More recently, headed by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi National Advisory Council has drafted a bill.

The target and make the communal violence prevention (Justice and Compensation) Bill 2011 ['Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011'] is. It seems that the proposed legislation aims to strengthen the minority vote bank, Hindu Society, Hindu organizations and Hindu leaders have been designed to crush. Been in the guise of communal violence not only through this bill will protect the perpetrators of communal violence, but violence Are victims of Hindu society and Hindu organizations carrying voice against it would be easy to suppress. Also, contrary to the spirit of the Constitution Bill to intervene in the affairs of state governments to the federal structure will collapse. The draft made by the Committee on the Bill, his personality makes clear the intent of the bill. When its members and consultants Harsh Monder, Anu Aga, Teesta Setalvad confidant, Farah Naqvi, Syed Shahabuddin, such as Hindu hostile, John Dayal, Shabnam Hashmi and Niaz Faruki agent such extreme communal forces if the intentions of the Bill be easily visualized can be. After all, drafted by people thinking they can do the opposite. The community has brought this bill on the pretext of protecting it in the Bill 'group' has been named. The 'group' in the so-called religious and linguistic minorities and aboriginal groups in addition to the Dalits have also been included. Different languages - among the general issue of speakers the linguistic minority - the majority of disputes can become. The controversy What will lead to social discord, it can easily be imagined. Bill Scheduled Castes and Tribes of the Hindu society will act to distribute different society. Despite some sections of the mutual dissatisfaction of all those that believe that their problems can only be a component of Hindu society. The bill assumes that majority and minority community violence are the victims, while India's history tells something else. No Hindu ever persecuted non-Hindus, they are given protection. He's not violence, it is always a victim of violence. This government will not give the right to defend the Hindu society? The fate of the Hindu community in the protection of secular running of communal violence is crushed? Modesty of a woman being attacked, are not considered appropriate in any civilized society. The Bill provides that the 'group' on the law would interfere with the business.Similarly, the promotion of hatred against minorities is considered a crime. A Mental distress to a minority of the majority of anything, it is considered a crime. A person's criminal acts against minority literally be considered a crime under this bill. So now to demand the hanging of Afzal Guru, to demand the expulsion of Bangladeshi immigrants, will become a crime to ask for ban on conversions. All the enlightened citizens of the world know that the Hindu religion, Hindu Goddess - who spewed venom against the gods and Hindu organizations. Honorable judiciary is also at the core of all incidents of communal violence Sekyulriston famous by anti-Hindu literature and speeches of this type is found. The famous incident at Godhra in Gujarat on 59 Rambkton burn alive because of the reaction, this fact has now been established by several commissions. Response to protect the perpetrators of crimes and to punish the society can not be justified in any way. A ruthless dictator in the history of the culprits were nowhere to be protected so shameless. This would mean that any non-Hindu will be easier jail now for a Hindu. He will only charge the

Expressing its deep concern over the alarming law VHP The Central Management Committee meeting recently held in Mumbai has also passed a resolution. That's not a military. a civil servant failed to prevent violence. According to the Constitution is a matter of state law. So this bill will destroy the federal structure of India. Central Government can only give advice. Crushing in its guise of a political opponent for an unlimited period can be put into a jail. paramilitary forces or the police found the employee failed to prevent socalled violence might be tightening the screws on the head.If an organization is in charge of communal hatred. The resolution states that the VHP seems more dangerous than the Bill Rolt Act. Lest anyone tell us what's happening is that the birds devoured Pctaye the farm? . Analysis of a few facts of the Bill on the frightening picture is revealed. but keep them away from Hindu organization will not raise voice against them. If you are passed legislation of Hindus live in India will be miserable. VHP country's political.will get it right.If they proceed with this bill. Discretionary decisions taken during the emergency will be muted. the president of the state will be responsible. police and administration instead of stopping these criminals will protect them and their hand puppet Patriots will be forced to take action against Hindu organizations. Hindus will be protected from anywhere when you catch it quickly begin to convert Will. Hindus will be difficult to live as a Hindu. the Hindu society will be a strong nation-wide movement. Similarly.police officer will be put in jail accused Hindu. Traitor and quisling elements overtly Hindu India and the Hindu society will elaborate conspiracy to end. It would be even worse situation then the army. This bill is a new version of his statement. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said earlier that the Muslims have the first right on resources. at the head of the organization may be tightening the screws. social and worship Hindu saints and enlightened class has also appealed to the Central Government to stop this diabolical Bill to vigorous immune response.

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