this book? I asked him after he had been quiet for a while. His eyes changed and I had this
sinking feeling. Is he mad at me for asking him a question? He cant be mad at me for asking one question!
I never really read the book. I glanced at it once when I asked of how it came to be in this library. I started to
read the first poem in the book after I looked it over, but I was pulled way to do my studies and I havent gone
back to look at it since, he ended.
Your studies? I asked him. He makes it sound like he was a child at the time. How old were you? I asked a bit
softer. He was sipping from a white cup that he placed back on the table next to him. When we came into the
room there were two cups and a pot of hot tea sitting on a table next to a window and a chair. I wondered how
they knew that we were going to be there unless he normally came here himself after dinner.
The exact year I dont remember, but I do recall that I was in my fifties at the time, he answered. His fifties? I
had forgotten how old he really was. It was one of maybe two questions that he had answered when I took care
of him. I felt cautious now for some reason. Maybe I was being told not to push my luck with my questions. I
held the book in my hands as I stood.
Would it be alright if I took this book to bed with me? I asked him as I looked slightly down into his face.
= Sesshomaru =
She was leaving? Now that I was willing to talk with her, she would rather leave?
Have you actually run out of questions to ask me Kagome? I asked her while she stood looking at me. She
blinked repeatedly like a little creature.

Awhm, she started. I didnt feel like pushing my luck now that you were talking back to me, she said as she
slightly looked away. So that was her reason for trying to leave.
Would you stay if I asked you to? I asked her, and then watched as she thought this over with something of a
blank look on her face. Only her eyes held signs of the life that was in her body.
Whether or not she stayed I had my own documents to read. I would have enjoyed having her here while I did
that, but I cant force her to stay if she was starting to feel uncomfortable around me. I stood and took the tray
of tea with me over to the large table that already had my scrolls opened on it. I saw Kagome turn as I walked
past her with the tea.
I sat down and started to turn my attention to my work when I heard her walking towards me. A revised map of
the north western border by a town called Shimukappu occupied most of my vision. She sat to the right of me
on the other side of the tray with the warm chai tea and opened her book. By the time I allowed myself to
actually look at her she was moving one of the folded pieces of paper to read what was on the other side.
I turned back to the map and estimated how much further the village had ventured into the surrounding
woodlands since last year, to see if they were in danger of coming too close to another demons or warlords
territory. I heard as another piece of paper was turned over at my side as it brushed against her finger tips and
the smell of her with the mix of old scroll paper and the warm wet smell of the tea entered my senses and made
me consider giving her a kiss for having answered my question, but this was not the time.
I enjoyed the smell and knowledge of her presence as I tried to think of my current ruling problems at hand.
= Kagome =
IM MOVING! I tried to steady myself but I felt arms, that were around my body, tighten to hold me still. My eyes
snapped open and there was Sesshomarus face moving under the ceiling. He moved in and out of the light,
glowing when the candle light hit him and then radiating light when he was surrounded by darkness.
I looked in front of us to see that we were on the second floor. I must have fallen asleep in the library and he
was carrying me to my room. How come I didnt feel him when he was walking up the stairs never mind when he
first picked me up?
This was nice. I thought. Being held by him like this. I reached a hand up and slowly pressed it against his chest.
As I felt his warmth move into my fingertips he stopped. I quickly looked up and saw him looking down at me. I
felt him lowering me before my visual point of view started to shift. I gripped his shirt to keep myself steady
before my feet touched the floor.
It must have been the darkness or the play of light, but his eyes didnt look the same. They looked more like
they did when he asked me how old I was. I felt like they were asking me something now and my eyes wavered.
I lowered my head and saw that I had clutched my hand into shirt.
Sorry, I said as I let go and tried to take a step back. I realized then that his arms were still around me. He
tightened his hold and I looked up into his face as he came closer.
Thanks for carrying me, but I can walk to my room now, I said as he inched closer. I saw his jaw clinch before
he moved back. His hands were sliding down and away from my back when it hit me. HE WAS GOING TO KISS
ME AND I STOPPED HIM. My hands shot up and gripped his face as I pulled myself up to kiss him instead.

Dairihaha surrogate mother (I was told that step parents dont really take the place of dead parent of a child
they take care of. Its a respect thing. So I figured that even the children knew this and that in my story, Rin
would want a mother, but knew that she wouldnt really be her mother.
Sukooto - (n) skirt (I think that this will be the only time I will use that word, but I cant promise that).
Shimukappu - is a village located in Yufutsu District, Kamikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 18

= Kagome =
Kagome, was accompanied by knocks at my door as I slowly tried to not open my eyes. I turned my head to
look at my window. The light coming in through the gaps werent even a shade of white yet. Its so early.
Kagome, came the call again.
Coming, I said as I got up and pushed my feet into my slippers.
Im coming, Im coming, I repeated as I heard them knocking again. I opened the door to find Rin and Shippo
standing outside my door.
Good morning, Rin, I yawned and covered my mouth before continuing. Shippo. I paused to rub my eyes.
Whats going on so early in the morning? I asked as I looked down at two very awake children.
Sesshomaru-sama and Inuyasha are practicing fighting today in the dojo. Do you want to come and watch?
Shippo asked me.
They are? I wonder if I should see him so soon? I want see him.
I dont know guys, I told them. You guys go along, I may show up later.
Ok, they both said before running down the hall. I stepped back into the room and closed the door to just
stand there thinking of what to do now.
I want to go back to bed.
I have no idea what time I went to bed last night. I never brought my watch with me through the well since they
dont count time like that here and I keep thinking that Ill break it. I walked back over to the big soft place that I
wanted to be, and kicked my slippers off before crawling back into the bed. I pushed myself down into the
softness below me as I remembered Sesshomaru walking me to my bedroom door after I kissed him. I blushed
again as I remembered.
His arms were falling away from my body before I kissed him. Slowly he pulled me towards him as he started to
kiss me back. When we stopped he was the one who pulled away first. When I looked into his face, his eyes
were closed for a long moment. When they opened, they were changing back to normal from something darker
I thought. I had blushed and lowered my gaze to realize that my feet were not touching the ground.
I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and he lowered me to the floor, letting my body slid down his. We
walked to my door and he told me good night. He called me by my name again before he walked down the hall.

After that, I was shifting between what I was doing to get ready for bed, remembering what I was doing outside
in the hallway and what I had seen or read about what came after kissing. I nicely cut out any other guy they
talked about or showed and placed Sesshomaru in their place.
My face heated up again as I stopped my fantasy from going too far. I couldnt go much further last night either.
For a seventeen year old I didnt know as much as other girls in the twentieth century, but I didnt care. I had
friends just like me and we didnt pressure each other into anything more than a friendly fun date, holding
hands or a quick little kiss.
I wish the girls were here, I could ask them what I should to do next.
I closed my eyes and I saw his eyes again after he kissed me and I thought about kissing him again as I fell
More knocking? I opened one eye to close it again quickly. The room was much brighter. There was that
knocking again.
Coming, I groaned as I sat up. I just did this. I stood and held on to the edge of the bed as I slipped my slippers
back on. I walked to the door without hearing the knock again.
Oh, Amaya. Good morning, I told the familiar looking lady standing in the hallway.
Good morning, Kagome-sama, she said. Breakfast will be served soon.
Thanks for telling me, I said as I smiled back at her. She then bowed and left to quickly walk down the hall. I
stepped back into my room to gather my towel for a bath.
= Third Person POV =
They never credited Sesshomaru with being good at hand to hand combat simply because they had never seen
him in hand to hand combat before.
Neither of the brothers were allowed to use poison or claws during this practice. Both males were topless and
sweating as they circled each other. Inuyasha had picked up on some of the moves that Sesshomaru used to
push him into a wall that was half a room away a minute before. There was also the one that had him looking up
from the floor like Kagomes voice had reached him and he was suddenly being sueru.
Sesshomaru was mildly impressed at how well Inuyasha picked up and practiced those moves on him. It showed
that he had to ability to learn quickly once he was willing to learn.
Sitting off to the side, that was questionable at being called safe, sat Miroku with Sango and Kouga. Shippo and
Rin were holding their own cheering section next to Kouga who was thinking of asking permission to join in later
that day.
There was a light rap on the door and everyone turned to look to see who it was. Gentle older hands opened
the door to reveal Amaya on the other side.
Breakfast? Sesshomaru asked without looking at her.
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, she answered him before bowing and slowly closing the door. Sesshomaru
straightened his back some more before bowing ever so slightly at his brother. Inuyasha who was still caught up
in plotting a way to leave his brother sprawled on his back blinked at his movement as the words said earlier

made it into his brain. He bowed in return and walked over to the basins holding the cold water.
He almost felt disappointment at the break, but then he reminded himself that it was just that, a break. They
will be at it again after breakfast. He dunked a towel into the water and wrung it out before wiping it down his
face and over his chest.
= Inuyasha =
Arent you going to wash up before breakfast? I asked Sesshomaru as he started to leave the dojo. He stood
on the step and looked at me for a moment.
Yes, he said and then walked out.
What was that? I asked as I turned around to where the others were sitting. Rin and Shippo were already
missing. They must have run out while I was wiping down. Sango and Kouga were halfway to the door which left
Miroku looking at me. He shrugged his shoulders before standing.
Maybe he wanted a full bath, he suggested as he was walking towards me.
Why? Hell just dirty again after breakfast, I told him as I turned back to the basin.
I guess thats not how he sees it, he told me as he got closer. I continued to wipe the sweat away from my
body with the refreshing cold, damp cloth. I dunked my hands into the water to pull my fingers through my hair
to make my hair look a bit more decent for the meal. I personally didnt mind how my hair looked, but if
Sesshomaru was going to take a bath, I knew he was going to give me looks about my hair until the meal was
over or until I fixed it. Ill spear myself his icily stares and do it now.
I felt Mirokus hand as it moved lightly through my hair causing me to turn to look at him.
You could just ask to comb my hair. I would let you do it, I told him as I reached out a hand for him. Miroku
placed his hand on mine to stop me from going any further.
Im not going to let you start, he said. We said we wont do anything until tonight.
No. I said that we didnt have time to have sex last night because I had to be here on time to practice with
Sesshomaru, I told him as my other hand moved around his waist.
What about tonight? he asked me as he pressed his hand against my damp chest.
Its too far away to worry about now, I whispered to him as I pulled him closer. His arms went limp and he let
me kiss him.
Breakfast, Miroku said softly when we pulled back to breathe.
Yes, I answered. Something else I cant be late for. I might have surprised Miroku when let go of him without
putting up a fight, but I didnt need to. I was going to see him for the rest of the day and then there was tonight
to make up for last night, unless Sesshomaru decided to have practice again tomorrow.
I turned back to the cold water that was almost too cold now that I had cooled down, but I touched a wet cloth
to my neck anyway to get the last spot that I had missed.
= Third Person POV =
Kouga held Sangos hand as they walked to the dining room after she got angry at him for asking another
question about where Kagome came from.

If you want to know so much, why dont you ask her yourself? Sango asked him as they walked on.
I dont think that it would be safe for me to be alone with her, Kouga answered. Sango turned to look at him as
she stopped walking. She crossed her arms and looked at him. She hasnt had to use that pose in a while, since
Miroku stopped his wandering hands around her when she promised herself the man next to her, but she still
remembered how it was done.
I wouldnt do anything with her, Kouga said as he watched his mate-to-be, look even more so.
So what did you mean when you said that it wouldnt be safe to be alone with her? she asked Kouga.
Well, he started. Someone might not like the idea even if they knew that nothing was going on, Kouga said.
Hump, came from between Sangos lips before she started walking again. Why would I feel jealous of you
talking with Kagome if I sent you to her? she asked as he caught back up with her.
Well, I wasnt really thinking about you. Kouga said to himself. He reached out and clasped her fingers in his
again. He lifted her hand and brushed them under his lips before saying. Thank you and Im sorry.
Sorry for what? Sango asked around the small smile on her face.
Oh, everything, he answered as he smiled back at her.
They were nearing their destination when they heard a call.
Sango, Kouga, came from the stairway. They looked up to see Kagome as she came down the stairs. The couple
waited for her to reach them before they all went inside.
= Kagome =
I slept through this? I asked myself as I sat on the side looking on. I was seated between Sango and Rin when I
first sat down, but for some reason, Sango changed seats with Kouga. After each confrontation between the
brothers, Kouga would ask me a question, which I would try and answer before they rushed at each other again.
As impressed as I could be by Inuyashas form and marked improvement that even I noted, Sesshomaru was the
star by far. I didnt have a clue of what was being done or taught, but my attention was only diverted by the
questions coming from Kouga.
By the time it was over I had told Kouga everything but my mothers age, what my blood type was, and who
invented karaoke. At one moment I thought that I would be given a break from his questions when he asked to
practice with the brothers, but Inuyasha said that he had Sesshomaru where he wanted him, and that he would
have to wait for another time.
Who did Kouga want to practice with? If he wanted to go against Sesshomaru, then he might be biting off more
than he could chew, unless he wanted to learn something the hard way. If he meant Inuyasha, then it might
have just been a way for him to fight with him like before.
Is it lunch time already? Sango asked as we heard a knock at the door. Amaya stepped inside and waited for
one of her two lords to speak to her. My eyes were pulled back to them when I saw Sesshomaru spun Inuyasha
around and with a movement of his left leg caused him to go crashing into the floor.
My heart did a small jump at the sound, and vibration I felt from him hitting the mat. Sesshomaru held him
pinned down for a few moments before standing and extending his hand to help him up. For a moment I
expected Inuyasha not to take his hand, but he did and they stood chest to chest looking into each others eyes

before stepping back and bowing to each other. Sesshomaru then turned to Amaya.
Lunch? he asked her.
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, she answer him. It will be ready in an hours time.
I watched as everyone around me got up and left. Most followed Sesshomaru out of the room, but Inuyasha and
Miroku stayed back and talked while I decided what to do. I soon decided and started to walk over to Inuyasha
to talk, since I hadnt really gotten a chance to talk with him since we got here. I really wanted to know how he
was doing with being back home.
Hi guys, I said as I got closer.
Hello Kagome, Miroku answered back, while Inuyasha grunted something while wiping a wet cloth around his
neck and under his beads. I guess I should deal with that now. I told myself. I had already thought about it, and
with me liking someone now too, it was just time.
Inuyasha, I said as I got closer to him.
Yes, Kagome, he answered me as he turned in my direction.
Let me help you with that, I told him as I reached out my hands out to him. Instead of standing there, he
backed away from me before looking over at Miroku.
I dont need your help cleaning up, he said. Im going for a bath now anyway, he said as he left the room
leaving me there with Miroku.
What was that? I just wanted to help, I told Miroku when I looked back at him. But I do need to talk to him, I
continued. Can you tell Inuyasha that I need to talk to him about something after lunch? I asked Miroku.
Sure Kagome, he answered me. Where do you want him to meet you? Miroku then asked me. I thought
about it for a moment. I dont think he would want to be seen with me from how he just acted, as childish as he
was being about it, but I didnt want Sesshomaru to see the two of us together and think more of it then there
was to think about. I glanced at Miroku to find him looking back at me.
Im thinking, I told him because I thought he was getting impatient with me even if he wasnt showing it.
Where would no one be after lunch? I asked myself. Tell him to meet me in the dining room after everyone has
left. I told Miroku. I thought that was a good idea and smiled as I started to walk to the door. Thanks Miroku, I
called back at him as I left to find the book I left in library last night.
= Inuyasha =
You didnt have to leave like that, Miroku said when he walked into our room. I think she was just trying to be
nice, he said after a moment. I kicked my legs out of the hakama and proceeded to unravel my fundoshi as I
walked into the other room to start my bath. Inuyasha, I heard him call after me.
I didnt feel like letting her touch me with you there, I said after I heard him enter behind me. I waded into the
sunken tub and sunk down under the water. I turned around and looked up to see a distorted view of Miroku as
he looked down at me in the water. I slowly stood up bring the water back down to waist level. I wiped the
water from my face as I looked at him.
Im sorry, I finally told him. Ill apologize to her later, I told him as I reached for the soap and rubbed it across
my chest. Thats if she gives me a chance to. I said to myself.

Good, he said as he started to pull his robes thigh high before sitting on the edge of the bath. Let me do your
back, he told me as he held his hand out for the soap. I moved over and placed it in his hand. As I turned my
back to him I caught my hair, pulling it off of my back and holding it over my shoulder and down my chest.
She wants to speak to you too it seems, he started again. She wants you to meet with her after lunch in the
dining room after everyone has left, Miroku finished.
Did she tell you what she wanted to talk to me about? I asked him as his hands pressed into my back as he
moved them in circles.
No. She just said that she needed to talk to you. I think that is what she wanted to tell you just now, he ended.
His hands started to move lower down on my back with them still going in circles.
I will enjoy washing your hair tonight, he said as his hands started to come back up.
Is my black hair better than my silver hair? I asked him as I remembered how he played with it the last time I
No, its not better, he said. They seem different, but when I close my eyes I cant tell them apart, he ended.
His hands moved up to my neck and down to my shoulders as they traveled on soap and bubbles across my skin.
I closed my eyes slightly as I enjoyed the feeling.
You know, he said breaking the silence. Tonight will be the first time that Kouga will see your human self
right? Miroku asked me.
Yeah, I know. Ive prepared myself for some new jokes from him, but Im not so worried about tonight, I said
as I came out of my comfortable haze.
How come? he asked me.
Sesshomaru, I answered.
Sesshomaru? he asked. My big-brother-will-protect-me thing? he questioned.
Sort of, I stated. Not so much protect, I started. But more like forced respect, I said as I turned around to
look at him. I smiled up into his face and took the soap back to finish cleaning up. He stayed quiet and just
looked at me as I took my bath.
My big-brother-will-protect-me thing? I asked him as I started to walk out of the tub.
Yeah, he answered. I thought that up when I saw how the two of you were getting along back at the hut last
month, and he did kinda protect you from you Kouga when he was starting in on you the first day. He seems to
be acting like your brother now. He even wanted you to start acting the part while you were here, he finished
as he walked back into the bedroom behind of me.
He once again fell silent while I got dressed. I would look at him feeling odd that he wasnt helping me get
dressed. I didnt need his help, but he has helped since we got here yesterday. The curved beads once again
tried to snag the silk of another not-so-new outfit, that until that moment was still pristine. Moving it out of the
way without lifting it too high was something I had learned to do over the years that I didnt think that much of
it too often. I choose to wear the purple and green outfit today when I remembered everyone saying that my
silver hair looked best against dark colors.
I glanced at Miroku and his eyes looked like he was far away as he looked at me. There wasnt a smirk on his face
to say that he was thinking of ways to have fun with me later and it wasnt such a grave look that I was overly

worried, but I was still concerned.

Miroku? I called to him as I walked over tying my obi in place. He remained mostly the same and didn't appear
to have heard me. As I stood before him I reached out a hand and held his face, making him look at me, before I
stepped in closer. I kissed him lightly before I looked into his eyes.
Is there something wrong? I asked. Miroku reached a hand out to touch my hair. I watched him as he flipped it
and slid it between two fingers before his hand moved over to the beads. He touched them lightly at first, and
then he gripped them without pulling on my neck before letting them go. I looked back up into his eyes and he
looked at me.
I never questioned them before, he said quietly. But I want you to ask her to take them off. I looked at him
completely surprised by what he said.
You havent asked her lately have you? he asked when I said nothing.
No, I havent asked in over a year, I told him. Why are you asking? I questioned him.
Like I said, I dont know why you started to wear them, I just know that I dont know why youre still wearing
them. Do you have to wear them for something else other than her commands to osuwari? Now I could see
some pain in his eyes.
Where is this coming from? I asked him before kissing him lightly again. She hasnt sueru me in weeks.
It was always there in bits, and the bits started to add up, he said as he reached for the beads again. I wish I
could take them off of you myself, he said before he kissed me. He pulled us closer together and I didnt stop
him. It wasnt a kiss to lead to more than just kissing, it was a kiss to kiss someone and be kissed I return. I
rather liked it, and I liked it even more when he leaned more into me. He may not have expected it to lead to
anything but I was close to wanting to get undressed again. I pulled away and looked into his shimmering plum
colored eyes.
I will ask her to take off the beads, I told him.
Thank you Inuyasha, he said as he smiled back at me. I reached for his hand as I smiled back at him and I just
stood there as he calmed himself. As I watched him, he become more like he was before.
Ready for lunch? I asked him.
Yes, Im ready, he answered.
We were able to keep holding hands until we reached the dining room. When we stepped inside we saw why.
We were the last to arrive.
= Third Person POV =
There were a host of talk topics floating around the room. Everyone seemed to have talked with everyone else
during the meal. Plans for the afternoon were openly discussed as well as the rehashing of the displayed moves
from the dojo. Kouga tried to and succeeded at getting a match with Inuyasha before he left the day after
tomorrow. He was suppose to leave tomorrow, but he said that he would delay it for this chance to fight with
Rin was reminded that her tutor would be seeing her this afternoon and she invited Shippo along. Sango
received permission from Sesshomaru to use the dojo that afternoon so she could get some of her own practice
time in. At this both Kouga and Miroku showed interest in her afternoon plans.

Kagome was asked if she wanted to watch when even Inuyasha said that he wanted to see the wolf under
Sangos fist. It was said with mirth but few who didnt know the group would find it hard to believe that the lady
blushing could indeed knock the yokai wolf on his butt.
Kagome declined thinking it wouldnt be that much fun, besides she was set to meet Inuyasha after the meal to
get something over with that she was late in doing. Among all the talk that passed over the table, Sesshomaru
never directly talked to Kagome or her to him, and this seemed to have passed unnoticed by the others sitting at
the table. Kagome in her own way realized that he didnt speak to her and she was just relieved that he didnt.
As the meal moved on her guilt that somehow got pushed to a back burner, was now asking for Kagomes
attention again. Moms always knew how to make their kids feel guilty about something if they raised them
right, but it also helped when they were right about it too.
Kagome had agreed to do it before she came back, but then she was seemingly sidetracked with what she was
starting to feel for Sesshomaru. Now that she was thinking about it again, the thing growing between them just
made her feel even guiltier about it. She couldnt face him until she had fixed it.
Sesshomaru churned on the inside as he looked at Kagome.
= Sesshomaru =
What was wrong? She wasnt her normal self. I take that back. She was her normal self with everyone but me.
She had barely spared me a glance while she constantly gazed at my brother.
Was she thinking that she should not have kissed me last night? Was she hoping to win my brother back? I felt
my mood get darker from the light one I woke up with this morning. She was absent from this morning practice
and when she did show up for breakfast she blushed and looked away even though I made sure to be dressed
well for the meal so she wouldnt be uncomfortable when looking at me. Then in the dojo I couldnt tell who
held her interest more, me or Inuyasha. That may have caused me to hit him a bit harder than I did in the
morning session but he seemed to not have held it against me.
Now this. I looked over at her and saw her sipping the last of her drink. Today we had a berry infused tea that I
had at this time of the year. I saw as she realized that I was looking at her. Her heart beat picked up and she
turned completely from me to talk to Rin about her upcoming lesson. Thats it! I took the last sip from my own
cup before standing.
If anyone needs me Ill be in the library, I said as my gaze moved over the table. I bowed then turned to leave
the room. If she wanted to speak with me, she knew where to find me. I will not go mad over a ningen female.
= Kagome =
I stayed behind as everyone else got up and left. I sat there sipping some more of the berry tea that I poured for
myself. I liked it. I think they used kousa berries to make the tea, but I wasnt sure. I only tasted it once when I
was younger on a dare. Once you got past the skin it wasnt so bad.
I was about to pour myself another cup when I realize I couldnt drink anymore. I stood up and started to pace
around the room. I was looking out the window when I heard the door open. I turned around to see Inuyasha
looking in. I turned and smiled at him. He came inside and walked across the room.
Kagome, he said.
Inuyasha, I started. Im sorry. There, I said it.
Sorry? he asked me with a questioning look.

Yes, Im sorry. I should have done this before now. I reached my hands out to him and this time he didnt move
away. My fingers picked up the beads, that I hadnt touched since they were placed over his head three years
ago, and I lifted them up and over his head letting his hair slid its way out on its own.
Why? he asked after a moment. Why now? he asked again to clarify his question.
I should have done it since I got back, I told him feeling disappointed with myself. I told mama that you had
fallen in love with someone else and how sure you seemed. She asked me how I took it and if I sueru you when
you told me. I told her that I was sad and that you were kinda nice about it when you told me. I also told her
that I was insulted that she would think that I would osuwari you over that. Then she went into all the times she
had seen me osuwari you and said that it looked like anything would set me off to do that to you. I felt bad
when I remembered. I remember thinking I had good reasons for doing it at the time, but then I didnt think
that they were so good now. I then thought of all the other times that she hadnt seen me osuwari you and I
was surprised that you were even willing to still be my friend. I stopped and wiped away tears that were
running down my face. I knew I was crying, but it wasnt until I couldnt really see him anymore and I had
finished what I had to say to him, did I stop to take care of the tears that now covered my face.
I felt him as he slowly started to hug me before I saw him doing it. I cried out loud as I flung myself onto his
chest before hugging him in return.
Thank you for still being my friend Inuyasha, I cried into his shoulder. As he started to firmly hug me back I felt
like I had to say it again. Im sorry for almost every time I used the beads to osuwari you in the past.
Hey! What times arent you sorry for? he asked me after a moment. I smiled through my tears as he pulled me
back to look into my face.
Oh, the time I saved your life back when Sesshomaru was still trying to kill you, and the first time you changed
into a full demon and started attacking innocent people, I told him.
Fine, he said after a moment. I then squeaked in surprise as he pulled me back into another hug. I closed my
eyes and held on to him knowing that this wont happen again, at least not for a while anyway. He doesnt like
to show this part of himself much.
Thank you for doing this for me Kagome, he said quietly next to my ear.
Youre welcomed, I then told him.
And Im sorry for running away earlier, he added. You just surprised me. I smiled at this knowing he also
hated to apologize. He thought that it was weak to admit to being wrong, when it actually proved the opposite.
Its alright, I told him.
I broke the hug when he started to get fidgety. Well, I started as I stepped back to give him some air. You
were going to see Kouga and Sango practice, I reminded him. At that a grin broke out on his face.
Are you coming? he asked me.
Maybe later, I have some studying I want to get done first, I told him.
You brought your school work? he asked as we started walking to the door.
Of course I did. Im already behind as it is, I told him. I havent even looked at my English textbook since I got
back. I just know that I wont be able to scrape by this time. The look of being trapped that I saw on his face
made me stop from going on. He didnt know about English and he didnt need to care.

Go on and take this, I said as I pressed the necklace into his hand. See ya at dinner if I dont make it to the
dojo. He was already down the hall by the time I finished speaking but I knew he heard me.
I breathed deeply with my eyes closed. The weight that I had all through lunch was now gone. Now I can look at
Sesshomaru guilt free.
I turned in the opposite direction from Inuyasha and walked towards the library, passed it, and headed up the
stairs to my room.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 19

= Sesshomaru =
I had finally started to make some acceptable progress with my papers and responses from other territories,
when I heard a knock on the door. Not caring who it was I said Enter. As I heard the door close it wasnt
Amayas smell that caused me to pause momentarily in the rolling of a scroll.
How should I deal with her? Give her my full attention or continue with my work until she speaks to me? I
decided to continue working. I grabbed a random scroll and opened it not remembering what I was going to do
before she came in.
I looked at it blankly while I tried to remember what I was suppose to be doing when I heard her move closer.
The air shifted next to me with her scent as she moved to my side. As the idea to ask her a question came to
mind I heard a thud and turned to see that she just deposited some books onto the desk before sitting down
in front of them. She now had my full attention.
I looked to her face to find a reason for her current behavior. A noticeable pulse passed through my chest as my
eyes found hers looking back at me. I dont believe that I have seen that look on her face since she tried to get
me into their hut two fortnights ago. Once again that feeling moved over my body causing me to look from her
smiling face back to her books. I just looked at them without asking what they were. Some were quite large
while others seemed extremely thin in comparison.
They are my study books for school, she told me after a moment. I chanced a look back at her now that the
feeling had passed. Her face had also changed. I now saw hope there. Her smile wasnt completely gone, and as
she poked out her tongue to lick her lips, I waited to hear her speak again. I was actually waiting to hear her
speak. There is something I wouldnt have believed of myself two moons ago.
May I stay here and study with you Sesshomaru-sama? she asked me. I found myself being happier than I
expected at hearing this. She was now seeking my company. A stab from my dark mood begged me to ask a
You wish for my company and not that of my brother? I asked her. It sounded petty and harsh, but I will not go
any further with her if she is holding on to anything for Inuyasha. Her eyebrows came together and her head
almost moved in a tilt until she lowered her face. Was I right?
What makes you think that I would rather be with Inuyasha and not with you? she asked me.
Lunch, I answered her.

Lunch? she questioned.

You constantly gazed at him while you avoided looking at me. If your interests have shifted miko, I wish you to
say so now.
My interests have not shifted Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she raised her eyes to mine again. Once again
her eyes held nothing for me to believe that she wasnt being honest, even if the faint smell of my brother
coming off her made me want to question them.
Clarify, I told her. Once again her head bowed.
I was ashamed of something, and I could not face you, she said after a moment.
Did you wrong someone? Inuyasha? I inquired of her. She just bobbed her head causing more of her hair to
fall off of her shoulders. Had she fixed what she had done?
What did you have to do to right this wrong? I asked her.
I had to remove a spell, she answered. This could be the reason for his smell. I wanted to believe this and she
gave me no reasons not to. I turned back to my scrolls.
You may stay and study, I told her as I once again reached for a scroll that I had no reason too.
Thank you Sesshomaru-sama, she said before shifting in her own seat to face her books again. Soon I heard
her opening them and moving through their pages.
The suns rays moved across the room as we continued in our comfortable silence. Tea was brought twice while
we sat there going about our respected bits of work. I accepted invitations, planed meetings and agreed to one
or two requests for my services that continued to give me the right to keep the name assassin. I know that these
days are coming to an end. Doing the dirty work for others so that my lands would be safe has left very few
enemies in this world.
I looked at Kagome to see how she was now handling her studies. Throughout the afternoon I have seen her go
from intent, to aggravated, to board back to irritated again. As my eyes moved over her features, all I saw was
sleep. When I heard her breathing slow, I thought that she had found something less taxing to read over or
memorize. I must have succeeded in tuning her out, so I could concentrate on what was before me, and missed
the sound of her fingers not turning the pages.
I fully turned in my seat and looked at her as the darkness slowly filled the room. Her hair faded into shadow,
and I watched as it slowly spread from the back of her face forward. When it encroached on her lips, I turned to
light a candle that was next to the table with a flick of my wrist.
= Miroku =
Did it ever hurt? I asked Inuyasha as I watched him standing on the balcony looking at the setting sun.
It did seem to hurt a lot when I was younger, but as each year passed it just hurt less and less, he told me. I
just got use to it I guess, but I still feel the change when the sun sets, he finished.
We both now looked to the horizon as the last rays of sunlight disappeared. I reached out and placed my hand
on his shoulder as I saw him flex his hands as his claws shrunk and disappeared into normal human fingers. He
closed his eyes as his ears sank into his hair that shimmered from ghostly sliver to shiny black. His human ears

poked out on the side of his head as he opened his mouth to breathe deeply revealing a mouth that looked
empty without his fangs.
Inuyasha reached back towards me and pulled my other arm around his waist. I stood behind him and held him
to my thighs, my waist and my chest. I ran the fingers of the hand that was on his shoulder through his hair a
few times before moving it off of his neck. I looked down at his skin and saw the pinkness below it that wasnt
there before. I pressed my lips to it and tasted him. Soft kisses in between a few licks as he intertwined his
fingers with mine.
Ready for a bath? he asked me. I was able to get an hour or so in of sparing against Sango and then Kouga
before Inuyasha and I watched them go after each other. We left a little early to make sure that we werent
there when he changed. Having Kouga know about it, and letting him see him change were two different things.
Sure, I said as I kissed him one last time. As we separated the cool night air chilled my bare chest.
I have something for you, Inuyasha said as I stepped back inside. I looked at him as he pulled his hand from
inside his clothes. At first the black beads didnt mean anything to me. Then I saw the other curved light gray
ones. The thought that he had somehow gotten me a necklace to match his own was quickly burned as I looked
up at his neck. His was gone. These had to be the same beads. She had taken them off.
Inuyasha, I breathed as I came closer. I reached out and touched them thinking, What am I suppose to do with
them? What do you want me to do with them? I asked as I took them from his hand remembering how warm
they felt against his skin.
I dont care what you do with them. I dont want them anymore, he said as he turned around and started to
strip. I looked at him as his hair brushed over more and more of his reviled skin.
What would happen to me if I wore them? I asked him as I looked back down at the beads that I still held in
my hand.
Why would you want to wear it? he asked as he turned around to face me.
I dont really, I answered him. I was just wondering if anything would. As the words left my mouth I felt like I
wanted to keep them close, for when we werent together like this. I looked up from the beads and into
Inuyasha's new darker eyes and reached for him. I hugged and kissed him and he held on to me for all of it.
Thank you Inuyasha, I told him before I kissed him again.
Its not much of gift, but youre welcomed, he said smiling at me.
Its not for the beads, but for asking Kagome to take them off, I told him as I smiled over his misunderstanding.
I didnt ask her, he told me. His arms were lightly resting on my hips as he looked into my face.
You didnt ask her? She just took them off herself? I queried him.
Yes, he answered. It seems that is what she wanted to talk to me about. She said that she was suppose to
have taken them off since she came back a month ago, he finished.
A month? I asked him. She forgot about it for a month? I stared wide eyed at him as he left my embrace and
started walking towards the bath.
If you dont hurry you wont have time to wash my hair and enjoy it, Inuyasha said as he fully turned his back
on me, letting me watch his pink and creamy backside, as he moved away. His hair only made it as far as the

small of his back, leaving me with and unhidden view of something I wasnt sure he trying to show off, but then,
he did know it was one of my weaknesses. I looked at the beads once more before I threw them over to where
my robes laid and started to pull at my obi as I walked after him.
By the time I saw him again he was wet and leaning back against the tub looking at the doorway and me. I was
already naked and had a wicked thought moving through my head. I smiled as I stepped into the water and
moved in his direction. My pulse quickened when I saw myself telling him what that thought was. He raised his
hand out of the water as I came closer.
He pressed it against my belly and slid his hand higher up my chest the closer I got to him. I sucked on his lips
before taking his mouth roughly without having to think about getting nicked by fangs. I held his face in my
hands for a few moments as I slipped my tongue into his mouth before moving them down his body. My hands
moved down his arms, over his strong back and down into the curve right over his ass. I pulled his body against
the length of mine and enjoyed the feel of heated skin on heated skin as we rubbed into each other.
I tasted blood before I remembered him biting my lips. It was just a drop, but he tasted it too from the moan I
heard from him. Even with him being human, he still held on to some of his demon traits. Now would be a good
time to tell him. I thought as I moved to his ear.
Inuyasha, I managed to say before and unexpected moan passed my lips.
Yes Miroku, he answered back a little slowly.
I had a thought. Do you want to hear it? I asked him as I started to lick the edge of his ear. Inuyashas hand
squeezed my penis again before he continued moving up and down the length of it again.
What are you thinking pervert? Inuyasha asked me. I could hear him smiling as he asked.
It occurred to me that you might be aaabbble I grasped the edge of the tub and leaned my head unto
Inuyashas shoulder while a shudder moved through my body as his hand started to move faster.
You call me perverted? AAahh I called out just as I ended my question. I pushed myself more into his hand as
he added his mouth to the torture he was putting me through by nibbling on and around my shoulder and neck.
My mind was only just able to convince me to pay him back in kind since I couldnt truly talk at the moment. I
didnt have to go looking or feeling, as the case may be, for his manhood as it was rubbing quite stiffly against
my leg.
I mimicked what he was doing to me and soon I saw him with his head bent back and gasping for air as his hand
continued to move over me. We both rocked into each others hands as our voices got louder and the sounds
we made became more frequent. Among the sounds and syllables that fell from our lips we started to repeat
each others name.
My eyes snapped opened when I felt Inuyasha push his lips onto mine, I then closed them again as I returned his
kiss fully.
Fuck me, fell from his lips as he ended the kiss. Fuck me now so you can cum in me when I come, he added
around deep breaths. He then turned around and found a seat nearby to kneel on, pushing his ass towards me.
This was an invention and command that I was unable to turn down or disobey.
Yes, I said to this temptation as I started to push my pre-cum covered cock up his ass. I thought I went in too
fast when he became still beneath me.

Inuyasha, I called hoping that I was wrong, but still concerned over my actions. He was tight around me and
made little twitching movements that caused me to feel a little guilty for enjoying it, when I wasnt sure he was.
Inuyasha, I said again before placing a kiss on his back. Are you alright? I asked him. His dark hair moved up
and down with his head as he nodded silently. I moved my hands onto his back, fighting the idea to rock his
body with mine and moved my hands in circles over his back and sides like I did for him before lunch. I felt as his
muscles relaxed under my hands.
Move, I barely heard him breathe. I continued to rub his back enjoy the feeling of him starting to move around
me. The instinctual need to start moving with him was starting to build again when I felt him grasp my hand that
was now over at his hip.
Move, he said louder with a whining undertone.
Yes, I answered him as I gave over to the pull and rocked him with my pelvis a few times before pulling out and
sinking back in. I moaned before he did, but I knew before I moved my hand around to get a hold of his penis
that he was going to come before me. He was so quiet but his body trembled constantly. His manhood was so
stiff and hot, that I barely touched it and it was jumping in the palm of my hand and dripping over my fingers. I
grabbed him and had to hold myself back from coming as he clinched down on me.
I held on tightly to him to keep him from coming also. I wanted this to last a little longer. When his internal fist
loosened around me, I counted to ten before I started moving again. I made long deep strokes that my hand
matched in front of him. When I started to move faster he became very vocal, and I loved it. I leaned over his
back and smelled his hair as his moans made my heart jump and penis twitch.
Faster, I have to go faster. Make him scream my name.
Come, come with me Inuyasha, I moaned as the coiling got tighter in the pit of my belly.
AH! he gasped. Fuck Yes! he shouted. Miiiroookuu, he moaned.
Almost there, almost there, almost there.
AAaaahhhhhhh. he screamed as he fucked into my hand and clamped onto me pulling me with him. I tensed
and jerked as I came in him with my face pressed into his hair at the back of his neck.
haa haahaa I licked my lips. My Inuyasha, I said. I love you, I told him. I didnt hear anything from him
except his heavy breathing. I wrapped my arms around him as I pulled out and just held him that way while he
rested. I didnt need him to tell me anything right now.
Once we had composed ourselves enough to move, I sat up on the floor and pulled him back into between my
legs. I had him dunk down into the water while I reached for something we both agreed to be shampoo. Once
he surfaced and leaned back into place and I started washing his hair.
You were saying something before, Inuyasha said as he swayed with my hands that I moved them over his
Saying something? I half asked myself as I tried to remember.
Yeah, just before I started jerking you off. You said you had an idea about something, he continued. His eyes
were closed and he kept leaning forward into my lap. I constantly pushed him back to get to the rest of his hair
and to wash the front and sides of his scalp. The image of a dark haired Inuyasha kneeling between my legs as
he slowly pushed his way into me came to mind and stayed there.

Miroku, Inuyasha called.

Yes, I answered as it image faded away.
Did we do what you had in mind? he asked me. I looked at his face that displayed a grin showing that he was
amused at something.
Actually, no, I said as I leaned down and kissed his smirking lips.
Later then? he asked as I pulled away from him. I saw his eyes now. As black as his hair but they looked
bottomless as they shone like polished opals.
Yes, later, I told him as I smiled back. Ok, you can wash your hair out now, I told him as I gently pushed him
away. I needed to get going with my own bath.
= Sesshomaru =
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, Amaya said before closing the door. I now turned to the sleeping form of Kagome as I
walked back across the room.
How am I going to do this? I asked myself. It was less than an hour until dinner now, and she was starting to look
comfortable even if her face was pressing on the edge of one of her books. I took my seat next to her again and
continued to think again of how to wake her. Just wake her like you would wake Rin. I told myself. Its not that
hard. I reached out and held her shoulder.
Kagome, I said and waited.
Kagome, I said again as I squeezed her shoulder. She moved a little and mumbled something that meant
nothing before falling back into sleep. I placed my hand on her shoulder once more and shook her a bit harder
this time. I saved my breath for when she was awake.
Sesshomaru, she said as she turned her head in her sleep. Great! I thought. I could just let her sleep. I then
thought. If I didnt know better, I would think that I was making an excuse to hold her again. Charmed as I was
by the possibility of taking her to her room, I didnt have the right to make decisions for her. She wasnt Rin.
Kagome, I said in a louder, firmer voice as I shook here again.
Ha? she asked as she screwed her eyes before opening them a little as she sat up. She rubbed the side of her
face that the book had been pressing into as she looked at me.
Sesshomaru-sama, she finally said. Whats going on? she asked before covering her mouth to hide a yawn
that was easily heard.
Its dinner time, I told her as I stood and waited for her to understand. After a moment she did look like she
was trying to stand but couldnt.
Do you need help? I asked before really thinking it through.
A hand would be nice, she said. So I held out a hand to assist her. Her hand was small and warm and I
continued to hold it after she was clearly standing on her own. I watched as my thumb moved over her fingers
and I felt as she shivered. I eased my hold but I didnt drop her hand. I waited for her to pull away, but she
didnt. I looked at her face and saw her as she came closer, licking her lips as she did.
Do you want any dinner? I asked her as she lowered her head to look at my chest.

I can do something else? she asked in a voice I hadnt heard her use before. I looked at her more closely as she
lifted her hand from mine and pressed it against my chest. I want something else, she said as she looked up at
me. I dont think she can see me. I thought to myself as I saw her half lidded eyes. I gripped her shoulders and
held her from trying to move closer to my person.
Kagome, I said with a sharp shake. I peered into her eyes which she soon blinked a number of times.
Sesshomaru-sama, she said in a louder, stronger voice. She even tried to step back. I released her shoulders
and moved to the door of the library and waited for her to catch up.
Do you know what time it is? I asked her as she walked towards the door.
I can see it's dark, did I miss dinner? she inquired as she looked up at me.
No, but its almost time, I informed her.
Thank you for waking me, she said before walking pass me into the hall. She then stood there looking at me.
Yes, Kagome, I said to her thinking she had something to ask me.
Arent you coming? she asked. I heard the puzzlement in her question. I was planning on staying in the library
until dinner, but in light of my wanted presence, I felt inclined to go with her rather than stay here alone.
As we walked towards her room, we saw the others as they went to the dining room. First, we met the one
named Sango with Kouga. Sango looked worried as she glanced at Kagome while the wolf just smiled and
steered his would-be mate down the stairs. Next we saw the young ones. Shippo was the one leading the duo as
they walked down the hall. His height was noticeable as he pulled Rins hand. They both stopped and looked at
us as we walked by. Rin was then the one to pull Shippo along from the protests I heard after leaving them
I was speared seeing my brother at this moment as she opened the door and walked in, leaving it open. I looked
at her as she walked further into the room, then back to the opened door.
I choose to close the door from the inside, before I found myself sitting in the same seat I sat in when I was here
before. She didnt look back to see if I had moved, or she just knew that I already had. I saw her bringing a jug of
water back from the bath to pour into the washbasin on one of the side tables.
I watched her as she washed her face and brushed her hair. I again let myself gaze at the back of her neck as she
combed her hair. I made my mind wander to other things while she did what she did. I heard her voice as she
said my name back in library. What kind of dream did she place me in? She never finished telling me about her
time. When would I be able to ask her again? I heard some of the questions and answers that passed between
her and wolf earlier today in the dojo, but I saved most of my attention for Inuyasha.
Sesshomaru-sama, I heard Kagome call to me. I looked up to find her standing next to the bed.
Yes, Kagome, I answered her. She took a few steps forward while holding a hairbrush in her clasped hands. She
stood there for a few moments looking at me.
I was wondering what kind of friendship we have, she asked me. I sat there looking at her thinking that this
was the first time I saw her looking like she needed protection. I stood and walked towards her. My arms
extended and she didnt move away. She looked into my face as I came closer to her without moving her eyes
away from mine. She did hesitate as she attempted to hug me in return as I wrapped my arms around her small
body. When she was sure of herself I felt her hold on me tighten and I wrapped my mokomoko around us both.

A friendship that can be more if you want it to be, I told her after drinking in her scent that was starting to
affect my vision.
You are leaving it up to me? she asked after a few moments.
Yes, I answered her. You would have the most to lose if you chose to be my mate, I told her. I surprised her
with my words Im sure, but I also surprised myself. I hadnt thought that far. I had thought about protecting her.
I thought about how I wanted to bed her. I thought about her seemingly shifting affections and hated the
jealousy that I felt, but I hadnt thought about mating with her. Did I want to? I asked myself. Im sure it was a
question that she was asking herself also, but her hold on me remained strong and I held onto her also.
= Inuyasha =
Why would he be going into Kagomes room, Miroku asked me as we walked passed it. I know what I saw as I
gave the door another puzzling look.
I dont why, I just know that I saw him, I told Miroku again.
I think that youre nervous about being seen in your human form, and you saw something that wasnt really
there, he said as he held my hand, I almost pulled away since we were outside of Kagomes room, but it felt
nice, so I held his hand in return as we continued walking.
But what if? I asked him.
What if what? Miroku asked.
What if they like each other? I asked as I looked back down the hall.
Then I wouldnt know who to be sorry for, he said as he smiled at me. I almost felt like telling him to take this
seriously, but I couldn't come up with something to be serious about. Sesshomaru wasnt the enemy anymore,
and Kagome and I were no longer in any form of a 'couple', so why should I object?
I dont know either, I said as I thought over his answer. I guess it wouldnt be so bad, I told Miroku. Damn! I
exclaimed as I stopped walking and looked down at my feet.
What? Whats wrong? Miroku asked me with shock and puzzlement in his voice.
I just figured out how this could be bad for me, I told him as I unwilling started to walk again.
How? he asked me.
If they get together, he will be on me to take care of her when she isnt here, and she will let the power go to
her head. I can just see it, I said as I shook my head.
I wont let that happen, he told me. But first lets see if that is even a possibility. They may be down stairs
waiting for us, he added.
Ok, I said as we started down the steps, but I knew they wouldnt be there. Miroku walked in first and as I
entered I saw their seats empty. I looked over at Miroku as he walked to his seat. I forgot about Kouga until I
heard him trying to come up with something. His favorite greeting of mutt-face wouldnt work tonight. It was
quite entertaining to see him speechless for once.
Good night Kouga, I told him with a smirk as I sat down before looking to Miroku again.

What happened to Mutt-face? Kouga finally asked as he continued to look at me. I looked at him sharply to
see if he was about to find something else to say about me. Sango looked up at me and I turned to Kouga. I
wouldnt have minded if she told him, but she seemed set on not saying anything about other peoples secrets.
Im just human, I told him. It happens every month on this night.
This night? he questioned.
The first night of the lunar month moron, I almost shouted back at him. Dont you know what day it is? I
asked him.
Im sorry, but this night doesnt hold any major importance to me like it does for some people, he spat back at
We looked at each other with non-verbal dares being shot back at each other to see who would bite first.
Instead the mode faded as we relaxed back into our seats.
So how long will you be like this? he asked after a moment.
Just tonight until the sun rises, I told him in an off handed manner. I didnt want to stress my words, to point
out how long I would be in this weak form.
And you're completely human? he asked.
Completely, I confirmed. On the upside I dont smell your sorry ass anymore, I said with a grin.
What are they doing? I questioned the room after my comment kept him quiet for a few moments. I turned
and looked at the door, hoping they would walk in now.
Who are you talking about Inuyasha? Sango asked as she pulled her attention away from Kouga. I think I heard
her say something about Sesshomaru. Was she talking to me or to Kouga when she said that? I hate not being
able to hear on these nights.
Yeah, Sesshomaru and Kagome, I told her.
They went to her room. They should be down soon, she said before taking a sip from some of the tea that was
already at the table. I knew I saw them. I reached over and poured my own cup of tea.
You saw them going to her room? Miroku asked Sango. She just shook her head as she swallowed what she
had in her mouth.
We saw them too, Rin said before Shippo backed her up.
We saw them up on the second floor when we were coming for dinner, but they were going the other way, he
Ah ha, Rin agreed.
See, I told you, I aimed at Miroku. At least I got the beads off before this happened, I moaned to myself.
Your beads are gone? Sango asked with surprise as she looked over at me with sharp eyes. Theyre really
gone, she convinced herself.

Will they get mated? Can she even stay in this time? Sango asked Miroku. I half expected her to maybe ask me
those questions since he was my brother, but I wouldnt have been able to give her an answer if she did. Until
he allowed Rin to follow him around, humans werent much higher than bugs to him.
If they get mated, the question would be how? Kouga butted in with. I guess I was off topic now for him.
What do you mean how? I asked since I only knew of one way.
You may not look like mutt-face anymore, but you didnt get smarter did you, he commented as he realized
that he was still capable of insulting me. I rolled my eyes at him.
Just tell me what you mean before they show up, I told him not hiding the impatience.
He doesnt know because I never told him, I heard from behind of me.
Sesshomaru-sama, Rin said to the voice that came from doorway. Damn! I sat back further into my chair.
Kagome was walking in front of Sesshomaru as they walked around the table and towards their seats.
We will speak of this after Rin and Shippo and have left, he stated as he looked around the room. Amaya, he
called, which started the meal for the evening, and ended all current conversation at the table.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 20

= Third Person POV =

The little ones looked bewildered as they eat their meal without fuss, with their eyes darting around the table
looking at everyone now and again. Everyone else looked lost in thought as they now processed the new
information they received.
Miroku thought that he hadnt seen this coming, but he now saw the signs that were there before. It couldnt
have started any further back than when Sesshomaru was injured, but did it start that day?
Sango was even more mystified at the turn of events that started earlier that evening when she saw them on
the stairs together.
Inuyasha was just sinking further into his gloomy mood brought about by his self-predicted solemn future as
Kagomes new brother. Niichan? He thought. I would be her older brother. His mood lightened and he placed
more of his interest into eating his meal. He drew a few looks for his changed mood, but he just grinned and
continued to eat.
Kouga wasnt that surprised since he knew something was going on when he arrived yesterday, but he was
taken back at how fast they had gotten to this point. This point? Did they really know what point they were at
yet? He wanted to say that he knew, but he was a more interested in how they came to like each other. What he
once saw in Kagome, may not have been what had gotten Sesshomaru-samas attention.
Kagome didnt have the mental space to think about the others. The word mate floated around her head,
occasionally bunching off some of those inner walls. Im just seventeen I cant have a husband yet. I have to
finish school. I want to go to college, but what good would that do me here? She chewed on a piece of pork as a
notion hit her. How would all the things in those books help me back here? Could I change history? Could I
change my future time? Could I stay here and do what I tried not to, by keeping my secret in the first place?
Other questions popped up into her head as she filed the first set away for later.
Sesshomaru ate without seeing and swallowed without tasting his dinner. He was sure it was cooked just right,
but his earlier actions and words kept him from noticing. What in all of creation possessed me to tell her that I
wanted to be her mate? He asked himself for the fourth time since he sat down. Now it didnt sound so foreign
to him anymore. He knew the steps, he knew what he was starting, but his thoughts had never gone that far.

This is how it was suppose to end. Wasnt it? Well its one of the ways it could end up. He let his eyes move
across the table. He knew they believed that Kagome and himself were going to be mated, but that wasnt a
stage that both of them had agreed to yet. The shock of his early statement was now melting into the question
of what would happen if she said yes.
= Sesshomaru =
My mind shifted to the dreams that have started to keep me company at night. After seeing her in my bath, any
part of her anatomy that I had misjudged was promptly corrected. Her voice and body kept my mind company
at night and Ive wanted to hold the real thing in my arms when it came time to sleep.
Since she has come here, night time didnt have to be present for me to have those feelings for her. I hadnt
forgotten her smile, but seeing it again was like I had indeed forgotten and the brightness of it seemed as new
as the first day I saw it.
My eyes rested on her as she sat by my side. She ate slowly and her face was possessed with concentration as
her eyes looked for the answers. Answers I wish I already knew.
Food became a task that I didnt want to continue and I placed my chopsticks over the rice bowl. I settled on
drinking tea for the rest of the meal until Rin and Shippo left the room.
= Inuysaha =
As the door closed behind my back, letting us know that they were out of earshot, Sesshomaru called for Amaya
again. We then had to wait as the table was cleaned and cleared before our earlier conversation would be
allowed to continue.
My mood was better now. I had perked up at the idea that I would be Kagomes older brother, but near the end
of the meal I started to believe that it may not save me from all of her demands, but it could make my life not as
bad as I was beginning to believe.
As the door closed behind the last servant, I looked at Sesshomaru and waited some more. Instead of speaking
he sipped his damned tea. I looked at Kouga just to have him look back at me with that cocky smile on his face.
Would someone just tell me what you mean by more than one way to mate? I asked the room in a voice that I
was sure was too loud.
Sesshomaru placed his cup back onto the table and leveled a gaze at me with his cold stare that I hadnt really
seen since before his injury. I swallowed and tried to slow the erratic beating of my weaker heart.
Do not forget your place or who I am Inuyasha, he said in an even tone chipped with danger.
Yes Sesshomaru, I said as I saw him turning on me for a split second. The one bell of danger that was ringing in
my head died down and then disappeared as I saw his expression change. It returned to what I had gotten use
to over the past few days.
I will answer your question, he stated after a moment. There are two ways in which a ningen may mate with
a demon. The ningen may simply declare to be with the demon in front of a gathering that they choose to

witness this, before they receive their mates mark in private. Different demons mark their mates differently, so I
cant say where they will be marked. As inu-demons, we leave our mark on the back of our mates neck, he
paused for another sip. Most demons these days dont bother with the witnesses and just mark there mate,
but that does not happen in this house.
He pinned me with a look that he seemed to share with Miroku. Now I was nervous again. He closed his eyes as
he continued. The other way of mating with a human is to have a turning ceremony after the declaration, but
before the marking. For this a healer, a demon with the gift and exchanging of blood is needed.
Hah? I asked slightly confused. What are they turning into?
Each other, he simply answered.
Each other? I questioned again.
During the turning, the ningen becomes the same kind of demon as their mate and their mates life span is
shortened by a small degree, Sesshomaru stated.
Does that work for half demons? I inquired, not looking at anyone else.
It might, but Im not sure, he said. Speak to Masami-sama if you wish to know more.
Does she still live in the same house in the village? I asked him.
She does, he informed me.
I remember her. She was a mix of two demons and was now so old she made herself look more human than
demon. That was unless you got her mad. Then you would see each half of her warring to break free of her
current shape to punish you for your actions against her, but that was a rare occasion for two reasons. Firstly she
had learned to keep her more violent emotions under control. Im sure that she was asked to show Sesshomaru
how to keep his emotions under control when he was growing up and did too good a job. Secondly, no one
dared to offend her to find out how tight her control was.
Sesshomaru-sama, have you and Kagome decided to be mated? That bold question came from Kouga. He
must be feeling lucky today.
That question has not been asked, Sesshomaru told him. I looked at Kouga and he accepted it like it was the
answer he expected.
So thats it? I asked.
That is it, Sesshomaru confirmed.
Then Im going for a walk then, I said as I stood.
Wait, Kagome said as she got to her feet. I have to go home. Tomorrow.
Why are you just saying this? I asked her.

I just forgot okay, she said in a louder tone. I need someone to go with me to the well since its so far away.
She was still looking at me.
Fine I started
Ill take you, came from Sesshomaru.
Hah? I asked.
I will take her. Im faster, he stated. He wasnt giving me room to argue. Should I thank him?
Thanks? came from between my lips. He raised an eyebrow then stood. He bowed as expected then left the
= Kagome =
Sesshomaru is going to take me to the well? Wait! I looked up but he was already gone. I looked to my friends.
They stared at me as if I didnt look like myself. I placed a hand on my head and smoothed down my hair to
make sure nothing was sticking up.
I think that Im just going to go ask Sesshomaru-sama about what time we will be leaving tomorrow. Im not
sure how long I will be gone, maybe another week, I said as I stood up. My eyes darted between my friends and
the door that would let me follow Sesshomaru. They had questions to ask me and I had far less answers than I
was comfortable with. So have a good night guys. Ill catch you in the morning. I tried to make a break for the
door, but someone stopped me. I looked back at my hand that I couldnt move to see who was holding it. My
eyes meet Sangos face.
You and Sesshomaru are to be mated? she asked as she released my arm. My mouth did an odd quirky
movement as I wished that I had heard him ask me that question.
No, I answered her as I walked backwards towards the door. He didnt ask me. Why was my chest hurting? I
shouldnt be crying. I shouldnt be. Ill see you guys tomorrow ok? I ran from the room before they could see
me crying and I ran past the library and up the stairs to my room.
I looked at my bed, mostly hidden in the darkness of the room, as I sank to the floor with my back against the
door. My shoulders didnt heave. My throat wasnt clogged with sobs but my cheeks still got wet as my eyes
leaked tears. Why was I crying? Why did I feel like I was rejected? I wiped the tears from my face and eyes as I
took deep breaths in. He told me it was up to me. He said it was my choice. I wasnt being passed over again.
The ache in my chest went away, and I didnt feel like I was going to break as I took another breath. He was
waiting for me. Darn! I got up and yanked the door open to run back into the lit hallway and down the stairs to
the library.
I stood outside the room and wiped my face again before touching the door. I reached to open it, but I curled my
fingers in and knocked instead. I heard nothing and wondered if I should knock again. I decided to open the
door instead. As I looked inside I saw him sitting at the table, across the room, in the same spot as this

Sesshomaru-sama, I said as I came inside. Still he said nothing. I closed the door and started to walk towards
Yes, Kagome, he said as he rolled up a scroll and placed it onto the shelf behind the desk.
I was wondering what time you would like to leave tomorrow so I could be ready, I told him.
After breakfast, he responded. He didnt look at me. He was looking at something else on the desk now. I felt a
pull to touch his silver hair. My fingers needed to feel the strands passing over them at that moment. I almost
couldnt stop myself.
Thank you for taking me, I hope its not too much trouble for you, I told him as I pulled my hands back. Good
night Sesshomaru-sama, I said before turning around and leaving the room. I left the library without hearing
him speak again.
As I walked up the stairs I felt like I didnt do something I was suppose to. I slowed as I climbed higher. There was
a question that wasnt asked, and with it not being asked, does it mean that I dont have to answer it? I want to
tell him yes if he ever asked me that question, but I have so much to do until then. I jogged up the last set of
steps and turned towards my room.
Hes giving me time. That has to be why he didnt ask, but told me it could happen if I wanted it to. I have to
believe that. I told myself as I got closer to my room.
= Sesshomaru =

A Few Minutes Earlier


I wanted to see her face but I couldnt turn around. I heard her breath, I heard her feet as they walked across
the floor, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the rhythm of her heartbeat. As she got closer her smell made me move.
Yes, Kagome, I answered her as I opened my eyes. I continued to pack away what I no longer needed, to see
one of her school books sitting on my letters. The pounding of her heart became stronger and filled my ears.
She then asked when we would be leaving as I placed my hand on the shiny outside of her book. I had picked it
up to read what was on the inside. The outside said it was about history, yet it held nothing of what I had heard,
witnessed or done. I held it for a moment as I thought over why I even brought up the word mate when I spoke
to her earlier. As her smell from the book reached me, I decided to blame it for my questionable behavior if not
my words.
It was like something in me already knew, by smell, that she was suppose to be mine. I know what that meant,
but I had never heard of it happening with a ningen before, but such information was never collected, never
mind shared.
I heard nothing. She asked a question about when we would be leaving and was now just waiting. Her breathing
was very close to me. I could have reached out and touched her if I wanted to.

After breakfast, I told her. We should just get this over with. I need some questions answered and they would
be better handled if she wasnt here. She said my name among other words and left the room. I focused my
eyes to see my hand still on the book; her book. I looked over to where she had fallen asleep that afternoon and
there her other books still sat. She will need to pack these also. I continued to organize my things and prepared
my desk for anything new that would find its way in front of me. I finally stood and looked down to just see her
books. I collected them before outing the candles quickly as I swiftly passed by them while I exited the room.
= Kouga =
Looks like Sesshomaru has called it a night. We should go in too, I suggested to Sango.
I want to stay like this a little longer, she said as she looked from the dark library back up into the sky.
We sat in a swing seat that held us both easily. It was suppose to be covered but Sango wanted to see the stars.
So I pushed the shading back for her so she could see the whole night sky. She was warm against my side as I
rested my cheek on the top of her head as we looked up.
Kouga, what kind of mating did you want to have with me? she asked as she placed her hand over mine.
I hadnt given it much thought, I told her truthfully. When we were ready to mate, I was going to tell you and
let you choose.
My choice aside, which would you like? she asked me. That sounded like a trap my mom would have and
might have already used on me.
Honestly, I like both, I told her. With the turning I thought that you would look cute with a black tail, but then
I thought that I liked you just the way you are now. That is why Im not choosing, you are.
Chicken, she called me.
Yes I am, I answered her back without shame. I straightened my head and looked down at her. Her hair was
blowing over my arm, and her face glowed from any light it could find. May it be from the candle light that came
from the doorway or a few rays of starlight. She was beautiful, and mine. But Im also in love, I told her before
bending to kiss and lick her lips that made me press down unto her causing her breast to flatten into my chest. I
stopped the kiss when I remembered the tale that my mother told me about the stars being our ancestors. Now
is not the time to be thinking of your mother. I told myself as I smiled down at Sango.
I think we should go to bed now, she said as she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.
Okay, I answered, before standing with her.
I held her around the waist as we walked towards the house. I want you to think about coming with me
tomorrow, I told her as we stepped inside.
I already said no, she said.
I know what you said, but Im asking you again. Kagome is going home and you wont have anything to do but
sit and wait for her to come back, I told her.

Fine, Ill think about it, she said as we walked up the stairs. I smiled as we continued walking towards our
room. As we stepped into our chambers, she started to move away from me. I closed the door and pulled her
back by the arm.
Just in case you say no, I told her as I kissed her again. I pulled her body to mine and I felt her shift under her
clothes as she pushed herself closer to me. I began to pull at what she was covered in, but when her smell
spiked and I heard her moan into my mouth, I knew that we werent going to make it to the bed. I felt as she
started to pull at my furs as I lowered her to the floor.
= Inuyasha =
Hhahah hah hahh he moaned as I pushing into him again and again. I looked at him lying below me
twisting beautifully as I gave him what he wanted.
In-u-ya-shaaaa, he moaned and slurred as a jolt hit him from me hitting something in him just right.
Ahhhh I moaned myself as the wave of tingly pleasure passed over Miroku's body and through mine. I
paused just long enough to see if he came. He hadnt and I continued again just slower than the speed I was at
when we stopped.
I leaned further over his body and I felt his fingers as they reached for and gripped my thigh. I heard Miroku
moaning as he started to get louder again and I started to aim for that spot again as I shifted my hips. He arched
and I continued going. The pleasure of him tight and hot around me wasnt as toe curling as when I had my
demon senses, but I found myself able to prolong the pooling feeling I had on the inside. I was going to take him
to somewhere new.
I opened my eyes again and looked at Mirokus face. His skin looked good enough to lick, his eyes were screwed
shut and his breathing was rapid between moans and cries. I watched his chest as the swaying of my darker hair
gave me tunnel vision causing me to see his cock as liquid leaked and dripped from the tip. I licked my lips as I
felt myself getting closer to coming.
My movements were already only half mine, and as I watched the milky white fluid slide down his hot hard skin
to the black nest at the base of his cock, I lost all control of what I wanted to do to him and did what I felt I had
to. My knees pushed themselves further under his hips, pushing him further up onto my lap. My hands held his
sides and I got enough strength to pull him from and to me as I moved myself in and out of his body. He tried to
reach for his cock a few times but he had to put his hand back onto the bed to keep his back up, but soon that
wasnt an issue as he came, pulling me along with him. I felt its heat as it hit my chest and under my jaw. I
huffed and puffed to get my breathing under control as I came back down and I saw Miroku under me again.
Inuyasha, he called to me as he fully pushed himself up from his elbows to his hands to look into my eyes.
Yes? I asked him breathlessly.
That was great, he said smiling back at me before giving me a quick kiss on the lips to fall backwards onto the
bed. That looks like a good position, I told myself as I pulled out of him. I laid down at his side and rolled onto
my back to find what strength I had gained, during our heated coupling, was spent. I dont think I can do that
again, at least not until my next change. I looked over at Miroku as he looked upwards, breathing hard also.

I dont want to move, I heard him say before he turned to look at me.
At least you have a choice, I told him. I dont think that I can move. So I just laid there as I felt him roll over
onto my side and rested his hand over my stomach.
That was what I thought about when we had our bath, but you did it much better than I thought it would be,
he said as I felt him press his lips to shoulder. I didnt know what else he did as my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 21

= Third Person POV =

Do you know what they are? Rin asked Shippo.
Yeah, Shippo answered. Theyre Kagomes books for her school. She reads them to learn stuff for tests.
Oh, Rin commented. So why are they outside her door? she asked him.
I dont know, Shippo answered as they continued to stand over the small stack of books that were arranged on
each on each other neatly outside Kagomes door.
Should we tell her that theyre out here? Rin asked. Shippo breathed out after a moment of thinking about it.
Ill tell her, he said as he turned to knock on her door.
Coming, came from the other side.
Rin, came from behind both children causing them to turn around.
Sesshomaru-sama, good morning, Rin said when she saw him.
Good morning Sesshomaru-sama, Shippo said a moment later.
Why are you here? he asked both children.
We found Kagomes books, Rin told Sesshomaru.
Go down for breakfast, Sesshomaru told them.
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama, she said before turning to leave.
Shippo stood looking at Sesshomaru, before turning to look at Rin as she skipped down the hall. He was slightly
torn with what to do. He had decided to tell Kagome about her books, but now he was being told to leave them.
As Shippo looked up at Sesshomaru some of the healthy fear that he had for the demon lord came back, causing
him to bow and run to quickly catch up with Rin as she started down the stairs.
Almost there, came from the other side of the door this time. Sesshomaru looked up as Kagome opened the
door wearing her blue checkered pajamas.
= Miroku =

Once again, both of them arent here. He may not have asked her to be his mate, but they do like each other it
seems. That thought flowed through my head as I smelled Sangos tea that she had been drinking since Kouga
I looked over at Inuyasha and his hair was pulled back, just for a change he said, after we found a drawer in his
wardrobe that had a large selection of hair ribbons. I hadnt even seen it before because it was hidden above
and inside the top drawer. Inuyasha appeared to have forgotten about it, and showed a great deal of interest in
it when I found it by accident that morning while I tried to help get him dressed. It was hard to put clothes on
him when I wanted to take them off. In the end he chose a black ribbon like mine, but it wasnt as worn out and
much longer. When I pointed that out, he tossed mine out of the widow and gave me a new one. Will the gifts
never end? I asked myself with a smirk as I accepted it.
That morning I had woken up in his arms realizing that he had moved to hold me and had also gotten a blanket
to cover us both. Im sure it was the sunrise that woke him as he changed back. I reached out and touched his
light embodied hair just to remember. As I fell asleep again I remembered his hair from the night before and
realized that it did feel the same, no matter what color it was.
All our heads turned as the door opened and in walked Kagome with Sesshomaru. She seemed to be in better
spirits than the night before. She smiled and said hello to everyone while Sesshomaru just walked to his seat
before bowing to everyone at the table.
No one brought up the topic that was the cause of last nights excitement. Instead we talked about Kagome
going back, about how long she would be gone and some of the actives she would be doing while she was
home. When Kouga said that he wanted to take Sango home with him for a few days while Kagome was gone, it
almost fell into a vote before she agreed to go with him for three days. This time Shippo wouldnt be going with
them. He was going to stay and have studies with Rin.
Sesshomaru was his polite and restrained self throughout the meal. Agreeing and giving his consent here and
there. Once Sango got back from her visit we, as in Inuyasha, Sango, Shippo and I, were going to meet Kagome
back at the hut before continuing our hut for more of the jewel shards.
During our last month of jewel hunting we hadnt come across any sign of Naraku and we hoped that it meant
that he was still weak and recovering from our last encounter, which would give us extra time to get more
shards before he did.
We also planned out when our next meet up with Sesshomaru would be. It was set for two weeks after Kagome
came back, which sounded like it was going to be a week long stay.
When the meal ended, Rin ran with Shippo to meet with one of her teachers. Sango left with Kouga to pack and
Inuyasha along with myself walked out of the room with Sesshomaru and Kagome. I think Inuyasha felt a bit odd
not taking her to the well. He normally did when she wasnt mad at him.
Kagome asked us both if there was anything that we would like for her to bring back. I had no wishes and
Inuyasha didnt make any demands either. She had already asked Rin and Shippo before they had run off for
their lesson, if they wanted something also. Besides the request for more sweets and lollipops to share
between them both, I think Rin asked for something special. Considering it was a request that only Kagome
heard. The little girl had pulled her down and whispered something into her ear. I wondered if I would ever find
out what her request was.
As we neared the front door, I saw Kagomes big yellow bag looking very light. That was always a sure sign of it
being time for her to go home for a while. We paused at the door and stood around awkwardly for a moment
before I reached over and gave her a hug. It was quick and I kept my hands high on her back to make sure that

there werent any misunderstandings for either of the brothers, and stepped back. After looking at me, Inuyasha
mumbled a few words to her, mostly about getting what she needed done, done so when she got back she
wouldnt be moaning about something she forgot. She said that she wouldnt and gave him a hug that he looked
like he was trying hard not to return under the watchful eyes of Sesshomaru.
As she let go of him, Sesshomaru opened the door and walked out, leaving her to catch up. We stood inside the
doorway and watched as she caught up with him. She told him something that I didnt get. I turned to Inuyasha
to ask him, but his ears had flattened against his head. Was it that bad? I wondered or was he just being
considerate? I looked back to see that they had slowed and now stood still outside the gates.
I eased off of the door frame as he raised a hand and placed his arm around her shoulders. He was looking at us
both as a cloud of energy appeared under their feet and they slowly rose into the air and then quickly drifted
away in the direction of the well.
I turned to look at Inuyasha to hear what he would say, but he continued to look at them long after they were
out of my sight.
He was looking at you, I told him when I thought that Sesshomaru was far enough away for me to regain
Inuyashas attention.
He was looking at both of us and you know it, Inuyasha shot back. He turned to look at me before walking
back inside.
Lets go to the dojo and practice, he said as he continued to walk in its direction.
Shouldnt we change first? I asked him as I caught up.
Do we change before we go into a fight? he asked me as we neared the dojo.
No we didnt, but didnt Sesshomaru say we had to dress like that to practice in there? I did not say this out loud
of course.
We fought with my staff and his restored claws in something close to hand to hand combat. My robes were
worse for wear an hour later. I should have at least insisted on changing into one of my older set of robes before
we started.
By the time we sat down for a rest, we had already discarded some of our clothing and I was topless to try and
save some part of my robe. I think I got a slight upper hand when I did that. I believed that he was actually trying
not to cut me. I appreciated it, but a few more scars wouldnt make much difference to me at this point. When
we started again I pressed him harder so he would really fight me. I didnt want him to go easy on me, no one
else will when I had to fight for real.
He finally came after me with a bit more drive after I got him across the face with my staff. His blows were fast
and I had to really think of a way to get around them and get away from being defensive and go on the attack
I spun around him thinking I had a surprise move going when I saw his eyes open wide as I slipped by him, but
when I turned towards him, he was waiting for me. I reached up to block, but he went low, and I felt all five of
his claws as they raked across my stomach.
Inuyasha froze before I did. His triumphant smile turned into shock as pain became acquainted to my body and I
started to fall to my knees. I grasped my staff to keep from falling on the floor and causing myself more pain, but
that wouldnt have happened. Even before I started to sway again, I felt Inuyasha holding on to me, helping me

to stand. He was saying he was sorry and that things were going to be fine, but mostly he said that he was sorry.
I heard him shouting for Amaya as he helped me to walk out of the dojo. I heard Sango ask what happened as
she took my staff from me. Soon Amaya was there asking Inuyasha what he needed. He told her to get anything
they had to help stop the bleeding and medicine for the pain along with ointments for the cuts to heal cleanly. I
think she may have run back to where she came from, for all I knew.
There was something else going on besides some simple cuts. I felt hot and my vision wasnt as clear anymore. I
remember being lead up the stairs. I remember feeling the bed under me. I remember seeing a very young
Sesshomaru over me before nothing.
= Sesshomaru =
The house seemed exactly the same as the last time I saw it thirty or so years ago, but the area around it had
changed a great deal. Only the high bamboo fence kept the other houses from getting any closer to the
structure, while the garden gave a good reason to have the increased foot traffic a reasonable distance away.
The young ningen girl who answered the door said that Masami-sama would see me shortly.
I sat in a well breezed room and waited. I thought of the questions I wanted to ask her and also slightly prepared
myself for any comments she may make concerning why I was asking them.
I heard small feet as they came closer to the room. In slipped the same girl that answered the door as she
carefully balanced a tea tray while entering. As she was arranging the pieces in front of me I heard Masami
Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she entered the room.
Masami-sama, I addressed her. She had earned that title despite not having been born with it. From since I
was a pup she had earned my respect along with some fear.
To what do I owe this visit my lord? she asked as she took the seat opposite of mine. Her eyes traveling over
me in a kind way but with a smile I wasnt pleased in seeing. What could she really see? I heard that your
brother along with his ningen friends and the leader of the Northern Wolf tribe are staying at your home, she
started after I stayed silent a bit too long. Are you here because of one of them? she asked. Did she already
know something? The fact that she asked showed that she had some interest in this already, or she would just
have waited for me to speak.
Partly, I told her. Now I have to use my bother to keep her from thinking about me. Its about the turning in a
mating ceremony. Can it work for half demons? I asked.
Any other creature that dared to say that they knew me would have shown some measure of surprise at me
asking about something, seemingly on my brothers behalf. Masamis eyes just got thinner.
It is possible, she started. She reached out for the pot with white fingers that shone with blue green flecks and
poured us both some tea. Willingly I took mine and watched her over the rim of my cup as she just held hers. I
placed my cup back unto the shiny surface of the table quite emptied. Its a little less traumatic for the ningen
since its not full demons blood they would be receiving. The hanys life will still decrease, but not by much
since it was already shortened by their mixed blood. Now she took a sip of her tea.
How long of a life span would they have? I asked her.
It depends on how old the hany is to begin with, she said looking right at me. If they were to be, lets say the
same age as your brother, and they aged normally. They would have at least three hundred years before they

started to feel old age starting to creep into their bodies, compared to at least one thousand years if the hany
had been a full demon.
Her eyes flickered through a few light and dark shades of their jade green coloring before opening wider. I could
almost say that she looked pleased. Even if I think she believes that she has figured this thing out, I wasnt going
to say it out loud unless she did first.
Is it true that they act like each other after the turning? I asked with the tea cup just out of the reach of my
lips. I had managed to refill it myself while Masamis mind did what it did to understand why I was really there. I
didnt believe for one moment that she completely accepted everything I was telling her.
Yes and no. Some do pick up a few things, while others dont at all. Also, some of the behavioral changes that
one sees after the turning were already there before. They were just not noticed. She visibly paused. How old
is this ningen? I held the cup to my lips even though it was already empty. This was not something I expected.
At least not like this. I have no idea how old the monk was, but she didnt know that my brothers partner is the
monk never mind a male. At least I dont think so.
Seventeen, I answered with Kagomes age as I lowered my cup.
Your brother is interested in one so young? But then he does look that age to them, she said before sipped
some tea. It would have been better if he was with one a few years older, so she would have less trouble with
the turning and the physical mating. Not to mention birthing the pups. They are so fragile when so young, but
like I said, the fact that he is a hany and not a full blooded demon like my lord, would make most of that a bit
easier, she finished.
What would be a better age for a ningen to do this? I asked her. I wasnt happy with this uneasy feeling I was
After their twentieth year would be better, she answered. Three years! I just wanted to be more informed
before continuing, but I cant even continue now. Well, I can continue, but we cant mate for three more years. I
watched her as she poured the tea again and as she sipped from her cup before looking out into the garden. I
wish I had known this before I took Kagome to the well.
We didnt go directly to the well. We first went to that old hut at her request. I wasnt even aware that I still
had my arm around her when we landed until she pointed it out to me as she tried to leave my side. My body
instantly felt the lost of her own, with the heat it possessed, as she moved away. It took a moment before I
was ready to follow her. As I stood there watching her walk ahead of me I spread out my ykai to warn any
lesser demon that I was in the area and that I was not to be trifled with.
I sat down on one of the steps after quite successfully turning down the idea of cleaning the step off with my
mokomoko. There was no way I was going to use it like a scrap of cloth to clean a seat. I looked up into the
clear sky and listened to Kagome as she moved inside the little structure.
When she emerged her yellow bag sounded even emptier than when she left the house. I heard a few small
things moving against each other as she walked down the steps. I also heard something new that sounded
bigger than anything that could fit in her bag but I wasnt sure what it was. As she passed me to stand at the
foot of the steps I saw that it was her riding machine.
She stood there smiling into my face to let me know she was ready. I liked her smile. I stood on the other side
of her two wheeled thing and walked with her as companion, and guard to the well.
Do you want me to bring back something for you? Kagome asked after she saw the well coming into view. I
thought about this briefly. From what I had heard about her time, it was very far removed from my time now.

There was nothingbrown, sweet, sticks.

Rin gave me some sticks with something brown and sweet covering them. I do not remember the name, I
told her. She looked down for a while then lifted her head smiling again.
Pocky, she said. Would you mind another flavor? They have others beside chocolate. That was the brown
stuff on them. They have a green tea one now, and they have coconut flavored and honey, and strawberry.
But I guess you dont know what a strawberry is. She stopped when we were just a foot from the well. I
have some strawberries at home. I can run and get you some so you can see if you like them or not, she said
looking up at me.
I turned and looked at the well. This is how one moves through time. I mused to myself before I picked up her
riding machine and wrapped my other arm around Kagomes small waist before jumping into the well.
Kagome had started to say something when I jumped in, but once the blue void around us appeared with it
specks of light she stopped and eased her hold around my neck.
How did you do that? she asked me as we slowly floated in a downward direction.
Do what? I asked her. You said that to go to your time, you jumped into the well.
Yeah, but no one but Inuyasha has ever been able to go through the well with me, she explained.
Do you know why? I asked her only to have our conversation stopped by the arrival of the bottom of the
well. I looked from side to side to see nothing more than just the inside of a well, a very dry one at that. I
looked up to see if the sky had stayed the same to find myself looking at a roof. I tightened my hold on her
and she in turn wrapped her arms around me as we started to float out. When we emerged I saw steps
leading out of the structure that was now built around the well. I landed on the platform at the top of those
steps in front of a set of double doors.
I lowered Kagome to the ground along with her machine. After a moment of looking into each others face we
pulled our hands back, to let go of each other. It seemed that she was reluctant to let go of me this time
which gave me some small measure of comfort that we shared that same feeling. I then gave her back the
wheeled thing. She blushed as she took it from me and pushed her way through the doors. I stood still as the
fainter smells I had noticed became full blown now that the doors were open. It was like the smell of Kyoto
but increased, compacted and aged. There were other smells here that I didnt know and I didnt wish to find
out where they came from as I tried to stop them from burning their way into my lungs.
I looked for Kagome to find her walking towards a house that wasnt that far away. Further off in the distance,
past the structure that Kagome was walking towards, stood a tree that looked familiar for some reason. There
was a low wooden fence around it, and it was decorated with hanging, folded paper. I looked at it, giving it
time to tell me who it was. Goshinboku. It was the tree that Inuyasha was nailed to for fifty years. Maybe it
had done something else, worthy of it to be honored now.
I looked for Kagome again. Her thing was leaning against the building and she was waiting for me. In an
instant I was at her side resisting the impulse of putting my arm around her waist.
Now I have to warn you, she started as she looked from the door to me. My family doesnt really know you
as a good guy, and they really dont know about our friendship, she told me.
Good they will be intimidated by me. The way it should be. Understood, I told her. I watched as she took a
deep breath, straightened her shoulders and opened the door.
Mama, Im home, she shouted into the house. Grandpa! Sota! Anyone home? Kagome shouted as she

moved further into the house. I looked around and recognized almost nothing. As I closed the door I realized
that the smell inside was better than what was out there. I then stood there, waiting for her to come back. It
hadnt sounded like she want far, and she was back rather quickly.
I guess no one is home yet, although grandpa should be here, Kagome said as she walked towards some
doors. Well here are the strawberries, she said as she pulled one of the doors open, allowing cold air to
enter the room. She picked out a green small basket with roundish red things in it and closed it again. She
placed them in front of me and I looked at them, before looking at her again.
These are strawberries. Theyre fruits, she said as she picked up one by its green stem and ate the red part. I
picked up one also, not being surprised that it was also cold and sniffed it. It wasnt unpleasant and I dared to
taste it when I saw Kagome taking another.
It was slightly tart at first, but the sweetness of the fruit took over before the taste settled into something
clean and refreshing. It wasnt bad. I finished it and placed the now useless stem next to the ones Kagome
had in front of her.
Did you like it? she asked with her eyes sparkling. I almost smiled.
It was good, I told her. Her expression didnt change, like she knew I would like it.
So I can get that kind also? she asked as she took one more from the basket before putting them back
behind the cold doors.
You may, I told her, thinking that if I didnt like them I could give them to Rin. She walks over to other doors
that were higher and different in color and size than the cold ones. I saw boxes and other things before she
moved to another as she looked for something.
Here we go, she said as she pulled out something and closing that door. Kagome stood before me again and
pushed what she had found across the high table at me. At first I just saw its shiny wrapping, but then I saw
what was on the inside. It was the sticks covered in the brown color I knew of.
I know that its just a small travel pack, but I would like you to accept it as a thank you for bringing me home
today, she said as she blushed, while smiling at me. I reached out and placed a hand on hers causing her to
turn another shade of red.
I thought of you as the girl with the apple blush, but your temperament is more of that of a strawberry, I
told her as I leaned closer. May I taste you? I asked just before we touched. Everything that I was feeling for
Kagome since I placed my arms around her body that morning, possessiveness, happiness, need, want, and
protectiveness had built up in me and I needed to kiss her in some fashion as the want for her touch came
back to fill me again. I felt her free hand as it held the side of my face as we kissed. It wasnt as innocent as
the one she gave me before. I pressed the kiss and felt her moan into my mouth from being surprised. I really
didnt want to stop, but this wasnt the time or the place to go further with one who hasnt done this before
never mind with a demon.
I pulled back until our lips barely touched, then pulled back some more until I could clearly see her whole
face. I leaned on the surface between us, and reached out with my free hand to move a few strands of her
hair behind her ear. I really couldnt stop from touching her now that Ive started.
Her breathing changed with the increase of her heart beats when my fingers started to trace her ear. So much
lighter than the other ears Ive touched. The rounded shape at the top let my fingers slide down the back
easily. I saw the faint shadow of my fingers as they moved behind her earlobe

Someone was coming. I pulled completely away from Kagome and turned to look at the doorway that I heard
the footsteps coming from.
Just put them on the counter Sota, a female voice said as I heard more footsteps. A young ningen boy
walking into the room we occupied caring some things that looked like bags and stopped when he saw me.
Cool, he said after a moment of standing there and staring, to continue to stand there and stare.
Ah, Sota. Go into the kitchen. Why are you standing there? I could now see the female who was speaking.
She was taller than Kagome, but with much shorter hair and she was also carrying a bag like the boy.
Mama, let me help you with that, Kagome said as she moved towards them. As the woman looked up and
saw me standing in what I believed to be her home, she stood still as Kagome took what she was holding and
pushed the boy further into the room. This had to be her family. I thought. I bowed slightly, not taking my
eyes off them.
Ahm, everyone, this is Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome said as she placed what she was holding down and stood
next to me. I curved my fingers into the palm of my hand that was next to her, to keep myself from holding
her shoulder in front of them. To show that she was mine was an instinct that was hard to fight with, but I did
it and it didnt help that they showed up when they did. The temptation of her lips was still there.
Inuyashas brother? the boy named Sota asked, pulling me from the thought of brushing her lower back so I
could touch her without being seen.
Yes. Half brother, I answered him automatically as I fought against myself. There will be better times for
that. I told myself.
Wicked Cool, he said this time. From the smile on his face I decided to believe that it was something good.
He even moved further into the room and placed what he had on the raised surface along with what Kagome
had there.
I didnt have anything to small talk about with these people, was a thought I had as they came closer. I turned
to look at Kagome. She had moved and was now unpacking what the woman and boy had brought.
I will see you in three weeks time, I told her. I turned to leave when I felt like I had snagged myself on
something. I looked back to see her holding onto my sleeve.
You forgot this, she said as she released me from her hold and presented me with the packet of brown
sticks from earlier.
I took them and nodded my gratitude before stepping from the house. In a moment I was at the well again
and jumping in. The blue darkness came back with its own version of the stars. When I landed the walls
looked moist. I looked up and saw the sky as I rose from inside the well. I didnt descend but climbed higher
as I now made my way to Masamis house.
I heard the knock at the door, but I didnt turn to acknowledge it.
Come in, Masami said. In walked the same girl.
Masami-sama, she started. She stopped to look at me before continuing. A messenger from Sesshomarusamas house was just here. Someone is injured and needs your help, she finished.
Masami speared me a glance as I looked at the girl.

What did they say about the injury? she asked as she stood and started to leave the room. As she got to the
doorway she stopped and turned to look at me.
At your leave Sesshomaru-sama, she said. Will you be going ahead of me my lord? she then asked.
Yes, I told her as I stood, thinking of Rin. I bowed and left through the open doors leading into the garden. It
wasnt long before I could see my home coming into view as I continued to fly towards it.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 22

= Inuyasha =
Im sorry, I repeated as I sat next to our bed. Masami-sama had already seen him and tended to his wound. He
was slightly groggy from some medicine that she gave him for the pain and another one just in case there was
still something there to cause an infection she told me.
I told you to stop staying that, Miroku told me once more. He reached out his hand and held one of mine. Im
the one who provoked you. Im the one who should be sorry, he said smiling weakly at me.
This isnt funny. I could have killed you today, I told him in a voice that I knew was too loud. I felt the tears in
the back of my eyes once more and I fought them back again.
Im rather proud of that myself, Miroku said as his gaze slid upward.
Proud? Proud of what? I asked him to get back his attention.
I helped you to find a new ability, he stated. That should be something to be proud of. Mirokus eyes turned
towards me again. Do you know why? he asked me after a moment.
No. I shook my head. I was going to ask Masami-sama later, I told him.
Go ask her now, I feel like taking a nap, he said slowly as he squeezed my hand. In moments I watched him as
he fell asleep. I lifted his hand and kissed it before placing it at his side. I then left our room to find Masamisama.
I found her with Sesshomaru in the greeting room. When I sat down she asked me if I wanted any tea. I told her
no and quickly got to the reason for why I came looking for her instead of staying next to Miroku.
Why did my claws do that to him? I asked her. She looked at me for a moment before she drank some of her
tea. Again with the damn tea!
Sesshomaru-sama and I have been talking to understand this also. We have a few reasons why, but with your
mother already being dead, we can only guess, Masami-sama said. My mother?
What does my mother have to do with this? I asked her.

Your body is behaving as if it was more demon than ningen. You may be eighty-six years old, but your body
thinks that its only thirty-six and for a normal demon you would be getting more of your abilities around this
time. She paused to look at me. Sesshomaru-sama said that you had moments when your demon half took
over your human side and you attacked others without knowing. Has that happened recently? she asked me.
No, it hasnt, I said shaking my head. What has that got to do with this? I asked Masami-sama, feeling that
she was getting off topic.
I think that your mother may have had some demon blood in her, Masami said. She could have been the
great granddaughter of a demon who mated with a ningen one hundred years ago.
I sat there looking at the two of them. Sesshomaru looked at me for a moment before looking out one of the
windows. Ok, I understand what they are say, but what does that really mean for me?
Why does my body think that Im only thirty-six years old? I asked her.
When that miko nailed you to the tree with the arrow, you were frozen in time. Everything about you stopped.
You didnt know about time passing you by on the outside, and time itself didnt age you in anyway. Since your
release your body has started to age again and it continued from the moment before you were stuck to the
tree, she ended.
So how is this related to when my demon blood took over my body? I asked not really getting the connection.
It could have been that your demon side was trying to come out more and it had to fight with your ningen
blood that had been bred into you over the generations. I dont think that it will be that bad of a transformation
from now on if it happens at all. In time you might be able to call that side of you forward at will and be in
control, Masami-sama said before looking at the cup in her hand. She moved it around in a thoughtful way
before looking at me again. What I dont understand is why your claws are becoming poisonous now. There
should have been some signs that you were able to do this around the time your demon blood took over if not
too long after. Since Im sure that it was a sign of the rest of your demon abilities coming to the surface.
She placed her cup down and looked at me as she held her hands in her lap. I sat a little further back in my chair
when I saw Sesshomaru starting to do that same. I hung my head a little lower. What were they looking at? I
tried to hide even though I knew I could not.
Do not hang your head, Sesshomaru told me, so I squared my shoulders to look up, and past them. Older
brothers, even when you hate them, you felt like you have to obey them at times. Too many things were
happening for me to start picking a fight now, I told myself as I exhaled and looked back at Masami-sama.
I see and sense nothing but a healthy hanyou sitting before me, she said as her eyes crinkled around the edges
making her eyes shine brighter. She started to think of something else as she looked past my shoulder to a point
on the wall. Sesshomaru seemed to have lost his interest in me and looked at Masami-sama instead.
Were you under a spell of some kind until recently? she asked as she now looked at me again.
Yes, he had been, Sesshomaru told her before I could say anything. Masami-samas gaze didnt leave me when
she heard this.

What kind of spell? she then asked. Now Sesshomaru looked at me. Guess he doesnt know that part.
I wore something called the "Beads of Subjugation". Ive worn them almost since the time I was released from
the tree until a day ago, I told her and informed Sesshomaru.
Why were you wearing those beads? Sesshomaru asked me. And who placed them on you?
An old miko named Kaede put the beads on me when I was trying to get the Jewel of Four Souls from Kagome.
Kagome then used their power to keep me from attacking her. Kaede made them work that way, and no one but
Kagome could have taken them off of me. Not even Kaede, I ended.
Masami-sama looked at me while nodding her head. She seemed to have found an answer to all her whys. I saw
Sesshomaru looking out the window, and I once again didnt have a clue what he was thinking.
But that shouldnt have stopped me, I told her. It didnt stop my demon blood from taking me over like that,
why would it stop anything else? I asked Masami-sama.
When your demon blood tried to take over, it must have also been fighting with the beads and that is why it
was so traumatic. As for your claws today, they became like that only after the beads were removed so it seems
that changes are now being allowed, she said.
Now what? Will anything else happen to me? I asked Masami.
I dont know, probably not, she said before standing. A demon could take anywhere from one year to four
years to receive all their abilities once they have started. But you are not a full blooded demon, so you shouldnt
have many powers, if any. Which is why we believe your mother had some demon blood in her for this to be
possible, she concluded.
I stood, not knowing what else to do.
Thank you, Masami-sama, for your help, I said. Did you leave any pain medicine for Miroku to take later? I
asked her as I decided to spend the rest of the day in my room with him.
Yes. Its the white one next to the bed, she told me. He is to be given three sips, three times a day until he no
longer feels any pain. If he runs out before that time contact me. The green one is to help him sleep at night. He
needs to sleep to help with the healing. He is to receive two sips of that one once a day, once the sun has set.
I bowed to her and nodded to Sesshomaru before leaving the room and heading back upstairs.
= Third Person POV =
Kagome, aim for his head! Inuyasha shouted as he started to run towards Naraku.
Right, she said more to herself more than anyone else. Something dark made its way towards Kagome, but
Inuyasha didnt see it as he was occupied with the new tentacles that Naraku had acquired since the last time
they met. He was finding it easier to battle them off and was considering this an easy fight now that they had
gotten past Narakus not so little demon army. Inuyasha believed that they would be able to get him before they
were on their last set of legs, like most battles with Naraku normally ended for them.

Inuyasha slashed his sword back and forth hacking at limbs as he felt his hair getting soaked with sweat and
sticking to his scalp, face and neck.
Kagome! Where is that arrow?! Inuyasha shouted when he had temporary cut himself a tentacle free path to
One Minute! Kagome shouted back at him as she let the arrow fly at the dark demon creature that was
chasing her. It must have been the last one left, but not for long. The arrow hit its mark and the thing
disintegrate into black dust, that wasnt given time to fall to the ground as a breeze lifted them up to scatter the
black filth. She notched her next arrow into her bow and aimed it at Narakus twisted mind that laid in his skull.
As its white light trail alerted everyone to its presence and target, Kagome notched the next arrow in her bow
and waited for the right moment. Miroku stood guard over Kagura to keep her from interfering in the fight going
on behind him. Miroku watched Kagura with his hand on his beads, ready to release his kazna if she looked like
she was itching for a fight. So far, since she was first cornered and told to stay still with the threat of death by
void, shes done nothing more than look on at the battle playing out in front of her.
Miroku wanted to look and see how it was going, but he wasnt going to turn his back on her. Everyone had their
part to play and he wasnt to going let Inuyasha and the others down. He heard the sparks and blooms, before
the dying fizzles as Shippo did his job of keeping the saimyshs at bay and away from him in case he had to use
his kazna for any reason.
Miroku had been intriguingly surprised when Inuyasha told him of how Sesshomaru had shown Shippo how to
strengthen his fox fire magic, when he was recovering from his accidental wound. Shippo then proceeded to
show off what he had learned on their walk to the hut to meet up with Kagome a few days later. His flames had
increased in size and heat and he could now start more than one at a time. Since then he has been in charge of
starting the campfire when they stopped for the night.
Shippo knew that it was going to be a little different from when he practiced or showed off to his friends, but he
wasnt going to let anyone down no matter how many of them there were. He just had to look and concentrate
on each one of them long enough to get the fire going. Then the flame would take care of the rest, causing them
to fall like the burnt popcorn shells that Inuyasha would throw at him when he wasnt looking.
Sango stiffened her arm as she grabbed a hold of Hiraikotsu as it came back to her while she sat on Kirara who
hovered over everyone. She positioned it behind her back and looked to see which one of his tentacles had
grown back enough to cause a problem for Inuyasha.
When they came up with this plan he didnt have this many of them. It was a good thing that the plan was
made. Everyone knew what to do and no one would be trying to fight someone elses battle along with their
own. Sango knew that she could keep those things a bay. It was nothing more complicated than chopping ugly
vines and nothing more satisfying than seeing them fall from a good cut, she thought to herself. Sango looked at
the arrow that now made its way towards Narakus main body. She watched as it stuck his protective barrier and
cracked it before trying to push through. Sango saw Inuyasha as he followed it at a full on run. He physically
collided with the barrier, wedging Tetsusaiga in, next to Kagomes arrow.
= Sesshomaru =

I sensed the barrier becoming weaker and knew there were just moments left before it had to fall. I hated hiding
like this, but I wanted this ongoing battle with Naroku to come to an end for everyones safety. Surprise was a
weapon we all choose to use.
= Third Person POV =
Everyone was pushed back from the expanded energy of the collapsed barrier. Naroku laid on the ground,
stunned from being in the center of the blast. Kagome lifted her bow and arrow when she saw Inuyasha raise his
arm with Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru grew his claws to an even deadlier point as acid collected and darkened in
their tips.
BACKLASH WAVE! was screamed from Inuyashas lungs as he brought his sword down and aimed his attack at
the demon lying on the ground. A whistling sound was heard as Kagomes next arrow raced towards Narokus
position again, this time colliding and merging with Inuyashas attack before reaching its true target. Narakus
body imploded from the force of the attack before it exploded from the purification effect of the arrows head.
Narakus head was still attached to one of his shoulders and his heart was still beating inside his now visible
ribcage. There was his heart. He had one no matter how black it had become, and they were going to stop it.
Naraku tried to laugh but with most of his lungs missing he was only able to produce an airy bubbling sound as
some blood trickled from his lips that were curled into a smile that no one enjoyed. Parts of him had been
purified and were nowhere to be seen as he called to other parts of himself to start re-building his chest. He had
one failed attempt to levitate up from his bloody spot before he started to crawl towards masses of flesh that
crept under his spell, and in his direction.
A hand reached out and stopped him from getting any closer to what he wanted. Their claws punctured his
skull, breaking bone before disintegrating them. Sesshomaru lifted him for everyone to see as green acid slowly
ate its way from the inside of his head out through his eyes balls that looked around wildly in terror. Sesshomaru
pushed his other hand into his ribcage, crushing Narokus heart in his hand as he folded his poisonous tips into
it, truly turning it black with its impending death.
Naraku did the only thing he could do with half a mind left. His body panicked. Built in preservation without a
plan kicked in, in an attempt to keep him alive long enough to regenerate. Every pore in his remaining body
parts opened and released miasma to weaken, if not kill, who was trying to bring him to his end.
Ah!..aha.. haa Kagura coughed and gasped as she held her chest. No! She thought even as she knew that she
was dying too. She pulled herself around to look at Sesshomaru as he killed the one who was killing her. His eyes
were red, his hair floated on the current and power of his ykai like white mist as he was starting to be
surrounded by the darkness of the miasma. Everyone else moved back from the growing purple cloud that
would bring them their own death. Only her savior stayed to see his job through to the end. Her vision swam in
the tears that the miasma burned from her eyes in an attempt to keep her from seeing the acid scorched bones
of her detested master. She saw the glow of Sesshomarus perfect white image before slipping from this world.
As the cloud started to dissipate Sesshomaru saw that he was just holding fragments of badly discolored bones.
Everyone came back to see what was left of the enemy that had brought all their lives together. Inuyasha kicked

aside most of the body that was left to reveal nine jewel shards lying in a mixed puddle of his brothers acid and
Narakus blood. He lifted them with the help of his fire rat clothing, and wiped them clean before handing them
to Kagome, who allowed him to drop them into her little glass jar.
Ah! What was that? Shippo screamed as he jumped from something that passed by his legs as he stood next
to Inuyasha. Everyone looked around and saw the other pieces of Naroku as they moved and crawled towards
Miroku, is your kazna sealed or not? Inuyasha asked him as he looked in his direction before looking back at
the moving, slithering masses of flesh and limbs at their feet. Everyone backed away as Miroku unwrapped the
beads sealing his hand. He lowered the flap and his heart fell for a moment as he felt the void push against his
body as it tried to suck in what was in front of it.
Miroku aimed it at the bones, he passed it over the disgusting remains of something that should never have
been, along with Kaguras now lifeless body. As her magical fan followed her remains, the winds from his hand
died down until they came to a complete stop. He looked at the back of his hand for a while, waiting to see if it
would start back up again, but it didnt. He moved his other hand careful overly over its palm to find it smooth.
The dull internal pain belonging to that hand, and the void, was gone.
He swallowed before turning it to face him. He believed the hole to be gone, but it was still hard to no longer
heed all the warnings he had for doing that simple action. He looked at his hand, and saw his hand. A solid hand,
with a palm, that showed him a long life line.
They were tired and happy, but not tired from being happy. They all wondered at the way their plans had
changed as they found themselves being the honored guests at a villages celebration dinner. They sat in the
middle of the gathering and watched the villagers as they danced and laughed and drank around them.
They had been on a scouting trip for jewel shards, which lead them to this attacked village. The villagers then
pointed them to where they thought the demon came from. They said that more were there and they had
been gathering for the past week or so. Inuyasha asked why they didnt leave when they saw them. They told
him that the demons, until that day, acted like they never saw the village and simply moved on.
This lead them to believe that either there is one or a number of jewel shards that the demons were trying to
get at, or it was Naraku building another army. The group thought the latter was more possible for the
number of demons they were told about.
In the event that they did found Naraku, they went over a plan that they had slowly been piecing together for
the past month and half, when they all started looking for the jewel shards together. They went over parts of
Narakus attack and came up with a way and a person that was best suited to combat that defense. When
they set out from their camp early the next day they hoped that they were ready.
As they got closer Sesshomaru was the first to detect Naraku. They believed more in their plan when all the
demons in the group concluded that Narakus ykai was weaker than they had ever detected it. Someone
brought up the possibility that he may have been in a barrier and that was why his ykai felt weak, but

Miroku said that he didnt sense one. They wondered why he was so weak as they got closer, but they
couldnt believe that he was still injured from their last battle.
Whatever the reason was for his believed weakened state, they were going to take advantage of it. They
didnt have time to scout once they got close enough. They saw the demon army milling around just beyond
the trees. It was more than they expected and were grateful that they approached down wind. The body of
demons that churned before them was twice the number they received from the villagers.
Guys, I hope youre ready? Inuyasha said to everyone as he stood in front of them looking at what they had
to defeat to reach Naraku.
Yes, Kagome answered.
Ready, Miroku added.
Sango didnt say anything, but they knew she was ready. Kirara knew that it was time for battle also and
flamed into her bigger form.
Im ready, Shippo chimed in after he started a few fires to make sure.
Inuyasha turned and looked at Sesshomaru. They looked at each other for a moment before nodding their
understanding and conveyed luck to each other. Kagome looked over at Sesshomaru and watched as he faded
into the thick cover of the trees to their left. His golden eyes held hers until he disappeared completely. In a
moment she couldnt even sense his ykai from anything else around them.
Kagome bit her lip as she thought of not seeing him before sucking it up and telling herself how silly that was.
Sesshomaru would survive. She had to make sure that she did too, so she recommitted herself to doing her
part in defeating Naraku. She took out an arrow from the quiver on her back and held it in her bow as she
started to step forward with everyone else.
Shippo ran by their table with a few of the boys from the village as the rest of the group watched on.
Sesshomaru sat next to Kagome. Sango sat between her and Miroku with Kirara sleeping in her lap. Miroku sat
to her right with Inuyasha sitting at the other end of the table facing the crowd before them.
Everyone was talking and drinking with each other at the table. Everyone had gotten more use to having
Sesshomaru around and it showed. If anyone saw that Kagomes hand had disappeared under Sesshomarus
sleeve that pooled on the mat between them, they didnt say anything. Sango had a few drinks, but was far
more sober than the two males at the end of the table.
Ah! Inuyasha suddenly yelped causing those close by to see him sitting upright one minute, and glaring at
Miroku the next. He was half under the table and his eyes looked close but he was smiling and his head rolled
slightly to one side.
Inuyasha caught Sesshomarus eyes and stood to say that he would be turning in now and that he would be
taking Miroku since he didnt look like he could eat or drink anymore. As Inuyasha bent to pick up Miroku,
someone came forward to show him to a room that they could sleep in.

Once they were gone a few girls made their way over to Sangos side and started to ask her a lot of questions as
if the boys had been a barrier keeping them at bay. They then asked to pet and hold Kirara once she woke up
from all the chatting around her. The little two tailed cat, stood and got petted by everyone there, giving them
each a turn before she walked away from all the chatter and music to find a quieter place to continue her nap.
No one wanted to get too close to the demon lord, but if they had to pass by his part of the table, they would
bow out of respect, gratitude and fear if they looked at him too long. This left Sesshomaru and Kagome fairly
isolated once Sango drifted off with the girls who wanted her attention.
Kagome watched two young men as they walked over to the group of girls and smiled as one of them started to
talk to Sango. Sesshomaru looked down at Kagome and for a moment felt jealous of not being the one she was
smiling at. He squeezed her hand and waited to see her eyes. She didnt disappoint. Kagomes eyes met his as
she returned the squeeze under the sleeve that continued to hide their connection. Content with seeing a smile
that was his own, he wondered where he was going to be spending the night and turned away to look up at the
The dinner celebration that was being held for them, was outside, in the middle of the village. It was a simple
fare and everyone looked happy. Sesshomaru found himself caring, more than he would like, about ningens and
if they were happy or not. The villages under his rule did not see this as a bad thing however and in the past
months they considered themselves privileged to be graced with his presence and attention.
Are you ready to leave? Kagome asked him. He nodded once and finished his tea as she stood up, letting go of
his hand. She stood for moment and soon the noise died down and everyone looked at her.
We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us, and we are happy knowing that we leave you
in such high spirits. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your night, she said before bowing to everyone present as
they clapped.
Are you sure that you dont want to sleep inside tonight? Sesshomaru asked Kagome as she slipped inside his
sleeping bag after adding some more sticks to their little fire. This started happening after the night Kagome
asked Sesshomaru to stay next to her while she slept. It was during their first jewel hunting trip, a month and a
half ago. They had slowly inched closer each night until it was normal for everyone to see them sleeping with
each other at some point during the night.
The weather was starting to get colder so Sesshomaru brought the sleeping bag that Kagome gave him, to keep
the both of them warm. It was also because of the colder weather that Rin was left behind on this trip.
Kagome wrapped her arms him, bringing herself closer to his beating heart and tucking her head just below his
chin so the smell of him could help her sleep. Sesshomaru closed the sleeping bag even more before moving his
fingers through her hair.
We did it, she said. We finally beat Naraku, she said as she moved her fingers over his back. Sesshomaru
tried to remind himself that holding her was good enough, but he still eased back to kiss her on her forehead.
Yes, hes gone, he replied. Im glad that nothing happened to you, he confessed.

So am I, she told him. I really wanted to see you again.

Sleep, he told her as he gave her a squeeze before once again enjoying her closeness.
Yes, Sesshomaru, she told him as she settled a little closer before falling asleep in his arms.


Kazna - wind tunnel (in case you forgot)

Saimysh - Naraku's minion wasps from hell

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 23

= Third Person POV =

The next day just before noon, the rest of the group that stayed in the village for the night met up with
Sesshomaru and Kagome at the last camp they made before they came across the village. Kagome and Sango
prepared lunch by sharing out the food that they had been given by the villagers when they left that day. They
all sat around talking about what they should do now as they ate some smoked fish.
I think we should keep looking for the shards and make the jewel whole again, Kagome said. This was her main
reason for coming back to the feudal era all these years. Now that Naraku was no longer a threat, they could
take their time collecting the pieces without worrying that they would run into him, or any of his plans to get
the jewel shards from them.
Why? I thought we were getting the shards to keep them from Naraku? Inuyasha asked her. The reason he
had first wanted the jewel for was no longer valid and almost forgotten. Sesshomaru showed that he was willing
to be his brother now and he had someone who loved him the way he was. He no longer had any wish to be a
full demon or just a ningen.
To keep others from collecting them, Miroku said. His quest to kill Naraku and to take revenge for his father
and his fathers fathers death had been completed, but he didnt like the idea of another demon thinking that
they could gain that kind of power with the shards and maybe become more of a threat than Naraku was.
Mirokus right. I would feel better leading my new clan if I knew that we weren't going to meet up with
something in possession of one or a number of jewel shards. The birds of paradise and Kagura have brought
them enough bad memories, Sango said. Now that they had defeated Naraku, she could finally start living her
life again. She could mate with Kouga and live with him in her new home, and have a few babies of her own.
Babies or Cubs, she had yet to decide. They would be their own flesh and blood either way. She remembered
how Kouga told her that she would get a tail, but the part about living longer with him was what she liked the
most about the turning. The decision would just be about her. Everything and everyone else would work out
either way Sango believed.
Why do you want to restore the jewel? Sesshomaru asked Kagome.

I broke it in the first place, she started. And I really dont want another Naraku to show up because of
something I did, she said as she hung her head.
I will help you, Sesshomaru said. If anything, he was doing this to protect her. She was going be his mate and
he had to protect her, and if that meant helping her collect jewel shards for a few months or a year or two years,
then so be it.
Are we all going to stay together and look for more shards? Shippo asked the group. It sounded like they were
going to stay together, but on one looked happy to him. He liked how the group was now and wasnt in any
hurry to have it change again. Everyone looked at everyone else.
We dont know yet, Sango said. She loved her friends, but she loved Kouga too. Lets get going, I want to send
a message to Kouga and oksan, she said as she stood up. No one voiced anything against what she said as they
got up also.
They cleared the camp site and made their way back to the brothers home. They didnt see the hut as often as
they use to. They mostly use it as a meeting place for when Kagome came back from her trips home mostly now.
During the trek back Sango, Inuyasha and Miroku would wander away when they made camp for the night.
Sango had to think about what she would do now that Naraku was gone, which was close to what Inuyasha and
Miroku talked about also, but she had the additional worry of what became of her brother. She hadnt come
across him in months. For all she knew Naraku had killed him to get the shard back a long time ago. As the tears
silently ran down her cheeks for him, she reminded herself that she wasnt alone. Kouga was hers and they
would soon become family.
Sango was taking longer in finding answers to her questions since she was doing it alone, but Miroku and
Inuyasha didnt have all their answers either by the time they reached the house. After two days at a steady
walking pace and a full day of flying, they made it there after noon on the fourth day.
Sango went right to the library and wrote up a note for Kouga before she went to her room. She had Amaya wait
for her after she greeted them back so she could get the message sent as soon as possible.
Sesshomaru had walked Kagome to her room and was now having a hard time not going too far as he kissed her
lips and his hands moved across her back holding her close as she kissed him back. He couldnt kiss her when
everyone else was around, but knowing that he might not be able to stop once he got started kept him from
doing anything more than a hug or holding her hand most of the time.
This time their contact was something she started and he had to stop it before he went too far and end up
hurting her. He started to pull her hands from around him, but she sneaked them inside his kimono to hold him
close again and he pulled back in shock as her warm fingertips touched his heated skin.
It was slightly absurd that he was running from bedding the one he was going to mate, but he really didnt want
to hurt her. He had to ask Masami-sama if there was anything that could be done or used so that they could be
together before he took her and regretted it. He stepped closer to her and he held her arms to her side as he
kissed her forehead.

Later, he said as he looked down into her eyes. He then left her room and the house in search of Masamisama. He knew that this time he would have to tell her everything to get the help he needed.
= Kagome =
DARN! I almost shouted out loud once he left the room. I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to keep kissing me. I
wanted more. I walked over to my bed and fell backwards onto it. I looked up at the ceiling and I once again
fantasized that it was the two of us up there.
Then I saw his eyes as they looked a minute ago. Why did he almost look scared? He cant think that he would
hurt me that badly does he? I guess he really thinks that from how he acts when we touch for a long time. When
did I start to care that he wouldnt go further than kissing me? I turned over and crawled onto the bed some
more. I felt the blush as it quickly covered my face as I thought of him holding me in his arms as we kissed. I
squealed into the pillow as my heart started to pound faster.
My mood started to sober up. This cant last three years. I know what he said about being able to wait three
years to be with me, but could he really wait that long and still want me? I started biting my nails then stopped.
It was a bad thing to do that to them. I looked down at the one nail that the comment and after thought were
too late for.
Get off the bed Kagome. You need to take a bath before taking a nap. I pulled myself up and pushed my hair
back and behind both my ears. Ok, I told myself and then proceeded to slide off the bed and walk towards the
= Miroku =
Oohhhh yeeessss I said in my head as my mouth gaped open into the bed below me. I tried to keep my hips still
but they wanted to move. Inuyasha ended up having to hold them in place without any help from me. I missed
feeling this. I loved his tongue when he did this to me.
I grabbed my penis and stoked it as he brought me closer to coming. I was breathing hard as he took his mouth
away from a hole that missed him instantly.
Stop doing that, he said as he pulled my hand away from my aching member.
Why? I asked him slightly short of breath. Im so close to coming, I told him.
If you want to come, ask me to fuck you, he told me as his hand took over for mine as he pressed his face
against the side of my hip. He would now and then move his head to slide his lips and tongue across the back of
my thighs and ass as his hand played with just the head of my cock. His claws sent shivers through me every
time he circled the opening there.
Ahhh, I moaned as his tongue come closer to where I wanted it to be.
If you keep moaning like that, I wont wait for you to ask me, he said.
Aaaahh, I moaned again as I gripped the sheets. He was licking around my entrance again. His hands found
themselves back to holding my hips as my cock wept from the pleasure Inuyasha was sending through me.

Thats it, Inuyasha said as he started to pull my body back against his. I was positioned over his lap and an
upright penis before I was slowly lowered down unto him. It was harder this way, so we went slowly with this
entry. For the last bit of him, he let me fall under my own weight completely onto him.
Aaaaahhhhhh was the slow long moan that flowed from me as I raked and dug my own nails into his thighs
from feeling him fully. It was warm and made me feel whole while erotically setting all my nerves on end.
With my knees folded on the bed I sat over and on him, as he faced the back of my neck from his sitting
position. I was about to lean forward, to hold his legs so I could grip something, when I felt his hands moving
around my body and pulling me back against his chest. He kissed, sucked, and bit my back, my shoulders, my
neck and upper arms as I slightly rocked over him. I was tight around him and I got tighter when I tried to pull
up. So I tilted my hips to have him hit that spot and just rub back and forth over it as he sat still beneath me
raking his claws over my chest, nipples and belly.
AH! I exclaimed in surprised as I snapped my eyes open. One of his hands held and squeezed my penis tightly
before he slowly pulled and slid over it. He was going as slow as I was moving over him. I took it as a hint and
started to move a little faster with a few longer strokes, but I couldnt get very far off of him.
We both moaned and gasped and moaned louder. His hand caught up with how fast I was going and soon went
past it, which left me trying to catch up. I leaned forward unto my palms and pulled us closer to a release. I
knew he was close just before I came in his hand.
AAAHHhh I screamed out as I felt his teeth sink into my back as he came also. I dont think it really hurt, but
it kept my penis from going limp after I came. I felt his tongue as he licked his bite mark to help it heal. The even
passes he made with his tongue were lugging my senses into a very calm place. He pushed me a bit further
forward and went with me as I ended up kneeling on my hands on knees.
After he pulled out I fell forward onto the bed exhausted, and very satisfied. Inuyasha pulled me backwards and
on my side, to lay against his warm chest, stomach and thighs with him. I started to fall asleep with the feel of
his tongue licking my back and neck with one of my hands laced with his.
= Sesshomaru =
I didnt expect to see you so soon Sesshomaru-sama, Masami-sama said as she entered the room. I looked up
and nodded as she came closer.
Masami-sama, I then said.
Is your brother well? she asked me as she sat on the other side of the table.
Yes, he is well, I replied. How do I start this? I asked myself.
Is this concerning that girl we talked about earlier? Masami-sama then asked. I was very tempted to just tell
her yes, but then how would I answer some of the other questions that would need to be answered.
Yes it is, I told her. But first something has to be understood. As I looked at Masami-sama I saw the interest
in her green eyes as she looked back at me. The girl is to be my mate, not Inuyashas, I stated. I made it sound
so certain, but she hasnt given me any clues that it wasnt going to happen.

When I told Kagome about having to wait three years to be mated because she was too young to easily mate
with a full Inu-demon, like myself, she appeared to have accepted it. She only raised her voice when I told her
that I would understand if she didnt want to wait that long with ningen lives being so short.
There is no way in heck Im going to give up a guy I like, who actually likes me back. She told me. I was a bit
surprised by her outburst, but I was even more moved that she said that she liked me. It wasnt as good as
hearing her say that she loved me, but it was something for us to work our way towards.
Masami-sama continued to look at me without saying anything. I waited a moment and still nothing. She was
just waiting.
I have come to find out if there was anything to be done so we could be together until she is old enough to be
coupled with naturally, I told her when I realized that she was waiting for me to speak first.
She has agreed to wait until she is twenty years of age to be mated with you my lord? Masami-sama asked
Yes, I informed her. She looked out the open doors with a thoughtful look in her eyes. I turned to the cup of
tea that I hadnt touched and tasted it while I waited for her answer. I didnt taste anything sweet, just the
inescapable bitterness that my anxiety was producing.
Masami-sama, I said showing my impatience for an answer that wasnt forthcoming fast enough.
Im sorry Sesshomaru-sama, she said as she turned to face me once more. This is something I will have to
work on. For a number of reasons, this isnt a question Ive had to answer before.
I looked at her. I will give you one week to find an answer, I told her as I stood. I looked down at her for a
Yes, Sesshomaru-sama , Masami started to say as she stood. I didnt wait to hear what else she had to say
and quickly left once again through her open doors. I had not gotten the answer I was looking for. Giving her a
week was far longer than I was hoping to hold out for with Kagomes continuous presence at my side.
= Kagome =
Three years? I had to wait three years? He then continued by saying that three years for him was no time at
all, he could wait, but if I didnt feel like waiting I was free to find someone else.
No, I said as I stood up. I was angry that he would even say that. I dont cry over guys just to leave them
when something odd comes up. My life has been odd for almost three years now thanks to that demon
pulling me down and through that old well. I walked over and stood in front of Sesshomaru so I was certain
he could see me.
There is no way in heck Im going to give up a guy I like, who actually likes me back, I told him. His face
wasnt angry, or cold, just blank. I must have surprised him with what I said.
So we wait? he asked a little slowly.

Yes, I smiled up at him. We wait. A kiss would be alright, I told myself as I drifted closer to him. His hands
held my shoulders as he kissed me back.
I slowly opened my eyes to find myself soaking in water. I was in my bath dreaming of the night when he told me
about not able to mate with him for a few years.
My tummy feels funny, I thought as I closed my eyes again. Its been happening more and more when I think of
Sesshomaru, or when Im around him for a long period of time. Its not so bad when I think of him like now, but
it gets worst when we kiss. I hope nothing is wrong with me, was a thought that passed through my mind as my
eyes drifted close and the feeling grew as I saw Sesshomaru kissing me again.
I moved my hand over my belly and it felt nice. I felt his hands as they moved over my back as we kissed, then I
was watching his face as he moved away and the feeling in my tummy went away. I opened my eyes almost
sadly and finished my bath. I put on my pajamas and crawled in between the sheets for a quick nap before
= Third Person POV =
Oh, you dressed up too, Rin said as she stopped for a moment with wide eyes looking at Kagome. She smiled
back at the little girl.
Do I look alright Rin? Kagome asked the little girl as she did a careful turn so Rin could see the whole kimono.
Some light simmered and reflected unto her face as Kagome raised and lowered her arms. Rin nodded as she
looked on, showing that she believed that she looked very pretty indeed.
You should hurry along if you are going to change, Kagome reminded Rin with a smile.
Ok, she answered before walking past Kagome to then run down the hall.
Yuri! Rin called as she rounded a corner hopping her sometime babysitter would be within earshot, so she
could help her get redressed. Rin ran into her room to find Yuri cleaning it as she was once again going to shout
for her.
Yuri, she said. I need your help getting dressed. Everyone dressed up for dinner tonight. Rin was unwrapping
her obi as she walked into the room.
So you want to wear one of your good kimonos too? Yuri asked as she put away the clothes that she just
picked up off of the floor.
Yes, Rin answered.
And what about Shippo? Is he coming back to change also? the servant girl asked her.
No, she answered as she started to pull off the main part of her dress. He wore something new, so hes
happy, she finished.
Oh, Yuri commented. So which one do you want to wear then? she asked her as she opened Rins wardrobe.

I want to wear the yellow one with the blueberries and red birds on it, Rin answered as she stood before Yuri
and her wardrobe ready to be redressed.
= Kagome =
I adjusted the folds and patted my obi, then touched my hair hoping that it was ok. I hadnt worn my hair up
since I went to see the fireworks at the start of the year, and even then mama did it for me. Mama would be so
happy to see me in this and this New Years she will. I just wanted Sesshomaru to see me in it first.
I opened the door and looked in smiling, I felt so happy. Sesshomaru almost smiled back at me. I saw it and I
smiled even wider as I walked into the room.
As Sesshomaru stood looking at me, everyone else turned and looked also as I walked into the room. I had seen
everyone elses new outfit, but I had declined to wear mine when I got it, saying that I wanted to save it for a
really special occasion. I think that this was most definitely a really special occasion.
Inuyasha looked rather good tonight too. His hair shone in a way that I think wasn't possible until I meet
Sesshomaru. One of the servant girls must have taken a long time brushing it to have it shine like that. He wore
an identical outfit of what could be called Sesshomaru signature outfit but with a reversal of colors, swapping
red for white and white for red. While tonight Sesshomaru glowed in yellow and gold with accent white to pick
up on his hair color. Miroku was in something of an alteration of his normal robes. It used the same purple and
black colors that we were use to seeing him in, but it wasnt wrapped or tied the same. I believed it showed off
more of his shape.
Sango almost didnt look like herself dressed in copper, red, and white with blue petals falling in places. Her hair
was very simply done along with her kimono. It was the design of the pattern that was so breathtaking along
with its colors. I wasnt able to see Shippo until I was about to sit down, he also wore something new. It was cut
in the same way as his other clothes but they were newly made and in very different colors. I gave him a smile
as I said good evening to everyone.
When Rin came back shining in her yellow kimono dinner was started. We had a few extra plates tonight which
made the portions a little smaller so we got a taste of everything before filling up. Two kinds of fish, two kinds of
tofu, rice, string beans, pickled eggplant, soup and three other kinds of vegetables dishes. Some fried, some
boiled, something else that might have been pickled also but mixed with some kind of wheat noodle. To wash
down the great meal one jug of sake was brought out along with the berry tea to my delight. We didnt have it
the last time we were here, and Sesshomaru said that the season for the berries would be gone soon when I
brought up that I missed the tea at dinner.
I almost said something when Inuyasha let Shippo stick his finger into his cup of sake, but he then made one of
the loudest gagging sounds that I had ever heard. I was relieved to see that he wasnt really choking, just
surprised by the taste. Everyone laughed as he swore off ever drinking the stuff again. As I looked at
Sesshomaru, I saw laughter in his eyes and his mouth wasnt set in such a hard line. He was having fun too.
I think I had too much sake even though I made sure to mix it with the berry tea before drinking it. I should have
had only one cup of the mixed drink since I never drank sake before. But no, I had to have three cups of it.

Soon I found myself saying goodnight to everyone and giving Shippo and Rin a hug before they left the room. I
looked around and saw that only Sesshomaru and I were left, which was odd. Normally he was the first to leave
after the meal. I stood as I tried to tell myself that I wasnt dizzy and that it would be a good idea to walk around
one of the smaller gardens before going to my room or getting a book to read. I didnt feel like studying tonight.
My skin tingled as I felt Sesshomarus hand cover mine.
Where are you going Kagome, he asked me. I dont think he talked to me throughout the whole meal. I smiled
as I looked down at him
I was going to go and walk around one of the gardens, I told him as I stood there with my hands pressed onto
the table.
I will walk with you, he said as he stood and held my hand as he walked with me towards the door. I tried to go
out first but I bumped into the door frame. I was grateful for the strong hands that stopped me as I bounced
Ouch, that hurt, I said quietly as I rubbed my arm.
Do you still want to go to the garden? he asked after a moment of holding me.
Yes, I told him. I just want to clear my head a bit before going to bed, I finished as he turned me to face him,
placing my back to the open door. I felt his arms as they slowly went around my waist and pulled me closer. I
started to pull him closer also as his face came closer to mine. Both my arms were around his neck and brushing
against his tail as I pulled myself one berry tea breath closer to kissing him, with my feet dangling off the floor,
when I felt movement and then space around me. I touched his lips with mine as I heard a cricket chirp to
another one nearby that answered immediately.
He kissed me back and my body felt like it was slowly catching on fire. It was a little scary, but for some reason I
liked it. I pulled back from Sesshomaru and his lips to look into his face. When he opened his eyes to look at me,
I saw that they werent clear gold anymore. They were like hot honey as he gazed at me.
Can we sit down? I asked him as my lips filled with heat. It took him a moment to move and I soon found
myself sitting on his thighs. My arms were still around his neck when I slide down further into his lap. He must
have sat on a low bench for us to get wedged like this. I couldnt look at him as a blush spread across my face at
being so close to him, but I didnt want to give it up the closeness either. I looked to my left as I tried to make
the blush go away or at least until I felt like I could look at him without fainting. When I felt his hands gliding
over my back and legs that were under my kimono, I lost what little interest I had developed for the garden
around us.
When I heard that you picked this sliver pattern for your kimono I didnt think that it was a good choice, but
seeing you in it and out here, you simply shine, Sesshomaru told me as his face came closer and kissed my
I closed my eyes again as I leaned into him and held his head in my hands. His fangs and teeth grazed my skin a
few times which sent waves of heat through me. Each time my fingers became more and more lost in the sea of
his white hair. His hand at my back moved upward until it touched skin.

I had remembered feeling his eyes on me as I combed my hair when I saw the sketch for this kimono in the
tailor's design book. I knew he found something interesting about me and I believed that it was my neck. So I
picked this one with a low looping neckline. As his fingers slid across my skin, around my throat and along my
neck, I became convinced that I made a good choice.
His other hand helped the fabric over my legs to slide out of place, leaving my left leg mostly open to the cool
night, but his hand was there to keep me warm. There is nothing wrong with touching, I told myself as he kissed
his way up to my jaw and his hand on my thigh held me close. He crushed my breasts to his chest and I felt every
breath we both took. Soon his lips were on mine again and I was trying to give back as much as I wanted to
receive, but it felt so good to just take that I dont think I did that good of a job of kissing back. As I felt myself
sinking into this feeling I wanted to know more and I moaned with need.
When he moved back down to my neck, I took it as a moment to catch my breath but inhaled quickly instead. I
felt his tongue moving down over my right breast.
Sesshomaru, I breathed as bells started to go off in my head. I held on tighter as his wet tongue moved around
a nipple and another moan that I couldnt stop, came out of my mouth as something started to spin around in
my tummy.
Sesshomaru, I said louder. My eyes were wide and looking into the night sky when he stopped. I heard a low
growling sound and I was aware that it was coming from him, but my mind was more concerned with the bells
that were still ringing in my head.
My heart was beating loudly in my ears as I felt his hand moving along my leg before my kimono was laid over it.
The growling slowly went away and I eased the hold I had on his hair and head. I lowered my eyes and looked at
his white hair as he attempted to soothe me. I was already calm, but I thought that it was more for him than it
was for me. He didnt offer me any soft words. His hand just moved down from the hairline at the top of my
neck to where his fingers would meet my collar lower on my back before lifting his hand to do it again. He did
this three times before I felt like looking into his face again.
I slid my hands to the sides of his face and held his cheeks that felt stronger somehow.
Dont look at me, Sesshomaru said with a thick voice.
Why? I asked him in puzzlement.
I dont want you to see, he answered a little clearer.
See what? I asked him as the words formed in my head at the same time.
His frame tensed and I was pulled closer to his body. This time I saw the move. By the time we were standing in
front of my door, I was just recalling seeing the stairs before we went up them. I was closer to eye level with him
now, but he turned his face away from me when I looked in his direction.
Open the door, he told me. I really wanted to see his face and I didnt understand why he wouldnt let me.
Please, he added after a moment. I opened the door and he carried me towards the bed. The room was dark
and I didnt know why. I left some candles burning before I went downstairs. Then I saw the open window with

the curtains flowing on either side and understood. There was one candle that had managed to hold onto its
flame, but it didnt provide any real light for the path he was taking.
He sat me down on the bed with my feet touching the floor. I saw his body as he lowered himself to kneel
before me. I placed my hands palm down onto the bed as I felt his hands. They moved downwards from my
shoulders, following the cleavage of my kimono and pulling them together as he moved closer to my obi. He
only made one small growl before he placed his hand on my waist.
He lowered his head to my lap as his arms went around my waist pulling me closer to him.
I do not want to hurt you Kagome, but your scent tells me to make you mine, he said. I hadnt seen his face as
he knelt in front of me, just his clothed body and shining hair, so I asked him.
Why wont you let me see your face? I asked him as I ran a hand over his hair.
I almost took you. I almost hurt you because I wanted you so badly, he said at first. Then he was quiet for a
while. Did he just realize that I spoke? More of my demon traits are showed when Im aroused and I did not
want to scare you anymore more than you already were, he finally explained. I stopped moving my hand and
laid it on the top of his head.
Can I see your face now? I asked him. I dont know why I was pushing to see his face, but I think I would feel
better if I did and I wanted him to see that I was alright. His movements were very slow compared to how fast I
knew he could move. When he finally looked up into my face, I saw the changes.
His skin was a little paler and the markings on his face were deeper in color or so they appeared. His eyes were
also a different color. This must be what his eyes came to look like, from what I saw before, with the red
bleeding into them, but they were too light for this to be where their change stopped. I saw light red eyes, like
blood mixed with a lot of water, looking back at me. They must have been really dark red earlier when he told
me not to look at him the first time. The shape of his eyes seemed to have also changed, but I cant explain how.
I reached a hand up and slowly cupped one side of his face. He closed his eyes and leaned into it slightly.
Sorry to disappoint you, but you havent scared me in a long time, I told him with half a smile on my face.
Sesshomaru opened his eyes and looked back at me. They were closer to dark yellow now.
You sounded scared in the garden, he told me. For a moment I saw hurt move across his face.
I wasnt scared of you. Just of what I didnt know, I told him. You told me that you could hurt me if we went
to bed together and I dont really believe that you could hurt me, but I dont know how you do it and I didnt
want to you be right. I placed my other hand on the other side of face and brought his head back to my lap. In
case you were right, I didnt want you to be mad at yourself for what happened. That is why I stopped you, I
We were like that for a minute or two while he took in what I told him and I started to brush his hair with my
hand again.
Ive asked Masami-sama for something, so that we could be closer until you are old enough for us to couple
without having to think about it, he started. But she didnt have anything for us. So I gave her a week to find

something. He paused for a moment. You can continue to study in the library, but I wont be able to be there
every night, he said.
I didnt push by asking him why. I pushed a lot when I was younger and it only made things worst or gave me
answers I didnt like.
Ok, I simply answered him. I sat there enjoying his body heat as I thought about a few things. Firstly, I was
going to close the window and light some candles when he left. Also, if I wasnt going to see much of him I
might as well go home. I could spend more than a week at home now. If Masami-sama couldnt find anything
then it wouldnt be such a bad idea to stay longer in my time and less time here so he wouldnt have time to
think that he might hurt me. I didnt like that idea. Not too long ago I was afraid that he would lose interest in
me if we couldnt do anything for three years and now I was ready to run away? I couldnt do that and risk
having him lose interest in me because I wasnt around anymore.
Sesshomaru, how old was Inuyashas mother when she mated with your father? I asked him. I wanted to
know more about her now that we seemed to be in the same boat.
Twenty-six, he answered.
Do you know if she was hurt? I asked. As I said it I thought it was the dumbest question ever. How would he
know such a thing?
I heard the servants talking, he started to say before I could take the question back. They said that she was
sick for days, and that if he had tried to mark her, he might have killed her.
Kill her? I asked in astonishment. I thought that demons mated with humans with few if any problems, I said
and asked at the same time.
Some do, but we arent normal ykai, he said as he lifted his face. His golden eyes searched my face for a
moment. We are Inu-ykai. As far as ykai go we are among the strongest. Whereas lesser ykai could mate
with a human without problems, we would. He looked at my hand that was laying on my lap before standing. I
reached out and held his robe to keep him from leaving.
Im telling you first so you can understand, I started. Im going home for a few weeks after the week you gave
Masami-sama is up. We dont have to fight Naroku anymore, and I want to spend some time with my family. Im
not doing this to get away from you. I waited to hear what he had to say.
Would you stay longer if Masami-sama is able to find something? Sesshomaru asked with his back to me.
I could, I said. They dont expect me back for two more weeks. I just wanted to get a jump start on some
down time from fighting Naroku and catch up with school, my friends, and my family, I told him again. I really
didnt want him to think that I was running away.
Do you want me to take you home? he asked. He did misunderstand. Im going to have to get him to
understand that hes wrong before I leave.

Of course, I told him as I let go of his robe. He turned back around and looked down into my eyes as he
stepped closer. He reached out and tilted my head so he could kiss my forehead. He must think that he had
enough control to touch me again if he dared to kiss me once more tonight.
I love you Sesshomaru, I told him. I dont think that Ive told him before, but I felt like telling him now, and I
knew it was true. He breathed in deeply and exhaled causing the hair around my face to flutter.
I think I love you too Kagome, he said before I felt the movement of air around my body. I opened my eyes and
knew he was no longer in my room. When I looked to the source of the only real light in the room, I saw him in
the doorway looking back at me. He waited for my eyes to find him standing over there before he closed the
door leaving me with the fainter light that came from the rising moon.


Oksan mother (in this chapter we mean Kougas mother)

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 24
= Miroku =
I sat in the dojo and watched a rare sight. Inuyasha was taking a poison controlling class from a snake demon.
He was nowhere close to controlling his newly found ability and currently it wasnt an ability that stayed in his
possession. He would have it off and on in the space of a week then it would be gone from anywhere from a day
to a week. Then it would be the other way around for a while.
My body was starting to bear evidence of the mornings when the ability came back without his knowledge and
surprised us both.
Today was a planned day for the class and the ability came back this morning. If it hadnt then the class would
have had a different lesson plan. He would have been going through exercises on how to bring the ability out
when he wanted it, rather than learning to keep it in so he didnt hurt anyone without wanting to.
I sat with my back against a wall as I thought about meditating now that I had a relatively quiet moment to do it
in. These past few days were starting to feel like the first week Inuyasha and I got together, without all the
awkward moments. On days when Sesshomaru wasnt at home to have breakfast with us, we would eat in our
room when recovering from a long night of making love or just all out sex. To get some fresh air we would walk
or lay about in the gardens which would turn into long kissing moments that would make us go back to our
bedroom before we were caught, when we didnt want to stop. We have only had one sparring match in the last
five days, and that took some convincing on my part for him to say yes when all he could think about was when
he hurt me.
We realized that if he didnt wake up with the ability it wasnt going to show up for the rest of the day. So when
he woke up with normal claws the next day, we had our match. Rin and Shippo watched along with Sango.
Sango left this morning. She wanted to spend time with Kouga and her to-be new clan as much as possible
when she found out that Kagome was going home for a few weeks. She said that she would be back before
Kagome so that we could make a decision about what to do now that we didnt have to worry about Naroku.
Everyone thought that Kouga would be there also; at least I did and said as much as the three of us waited for
Sango as she packed her things upstairs. Kouga told us that he was going to leave the decision up to Sango. He
said that it was something for her to choose on her own and that he would support her no matter what she
decided. She showed up carrying her furoshiki as Kouga finished his last statement. Then to change the mood
that descended on the room, he joked that with the three weeks they would be spending together, they may
have a naming ceremony before a mating one. That earned him a jab from Sango and smiles from the Inuyasha
and me.
I now closed my eyes and tried to meditate after a few moments. First my thoughts wondered to Kagome and

Sesshomaru. I was feeling uneasy at what I was seeing lately. A week ago they were sleeping side by side. Now
he seems to avoid touching her, which didnt appear to stop her from trying to touch him. Once in awhile he
would hold her hand in return, but at times he would leave the room completely.
I asked Inuyasha one night while we were laying in bed, waiting for sleep to come, if he knew why Sesshomaru
looked to be avoiding Kagome at times. He said that he didnt know and that we would just have to wait to find
out what was going on because he wasnt going to ask either one of them what the problem was.
My mind wandered again and I started to think about a visiting ambassador that came from a neighboring land
to speak with Sesshomaru, before we defeated Naroku, along with his daughter who seemed inclined to learn
her fathers business.
She appeared to have had eyes for Inuyasha and it also seemed like she didnt care to hide that fact either. I had
to rescue him on more than one occasion while they stayed here for three days. There was only one time when I
couldnt help Inuyasha and that was when Sesshomaru asked him to take part in the meeting to learn a few
I personally never had the pleasure of telling her that he was mine, but I did hear him tell her. Her only answer
to that was, until he marked me as his own and vice versa, she was going to aim for his affections also. She
added that it was a shame to waste good Inu-ykai blood on a human male. I saw that he wanted to hit her and
I stepped in at that point with an excuse for him not to.
I didnt quite understand what she meant until later that night. She was talking about having kids that carried on
his bloodline. I was upset about it for a few days until Inuyasha saw me almost walk into a tree and talked to me.
He made a rather bad joke at the time, but it cheered me up. He then held my hands as he tried to make two
points. One, Kagome and Sesshomaru were going to have kids so he wasnt killing off the line by being with me
and two, if he really wanted or I really wanted a child to take care of, there were orphans that we passed or left
behind in villages we saved or helped during our travels. One could be our ward like Rin was for Sesshomaru.
Besides, it was better for a monk to adopt a child rather than have one right? This was something that
Inuyasha asked me. His question had some merit until I pointed out that my father and grandfather were both
Enough of this, Im suppose to be meditating. I told myself as I got rid of everything that was crowding my mind.
Eventually it was emptied and there was the darkness. A spark came forth and shone brightly on its own. It rose
and hovered in the void. It grew brighter before growing arms, legs and something to serve as a head. The light
moved out to each fingertip, down to each toe and up to wrap around the inside of the head. A heart was
formed in the impression of a chest. I listened as it began to match the rhythm of my own and soon replaced it. I
felt the energy moving to all parts of me. I slowed my heart, which slowed my breathing, which placed my body
into a state of rest as it continued to be filled with energy and strength.
I thought of nothing. I didnt seek any questions or their answers. I felt and heard sounds as they moved through
me as if I wasnt there. The snake senseis words were just words that reinforced my current state. Inuyashas
irritated low growl was just the current that stimulated the other sounds past me. I heard the walls moving as
the house breathed around me. I felt the energy from those on the other side. Information of them were known
but not noted. Females, servants, one older than the other. They talked, they whispered. One tingled with a
changed aura. Against my wish I noticed the female and then concentrated on them as they stopped walking
but continued to talk.
Are you really ok? You look a little pale today, the older one told the younger one.
Yes, Im fine Kayo, the younger one said in her defense. I just had a long night.

A long night doing what? Im starting not to care for Masami-sama if she is misusing you, Kayo told the
younger girl.
How do you know that she is doing something bad to me? Besides, the girl paused. I asked if I could help her
with this when I learned what she was doing. I heard feet shuffle and the movement of clothes, but they stayed
in the same place.
You asked for this? What did you get yourself into Mai? Kayo sounded worried. She would have been even
more worried if she could sense the weak demon energy coming from her friend. What is she doing? Kayo
asked Mai.
I cant tell you, but it will serve your master, Mai told her. I took that to be the end of their conversation and
waited to hear them move off.
You were the one who got me the job at Masami-samas house, telling her how I picked up on things quickly.
And you stood by me when I told my family who I was in love with, saying that I could have done worst despite
what everyone else said. You yourself have told me that I was a bright girl when I used what I learned from
Masami-sama to help you and your family out as my way of thanking you for taking me in and getting that job.
Why cant you trust my judgment now? The girl had a good argument I thought.
Alright, alright, Ill trust you. But that wont stop me from worrying about you, Kayo told her as I heard them
starting to walk away.
With the human tainted aura gone, I found it easier to once again ignore the world around me as it presented
itself to my mind in bits and pieces and disconnected words. When the light shone equally bright from all parts
of the body it started to grow, and soon it over laid itself onto my form, committing the energy to this body. I
breathed deeply, filling my lungs as I woke the rest of my body from the sleep it was in. I looked ahead as the
rest of me communicated that they were refreshed and that it was a good mediation. I blinked and started to
look around for the Inuyasha and the sensei.
They were moving in opposite directions. Inuyasha was walking towards me while the sensei left the room.
Are you finished? I asked him when he got closer.
Yeah, he said as he sat down next to me and then laid down on the floor. Were you meditating the whole
time? he asked me.
Sorry, I needed to, I told him.
No need to apologize. I just dont know how you can do it. He was bugging me the whole time I was doing it,
telling me to be still, Inuyasha griped. I was being still. I cant help that my ears move when I hear something.
Well I didnt stay completely focused today either. I was pulled out of my meditation by something odd, I
confessed to him.
Odd how? he asked as he pulled himself to be propped up on his elbows.
I believe that a girl with an aura tainted with demon energy visited the house earlier, I explained.
You didnt think she was a treat? Inuyasha asked with a show of interest.
No, she seemed fine, normal even despite her aura. Maybe she just picked it up from working at Masamisamas, I told him.

That can happen from working with a demon healer? Inuyasha asked me as he laid back down.
Well some people do change a bit when they work with a healer that uses spiritual energy to help heal, and if
the healer is a demon I guess it could happen with them too, I said thoughtfully. Ive never met a demon
healer before.
Do you want to? Inuyasha asked me.
Huh? I asked back.
Masami-sama. I was going to see her after Kagome left. If you wouldnt mind, I would like you to come with
me, he finished. He was looking right at me as he said it. I remembered how he use to hide his face a little
when talking to me about something that could be thought of as embarrassing, but not anymore it seems.
Sure Ill go with you, I said smiling back at him. I loved being included in someone elses life, but most
especially his. I looked up at the door as I reached out to lean over him. I love you, I whispered before kissing
him soundly.
Knock, knock.
I pulled away just as I was starting to sink down onto his body. I even tried to move back a bit before he
answered the door, but he held my hand to keep me from moving.
Come in, he said to the door as he released my hand.
Inuyasha-sama, lunch will be ready in an hours time, Amaya said once she was just inside the dojo. Inuyasha
sat up and turned to look at her.
Is Sesshomaru-sama going to be home for lunch today? he asked as my eyes wandered to looking at his back.
No my lord, he said that he would be gone for the whole day. Would you care to have lunch in your room
instead my lord? she asked. Inuyasha flexed his back muscles like he felt an itch and tried to stop it without
using his fingers. I looked away before deciding to stand.
No, well have lunch in the dining room, he told her. But we will be having dinner in our room tonight, he
added as I stood brushing off my robes. I started to walk towards the door when I was finished and smiled at
Amaya as I got closer.
Will that be all, my lord? she asked.
Yes, Amaya, thank you, Inuyasha told her as I drew closer to the door.
Amaya-chan, do you know a girl by the name of Mai? I asked her. She looked a bit puzzled for a moment
before lowering her face.
Yes Miroku-sama, she is a young girl living with one of the women from the kitchen, she answered.
Is it true that she works for Masmai-sama? I then asked her. Im sure Inuyasha was finding this all very
interesting, but I didnt look back to confirm this.
Yes Miroku-sama. Shes been there two summers now, she stated.
Thank you Amaya-chan, I said smiling at her. She looked up before bowing again and backing out of the room.
She closed the door and I waited until I couldnt hear or sense her anymore before locking it and turning to look
at Inuyasha.

The girl with the tainted aura is this Mai? he asked me as I walked back to his side.
Yes, I told him before sitting down.
You forgot to ask the name of the lady she was staying with, he told me.
No, I didnt forget. I already know her name. Its Kayo, I told him.
Why are you even trying to find her? Inuyasha asked me.
Im just curious about something she said, I explained. She said that she was doing something for the master
of the house. I know she doesnt mean you, so like I said. Im just curious, I said before smiling at him. I then
moved in a bit closer, watching as his eyes as they started to darken. Lets talk about something else, I
suggested as I kissed him.
You were planning on talking? he asked me as I kissed my way down to his chest. Mmmm, he moaned as I
circled the first nipple I came to. I pulled it up with my lips and let it go to have it spring back down to his chest
before I caught it again. I felt his hand as it buried itself in my hair to hold my head. This time I used my teeth to
hold him as I pulled up. Slowly I opened my jaws to let him slowly be pulled out and between my teeth.
As I moved across his chest, my other hand moved down his side and into the side opening of his hakama where
I felt for his hardening cock that was trapped under his fundoshi. I helped it out but it stayed inside his hakama
for the first few strokes so I could rub the head of his cock against the material while my fingers moved up and
down its length.
I heard his breathing as he sucked air in and huffed it back out. I felt his chest rise and fall below my chin before I
looked at his face. When I felt him grow again in my hand I let go and I moved my face further down his body as
I let pulled his hakama down enough to truly free him.
My mouth covered him in one hot breath and I felt him hold back from coming. As much as I wanted, I could
never fit all of him in my mouth. I pressed my tongue up to the underside of his penis as I moved my mouth over
what I could. One hand moved up and down the rest of his cock while the other played with his balls. I was
pushing sensations through him to have him come quickly, so we would be on time for lunch. I was enjoying
myself too, but now was not the time for me to prolong this, we just didn t have the time. I pulled up and
sucked on the head of his manhood as my hand moved up and down the long length of him.
I had forgotten how to do most of these things until my relationship with Inuyasha started and now his strong
language, pants and half swallowed cries that accompanied his moans caused me to think of ways to make him
want me more. This caused a nice effect of me wanting him, from him wanting me, and the higher I took it, the
more I needed him also.
I felt his leg start to shake and I circled the tip of my tongue around his head up until I poked it into that sweet
little hole, knowing that what I wanted to taste was going to come out of there soon. I wanted to feel it filling
my mouth and sliding down my throat as I swallowed. I slid my mouth back down covering his cock again. I
moaned with anticipation, knowing that it would send his nerves shaking in lust. Up, down, up, down, up again
to have his hand press me down as he got bigger in my mouth. I pressed my hands to the floor as I sucked and
swallowed as he jerked and came into my mouth. I didnt let a drop fall to stain his hakama as I raised my head
to look down at my lover. I may have just ruined my appetite, but Ill deal with that later.
I slide along his body and held myself up over his heaving chest as I watched him with his eyes closed, a sheen of
sweat on his brow and his ears lazily swinging on the top of his head. His tongue came out of his hot mouth to
wet his lips as his eyes opened. They were still dark. Maybe its a good thing that I wouldnt be eating much, I
told myself. Inuyasha reached his hand up for me and pulled me by my hair down to kiss him. I kissed back with

as much sexual hunger as I felt for him, but I then started to pull back turning it into a reversal of our normal
kisses to have it end as nothing more than the soft pressing of our lips. It wouldnt do to get him worked up now
after all I did to make sure he stayed clean.
I stood first and held my hand out to him. He took it with a smile as he stood in front of me. He sneaked in one
more kiss before I made my way over the buckets of water ahead of him. I first cupped some water with my
hands and swished it around my mouth before taking a rag and wiping my face. Inuyasha soon stood next to me
as he too wiped down his face, then his neck, his shoulders, his arms, his chest and lastly his stomach.
Damn, I might not be able to eat at all, I thought as I felt my heart beat pick back up. I rinsed the rag and placed
it over my face. I thought about swallowing what was in my mouth but I changed my mind and took the rag off
my face to look for the spit bucket. It was under the bench that held the larger buckets of water. I quickly spit
out what was in my mouth before the urge to swallow came back.
I felt him press up at against my back as I stood up. Oh, he radiated heat.
Ready to go? he asked with his mouth very close to my ear.
If you dont touch me until after lunch, Ill love you for the rest of my life, I told him before biting my lower lip.
You will love me anyway, Inuyasha told me before stepping back. But Ill keep my distance for now.
I turned around and looked at him. Cocky.
= Third Person POV =
Dai, are you there? Mai asked a rustling bush. Black eyes in a green face flashed at her as the creature stepped
out into the light provided my Masamis household torches.
Yes, Mai, he said as he got closer. A habi-ykai stood before the girl on legs that merged into a scaled tail
before coming closer. Sorry Im late. I had some extra chores to do for my master before I was allowed to
leave, he told her before they kissed. He pulled her closer enjoying holding her after thinking about her for the
whole day.
Its alright I wasnt waiting long, Mai told him when they pulled part. Lets go, she said with a smile. She held
his hand as they moved towards the house where Masamis shadow now stretched out from the doorway.
Good night Dai, Masami said when they had gotten closer.
Good night Masami-sama, the habi-ykai answered. He still cowered in front of her, but he had gotten better
at not showing it. His master held her in high regard and the fact that she was helping him and Mai humbled
Mai squeezed his hand as Masami turned away from them and walked into the house through one of the back
doors. They followed her inside and down a flight of stairs that lead to her laboratory and other rooms. They
stopped at her laboratory first, where Mai watched as Masami took some of Dais blood. It was a small cut that
always healed a few moments later. The two young ones stood where Masami left them as she mixed some of
his blood with some other elements.
Mai, Masami called.
Yes Masami-sama, Mai answered.
Have you been eating the paste I gave you, like I instructed? Masami asked her as she continued to make what

she wanted with Dais blood.

Yes Masami-sama, she answered her. The red paste that Mai was given, was to be eaten at every meal and
could be mixed with the food she ate, but only after the food was already cooked and not too hot. It was
something to keep her from carrying a child at this time. They had to first receive permission from Dais master
before that could happen which went along with them being able to be mated to each other. Mai had already
received Masamis permission.
Dai looked up and saw a toad on the other side of a small barred window. Its mouth and body looked like he
was croaking but the young male couldnt hear anything. It reminded him that this level of the house was
surrounded by a sound barrier. No sounds could leave and no sounds could enter. Something that was very
handy for someone who wanted quiet when creating medicine.
This way, Masami said as she walked out of the room. Mai and Dai hurried to catch up with her. They stepped
out into the hallway just in time to see her open the door to the last room on their right, two doors down. She
stood waiting for them.
They walked into a room that had a bed which was big enough for three occupants, a table and three chairs, a
scroll log with a brush, ink stone and ink. After they had stepped inside, Masami closed the door. It was more
out of habit than need. Very few were allowed down there, and at night no one should be there unless Masami
brought them herself.
She walked over to the desk and put down a few things that she had brought from the other room. She unrolled
the scroll to find her last entry. She sat and read it over while the others just stood in the room waiting for her.
Masami then moved over to the blank adjoining area in the scroll when she was finished reading and started to
write something.
Mai, what time is it? she asked the ningen girl. Mai let go of Dais hand and walked over to a wall that had a
streak of moonlight on it. On its surface were scratched grooves and labeled lines.
Its eleven and three parts of a whole, Mai informed her master before moving back to Dais side. Masami
wrote this down before setting the bush aside. She stood and walked around the table. She paused to pick up
one of the small bottles she had brought with her.
Drink this, she told the girl as she held it out to her. Mai took it and proceeded to swallow all that the bottle
contained. The taste wasnt any better than the others that she had taken, but it took longer this time for a dull
ache to fill her head. Lets see, Masami said as she got closer. She held the girls face still as she looked into her
brown eyes. They were starting to change color. She turned her face from side to side and then looked at her
neck. Her skin color appeared to stay the same this time. She reached down for her hands and looked at her
palms, and then her nails.
How do you feel, she asked Mai as she turned her hands over to look at the back of them. The hair had
receded enough to make her skin appear a shade lighter where her hair grew. Masami let go of her hands and
moved back to sit behind the table again. She made a few brush strokes, thought about something then made
some more before stopping and looking up at Mai.
Oh, ah, ah, ahm the girl stuttered. Well my belly feels warm like before, but not as hot and it kind of feels like
Im being stretched a little. Nowhere as bad as last time, she finished.
No headache this time? she was asked. Mai shook her head before answering.
No Masami-sama, she said. Its just a dull ache now that I can over look.

Go stand by the wall, Masami told her as she continued to write. Dai watched his love as she walked over and
stood next to another set of markings that went up the wall. He was once again moved by all she was she doing
for him. He knew it would have been easier for her not to go through this and just find another ningen to be
with. He even tried to make her leave him, but nothing he did work. He would either not be able to do what he
planned to push her away, or she wouldnt believe him and show up again in a few days time.
Dai thought that after her family had found out about him, that they would keep her from seeing him and it
would be over. Leaving him to deal with his broken heart over time, but two days later, there she was looking for
him again. As they sat in the shade of a ginkgo tree, she told him how she was now staying with her friend Kayo
and that she approved of him, more or less. He had even been dragged to her new home more than once. Once
he kept his mostly human appearance going, he had a rather nice time.
He watched Mai as she walked back over to him and he could tell that she was taller and stood higher up on his
tail so they could look into each other eyes when she was at his side once again. Masami went back to her log
and wrote some more. They laced their hands together and waited to be told what to do next.
You may begin, Masami finally told them. They had gotten use to Masami being present and didnt hesitate as
they began kissing each other and started to undress. Masami would now and again look up to see if the girls
appearance changed in any way.
Masami was grateful to have found these two to help with her research. Habi-ykai were said to have a larger
penis size the closer they were to their habi form, which caused most of them to learn how to stay in their
human state when bedding a female not of their kind. For a younger habi like Dai, it was almost impossible to
retain his human form at that time. That along with how young Mai was, being a child of only sixteen springs,
made them the perfect pair for this.
There! Her skin flashed green. Whereas before it was always a complete color change of her skins pigment.
With this batch of the formula it is intermittent. Masami noted this along with a side note. Future testing is
needed to see if the color is linked with the demon whose blood was supplied for the formula. With his
loincloth gone, Dais manhood could easily be seen. It was like a snake itself as it moved of its own, seeming free
will, to enter Mai.
The girl clutched the sheets and arched up as she was entered. Masami noted. First penetration always bears
some pain, this is to be expected. Vaginal walls retain no memory or signs from previous occasions due to the
healing properties of the demons blood. Lessening of the pain is expected as with other nights as the testing
of different batches continues.
Dais penis had been previously measured, so now Masami estimated how much was left by the time he had to
stop pushing in. It seemed less was left outside this time. Masami wrote again. Ningens mind may have
become use to, or expected her body to take in more of the ykais length and had built on the formula to
accomplish this. She is less transformed than before, but was able to accommodate more of his size. In the
next sample of the formula I will try it without the recently added herb to see if that is the true cause of this
unexpected development. Masami placed the brush down and left the room.
Dai and Mai continued their sexual act as passion raged through them. Mais back was arched as Dai pumped in
and out of her. Her legs were wrapped around the top part of his tail, and his mouth was sucking on one of her
nipples as his tongue curled around and squeezed her breast. He managed to come before she did, but he kept
going until she pulled him still against her body as she spasmed around and under him sucking his cum further
into her body.
They separated as they fell unto the bed and he looked at her for a moment as her temporary green skin flashed
in place of her naturally pink tinted one. Dai liked how that looked as it moved across her face. He reached out

and pulled her face to his and kissed her lovingly. He felt her starting to shrink in his arms. It wasnt much and a
good deal less than last time, but it was still noticeable.
Dai got up and found the two towels that were meant for them, and they each wrapped themselves in one as
they waiting for Masami to come back with the new formula for them to test.
With scroll in hand, Masami gave Mai the day off. The first stage of the formula was complete. All that was left
now was to find out how much would be needed to have the effects last longer than half an hour. During the
past few days she had learned a bit more than she expected and last night most of the pieces came together for
the puzzle she was given to solve.
More willow bark had to be used to completely take away any symptoms of the dull ache in the ningens head
that came on from the change. Any less of the donors blood, to take away the effect of her skin changing color,
produced the unwanted effect of reducing her ability to heal quickly.
Spit could not be used as a substitute for blood. The effects start to wear off in the middle of intercourse. It was
a wicked way to achieve an orgasm for either participant. Both parties had to stay still while another dose of the
formula was given to the girl. This way they could separate without Mai being pulled apart and dying from
internal bleeding.
That had caused them to push their testing time further into the dawn of the next day than they originally
planned for that night. The two demons could continue their daily work without thought of a missed night of
sleep, but the ningen was ordered to bed by her master and to have the rest of that day off also.
Masami walked back into her home to prepare a letter for her errand boy. She wanted lord Sesshomaru to
receive the message with the start of his day. She wanted some praise for her week long work from her
interesting young lord.
Kiyoshi, Masami called as she entered the house on the way to her sitting room.

Furoshiki Carrying Cloth. That blue and white cloth that Sango walks around with on her back.
Habi-yokai - snake demon

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 25

= Third Person POV =

Good Rin-chan. Now do the kanji for 'tree', Sadahiro Sensei said as she stood behind the young girl. She
continued to stand to make sure that Rin did it in the correct stroke order. Sesshomaru had started her writing
lessons not too long ago and she was still getting use to the feel of the brush between her fingers. Rin adjusted
the wooden handle a few times after dipping it into the ink and once more before making her first stroke across
the block she was now working in.
Three stokes later Rin was smiling down at what she had made, believing that she remembered it correctly.
Correct Rin-chan, Sadahiro Sensei told her as she picked up the page. She looked over the ten kanji that she
had to do from memory and appeared rather impressed.
Knock, Knock.
Come, Sadahiro Sensei said to the door. Amaya opened the door and stepped in as everyone turned to look at
her. She bowed to the room then looked around before bowing again in Kagomes direction.
Sesshomaru-sama wishes to see you in the meeting room, she told a surprised looking Kagome.
Oh, okay, Kagome answered. She closed her book and placed it on her seat as she stood to leave the room.
Sensei and Rin watched her leave the room, and Amaya as she closed the door behind them.
It was a short walk down the hall to the meeting room for Kagome these days, but today it seemed just as long
as the first day she got there. She knew what today was, but that hadnt prepared her for the actual event.
Amaya knocked on the door before letting Kagome in. Kagome walked into the room to see Sesshomaru
standing alongside a very pretty woman whose appearance gave no real clue as to her age.
Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome said to greet Sesshomaru, before turning to look at the silent woman.
Kagome, this is Masami-sama, the healer of this house for the past two generations. After my father paid her
to see his future, she requested to be his healer, Sesshomaru said as he pulled Kagome closer to his side.
= Masami =

Masami-sama, this is Kagome, she is my intended mate, Sesshomaru-sama said as he introduced me to this
ningen. I looked at her more closely than I have felt the need to in centuries and saw almost nothing and the
few glimpses I was shown, werent enough to explain anything.
I felt her walking down the hallway and expected someone that looked a bit more impressive, but she looked
like a ningen female and a young one at that. I already knew from what Sesshomaru-sama said that she was
young and a ningen, but it was a contradiction to what I was feeling from the creature that stood in front of me.
I bowed when she did, then we all sat down around a small table. I saw how he reacted to her, or tried not to
react to her as the case may be. I could almost see him trying not to touch her as she sat inches from his fingers.
Silence hung in the room as they waited for me to talk.
I have good news my lord. I was able to create a formula that will allow both of you to be psychically closer, I
said before producing a bottle slightly larger than the vials I used when conducting my experiments. I placed it
on the table instead of handing it to anyone.
This is not the completed formula. It lacks something, I stated. I will need a few drops of Sesshomaru-samas
blood for this to work. I looked at the two of them as they revealed no signs of shock and only a small measure
of interest from the girl.
For this reason, I will have to insist that you do not use this more than ten times in a month's span, I directed
at the ningen. You are still growing Kagome-sama and we shouldnt tamper with your body too much at this
time, I ended upon seeing some fear enter her eyes. I dont know why, but that pleased me at the moment.
What would it do to me? she asked in a cautious voice.
Your overall size should increase a little, this is to accommodate the enlarging of internal organs and once it
wears off, you will return to yourself as you are now with no signs of what happened, I explained to her.
Sesshomaru-sama was very fair skinned and I didnt feel a need to tell them about the slight skin color change. If
they bring it up as a concern, I will explain it then.
I stood and pulled a dagger out of my pocket along with a small plate like cup.
My lord, your hand please, I asked him as I held out my own. He reached forward and placed his hand palm up
in mine. I proceeded to nick his finger and measure his blood with the aid of the small cup I had laid on the
table. I filled it to the line I had drawn in it and closed the cut with my finger when I had obtained the right
amount. Three seconds later I removed it and the cut was gone.
This is how much of Sesshomaru-samas blood will be needed for this formula and this formula lasts for an
hours time, I told them as I poured his blood into the bottle and shook it. I then held it out to Kagome and
waited for her to take it from me.
Her fingers touched mine and my other hand snapped out to hold her still as her life poured into my mind. I saw
the life of someone else, another ningen female as she grew up, became a priestess and fell in love with
Inuyasha-sama? There was a dark evil behind her that then turned against her for the Jewel Of Four Souls. It
even tried to control Inuyasha-sama to get the jewel for itself, but he was shot with an arrow and was sealed to
the tree. The creatures plan was ruined when the priestess told her sister to burn the jewel with her body as

she laid dying from a curse that was place on her by Tsubaki, a rival miko. This would keep the jewel safe they
There was heat as the body and jewel burned in one grave. Then there was darkness and the cold. Cold that was
deep enough for even a demon to feel and shiver. Light then came back to this vision. Life began all back over
again in a strange new place. The child grew up, happy and well, until her fifteenth summer and the jewel
separated from her flesh and lived in her chest.
She was in the wrong place, it was too soon after the jewel was formed that she walked to the well. The well
that traveled, The Bone Eaters Well, the way in which the demons bones were able to pull her backwards in
time. Time?
I blinked as the walls of Sesshomaru-samas meeting room came back into focus and I felt someone holding my
wrists. I looked to my side to see Sesshomaru-sama holding my hands away from the ningen girl.
I am well Sesshomaru-sama, I said after closing and opening my eyes again. He looked at me intently before
releasing me. Im sorry for my actions Kagome-sama, I said as I bowed to her.
I now understood why I felt what I did. She had power beyond her years and it was the same power that I
sensed when Sesshomaru-sama took me to the tree that Inuyasha-sama had been sealed to for half a century.
He wanted to know if Inuyasha-sama was being hurt, but didnt let me remove it once I told him it was nothing
more than a strong sleeping spell.
Ah. Okay, Kagome looked from me to Sesshomaru-sama then back to myself. Thank you Masami-sama, she
said. She held the bottle to her chest and I wondered how much it meant to her.
Once the blood has been added it will be good for one day and you should shake it before drinking, I told
them. I turned back to the table and picked up the dagger and cup and placed them back into my pocket as I
prepared to leave.
I will be back tomorrow to find out if there were any complications. Providing everything went well, I will have
three new bottles for you. They can keep for months until you add blood to them, I said before bowing.
Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome-sama, I waited until they had bowed before standing upright and leaving the
= Sesshomaru =
I watched her as she sank back down onto her seat after Masami left the room. I was more at a loss now of
what to do than if Masami had said that she couldnt help. I wasnt going to turn into a some sex crazed thing
now that I knew we had a way to sleep with each other, but appearing too happy might give her that
I walked over to the window to think of what my first words to her should be. I looked at her for a moment and
our eyes met. I couldnt pull my eyes from hers as she continued to hold my gaze. After a few moments she
stood and walked in my direction.
Ive never done this before, she said while still holding the bottle to her chest. Her eyes didnt falter much
these days, as they had done in the past and at this moment I saw a bit more backbone in her gaze.

I havent done this either, I confessed to her. A look of disbelief crossed her face. It took a minute for it to
dawn on me how she might have understood it. I reached out for her hand and held it, in place, against her
chest as I explained. I meant with a ningen.
The amount of relief in her face almost made me smile as I thought of holding her. I dont think that she looked
this beautiful before I fell in love with her, but I also knew that she was always this beautiful because I fell in love
with her. I came closer as I moved my face to hers and brushed our lips together before she kissed me.
Tonight then? she asked me as I pulled away. Her eyes once again looked hopeful as she tried to smile up at
me. She was still a little nervous, but that is to be expected. I would have liked to put this off until she was
calmer, but with my blood already added to the formula we only had one day to use it.
Yeah, right. I told myself. Thats some excuse. We could just not take it. Let it go bad or whatever and do this
later. Either when she is more calm, or at a time when it doesnt feel so forced. You can wait.
Tonight will be up to you Kagome. If you really want to, you can tell me later when I stop by your room to say
good night, I told her as both my hands reached for her shoulders. I kissed her upturned forehead. Mmm. Her
smell makes me think of what tonight could hold and her scent of nervousness was almost completely gone.
Ill be going back to keep Rin company during her lessons then. Shes getting good at drawing her kanji,
Kagome told me as she pulled away to turn towards the door. I saw her blushing face and thought that she was
trying to hide that from me. Ill have to remind her that I like seeing her skin turn red like that.
I should come by and see her progress, I told her as I walked her to the door.
You can come now if you dont have anything to do, Kagome suggested while standing in the hallway and
smiling at me. I thought about it, but not for long.
I will come, I stated before closing the door behind of me.
= Third Person POV =
The day moved on with a large amount of normalcy for just about everyone. The servants received no odd
requests, or saw anyone one behaving any odder than expected. Everyone was present and on time for lunch.
Rin and Shippo went to their history lesson that was read to them, like always, before running around and
playing a number of games. Today, one of their games included climbing a tree. Kagome did some studying in
the library with Sesshomaru sitting next to her in a happy silence as he looked over his own papers. Inuyasha
and Miroku spent some time in the dojo before going out into the largest of the gardens, where Inuyasha fell
asleep to Mirokus reading. Miroku chanced a quick kiss before moving away to fall asleep himself in time.
Now it was dinner time and everyone was here again. Dinner was a simple meal of rice and fish with sweet and
sour noodles. Not common, but not odd either. No one complained and Inuyasha along with Shippo had
Rin talked Miroku into attending her writing lesson tomorrow, and then almost in the same breath she told him
not to touch her teacher. She herself had never really seen that side of him. She just recalled all the stories that
Sango, Kagome and Shippo told her of what happened when he was near a pretty woman.

Miroku burned red at that once true acquisition, Inuyasha choked on his noodles and Shippo laughed as he
pointed at him as he coughed up what had gotten stuck in his throat.
Rin, Kagome said in surprise. Why would you say that? she asked.
You said that he does that when he sees a pretty lady and sensei is pretty, Rin answered her.
I said he use to do that. He doesnt do that anymore, Kagome said looking from Rin to Miroku.
Why havent you? she asked the monk.
Hah? Me? Miroku asked an inquiring Kagome with a slight cough. I have my reasons, he answered after a
moment. He avoided looking at Sesshomaru as he moved his gaze around the table. Miroku didnt want to think
of what Sesshomaru-sama was thinking of him at the moment. His eyes stayed a little longer on Inuyasha.
Hopefully he was the only one who picked up on it.
Shippo didnt seem to care that much about the monk and the raised questions. After his little laugh, he was
back to eating his noodles and fish again.
Hum, Kagome murmured before continuing her meal. Inuyasha spoke up saying that he was willing to have a
small training match with Shippo to see if he was picking up anything in his combat classes. This got the young
fox demon to look up from his bowl. He didnt know what to think or feel at first other than surprise. Then
happiness crept in and he smiled back at Inuyasha when he asked what time.
Then Sesshomaru spoke, and it wasnt even the end of the meal. He announced that he wouldnt be there for
breakfast the next day and then when he got back, it would be before lunch to take Kagome home. He then
stated, in his long announcement, that he wouldnt be back for a few days because he had to visit someone,
This caused a few questions to spring into the minds of the older ones at the table. Miroku believed that he was
going to follow Kagome through the well to see her family, but even that had him asking other questions.
Inuyasha wondered if this trip he was taking had something to with their lands, but then he was grateful that he
wasnt being told that he was to accompany him. It would be boring and he didnt think he would have done
much good if it had to do with speaking to another great house.
Kagome had the most questions. What happened to their night? She figured the next day he would want to see
Masami-sama, but what was that about her going home? Was he expecting her to say no tonight? And where
was he going for a few days? He had started to tell her most of what he did, especially if it took him away from
home for a few days and he hadnt said anything about this.
Kagome added a little bit more to her bowl, intent on going through with what she had already decided and she
wasnt going to let this little announcement worry her. She had no cause to be worried.
At the end of meal, everyone seem to split up in twos as they made their way to bed or outside for some night
air before bed. Kagome and Sesshomaru parted in front of her door. He didnt tell her good night, but went to
his room to take a bath, as she went inside to do the same.

= Kagome =
I paced in my room as I waited for him to come back. I walked out onto the balcony again, looked around and
came back in after seeing that everything was still where they were from the last time I checked. I didnt know
what I was suppose to wear so I wore what I always wore to go to bed. All were slightly newer than what I
normally had. I had only gotten them on my last trip home. White panties with green strips and a peach colored
pajama set.
I sat on the bed and looked at the door thinking that if he didnt come, I was going to walk out that door and
Knock, knock.
I stood and soon heard the knocking again.
Coming, I said as I remembered what to do and walked over to the door. When I opened it, there stood
Sesshomaru with his back to a very brightly lit hallway looking down at me. He stood there with his tail looped
over his shoulder while dressed in one of his silk robes with bare feet.
May I come in? he asked and I blushed as I opened the door wider for him to step inside. He turned towards
me once the door was closed and waited. I looked at him thinking how he could expect me to say no.
Yes, I told him as I came closer to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me to his beating heart
as we kissed before letting me go.
Then we need more light, he said as he started walking around the room lighting most of my candles with a
small fire whip from his fingers.
I thought the room had to be a little dark, I told him quietly. Sesshomaru looked around a very lit room before
coming back towards me.
Perhaps, if it wasnt so new to you or me, he said before kissing me again. When he ended this latest kiss he
held his forehead to my own. You need to see. To clearly see what happens to me so you know, he said as he
held me closer. Have you taken it yet? he breathed next to my face as I felt something warm and soft slide up
under the back of my shirt.
No, I said before swallowing. I was waiting for you to get here first, I told him. The soft thing had to be his tail
and it was now going around my waist. I closed my eyes as I felt it move up towards my chest.
Where is it? I heard him ask.
Wheres what? I asked him back. Ah, I moaned as it swiped its way across my left breast before going back
down to my waist again.
Where is the formula Kagome? he asked me in a sweet low voice. The formula? I had it. I put it down
somewhere. Where?
Its on the bed, I told him as I laid my hands on his chest to push myself away to go get it. Instead he held me
closer and I felt the bed touch the side of by knee. We moved. I looked down to the bed and saw the little bottle

with its dirty red contents shining back at me. I reached for it as I left his arms, keenly aware of his tail as it
massaged my waist.
His hands reached out and held mine that held the bottle when I was standing in front of him again. He pulled
them to his chest and kissed my forehead before letting me go. It was a sweet gesture, but unneeded. I shook
the bottle three times before removing its cork. I gave it one last look before closing my eyes as I swallowed it
all. My eyes stayed closed as I felt him taking the empty bottle from my hand and putting it somewhere.
I felt cold at first, then every part of me got hotter. I reached out for Sesshomaru and he held me. My pajamas
started to feel tighter as a dull ache started to pound in my head. The ache soon left, but now I was sure that my
clothes were smaller. I heard Sesshomarus heart beating and I wanted to touch it. I slid my hand over his chest
and into his robe to settle over where I felt it trying to beat through his flesh. Was he nervous or was this
normal? I pulled back as I open my eyes to look up into his face.
His skin glowed, he glowed. I looked around and my room had a glow to it also, even if it was with a dimmer
Things look a bit different, I told him as I reached my hand up to touch his lips. They were there for a moment
before he sucked one in and licked it. I almost pulled back but told myself not to.
What do you see? he asked as he let my finger fall from his mouth.
You, your skin is glowing, I told him as I felt that soft part of him wrap around my leg as it now moved higher
up my pajama leg. I moved my face closer to his and saw his red eyes before I closed mine for the kiss. His
tongue licked the inside of my cheeks as I felt sensations rain down my body just under my skin.
My hands tried to hold on to him as I felt as if I was free falling with my legs still on the ground. I pulled at the
belt for his robe and it fell to the floor. My hands felt the heat of his skin as I clung to him. I moaned again as I
felt his tail move across my breasts. They never felt so heavy or sensitive before.
When he pulled away, I took a deep and shaky breath as I looked back at him. He was bigger. His shoulders were
wider and Im sure he was taller also. His face had more angles than before and his eyes were blood red and
their shape appeared to have elongated a little as he looked back at me. I looked down at his chest. Glowing
white and filled with more muscle than there was before. I placed both my hands on his chest and moved them
up to his shoulders to push off his robe that barely fit him anymore.
He stood in front of me a changed person. So much of him had changed but I still saw who he was despite all of
them. He was the man I was falling in love with. His eyes were no longer the same, but they held a familiarly as
he looked at me. His markings were darker and a little longer while his nose was almost unchanged as with his
mouth. I moved my hands up to his neck that was slightly wider than before.
Ah I said as I closed my eyes for a few moments. His tail had wound its way up my leg and through my thighs
to wrap around my waist to play with my breasts. This was the first time it pressed and rubbed itself between
my legs. I was already feeling weird from before, but now it almost hurt. Sesshomaru withdrew his tail from
around my body and I took a steadying breath the same time I questioned why he stopped, but I soon got my
answer as I felt his hands starting to unbutton my shirt.

I looked down and watched his fingers as he undid each one. Part of me was saying that I shouldnt be letting
this happen, while another part said that it was time for this to happen. I let my arms fall to my side when he
was on the last button. His fingers were warm as he touched my shoulders to slip the shirt off. His hands went
down my arms then moved to rest on the waist of my pants.
Do you want lay down? he asked in a thick hushed tone. I nodded my head as I swallowed again. He held my
waist and moved me to sit on the bed. I thought that I was too close to the edge and he would need space, for
whatever he would need space for, so I crawled backwards onto the bed some more. My pants were being
pulled down by the sheet as I moved along the bed. As I reached for the waist to pull them back up I felt his
hand cover mine to stop me.
He pulled my pants the rest of the way down and off my legs before I felt his hand sliding up my thigh as he laid
next to me. I reached out for his face, and pulled myself closer for another kiss. I didnt know what else to do,
but I didnt want to lay there like nothing either. I thought of kissing his jaw, then his neck, then I found myself
licking his chest as I smelled something wonderful coming from his skin.
You smell good, I told him without thinking. I heard a swift intake of breath as I passed over a nipple with my
tongue and stopped to watch it pucker up. I kissed and sucked on it again before I felt him placing his hand on
my neck and his tail as it warped its way around my waist again. I pulled my head back when I remembered he
had two and moved to the next one, but my lips never touched it. Sesshomaru pushed me back against the
bedding and sucked the air out of my lungs with a kiss that bruised my lips.
My turn, he said with a smile on his face before I saw his white hair pass my eyes. He smiled. I saw
Sesshomaru smile
Hah! I moaned out loud as I felt his mouth on my breast. His hands had slid behind my back to hold me up to
his lips as he licked, sucked and occasionally bit at my breasts and nipples. My hands found his head and I held
on to him as the feeling of being eaten turned into an uneasy heat that was pooling low in me. Soon his mouth
moved lower, and I sucked in my stomach each time I felt his lips on my skin and he would kiss me twice before
moving one step further down.
Aahh was pushed past my lips as he stuck his tongue into my belly button and kissed it before going even
lower. He kissed me through my panties as I felt his fingers slide down to my waist to hook into the side of them.
You smell very nice down here, he said before I felt his tongue lick across that piece of cloth. I knew that they
were coming off and I couldnt stop from feeling embarrassed even though I told myself that he had already
seen me naked. It was the idea that no one was suppose to see that part of you that was bugging me as it
became clear that he was going to see more than he did before.
My eyes closed as he lifted my legs and pulled off my underwear. I felt him parting my legs and placing them on
either side of himself and I waited.
Do you want to take mine off? he asked me. I slowly opened one eye to see him kneeling where I expected to
see him. With both eyes opened I sat up and nodded my head as my hand reached out for him. I hadnt a clue
how, but I knew it was just one long piece of cloth, so I looked for a tucked in end and thought to just unravel it
from his body. I found it tucked in the back, with my face pressed against Sesshomarus chest.

Near the end Sesshomaru had to stand as I finished taking off his fundoshi. I sat back down on the bed with a
slight flop as I tried to believe that what I was seeing was going to fit inside me.
Ive never seen one before in person. Of course baby brothers dont count, I told him when I realized that I
was being impolite by staring. He held out his hand for me and I took it without having to think twice. We came
together and it came between us. I felt it hot against my skin as we kissed.
I wont hurt you, he told me.
I know, I said as I smiled at him. He smiled back as he lifted me up and to laid me down on the bed again. He
stayed over me and laid between my legs as we kissed. His his penis was laying over me until he pressed down
pushing the folds at the entrance to my vagina apart. It felt good as he rubbed back and forth over my clitoris. I
moaned into his mouth as I held my legs tighter against his waist.
He was moaning too and there were some growls there also. They became louder when we broke the kiss and I
pressed my face into his neck.
Kagome, can I enter you now? Sesshomaru asked me. His words were low and heavy with his breathing when
I heard them. He was still rocking against me and I felt him kissing my neck.
Yes, I breathed before he came to a stop. I watched as he fitted us together and I prayed that this really wasnt
going to hurt too much.
AAAhhhhhhh I shouted as it went all the way in one time.
Im sorry, I heard him say as he laid down over my chest. Im sorry I went so fast, he said again as he kissed
my skin. Are you alright Kagome? he asked as he looked into my face. I think he was looking at my face. I was
looking straight up when I felt his voice being directed at me.
The pain that had shocked most of my senses and caused that sound to be ripped from my throat was now
fading away into something else. I reached my hands out until I felt his arms and moved down until I covered his
Im all right, I told him. I think you can move now, I told him as my hips tried to do something on their own.
As he moved in and out of me, his hands moved to hold my waist and my hands held his forearms. He moved
faster and what was building before in me came back stronger.
He was so big inside of me that he filled me without leaving room for much else besides the air for me to
breath. My mind started to spin as we met each other when he came back into me. Every sound he uttered
made the feeling inside me change and get hotter. I moaned also, hoping that it was sexy enough to make him
feel the same way I did.
The spinning in my head turned to white flashes of light and my hips started to move faster, throwing us out of
Something is happening to me, I told him as I pulled his face closer to my chest. Sesshomaru! I cried out
with a tear filled voice as my world started to explode inside of me.

Im coming too, he said as his arms tightened around me as he moved faster also. I was jerking in his arms
from things going off inside of me and under my skin as I felt hot liquid hit my insides. It was coming from him.
He held on as he pushed deeper inside of me for his last few thrusts. We then laid there panting as we held on
to each other.
I wanted to stay this way forever, but I knew we couldnt do that. I kissed his neck and waited in a feeling that I
could only label as bliss.
= Sesshomaru =
I inhaled deeply before I exhaled again. That was our scents mixing in the sweat that dripped onto the bed. I
wanted to mark her, but it wasnt time. I licked her neck and the top of her shoulder. Her heart was starting to
slow down, I noted before I pulled out of her.
After I had slowly separated from her I smelt blood. I looked down and saw small amounts of it on my manhood.
At first I felt guilt over hurting her again, but when she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer I
realized that this was the kind of hurt that was unavoidable and that she wasnt mad at me.
Are you alright? I asked her as I kissed what parts of her I could reach.
Mmm, mm, she murmured as she nodded her head against me.
I pulled her up to kiss her slowly but deeply. I loved the way she tasted in my mouth. I licked my way down her
neck while her fingers sunk into my hair. I tasted her breasts again as I wrapped my mokomoko around her legs,
constantly sliding it against her skin.
My senses played in everything about her. The touch of her hands on me, the taste of her skin under my tongue,
the feel of her skin through my fur and the sound of her as she hit such stomach aching notes were all there, but
I felt like I was still missing something about her. Then the smell came to me once again and I drooled onto her
body before licking it up with the thin sheen of sweat covering her chest.
I need to taste more of you, I spoke into her flesh as I moved further down her body. I unwrapped my
mokomoko from around her legs so I could separate them as I came closer to the junction where they met. I
licked the top before dipping my tongue down to slide over that small protruding part of her. I lingered there,
covering it with my tongue, moving over it completely and repeatedly.
She arched as I spread her legs wider and went in deeper to truly taste her. I pushed my tongue in deeper to
savor it warm from her body. I wanted as much as she could give me. I slowly searched for that part of her that
all females had as I took note of anywhere else that made her gasp in shock, inhale with pleasure and pushed
back as she asked for more. When I found the place I was looking for she did all three.
My blood rushed through my veins as my organ pulsed to be in her again but I didnt know how much time had
passed and I wont hurt her again, so I turned my attention to satisfying her instead. I felt one of her heels on
my back as I licked the spot that I had spent time searching for. My hands now cupped her rear, holding her to
my mouth as I continued to inflict pleasure, bringing her closer to her second climax.
The closer Kagome got, the harder she pushed against my face. I turned my head slightly as I pushed my tongue
further in, hoping to touch her in the right place. My nose hit the spot that set her off. My head was caught

between her legs as she shouted my name for a second time and she gave me as much as I wanted to shallow.
My fingers dug into her as I licked her quivering muscles as she continued to come.
I let her ride what was left of her climax alone as I pulled back to look down at her sweat slick body while I licked
my lips clean. She was radiant. Her black hair fanned out over the bed. Her eyes were closed with her head
turned on the side as her chest still heaved. Her hands were wrapped loosely in the sheets while her legs now
rubbed against mine. I dont think she was aware of that last action.
I reached for her as I laid at her side. I pulled her onto my chest and she slid her leg between mine. I gasped as
sweet pleasure, that tasted more like torture, shot out from my penis to the rest of my body and mind as she
rubbed against it. My hand grasped a hold of myself and I tried to relieve my suffering myself, thinking it was too
much to ask her to do. I closed my eyes as one hand rubbed her back and the top of her ass while the other
stroked my manhood.
I felt Kagome pull away, but I continued to bring release from what she caused in me. I felt her presence on the
bed and believed that she was looking at me. That caused a stir in me and I felt pre-cum as it came out of my
penis, slide down to my hand and over my fingers. I felt her eyes as she looked closer. My hand moved faster as I
came closer to coming. I remembered the heat of her as she was hot and tight around me before.
I grasped at the bed and stopped my hand when I felt her hot breath move over the head of my penis. Before I
sat up to look, I felt her tongue touch me. I looked down to see her bending over me as her tongue moved
around the head of my penis as she licked up my cum.
A deep moan moved through my body as I started to move my hand again. I kept in mind that I had to now tell
her when I was coming or it would be an interesting surprise for her.
AAAAhhhh I let out as she surprised me with the warmth of her mouth as she covered the head of my penis,
causing me to come almost on contact. Kagome held on at first, but then she pulled away as I continued to
come and she hadnt swallowed yet.
I held her in my sights as I breathed deeply watching her as she licked her lips and wiped some of my cum from
her forehead and hair.
Kagome, I said as I reached out my hand for her. Once her fingers touched mine I pulled her back to laying on
top of me. We kissed and looked into each other's eyes.
Everything is starting to change again, she said. I felt the bones of my face slide back into a form that I was
more use to as the rest of my body slimmed down also.
Yes, you have satisfied me well my Kagome, I told her before kissing her blushing face again.
I dont mean you, she said as she continued to look at me. I held her in my arms as I tuned us onto our sides. I
continued to look into her eyes as I felt her frame decreasing.
You arent glowing anymore. Nothing is, she said. It had worn off. If I had taken her again, we would have
finished just in time, maybe. I felt a slight loss, but I was also grateful that I hadnt tried to take her again. I
pulled my mokomoko close and laid it over both our bodies. I wasnt going to part from her tonight. I held her
close and she rested her head on my chest.

I waited for sleep to come, but I heard as it claimed her first.

Kanji - Between 5,000 and 10,000 Chinese characters used in written Japanese.
Tsubaki - A miko from the manga version of the story. She did place a curse or spell on Kikio that tied her to
Inuyasha. In the manga that is how she died once she nailed Inuyasha to the tree.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 26

= Kagome =
Kagome, a voice said as I was rocked. I just held on to the warmth in my hands and tried to ignore it.
Kagome, it said again.
Mmmm, I moaned in protest. It felt nice here.
Love, its time to wake, it said. He said. Sesshomaru said. My eyes snapped open. There he was laying in bed in
front of me.
Sesshomaru, I said. He smiled. He smiled last night too. Last night! Embarrassment over how I acted started to
weigh down on me. I licked, I licked I pulled what I had in my hands over my face. I couldnt look at him.
Why are you hiding from me Kagome, Sesshomaru asked.
Im not hiding from you, I said as I hid from him. What was in my hands started to move. I felt the fine hairs as
they slipped through my fingers. It was his tail I was holding. I watched the white as it disappeared from my
sight allowing Sesshomaru to look on my face again and for me to see his eyes.
You look lovely when you blush, he whispered as he pulled my face closer to his. I gasped as I felt the length of
his body as it was pressed up against mine. This gave him the opening to slide his tongue into my mouth. My
shock turned into acceptance and my embarrassment turned into want. I sunk into him as my mind started to
spin. Sesshomaru pulled away and I had enough of this happy feeling not to protest.
You have to get ready for breakfast, he said a moment later.
Ok, I answered him before sitting up. AH! I squealed in surprise at the feel of his lips low on my back.
Im going back to my room, he told me as he sat up. Ill be back to walk you to breakfast before I leave, he
added before standing up.
Where are you going? I asked as I stood also. I remembered what he said last night at dinner and I wondered
if he was really going to send me back now.

I have to speak with Masami-sama, he answered as he retrieved his robe from the floor.
And after Masami-sama? I quietly asked him.
I will return for you to take you to the well, he answered as if that was the only answer to give.
Why are you taking me home? I asked him. I thought that I was suppose to stay with you if Masami-sama
found something and she did, I told him as I took a step closer.
Im not taking you home, he said as he turned towards me and reached out for my shoulders. I would like to
spend some time with you while not being surrounded by the others for a few days. I wish for us to stay at the
hut next to the well, he finished.
I couldnt stop from smiling up at him. I reached up and kissed him for making me feel so happy. He may never
show anyone else this side of him but I was happy that it was there for me.
Thank you Sesshomaru, I said when we parted. I stood by the bed and watched him as he shrugged on his
robe and walked towards the door. He paused on the threshold, but he didnt look back before stepping out and
closing it.
= Third Person POV =
Everyone enjoyed their part of the morning meal with little conversation. There was nothing odd or awkward
about Kagome being taken to the well with Sesshomaru anymore and they were use to her going back to her
own time since the day they met, but this will be the first time that she would be gone for so long. She had
never been gone a whole month before.
Shippo told her as much while saying that he would miss her before being pulled out of the room by Inuyasha,
who wished her a safe trip as he took the young fox to the dojo. Miroku was not as saddened by her leaving
because he didnt believe that she would be leaving them all behind for that long a period. He was now unsure
of what to tell her, so he just reworded what Inuyasha said and added that he would be there waiting for her
Miroku was sure that she believed, on some level, that he didnt have a true reason to stay with the group now
that Naroku was dead and Sango was going to be mated with Kouga. He saw happiness in Kagomes eyes when
she walked into the dining room that morning and he knew who caused it, even if that person was absent from
the morning meal.
Oddly enough, Miroku believed that Sesshomaru may be the key to his happiness also. Kagomes smiling eyes
gave him hope that what he was sticking around for would soon be made public, so that he and Inuyasha
wouldnt have to go back into deep hiding once they were traveling with what would be left of the group again.
Miroku knew that Kagome would go on looking for the shards and that Inuyasha would go with her. He would go
with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had already committed himself to the venture. Whether or not Sango was with
them was unknown.
Once Miroku left to attend Rins writing lesson with her, Kagome finished her meal quickly so that she could
complete her packing by the time Sesshomaru returned.

Sesshomarus mokomoko was wrapped around Kagomes shoulders when they landed a few feet from the steps
leading up into the hut. The hut was a familiar sight to the girls eyes. It was listed in her memory vault between
her home where she grew up with mama, Soto and grandpa and where she was now spending most of her time
when not traveling. It may take a while for her to call Sesshomarus home cozy, but it had picked up a fuzzy
feeling for her when she thought of it.
Sesshomaru saw the small stack of wood that had been turned into something that housed ningens and at one
time his Kagome and the other members of her group. He started to see some of his memories that now lived
there as he watched her walk up the steps. One memory in particular made him consider going out to hunt for
their dinner.
Ill be back, he said before turning and using his speed to disappear into the forest and out of Kagomes sight.
As she stepped into the hut, Kagome saw what had become of the place since they had neglected to visit for so
long. She even believed that the outside looked a bit cleaner than the inside of the hut did at that moment. She
placed her bag and the bundle that she had gotten from Sesshomaru just outside the door before fully entering
the shelter. She rolled up her sleeves as she walked to where she remembered the broom being the last time
she was there.
Kagome went about putting to use every bit of cleaning information she had ever been given from when she
worked at the shrine with grandpa to get it ready for visitors, to cleaning the house with her mama. She quickly
came up with the order in which to clean the perceived mess and set about her task.
Kagome paused for a moment as she sat back and wiped her arm across her wet and hot forehead. It had
already been some time since she started her cleaning, but she was in cleaning mode and she just knew how
much work she had already done and what she had to do next. Kagome bent back down to get the last part of
the floor wiped clean before picking up the rag and placing it in the bucket at her side that also held a brush,
that she had been using before.
She stood and took the bucket outside where she dumped the water next to the tree before making her way
back up the steps. As she entered the hut she shivered from the cold as she thought of what was left to do.
Shed cleaned the whole hut out and with the sun still fairly high in the sky, Kagome thought of building a fire for
lunch and some more warmth as it would be getting colder soon. She hadnt found much in way of food
supplies when she cleaned, but she was sure that Sesshomaru would provide something for them to eat.
The fire was lit and a pot of boiling water was waiting to be turned into tea when Kagome heard footsteps
= Inuyasha =
Its going to snow soon, I said from my place on the balcony.
I dont care when its going to snow, but I would appreciate it if you would come in and close those doors. Its
cold in here, Miroku almost cried from his place in the bed. I smiled back at him as he laid huddled in the extra
thick sheets as he looked back at me.

Alright, I said as I leaned off the bamboo railing and began walking inside. I stopped to pull the doors closed
before continuing to walk towards our bed. When I was closer he stuck his head out and laid it on a pillow that
was close by.
Are you still cold? I asked him as I lifted the sheets to slide in next to him.
Yes, he answered as we both reached for each other when I was close enough. You are so warm, he said
with his eyes closed as he laid on my chest. I looked down at his face as he laid there looking rather happy. I
started to feel happy also as I thought once again, at how lucky I was that he had feelings for me.
I ran my hand up and down his back and over his side as he got more comfortable. I heard his breathing as it
became shallower, letting me know that he was falling asleep if he wasnt already. His morning with Rin turned
out to be a bit more than just watching her learn to write.
They came by the dojo and watched me as I played with Shippo trying to see what he had learned from his
combat classes. Afterwards, Miroku and I watched Rin and Shippo as they played in the garden. I was enjoying a
comfortable spot that I found in a tree as I looked down at them roaming and playing on the ground. Miroku
and Rin started to complain about the cold which caused me to give up my newly acquired spot. I remembered
to tell the runt that he did well in the dojo as we all came inside. I also told him that the next time we sparred,
he could show me his fox fire before he left with Rin to go to their room. Shippo was tired and Rin was cold.
On the way to our own bedroom we ran in Amaya and I told her that we were all going to be eating lunch in our
rooms. Miroku had kept on walking while I stayed to talk with her. I thought that he was really cold and wanted
to go under the covers to get warmer and I was right, kinda. When I walked into the room he was in the bed and
under the covers, but he wasnt as covered up as as I expected him to be as I saw him laying across the foot of
the bed waiting for me. That had me thinking of all the other ways we could get warm together.
Amaya, I said to myself before carefully easing out from under Miroku and walking towards the door. I stopped
when I was halfway to the door to turn back for a robe to put on. I was tying the obi as I opened the door to
three servants; two girls and one male. They laid everything out on a low table that was over to the left and in
the corner of the room.
Thank you, I said as they bowed before leaving. They covered everything, but I could still smell the roasted
pork and the fried peppers easily. I walked back over the bed to see if Miroku felt up to eating now.
Miroku, I called before sucking on his ear to get his attention. He moaned and turned away from me as he
wiped his ear. I grinned as I moved over him and onto the bed to lick his lips before calling his name again.
Miroku, the food is here, I told him as his eyes started to open.
Hah? he asked me as he started to sit up. Food, he then said before I could tell him again. He slid off the bed
with the sheets wrapped around him as he made his way, with the help of his own nose, over to the low table.
He sat down on one of the cushions and started to uncover dish after dish of hot food.
I sat across from him and got my chop sticks so we could eat together. I openly watched him as he ate, since I
only got to at times like these. His hair was a complete mess that he only moved out of his eyes as he continued

to taste everything until he picked up a bowl and started to create his own share. After he had picked out all
that he wanted I made my own bowl and started eating.
Her name was Makoto, Miroku said as he placed his empty bowl on the table with his chopsticks crisscrossing
over the top of it a little while later.
Who is Makoto? I asked as I chewed on one of the peppers.
I guess she was my wife, he laughed. I choked.
Your wife, I coughed at him.
Yes, she was, he answered me.
I looked at him as I managed to swallow what was still in my mouth. He said that she was his wife, I said inside
my head. She died? I asked him as I also put down my bowl and laid my chopsticks next to it. He nodded his
Yeah, he said a few minutes later. She died doing something she wanted for me. He looked sad and I got up
and walked around the table to sit next to him.
Does it still hurt to talk about her? I asked him concerned over how this story could have ended.
Im a little bit sad when I think of her, he said before taking a deep breath. She was a good person and a good
friend, he ended.
Good friend? I questioned. I thought you said that she was your wife? Arent you suppose to love your wife?
I asked him.
I loved her dearly, but I never fell in love with her, he told me.
If you didnt fall in love with her, why did you marry her? I asked him as some of the sympathy I had for him
She was the only one who said yes when I asked her if she would have my child. At least, that is what she told
me, he answered.
What? I asked him.
This is how it happened, he said as he turned towards me. He pulled the sheets closer to his body and covered
his arms and legs completely.
I met Makoto a year after Akio. She was a beggar that I shared some food with when I first saw her. She
started following me around after that. I didnt really notice that she was following me for the first two days,
but when I saw her again, I became aware of her being close by. When I let her camp with me the first night, I
learned that she was able to get some money or some food from the women who turned me down when I
asked them to bear my child because she was close by, and they felt like helping a girl or something like that
after talking with me. I had just started to ask that question a few months before I met her. I had started to
think that I should start trying to find someone who would have a child for me while I was that young so the

child would have a full childhood in case they inherited the wind tunnel. Before I thought it was just a brash
way of getting a lady's attention, and not come off that serious sounding to anyone else. But then I saw the
merit of really having a child.
That first night Makoto asked me about my hand and I told her, but I didnt think much of her. As the weeks
passed by we became friends and she would even play off of my offer that I made to the young ladies who
turned me down and they would give her a little bit more than if they just felt sorry for her.
The the worst and best day of my younger years happened because of a bet I made with her. Makoto dared
me to ask fifty girls in this large town we were at that week, if they would bear my child. She said that they all
couldnt turn me down and by the thirtieth girl, I should know what I was saying wrong and fix it to get at
least one of the last twenty girls to say yes.
But she was wrong. Both sides of my face had been slapped red by the time I called it quits and she was
grinning as she showed me a heavy purse. She then treated me to a night at a cheap inn. We had bottles of
sake and eat pork dumplings and had egg rice. That was the happy part of my day. I dont remember when I
fell asleep, but when I woke up I was under a blanket with Makoto naked and sleeping my arms. I laid there
trying to remember what happened. I just recalled parts of a fuzzy dream I had, until I saw the girls face and
realized that it was Makoto and not a dream.
I apologized when she woke up, but she told me not to and that she wanted to do it. I told her that I didnt
think of her as anything other than a friend and she said she knew. She said that she wasnt expecting me to
just fall in love with her after having slept together. As she looked away while saying those words I knew that
that was what she was hoping for. We stayed in the inn until after breakfast as we talked about a few things. I
still liked her and she didnt have anywhere to really go, so we came up with an odd compromise.
We would continue to travel together until she found somewhere to settle down and I wouldnt cut her loose
unless she tried to sleep with me again. I did like her, but I didnt want to cause her pain by constantly telling
her that I didnt love her that way. She agreed, but in three weeks we had to do something new. We found
out that she was pregnant when we stopped to see a healer when she couldnt keep anything down and had
been throwing up for the last week. When I found that out, I decided to do the honorable thing and told her
that I would marry her. So we traveled to a town that I hadnt visited yet that was close to the cost and I
slowly talked my way into becoming their local monk for ceremonies and such and we even got our own hut
two months later.
When the villagers found out that we hadnt been married yet, they threw us a wedding party where the old
aging monk, that I was going to take over for, performed the rights and pronounced us married. A month later
I was at his deathbed when he confessed to me that he wasnt a real monk. He had won a set of monks robes
when he was younger and while he was trying them out, he was found by a crying girl who wanted someone
to help her grandfather who was traveling with her that day.
He said that he didnt do anything monk-like, but because he did help the old man and his granddaughter, he
was asked to be the holy man for their house. He almost didnt do it, but once he was told how much he
would be paid and where he would be staying, he agreed.

He told me all his stories until his spirit passed away mid-sentence. I never told anyone until now. I most
definitely didnt tell Makoto. She was so happy and I wanted her to stay that way. We never had sex again,
but we held hands and I kissed her on her face to see her smile or to apologize for something that made her
upset. I saw her as my best friend at this time. She was about six months along at this point and I had never
seen her happier.
The next three months went by well, but Makoto stayed home more and more because she got tired easily
when she walked more than the length of our hut at a time. The midwife said that it was normal for some
women to lose their energy when they were heavy with child and that we shouldnt worry.
It was nearing her time when I had to spend a night with a child whose mother was convinced he was
possessed. The child wasnt possessed. He was just sneaking out to meet with a girl and then he would say
that he didnt remember leaving the house when his mother asked him where had been, when she didnt find
him in bed the night before.
The girl, for some reason, came looking for him and found me keeping watch. I talked it over with them and
we worked out a better way for them to see other until he could prove himself to be a worthy husband for
her by her fathers standards.
When I got back to my own home, Makoto wasnt there. A little girl from hut next to ours was waiting for me
instead. She said that Makoto had belly pains yesterday after lunch and was at the midwifes hut. We both
ran over to the midwifes hut. I thought that I was going to greet Makoto and our newly born child, but as I
got closer, I just heard screaming. I out ran the little girl the rest of the way there. I knew that it was Makoto I
heard screaming.
I rushed inside and there she was, on the bed with so much blood at her feet.

I couldnt move. I stood there looking at her screaming and in pain until someone pulled or pushed me out.
When I was outside I could breathe again and think again. I was suppose to be in there next to her, helping
her, but I couldnt make myself go back inside. Someone came out and I asked them what was going on. The
girl told me that the baby was turned the wrong way and they were having a hard time turning it. She was
about to say more when someone called a name and she ran back inside.
Soon I couldnt hear Makoto anymore so I expected to hear a baby crying. This is what you expect, but I didnt
hear anything. I sat outside waiting to be called and when I was, I still hadnt heard a baby crying. I thought
that the baby died and that I was being called in to see a weeping mother and the body of a dead child.
Instead I saw Makoto laying on the bed with her belly still big. I didnt understand.
I saw her reaching out to me with a pale hand. When I touched her, she was cold. Her mouth moved and I
came closer to hear what she was trying to say, but I only heard one word before her lips stopped moving and
eyes closed. Sorry. I stayed there and cried on my knees until the midwife herself came and helped me up.
I couldnt sit still anymore. I reached out and pulled Miroku to me. He was crying and getting the sheets wet.
The sight of his tears and broken composure tore at my heart, keeping me from thinking of anything right away
to comfort him. So I just held him in my arms as I rocked him and brushed my hand over his head.

Im sorry that you lost them like that, I finally told him while holding him close. He wrapped his arms around
me and pulled me closer. It must have been a long time since he cried for them. A few minutes later I felt him
pulling away and I loosened my grip around him.
I have never talked about her, Miroku said as he wiped his face with part of the sheet. She was always a
memory that I would just think of now and again, he said before turning his head to look at the table and the
food that was still there.
Do you feel like eating? I asked him as I held his hand that he had freed from the sheet earlier.
A little bit, but I was really thinking of how I ruined your meal, he said as he reached out his right hand for my
chop sticks. He used them to pick up something that smelled like it had been pickled and looked orange. He
placed it to my lips and waited for me to take it. I opened my mouth and bit down on the chip sticks as I pulled
back, taking the food into my mouth. It was a pickled orange slice.
I held the sour and sweet thing in my mouth as I looked at him. I didnt really like it, so it took me awhile to
make up my mind to chew it. As I started to chew, Miroku place my chop sticks back on the table before he
moved towards me while leaving the sheet behind.
I stopped chewing as his face came closer to mine and he pressed our lips together. He pushed his tongue into
my mouth to mix with what was left of the orange slice.
I have you now Inuyasha, he said as he pushed me back towards the floor. My arm encircled his back to pull
him with me as I let him push me down.
And youll have me forever, I told him before I went back to kissing him and trying to make sure that he knew I
loved him and that I was here for him for a very long time.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 27

= Third Person POV =

Kaede, Kagome said in surprise as her older friend walked into the hut.
Good day child, Kaede said as she came further inside to give the young lady a hug as she came towards her.
Why are you here? Kagome asked her as she helped her to kneel close to the fire.
I felt your presence early in the day with another, Kaede said as she accepted the cup of very fresh tea. I
would have been here sooner, but I didnt sense any danger and Hitomi needed to be tended to before I could
leave, Kaede explained.
Hitomi? Shes sick? Kagome asked. She hadnt seen Hitomi in months.
It seems to be the cold with a fever but she is having a harder time getting over it then the rest of her family, so
she is staying with me while I continue to treat her illness, the old woman answered. She took another sip of
her tea while looking at Kagome. Kaede wondered how to ask the question she had in mind before she settled
on her normal straight forward way as being best.
Did you come here alone child? she asked the young girl. The presence she sensed earlier felt like it belonged
to a strong demon. Maybe it didnt come with Kagome. Maybe they just crossed paths and it had already moved
on Kaede thought to herself as she saw nothing to show that anyone was with the girl. Kagome seemly paused
and put off answering the question as she took a very slow slip from her own cup.
Well, she said after swallowing what was in her mouth. I came with Both women turned their heads to the
door as they heard new sounds to let them know that someone was coming into the hut.
Sesshomaru ducked inside holding his armor in his hands. He was using one half of it to carry meat, of some
kind, that looked freshly killed and mostly cleaned while the other half of his armor dangled from the fingers of
his other hand by its tie straps.
Miko, he said upon seeing Kaede in Kagomes presence.
Sesshomaru-sama, Kaede acknowledged with a bow of her head. He stepped forward and placed his armors
breastplate, which was laden with the meat, in front of Kagome. She smiled at him before she remembered
Kaede and turned to look at her with the smile still lingering on her face.
Sesshomaru looked at Kaede with a caution that only Kagome saw. He had not spent much time with the old
woman and the fact that she was a miko that grew up hating his kind and even helped to keep his half-brother
imprisoned in some way, just made him note all her actions as he stood there.

Kaede looked at them both as Sesshomaru eventually moved to sit next to Kagome, if not a little ahead of her.
Sesshomaru and Kagome looked at her as she looked back at them.
Thank ye for the tea, Kaede said as she placed the cup on the floor and started to push herself up off the mat.
She didnt see as Kagome tapped Sesshomaru to have him help her stand, so she froze when she felt his hand
on her arm. They looked into each others face before she accepted his help. Thank ye Sesshomaru-sama,
Kaede said once she was standing.
When Sesshomaru released her, he moved back to Kagomes side but stayed standing this time. Kaede felt that
he was doing it to make her leave the hut a bit faster. She wasnt going to be silently bullied by any demon,
Sesshomaru included. She stood her ground as she turned to ask Kagome a question.
How long will ye be here? she asked the still kneeling girl. Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru before looking
back at the old miko.
About four days, she answered. Kaede nodded her head. She now had a time frame for anyone who might
voice some concern over seeing a white haired demon near the village.
It was nice to see ye again child, Kaede said as she fixed an outer robe that she had been wearing all this time.
She nodded her head in Kagome's, and then Sesshomarus direction before turning to leave the hut. Kaede
wasnt sure what to make of what looked like a couple to her, but so much had changed since she first saw the
reincarnation of her sister in this girl. Kagome herself had shown growth in the years they had known and
fought side by side with each other.
The old village priestess pulled her robe tighter as she stood at the foot of the huts steps. She looked back at
the structure and hoped that Kagome had found happiness after all she had gone through. She held a hand in
front of her face and her lips moved before she turned away and walked back to the village.
Sesshomaru shivered at this moment and thought that something was very wrong. It wasnt cold enough for
him to be bothered by it.
Are you cold? he asked Kagome as she sat next to him picking out pieces of meat to cook.
A little, she confessed as she continued with her task. He walked over to the door and looked at it in a way that
didnt hide his belief that it was the reason for their discomfort. He reached out a pale, strong, sender hand to
pull on part of the door. A loud scraping noise filled the small space as Sesshomaru pulled the sliding door into
use. They both heard the dirt as it was rolled and crushed under the moving piece of wood as most of the cold
air was now blocked from getting inside.
Sesshomaru now took notice of the bundle that he had brought with them from his home. He picked it up and
walked over to Kagome's side with it. Sesshomaru sat down and started to untie it. Kagome looked up from the
pieces of meat that she was drying off from the rinse she gave them, to see a few things grouped in the middle
of the cloth. There were some vegetables, a small bag of rice, a smaller bag that looked like it held salt and a few
small jars.
Kagome turned her attention back to the meat and seasoned it with the last of what she had found in the house
before sliding them unto sticks and putting them just over the fire to cook. Once she had placed the last one
over the flame, Sesshomaru started to slide a few things towards her. He gave her all the vegetables, which were
made up of some carrots, a few sweet potatoes, one head of cabbage and some small onions.
Kagome picked out a few to use, while the ones left over along with the head of cabbage were stored away for
another day. Next was the salt. She took some out to use in the cooking of the rice and the vegetables that were
going to be boiled soon. Since she had the salt in hand, Kagome decided to salt all the meat in one go. It was

cold, but not cold enough to keep the meat from going bad for the next few days that they were going to stay
there. The next thing that Sesshomaru placed in front of her was the bag of rice and she dealt quickly with it
before turning her attention to the jar that was next.
Kagome opened it and saw a dark liquid moving inside. She stuck a finger in, before putting it in her mouth.
Shoyu. She recognized it instantly. The kinds that she came across in this era were stronger than the ones she
bought from the stores back home. She poured some into two very small bowls for each of them to use with the
meal before she packed it away.
The next jar that was pushed towards her held four bottles like the one she drank from last night along with the
measuring cup that Masami had shown her. Kagome picked one up to look at it's contents. It was filed a third of
the way with a gray mixture of a fine powder. She placed it back with the others and recovered the jar before
getting up to put it in its own corner of the hut. She blushed slightly as she walked past Sesshomaru as she held
it in her arms. On her way back she thought that she placed it too close to the sleeping area, but she decided to
move it after they had lunch instead of running back for it now and trying to think of a new place to put it while
Sesshomaru looked at her.
Kagome was bright red by the time she took her place again. She tried to hide it in the heat of the fire as she
opened the pot to look inside and poke at a carrot. She then turned the meat before sitting back from the fire
allowing Sesshomaru to slide another small jar her way.
Masami-sama instructed that you take this with your meals until we are ready to have a child, Sesshomaru
told her with an almost too straight of a face.
= Kagome =
Oh, I said as I looked into a jar of red paste. A child? How could I have forgotten about getting pregnant? I
could be pregnant now from what we did last night. For a moment I felt like cupping my tummy but the impulse
died before I stood to get another plate to place some of the red stuff on it to eat with my lunch. How much am
I suppose to take? I asked Sesshomaru with my back to him.
About half a spoon, he said from behind my ear.
Ah! I shouted in surprise at realizing that he was so close. Now I felt his body heat against my back.
Im sorry, Sesshomaru said as he touched the back of my neck. I also forgot, he continued. She said that this
will stop your pregnancy if one has already started, and there will be no pain if it happened so recently.
I think that lunch is just about ready, I said as I moved away from his touch and back to the fire with two
eating bowls. I wasn't going to let his touch get to me before I took this paste. I moved the two pots from over
the fire and managed to pour the water off of the cooked vegetables without getting burnt. I sat back down
again shared out the vegetables with the rice and roasted meat into our two bowls.
I looked at the white rice as I scooped it up and placed a larger amount into a bowl that I had decided was
Sesshomaru's. I started to remember things from sex education class that I had forgotten until I snapped myself
out of it as I started to see the drawing that always hung on the wall next to my desk.
I am with someone that I really love, in an ideal countryside to spend the next four days together. I told myself. I
didn't have to worry about anything now that he got the red paste from Masami. I also didnt have to think of
anything as yucky of STDs either since he isn't human, I told myself as I finished sharing out our meal.
I felt Sesshomaru watching me as I moved about putting out our noon meal. He was still standing on the other
side of the room where I left him. When I was finished with both our bowls I heard him pick up something. I

looked up as I saw him starting to sit down next to me. He held the plate with the red paste on it. He placed it
next to my share of the food before picking up his own bowl.
We ate our meal in silence as I tried to think of something interesting to say. We can't be quiet for the whole
time we were here. I looked over at Sesshomaru and he seemed to be thinking about something.
= Third Person POV =
Sesshomaru was thinking the same thing. This wasnt how he expected or wanted to spend their time together
while away from the others. Now that he had slept with her, he was reminding himself of how he acted with her
before last night.
He stood and walked over to the sleeping mats with Kagome watching him with a large measure of interest.
Bring the tea, he said as he passed her. Kagome blinked a few times before she gave up thinking of what he
was up to and just took the pot of tea with their two cups as she followed him.
As she stepped outside, she saw him sitting on the mats with his mokomoko pooled next to him as he looked
over the tresses and into the valley. Kagome smiled as she walked over to him thinking that things would be ok.
= Sesshomaru =
I smelled her on the air as she came closer carrying the pot of tea and our two cups. Kagome sat down at my
side and poured us some more tea. Our fingers grazed past each other as I took the cup from her. I tasted her
skin on the cup as I took my first sip. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taste as she leaned back against the tree I
had chosen. I moved my mokomoko to wrap it around her and pulled her closer to my side as we looked out
onto the world before us.
My heart added an extra beat to its rhythm, when I felt Kagome slip her hand into mine a few minutes later. I
squeezed her fingers when I felt how cold they were.
Do you want to stay out here? I asked her after trying to get her warm by covering her body with my
mokomoko. I only asked her when I didnt think that I was getting her warm enough for my liking.
No, she said as I felt her turning her face into my sleeve. I want to stay out here with you.
You arent cold? I asked to make sure. Masami wasnt here in case she got sick.
Im not that cold, she told me as I turned to look at her. You did a good job of making me warm, she said as I
watched her face blush over as she drew closer. We kissed and her touch seemed to get warmer as she pulled
me down onto her. Soon I was laying over her body and her hands were level with her breasts as she gripped at
my kimono.
I was starting to kiss down her neck when I realized that my face had already started to change shape. I started
to pull back and breathed deeply with my eyes closed to gain the control I knew I possessed. My mind reeled
with more thoughts of her as her smell was dragged into my lungs.
I felt as Kagomes hands laxed in their hold on me. I opened my eyes to see that she had turned her face and
closed her eyes. Something was wrong.
Kagome? I asked as I slid to her side and reached my hand up to touch her cheek.
Nn? she murmured with her eyes still closed.

Whats wrong? I asked her as I moved my fingers over her skin.

Its nothing, she lied. I knew it was a lie. I heard it in her voice. I pulled her back to me and I kissed her
shoulder and just held her around the waist as I looked out over the trees again. In time she opened her eyes
again and looked with me.
When sunset came Kagome spoke to me again.
Can you walk with me to Kaedes hut? she asked.
Why do you want to see the miko? I asked her in return. The idea of going into a ningen village, which I wasnt
lord over, didnt have any appeal for me and going to that mikos dwelling held even less.
I wanted to share some of the meat that you brought back, she answered. Kaede told me that a friend of
mine is sick and staying with her while she gets better. I havent seen her in a long time and I want to give her
something, she ended.
I thought it over without looking at her. Walk through a ningens village, at night, with a ningen female at my
side, to a mikos hut, to visit another sick ningen female. That doesn't sound like the start of our first night alone
that I was hoping for. I felt Kagome as she moved and I looked down to see her facing me.
We can stop at the hot spring on our way back and take a bath, she said as she placed her hand on my chest.
Dear kami, I thought as I felt her hand touching my skin and idea of seeing her naked and wet filled my mind. I
turn my head away before the continued sight of her hopeful face stopped both of us from reaching the hut.
Ill accompany you, I told her as I breathed out. I stood first and helped her to stand before we started
gathering our things. I collected the mats and she retrieved the pot and cups once again.
I let her walk ahead of me as I stood still to let my blood cool a bit more. When I reached inside I saw her
starting to put on something that looked like air was trapped inside and she didnt try to pat it out. I have
managed to like this garment even less then than her jeans. A few times Ive caught myself poking at it to make
it look normal, but the air wouldnt come out.
I looked around the hut as I waited and saw that the meat had already been tied up to be taken. I gave her
another glance to see that she was just about ready to leave and took the bundle with me as I want outside to
wait for her.
I stood on the porch for a moment before walking down the steps. I stopped to look back at her as she slid the
door closed. She turned and smiled at me as she came closer. I felt her arm as she wrapped it around mine
before she settled for just holding my hand.
I squeezed her hand before holding it in return. Maybe this walk wasnt such an ill conceived idea after all, I told
myself as we entered the trees.

Shoyu - Soy sauce (US), soya sauce (Commonwealth), or shoyu (Japan) is a fermented sauce made from
soybeans (soya beans), roasted grain, water and salt.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 28

= Miroku =
My heart was split in two when I first kissed Inuyasha, but bit by aroused bit I thought less of Makoto and more
of him. With my heart whole again and belonging to him, he tried to have it beat its way through my chest as he
pinned my arms to the floor and moved his mouth across my chest. I felt myself pushing up against his warm
frame as he pushed down onto mine. My body melted on the inside.
Huum, I moaned as my penis rubbed against the fine hairs that were low on his torso.
Ah... hah, passed my lips as his teeth pulled at my nipples and other parts of my chest as he moved further
down. He raked his teeth over my stomach and my skin prickled with goose bumps before it started to burn
from the inside out.
Ah, Inuyasha, I said as he moved my hands to my sides as his face went further down my body. Shivers started
to travel through my body as his hands left my arms and he drifted, claws first, across me. They were almost as
lazy as his tongue as they moved, then stopped and slowly dug into me. I dug my own fingers into the cushions
as he pushed one of his sharp nails into a nipple.
He did it exquisitely slowly to have me wishing he would keep going deeper, even though I knew I was bleeding.
All too soon those deliciously sharp points moved on and I felt the stinging trail they left behind before they
were replaced with the soft tips of his fingers. I saw him in my mind licking at those cuts later and I couldnt stop
from shivering again.
I felt for his head with my left hand before all ten of my fingers moved into his thick hair as the heat and
wetness of his mouth covered and sucked on my penis. My body felt tightly connected to each and every other
part of me, and scattered in many pieces at the same time. I was only sure of the parts of me that Inuyasha
touched and lit on fire. My belly reminded me of its existence as I felt pleasure starting to build there.
Ah! I exclaimed in surprise as I felt Inuyasha pull me along with him as he sat up and pulled my lower half up
to his face. I watched with shaded eyes as his arms held me around my waist and his tongue slid from between
his tempting lips out towards me.
Hhuunn, I moaned from low in my body as I closed my eyes. The sensations I felt from his tongue entering me
had me melting back onto him. I scooted closer to his body, as much as I could, in a silent plea for more when I
felt him stop. I opened my eyes again as I felt him kissing the inside of my thigh.
I havent really stopped, he said before he kissed another part of my leg. I just wanted to see your face before
I made you come, he finished before going back down on me again. His hair was the last thing I saw as I felt his
tongue circle my entrance. My muscles puckered from his touch and I closed my eyes as he started to probe his

way inside once again.

I moved my body without wanting to as everything inside me was stirred. My penis was so hard it almost hurt as
it felt it bouncing between Inuyashas strong arms and his far reaching tongue. Shakes and shudders had me
trembling in his grasp as he repeatedly found, moved over and assaulted the weak point in me. My chest
heaved, my breathing was ragged and my palms were pressed against his knees.
Ahhhahha...HaH..., I panted as the thought of not being able to take any more moved through what was
left of my mind.
Inuyashanomore, I managed to get out. I felt cum dripping on to me from a penis that needed some
attention and saliva as it trickled down my back from a tongue that didnt stop what it was doing.
AAhh I cried out as Inuyasha took a firm hold of my neglected penis.
Ahhh haaahhh I cried out again as he started to pump me at a fast pace. yasha, Im Im, I now held
on to his knees instead of pushing against them as he pushed me over the edge of ecstasy. I came in his hand
and over our bodies. He pumped me until I was dry, which was a total of three long satisfying streams that
rained back down unto us, and four much slower strokes which massaged what was left in me, out into a
trickling stream.
My eyes drifted open as they tried to stay close. I knew he watched me at the end. I felt it. I reached a hand up
for him and he quickly held it as he slid his body over mine and kissed me firmly with closed lips before he
gathered me close.
= Kagome =
I was only slightly bothered by the looks I received from the villagers as we made our way to Kaedes house.
Over the years I had gotten use to this as I walked next to Inuyasha. They would fear him or try to hurt him until
they needed his help. When I first started out on this adventure with him, I blamed him for all the fights he was
in, thinking that he was just quick to start a confrontation until I learned he wasnt the one who went looking for
it in the first place.
This was a blow to my notion of him being the one who loved a fight no matter what. I then realized that he
would rather stay away from everyone, including me, most of the time until we really became a group with
Shippo, Sango and Miroku.
I looked to my side and up at Sesshomarus always impressive profile. He was the demon drawing their attention
tonight. This would explain why most of the onlookers this time were women and girls of every age. As we got
closer to Kaedes I started to hear his name more as it was whispered from one person to the next along the side
of the road.
My hand still felt slightly warm from when we were holding hands as we walked through the woods. All too
soon we had reached the edge of the village and I felt him pull his hand away. The eyes I felt on us brought me
back to the display of walking we seemed to be putting on for the villagers. I turned and looked at him again just
as he looked down at me. I smiled without saying anything almost as a reflex. Some of the tension I saw in him
slipped away before he looked ahead of us again.
Kagome! someone shouted from my left. Out dashed a girl who looked to be close to my own age. As she
momentary stood still, gazing at Sesshomaru, before continuing towards me I remembered her name. It was Ai,
Hitomis twin sister.
Ai, I greeted her when she made it to my side.

Kagome, Ai said again as she hugged me hello, before her eyes found themselves looking at Sesshomaru again.
Ai, this is Sesshomaru-sama, Lord of the Western Lands. He is Inuyashas half brother, I introduced.
Sesshomaru-sama, this is Ai, Hitomis twin sister, I told Sesshomaru.
He nodded his head in her direction and she bowed in return before he turned back to Keades house. I pulled Ai
with me as we started to walk again.
Are you on your way to see your sister too? I asked Ai.
Yes, she answered. I go to see her every morning and every night. Im not use to not being with her for most
of the day, Ai finished.
How long has she been staying with Keade? I asked her.
Ai looked a little bit more depressed as she answered. Its been a week now.
Well Im sure she will be getting better soon, I said to make her feel better.
Lady Keade said that she was getting better this morning, but she will still need a lot of rest even after she is
better, she advised me, Ai explained.
See, I told her as I gave her a side hug as we walked. Things are getting better, I said as we walked closer to
Keades house. I could now see it very clearly, as it was only three houses away.
Do you think she will be wake when we get there? I was hoping to talk to her for a bit. Oh, I have this for your
family, I said as I remembered the salted meat that I was carrying. I lifted it for her to see before I gave it to her.
I was going to give it to Hitomi, but we were lucky to have met you so you can take it home, I said with a smile
as she took it.
Thank you Kagome, Ai said as she after she peeked inside. We started walking again and almost ran into
Sesshomaru who was standing still in front of us.
Oh, sorry, I said as we stepped backwards. Whats wrong Sesshomaru-sama, I asked before I looked around
him. Where here, I said as I reached back to pull Ais hand. I was halfway inside when I looked back for
Sesshomaru. He was just looking at me and it didnt appear like he was going to come inside with me. I smiled at
him as I continued inside with Ai in tow.
= Sesshomaru =
I watched Kagome as she ran inside the hut that held the aura of the old miko. A few smells that I faintly inhaled
around Masamis home were far more potent in the air here. I turned my back to the hut and looked into the
village and the small crowd that still lingered. As my gaze moved over each ningen, they turned and went back
to their lives.
I sensed nothing out of the ordinary about this village. I could smell the faint odor of the sea that couldnt be
more than twenty miles away. The village itself wasnt very large with only the smell of a few hundred ningens
around. I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds moving across it. It was going to snow soon. I inhaled the
strong wetness on the air.
When the area in front of Keades hut was fully cleared of onlookers, two ningen females walked by very slowly.
They were a little younger than Kagome and they openly looked at me as they moved past. I looked back at the
curious pair as they walked around the hut and myself, before watching them run out of sight.

I pondered as to why they would show me such interest. I believed it was my white hair. It was like Inuyashas
but better, since Ive had it combed and brushed for almost every day of my life. I heard small footsteps again
and I my eyes fell upon two more females as they too took their time walking past me also. I observed this three
more times before I heard Kagome as she stood close to the door saying farewells to those inside.
I turned towards the opening and waited for her to exit.
= Miroku =
Inuyasha somehow managed not to let all his body weight fall onto me until I was kissing him back. Now he was
rubbing his cock over mine as he woke it up from its brief sleep. I rolled over, taking him with me and placing
him on the bottom before I started to grind himself into near orgasm. I pulled my face from his and the rest of
me from his arms as I went down on him. I pushed his legs apart before I lowered my head to kiss his wet penis.
Erotic words moved through my mind as I looked down at him wanting and waiting for me to suck him into my
mouth, but nothing passed my lips but my tongue. I licked him clean by starting at the top and working my way
down to his white hair covered pouch. I kissed under the head as I moved my way back up the first time, then
the second time and then a third. I used my whole tongue to lick the cum from his skin. I then licked off the
saliva that I left behind and kissed him again along the shaft of his cock.
My hands had moved to his stomach where I kneading the skin that was under my fingertips. I flatted the palms
of my hands to his body every time I felt a shiver starting to move through him. I enjoyed it almost as much as
he did. When I made it back to the head he was leaking again. I slipped it into my mouth and sucked and licked
and sucked at it some more before looking up at him.
His eyes were tightly closed, his fingers had dug into the mats and I was surprised that I hadnt heard his heavy
breathing until now. I prepared myself to be swallowing his cum soon as I engulfed as much of his cock as I could
and brought my hands down to cover the rest of him. I moved them with my mouth as I went up and down.
I didnt have to wait long to feel Inuyasha pushing his hips up to meet me. I felt the strain in his legs as they
started to move. I opened my grip a little as he got bigger and pushed him into the back my mouth to swallow
repeatedly to first massage the head of his cock, and then to actually swallow his cum as he came. My eyes were
closed as I concentrated on not choking. I felt the tears running down my face and my grip moved from the base
of his cock to the front of his hips as I waited for him to finish.
I fell back and inhaled deeply after I pulled myself off of his penis. It felt good to fill my lungs with air again. I
pulled myself into a sitting position before I crawled up his body to look into his face. I saw his golden eyes
looking back at me as his hand touched my face to wipe my cheek before he moved his fingers backwards into
my hair. As I saw his eyes glistening with the glow of enjoyment shining from his features. It made me think that
making him like this, was as good as breathing was to me a moment ago. I bent forward and kissed him happily.
Did I make you happy? I asked Inuyasha to make him say it out loud. I wanted to hear him say it.
You always make me happy, he answered me. His hand continued to move through my hair until it ended at
the back of my neck. Are you ok? I didnt hurt you did I? he asked with some concern in his eyes and voice.
No, I said as I shook my head. You didnt hurt me, I reassured him. I felt him as he pulled my face closer to
his. I thought that we were going to kiss but we didnt. Our foreheads touched before I was pulled into a strong
I love you Miroku, he told me. I reached my hands up from my side to hold on to him when I heard that. I
kissed his shoulder and he held him tighter.

I love you too Inuyasha, I answered. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer still. We held
each other and just stayed quiet for a while.
= Third Person POV =
We were going to take a bath. That was the plan. That is what we agreed on. So why were we just standing here
looking at the steam rising up from the heated pool that was next to a slightly warmed stream? This thought,
amazing, ran through both their minds at the same time, albeit not exactly in the same order.
As each thought of lifting a finger to start getting undressed, a remembered fact, or likely outcome from them
getting undressed, stopped them from actually moving. In Sesshomarus mind, he had already taken her with a
bad and bloody ending. In Kagomes mind, she had already cried out his name more times than she could count
and all she saw him doing was licking and kissing her. All over. It wasnt so much as being afraid of that
happening to her, as much as she got lost watching the very x-rated movie going through her head.
The smell of Kagomes body as it went through the mental stages of being aroused and seduced made up
Sesshomarus mind for him. He turns to face her and sees that the shivers moving over her skin werent from
the cold.
Sesshomaru allows his detached attitude to slip away as he reaches out for her shoulders. As he turns Kagome
to face him, he kisses her forehead, then her cheek before kissing her lips and staying there for a while as he
slips his tongue through her parted lips.
Kagome reaches her arms up to his shoulders and then around his neck as she pulls herself closer. Most of the
reasons for why she delayed in getting undressed faded into what she was now doing, until a new thought came
to mind. That last one she tried to push aside, thinking it didnt need to be worried about, but as the idea of
trying to stop Sesshomaru, when he couldnt stop himself, added itself to her last worrying thought she starts to
turn her head and push him away.
A shocked Sesshomaru looks down at her as he tries to understand why she was trying to step backwards, out of
his embraced. Shes scared, was the only answer that he could come up with.
Kagome? he asks her with as much calm as he could muster with the feeling of hurt surprisingly heavy in his
We cant, she tells him. We dont have the formula and I wont be able to stop you if you cant stop yourself,
Kagome says as she continues to pull away. Sesshomaru couldnt fault her for her fear of such a situation, but
she wasnt going to be in danger tonight.
You do not need to be afraid, he says to Kagome as he pulls her closer. Kagome feels his lips on her forehead
before she looks up at Sesshomaru again. He knows what hes doing, he knows what hes doing, kept repeating
in her head as his lips come closer to hers and she gives up thinking of anything else other than the kiss itself.
Sesshomaru feels Kagomes arms as they once again hold him around the neck. He pulls her closer until he feels
her heart beating rapidly in her chest. He once again tells himself to curb the beast inside as he starts to slip his
hand under her clothing.
When he got stuck and Kagome began to fear for the existence of her jacket and other pieces of clothing, she
steps back and takes them off as she looks at Sesshomaru in his very aroused form with eyes that hadnt been
changed by the formula.
He is taller and broader overall. His eyes are so red she almost expects them to drip blood. His face is the same
as what she saw the night before, but it seems to put her at ease she doesn't understand why. The fact that he

has changed in such a way and that they didnt have the formula should have been a very scary thing.
Kagomes coat has already been discarded and her pants were now lying on top of it. With her thighs together
she grips the bottom of her shirt and pulls it over her head. Without thinking Kagome crosses her arms over her
pink bra and her hands grasp her upper arms due to the cold night air. The hold she has on herself loosens as
she now watches Sesshomaru as he stripes for her, but he doesnt stop until the only thing seen covering his
form was hair.
Somehow he manages to still glow, Kagome thought to herself as he steps closer to her. The closer he got the
less she notices the cold and the more she starts to believe that he wouldnt do anything to hurt her. We could
just do what we did at the end of the last time, she tells herself before she starts to feel the heat from his
outstretched hand.
The warmth from Sesshomarus hand touches and heats Kagomes face before his fingers actually caresses her
skin. He touches her cheek with one hand as the other settles on her shoulder. His hand moves towards her
neck but stops when it reached the strap of her bra.
Is it alright for this to get wet? Sesshomaru asks Kagome as he slides his fingers under the strap and moves
down into the cup.
Ha, Kagome breathes as her nipple hardens under his moving fingers.
Is that a yes? he asks as his other hand moves up from her waist, where it had fallen to, to push the other cup
out of the way as it too can pay some attention to her other breast.
No, Kagome says as she shakes her head. I mean it shouldnt get wet, she explains as she looks into his eyes.
Sesshomarus right hand mimics his left, and pushes the bra up over her breasts and keeps going until he lifts it
off of her and slides it along her hair until he drops it at their feet.
And this? he asks as his hands holds her waist before sliding downwards this time to the waistband of her
matching pink panties.
Those have to come off too, Kagome says after he starts to pull them lower. As he kneels down in front of her,
to get them from under her feet, she places her hands on his shoulders as she trembles with him being so close
to her now naked body.
AH! she shouts as Sesshomaru sweeps her off her feet and walks with her in his arms over to the hot springs
pool. Kagomes hands are still around his neck as he sets her down onto his lap as he himself takes a seat in the
hot water bringing the water up to their chests.
Sesshomaru is surprised by Kagome as she pulls herself up to kiss him before he was fully seated. Once again
the scents of arousal coming from her had him trying to remember that they werent going to have intercourse.
He passionately returns her kiss as his hands steadily move over her body with purpose.
Sesshomaru lifts Kagomes body up until her legs are on either side of his before he lowers her back down onto
his lap again. She quickly goes back to kissing him when her face gets closer to his again. He opens his mouth
and moans, breaking their kiss, as his member goes through her legs and rubs against the length of her opening.
It is a pleasant surprise for her and she rocks her bent hips to have it rub against her clit again.
Sesshomaru growls at her movements as he fights for some self control. With his hands on her hips he turns
them back to how they were before, but stops just short of keeping her from moving her hips at all. When the
itch in her clit becomes too much for her to ignore any longer she starts to bend her hips again as she continues
to rock over Sesshomaru's lap to have it rub against his hot skin.

Kagome doesnt see what Sesshomaru sees. He looks at her with her eyes closed, with wet hair touching her
shoulders as she moves back and forth over his lower hard self. He watches his mokomoko as it travels up her
body and runs over her breasts to go around her back and drape itself over her arm. Nor does she understand
what is going through his mind. He swears he feels every pore of her skin as she moves over his flesh. The slick
wetness, the warm folds and he couldnt help but remember what laid just beyond. She didnt hear what he was
hearing either. Her moaning makes his heart ache to hear more and the more he hears the more he wants to
make it louder. He wants to hear her call his name breathlessly. He wants to hear it cried out as she comes.
He kisses her again and pulls her close to stop her from rubbing. Kagome clings to him until she feels herself
being made to stand. Sesshomaru turns her back to him as he moves his mokomoko out of the way so their
bodies could touch skin to skin as much as possible. Sesshomaru kisses her along her neck to her upper back as
he lets his penis rise up between her legs to lay against her vagina. He rubs her nipples and licks her skin as she
presses back against him. Soon he starts to move back and forth between her legs.
The warmth is there, her smooth skin is ever present but something is missing. Sesshomaru holds both of
Kagomes hands and move her closer to the shore. He places them on the grass as he bends over her body and
places his mouth next to her ear.
Close your legs Kagome, he whispers before he licks her ear on his way onto her back. Kagome does as she is
told and she feels his penis as it moves up closer to her opening and against her clit again. The need to rock
quickly returns to her. She starts moving on her on before she is stopped by Sesshomarus hands as he holds her
still and he start to move back and forth between her legs himself.
The long strokes, at first, had them both marveling at the feelings they received until they wanted more and
started to move faster. They have more heat than what they needed. Sesshomarus hot skin, Kagomes hot body
and the heat of the spring have them dripping sweat which soaks their hair as the thought of nothing other than
coming to the anticipated end fills their minds.
Kagomes chest hovers over the ground as she is rocked back and forth. Her nipples and breasts sends
sensations through her body as they rub and hit the grass covered ground, bringing her closer to her climax. All
she can think of is Sesshomaru as she starts to get close. His name is held on the tip of her tongue.
Sesshomaru, Kagome begins with a whisper. Then it gets louder and longer as her thighs grip tighter.
Sesshomaru feels the shivers moving through her. Her cries make his movements faster, the sound of his name
brings him closer to his own edge. He leans over her back and wraps his arms around her upper body and
breasts as he holds and pulls her against him again and again until they both come and shake against each other
in their own way.
Kagome didnt move and Sesshomaru didnt make her until he became concerned about his weight on her and
lifts her body to his as he moves back to the seat in the pool. Kagome doesn't want to sit next to him and she
moves her tired body to straddle his again. She lays her head against his chest as she encloses her arms around
him and just sits there.
Sesshomaru holds her close as he kisses the top of her head before he sits back and waits for her to regain her
strength. Kagome felt happy and tired and excited at the same time. It wasnt what they had done before but
she liked it very much. This has her wondering how many other ways there were to be with someone.
Kagome blinks a few times as she lets herself feel as much as she could of the things around her. She feels the
slight current moving around them that reminds her of the bathtubs back at Sesshomarus home. She enjoys the
beating of his heart just to the right of her cheek and as she sinks mentally into the water and closer to him she
realizes that his tail is wrapped around her thigh. She wonders how long it has been there. She lifts her head
slightly and looks up at him with the starry night sky above his head.

His face is back to normal and she is almost sad that it isnt the same face that she sees when they are making
love, but she knows it is him and in time she wont even notice she tells herself. Sesshomaru felt her head
moving and her eyes looking at him now. He closed his eyes when he realized that he had neglected to ensure
her safety before seducing her. He pushes his ykai out to check for any threats and to let them know to leave
the area all at once. When he didnt sense anything and was sure that there were no threats to them,
Sesshomaru opened his eyes and to look down at Kagome.
Kagome smiles up at him and he couldnt stop from smiling back. It isn't a big face possessing grin, but it is, for a
number of reasons, a soul warming smile. Kagomes heart pauses for a moment at the sight. She then reaches
up and gives him a short peck on the lips.
I love you, she tells him once again as she sits back down. She didnt lay on him again but sits back on his legs
looking at him with the water flowing between them. Sesshomaru looks at her and thinks over her very candid
statement. He raises a hand from the waters and touches her cheek with his fingers as he looks into her shining
blue eyes.
Are you ready to leave? he asks her. His hand moves to her shoulder then down her arm before holding her
hand under water.
Yeah, she answers happily as she pushes herself off and moves to leave with him still holding her hand. She
didnt expect him to say that he loved her back. That is what his smile meant. She was the one answering him
back she thought pleasantly as she made her way towards where she remembered dropping her clothes. The
further she walked away from Sesshomaru the more she felt his tail sliding from around her leg until it was
completely gone.
As the heat from the water starts to wear off she realizes that she should have brought a towel. Kagome uses
her shirt to dry off as much as she can before putting back on her bra and panties. She then slips into her jeans
before putting on her jacket. This will keep her warm until she got back to the hut.
Kagome holds her shirt in one hand as she turns to look for Sesshomaru and finds him looking at her fully
dressed. She's sure he has been dressed for a while from how he appears, as he stands next to the boulders,
with a mostly dry tail laying over his shoulder. Sesshomaru walks over to her and extends his hand for her and
she smiles as she takes it before pulling him towards the rocks that will let them cross the stream dryly.
Sesshomaru quietly allows her to lead him and he glances at her constantly to make sure that she doesnt trip in
the dark or to watch her hair as it dries or just to see her happy face. Once they are on the other side of the
stream and walking into the trees again, the nightly silence is broken by her voice as she starts to talk about her
friend that she visited. He listens to everything she says without hearing anything.
Sesshomaru is enjoying hearing her voice again. It seemed that she didnt talk as much as he first thought she
did. Maybe she was just nervous when she was taking care of him and that was why she talked so much, but
now he likes hearing it. Kagome is delighted when he asks her questions about what she is telling him and is
more than happy to answer them. It had gotten easier to talk to him and that fact didnt pass her unnoticed.
They saw the hut to their right as they came out from the trees and they kept on talking. They held hands until
Sesshomaru opened the door and let Kagome pass inside first. He then walked in behind of her and closed it
properly before walking over to where she placed the jar that held the formula. They had agreed, at some point
on their walk back, that he would add his blood to one of the bottles so Kagome could have it ready for the next
time. Neither one said that the next time would be that night, but Sesshomaru was going to have it ready all the
He walked pass Kagome, as she sat next to fire sharing out what was left of lunch for dinner, to wash the

measuring plate with some water from the bucket before returning it to the jar. Sesshomaru pocketed the bottle
into his sleeve before he sat next to Kagome to eat dinner. He waited for her to finish pouring the tea, so he
could have a sip. It was good so he motioned for her to pour him some more.
They were quite as they started to eat and Sesshomaru couldnt help noticing Kagome as she ate the red paste
from Masami with her meat mostly.
Can we sit outside after dinner, before going to sleep? Kagome asks him. Sesshomaru looks up from his bowl
to see her as she slowly pulls the chopsticks out of her mouth. This was after Kagome had quickly placed
something into her mouth, and is now waiting for him to answer.
Are you going to read one of your school books? he asks her with mental interest.
I wasnt planning to, she answers him. Kagome wonders where that came from as she places some more rice
into her mouth. The thought of leaning against him with a blanket covering them out in the cold night air soon
occupies her mind instead.
I dont see why not, Sesshomaru says as he breaks into her thoughts.
Great. You can take the mats out after dinner while I get the blanket, she tells him as she puts down her
chopsticks and reaches for her cup of tea. Sesshomaru notices the command but doesnt think it is worth
bringing to anyone attention. The meal was a bit dryer than it was the first time he had it, but considering it was
close to the fire the whole time they were gone, it was to be expected. He drained the last of the tea from his
cup before reaching inside his sleeve for the small bottle. He placed it next to Kagome before standing to gather
the mats.
When he passed her on his way outside he saw that it was already missing from where he left it. Kagome held it
in her hand until Sesshomaru was outside. She finished eating and quickly retrieved the blanket so she wouldnt
keep him waiting for her. But as she was about to step outside in her jeans and her new dryer shirt, she changed
her mind. She walked to where her bag had now been placed and dropped the blanket next to it. She dug
through her things until she found her thickest pair of pajamas. She got undressed and placed the bottle on top
of the clothes before getting dressed in the bedtime wear and going out to sit next to Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru was listening to the sounds the night creatures made while he waited for Kagome. He was
particularly aware of her movements around the hut that was just behind his head. She moved to the opening
to come outside then went back. He believed that she forgot something, but could only guess at what it could
be. Perhaps she was going to read something after all. He heard the door as it slid open and then close again
before the soft sounds of her feet as she quickly made her way over to him were heard.
As Kagome passed in front of Sesshomarus line of view, his eyes followed her as she sat next to him and opened
the blanket over the both of them. Sesshomaru helped to spread it out and to tuck it around Kagomes form
before sitting back against the wall.
With it being colder now than it was when they sat outside before, Sesshomaru believed that sitting on the
porch instead of the ground would be a better choice. He felt her settle into his side and he moved his arm to fit
it around her waist to help keep her warm and close as they looked up at the moon, the stars, and a passing owl.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 29

= Third Person POV =

Miroku, look out! Inuyasha shouted just in time for the man in monk coloured robes to avoid being tagged by
You cant be up there! Shippo shouted to Inuyasha as he stood above him in a tree.
Says who? he challenged.
How are we suppose to tag you if youre all the way up there? the young fox yelled at him.
Its not my fault if you cant reach me, Inuyasha shouted down at him before sticking out his tongue.
We should play this game inside, Shippo told Inuyasha.
And why should we play inside? Inuyasha asked him as he crouched down on the branch.
Shippo was prepared for this question. Its too dark for Miroku and Rin to see. Its too easy to tag them, he
offered as one of his reasons and waited to see if it would work.
So that just makes it easier to win, Inuyasha grinned back at him. That grin started to die as he saw the look
on Mirokus face.
So you have to cheat to win? Shippo shot back at him with arms crossed. Inuyasha looked at the other two to
see them with the same pose looking up at him.
Fine! he shouted as he jumped down from the tree and walked away. All three of them watched as he
stomped inside before following him. They found him waiting for them in the dojo. They figured it was the only
other place left for him to be other than the hallway when they didnt find him there. Inuyasha could have given
up playing with them completely and could have gone to his room, but he wanted to do something. His bones
seemed restless.
He was leaning against the far wall of the dojo as they walked in. He wore a white shirt with long wide sleeves
that was tucked into the hakama of his fire rat kimono. One of his bare feet was pressed up against the wall
while his head was bent forward and his arms were crossed over his chest.

When he knew that everyone was in the room he raised his head and looked at the three of them. The wicked
smile he couldnt keep off his face provided the reactions he expected. Rin just looked on not knowing what it
could mean while Miroku and Shippo had their own versions of fear or excitement sliding across their faces.
Im it and Im going to count to ten before Ill come and find you. There are no pairs in this game. Ill show you I
can win without cheating, Inuyasha announced as he pushed off from the wall with the help of his foot. You
have anything to say against that? he asked as he leaned over Shippo.
No, Shippo said without stammering as he shook his head.
Fine then, Inuyasha said as he waved a hand up into the air as he turned his back to them.
Iti, ni, san, his ears swiveled as he heard them starting to run out of the room, but he only heard the two
smaller set of feet leave the room. Si, go, Inuyasha counted as he turned around to see Miroku standing by the
doorway. Roku, siti, he said as he raised an eyebrow to look at his lover looking back at him.
Tell the younger ones to get ready for dinner when you find them and look for me last, Miroku told him before
he seemed to melt backwards into the darker hallway. Inuyashas grin became a full fledged smile that covered
his face before he raised his voice a little louder.
Hati, ku, ZYUU! he shouted out the last number as he stepped from the dojo. He was going to enjoy the short
hunt before calming his prize wherever he found him.
The one to be found first was Rin, she was hiding in the library and the possessive smell of Sesshomaru almost
caused him to miss her scent. He opened the door and scanned the room for her small figure. When he didnt
see it, he crouched down to the floor and searched for her scent trial and followed it over to a chair that was in
front of a closed window.
AHhhaha.aa she squealed before giggling as Inuyasha caught her and picked her up from her hiding place.
That was fun. Can I hide again? Rin asked Inuyasha as he placed her to stand.
No its getting late. Well play again tomorrow. Go get ready for dinner, he told her as he turned her towards
the door.
Ok, she said before skipping from the room. Inuyasha stood in the library and realized that it wasnt just
Sesshomarus scent that was heavy in the room. Kagome's was there too. He was about to get loss in his
thoughts when he heard something and he turned his head towards the open door. His ears flexed at the top of
his head as he tried to recognize what made the sound and where it came from. He heard the soft pattering of
feet and knew that they belonged to Rin when he heard the echo. He almost dismissed it until he realized that it
wasnt an echo at all. It was Shippo. He ran from the room to look at the staircase to see the orange fox demon
walking behind of Rin.
I didnt think you would make it this easy for me, he said to Shippo who heard him and froze on the steps
before running past Rin and up to the second floor. Inuyasha was right behind him as he jumped from the first
floor to the fifth step, to the railing, to the top step before stepping onto the second floor.
Up here the kitsunes scent was everywhere. Inuyasha stood for a moment as he searched for the newest scent
trail before running down the hallway to his left. He followed it left again until he was brought to a stop by

conflicting smells. It appeared to Inuyasha, after a few strong sniffs, that Shippo had crisscrossed his trail a
number of times.
After crawling around for what seemed like way too long and four false leads, he found a clear trail that lead to
Shippo who was now hiding on the balcony in his and Mirokus room. He almost flew away, but Inuyasha was
able to catch him by the tail before he was able to shape shift.
Games over Shippo, he informed the orange ball of fur hanging from its tail, that Inuyasha had a firm grip on.
You can put me down now, Shippo shot back from his less than welcomed position.
Sure, Inuyasha said before dropping him onto the group of pillows that Miroku had placed out there when it
was still warm enough for them to watch the sunrise together. Time for you to get ready for dinner, he told
him as he walked away.
Hey, Shippo said after he dug himself out of the pile of silk. Inuyasha stood still before turning back to look at
him. Shippo took a step back as Inuyasha walked back towards him. He didnt think he would actually stop
because he told him too. He reserved such obedience for just about anyone other than him.
Did you catch Miroku yet? Shippo asked Inuyasha when he looked past him and out into the garden. Good, it
wasnt me that caught his attention, Shippo thought to himself as Inuyasha jumped up onto the railing as he
looked down into the garden below. He tried to see what Inuyasha did, but he didnt see anything that wasnt
suppose to be there.
Go get ready for dinner, Inuyasha told him again before he jumped down and ran to the other side of the
garden. He ran around the house and jumping the wall he saw in his path. He now landed in yet another garden
that grew different flowers and more trees than the one he just came from. He was sure Miroku passed through
here. Inuyasha stayed to make sure that he wasnt still there as he slowly walked over the grass. His ears
swiveled in every direction hoping to catch anything to let him know that Miroku was still there or close by.
His shadow separated and merged into the ones being cast by the trees. He looked intently into the dark coves
of the garden for the eyes he wanted to see. Inuyasha stood still as he felt the wind building around him. He
closed his eyes and relied on his nose and ears as he waited for something new.
The faint ring could as well have been Miroku telling him where he was for how clear he heard it. Inuyashas
eyes snapped open and he rushed in the direction where he heard Mirokus earrings hitting against each other.
He moved behind a bush to find Miroku sitting on a bench with his eyes closed.
He slid his feet over the grass once again as he got closer to the monk that he believed was meditating. The cold
that hung in the air added to his awareness of the man sitting before him as he came closer.
Inuyasha, was quietly and slowly breathed from between Mirokus lips before his body shifted and he opened
his eyes to look up at the one he called. The grin came back to Inuyashas lips as his eyes darkened to almost
honey brown in color as he descended onto his love.

Miroku knew this was coming and that is why he gave Inuyasha the task of telling the children to get ready for
dinner and why he found this hidden corner of a garden, so they wouldnt be easily heard. They indulged in the
heat of each others hands. Their lips pressed and pushed against each other as their tongues fought for access
to the others mouth. Inuyasha held Mirokus head in his hands as Miroku cling to Inuyashas shirt, digging down
to his skin with his human fingers. Inuyasha pressed his body into Mirokus as he pushed him backwards onto
the back of the bench.
As Miroku kept him close and continued the assault on his mouth, Inuyasha reached his hands down to Mirokus
ankles and unfolded his legs so they would lay across his thighs and leave Miroku open to him. Inuyasha then
got to work freeing Mirokus cock from his fundoshi as his own penis now strained to be loose.
What do you want Inuyasha? Miroku asked between labored breaths now that Inuyasha was strongly stroking
his cock. Inuyashas mouth had moved away a moment ago to kiss and suck at the skin on his neck. Inuyasha
moved his mouth back up to Mirokus chin before quickly calming his lips again.
You, Inuyasha breathed into him a moment later. I want you, his kisses Miroku. On this bench, he says after
sucking on his tongue. Ah, Inuyasha moans as his cock was pressed into the stone of the bench that was just
mentioned. His mind was brought back to the one in front of him as Miroku ran his hands through his hair as he
laid his head on his chest. Inuyasha lifted his face that now held red rimmed eyes. He felt the shiver that moved
through Mirokus frame as he looked back at him. Take me, Inuyasha was able to say as his arms left Mirokus
body to pull at the himo holding his hakama.
Soon Inuyasha stood in front of Miroku naked with his light skin and silver hair completely at odds with the
darkness around them. Miroku was very aware of how Inuyasha saw him. His robe had been pulled up to his
waist exposing his limbs and groin. Inuyasha had pulled aside his fundoshi, to purposely caress his penis which
now stood upright in front of him waiting for the heat of his demon lovers body.
Lips came into contact again as Inuyasha went to Miroku. Miroku soon felt Inuyasha as he seemed to crowd in
around him. With a few exploring movements of his hands, Miroku realizes that Inuyasha had placed his feet on
the beach on either side of his hips. Miroku moaned into their mouths as his cock now felt Inuyashas body as it
hovered over him, occasionally brushing against the head of his penis. He held Inuyashas cock and stroked it a
few times before taking his cum to his entrance and rubbing it over the opening. Mirokus hand then covered his
own cock, that wasnt lacking any pre-cum of its own, and took that to Inuyasha also.
What was spread over Miroku's fingers was slowly worked into him and Inuyasha moaned into Mirokus mouth
as he pressed their cocks together while leaning into him. Inuyasha gripped the iron backrest of the bench as
Miroku widened him. The pain was still there and will always be there, but he had learned to find and want the
pleasure that it produced also.
AH! he shouted in surprise as Mirokus fingers in unison moved over that part of him on the inside. As much as
he moved away from it, his body tried to follow those fingers to feel it again.
Miroku, fuck me, Inuyasha told him as his cock once again started to dribble pre-cum onto them.
Are you truly ready? Miroku asked to be completely sure with his fingers coated and ready to enter Inuyasha
again. He didnt wait for an answer as he slipped them inside and pushed in further to have Inuyasha bend his
head backwards with his mouth open.

Miroku placed a hand on Inuyashas back as he lowered his head to kiss his chest to suck on a tempting, perky
Yes, now, Inuyasha said when he was able to speak again. Miroku guided his penis to Inuyashas opening
before pushing deep inside as he catches Inuyashas mouth in a sound sealing kiss. Miroku pulls him down and
Inuyasha sinks further onto his lap impaling himself more. His cock trembled with the need for release as
Mirokus became comfortable inside of him.
Inuyasha started to rock to make Miroku want more. His hands moved closer to Mirokus neck, but they still held
the iron railing. Inuyasha didnt want to hurt him when he had no time to heal. With his face pressed against
Inuyashas chest, Miroku rocked against his movements. They created distance between their bodies before
they came back together again.
They moaned and cried and moved faster. As they came closer to coming they held on to each other. Miroku
held Inuyasha around his waist and Inuyasha held Mirokus head to his chest. The heat and pressure of Mirokus
waist on his cock had Inuyasha convinced that he would be coming first if not soon.
Miroku came first and he wrapped his arms around Inuyasha as his world exploded. His fingers dug into
Inuyashas skin as his hips pumped faster as he shot off his load into Inuyashas willing body. The pressure of
their bodies on his trapped cock, the pounding that Miroku was giving his ass and the smell of blood on the air
all laid their hands on Inuyasha and pushed over the edge causing his mind to spin. He wasnt aware of the howl
that erupted from him as he came on the two of them.
Slowly they pulled apart, which was a process of detaching hands from skin, and in some places closing wounds.
They looked into each others eyes before meeting and kissing again. Inuyashas knees now touched the bench
as he pressed his full weight down onto Miroku. Their kiss ended when each sought the others shoulder to lay
their head on.
They heard a breeze pass through the leaves higher up on the tree that kept them from seeing the stars. As the
sweat began to cool they remembered dinner. They redressed and raced to their room to bath and dress.
Inuyasha was able to talk Miroku into wearing one of his Kimonos to dinner and they appeared matching as they
walked into the dining room. Inuyasha was wearing something mostly blood red with black trimming while
Miroku was dressed in something mostly black with blood red trimming.
The meal was perfect as always. There was smoked pork with buckwheat noodles and pickled fish to go with the
always present bowl of rice. There was some thinly sliced cabbage that was hot to the taste. Shippo and Rin told
Miroku of how they tried to hide from Inuyasha and how they were eventually caught. They then asked and
waited to hear how Inuyasha caught Miroku.
He hasnt caught me, Miroku said in all honesty. Inuyasha looked up from his food to question that statement.
He found me, he didnt catch me, he added before placing some food into his mouth.
Next time? Inuyasha asked him.
Next time, Miroku answered as he closed his eyes in preparation to drink from his cup that he now raised to
his lips.

Does this mean that Miroku won? Rin asked before chewing on something.
No, he didnt win, Inuyasha answered. It just means that I still have to catch him before someone else can be
it and catch everyone else.
So when will you finish the game? Shippo asked. He wanted to be the next one to find everyone.
Well finish it by the time you are finished with your lessons tomorrow, Inuyasha told him.
The meal was finished soon after and everyone got up and went to their rooms. When Inuyasha and Miroku
were by themselves again, Inuyashas eyes didnt spare a moment in turning honey colored again. This almost
worried Miroku. Its not like they havent had moments, or even days, when either one of them wanted to stay
skin to sticky skin with the other, but this is the first time that Inuyasha has acted in this particular way.
Will we be seeing Masami tomorrow morning? Miroku managed to ask before Inuyasha pulled them together
and kissed him. Miroku felt Inuyashas temperature as it rose through their clothing.
Whatever you say, Inuyasha answered when he moved to lick along Mirokus ear. Inuyasha groped his behind
possessively as they stood in the hallway. Miroku twisted and was somehow able to break free. As worrying as
Inuyashas behavior appeared a few moments ago, Miroku was now being swept up by it.
You still have to catch me, he stated as he stepped backwards with Inuyasha slowly advancing towards him.
They then dashed to the only place they both wanted to be. With Miroku in the lead they came to a stop in their
room with Miroku standing next to the bed. His hand gripped the top feather filled sheet and pulled it with him
as he walked backwards onto their balcony. Inuyasha followed him as they held each other's gaze while they
walked back out into the night. When he was close enough Inuyasha shot out a hand and captured Mirokus left
Have I caught you now? Inuyasha asked as he stepped closer.
Yes, Miroku answered in a heat filled breath before returning the kiss that Inuyasha had given him back in the
hallway. Inuyasha pulled Miroku down with him to kneel on the feather filled blanket before pushing him to lay
down on his back as he covered him with his body. This time the stars saw as Inuyasha completely captured
For the second day in a row, Inuyasha was woken up by the head guard. He hadnt even known that there were
guards around until he introduced himself that first day. It seemed that Sesshomaru left orders that he was to
be kept updated on anything that happened near the mansion and on or around his lands.
The first day there wasnt much to be told to Lord Inuyasha, which helped in ushering the time it took to
convene the unknown and unwelcomed event to a speedy end. There was a small group of traveling monks who
requested permission to travel through their lands on their way to an old temple that they seem to visit every
five years. Inuyasha asked the guard if he could think of any reasons why they wouldnt be allowed. He said no,
but he added that everyone had to receive permission to go to that temple because it was also a family tomb of
sorts for ykai that once ruled the Western Lands with few exceptions. One of them being their father, Inuyasha

noted to himself. Once Inuyasha was sure that they were the ones that came every five years, he gave the guard
his permission to pass on to them, believing that they knew what to not do when they got there.
The other part of the short report was about a death in the village due to a runaway horse and a thrown ykai
female of just fifteen summers. Masami was treating her and didnt find anything worst than a broken bone that
would be fully healed in four days. What caused the horse to trample its keeper, who was holding the reins and
throw the girl who was riding it, was still unknown by the time the report was given.
Today Inuyasha sat up in bed and yawned as he raked his fingernails through his hair as he tried to scratch a
wondering inch.
Come in, he said loudly to the door. Miroku stirred at his side without waking up as the guard walked into the
room with his head bowed. As odd as he thought it was to see the guard bowing, he had more than gotten use
to the rest of the household bowing to him as they passed or entered and left a room.
What do you have to report about today Katsu? Inuyasha asked him to have him raise his head. The guard was
a wolf ykai like Kouga. They could have been brothers Inuyasha thought when he first saw the guard. Now he
thought that they could be more like father and son once he had taken in how old he really was. That and Katsu
being about a foot and half taller than Kouga didnt hurt the argument of him maybe being Kougas father either.
Yesterday morning Sesshomaru-sama and Kagome-sama arrived at the hut without incident, Katsu started. A
procession for a female feline ykai on her way to her bonding passed within two miles of the mansion
yesterday evening. Due to the fact that the female was in heat, most of the guards kept their distance, but they
were able to confirm that the procession left the area without incident. He stopped as he thought for a
moment before continuing.
The ningen monks reached the temple last night. Would you care to have a scout keep an eye on them while
they are there for the next three days? Katsu asked Inuyasha.
Would that normally be done? Inuyasha asked after he first thought that it wasnt needed because it was just
a pile of bones, before he remembered what a pile of bones could be used for.
Yes Inuyasha-sama, Katsu politely answered him.
Then I do not see why we should change that, Inuyasha paused in his reply because he realized that Katsu
was looking at the squirming form next to him. Is that all Katsu? he asked the guard in a louder voice.
Yes Inuyasha-sama, Katsu answered as he pulled his eyes back to the silver haired ykai that was staring back
at him.
Then you may leave, Inuyasha told him before he accused him of thinking things he didnt want him thinking.
Things that included Miroku and the bed he was currently in.
Yes Inuyasha-sama, he said before he bowed on his way out the door. Inuyasha fought down the feeling of
possessiveness that was running rampant through his chest as it occurred to him that he didnt really know
what the guard was thinking, just that it involved Miroku in some form, or he wouldnt be looking at him.

Inuyasha reached out his hand and touched Mirokus head, that was mostly under the covers, and moved his
fingers through his hair as he unintentionally woke him up.
Why were you upset with him? Miroku asked Inuyasha after he had opened his eyes and smiled at him.
You were awake? Inuyasha asked him.
Yes, I was awake. I was trying not to bother you but I had an itch, Miroku explained as he rubbed his right eye
with the palm of his hand. Sorry, he ended as he leaned over to kiss Inuyashas hip. So why were you so loud
near the end of the report? Miroku decided to ask again with some different words as he started to sit up. But
he changed his mind and laid back down across Inuyashas covered lap. He wrapped his arms around Inuyashas
waist and appeared to be getting comfortable.
Do you want to hear the answer to that question or do you just want to go back to sleep? Inuyasha asked as
he sat back and placed his hand on Mirokus head again.
Whichever comes first, he answered. But I wouldnt mind knowing why, he said before turning his head to
look up at Inuyasha.
He was looking at you, Inuyasha said after a short pause.
He looked at me? Miroku asked as he drew his eyebrows together.
Yeah, Inuyasha continued as he felt he should explain why. You were moving under the sheet when he looked
at you and you were in the bed and I thought that he might be thinking of stuff I think about when I see you
moving under the sheets in bed. It just made me angry that he would think that of you that way, when I was
sitting next to you, he ended while looking at the door once again. Inuyasha hadnt realized that he had raised
his voice throughout his explanation.
Miroku looked up at Inuyasha as he enjoyed the play of emotions as they moved over his face and into his voice.
You do know that he could just have noticed me and wasnt thinking anything right? Miroku asked Inuyasha
after he had given him a moment to calm down.
Yeah, I know that, Inuyasha answered. That is why I only told him to leave.
I dont think Ive ever seen you truly jealous over me before. Next time I will have to be awake to see this
captain of the guards, Miroku told him with a smile on his face.
Do you plan on going back to your flirting ways monk? Inuyasha asked him knowing, hoping, knowing, he was
I plan on doing no such thing, Miroku said before yawning as he stretched out over Inuyashas lap showing off
his chest and causing the sheet to slide off of his left leg to expose the long left side of his warm body. Inuyasha
slowly forgot about the guard as his eyes traveled along Mirokus skin that was covered in love bits and marks
that he left there. He leaned down and kissed the closet nipple before licking around its puckered surface to
heal it of the red bite marks placed there hours earlier.

Miroku remembered last night as he held Inuyashas head close to his chest as he continued to lick his nipple
into a hard nub that made him want to receive the bit marks all back over again.
Do you want to take a bath with me? Inuyasha asked as he moved up to Mirokus lips. There are a few other
places that I would like to start healing, he continued before kissing Miroku in a very suggesting manner.
Inuyasha slowly pulled back to give Miroku a moment to answer him. It took more than a moment for Miroku to
catch his breath to answer Inuyashas question.
With such persuasion how could I not? Miroku asked him as he began acting more like someone who was
quite happy with where they were as he raised his arm up and pulled Inuyashas face down for another kiss.
Inuyasha pushed Miroku off of his lap and onto the bed without completely breaking their kiss. Miroku didnt
care where he ended up, but he soon realized he was now at the foot of the bed. As Inuyasha pulled back from
kissing him, he no longer felt the soft bedding under his head and was soon looking at his room upside down.
Inuyasha knelt between Mirokus legs and pulled him back onto the bed. He matched their body parts up as he
laid down over Miroku to resume their kiss. Everything delightfully matched as penis meet penis, belly button
covered belly button, chests pressed into each other and hot lips burned hot lips.
The kiss was a wet, searching, giving, taking, licking, you-are-mine kiss that they were too happy to give as well
as receive from each other.
= Sesshomaru =
Her hair felt soft as I moved my fingers through the patch of hair that was combed over her forehead. I looked
back out towards the horizon as I watched the sun as it continued to rise. What will we do today? I asked myself
as I saw the tops of the trees as they seem to lighten from the dark color of night black to the green of the day
as the sun rose higher.
I like the feel of her body pressed into my side. I had gotten use to that feeling and warmth while we were
traveling between ningen villages and battles with ykai that held in its possession a piece of the Shikon Jewel.
My little brother was rather insistent at times that I not help retrieve it, but there were occasions when he was
just taking too long and the day had already been too long for Kagome.
Kagome had seemed rather impressed at how quickly I had settled the matter. I didnt think what I did was any
different from what I had done before, but a small feeling of something I could only label as pride grew in my
chest before it faded away with Inuyashas voice as he once again told me that he had it under control.
He clearly did not have it under control and I wasnt going to waste my breath stating something that even he
truly knew. We would have a staring contest, that never proved anything, before he would retrieve the shard
and we would look for somewhere that was a suitable place to set up camp for the night, and part of the next
day while we decided on what new direction to take.
I looked down as I felt Kagome stir at my side and tightened her grip around my waist before her arms slacked
again. I guess its time that I woke her, I told myself, but I my hand only moved across her shoulder to pull the
blanket back into place. I shifted my mokomoko that was along her body to make sure she was completely warm
before looking out towards the village as I thought of something for us to do once she awoke to our second day

Iti, ni, san, si, go, roku, siti, hati, ku, zyuu - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Himo - string; cord; in the context of traditional Japanese clothing.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 30

= Miroku =
Inuyasha, I asked as I turned my head to look at him. Do you still write in your journal? We were walking
away from the dining room after finishing our breakfast with Rin and Shippo who had already run off to do their
Inuyasha spent the next few steps thinking back to the last time he wrote in the book that brought us together.
I haven't since you found it, he admitted.
I would like it if you continued to write in it, I told him as I held his hand. There wasnt any point in avoiding
showing affection when Kagome and Sesshomaru werent around. All the servants knew and now even the head
of the guards, who we didnt know existed, knew about the two of us now.
Why? he questioned as he held my hand tighter. I was only writing in it for you for when I got enough
courage to confess. If you died before then I would have buried it with you, he replied in level voice.
I walked on in silence as I saw him leaning over my dead body in a future that I hopped wouldnt happen, at
least not for a very, very long time. He looked so sad. At least I didnt see myself being sucked into the void in my
hand anymore. I raised my hand that still had the cloth and beads wrapped around it. Once in awhile I got
dressed without them, but then I feel like I was missing something and the next time I get dressed I would find
them back on again.
Miroku? Inuyasha said. I dont think it was it was the first time, but I couldnt remember hearing him calling
me before.
Yes, I answered as I lowered my hand back to my side. He looked at me in silence as we continued to walk
towards the front door. He seemingly gave up trying to figure something out as he shrugged his shoulders and
turned to look at the door that was getting closer.
Are there any questions that you want to ask Masami? Inuyasha asked me as he let go of my hand to open the
door. I watched him walk out first before I followed him down the path towards the gate before answering his

Nothing much. I just wanted to meet her and maybe tell her thank you for when she treated me, I started.
Im far more interested in the questions you have for her and the answers youll get. I smiled over at him as he
started to blush.
Come on Masami is waiting for us, Inuyasha said as he started to walk ahead of me. I laughed to myself before
trying to catch up.
= Masami =
So the younger brother will be coming to see me today. I stood in my receiving room looking out into my garden
that looked a bit too thin with most of the leaves now missing from the trees. I held the note that I received
from Inuyasha-sama not too long ago. There was no one that I planned to see today and there was currently no
one in my care, so I decided to wait for them here after I had my morning meal.
Theyre here, I told myself before I heard the ringing coming from the main gate. Inuyasha-samas note didnt tell
me why he was coming, just that he was coming and that he was bringing one of his ningen friends along. The
monk I treated before it seemed.
I turned around and faced the doorway as my servant walked them towards the room. I felt a passing breeze as
it whirred around my sock clad feet and a little higher up my legs as it momentarily parted my kimono. As the
door opened the wind died and I looked prepared to meet my young lord.
Inuyasha-sama stepped into the room first and was closely followed by his monk friend. I couldnt recall his
Inuyasha-sama, I said before bowing.
Good day Masami-sama, he said as he bowed also. I rose sooner than his friend and saw the top of his black
hair covered head. I quickly summed up what I had figured out about him, physically anyway. He appeared to be
between the ages of eighteen and twenty three. He was the same height as Inuyasha-sama and today, at least,
he walked in with a slight lip. It may be a recent injury or a very old one that only slightly impeded his walking. I
found old scars on his body when I tended to him the day we discovered Inuyashas new ability, so either
assumption could be correct without more information.
I motioned to both of them to sit on their side of the table as I came forward to sit on my side. As we sat my
servant poured three cups of tea before moving to sit away from the table with her back to the wall.
Are you well today my lord? I asked Inuyasha-sama to get the conversation going.
Yes. Thank you, he said before going quite again. I then turned my attention to his friend as he thought of a
way to ask me the questions that he came to ask.
Im sorry, the young man said before bowing again. My name is Miroku. I am Inuyasha-samas friend, he
Thats not true, Inuyasha-sama quickly added. I looked in his direction just as Miroku-san now did. Hes my
lover, he said before pausing again. We came to find out about the turning ceremony, because we plan to be
mated soon, he stated while looking right at me.

Well, this I did not expect. I looked in his lovers direction to see his reaction to this announcement. His
expression changed from something close to shock to having a small happy smile grace his lips.
Congratulations, I said as I bowed slightly to both of them. Have you decided on a date for the event? I
asked Inuyasha-sama.
We havent gotten that far yet. Were here for information on how everything was done to make sure if we
really wanted to include the turning ceremony, Inuyasha-sama explained.
His wording lead me to believe that he didnt know what took place in a normal mating ceremony, never mind
one that contained a turning.
Have you ever seen a mating ceremony my lord? I asked him to see how much I needed to explain.
Ive never seen one, not a demon one anyway. I saw a few ningen ceremonies from time to time, but I never
stuck around for the whole thing, Inuyasha explained. That didnt help. I looked down at the tea that none of us
had bothered touching.
The mating ceremony in of itself can be as simple or as elaborate as you would want it, I told them as I lifted
my cup off of the tables surface. Firstly gifts have to be exchanged in the presence of family or who has taken
the place of family for that person. I sipped some tea before continuing. There isnt a specified set of gifts to
be exchanged and the meaning of the gifts are left up to the giver and hopefully the receiver understands, I
said. Once the first receiver receives their gift, it is now up to them to deny or accept the senders request to be
mated to them. If they accept, they then pass on their own gift to the other person.
Masami-sama, Miroku said to pause my explanation. How much time does the first receiver have before they
have to send their own gift to show that they accept? he asked.
The longest that is allowed is a week, but there have been some cases in which more time was allowed
because it was impossible for the first receiver to send or deliver their gift in the traditional period of one week,
I answered. He nodded his head showing that he understood and then waited for me to continue.
The time period of a week is given so that members of each side and anyone who they wished to attend can be
contacted and arrive in time for the second part of the ceremony which would be three days later. This is when
they announce their willingness to be mated to each other. Normally after this the couple would physically mate
within the next two hours, and then rejoin their guests dressed in something meant to show off their mating
marks. But with the turning ceremony included two extra days are added to the whole mating event. I drank
some tea to moisten my throat.
Unlike the mate marking, the turning will be done in public. It is considered part of the announcement of the
couple to be mated to each other. A healer will be present for the ningens welfare while a spiritual leader, who
would have been there to bless the union and seek blessings from past ykai and ningen ancestors, would now
have an extra part to play. During the turning, they would be involved in moving part of the ykais spirit to the
ningens body while they drink each others blood.
Blood? was voiced by both males at the same time.

Yes, blood, I answered before continuing. While a part of the spirit is moved and mixed with the ningens,
they would have had their arm cut and placed in a large bowl before them on the floor. Their blood would be
mixed in this bowl and then they would be given cups of it drink. When the bowl has been filled to the desired
mark, both wounds are treated while the couple continues to drink. They will drink until the bowl is empty. The
ningen should have started to show characteristics like their mate and their wound should have healed before
they are taken away to rest and recover. The ykai would not need that much time to recover or rest, but they
would want to be with each other and they would mark each other before they would be seen by their guests
again, I finished. I sipped from my cup a few times and the girl even refilled it before they started to speak.
Ah, the monk started, but seemed to have decided against it. He looked in Inuyasha-samas direction for some
clue of something, but he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. I had no pressing matters so I sat there and
waited. I slid my hand to the edge of the table and flexed my fingers so that the servant girl could change her
kneeling position. We may be here for a while and I didnt want her legs to go numb on her.
I finished my cup and motioned for the girl to stay where she was when I saw her getting up to refill it. Ive had
my fill of it for now.
Can a ningen drink that much blood? Inuyasha-sama asked me. I looked at him looking back at me for a
Ningen blood no, but with it being mixed with ykai blood, it makes it easier, I waited for a reaction, but they
just waited for me continue. The amount of ykai blood being swallowed by the ningen, along with the spirit
being moved into their body makes it easier for them to make the blood part of their body, but there is always a
chance of something going wrong. This is where the ningens healer comes in besides making the cut into their
arm. But rest assured my lord, I will be there to perform the cutting and to aid in anything pertaining to your
health. For both of you, I ended.
I watched as Inuyasha-sama nodded his head at my answer. I might have explained too much, but they came to
find this information. I once again waited. Instead of talking they moved to stand up with Inuyasha-sama being
Thank you for your time and all the answers that you have provided for us Masami-sama, Inuyasha-sama said
as he bowed slightly in my direction.
The pleasure is all mine my lord, I said in turn as I now bowed to him and Miroku-shi. I look forward to
receiving word of your mating ceremony my lord, I said as I raised my head.
Thank you again for all your help, Miroku-shi said as he bowed to me. I did a slight bow to him before they
turned to leave the room. The girl made it to the door just in time to let them out. I heard her feet as she tried
to get ahead of them to lead my lord and his friend out and to close the door behind of them.
That was a rather eventful morning. So both brothers will be mating with a ningen it seems. Im going to have to
brush up on some of my old scrolls about the last turning I did and any others Im able to fine. At least I have the
blessing of one of them being male. I was comforted with that fact as I now stood and left the room to walk
down the hallway.
= Third Person POV =

They had decided to stray from the path that led through the small thicket of trees that stood between the hut
and the well. Sesshomaru had slowed his pace to lessen Kagomes chances of tripping over something and to
draw out the time that they would spend together before actually getting somewhere. He had also been
keeping track of where they had walked and he managed to guide Kagome on a twisting path that was just feet
away from where they had just walked to keep her near the hut or the well, where he was sure it was free of
any threats to her safety or other ningens that would interrupt them.
Kagome loved how she had woken up that morning. It was later than she would have liked but she was warm
and seeing Sesshomarus face looking down at her as it was bathed in morning light had kept her in high spirits
for the whole day. She talked on and on about anything that came to mind about what she did or was going to
do when she got back home. She also told of adventures she had with Inuyasha and the others before
Sesshomaru had joined their group.
From the time they left on their walk Sesshomaru hadnt let go of Kagomes hand and he had heard every
syllable she uttered but he didnt comprehend a word until he thought back on what she had said. A moment
arrived where she fell silent and just walked holding his hand and tried to look everywhere but him, but she did
anyway, constantly, to her annoyance and happiness. After Kagome got tired of turning red every time she
found herself looking at him and Sesshomaru looking back with his steady gaze, she decided to ask him some
things about himself. She mentally paused as she tried to think of a good question to ask him.
What do you like about me? Sesshomaru asked Kagome before she could come up with a question of her
own. She turned to look at him as they came to a stop.
What do I like about you? She asked herself. A lot of things, she answered.
Such as? he probed. He wasnt sure he would be able to answer the question if she asked him, but he was
curious to know what she thought of him since he knew what others thought of him and it didnt leave much
room for being liked.
Well, you are dependable. I never have to be too worried about you because I know that you can win against
anyone who challenges you and that you wont seek a fight unless you had too. At first I was frightened of you,
but when I had to spend some time with you I saw that you werent as bad as I thought you were. Then I
wanted to know what else I had wrong about you. Then you just hung around and I couldnt stop thinking about
you, she answered him. She hadnt even looked at Sesshomaru the whole time she was talking. Kagome still
held his hand, but she was looking off in another direction.
What do you mean by I 'hung around'? Sesshomaru asked her. He believed it to be saying from her time, but
he wasnt sure what it meant.
Well, before I went to your home for the first time, I saw you even though you werent there. You were like a
ghost keeping me company. Weird ha? Kagome asked as she finally turned towards him. I think it was my
mind telling me, in an odd way, that I liked you enough to miss you, she said as her voice trailed off. Kagome
chewed her lower lip as she looked at Sesshomaru. She was trying to understand what she saw in his face while
hoping at the same time that he didnt think of her as being a sap. After a moment Kagome stepped forward
and released his hand to hold him in a hug.

She hadnt really been able to understand anything from looking at his face, except that he was possibly at a lost
for a reaction since this hadnt happened to him before. So he was too busy sorting out what she had said to
consider her a sap for actually saying the things she did, which she would more than gladly take at the moment.
Slowly Sesshomaru raised his arms and hugged Kagome back as the words she said created a place for
themselves in his mind. He brushed her hair down with one hand and then down her back as she snuggled in
closer to his body.
When did you start to like me? Kagome asked Sesshomaru as they stood among those trees embracing each
other. She told him what she felt about him, now it was his turn she believed. Kagome had already decided that
today they were going to learn a lot about each other.
Im not sure of when I started to like you, only when I started to realize it, Sesshomaru said over her head. It
was the first time you came to my home. You wore those short pants and I was annoyed without cause. Then I
found you in my bath which was unexpected but not disagreeable. When I was getting dressed to take you back
your room I was confused when you looked away from me. Then there was that smell you placed on yourself
before we went down for lunch. I didnt like it. It was too strong, but it made me remember and appreciate your
natural smell more. By the time we had dinner I knew I was happy to have you there and I knew that you would
be more than just be a friend of my half-brother to me, he finished. Before he had time to really think about all
that he had just told Kagome he was pushing her away from him when he felt her shoulders shake and smelled
her tears.
Whats wrong Kagome? Sesshomaru asked her as he looked down at her face. Well he tried to look down into
her face. Her head was bent as she looked downward while still holding on to him with both her hands.
Kagome? he said once again in a softer tone to get her attention.
Kagome released one of her hands from Sesshomarus side to reach into a pocket on her jacket for some tissue.
She wiped her eyes dry and her cheeks clean of the salty tears before rubbing her nose. As she moved the tissue
across her nose one last time she looked up at him.
Why were you crying Kagome, he asked her as his hands now moved to hold her face.
That was so romantic, she replied while trying not to start crying again. She continued to look at him as new
tears shone in the corner of her eyes. A small smile managed to show itself at the tip of Sesshomarus mouth
before he lowered his face to kiss her forehead, then her cheek before kissing her nose and her other cheek in
turn before spending a great deal of time on her lips. The tissue fell from Kagomes hand forgotten as she
reached for Sesshomaru again.
She clung to him as their mouths opened and the kiss started to set their skin on fire.
MMM, came from Kagome before she pulled backwards. Sesshomaru looked down at her as she looked back
wide eyed.
Kagome? Sesshomaru asked her as he now sensed something faint, like it was dying or very far away.
AHHH! Kagome now screamed as she started to pull off her jacket. HELP ME! she screamed at him as she
tried to pull on the zipper that chose that moment to get stuck half way down.

Help? Sesshomaru asked as he looked on, for once not knowing what was wrong or what to do. Whats
wrong? he asked so he could help.
There is something in my clothes. It feels like its trying to eat ME! Kagome screamed before falling to her
knees from an unseen bolt that hit her in the back and bowed her body temporary. Sesshomaru moved to kneel
behind of her believing whatever it was, was on her back. He extended his claws and shredded her fluffy jacket
without taking any pleasure in it and ripped her shirt from her back as she screamed in pain from what he was
trying to get at.
Sesshomaru paused as all he saw on the pale skin of her back was part of a leaf. He quickly looked around her
shoulders and sides for anything else. Marks, something that moved, anything that wasnt suppose to be there
in his option. He just saw the leaf. Kagome wasnt moving about or crying out anymore. Maybe it was taken
away with her clothing he thought as he reached out a few of his fingers to brush the leaf away. It twitched and
Kagome cried out again.
What he saw of the leaf seem to get smaller until he realized it was going into her skin. Sesshomaru reached out
to grab it, but it slipped through his fingers and went into her body.
AAAHHH! Kagome screamed as she clawed at the ground, breaking some of her nails and causing some of her
fingers to bleed. It has to come out. Those were the words going through Sesshomarus head as he held his
breath before cutting into Kagomes back. AAAAAHHH! she screamed again as the blood ran in rivulets down
her sides. After going as far as he dared, to have it slip away again, Sesshomaru started to panic on the inside.
His options, he thought of his options. He could take her to the well and to her home, but the faint smell he
noticed was ykai and he remembered Kagome saying they didnt have any in her time.
AAHH! she shouted again and more blood came out. He scooped her up and went to the village. His home was
too far away.
MIKO! he shouted as he stepped into Kaedes hut.
= Sesshomaru =
I stood over the old miko as she knelt next to Kagome. The front of my kimono was covered in her blood and the
smell of it irritated me more with the knowledge that I was the one that injured her to this extent. I had to hold
Kagome still as the old woman made her drink something to help her bear the pain, but when that didnt work
she gave Kagome something to make her sleep.
It was only when Kagome had been tightly bandaged and sleeping soundly did the old woman tell me what I
needed to know.
Its a mushi, she stated. I continued to look at her. Its a pure spirit that most beings never see, she said
before sighing. She stood and walked outside with the bucket of bloody water. The ningen girl that I had
expected to see there, Kagomes friend, was absent but as I followed this ningen, I saw a bedroll laid out on the
floor that held the odor of fading sickness.
They are not normally found down here. They prefer to live in the mountains, but once in awhile a few come
this far. They choose when and how often they travel to our forest. There havent been any here, that I know of,

for seven years, she explained. There are many different kinds so I am unsure of which kind this one is, but
there is one way to get it out of Kagome no matter what kind it maybe, she said.
She turned her back to me and I watched her as she threw the bloody water into a blocked off area. I felt the
shield from where I stood and knew that it was there to protect everyone in the village from things and
creatures that would be attracted to the smell of blood. After she rinsed out the bucket with water that was
standing outside the area then tossing that inside also, I could no longer smell the blood as strongly. It was a
good barrier but it didnt lengthen my patience for her that continued to grow thinner.
Ye will have to get what can save her. I no longer have that kind of wood left, she said once she turned around.
Wood? I questioned her with a raised eyebrow.
The smoke that comes from the burning of this tree traps the mushi and it can then be pulled away to be
released or killed with the same smoke, she clarified.
Where do I have to go to get it and how much do you need? I asked her as I started to lift off the ground with
the aid of an energy cloud that I started to form under my feet.
Do ye know of the village named Hitachita? It is to the north of here and five days travel for a normal person
in that direction. The miko pointed with her arm. Its on the other side of a river and its as far away from the
ocean as we are. Ask for the local priest by the name of Yuu. He will have what ye need, she finally finished.
I erected the orb around me and took off in the direction that she had pointed out. Hitachita. I had heard of it,
but I had never been there. I pushed my orb to cover more distance. I wasnt going to have this take any longer
than it needed to be. As I smelled the blood again in the confined space of my orb I willed myself faster.
I slowed as I crossed the river and traveled for about ten miles before I turned east and headed towards the
coast. I scanned the horizons to my left and to my right in search of any signs of a ningen village. I spotted
something to my right and stopped to look harder. I pushed the ability of my sight to make sure I wasnt chasing
something I wasnt looking for. I saw a thin column of smoke, but I was too low to see the top of any buildings, if
any were there at all between the trees. I turned and flew in that direction as I went higher into the sky.
I stopped again when I clearly saw the red gate of their temple and started to descend as I drew nearer. I landed
at the bottom of the steps that led up to the temple. There werent many steps since the temple seemed to
have made its own little hill to sit upon. I heard footsteps behind of me and turned to see two ningen females
looking at me. One appeared to be the same age as Kagome while the other looked old enough to be her
mother. They held hands and stepped back as I turned to fully face them.
Is this Hitachita? I asked them. They stepped backwards again. Is this, or is this not Hitachita? I asked in a
louder voice.
No, the younger one said as she stepped away from the other woman. Its to the east of here. About a days
walk, she added. I was angry at myself for not getting there the first time, but at least I knew I was heading in
the right direction. I turned and took off again to the east. It didnt take me long to see it at the speed I was
going. Hitachita wasnt a small village. I counted over two hundred huts and buildings aside from the temple
that was at the southern edge of the town.

When I landed, it was outside of one of the larger buildings on the temples grounds. There were three men in
robes cleaning where I had chosen to land. By the time my feet touched the ground two more had arrived. I
turned to the majority of them and was grateful when they didnt appear to want to fight me, but held their
ground even though I was covered in dried blood.
Is there a priest here by the name of Yuu? I asked them.
What business do you have with him demon? one of them from the other group asked me. I turned in his
direction. As much as I wanted to declare to him my status and name, I knew it wouldnt mean anything to him,
so I gave him a name that I thought would get me to see this Yuu faster.
Lady Keade, Keeper of The Bone Eaters Well and the Priestess of Inuyashas Forest, has sent me here to meet
with the priest Yuu to retrieve something, I explained while holding my anger back for both wasting time and
for actually giving the forest that my brother was trapped in for fifty years his name.
They all continued to look at me. I was quickly losing patience when one of them stepped forward.
Ill take you to him, he said. I waited for him to walk off and I promptly followed. He lead me to a building that
was at the edge of their grounds. It stood looking at the forest with its own trees growing on the inside.
Inside we found a few other men tending to the plants and flowers I saw covering most of the surfaces in the
room. They made way for us as the man walked past them to lead me to a man who looked to be the same age
as the old miko. The younger man walked up to him while I stood back. He whispered to the older man what I
had told him and the others and what he had seen of my arrival here.
Thank you Jiro, the older man told him when he stepped back before motioning him to leave.
I am Yuu, he told me. You didnt give your name demon? the priest half asked me.
I am Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands, son of Inu no Taish who ruled those lands before me, I told him
with pride. He nodded his head. I then heard the shuffling of feet as the other men that were there left.
What is it that you came for? he asked after he saw that everyone had left.
I was told that you have what would be able to capture something called a mushi. A branch or piece of wood
from a certain tree whose smoke is used to accomplish this, I told him. His face became grim.
What kind is it? the priest asked as he moved to the back of building. I didnt believe that his hearing was still
as good as it once would have been, so I followed him as I answered his question.
I do not know what kind, but it looked like a leaf before it went into her body, I recalled for him. With some
effort I tried not to see my hands as they held her down and dug into her back, covering my fingers and claws
with her warm blood. I felt a shiver move down my spine before my eyes focused and I saw the old priest pulling
a small bundle of wood down from a shelf. He then pulled two from among them and handed the rest to me.
Are all of these needed? I asked him.
No, he answered. You only need this much to capture the mushi and pull it from you said it entered a girl,
correct? he asked after he showed me the size of a small twig on one of the chunks of wood.

Yes, I answered him. He lowered he head for a moment before continuing.

The rest are just extras for Lady Keade and any other village in that area that may need some, he finished.
How do you kill a mushi with this? I asked him when I recalled how the old miko seem to know more about
catching it rather than killing it.
I admit that its unfortunate that this has happened, but they mean no harm. They are pure spirits that dont
know anything of hate, revenge, anger or evil. They just need to be kept separate from humans. Killing a mushi
should only be done when it cant be separated from who it has become attached to, he tried to tell me.
You do not think that they are a danger to anyone? I asked him as I felt the fine hairs at the back of my neck
raise in anger. How dare he imply such a thing!
They cannot hurt demons, so you and your kind are safe. Once you move it closer to where its home is, higher
up in the mountains, it most likely will not come that far south again for years, if ever. It doesnt know of the
problems that its causing. Its just doing what it thinks it should. Besides, its not truly causing anyone any harm.
Its easily removed most of the time and anything it changed in the person it attached itself too will disappear
completely in a day or two.
Not cause anyone any harm? I asked him with the sound of anger coloring each of my words as I stepped
closer. Tell that to my mate who I heard cry out in pain as it pushed its way into her body! I threw at him as if
it was his fault.
Your mate is a human? the priest asked. I didnt feel a need to answer. I turned and walked out of the building
that didnt have a roof. As I stepped outside I walked onto my energy cloud which turned into an energy ball the
moment before I took off into the sky and in the direction of the little village where Kagome laid hurt and in
uncertain danger.
Shi - is an intermediary form of politeness between sama and san.
Hitachita - A real place in Japan in the area of Mito.
Mushi - Its a character that I took from an anime named Mushi-shi. Mushi are things, spirits that are pure.
Most of them dont seek any contact with humans. When they do, they can cause bad things to happen to the
human or people around them. I made them a little less dangerous in my story.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 31
= Kagome =
I felt the world moving around me before I felt the warmth under my hands as I grabbed out for something to
steady myself with. The bright light that I saw when I opened my eyes caused me to close them again as I clung
tightly to what I was holding on to. When I felt the movement stop I slowly opened my eyes a crack to see
Sesshomaru looking down at me. Hes taking me somewhere again. I told myself before looking around. We
were on the path that led from our hut to the village and it looked like we were heading towards the hut.
I looked back up at Sesshomaru with wider eyes waiting for him to tell me what was going on and saw the
darkening sky over head. Where did that light come from if the sun was setting? I turned my head and looked
right into the setting sun as it continued to dip behind the distant horizon that had a clear path through the
trees. When I looked up at Sesshomaru again, he was still looking down at me while holding me at least three
feet off the ground.
I think I can walk the rest of the way now, I told him as I tried to push away.
I will carry you, Sesshomaru said as he started to walk again. He hadnt carried me since I fell asleep in the
library and woke up in his arms as he was taking me to my room. Back then he let me go as soon as he knew I
was awake, unlike today where he was insisting on carrying me to the hut.
I really think I can I walk to the hut, I told him as I tried to get down, but his arms held fast not giving me an
inch to budge in.
Stay still Kagome. You are injured, he said without looking down.
Injured? I tried to remember what happened before I blacked out. We were talking, then we were kissing, then I
felt something on my back. It hurt, a lot, then nothing. A shiver went through me and I suddenly felt like I had to
stay close to Sesshomaru. I turned my face into his chest as flashes of being in Keades hut as pain burned across
my back played in my mind.
I stayed quiet while Sesshomaru carried me the rest of the way and into the hut. Once we were inside and he
had closed the door with his foot, he spoke to me again.
Im going to let you stand. Please stay still and wait for me to come back for you, he said while looking down at
me. I nodded my head and he started to slowly lower my feet for me to stand. I released my arms that I had
around him and they flew back into place as the pain, that I remembered, came to life. I buried my face in his
chest and tried really hard not to cry out. I didnt feel him embrace me or hear any words of concern until the
warmth of his hands held my shoulders.
Im sorry, he said as he stood there holding me. After the pain faded I slowly pushed away from his chest to

avoid having the pain come back too quickly.

I will get the sleeping bag ready for you. I will be gone for just a moment, he said as he looked down into my
eyes. I nodded my head again and he let go of me slowly and waited to see if anything would happen before he
turned and got the sleeping bed. I watched him as he rolled it out and then pull on the zipper. I tried not to
laugh as he worked his hair out of it the one time it got caught, but I didnt do that good of a job and my back
stabbed me for my lost of control. I bit my lip to keep from crying out and letting Sesshomaru hear me.
If Sesshomaru had noticed he didnt show it as he now laid the sleeping bag open for me. He used one of the
bedrolls that wasn't taken outside and made it into something of a pillow for me before he came back to brace
me against his body. He started to lift me again when I held his arm away from me. I felt the muscles under his
sleeve and thought that it was odd that he actually stopped when he could easily lift me whether I wanted him
to or not.
I want to walk, I told him as I held on with both my hands as I started to move forward. He walked in step with
me. After four steps I started to realize that walking wasnt the problem for me, it was when I tried to take a
breath. I held on to his sleeve tighter as we continued. Im glad that he didnt try to lift me up again. I wouldnt
have protested, but I still wanted to at least try to make it to the bed he made for me.
I stood over the bed when we got there and I couldnt bring myself to lie down. I stood for a while looking down
at it until I felt Sesshomaru move his arms around me again and I just went limp in his arms to keep the pain
away as he slowly lowered me. The pain dug its fingers into my body as my weight started to rest throughout my
shoulders. I reached back up and hung onto Sesshomarus neck and shook my face into his chest.
I cant lie on my back, I whispered to him through the biting fingers that dug into my upper back.
Without saying anything he started to twist my body to have me lay down on my chest. There were almost no
non-indecent ways for him to lay me down that would keep him from touching my back. I forgot to blush as his
hands slid from under my breasts, that were under the bandage, as I braced for any pain. I reached out and
grabbed Sesshomarus hand as he pulled it away and held on as my body settled into place.
What happened? I asked him when I couldnt think of why my back would be hurting me so much. Were we
attacked? I asked as it was the only thing I could up with as to why I felt this much pain from an injury.
We werent attacked, just you, he said as I felt him squeeze my hand. We were among the trees, close to the
well, when something entered your body, Sesshomaru said before he turned his head.
So that is what hurt me, I said as I saw 'it'. A dark unknown, making a hole in my back for it to enter my body.
But wouldnt Sesshomaru have seen it and stopped it? I asked myself. I was about to ask him when I heard him
starting to speak again.
No, it didnt cause the wound on your back. I did that, he confessed. I quietly sucked in my breath when I saw
his eyes as he looked down at me again. They were wet. His golden eyes twinkled and glowed from the tears
that he refused to let fall.
Sesshomaru, I said to him as I closed my eyes against the pain that moved out from back again.
Drink this Kagome, Sesshomaru said before I opened my eyes. When I did, I saw him holding the bottle, from
the night before, that he had placed his blood in for us. The top was already removed and the liquid looked
frothy to prove that it had already been shaken. I looked from it back up to him. It will help you heal faster, he
told me. The look he had before with his wet eyes and the feeling of sadness that hung on his shoulder had
been brushed aside now. His body conveyed confidence again as he held out something to help me.

I let go of his hand and reached up for it. I tilted my head back and swallowed it before resting my head down
again. The ache at the back of my head returned. My eyes saw everything as they started to glow with
Sesshomaru outshining them all. I laid there breathing in and out slowly as he took the empty bottle from me
and replaced it with his own hand. I smiled up at him as the pain in my back started to fade like the headache
that was no longer there.
Does your back still hurt? he asked with a hint of concern in his voice a few minutes later. I smiled before
shaking my head. I even felt like pushing my luck and started to sit up.
I dont feel anything now. Do you think it already healed? I asked him.
Ill check, he told me as his hand reached out for my face. His hot fingers slid along my cheek causing a new
sensation to move across my body. I saw him getting closer and I leaned into him to have our lips meet. I had to
place my hands on his knees to keep myself steady as he sucked the life out of me as he energized every fiber
that was in me at the same time.
Hah, I said in surprise when he lifted and then laid me across his lap. I slid my hands around his chest and
grabbed a hold of his clothing as my lungs told me they needed air, but the rest of me just wanted to stay as
connected to him as possible. My lungs won out as I pulled back to see that he was also breathing as heavily as I
was. I looked into his face for a moment before resting myself against his chest. His eyes were completely red
and his face had already changed shape.
I wanted to have sex with him. I wanted to feel him between my legs that he had caused to start shaking, but we
had to check my back first. I leaned back from his warm body and realized that I was no longer wearing what I
had on earlier as I started to untie the belt from around the well worn robe that I was now currently wearing. I
felt Sesshomarus eyes on me as he watched the cloth as it slid from my shoulders to collect around my waist.
The bandage, that I became aware of a few minutes ago, had been wrapped around my chest and held my
breast up to my chest better than any sports bra I ever had.
I looked back up at him, when I could bring myself to do so, and he was still looking at me with desire in his
eyes. I didnt want to remind him that he was suppose to be checking my back, so I just looked at him until he
started to unravel the lengths of cloth from around me. I covered my breasts with my hands before leaning
forward and over my legs so he could look at my back.
I closed my eyes as I felt his fingertips as they slid along my skin before he pulled away what was left covering
the wound. I jerked as my eyes snapped open. His tongue. I felt the warmth and wetness as he slid it over where
the pain was coming from before. I felt the wet trail that he left behind as he went back and forth over what
seemed to be the whole upper part of my back.
Hahh, I muttered when it was starting to feel really good and no longer like some kind of first aid. He kept this
up until half my body seemed to have been switched on with wanting this new feeling to continue. I moaned as
I started to think that it would be a good idea to have him lick other parts of me. When he stopped I thought of
breathing normally again when I felt his fingers starting to move through my hair. Sesshomaru moved aside
what little hair that still fell down my back to kiss the base of my neck. He then kissed my shoulder blade before
moving slowly upwards.
I sat up slowly the higher he moved on my body as though I was being pulled by the movements of his lips. My
hands didnt care to cover my breasts anymore. One laid on the floor at my side with my fingers touching the
sleeping bag while the other was in my lap as I tried to stretch out my neck to keep him going. My eyelids
fluttered as he moved along my jaw setting my skin on fire as he drew a line that lead right to my lips. My
eyelids stayed shut as I waited to feel his lips cover my own. My breathing fell into the rhythm of getting shorter
and faster with anticipation.

Ah, I gasped as his lips reached mine. The heat of his hand completely covered one of my breasts. I arched into
it as he moved his palm in circles over my nipple that was already hard and firing very erotic signals back into my
body. I rubbed my thighs together as one hand reached out for something steady in a world that was starting to
spin out of control.
AAHH, I said as I jumped before pushing myself unto his hand. He had moved in and up against me in one swift
movement that didnt give me any warning. Now I felt his arm as he pushed my legs further apart. I had to fight
some kind of built in instinct to close them again as he rubbed some very sensitive parts of me.
The hand that I had lain on the floor was now bracing itself there, pushing back against my body. My other hand
had tightened and become twisted in the front of his clothing. I pulled him closer as we kissed and to satisfy the
need I developed to have him even closer to me.
I felt like I was losing my mind as I closed my legs on his hand again and my body started to shake. I broke the
kiss and bent my head backwards so I could moan freely. I was going to die again. I felt it. This felt too good for a
human like me to live through, but I always found out that I did when I opened my eyes again. I felt the great
wave as it started to push me towards something that fell forever. What couldnt be called words got louder and
louder the closer I was drawn towards the end.
SESSHOMARU! The world started to get dark. The glow was fading from everything as my eyes started to
close. Maybe I will die from the pleasure today. If that is true I have to tell him. I turned my face until I saw his
red eyes. I love yo
= Sesshomaru =
I pulled my hand from between her legs and her warm lower lips to wipe it on my thigh before reaching up to
touch her face. I gently kissed her lips before pulling her forward to look at her back. The wound was now a mix
of angry red tissues that were turning into scars. I removed all the bandages and tied the robe around her
before setting her back down on the sleeping bag. I then slowly untwisted her hand from the front of my
kimono before I moved from her side. I found the metal teeth that closed the sleeping bag and covered her up
Shes safe. She is now safe. I walked away from her, further into the hut. My body leaned back against the wall
and I watched her as I sat down again. My vision got blurry and I knew why. I just looked at her as I felt tears run
down my face for the first time in over two hundred years.
= Kagome =
I looked up at the window and saw that it was snowing. It wasnt falling heavily, but the small snow pile that I
saw sitting on the window ledge on the outside made me think that it must have been snowing for a while. A
third of the widow had a backdrop of brilliant white. Glass? There was no glass in the feudal era. I focused my
eyes as I started to look around. This was my room. I started to sit up, as I realized that I was laying on my spring
bed, to feel something weighing me down on my left side. Before I turned my head I knew who it had to be.
I happily smiled at him when I saw him asleep next to me. It was almost hard to believe in someone so perfect
living and being with me. Yet as I reached my hand out to lay it on the side of his face, and slide it down to his
jawline to let my fingers trail down his neck, I reminded myself that he wasnt perfect. He just did a very good
job of looking like he was. He is also naked.
I lifted the blanket and saw that he was truly and fully undressed. I looked at myself and saw that I was also
naked as I laid next to him. I suddenly felt cold and pulled closer to his chest. In his sleep he pulled me closer still
and his tail came to rest on my bare shoulder.

The weariness that I felt when I first looked at the snow came back for me and Sesshomarus smell placed me
into a welcoming dream. I fell asleep as I thought of touching his face again.
= Inuyasha =
I have never liked the cold, Miroku told me as he held his hands around the hot cup of tea. We had opened
the back wall of the room that Rin and Shippo used as a classroom to look out into a snow covered side garden. I
felt the warmth of the house at my back with the light coldness of the air and snow in front of me as we
watched the younger ones play in the white stuff that continued to fall.
It had been snowing since before the sun came up and we have already had our noon meal. When we first
opened the wall, the snow had been deep enough to reach Rins knees when they first stepped into it, but most
of it had now been tramped down to about half its original height by this time.
I want to go out, into the forest. Im tired of being inside for so long, I said as I looked over the stone wall that
was in front of me and beyond it to the woods that looked like something should be living there whether it be a
boar, a rabbit or some kind of ykai.
Do you want anyone to come with you, or are you going on this outing alone? Miroku asked from his side of
the opening.
I was hoping for some company. If not you, then I could take Shippo to make sure that he remembers how to
track and know what hes following or what is around him, I said in his direction. I looked at him as he sat under
a rather thick blanket. He must have forgotten about the coat that Kagome had gotten him, even though Rin
was running around in hers a few feet away.
I walked in his direction and cut off the view he had of the children playing to gave him something new to look
at. I watched as his eyes refocused to look at my face. I rather have you come with me than the runt, I told
him. I reached my hand out for his face and leaned forward to kiss him. I felt his breath on my lips when I heard
my name being called.
Inuyasha-sama, come play in the snow with us, Rin called again.
Think it over, I told him as I started to step away. I took two steps backwards before I turned to face the
children and leaped to a spot that I saw was still untouched by the little ones feet. As I landed a snow ball
crashed into the earth at my feet. They are ready it seems. My cocky grin spread across my face as I thought of
pummeling them with my own snow balls until they cried uncle.
I couched down and formed two balls before the next shot from the enemy tried to hit me. I wanted to have at
least four ready to throw at once so I looked up and dodged the next income white ball that Rin aimed at me.
My turn, I said as I stood up holding three of them in one arm while the fourth was in my right hand ready to
be sent flying.
AH they both screamed in play as they saw me starting to take aim. They ran and I chased them around
bushes and trees. They dodged one way and I would catch them on the other side. I got them with two balls
each. The last ball hitting Shippo last since he was more determined to try to win again by actually landing one
on me while I chased him.
Ha! I won, I said over my small self proclaimed victory. I turned and saw Miroku smiling at me and that made
getting my clothes wet worth it.
I still have one left, I heard coming from Shippos direction. Before I could turn to see him I felt something hit

my head.
OoWW! I screamed as pain spread through my skull. I saw Rin with her hands over her mouth before I
lowered my face to look at the ground. I held my head as my vision focused and I saw something laying on the
snow that caught my attention. It was one of the snow balls. I picked it up and it was heavier than I expected it
to be. I rubbed at something I saw sticking out of it and moved away some more of the snow. It was a rock. He
put rocks into the snow balls. That little worm!
SHIPPO! I screamed as I turned towards him. Im going to get you for this! I shouted at him. Here I was,
being nice by playing with the brat and he hits me with snow covered stones. Im going to hang him by his tail.
Im going to hang you by your tail from the roof the house, I told him as I started to get closer.
Ha, you have to catch me first, he said before sticking his tongue out at me. I jumped at Shippo and he avoided
having me land on him by leaping up into a nearby tree.
Run Shippo, I heard Rin shout as I watched the red turf of hair on legs run down a branch before jumping to
another one.
Not fast enough, I said as I landed behind of him. HA! I said as I reached out and caught him by his fleeing
tail. I held him as the fight he had in him died out before I jumped down to the ground and accidentally dropped
AHhhooww! Watch it! he shouted at me.
Quit your belly aching. You arent bleeding are you? I asked as I looked down at him. He just glared up at me.
Back inside, I said as I started to push him forward. Rin got the hint and ran into the house ahead of us and
past Miroku to stand near the middle of the room. When we got to the side of the house Shippo moved a bit
faster as he jumped up and ran inside to join Rin as she looked on while Miroku and I put the walls back into
place. I felt the heat returning to the room as Miroku checked to make sure everything was together correctly
You two should have a warm bath before your afternoon lessons, Miroku told them before he turned around.
Yes Miroku, Rin said with her smile before turning to leave the room with Shippo at her side. She always does
what shes told unlike some kids I knew. Ive wondered why she was ever treated the way she was before she
met my brother. She still has nightmares about that time in her life. The whole camp was woken up by her
screams at least three times.
The last time was a month before we killed Naroku. Rin had made her way to Sesshomaru who was sitting next
to Kagome. I thought that the girl was going to go right into Kagomes arms that she held up for her, but she
landed squarely on Sesshomarus chest. She was sobbing into his clothes and he just let her. After a while he
placed her to lie down in his lap and he covered her with his Mokomoko all without saying a word.
Kagome asked what could have scared her and Sesshomaru told us what he knew of her life in the village she
once called her home. Her real parents had been killed by some bandits as they were traveling to see her aunt
on her mothers side. This is where the survivors of the attack took her since she was the only family that Rin
know she had left.
As Sesshomaru continued I felt hatred for the woman that I hope I would never meet. I just saw my own
childhood as I was chased by bullies and monsters, but I at least had my mother to run home too. That woman
was her home. I only heard bits and pieces of the story after that as I sat back on the branch looking out into the
night sky. There was something of her stealing fish for him and Rin being attacked by some wolves. Before I
knew it the story was over and when I looked down everyone was making their way back to their sleeping rolls

or already laying down and going back to sleep.

The sound of a door being closed pulled back to the room in my brothers house. I turned my head as I felt
Miroku's hand moving across my back.
Ill come if you promise to keep me warm, he said as his face got closer. I leaned in as I raised a hand to hold
the back of his head.
Mmmm, I moaned into his mouth before he started to pull away.
I think Ill go get some sleep for tonight while youre at the dojo, Miroku said as he backed away. I smiled at
him as he turned and walked out the door carrying the blanket that he had Rin fetch for him while we took
down the wall. I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent which just made me smile even more before I left the
room to find the dojo for my combat lesson and my sensei who turned out to be the head of the guards.
Something my brother forgot to tell me when we were introduced.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 32

= Miroku =
For some reason I felt warmer now than when I was watching the children and Inuyasha play. I didnt
understand it, but I enjoyed the little fact as I walked up behind Inuyasha who had stopped and crouched down
to look at something in the snow. I stood next to him before looking down to see what it was.
A rabbit? I asked.
Yeah, he answered as his eyes followed a fairly fresh trail of two paired feet that belonged to the creature.
When we left the house, we walked out through the kitchen and I asked the cook if she could use any fresh
meat. She was delighted that I asked and said that some rabbit would be nice to have. I turned on the charm
without thinking, but I quickly turned it off when I felt Inuyashas gaze being less than amused. So now we were
looking for rabbit or something else to kill for the kitchen.
This way, he said before he took off at a run. I was right behind of him and my fingers, that were starting to get
cold, quickly warmed up and my legs enjoyed the faster pace. Despite the night around us, the glow of the
moon off of the snow made it fairly easy to see where I was going and helped me keep track of Inuyasha. I
watched as he came to a dead stop in front of me and I pulled up short just behind of him. I was happy with
myself for not running into his person until I looked around him to see what made him stop in the first place.
There in front of us, not five miles from our new home, was a bloody battle field made up of hundreds, if not
thousands, of dead human bodies. In spots they were piled three deep. Once my eyes were able to see past the
blood that covered everything, I started to see that some of them wore white sashes over their armor while the
other men wore one of deep green. The snow that had fallen over them was red from soaking up their blood as
they died, if they didnt fall down dead. We stood at the edge of the trees watching as only the wind moved out
As the wind changed directions and it now came from in front of us, I smelt it, but not with the intensity that
Inuyasha was picking it up with. I looked at him as he raised an arm to his nose in an attempt to keep from
smelling all the blood and death that was in front of us. I stepped around him and walked unto the battle field
and looked around at the vastness of it all. I hadnt seen this many dead bodies since we fought the armies of
Naroku, and even then they didnt stay on the ground bleeding for long before they turned into ashes and

I bent down and brushed snow off of the chest of a nearby soldier and looked at the coat of arms that I
This one has the crest of the house of Takauji, I told him as I stood in a half frozen pool of the mans blood. The
crest itself I didnt recognized, but the name was written below it. I stepped over him to another poor fellow
who wore a white sash. I looked at his crest after I turned him over but I didnt recognize it either. But this time
there was no name written there to help me. I pulled it off and walked back to Inuyasha with it.
Do you know this crest? I asked as I stood next to him. He reached out with his other hand for it and looked
over the colorful threads. He shook his head to answer my question before he jerked his head in another
direction to show that he wanted us to leave. Inuyasha looked over the bodies on last time before he turned his
back on it. It looked like he was about to run when he turned back to the carnage and walked over to nearest
body and flipped it over to rip its emblem off its armor. Then he turned and ran. I was once again right behind
him and we ran for a short time before he changed direction and ran a bit more.
We stopped again and this time Inuyasha sat down on one of a few rocks that had been protected from the
snow fall by the low branches of the tree growing next to them. I watched him as he looked at the two crests
that he now held in his hands. I walked over and sat down next to him happy to be done with the running for
now. I folded my legs under my body and robes to make sure I wouldnt get too cold until we started to move
Do they mean something to you? I asked as he put them away but didnt seem to be standing to leave.
The other crest must belong to a man named Nitta Yoshisada, Inuyasha explained. We have been getting bits
of information about the two. Yoshisada and Takauji and another man named Go-Daigo, he continued. It
seems that Takauji wants the power and title of shgun, and he thought this Go-Daigo would give it to him, but
Go-Daigo doesnt want to because he wants Japan to be under direct imperial rule again, Inuyasha said before
he turned his head to look at me for the first time. Last we heard, this Go-Daigo sent Yoshisada, who fought
with Takauji to bring Go-Daigo to power, to help him see things their way, he finished.
So this is how he decided to help Takauji to see things their way? I asked no one in particular. Do you think
this Takauji or Yoshisada died back there? I now asked Inuyasha.
He just shrugged his shoulders.
Why did you take the crests? I asked next.
For Sesshomaru I guess. He would want to know about the battle and it's proof, Inuyasha answered. I didnt
use to care what they did, Inuyasha said as he started something new. Humans I mean. If there was a war
between two houses I would just move somewhere else. But now it seems like Im tied to the Western Lands
and Im concerned about what could change how life is lived here, he said with a quiet voice.
Is this what you were afraid of when Sesshomaru told you that you had to be Inuyasha-sama while you here? I
asked as I looked back at him.
No, he said with more volume than his last statement. I hadnt even thought of this stuff. I was just
remembering what I had been made to do while I was here years ago. Manners and lesions and classes on being

a demon and being disliked by most who crossed my path and the fake loyalty I smelt from them as they bowed
to me like they were told to do, Inuyasha finished. I turned away and repositioned myself on the rock to look up
at the night sky and felt impressed once again by the bejeweled blackness that also held the moon.
So what are you going to do Inuyasha-sama? I asked him without turning my head.
Nothing, he answered. Nothing to do until Sesshomaru comes back, he breathed out. I turned my head
slightly to look at him. He was now looking up into the sky and seemed a bit better than what he had slipped
into earlier. I reached a hand out from the warm sleeve that I had it in and held on to his hand that was laying on
his lap. I felt him as he held it and squeezed my fingers. I turned back to looking up at the sky until the time
came for us to move on.
Arent we going to bring something back? I asked when he told me that we were going back to the house.
Cook will not be happy, I said to lighten the mood.
Trying to get on her good side? he asked me with a sprinkling of jealously.
Well she does feed us and it wouldnt be wise to make her mad, I answered back as I started to walk in the
direction of the house. Besides, she has very interesting things to talk about. I want to keep hearing her
stories, I added as I walked beyond a large and seemly black tree.
What are you talking about monk? Inuyasha asked as I heard him crushing through the snow on his way
towards me.
She told me that she had requested extra meat to be brought to the house when she was told that we were
going to stay there. I didnt think anything of it, thinking it was just kitchen talk. I walked around a boulder and
continued to listen to Inuyashas footsteps that werent that far behind of me now. So I was polite and asked
what kind. She went through the list and said that Sesshomaru liked elk the most, and thought that you would
too for some reason and was surprised when you liked boar the most.
I stopped and turned towards him. He stopped a few feet from me. I didnt remember ever getting boar at
dinner or lunch I told her. She said that it wasnt served to the humans, and this made me think. Did you get a
special plate of food from the kitchen? I was trying to make it sound playful so Inuyasha wouldnt think I was
upset for some reason. After all, I wasnt Shippo to fight with him over food, but from the look on this face I
wasnt sure I succeeded. She
I didnt, Inuyasha interjected. Demons can eat and live off of cooked human food, but we need to eat raw
meat sometimes, he told me. I dont have to eat that much since Im hanyou but a full demon like Sesshomaru
would have to eat some almost every week, he finished.
Yes, that is what the cook said, I said as I stood there. I had learned this a day or two before I told him about
Makoto. It was one of the reasons why I told him about her then. I was starting to think that I knew just about
everything about him when I learned that he eats raw meat. It didnt bother me that he did it, just that I didnt
know after all the time we spent traveling together, which in turn just made me feel guilty for not letting him
know more about me. She was my last big secret from him.

Is that one of the things you did when you spent time away from the group? I asked him to keep from
remembering her the way I last saw her.
It wasnt the only thing, but yes. I knew I couldnt eat it in front of Kagome. The one time I tired she cooked it
and said it was better for me that way. It was also another reason for the humans in the village to bully me and
try to hurt me when I was younger, Inuyasha said as he stepped closer. I hadnt thought about it being
something to tell anyone for a long time, he told me as he held my shoulders.
I looked at him. I wasnt upset, at least not anymore. Its nothing, I said in a light tone as I placed a smile on my
face. I turned around and continued walking. He placed his arm around my waist and walked with me. So you
ate some of the boar that you caught the day Sesshomaru showed up at the hut with Rin? I asked him to start a
conversation for what was turning out to be a slow walk home.
= Kagome =
What! What is it? I cried out as I bolted up from my bed and out of my sleep by my mother screaming? The
first person I saw when I looked around was Sesshomaru as he sat with me under the covers. Then I heard a
loud drawn in breath and turned to see mama standing inside the open door way leading into my room.
Youre naked, she breathed. Her knuckles were white as she held on to the tray holding what looked like food.
Why are you naked? she asked. Why is he naked and in bed with you? she asked in a louder voice.
Shes my intended mate. Why wouldnt I be in bed with her? Sesshomaru asked her. I couldnt believe my
ears. I grabbed the sheet and pulled it up over my chest before I felt my body heat raise as a blush quickly
spread across my face.
Mama, its ok. Really, I told her when I was able to speak again. As I looked at the expression on her face I
knew she didnt believe me.
But you arent married yet, she said to prove that she didnt believe me.
Do you wish to see me mark her as my intended? Sesshomaru asked in a dry way as he continued to look at
my mother. Mama actually held on to the tray tighter as she saw him move his arm to hold me around the waist
and pull me back towards his body and bare chest that quickly warmed my back.
NO! she quickly shouted. Ill just leave breakfast here for the two of you, she said as she turned to the
empty space on top of my desk. She slid the tray onto it and wiped her hands in her apron before she turned to
look at us again. Sesshomaru didnt let go me and I felt like he had no wish to let me go, at least not until we
were alone again.
If you are feeling better later come down for lunch. We will be having it late today because grandpa wants to
open the temple up for visits and blessings to mark the fall of the first snow and quite a few people seem to be
turning up already, so Sota and I will be helping him out for a few hours, she finished before she turned and left
without looking too long at Sesshomaru.
As the door closed I laid back down on my now cold pillow. I looked at Sesshomaru as he looked back at me
before he bent for a kiss.

Are you ok? he asked before he kissed my cheek next.

Yes, Im ok, I turned my head and looked at the clock next to my bed. It was nine am. The food that mama had
left behind was forgotten as I felt Sesshomaru cover half my body with his and his lips moved closer to mine
before he kissed me deeply. My mind went blank too quickly about other things. It might have scared me if I
cared to notice as I started to wrap my arms around him.
He tasted so good, I thought when he pulled away to look down at me. He didnt taste like anything I could put
my finger on. He was kinda sweet but not like
Do you want me to mark you? he asked. I really looked back at him. Mark me?
I dont understand, I confessed.
Mark you. With a bite, he tried to explain.
You arent talking about a hickey are you? I asked him as I already saw his teeth pushing their way through my
skin on some part of my body. I watched my blood come out of where his teeth and fangs were still pressed
I do not know what a hickey is, he said as he moved back to laying on his side next to me. A mating mark is a
bite that intended mates give each other so others know that they are promised to someone else until they are
mated. Is that what you call a hickey? he asked without a trace of humor. I looked back at him with a feeling of
slight horror. He really wants to bite me, and it has to be deep enough to be seen three years from now.
That is definitely not a hickey, I said as I shook my head. I watched his eyes and they looked like he was trying
to come up with something to say or he was trying to understand what I was thinking. I confused him again. I
became a little disappointed with myself for doing that to him.
What, I started. What does a mating mark look like? I asked him. Maybe it wasnt as bad as I was thinking.
He said it was a bite mark not
Its an impression of the top row of teeth on any body part that the receiver wants it. Normally a small amount
of acid is used to keep the mark visible for some length of time, but only because ykai heal so quickly. That
wouldnt be need for your mark, he added as his hand moved across my forehead and down my right cheek.
You just decide on the day and what time to do this, then you meet to bite each other? I asked thinking that I
might not be able to go through with it.
Its done while coupling, he said as his eyes followed his hand that is now moving over my chest that was
above the sheet I still held to my breasts. I turned my head away. I might be able to let him do it, if we are doing
that, but I wont be able to do it to him. This made me feel more sad and upset than him actually biting me.
Kagome, what is wrong? Sesshomaru asked me as I felt his fingers on my jaw and chin turning my face back to
his. Did something I say distress you? he looked sad again.
Would you mind it a lot if I didnt mark you? I asked him. It sounded dumb as I said it. Of course he would
mind. I reached up and wiped a tear from the corner of my eye before it ran down the side of my face.

Why wouldnt you mark me? he asked as he moved back a bit from me.
Im human, how hard could I bite you to leave a mark? And I dont have any of that acid stuff either, I said as I
felt another tear escaping from my other eye.
Dry your eyes Kagome. You will be able to, Sesshomaru said as he softly kissed my lips. When we parted I
wiped my eyes like he told me. I wasnt going to ask how. I was going to trust him like I did before. Now go back
to sleep. You still need your rest, he said. I closed my eyes and curled up closer to him. With my arm around his
waist I fell back into a warm sleep.
= Sesshomaru =
I stood too still as I looked into the mirror before me. Still is the wrong word. Stiffly is better. Stiffly suits how I
look and feel at the moment. I saw my face, arms and legs, but they didnt seem to belong to what was covering
the rest of my body. Kagome had called it a robe. I couldnt bring myself to touch it more than I needed too. It
wasnt coarse to touch, I just wasnt sure what it was made from. It held warmth well, but it looked almost like it
should still be on the creature it came from. Nothing like the robes I had back at my home.
I continued to look into the mirror at it. I was going to have to get use to it. It appeared that I would be wearing
it until I got my own clothing back from Kagomes oksan. She took my kimono when I arrived with Kagome the
night before when she saw the blood it was covered in. I didnt tell her that it was Kagomes but she might not
have needed me to tell her that.
I heard Kagome as she walked down the hallway towards her room that I was standing in. I turned and watched
the door as she opened it and came inside. The hairs on the sides of her face were still wet from when she
washed it and she was wearing the new set of pjs that I helped her into before she left the room. The top was
a solid pink color with short sleeves while the bottom was also pink but covered in large white flowers and
reached her ankles.
I found these outside the door, she told me as she held up her hands. More clothing, I assumed. Ill help you
put them on, she told me as she walked over to the bed to put them down. I watched her as she walked back to
me and reached her hands out to hold the white thing that I was currently dressed in. I saw a smile on her face
before the blush appeared. Her hands slowed down when they came closer to actually touching and then
pulling this thing off of my skin.
I felt it glide against me as my skin was revealed to the room and Kagomes sight. I closed my eyes and smelled
her scent even stronger as I tried to calm myself. The thing was pulled from my body and I stood in front of her
clam on the outside while I fought down the urge to lay with her now and feel her legs around my waist.
I listened to her soft footfalls as she walked across the floor back to the bed to retrieve one of the garments and
walk back towards me. I felt it slip up one arm before she moved my other arm into the next sleeve. Her hands
were warmer than the cool cloth that she pulled up to my shoulders. I felt her hands as they moved to the front
of my body. She moved slowly with her fingers staying in one place for a few moments before moving up a little
way to pause again. As she neared my throat I started to feel the slight weight of the garment as it surrounded

She walked away again and I heard a sound that I had only heard once before. It was when I had opened the wagashi that I had received from Kagome as a present all those moons ago. Now I dared to open my eyes. I saw the
shine of it as it was pulled away and knew it was the same wrapping. I watched her as she pulled something
white out of it.
I dont want to know how she came by these, Kagome said to herself before looking up at me. She came closer
before she held it out to me. It's underwear, she said as I took it from her. I looked at it then looked back at
her. Men dont wear fundoshi now, at least not every day. They wear these now, she said before coming closer
again. This is the front, she said as she pointed to where the fabric appeared to cross over itself twice. And
you push your legs through there, she said as she pointed to the holes on either side.
I looked at the garment with doubts, but this was her world and I currently didnt have anything else. I held it
out in front of me and stepped into it one leg at a time. Once it was up I adjusted myself in it and was
momentarily happy with this new thing until I saw Kagomes back. I walked over to her and held her shoulders.
Why do you turn away from me? I asked her as I looked over the top of her head.
Im just not use to it, she told me. Her voice was steady.
Use to what? I asked as I gave her a little squeeze.
Seeing a guy naked, but Ill get use to it. Dont worry about it. Next time, just make me watch if you see me
turning way, but Ill try very hard not to turn away next time, she ended.
I am glad, I said as I kissed the top of her head and wrapped my arms around her.
I promise, Ill really try, she said again. Thats not why Im glad.
Lastly you have the pants to put on, she told me a few moments later. She moved away and I let her go.
These are like my long pants, just a little different for guys, she said as she held them up. They were black and
appeared to fall straight and they looked thin. She handed them to me and she watched as I stepped into them
and pulled them up. Once they were about my waist, she came forward and placed the ends of the first garment
into the pants but stopped when she found that my tail got in the way.
Oh, she said as she appeared to think of how to fix this problem. It had never been a problem for me since my
clothes have always been tailored. I'll just have to cut a hole in it, Kagome said as she walked over to her desk
and opened a draw. She soon came back holding a pair scissors. I'm going to need the pants back, she said as
she stood in front of me and then watched as I took them off.
Kagome made a hole in the back, just below the waist, of the garment before tossing it over her shoulder and
walked in my direction to stand at my back. I stayed still and felt as she pulled at the back of the shirt and heard
the scissors as it cut the fabric in one direction.
There, she said as she stood back and looked at me and her handily work. She then came back into view and
handed me the 'pants' once again. This should work better, she told me before taking a step back. Once I had
it pulled up again, I felt around with my tail and found the opening that she made and looped my tail over my

shoulder and waited. She came forward again and slid her hands around my waist as she tucked in the edges of
the shirt into the 'paints' again before closing the front.
Go look in the mirror, she said when she appeared to be done. I stepped back in front of the mirror and I
looked at myself. I was thankful that the pants didnt cling to my legs like they did to hers and the blue of the
top was very bright.
Do you want me to brush your hair? she asked as she came closer. I looked to my forehead and reached a
hand up to pull a few strands into my sight. It did look unkempt, but not now.
First you have to eat. Then you may brush my hair if you wish, I told her when I caught her eyes in the mirror.
She nodded her head and started to move about the room. I watched her as she made her bed, pulled a chair
over to the beds side and then carry the tray to the chair before sitting down on the bed.
I moved and sat down next to her in a space Im sure she made for me. She had given no complaint of pain
anywhere, and she showed no fear of walking like she did when I first brought her back to the hut, and I
watched very closely when she picked up the tray laden with bowls and plates of food. She seemed like her old
self again.
She had only slept for another hour after her oksan left. So the food was not too cold to be eaten. It was
something called a Western breakfast she told me. I looked at what was on the plate as she told me what each
thing was.
I have been to the Land of Chin and I have never seen this served for breakfast, I told her when she was finish.
The Land of Chin is now called China, and its not from there. Its from a place a bit further west than that. Its
an American breakfast, she fully explained.
Does american border China on its west? I asked as I thought of tasting the sunny side up egg.
Actually, its to the east of us, across the ocean and its called America, she answered as she took a bite of her
Then why do you say Western if they are to the east? I asked her as I now cut into the center of the egg and
watched it as it burst and spilled its yellow center over the firmer white part of itself.
They came from the west first. Them and a few other countries came from the west actually. Americans didnt
know how to come from the east for a long time. In school they told us that the others tried to find a passage
west from their country to come to us, but they found land, that later became America, and they thought that
they had reached here. But when they realized that they were wrong, they tried another east passage trip from
their home to found us. It took them years but they made it, she finished before dipping her toast into the
liquid center of her own egg and biting it off.
I slowly digested the information she had just given me, almost as slowly as I digested the meal that was in front
of me. I paused as I thought of men traveling for years to consider the fact that I may like this Western
breakfast. The only thing I didnt like was the milk. I couldnt even move it from its place on the tray. It smelled
slightly of a sick animal, an animal that I was also unfamiliar with.

I used the toast to eat the egg and then licked what remained of the yellow center off of my fingers. I once
again reached for something to drink but stopped myself from touching the clear tall container that held the
white liquid.
Would you rather have some tea? Kagome asked me as I pulled my hand back.
Yes, I said as I looked up at her. She then reached out for the tray, but I picked it up as her fingers touched its
wooden surface. You can bring the brush, I told her before standing to walk out the door and into the hallway.
I remembered the way downstairs and I had seen the kitchen through the large walkway. I stopped at the top of
the steps and looked back for Kagome. I watched her as she closed the door before walking towards me with
her brush in hand.
I turned back around and descended the stairs.
= Miroku =
Yes Inuyasha-sama. It appears that Takauji won the battle and Yoshisada fled, Katsu told Inuyasha. I continued
with my very early bath and looked at the screen that blocked most of the cold air from coming into the room. I
saw a bare branch slowly swaying in what little breeze that bothered to blow by it.
Where is Yoshisada now? Inuyasha asked him before I poured some water over my head.
in the direction of Yoshino, I heard Katsu answer as I started to leave the tub. I dried myself completely
before rubbing the scented oil over my skin. Whether or not we went down for breakfast I wanted to have the
near perfect skin that he thought I possessed. I lifted my hands and smelled the coconut and mint on my fingers.
I may rub this on him after his is finished with his bath, I thought before reaching for my robe, which was light
blue in color, that Inuyasha had all but pushed me into the bathing room with before Katsu arrived.
I was about to step from the bathing room and walk towards where the brush and combs were on the other
side of the bed, when I thought better of it. Inuyasha had already told me that he didnt want Katsu to see me. I
had yet to make him truly upset at me for anything, and I didnt want to do something now that would cause
him to be. But I was curious as to what Katsu looked like. I have not seen him once in the three days he had
been coming to give Inuyasha the reports nor was I ever present at any of his combat lessons. I poked my head
out slowly as I heard Inuyasha speaking.
If he comes near our lands, you are to keep him from entering, Inuyasha was telling Katsu. His back was to me
but now I was able to place something with the name. He was easily six feet tall. He was dressed in black leather
with patches of brown and red and his black hair was pulled back and tied. It was longer than mine, but shorter
than Inuyashas. His uniform reached him at the knees and his brown calves made you believe that this is what
he constantly wore.
They spoke a bit more, but I didnt bother to listen to what they were saying. I pulled back into the room when I
was done looking at what I could of Katsu. I leaned against the wall and heard to the rest of the report before
Katsu left our room.

I knew I was hiding and it felt heavy in my chest as I moved into the bedroom and sat down on the bed instead
of walking towards the dresser. I turned and looked at Inuyasha as he sat up in bed looking at me. His hair was a
mess and I knew he was naked under the covers.
Im not hiding again, I told him before standing and moving to the where the combs where. I picked up the
brown wooden one and pulled it through my hair with my back to him.
What? he asked as I heard he get out of the bed and walk towards me.
I said Im not hiding again, I told him. I didnt turn around. I felt shame and I knew I wasnt suppose to. We
were going to be mated. He wasnt hiding me out of shame. So why did it hurt? Why did it
I felt Inuyashas hands on my arms as he turned me around to face him. When I saw his face I knew I was crying.
I reached a hand up and wiped my face before trying to turn away from him again. I almost made it, but he held
on tighter and made me face him.
Explain to me what is wrong Miroku, he told me. I looked up from his chest and into his golden eyes.
I know you didnt mean it, but it made me feel like I use to, I said.
Feel like what? Inuyasha asked. I turned my head, almost not telling him. I thought he didnt need to know.
Then I thought that I was going to make this worse if I didnt tell him. Then I thought I looked back at him. He
looked very worried.
Like Akio, I told him before I bowed my head.
Akio, he all but spat at me with his distaste for the person he knew held that name. I looked at him as he let go
of me and stepped back.
You think Im treating you like that bastard did? he asked. How? Inuyasha asked as he turned to look back at
me offended and hurt.
You made me hide, when you told me that we never would have to, I told him. I knew it was a weak excuse,
but it was the only one I had. I watched him as he started to walk in a circle.
= Inuyasha =
I couldnt believe it. To think that he would compare me to that stinking piece of shit. I stopped and looked back
at Miroku. He had stopped crying but I saw the dried salt lines on his cheeks. I walked over to him and pulled
him into a hug. A hug so tight he had to believe that I wanted him.
I didnt hide you because of shame, you must know that, I told and asked him at the same time. I felt him nod
his head into the crook of my neck. I felt his arms as he started wrapping them around me. Im sorry for making
your feel like that, I told him. It never crossed my mind that he would see it that way. Come watch me in
combat class, I told Miroku. I still couldnt get over the idea of Katsu seeing him in bed or in our bed chamber
without me wanting to skin him for looking at Miroku.
Really? Miroku asked.

Yes, really, I told him. It will be tomorrow after the noon meal, I told him. I felt him bend his head into my
Can I be here tomorrow morning? he asked quietly as he arms pulled me closer.
Sure you can be here tomorrow. Where else would you be so early in the morning? I asked him to hide my
dread. He better not try anything.
Why would I try anything? Miroku asked me. Ha? I said it out loud.
Sorry, I didnt mean you, I told him as he started to ease out of my grip that I had him in. He looked into my
face with a puzzled and thoughtful gaze.
You meant Katsu? he asked as he started to smile.
Yes I meant him. Youre mine and I dont like what I think when I think other people are thinking things about
you, I told him. I stopped and said it again to myself before walking back to the bed. I sat down and looked at
him still standing over there with the comb in one hand. Before you say that its all in my head, I already know
that, I told him even though I wasnt sure if he was going to say anything at all. He placed the comb back on the
table he took it from and walked over to sit next to me on the bed.
I reached out and wiped away the last of the evidence which showed that I made him cry before I pulled him
forward for a kiss. He pressed his hands to my chest to push me back onto the bed as he continued to kiss me.
My mind in the background started to think of a way to really make it up him and to keep him from crying over
something like this again as my hands found the obi to his robe and pulled it free.
I rolled him over and knelt over his body as I kissed his lips, his chin and his neck as I moved the robe out of my
way. I moved lower to his chest and kissed across it, from one nipple to the next until I had to reach into my hair
for Mirokus hands. I held them at his sides as I moved down his body, over his ribs, down his stomach and
around his navel. I felt his flesh quake under my tongue as I licked downwards.
My chin slid along his manhood before my lips had a chance to taste it. I kissed my way up to the very top before
I sucked him in whole. The moans that were coming from his mouth fell silent at that moment. His body pushed
up off of the bed and deeper into my mouth. I didnt move my mouth, only my tongue over him. I pressed him
up to the roof of my mouth while rubbing the back of the head his cock. I felt the slimy wetness as it started to
leak out of him.
Ah, ahhh, his moaning started again and I started to moved my head. I continued to hold his hands at his sides
and I had to hold on tighter as his body started to twist with the sensations that I was sending through him. I
knew he was close to coming and I pulled my mouth off of him and let go of his hands as I moved away from
him. I watched him as the heat died away from his skin, as his breathing slowed back down to its normal pace
and the cloudiness of his lust that filled his eyes started to clear.
But before all the clouds of ecstasy disappeared from his mind I kissed the inside of his thigh. I then kissed his
other thigh as I pushed them further apart. Mirokus cock was still hard since he hadnt come and I kissed
between it and the two perfect shaped balls that hung below it. I sucked on each one in turn before pulling back
on them to have the slide out through my lips. I went back and sucked both into my mouth at the same time. I

rolled them around against themselves and along my tongue before I let them go again. I pushed his thighs back
to pull his ass close to my lips. I kissed above it before licking my tongue down across it.
AAahhhh, Miroku moaned for me as I sat back watching him as he puckered and push back out for more. I
knelt down and pulled his body forward to lay against mine. His legs fell forward, almost touching his face, as I
placed one arm around his waist and laid the other one over the back of his thighs to keep him turned towards
I raked my teeth and fangs over his skin and the opening. I moved in circles and straight lines. He was shaking
before I began to push my tongue inside. He seemed to open and accept me as I moved in further until I slipped
over a spot that had him clamping down on my tongue. I pulled back completely and started it all back over
again. Over the puckered surface, kissing and nipping at it with my teeth before pushing in again. He held me
fast again as I slid over the place that made him shake.
Oohhhhaaaa, escaped his lips and I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I left my tongue inside him and flicked it
back and forth to hear him cry out louder and shake harder in my arms. I pulled back before I pushed him too
far. I looked at his face that was turned sideways into the bed. I saw that his mouth was open as he breathed
deeply. My eyes traveled up his body to end at where my sweet torture of him had started. His cock. It bounced
slightly with each breath he took and I watched the liquid drip from the tip as the scent of it already coated the
back of my throat.
I was pulled forward to take it into my mouth before I could think of anything else. This wasnt play for me as I
felt him scratch his nails over my legs. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel him hot in my mouth. I wanted to
hear him say my name in a drunken, starved, lust colored voice that I knew he had in him.
Inuyasha, he cried out. Please, he begged me in the voice I wanted to hear. I opened my eyes and pulled off
of his cock. I had him laying flat on the bed before I was holding one of his knees with one hand. I preceded to
rub the cum that had escaped my own cock along the length of it to make it an easy entry for him with the
other. I looked at Miroku looking up at me as I placed the head at the start of his opening. I pressed against it as
I laid his leg over my shoulder. I moved in closer to his face. He held his bottom lip between his teeth before his
mouth fell open as I popped past his entrance and slide my way down into him.
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh he wrapped his other leg around my waist and I sucked on his nipples as I waited until I
could move again. I felt his walls around me as they started to loosen and knew I that I now could. My hands slid
to the small of his back, then to his waist, and back again as I fucked him to a climax. His legs tightened and
relaxed around me until they started to seize in place and pulled me closer to him as I felt him starting to cum. I
barely saw through my own pelvic shaking orgasm as he his cock shot streams of cum over his stomach and part
of my chest.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I heard coming from both of us as I found myself supported by both my hands. They were
on either side of Mirokus face and he was looking up at me with dreamy eyes. He stretched his neck up to kiss
me and I gladly kissed him back as I lowered my body to his, pulling myself out in the process.
You are going to need another bath, I told him as I thought of him taking a bath and remembering that he just
had one.

You are coming with me this time, he said as he kissed me again and wrapped his arms around my neck. My
mind clicked as it gave me the way to really apologize to Miroku for today. Im going to tell everyone, I told
Tell everyone what? he asked as he looked up at me satisfied.
Im going to tell everyone that we are to be mated when Kagome comes back, I told him. He continued to look
back at me.


Land of Chin - I know that most likely it was no longer called that by the time of this fairy tale, but since it is a
fairy tale and I liked how it sounded, I used it. Besides, who knows when he went over there.
Go-Daigo (emperor), Ashikaga Takauji (general) and Nitta Yoshisada (general) - are real people from history.
They are from The Muromachi Period (1333 - 1568). The events I talk about took place between 1333 and 1338.
Where this battle took place is part of my story and is more than likely in the wrong place. The other small bits
that dont match up to the history of it are there because that is how Inuyasha understood it and I just made up
some bits like the colors they wore.
Shgun - Military ruler.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 33

= Kagome =
I held his hand as I walked with him to the well. We had spent a whole day and night together in my home and
now I had to tell him goodbye for three weeks. I followed his sleeve up to his shoulder and watched his face as
he looked straight ahead.
I looked at his hair as it flowed out behind him as he walked on. I took a long time brushing it, not because he
asked me too, but because I wanted that moment to continue for as long as it was possible. To keep him with
me that much longer. I didnt stop until his hair shone and my arm had started to protest against any more
Sesshomaru held my hand tighter as we walked into the building that surrounded the well and waited until I had
closed the door before he pulled me to his chest. As I looked up into his eyes with one hand resting on his chest,
I felt like I was in an American Romance book. He lowered his face to mine and I reached up to do my part in
creating the kiss.
He let go of my hand in favor of holding my waist as the other was already on my back pulling me closer to him.
His breathing affected my lungs and I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull myself up to his mouth. I wanted
to feel the pressure of his on mine.
Our lips touched and pressed and parted each others. Our tongues didnt play with each other long. They just
met to say hello and goodbye at the same time. Sesshomaru pulled back and licked across my lips before
imprinting the shape of his lips on my own. He kissed me softly one last time before he held my face to his
I will miss you, Sesshomaru told me. I felt his chin move across my forehead as he spoke.
I dont want you to go, I told him and it was true. I didnt want him to leave now that he was here. Maybe if
we had parted at the well, on the other side, it wouldnt have felt as heart breaking as it did now.
I will come for you a day early and we can mark each other before we go back if you wish, he said before
kissing my forehead. I looked up at him as he eased his arms from around me and held me away from him. I

nodded my head to let him know that I heard. I knew if I tried to talk again I would start crying and I wasnt
going to cry in front of him for this.
I watched him as he turned and walked over to the well. His white and red kimono with his long white hair and
tail seemed to light up the boxed in space. He placed a black boot onto the top of the well before he pushed
himself up and jumped in. Then nothing. No sound to let you know that something happened. No sound to tell
you that he left, that he jumped, that he fell. He was just gone.
I stood there hoping that he would come back for me and I would say yes to his last question. After five minutes
had passed, I started to feel silly. I took a deep breath and felt better. I rubbed my arms with my hands before I
turned and walked back to my home. Sota had already gone to school, mom had left for work half an hour after
that and grandpa had left after breakfast to visit another shine on the other side of Tokyo. He was going to be
gone for four days for some kind of reunion.
I stopped in the kitchen and picked up the brush that I placed there about fifteen minutes before. I lifted it to
my face and smelled it hoping it would smell like Sesshomaru and it did. I smiled as I remembered brushing his
hair again. I remembered how he would turn his head a little for me to catch every strand from root to tip
without either of us saying a word.
I walked up the stairs to my room to enjoy the last sick day I had off from school. I walked in and saw the
clothes he wore the day before sitting on my chair neatly folded. They had been folded that way since last night.
We slept naked next to each other again and when the morning came, mama had brought back his cleaned
kimono. The only thing he kept, and was happy to keep, was the underwear. I smiled as I reached out and
touched the blue shirt.
I moved over to the bed that I hadnt made yet and sat on it. It feels so big, I said to myself as looked behind of
me and felt sad again that he wasnt there. I laid down on moved across the bed until my back finally hit the
wall. It didnt seem so far away before. I pulled the sheet over my jeans and up to my chest where I held the
brush between my breast. I looked over my room and tried to remember it how it was before Sesshomaru was
= Miroku =
This is not what I had in mind when you told me to come to your combat lesson, I shouted over to Inuyasha as
he sat on the right side of the dojo watching me and Katsu having a lesson of our own.
I thought you would like sparring with someone new, he said from his safe distance away from me. I couldnt
turn my head to see the look on his face as I had to pay attention to Katsu since it appeared like he was actually
trying to hurt me.
Katsu was hesitant at first when Inuyasha put me in his place. He stood with is sword as I was positioned in front
of him holding my staff. I was thinking of ways to block and deflect some of the blows when he walked over to
the other weapons and started to switch out the sword for a staff of his own.
I told him not to switch out his weapon. Most people who came at us had swords and we didn't get a vote of
what they attacked us with. He bowed and picked up the sword before he charged at me with the blade at an
angle he hadnt used when he was practicing with Inuyasha.

I thought that I was doing well until he caught me across the top of my hip. I didnt bleed nor were my robes cut.
He had turned the blade to have the blunt side come into contact with my body. I looked at the sword, then him
as he pulled back to stand a few feet in front of me. I wasnt sure if that was going to be my only warning and
that the next time I was going to taste the metal on me skin or not, but I didnt feel like finding out.
I looked at Katsu and saw the enemy. The walls blended into floating pools of brown and black. No one was
there but the two of us fighting to stay alive. When he came at me again I was ready. I blocked and blocked and
deflected. I stepped back then forward to bring the fight to him. He blocked, he stepped back and I followed. I
landed one hit before I blocked again and was pushed backwards. I tried to lean my body forward before I came
to a complete stop and charged at him again once I had. I avoided the next swing of his blade and saw an
opening that allowed me to trip him and hold my staff to his neck as he looked up at me.
As the vibrations from his fall were slowly forgotten by my feet, I saw the wooden floor that he laid on. I felt the
room around me with its walls. I remembered Inuyasha watching us and that Katsu wasnt my enemy. I pulled
my staff back and stepped away from Katsu, giving him room to stand before I bowed, putting an end to our
unplanned class.
I turned to where I last saw Inuyasha and he was still there sitting on the mat with his legs crossed. His elbows
were on his knees and his chin was in his hands as he looked at me. He appeared to be thinking about
something and not just watching me spar with Katsu, if he was watching at all. As I stood next to him he seemed
to come back from where his mind had wandered off too and he looked up at me before looking at Katsu.
Done? Inuyasha asked him as he now stood.
Yes Inuyasha-sama, Katsu answered him.
Fine then, he said and Katsu bowed to both of us before he turned to leave. I turned and looked at Inuyasha
when he didnt bow to Katsu like I did when he was leaving.
Whats wrong? I asked him after Katsu left the dojo.
Ha? he said as the distant look in eyes went away again. Nothing Im just thinking about a few things, he said
before he turned to me and smiled. He reached over and gripped the back of my
head as his lips came towards my face. He kissed my lips before my forehead. I reached up to hold the arm that
held my head, but he let go of me as soon as I touched his skin.
I need to go see Masami-sama, Inuyasha said as he started to pull away.
Hah? I asked him since I didnt have a clue of what he was up to or thinking.
Its nothing, I just have to ask her a few things. Ill be back in an hour or so, he told me as he walked towards
the door, then out it.
I was left in the dojo all by myself not knowing what to think.
= Third Person POV =

For some reason Sesshomaru had spent the rest of the morning at the hut after he left Kagome in her time. He
didnt go inside, but sat on the porch and just watched that part of the world from his shaded spot. It wasnt
until around noon that he decided that he had no reason to stay there and stood to walk down the steps.
He didnt create an energy cloud to fly home like you would have expected. He walked, and he walked towards
the hot spring. He walked down the path and through the trees until he could smell the hot dampness in the air.
He heard the running of the nearby stream and the bubbling of the hot water before he saw the heated mist.
He stood on his side of the shore and remembered the last time that he was there. He was with Kagome and
they had just gotten back from visiting the miko and a young friend of hers who had been ill. He saw something
that seemed familiar and easily jumped to the other side.
There were patches of snow still on the ground, but in most areas, like the one he was looking at, it was just cold
earth. The thing that whipped in a passing breeze was a strip of cloth that he had once used as a fundoshi. He
hadnt bothered to put it back on after it had fallen to the ground when they were getting dressed.
He grabbed the end of it and pulled it free of what bits of twigs and ice had collected on it and walked off in the
direction of his home. As his now present energy cloud carried him higher than the tops of the trees, his mind
lead him to the conclusion of having to find Masami-sama.
= Masami =
I looked up and watched as Mia walked into the room ahead of Sesshomaru-sama and waited for him to enter
before closing the door behind of him. He took a moment to look at Inuyasha-sama before he greeted me.
Good afternoon Masami-sama, he said after coming closer and bowing.
Sesshomaru-sama, I didnt expect to see you today, I said as my eyes moved between both brothers that now
sat across from me after I bowed to my new arrival.
Why are you here? Sesshomaru-sama asked his half brother.
I just needed some information from Masami-sama about something, the younger of the two answered.
Information about what? the older one further inquired. Inuyasha-sama was quite for a while. I hoped that he
would give his brother the answer before I was asked the same question in turn.
Miroku and I are going to be mated and I wanted to make sure I knew how it was done, so we could do it after
the girls get back, he finally said.
So you are going to officially ask him once Kagome returns? Sesshomaru-sama asked him.
I just said that, Inuyasha-sama replied sounding a little irritated that his brother repeated what he said. I
looked at Sesshomaru-sama as he in turn looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking.
Have you decided on your gift? he asked.
Yes. I even already have it, Inuyasha proudly answered. Again Sesshomaru-sama looked thoughtful.

And what brings Sesshomaru-sama to my home today? I asked him once they were both quite for a while. He
looked at me and his eyes shifted in color as he decided what he wanted to say.
I came to ask you about mushi, he told me.
Have you seen one my Lord? I asked him.
Yes, he started and then paused before continuing. One entered Kagome two days ago, my young lord told
me. I had lifted the newly filled cup of tea towards my mouth but brought it back down to the table without
tasting it. I looked at him. He doesnt seem overly distressed. So she cant still be danger.
How is Kagome-shi now? I asked him to gain some more information.
She is better. I was able to retrieve the smoke that took the thing from her body, he explained.
What do you know about
WHAT?! Inuyasha-sama shouted as he jumped to his feet and looked down at his older brother. What do you
mean removed it from her body?! What happened to Kagome?! he shouted at Sesshomaru-sama.
Sesshomaru-sama looked at his standing half brother and I saw the color of his eyes shift. He was choosing his
words rather carefully as he observed his younger sibling who was clearly concerned over the well being of
someone he honestly cared for.
We were in the woods when something caused her to cry out in pain. I saw something that appeared to be a
leaf on her back before it entered her. When she fell unconscious I took her to the miko Kaede. There she told
me that it was a mushi I saw. I was sent to, and retrieved the wood that made smoke which was able to pull the
creature from her body. I was then given the task of taking it high into the mountains while the miko continued
to care for Kagome. The next day I took Kagome to her home, and I spent a day with her there to make sure she
was mostly recovered before returning, he ended.
I had watched both of them during the telling of Kagome-shis story. My lord was holding parts of the story back.
I wasnt sure if it was to hide things from myself or his brother or the both of us.
Inuyasha on the other hand had calmed down as the story was told. I watched as his breathing went back to
normal and the slight rage he had on his face at first hearing his friends fate lessened into concern then sadness
and then finally into a tired peace upon hearing that she was truly safe and was well again.
He took his seat when Sesshomaru-sama had finished and turned back to look at me. I thought of my next
question to keep the answers that he didnt want Inuyasha to know from having to be told at this time.
My lord, I started. Im pleased to hear that Kagome-shi is again well. Do you wish for me to go and examine
her? I offered. He paused before he answered my question.
No, its not needed, he said. His pause lead me to believe that he was still unaware that I had knowledge of
the time well. So be it.
Yes my Lord. Perhaps when she returns then? I offered again. What kind of healer would I be if I didnt appear
to care?

Perhaps, he answered. If she doesnt mind, he ended.

What is a mushi? I heard from Inuyasha-samas direction.
I have been told that they are things that live between our world, that we see and touch, and the spirit world.
The forms they take are mostly transparent and can be seen in any shape. Some seek out humans, others avoid
them, and some do not care if a human is in their path or not. They are mostly never seen by demons because
our youki pushes them from us when we extend it and when we do not, they pass through us like the ghosts
they appear to be. Another reason for them to have hardly ever been seen is because they tend to live in hard
to reach and find areas, including the kinds that seek out humans. But even then, they do not travel very far in
search of one. I have never heard of a demon of any kind, hanyou included, being harmed by a mushi, I
explained before taking a sip of my tea.
But why are they here? Inuyasha-sama asked me. I blinked at him.
Why are any of us here? I asked him. I didnt expect an answer. We are all just part of creation, I told him.
Both of the brothers left at the same time. Sesshomaru-sama may or may not have gotten the answers that he
wanted and Inuyasha-sama had forgotten the other questions that he may have had for me.
My lord told me that Kagome-shi would be returning in three weeks time. I felt that he wanted me to see her
once she returned. Since I felt that it was important for them to know that I knew about her jumps through
time, I had gone down stairs to my study after I followed them to the door.
I continued to move my brush over a small scroll that I constantly replaced. I was writing a reminder of today
and of the day that Kagome-shi would return. They may hide something from me one day and that could impact
my ability to treat and cure either one of them. Was a thought that ran through my mind as I wrote the note for
This is also something that a healer could not allow.
= Sota =
There was a knock at the door.
Ill get it, I shouted to the rest of the house as I slowly stood up from the floor as I continued to watch the
Light Wave Mach as it fell into the atmosphere. I heard the knock again and this time it was longer and louder.
Coming, I shouted as I reluctantly turned away from the tv screen to walk into the kitchen to the back door
where I heard the knocking coming from. I opened the door and before I looked up to see who it was I saw the
red cloth and knew it was Inuyasha. I looked up into his face and confirmed it.
Inuyasha, I greeted him before I frowned. Why are you here? I asked him. I thought Kagome was staying for
a while, I told him.
I just want to talk to her. Is she home, he asked me.

Yeah, I answered. She got back half an hour ago. Shes up in her room. You want me to go get her? I asked
him. I now saw the worry that he had on his face.
Naw, Ill go up myself, he said before he breezed past me and into the house. By the time I turned around I
heard his footsteps on the stairs as he went to Kagomes room.
Inuyasha, I heard Kagome say before someone closed the door to her room. I couldnt hear anything else,
even from the bottom of the stairs, that I had moved too. So I made my way back to sitting in front of the tv. I
made it back just in time to see the screen go blank before a commercial started.
= Inuyasha =
Sesshomaru stood and looked down at the crests that I had placed before him. I looked to my side and saw
Katsu as he stood there with this head slightly bowed. This day was turning out to be more eventful then I
thought it would be. At least Kagome was safe and ok.
Sesshomaru asked Katsu a question and I just remembered watching Kagome as she sat on her bed telling me
that she was fine. There were two very strong scents in the bedroom which made me not want to stay there too
long, but she looked a bit lonely. It was kinda like how she use to look when she would rather be back here with
us than in her time going to school, but seeing me didn't look like it cheered her up.
Inuyasha-sama, I looked up when I heard my name. Found the battlefield before my guards did. It was our
outer ring of scouts that found the tracks that the armies left and followed them until they came across the
same scene that Inuyasha-sama did. Another set of scouts noted some ningen males on horses leaving towards
the north, but until we received the other report we weren't sure what was going on. Once I received their
reports I had the fleeing men tracked to find out who they were. Sesshomaru raised a hand to stop him from
I read the rest in the scribed report, he said. All the reports that Katsu had told me on those mornings when I
was standing in for Sesshomaru were retold to a scribe that lived in a building here on the grounds, but I never
saw them. In fact, there were suppose to be more than one. Every guard was suppose to sit with a scribe after
they had given their oral reports to Katsu before he retold it to either myself or Sesshomaru.
Has anything happened since then that hasn't been scribed? Sesshomaru asked Katsu.
No Sesshomaru-sama, he answered him. Sesshomaru thought about something as he walked away from us for
a moment. He then turned back to look at me and then Katsu. He paused for a moment longer.
I want reports from all trading merchants that live in the village or passing through it. Ask them about these
men and find out if they know of any armies coming in this direction. I want a scribed report in a fortnight,
Sesshomaru told him.
Yes Sesshomaru-sama, he answered.
You may leave, Sesshomaru then told him. Katsu bowed deeper before leaving the room. I continued to sit
there to see if he would need me for anything or to tell me something. I sat as still as I could for as long as I
could. When my right leg started to shake, Sesshomaru walked in my direction and sat down opposite of me
across the table.

How is Kagome? he asked. I blinked. This is what he wanted to ask me? Didn't he just leave her?
Fine, I guess, I told him. He continued to look at me. I turned my head away before I spoke again. She looked
fine, just a little lonely I guess, I admitted to him. My face twitched as it sunk in what was going on.
You said that you are planning on mating with your monk. Do you intend to be mated this year? he asked me.
I turned and looked at him due to the very odd change in our conversation. I told him all this earlier.
Yes, it will be this year, I answered.
Will you continue to live here and at times help to rule our lands? he asked. I looked away. I half expected
that, even if I never thought it through.
Yes, I told him again.
Then I give you the task of finding our new home, he said. I looked at him. New home? Didn't he just ask if I
wanted to stay here? Why would I or we need a new home?
Ha? I asked him without trying to hide the look of confusion on my face.
We may need to move from here and we will be taking the village with us. It has happened a small number of
times during our father's reign when a ningen war came too close or some natural disaster occurred, he
answered. I sat there thinking. Ok, we were going to move someday. Not necessary this month or this year for
that matter. It was a backup plan, a just in case kind of thing.
When should I start looking for this place? I asked him. He raised an eyebrow before lowing it and answering
my question.
After Katsu's report, he told me. I nodded my head and stood.
Is there anything else you wanted to ask me? I asked him. He just shook his head and turned to look at
something to the right of me. He really fell for Kagome. I shook my head on the inside as I walked out of the
= Kagome =
How did you end up with his brother? Yuka asked.
Do you have a picture of him? Eri now asked.
He treats you better than Inuyasha doesnt he? Yuka mostly stated.
How much older is he? Hes not a pedophile is he? Eri asked which stopped Yuka from asking any more
questions as they both looked at me for an answer.
Well, I started as I thought back over their questions. I just fell in love with him. Im sure he didnt want to
either since he knew I liked his brother before him. As for a picture of him, I dont have one, I said as I made a
mental note of trying to take one. Inuyasha was nice to me. He still is. He came by yesterday to see how I was,
I proudly told them. The bad boy image that they came up for him was still there even after they met him and

openly gave their approval of him. I guess that was mostly my fault for how I use to talk about him around them.
I twinged on the inside as I felt some guilt over my past actions.
Fine. Inuyasha is a good guy, but what about the brother? How old is he? Eri asked again.
Does it matter? I asked them in turn. We are getting married after all, I said before I took a long slow drink
of my coke through its straw. They exchanged looks between the two of them while somehow still managing to
look at me.
If you are so sure that he is going to marry you, then where is your engagement ring? Yuka asked me. I gulped
but my lips didnt let go of the straw. I cant very well tell them that demons dont use engagement rings.
Hes getting it for the next time we meet, I told them before I looked down at my plate. I picked up a french fry
and ate it quickly before eating another as I thought that it wouldnt be such a bad thing if I asked Sesshomaru
for one before I came back.
The next time? Yuka asked.
Where is Ayumi? I asked to change the line of questions before I said something I wasnt suppose to.
Shes not coming, Eri said.
How come? I asked a little surprised.
Well, she got a boyfriend too, Yuka reluctantly told me.
HA? My eyes opened wider in surprise. When? I asked as my mind starting to generate its own questions.
You were gone for so long that Hojo would look for us to find out how you were doing and the both of them
started to hang out without the two of us about a month ago I think, Yoka said as she turned to look at Eri.
Yeah, I think it was a month ago. When was the last time you came to school? Eri asked me. I sat back and
thought about it.
No, Eri said. It was before the last time. It was before you came back to school two times back. Your grandpa
said that you had to go to Kyoto to see a specialist.
OH! Yuka said a bit too loudly causing both me and Eri to look at her. Inuyashas brother is your doctor isnt
he? she asked me. Im sure I groaned out load as I went back to drinking my coke.
I walked up the steps to the temple and my home as I breathed a sigh of relief. After I got the girls to believe
that Sesshomaru wasnt my doctor, or a doctor at all, I was able to get them to tell me of things I had missed
while I was away.
The light post flickered overhead. I stood and looked up at it until the light was steady once again. I then looked
back at the steps before continuing to walk upward. The night air was clear and not that cold even with the
constant blowing of a gentle wind that moved what little debris it could find along the steps.

I was wearing the new coat that Mama had gotten for me. She ended up picking out the same kind and color as
the one I lost. I stumbled as I got to the top step but tried to step higher as I was remembering Sesshomarus
face when he had seen my old coat for the first time. I shook my head and walked along the path to my house
without anymore false steps.
Im home! I shouted as I stepped inside before bending to take off my shoes.
Welcome home Kagome, Mama called from the kitchen as I made my way into the brightly lit room.
I snuggled down and breathed out as I prepared to finally go to sleep. I had gone over what I could of my past
assignments and lessons, but I couldnt do it all. I knew I was going to be behind for a few more days until I
caught up. At least you will be here long enough to catch up, I told myself.
I pulled the blue shirt closer to my face and closed my eyes. Just two and half more weeks, I told myself.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 34

= Sango =
Are you sure that its alright for you to spend more than a day or two from the clan? I asked Kouga as we sat in
one of the gardens holding hands while watching Rin and Shippo play.
Sure, he said as he squeezed my hand lightly. They arent completely lost without me, but I would be pushing
it if I stayed away longer than a week, he admitted. At first Kouga only came with me because he saw how sad I
was at leaving his side after spending almost three weeks with him and the rest of his clan. I wasnt even
suppose to have stayed that long. I said I was going to stay two weeks, but on the day I was going to leave I just
couldnt. The same thing happened the next day and the day after that.
Finally Kouga said that he was taking me back, and he wasnt slow about it as he cut me off in mid-sentence. He
took Hiraikotsu from me and slung it over his shoulder. I stood there and watched him as he picked me up from
the spot I was standing in as I held my furoshiki, with what little I had brought with me, to then spin away in a
swirling mass of air and dust with me pressed against this chest.
Sango-sama, I heard from behind of me. Both of us turned to see who it was. Standing in the opening to the
house was Sadahiro Sensei. I stood up and walked over to her leaving Kouga to look over the children.
Good afternoon Sadahiro Sensei, I said as came closer.
Good afternoon Sango-sama, she said with a slight blow. Im sorry to bother you, but its time for their
lesson, Sadahiro Sensei told me with a small fragile smile.
Oh, Im sorry to have kept them, I told her in all honestly before turning and walking over to Rin and Shippo.
Its time for your lessons you two, I told them when I was close enough so I didnt have to shout. Rin looked up
at me before she looked over the house.
Sadahiro Sensei! she shouted as she got up from what she was doing with Shippo and ran in her Senseis
Hey! Wait for me! Shippo shouted after Rin as he started to follow her. I turned around and watched them as
they went inside the house and out of my view. Kouga then caught my attention as I saw him starting to walk

towards me. The pelts he wore today were from a black bear that I hunted the second day I visited his tribe for
the first time. Oksan had tanned the hide for me, but I was the one who fitted it to Kougas body the first week
I was back at his home.
As Kouga came into arms length he reached out for my shoulder and face. I looked up into his eyes as he got
closer still until I had to close my eyes to kiss him. His breath felt hot on my lips before it filled my mouth. His
hands moved and were soon along the spine of my back pulling me closer to him. I hung on desperately to any
of his furs or clothing as I willing suffocated with the closeness of him.
Soon it became easier for me to breathe and the kiss continued on into smaller versions of itself. We kissed and
parted and kissed again until we were just trading smiles as we opened our eyes before our lips meet again.
Finally he held my face and kissed my forehead as I smiled before hugging him. I felt him pull back and I looked
up to see him still smiling as he reached out to hold my hand again. We started walking slowly around the
garden and pointing out a thing or two that we felt like sharing with each other.
Where is mutt face? Kouga asked me out of the blue.
Inuyasha? I asked as I wondered why he was thinking of him.
Yeah, I havent seen a hair of him since breakfast, he commented.
I dont know, I said as I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe hes in the Dojo with Miroku, I said in an attempt to
answer his question. Why do you ask? I questioned him to find out the reason for his sudden interest in
Inuyashas whereabouts.
Nothing, just wondering, he said before he turned to look at me. Just making sure that we are really alone,
he added before he pulled me into a circle of bushes that blocked anyone from seeing us as he pushed me down
to the ground with a kiss that only deepened.
I didnt try to push him away, or thought about someone maybe finding us. I held on to his furs and pulled him
closer before I started to pull them off of him. I was so nervous about leaving today that I just laid next to him
letting him sleep last night. I didnt even know he was asleep until I tuned to tell him that I was really going to
leave today.
Kouga made short work of opening my jacket before I felt his hands around my waist pulling my apron slack
before pushing down the legging part of my battle suit past my hips. He moved his hands back up along my skin
and under my yukata to cup my right breast.
Mmmmm, I moaned into his mouth before I broke our kiss to look at his face, then at his lower half that was
still covered. I pushed my hands down his sides until I got to his hips where my thumbs hooked over the waist of
the garment. I pushed it down as far as I could to before I slid along what I was laying on, and his body, to suck
him into my mouth. He was already hard and so very hot in my mouth.
I sucked and licked him five times for my pleasure as her turned over and fell on his back. I then leaned back
onto my elbows and opened my legs for him. I looked at him with a smile on my face knowing that my hair was
a mess. I felt my breasts as they were chilled by the air in their exposed state and I used my leg to brush along
his arm as he looked at me like he was trying to figure something out. He soon made up his mind and I smiled

wider as he finished pulling my leggings off my feet. He then sat back and pulled the last of his furs off before he
pulled at my ankle drawing me under him. I reached up for the back of his head and he kissed me as he entered
my body. I wrapped one leg over his ass while he kept a hold on the other and held it as he came into me again
and again.
Aahh aha.. ha hah. Haa. Aahahh I looped my arms around his neck as he started to go faster. My body
was being slapped and rocked between him and my coat that kept me mostly off the cold ground.
Aah haahh.. haa ahahha Hes coming.just a little more Im almost there. Yes Yes.. YES His tail
was beating madly against my toes as I seized onto him as I came. I held on as he continued driving into me,
fueling the explosions that were going off inside my body. As my body started to think of twitching from being
over stimulated he started to jerk in my arms. There were longer and longer breaks between jerks until he
stopped at eight and started to roll with me so I ended up laying on his chest.
I wondered if anyone heard us while I looked at his tail that barely lifted itself off of the ground before falling
back down onto it again. I almost never hear him when we coupled. Maybe I should start trying to listen, I told
myself as I started to feel the cold air as it drew the heat out of my body.
I turned my face to his and reached up to kiss him on the side of his lips before sitting up and starting to look for
my clothes.
= Kouga =
I looked over at my woman as she crawled around looking for her garments and putting them back on. I grinned
at her hair that looked like she had been sleeping outside for hours instead of the short time we actually took.
I reached over and held her wrist as I pulled her back to me for another kiss. I didnt want to part from her
either and I wanted to remember how she tasted for when she would be out of my reach again.
I have to get dressed. Im getting cold, Sango said as she broke the kiss and stood to finish putting on her
wrapped apron over her leggings. I continued to smile at her and she smiled back as she tied her knots to keep it
in place. It wasnt really cold for a demon like myself, but I wasnt going to stay here without her either.
I started to look for my furs and got dress as she waited, then helped towards the end. She is almost completely
mine. I told myself as I looked down at her as she slid and tied some of my pelts back into place. Kagome would
be back soon and I will find out how her quest to retrieve all the jewel shards will continue.
For the whole time Sango stayed with me and her clan-to-be, I didnt once ask her what she had decided. I
wasnt even going to be here to find out this early, but I just had to know after feeling like we were already
mated from our time together these past weeks.
I need a warm bath, she said as she looked up at me. She had completed her task and was ready to move on.
My Sango, I said as I hugged her before burying my nose into her hair. Ill wash your hair, I told her as I pulled
back. She reached a hand up and touched her what use to be a combed head of hair.
Is it that bad? she asked before her fingers found a twig and pulled it free.

No, its not so bad, I told her with a smile. I reached my hands up and combed a few more pieces out with my
claws as she stood in front of me pulling her red coat, that she had gotten from Kagome, a little bit tighter.
If I was turned, Sango started to say as continued our walk again and had left the circle of bushes. Would I
still have one child at a time, or would I have more? We kept on walking as I thought about the answer. She did
this back at the den too. Just asking random questions about what if she was turned. The first one I thought was
just that, a question. When she kept doing it I started to believe that she was getting information so she could
make up her mind about whether or not she would want to be turned when we got mated.
Its normal for wolves to have three or more cubs at once, but wolf demons normally have one cub at a time, I
told her. But I have heard of some wolf demon mothers who had two cubs at once. Its not very common but it
isnt unheard of either, I ended.
Its the same for humans, she answered. Back in my village there was a woman named Kin. She was married
to Osamu-oji and she gave birth to twins the year I saw my twelfth summer. She was huge and had to stay in bed
for the last two months that she was pregnant. Kohaku was so young, he thought that she was had three babies
inside her for how big she looked, she finished with a laugh before her eyes started to waver behind unshed
I let go of her hand that I was holding all this time and reached around her shoulders to pull her close. Every
now and again she would cry at something that reminded her of her brother. It didnt start until after they had
defeated Naroku. So far I havent been of much help to her. I didnt know where her brother could be if he was
even still alive and Ive looked.
Sango, I said and waited for a reply back from her.
Hum? she asked after a moment.
I think you should continue with Kagome and help her look for the jewel shards, I told her. She pulled back and
looked at me with her tear streaked face.
Why? she asked as she started to wipe one cheek clean. Im sure that she didnt expect me to tell her that. We
are like on the verge of saying our commitment vows and I give her this kind of advice.
You might be able to find Kohaku this way, I told her as I held both her shoulders in my hands. She looked up
at me and I watched as her eyes and the tears that gathered there started to flood and then slide down her
cheeks again. I pulled her close and held her as she cried. She deserved a good cry and I let her. I stood there
holding her, letting her know that I was there for her like I have been, and that I always will be.
= Miroku =
Kouga will be here too, I said as I looked over at Inuyasha. He was eating a small plate of sliced boar. I had
waited until he was just about finished before I brought it up. He ate the last piece and raised the plate to drink
the blood that had gathered there. He then placed it on the low table he was sitting next to and dropped the
chopsticks next to it before he got up and started walking towards me.

Yeah, I heard him, he answered before he stopped and turned to walk into the bathing room. I heard a
number of noises along with the splashing of water that he made in the other room. When he came back out he
was wiping the back of his hand across his mouth.
So what if hes here? Inuyasha continued as he came to stand in front of me. I craned my neck as I looked up
his body until I got to his face.
If it doesnt bother you, it doesnt bother me, I told him before smiling. The smile wasnt meant to hide
anything, but there was a grain of something there, in the back of my mind.
It doesnt, he said before he dropped to his knees and reached out for my face. He pulled me closer and kissed
me before looking into my face again. Are you afraid? he asks me.
Afraid? Why would I be afraid? I said as I pulled back a bit too much for him. He followed me unto the bed and
laid next to me as I looked up at the ceiling. Im really not bothered, I said again. I turn to look at him. His face
is so close to mine. His hair was falling over his shoulder. He was looking at me, waiting for a different answer. I
really am not afraid, I told myself.
Its just the fact that the moment is here, I tell him before I look up at the young white haired demon on the
ceiling and telling myself its Inuyasha again. I dont know what to expect and I dont like that. Even though Ive
thought of what might happen, I dont know if Im right, kinda right or very, very wrong, I said.
I raised my hands to my face and covered my eyes for a minute, but quickly uncovered them when I saw Sango
calling me something worst than pervert.
Whatever happens, we wont change, Inuyasha said as he pulled us together. He moved towards me and he
pulled me back against his chest. Whatever they say, we are staying together. After all you fell for me right? he
asked and I felt him grinning. I smiled too. I turn to look at him and his eyes dazzle me.
Yes, I fell for you, I tell him before leaning in to kiss him. He gently pushes me to lay down on my back again as
we continue the kiss, and he lays his body over mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and and under his arm to
hold him close as my whole body starts to get excited at his touch. He slides his hand between us and over my
chest, pulling at one of my nipples before moving lower.
I had given up wearing any clothes to bed once we were in our room. It saved so much time, and time is
something he didnt waste tonight as I gasped into his mouth when I felt his hand pulling on my growing
Inuyasha, I breathed with lust when his mouth moved from mine and down my neck. I kept my hands in
contact with him. His hair; his neck; his shoulders were all at my fingertips. My hips moved against his hand, or
with his hand depending on how you think about it.
I closed my eyes and I felt every part of him as it touched me, moved along my skin and warmed my flesh. His
breath was warm and inviting as his tongue moved down my neck and over my chest. His lips pressed onto a
nipple before sucking it and the moving to the next, then moving back again.

Inuyasha, I cried out louder as his hands moved faster and my body couldnt help but move with him. I felt the
swelling and tightening in my loins. I felt it building. My skin felt like it was melting off of my body. I held one
hand in his hair and the other clung to his shoulder.
Ahh AAAHhhhh.. Im coming, I told him as my voice created louder moans.
Then come, I heard him say just before he pulled himself out of my grasp and I felt heat and suction replace
his hand. I bowed into it with the feeling of letting go and having it pulled out of me all mixed into one. I dont
know how loud I was, or if I made any sounds at all.
I felt Inuyasha holding on to me as I was frozen with my back arched up from the bed with my head bent back
into a flattened pillow as everything I had went into him. When I felt like breathing again my body fell back onto
the sheets. My eyes were closed and I heard only my breathing. I want to see Inuyasha. I opened my eyes as I
felt his tongue and mouth slide off of me. I looked down my body at him and he looked back at me with darker
eyes that were still filled with lust. He also wasnt swallowing.
He reached for my legs and rolled me up onto my shoulders, all without saying a word. I knew what he was
going to do and my body quickly felt the excitement once more. Inuyasha. I watched him lower his head until he
closed his eyes and I felt his mouth at my puckered opening. I felt his tongue as it left his mouth and pushed its
way into me. I held on to the sheets as my senses started to reel once again from such intimate contact.
I felt something hot start to slide between my ass cheeks and down my back. I almost had to think of what it
could be until I remembered that he didnt swallow. He was pressing his tongue back and forth to give it space
to flow back into me. As the wetness continued to spill from his mouth I knew that it couldnt have all come
from me. The tip of his tongue pushed more into me before it stayed inside and moved around like I liked it.
AH! aaahhh AH! he found it. I twisted my hands into the sheets tighter to keep from pounding them into
the bed. I tried to move the rest of me but Inuyasha kept me in place. I was starting to feel that swirling motion
in the pit of my stomach again.
Inuyasha, I said calling out to him. AH!... Inuyasha, I called out again. I looked up between my legs and past
my cock that was starting to drip onto my stomach. I saw his white ears among his white hair as his head
followed his tongue. Please, Inuyasha, I begged him again.
Now he stopped and looked down at me. He lowered me to lay on his thighs. I felt him pressing against my
entrance and it made me wish that he was already in me.
AAAaaaahhhhh, was pulled out of me as he leaned over my body, pushing his large manhood into me. It's
almost like the first time each time, I noted for a very brief moment. He licks and heals me almost every time but
my body never forgets the pleasure and always wants more of him.
I saw his face coming close and I waited for his lips to touch mine. I pulled my hands from where I had them
entangled and I reached for him. I pulled him closer as he kissed me deeply before holding on tighter as his hips
started to slam harder into mine.
We are both moaning now and my cock is be rubbed and pressed and left to be covered in cum again and again
by the meeting and separating of our bodies. With each thrust, I try to meet and make it deeper.

Ah ha haa. Hah. Hah AAAahhh.. Inuyasha, I say in my mind as I felt it starting to slip from me. My
nipples are hard as they brush against his chest. Against his smooth soft skin, his own hot and hard nipples.
Inuyasha, Im coming, I tell him again as my mind starts to let go of the last connections it has with my body. I
felt him pounding into me faster and harder.
AH, AH, AH, Ah, Hah, Hah, Haahhhh, HHHAAAaaahhhhh I screamed as I came first and my legs clutched
around him as he came into me one last time. I felt the heated liquid as it coated my insides. I felt it flow into my
body as I heard Inuyasha panting next to my ear. My Inuyasha, I said quietly in two breaths. I knew he heard
When my legs felt tired and the lust had flowed out of my body I let go of his waist, but I didnt make him move.
I didnt care if he stayed in and on me all night. I was very content with where he was, and I knew I was going to
be content and happy for long after this. I reached a hand up and cradled the back of his head.
My Miroku, I heard him say before he kissed my shoulder. I smiled at this and I was very happy to be his. I felt
time moving by as it pulled us closer to when we would let everyone know. We were going to be together for
better or worst.
I looked up at the ceiling again. My eyes drifted shut as round gold one looked down on the both of us.
= Inuyasha =
Who on earth is knocking at this hour? What hour is it? I reluctantly opened one eye and looked towards the
window. The sun was barely up. Maybe they came for the dishes. I told myself.
Come in, I said as I pulled Miroku closer. I heard the door open but I didnt want to look to see who it was. It
didnt matter to me who came and got the dishes.
Inuyasha-sama, they said. I know that voice. I opened one eye and looked to the foot of my bed where I heard
the voice coming from to see Katsu with his head bowed.
What on earth are you doing here? I asked him as I sat up and sadly let go of Miroku who reached out and
held on to my hand that was still close to him, as he continued to sleep.
Sesshomaru-sama has left for the day, so I have to make my report to you, he said with his head still bowed.
Great! The bastard did it to me again. I looked from Katsu to Miroku. I was tempted to cover him with the
blanket, but I couldnt do that to Miroku. Katsu must have seen him when he walked into the room anyway and
we were going to announce that we were going to be mated in two days when Kagome came back. I looked up
at Katsu. I guess the hiding ends now, I tell myself I sit up fully to look at him better. I pulled at the sheet to fit it
around my hips along with Mirokus.
You may start your report Katsu, I tell him when I was finished. I watch him as he stands fully upright, waiting
to see if he gives Miroku a second look.
= Sesshomaru =
Without haste I walked up the hill that the enchanted well sat on. I had already been to the hut and saw that it
hadnt been disturbed since the night I decided to take Kagome to her time to keep her safe. I felt my eyebrows

move as the thought of me failing to protect her fluttered over my mind. But it was fleeting. I made sure that
none of those mushi creatures were anywhere near any of the places we would spend the next two days.
I left my home a day earlier than I had first planned, but Im positive that Katsu didnt miss seeing me as I left
this morning just before he was suppose to give me his report. The slight smile that started to spread across my
features at having Inuyasha unwilling standing in for me again was sobered by the knowledge that Kagome
wasnt expecting me so soon.
Would she think that I was pressuring her? Would she say that she didnt want to leave or see me yet? NO! She
was to be my mate. This was agreed on. She would do what I wished. I stood in front of the Bone Eaters Well. I
looked down into the black cavity and rethought what just passed through my mind.
I leaned forward and braced my hands on the weather worn wood and looked down at the bare ground that not
even grass grew from this time of the year. She would want to see me. She was very reluctant for me to leave in
the first place. Why was I thinking those things before? I will go and get her and she will be happy to see me as I
am as I am to see her.
I looked back into the blackness that was the inside of the well. I saw faded yellow as it brightened and grew
larger. I reached out my hand and caught it before it came any closer to my face. My hand gripped a fabric that
my claws dug into. It was Kagomes bag. I took six steps backward and waited to see what else would come up
from the well.
I watched as curved metal turned into a circle that was covered in a black strip as it slowly emerged from the
mouth of the well until the foot rest of Kagomes machine rested over the top and appeared to have gotten
Who or what was pushing the thing stopped, but I heard scraping as it moved up the inside of the well until a
hand with dirty fingers gripped the wood that I was touching just moments before. Another hand joined the first
and a head of black long hair came into few. As she finished her climb back into my time her eyes stayed focused
on her machine that she kept from falling back to where she came from. A gust of wind blew past her and
carried her scent towards me.
Kagome finished pulling her mechanical ride from inside the well now that she was standing on solid ground,
and leaned it against the outer wall before she started to look for something. I looked at my hand that still
gripped the bag before looking back at her.
My eyes traveled up her legs that were in a thick white legging and she was once again wearing that short green
skirt that I first saw her in years earlier. I saw her white shirt with its green collar that was peeking through the
front of another fluffy jack before I looked into her eyes. She was looking back at me now and her eye gave me
the feeling of drowning again.
= Third Person POV =
You have my bag, Kagome said as she looked at Sesshomaru with a very light and happy heart. She couldnt
believe that she found him here at the well. Sesshomaru couldnt believe that she just came out of the well as
he was about to use it to go and fetch her.

He stood there holding her bag as he took the sight of her in. His memory was good, but having her before him
was better than the memories she had left with him. He didnt know what to do now. He hasnt had to greet
anyone he cared for in years and even then there were rules on how he did that. Sesshomaru stepped a bit
closer to the female he wanted to make his.
Kagome watched Sesshomaru as he came closer to her and her heart started to pound harder than it did when
she decided to skip school and come back a day early to surprise Sesshomaru and to be just that much closer to
him. She watched him as he took one more step before stopping and looking at her. Kagome took her first step
towards him as a smile poke through and took over her lips as she started to lose her ability to not show how
happy she was.
Kagome watched, delighted, as what she was feeling started to show on Sesshomarus face. She knew it was
happening before he did. Sesshomaru slowly smiled. It wasnt a wide face swallowing smile that Kagome
showed as she leaped at him now that he stood just four feet away. Sesshomaru dropped her bag and held her
to his chest as she clung to him also.
Sesshomaru, she said into his hair next to his ear.
Kagome, he said in turn as they just stood there making sure that they had a firm grip on each other.
= Kagome =
We are back at the hut again, I thought as I looked around the inside of the small structure. It seemed like we
were just here yesterday now that Im back again. Nothing was out of place at all. I pulled off the gloves that I
had just put on to for the walk from the well to the hut. I stuffed each into a separate pocket out of habit.
I walked over to where some pieces of firewood were and pulled out some of the smaller pieces to start a fire. I
looked back at the door once I had the flames warming my fingers thinking it was time for Sesshomaru to come
back from the river. He said that we needed water and left as soon as I had stepped inside. I stood and walked
over to where we kept jars that held different kinds of teas along with honey and some of the sugar I brought
from home.
I picked up three jars and turned to walk back to the fire and the teapot that was always next to it when I heard
the door as it was slid open. I looked over and watched as the air blow in with Sesshomaru as he stepped inside.
His hair had been blown up and across his face before it fell back down again. The curtain that tried to protect
the doorway showed that it had seen far better days. I have to replace that, I realized.
The hut, that one moment ago was so familiar and comfortable, was now colored brilliantly with Sesshomarus
presence. He looked at me with the eyes Ive been dreaming of for the past two and half weeks and my coat
started to feel too warm and too small.
Welcome back, I said as I smiled at him. His showed his new small smile to me and I turned towards the fire to
start the tea that I knew he would be wanting soon. I sat in front of the fire and prepared the tea for the water.
When it was time to add the water I saw the bucket as Sesshomaru lowered it next to me before he sat down at
the fire also. I smiled as I used a deep spoon and scoped out some water to fill the pot. I then hung it on the
metal arm and swung it over the fire.

Then there was silence. Neither of us said anything as the crackling of the fire filled the air.
Did you enjoy your visit home? Sesshomaru asked me as he broke the silence. I looked up and saw him
looking in my direction.
Yes, I told him. It was nice to see Mama and Sota and my friends again. Everyone was happy that I was going
to be able to stay so long this time, I stopped and smiled as I remembered the odd ideas that my friends came
up with when I told them of Sesshomaru.
Did something, he paused. Pleasant happen? Sesshomaru asked me. Where did that come from?
Nothing much really, I said as I shrugged my shoulders and thought over the last few weeks. For once I caught
up with my school work and was enjoying it again for the most part, I confessed.
And that was worthy of a smile? he then asked me.
A smile? I asked him a little puzzled. I smiled? His old face was back again as he looked at me. He then turned
and presented me with some meat, again on his armor. I didnt even see it before. Even without their ears I
recognized that the two things laying there were once rabbits. Ive never cooked rabbit before. What do I do
with them? Stew? Sango was the one that did that, I helped, but didnt do it on my own.
Smile? I asked again as my mind moved back to the first problem it was presented with. He looked at me
without a twitch and without giving me a clue as to what he meant. I looked down at my hands as I tried to
remember. It just happened it cant be that hard to remember. I told myself. Yuka and Eri. I smiled again at what
they said and then looked up at Sesshomaru as I realized that he showed me another emotion that I didnt think
he had.
I suddenly wanted to kiss him but my fingers went cold with the thought as I held my hands. I looked down at
my hands then back to him again. His mood looked worst. I forgot that he couldnt understand what I was
feeling, never mind thinking, unless I told him. I gripped my hands tighter before letting them go. OK.
I was thinking of you, I told him before I stood and walked to his side before kneeling down again. I told my
friends about us and they had some funny ideas about you since I couldnt tell them everything, and it made me
smile, I told him as I looked into his eyes that had followed all my movements. I then raised up on my knees and
reached for his face.
There is nothing and no one to be jealous of, I told him before I kissed him. Hes not kissing me back. I opened
my lips and licked his hoping it would work and that he believed me. I started to back away when he didnt
Ah, I gasped as he pulled me to his chest and sucked on my lower lip before finally returning my kiss the way I
wanted him to. I rocked back and forth in the strong circle of Sesshomarus arm as we kissed and showed how
much we missed each other. Slowly his lips moved away from mine and across my skin. He moved to my jaw,
jumped to the bottom of my ear lobe before moving down my neck.
Aahh, I moaned softly as my grip on his head tightened when I felt his fangs as they pressed into the base of
my neck.

I wasnt jealous, Sesshomaru said against my hot skin. I was just curious.


Furoshiki - carrying cloth (that blue cloth that she carries her things in)
Yukata - is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton.
Oji - uncle (older than one's parent); (used with suffix -san or -sama) endearing term for unrelated older man;
(with suffix -san) term used by a child to address unrelated adult male.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 35

= Miroku =
I stood still as the glow moved its way over his body as we stood in the Dojo. I gave him a few moments to feel
his human body again. I lowered my staff and waited to see if he wanted to continue. I shouldnt have relaxed. It
was as if he stood there waiting for my guard to be lowered before he charged me.
AH! I shouted as I raised my staff to block his as it came at me. Fine. I wont give you a break. Our practice
continued until I called time. I leaned on my staff as I looked at him. I hate it when he tries to make up for being
Are you tired Inuyasha? I asked him as I visibly showed that I was indeed tired myself. He was trying not to
show it, but bit by bit it was crumbling and soon he had to take a deep breath to satisfy his lungs.
Damn! I hate being so weak, he said once he was able to speak more than one word.
Yet you try so hard, I told him as I now stood upright again.
Of course Im going to try. Im going to be one hundred soon. I have to get better at this, he said. He brushed
the back of his hand against his newly blackened wet bangs, that were stuck to his forehead, before turning
towards the water buckets. He dunked his whole head in one before turning to drink from the other. He turned
to look at me with most of his hair sticking to him in some way.
Are you ready? he asked me as I got closer to him. The thought ran through my head as I reached for the cup
and I got some of the water to drink. Hes serious. I placed the cup back where I got it from and enjoyed the cold
path it made down the inside of my chest. I reached for my staff that I had leaned against the bench that held
the buckets as I looked at him.
Ready, I told him before turning and walking back into the middle of the room. I smiled at him as I came to a
spot I liked and waited for him to strike. Hes not going to catch me off guard this time.
= Inuyasha =
I stood there, feeling better than I did a few moments ago. I watched Miroku as he walked back into the middle
of the Dojo. I told him that I wanted to be stronger, but it was hard to fight Miroku and win. He knew all of my

moves. Guess Ill just have come up with something new, I told myself as I grabbed my own staff and walked out
to stand in front of him. I openly grinned as I watch him take up his stance as I got nearer.
I looked at Miroku with his chest covered in sweat and even though we looked about the same now with the
same height, same build and currently the same black hair, I knew I was stronger than him. I was just getting use
to my human form for the night.
I stepped into a new stance that Katsu had been trying to get me use to. It didnt feel that uncomfortable now as
I moved each limb into place and remembered what came next.
= Kouga =
Of course Im going to pick a fight. I have nothing else to do here until Kagome shows up, I said as I walked
towards the Dojo with Sango at my side.
You cant fight Inuyasha, Sango told me again.
Why cant I fight Mutt Face? I asked her as I started to open the door.
We both turned and saw Inuyasha standing over Miroku who was laying on his back with his staff up blocking a
hit from Inuyashas. A black haired Inuyasha. A ningen looking and scented Inuyasha.
Hes a ningen again, I said out loud as I stood there watching them as Miroku stood and they turned towards
Having a fight? Inuyasha asked as he took a step towards us looking a little amused.
No, I said as I entered the room.
I can still fight him, I said back to Sango. Ill just have to go easy on the puppy, I added to try and provoke him
into wanting to fight me.
Hes human Kouga, you cant fight him. It wouldnt be fair, she said. She played right into it. I looked over at
Inuyasha and watched him as he gripped his staff tighter.
Im not a puppy you fleabag. Ill be more than happy to fight you and beat you too, Inuyasha said as his eyes
tried to drill into me. He tried to do the old stare that I had gotten use to over the years, but some of the bite
was missing in his ningen form.
Well you are free to try. Puppy. I just had to say it.
Im not a puppy! Im older than you are! he shouted at me.
You look like a puppy, you act like a puppy and you smell like a puppy, so you have to be a puppy, I said as I
walked over to him.
Youll eat those words, he said before he charged me. I dodged him and ran towards Miroku and pulled the
staff he was holding out of his hand and turned to successfully block Inuyashas first blow. I actually tried hard

not to hurt him and to keep it a fair fight, but his fighting was different and I dont mean because he was a
ningen. He learned a few things since the last time I had seen him fight. I had to push back harder than I
expected I had too and used the power of the shards to get me out the reach of his staff at one point.
You look a little worried there Kouga, he said feeling pleased with himself.
Im not worried, I told him. Im just getting started. I used some more of my speed and allowed my own
blows to carry some more weight. I looked past our staffs that had once again collided with each other and saw
him breathing heavily and believed for a moment that I was pushing him too hard. Maybe I shouldnt have
fought him while he was in his ningen form. The fight I wanted was with the white haired, mutt faced, hanyou. It
would prove nothing to beat him like this.
Inuyasha was gone I suddenly realized. What happened? I asked myself just before I felt his wooden staff as it hit
my legs from under me. I watched the room flip as I fell backwards onto my back not knowing where Inuyasha
was. I grabbed my staff that fell to my side as I felt the end of Inuyashas. I knew what I would see when I turned
to look up.
I saw him standing over me with his staff pressing into my neck. I watched him as he labored for breath but
stood steady as he held his staff. I laid there waiting for him to step back. This is why you arent suppose to think
about anything but the fight when you are fighting someone.
Knock Knock
We turned our heads and looked towards the doorway. I smelled the ningen Amaya before I saw her opening
the door. I wonder how the muttInuyasha, can go around not smelling who is coming towards him?
Yes Amaya? Inuyasha said before he looked at me again before taking a step back.
Dinner will be ready in an hour, she said before I turned back to see her bowing as I still laid there on the floor.
Thank you, Inuyasha said before bending his head in her direction and walking away. I turned to look at Sango
as I heard the door close. She looked into my eyes before she got up and walked past me towards the door. She
didnt appear to be pleased with me.
Sango? I said as I stood. I took it easy on the mutt, she shouldnt be mad with me. Sango, I said again as I
followed her out of the room. Shes not mad at me. I realized when I walked through her scent that hung in the
doorway. Sango, I sang as I caught up to her. I slid my arm around her waist and walked with her to our room.
= Miroku =
Are you ok? I asked him. Inuyasha stood over a fresh bucket of water, holding the sides of the container, as he
just breathed. Normally I wouldnt really be worried when he sparred with anyone other than Sesshomaru, but
he didnt posses his ykai traits at the moment. I walked closer and dipped a ladle into the water and held it
over his head. Im going to pour some water over your head, I told him before I did just that. It went over his
bent head and across the back of his neck. It was clearly exposed due to the ponytail that I tied his hair into
before we walked into the Dojo over three hours ago.

He stayed still as the water saturated his hair, ran down his neck with a few droplets breaking away from the
others to go down his back. When I was finished Inuyasha raised his head and looked at the wall in front of him.
He then turned to look at me as I put the ladle back where I picked it up from.
Yeah, Im fine. Lets go get cleaned up, he said. He smiled before he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back
as his wet chest pressed into mine until we both broke the kiss and started walking towards the door.
We left the Dojo and walked down the hall. I looked up at one of the paintings and looked into the yellow eyes
of one of the two female ykai whose portraits hang there. This lady had marks on her cheek that were different
in color from Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Besides the golden eyes, the white hair and the pointed ears I didnt
see anything else to tell me that she was Inuyashas grandmother. Yes, she had the markings like what Inuyasha
showed when his ykai blood had taken him over, but at this point I was starting to think that all ykai of his
kind had similar markings on their face with some small changes.
No one knew if she was still alive or not. Providing nothing had happened to her, there was no reason why she
wouldnt still be alive. The only one who had seen her in the last two hundred years happened to have been
Sesshomaru and he didnt seemed inclined to say why she came to him. Well, he didnt seemed inclined to tell
Inuyasha anyway.
I think Ill tell Kouga and Sango tonight, I heard him say.
Ha? I asked not believing what I heard. I didnt hear what I thought I heard. I heard what I was saying and
mixed his words into to that. What did you say? I asked Inuyasha as I got closer to him. He had gotten a little
ahead of me. I seemed to have stopped and was looking at the painting as he continued walking.
I think Im going to tell Kouga and Sango about us tonight, he said. I walked behind of him in silence as we now
made our way up the stairs. What could I say? I was surprised, but it was something that had to be done and
telling them first might be a good thing. I started to think of how it would be taken when I saw two sets of small
eyes that would be looking at us from across the table.
Are you going to tell Shippo and Rin tonight too? I asked him.
Why not? he asked as he kept on walking.
Why not? I asked him as we turned the last corner before we reached our room. Theyre kids. Shouldnt we
tell them differently and at a different time? I asked. I watched as he walked into our room.
Shippo isnt that young, he said. Im sure he already knows of other male couples. He lived with ykai until he
started traveling with us. As for Rin, he shrugged his shoulders. He then stood and ran his fingers through his
long strands of black hair taking out the now loose ribbon as he did so. She might surprise us and be happy for
you. Youre her favorite out of all of us not counting Sesshomaru and she has gotten use to other demon things,
he added before he started to strip on the other side of the bed.
I watched Inuyasha as he untied then dropped his hakama before starting to work on his fundoshi. Besides, its
not something that we should be hiding from just them, he said as he got the last of it untangled from his body.
It fell to the floor too before he walked in my direction and started to untie my own clothing. It didnt take long
since I was wearing as much as he was a moment before.

I slid my hands up his arms as he worked on my fundoshi. My hands rounded his shoulders and pushed his hair
aside. I moved one hand to the back of his neck as I prepared myself to continue the kiss that he had started
earlier, now that he had answered my small question. The cloth that was around me fell away as his warm hands
held on to my hips.
= Inuyasha =
Thoughts of arriving late and others of not showing up at all were put down by the fact that I wanted to tell the
others about the gorgeous man I was about to kiss and maybe fuck before we joined them for dinner. My win
over Kouga had excitement pulsing through my body and having Miroku so close to me made me wonder how I
was able to keep myself from stripping him downstairs.
Mmm, I murmured into his mouth as our lips came together and I felt his hand at the back of my head pulling
me closer. I felt his tongue as he licked my lips before going inside to touch my tongue. Oh, I am going to fuck
him. I remembered that the bed was to his right and steered him with the use of his hips until I believed we
were in place. I broke our kiss and looked into his eyes before pushing him backwards to fall onto the bed.
I leaned over him with my hands on either side of his body and as he moved further back onto the bed I
followed him as we resumed our kiss. I turned and pulled him on top of me and I felt his legs on the outside of
my thighs. I was already hard and I was brushing against different parts of him between his legs. Each part of
him had a different feel and each caused the ache in me to hurt just a little more.
I wanted to be in him now, but I had to prepare him first. I moved my right hand to hold onto his cock first and I
felt him tremble as I got him harder and collected what pre-cum was already dripping from his member. I
smeared it around my fingers as I moved them behind of him. Our kissing hadnt stopped but it paused with his
mouth pressed against mine as I pushed the first finger in. He sank lower, covering my body with his as he
pushed his ass out towards my hand. I pushed my middle finger in as far as I could before pulling it out and
pushing it back in.
I felt my own pre-cum as it fell in warm drops onto my skin as Miroku started to breathe quickly across my lips as
his mouth hovered over mine. I hoped that I would be able to hold out until I was able to slide into him without
causing him pain. I closed my eyes as I started to tremble. Stop. I told myself. Just think of getting him ready
before you come all over his back. I breathed deeply and slowly a few times to calm myself. I opened my eyes
and praised myself for not stopping my fingers. I looked into his face that loomed over me with tightly closed
eyes. His legs tightened their hold on me on either side of my chest as I slipped another finger into him. I moved
the three fingers in once, then twice, then took them out completely. He was ready.
His thighs relaxed and his hands that were hovering over my chest came back into contact with my skin. He hung
his head before he opened his eyes and looked at me. I smiled up at him before I reached for his wrists and
pulled them apart so he fell down onto me so I could kiss him again. He kissed me first and I loved the force he
put into it. I felt my cock sliding between his ass cheeks. I was more than ready for him.
Top or bottom? I asked him when I managed to pull my lips away.
Me or you? he asked as he gasped for air over my face.

You, I answered him as I pushed his ass closer to my cock. I started to rock between his cheeks that I parted as
I waited for him to make up his mind.
Top, he answered just before I felt his hand on my cock. I felt him slide down lower over my stomach before
the only parts I felt of him was one hand that was pressing into my navel and the other one that was guiding my
cock up his ass. I reached along my sides until I found his feet and held on to his ankles as I felt him sliding
further down, encasing me inside himself.
Aaaahhhh was a sound I couldnt stop from coming out of my body. The pressure was perfect. The heat was
almost too much and he kept on going until I felt the weight of him settle over my groin.
Are you ready? Miroku asked me as he brought his knees back down onto the bed. I nodded my head as I
continued to feel. I couldnt speak, I didnt want to speak in fear that I might get rid of what was currently
possessing me. I closed my eyes but I still saw him over me. His hair had grown and was now touching the top of
his shoulders as he started to move up and down on my cock. I could image it swaying back and forth as he
started to move. Our breathing picked up as I started to push back and come up off the bed to meet him as he
came back down.
Miroku started to moan louder and I had to open my eyes to see his face as he came closer to coming. I watched
as he cried out and moved faster on and off my cock until he stiffened and held my cock tightly in him as he
came. I looked past the spray of his cum that he shot over my shoulder, and into his eyes as they saw nothing
and I exploded into him. My eyes stayed open long enough to see a silly smile take over his lips.
= Third Person POV =
Everyone showed up to the evening meal in a timely manner. Kouga and Sango were the ones doing most of the
talking once dinner had started due to all the questions that Rin asked them. They talked about the hunts and
other things that they had done with other members of the wolf tribe if not each other. Sango asked what they
had done while she was gone, but Shippo and Rin just said that nothing happened and that they just had classes
and more classes. Then they remembered to tell her about the few fun games they played with Inuyasha,
Miroku, each other and a young Kappa that came looking for Jaken eight days ago.
A Kappa came here looking for Jaken? Sango asked. Why? she added to get an answer when everyone
started to remember the occasion rather than tell her about it.
He wouldnt tell us, but Im sure he told Sesshomaru, Miroku told them.
Did he ask to see Sesshomaru too? Sango asked.
No, but we thought that Sesshomaru would know where Jaken was and the Kappa said that he really had to
talk to him, Inuyasha said before he went back to eating.
= Inuyasha =
The meal was just about over as I looked over at Miroku. He either had the same idea or he felt me looking at
him. Now we were looking at each other as if we could come up with a way to tell them, without actually
speaking. My eyes left his for a moment as I looked around the table that seemed a bit larger now that

Sesshomaru and Kagome werent there. Rin was already full and was rolling something around on the table with
her finger while she waited for Shippo to finish what he was eating.
Sango and Kouga were talking quietly to themselves, so I couldn't hear what they were talking about without my
ears. He clearly had enough to eat at dinner, and by their touching and Sango's red face I could think that he was
was trying to talk her into. I turned my head away. Ready or not. I told myself as I placed my hands on the table.
I wonder if I should stand or just stay seated?
We have some good news, I heard Miroku say before I turned to look at him in surprise.
We are going to be mated, he said in a loud and happy voice as he smiled around the room before taking a sip
of what he had in his cup. I turned and looked at the people seated at the table. Rin stopped playing with what
turned out to be small self-made rice ball. Shippo slowly lowered his chopsticks and just looked at each of us in
turn. Kouga looked, well he just looked at both of us also, but he seemed to have been thinking about
something and didnt look that surprised.
Sango then became the most interesting one to watch. Firstly, surprise was showed on her face. She looked at
me the longest before turning to look at Miroku, then it changed and changed in an unexpected way. She smiled
and it got wider until she choked on a laugh. I looked at Miroku quickly before I looked back at her. Now she was
laughing out loud as she placed the cup she was holding down onto the table.
What girl did you find to say yes? she asked. Was she talking to Miroku or me? Miroku, I hope you used
another line other than Will you be the mother of my child? on the poor girl, she said as she calmed down
and wiped some tears from the corner of her left eye.
How dare she! Was all I thought before I heard myself speak.
I am NOT a girl! I found myself shouting at her. When I saw the shock in her eyes I realized that I stood to say
so. I continued to stand and stared her down until she really started to look confused.
You cant mean? her question trailed off as I started to sit.
So thats why you two are in the same room, Kouga said with a smirk.
Dont go thinking anything about Miroku you fleabag, I told him in a calm but threatening voice that I was
trying to pick up from Sesshomaru.
Wouldnt dream of it, he said as he raised his hands but continued to smile in both our directions. Besides, I
have my Sango. I dont need to think of your monk, he said as he slid an arm around Sangos waist which she
didnt even appear to notice.
Sango was starting to worry me.
How will you have babies? I heard from the other side of the table. It was Rin. Once again I looked at Miroku
but he just looked at me before turning to look at Sango again. I turned back to Rin and tried to think of
something to tell her. Since I didnt really think of it myself before, I took a while. RIN! Thats it.

We cant have a baby between the two of us, but we can get a ward like you, I told her. I smiled hoping the
answer was good enough for her.
Or they can have a common wife and have babies with her, I heard coming from Shippos direction. He then
went back to finish eating. I felt like hitting him upside his head for telling that to Rin. It was fine if she knew that
two guys were together but to have her think that women would be shared between them seemed a bit too
much. It was unneeded information. Information that I did didnt even know about. How did he?
How do you know about a common wife? I asked him. He blinked up from his bowl and broke off the piece of
fish he had in his mouth and chewed before he was able to answer the question.
My mother was a common wife to my father and my uncle, he said before he went back to eating. Wow, was
all I could think as I looked at him eating the last grains of rice from his bowl.
How long? pulled me from the thoughts I almost considered asking him. It was Sango and she didnt sound
How long have the two of you been together? she was asking Miroku.
Back when you went to stay with Kouga and his clan for the first time, he told her. She then looked back at me.
That long? she asked. I dont think she really wanted us to answer the question. All that time and you didnt
bother to tell us until now? she asked. I wasnt sure if we were suppose to answer that one either. What about
Kagome? she said while looking at me. Why didnt you wait until she got back? Why tell just us now?
She waited for an answer this time. I thought about my reasons why and then told her what I told Miroku earlier
that day.
I decided that it was time to tell you and we are going to tell Kagome, but I wanted you to be able to help her
not take it so hard and that wont happen if you find out the same time she does, I told her.
She turned and looked down at the wooden surface as she now held her forehead in her hands with her elbows
on the table.
What on earth will Sesshomaru say, she said. I wasnt sure if it was a real question or not, but I felt like
answering this one.
He already knows, I told her. He is the one who placed us in the same room remember?
Yeah, but I thought that was just something he was doing. He placed Shippo with Rin, and I could have stayed
with Kagome, but she trailed off since we all knew why she wasnt sharing a room with Kagome. She then
turned to look at the two of use again. You really are happy? she asked.
Yes, we are happy, Miroku told her. I wanted to hear what else she had to say and hoped that she didnt feel
like I had to say the same thing Miroku that did to believe us.
Then I wish you both continued happiness, she said with a small smile on her face. She still looked cautious for
some reason, but a bit less concerned now.

Thank you Sango, Miroku said as he reached out and hugged her. I had forgotten about the servants behind
the screen door as they waited for us to either leave for them to clean or to call them in to clean if we decided
to stick around and talk some more. But now I heard their murmuring and I knew they heard just about
everything that was said and that it had already reached the kitchen by now, but I wasnt bothered. Most of
them already knew if they hadnt seen Miroku and me lying in bed together. Katsu, I had to fight a growl down
when I thought of him openly looking at Miroku in our bed.
The real news that was being spread was most likely that our friends now knew and that Kagome would be told
when she returned with Sesshomaru by the time we all sat down for our next meal.
I stood feeling happy that all of this was over with for now and was ready to go to bed. Everyone else believed
that the meal was over and got up to leave when I didnt say anything, but Sango was soon standing beside me
and giving me a hug. I didnt know what to do. She had never hugged me before. I was grateful that it was a
short hug because it was uncomfortable not knowing what to do with my own arms and the pressing of her
breasts on my chest was odd and distracting in another odd way.
Ill help you keep an eye on him, she told me as she pulled back to look up into my face.
Thanks, I told her not knowing what else to say.
What do you mean by that? Miroku asked her as she walked away with Kouga at her side.
Dont play innocent Monk, she said over her back as she walked out the door. I looked back and saw that Rin
and Shippo were still there.
Come on, dinners over. Go get ready for bed, I told them as I waved them towards the door. Miroku and I
made it to the door before them and he held it open so we could all step through.
Inuyasha-sama? Rin asked.
Yes Rin, I answered her as I stood on the other side of the door watching her walk through.
When will you and Miroku be mated? she asked me, before looking at Miroku. Another question that I hadnt
given much thought to. I knew it would be soon, but I just wanted to get past telling everyone that mattered
first. I scratched my head as I thought about what Masami-sama told me.
A few weeks I think, I told her. I didnt really think there would be a reason to wait any longer than that.
Miroku didnt have any real family besides that drunken monk that looked after him somehow and that badger
that just showed up every now and again. My family would only be Sesshomaru and Rin, kind of, until
Sesshomaru mated. Then I would be able to call Kagome aniyome.
WHhhaattt? came from down the hall. We all turned to see Jaken standing next to another green creature
that appeared to be younger than him. It was Juro, he was back.

Kappa - Jaken's race of little green imps.

Aniyome - Elder brothers wife; sister-in-law.

Means that it's the same POV just a shift in time / place.

Chapter 36
= Miroku =
Juro, Rin squeaked with happiness as she ran down the hall to hug her new friend.
Hello Rin, we heard him say as we came closer. He smiled up at her before turning and bowing to Inuyasha.
My Lord, he then said.
Juro, Inuyasha greeted him. He then raised his head and looked at us both.
I wish to congratulate you both on becoming mates, he told us.
Thank you, Inuyasha told him.
Thank you Juro, I echoed.
= Jarken =
Inuyasha-sama was matting the leaching monk? Did he have to pick a ningen too like mlord? To think that both
of them will be doing such an injustice to their bloodline with such unworthy ningens. I felt myself starting to
shake with rage. I couldnt say what I wanted out loud because mlord had told me to treat his hanyou brother
with respect. At least mate with a demon that would bring respect to yourself and the house that rules these
lands, is what I wanted to say to him, but I couldnt do it. I came to speak with mlord. Being in his presence
would calm my nerves.
Where is mlord? I asked in a tone that wouldnt come off too disrespectful. They looked at me and Inuyashasama appeared displeased. Of course Im filled with joy for Lord Inuyasha and his future mate, I said with a
happiness I didnt feel. But I do need to speak with mlord, I said again.
Sesshomaru-sama isnt here, little Rin told me. He will be back the day after tomorrow, she continued. I
looked down at the clean bamboo floor and shook my head. I raised my eyes and looked into all their faces.
I will return then, I told them. My lord Inuyasha, I said as I bowed before turning and leaving with Juro not
too far behind of me.
= Rin =
The door closed and Master Jarken was gone with his friend Juro. I turned and looked up at Inuyasha-sama and
Miroku. They were still looking at the door as if they expected it to open again.
Rin will go to bed now, I told them to get their attention.

Good night Rin, Inuyasha-sama said as Miroku reached out a hand and touched my hair.
Sleep well Rin, I heard Miroku say as I ran down the hall to the stairs.
You too, I shouted back at them before turning and going up the stairs. That boy Shippo. He left instead of
waiting for me. I always wait for him. I ran down the hallways leading to our room. I wanted to tell him that Juro
was here. As I turned into the last hallway I slowed down to a walk and raised a hand to cover a yawn as I
started to feel tired.
I pushed open the door to our room to see Shippo already curled up in bed and asleep. I walked over to his side
and looked down at him. He looked a little different somehow. I looked over his body to see what that
something was, and I saw his little fox feet sticking out from under the covers. They were suppose to be under
it. I pulled it lower so he wouldnt get cold and the blanket moved lower down on him. It was too short. How? It
fit him before. I pulled it back up and saw his feet again. I stood there not understanding why it wouldnt fit him
anymore, but I knew he couldn't sleep like that. Hell catch a cold and get sick.
I walked over to where Yuri kept some other blankets and pulled one out. I held it to my chest with both my
arms to make sure I didnt drag it on the floor. When I was standing by his side of the bed again I opened it up
and dropped it over his legs. There, he should be warm now. I told myself as I moved off towards my side.
I dropped everything where I got undressed and reached for the night clothes that Yuri had placed on the bed
for me. As usual they were a little cold as I pulled them on, but by the time I crawled into bed I didnt feel them
anymore and was warm again as I laid down.
When is my birthday? It was an odd question and I dont know why I asked, but I also dont know why I dont
remember. Its my birthday. I should remember my own birthday. I dont know why I forgot it. I need a birthday
or I wont know how old I am. No one knows when I was born, so I have to get a new birthday. How do I get a
new birthday? Sesshomaru-sama. Ill ask Sesshomaru-sama for a new birthday. I'm sure Sesshomaru-sama can
give me one. He's done so many things, Im sure he can give me a birthday.
My eyes started to get heavy. I turned and looked over at Shippo. His red hair
= Sesshomaru =
Kagome, I said against her skin before I kissed lower on her chest. I had forgotten about the glow that we full
demons always saw covering everything, but she reminds me how unique it is. When I see her body shine from
within so brightly as the formula takes over every pore of her skin, I am awed. I tightened my arms around her
hips as I pressed my mouth to her flesh and licked her surface.
She tastes wonderful. I heard the small bottle as it hit the floor from her right hand. I ignored it as it rolled along
the floor and across the room. I felt her hand on my back as it moved up under my hair. Her fingers slid between
the strands and held my head to her chest.
I opened my mouth wider and sucked on her breast drawing half of it into my hungry mouth.
AH! I heard as she gasped out loud. I licked at her skin and nipple before pulling it free of my lips.
I looked at her bent neck for a moment longer than what was wise in my current state of arousal. I was almost in
pain with the desire to claim her as I watched her swallow. One hand moved before the other and I held the
back of her head as we were pulled towards each other.
If she tried to support herself, she utterly failed. I felt all her weight as she leaned then laid on my body. I laid
backwards slowly, not breaking our kiss, to lay her over me. I started to kiss down her neck again when I wanted

to change our positions. I braced her body to mine and quickly reversed our places in this tangle of limbs.
Her legs were about my waist, but they slid down to my thighs as I knelt between her own. I disrobed with her
eyes on me, watching each move I made. I could feel every stroke of her eyelashes each time she blinked. I
leaned over her body with my hair touching her as I lifted each leg to free myself of my hakama and briefs.
I then knelt down again and finished removing what was left of Kagomes clothing. When her top was
completely bare and the bottom half of her garments were bunched mid-thigh I removed her legs, that were
once again around me, and raised them up into the air and watched as the last of her was reviled to my eyes.
I held her legs up after I had tossed aside what she was wearing and looked at the back of her calves. I followed
the changing color of her skin as my eyes traveled down to the back of her knees, pass the wide softer flesh of
thighs until her body curved into her back that laid on the mat that covered the floor.
I opened her legs with both hands and spread them to either side of my body. I pushed gently on the inside of
her thighs as I licked the salt and her scent from her skin. I felt a tremor as it moved inside of her body and along
her skin. I licked and kissed my way upwards. Her form arched and twisted under my mouth, hands and body as
I got closer to her lips again.
Kagome, I moaned before I claimed her lips, pressed our hips together and felt her legs pulling on mine again.
Sesshomaru, she answered in a voice that conveyed her desire as I pressed my member firmly against her
moist opening. Her hot hands slid into my hair and held my head to her breast that my lips had found on their
own. My hands held her hips to the floor and I pressed harder into her. I felt her moisture as it covered the
length of me and it confirmed that she was ready to be entered.
I pulled back and slid into her in one smooth stroke. Her rocking paused as she held on and squeezed me as I
filled her completely. I couldn't stay still for long and started to move in and out of her warm insides. Kagome's
hands moved to my shoulders. Her new stronger nails dug into my skin as I started to move faster. Her smell
sweetened the air around us as it mixed with the dizzying spice of my own hot blood. I didn't want to hurt her,
but I couldn't slow down.
The sound of our flesh as they continued to slap into each other was a drum that gave me a beat to keep to as I
drew both of us to obliteration. The red tint that took over my vision fifteen minutes ago darkened to a deeper
red that succeeded in blocking everything from my sight but the glowing woman beneath me whose moans
were getting louder. Her hands were now digging into the floor as she arched up, pressing into my body as her's
started to tremble.
My breathing doubled in speed, my moans turned into growls and I opened my mouth wider as I felt my canine
teeth lengthened. I barely saw her as I looked at her face one last time before focusing in on her right shoulder.
AAAAAAHHHHHHHH... Kagome screamed past my ear as one of her hands now held on to me again and dug in
harder as I orgasmed into her body and held on to her shoulder with my mouth.
= Kagome =
Ha, ha, ha, ha... no words could come out of me. I don't think I could scream again if I wanted to. I thought
before turning my head to look at Sesshomaru. He was licking my shoulder with his eyes closed. I shifted slightly
and realized that he had already pulled out of me and was just laying in between my legs.
I made myself lift one of my tried and very heavy hands to touch his face. BLOOD!
What's wrong?I heard him ask me. I just continued to look at my fingers that were covered in blood. What did

I do? I asked myself. I couldn't think of anything. We were making love, what could I have done? Kagome? he
said a bit louder.
Blood, I said quietly as I continued to look at my hand. There was a