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TEAM CHARTER Husky Air Assignment #1

Presented to Dr. Jack Marchewka Northern Illinois University Department of Operations Management Information Systems

Prepared by OMIS 690

January 31, 2005

Team Charter

Team Name: DA Solutions Team Members: D A 815-xxx-xxx 815-xxx-xxx

Agreed Upon Meeting Times: We have agreed to meet as a team on the following days Monday 5-6:30 p.m. Barsema Hall Atrium Wednesday 5-6:30 p.m. Barsema Hall Atrium Thursday 1-3.30 p.m. Barsema Hall Atrium Since we are only two team members we feel confident that we will be able to keep these times. We decided to meet in Barsema because we both frequent the building regularly and this meeting place was convenient and fit both our schedules. However, we will also use the MSN chat feature to communicate. We have also agreed to use the discussion board on Blackboard to exchange files. Additionally, we will use E-mails to communicate with one another. List of Team Rules and Expectations: 1. We expect all team members to show up for all assigned meetings on time. 2. If a team member is late for more than 3 meetings, the team has the right to mark down the unpunctual individual during the evaluation process. 3. We expect all team members to come prepared and participate actively in team discussion. 4. We expect all team members to respect each others ideas and views. 5. We expect all team members to be responsible for completing work assigned to them, by the deadline agreed upon by the team. 6. Each team member is allowed to miss one group meeting without prior notification. 7. If a team member has to miss a meeting, he/she needs to contact the other team members twenty four hours before the scheduled meeting time. If possible, the meeting will be rescheduled or else we will use electronic communication means such as e-mail and chat to finish the meeting. 8. If a team member does not inform the team and is absent to a meeting, this will negatively affect his/her evaluation.

9. If a team member constantly does not contribute any ideas, he/she will be given a warning by the team. 10. If the above situation continues after the initial warning, the team will reflect its disappointment in the evaluation process. 11. If a conflict arises, we will discuss and hear each others views until a resolution can be reached. Only in extreme cases when we are not able to reach a consensus after all channels of communication have been explored, we will flip a coin to resolve the conflict. 12. The team expects all team members to save their work and have a backup copy of their work. 13. When work is divided amongst the team members it is the responsibility of each team member to e-mail their part of the work to the others, at least 3 days prior to the actual submission deadline. This will give the team enough time to reflect on the work and make any necessary changes. 14. The team expects the highest caliber of work possible from each of its members. 15. As the semester progresses, if a team member feels that a change needs to be made to the team charter, then the other team members will listen attentively to his/her proposal. If a resolution is not reached despite all communication channels being explored then the original team charter is binding. Code of Ethics As a responsible and educated individual, I understand that it is my duty to behave in an ethical and courteous manner at all times. I will constantly strive to set an example of the highest caliber for those that work with me. I will use and incorporate the principles of honesty, respect, integrity, and professionalism in my academic and professional career.

a) I will employ a practice of fairness and forthrightness in all my dealings b) I will uphold and maintain the College of Businesss policies on cheating and plagiarism and make this practice a part of my life


a) I will strive to promote teamwork, sensitivity towards others, and a sense of tolerance for all individuals and their opinions no matter how different from mine b) I will respect my work and that of others and constantly strive to improve

a) Under no circumstances will I compromise my reputation and the reputation of my University by involving myself in unethical practices b) I will strive to be competent and effective in all my dealings despite distractions and changing circumstances

a) I will abide by and maintain the same high standards to which I hold others b) I will avoid stereotyping by race, religion, age, etc when dealing with others both in the classroom and beyond

Signatures: ---------------------------------D ---------------------------------Y